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e are proud to announce the launch of our new Chestnut Hill Academy website. Beginning this fall, visitors to our website will enjoy a much enriched and more interactive experience. The site’s new navigation system, with fewer links and more content-rich pages, will make finding information much easier.

Our community areas, one each for parents, alumni, and faculty, offer a single place for community members to go to find the information they want: calendars, events, game scores and schedules, school news, photos and videos, important links, etc.

Rick Bauder ’73

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Class Notes


Features CHA Launches New Website 1

Gearing Up for the Future: 1 Students Learn Life Lessons through Robotics CHA’s challenging robotics program is teaching students way more than gears, joy sticks, and electronics.

Commencement Highlights 2 The CHA Story: Celebrating 150 Years


Perhaps the most exciting thing is that we can easily change the site to meet our community’s needs. We hope you will help us ensure that it remains a valuable community resource by letting us know how you think it can be improved.

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Look for the “grand opening” with the opening of school in September.

3rd-Place Robotics World Champs Learn

Gearing Up for the Future: Life Lessons as Well as Nuts and Bolts


t’s wonderful to be able to win on the worldwide stage,” says Peter Randall, head of CHA’s Technology Department and chief volunteer-mentor for the CHASS robotics team, which captured 3rd-place overall at the recent FIRST World Robotics Competition in Atlanta's famed Georgia Dome. “But having the opportunity to work with and compete against the brightest students from around the world is the real payoff for our students.” Not to mention having an opportunity to meet and share ideas with the many engineering superstars who attend this popular event, including Dean Kamen, FIRST founder and inventor of the “personal transporter” the Segway; Woodie Flowers, professor emeritus of mechanical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and Dave Lavery, program executive for Solar System Exploration at NASA, whose robots, as Randall likes to point out, are on Mars.

Chapter 3: CHA in a Changing World: 1901-1942

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A high-energy mix of Olympics action and rock concert fever, the FIRST robotics competitions (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), offer high school students "the hardest fun ever" while gaining exposure to the world of science and engineering. Established in 1992,

Photo credit: Sharon Rankin

Sports Wrap

CHA Launches New Website

FIRST’s mission is "to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs that build science, engineering, and technology skills, that inspire innovation, and that foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership." Continued on page 9

Commence Commencement Honors and Awards Alumni Gold Medal In honor of Chestnut Hill Academy alumni who have lost their lives fighting for their country. This medal is presented to a graduating senior who, in the judgment of the Alumni Association, after consultation with faculty and students, best exemplifies the characteristics of leadership, academic standing, character, and service to Chestnut Hill Academy.

Matthew J. Flannery ’09

Alumni Silver Medal In honor of Chestnut Hill Academy alumni who have lost their lives fighting for their country. This medal is presented to a student below the senior class who, in the judgment of the Alumni Association, after consultation with faculty and students, best exemplifies the characteristics of leadership, academic standing, character, and service to Chestnut Hill Academy.

Ibraheim M. Campbell ’10

The Gilbert Haven Fall Memorial Scholarship Award Named for Gilbert Fall, a long-time faculty member who taught history and Latin and was headmaster from ’30 to ’36.

Charles F. Frank ’09 Donald F. Leatherwood III ’09 Michael W. Rhoads ’09

Headmaster’s Award Awarded to the person in the CHA community who has made an extraordinary contribution to the school.

Martin H. Baumberger h’02 Robert A. Fles h’02

Deeded Awards The Class of ’59 Award Awarded to the student or students who show the greatest intellectual curiosity during the high school years.

Samuel R. Bissell ’09 J. Anthony DePice ’11 Graham F. Masker ’11 Justin Purnell-Anglin ’10 Dustin M. Wilson ’12 Alexander P. Yang ’09

The Christopher Fraser Carpenter ’60 Memorial Award In memory of Chris Carpenter ’60, this award is granted to that member of the junior class who has shown the greatest improvement during the year.

Keenan M. Kline ’10

The Martin Henry Dawson ’90 Memorial Award Presented annually in memory of Tinry Dawson ’90 to that senior who has, by vote of the members of the senior class, provided the most positive support and friendship to his classmates during their years together in the Upper School.

Matthew J. Flannery ’09

Senior Matthew Flannery was this year’s Alumni Gold Medal winner. Flannery also received the Martin Henry Dawson Memorial Award.

The Lawrence R. Mallery ’05Cup Named for Lawrence Mallery from the Class of ’05. He admired scholar-athletes, and his family established this award to honor the scholar-athlete of the senior class.

Junior Ibraheim Campbell was recognized with the Alumni Silver Medal.

Donald F. Leatherwood III ’09 Michael E. Nagelberg ’10

The Garrett D. Pagon Award Honoring the late Garrett Pagon, father of three CHA students, this award is granted to a member of the sophomore class for moral courage and integrity.

C. Griffin Horter ’11

The J. L. Patterson Cup Named for Dr. James Patterson, headmaster from 1897 to ’23, this cup is awarded to the best all-around athlete in the senior class.

R. Philip Thomas ’09 Seniors Charlie Frank (above), Donald Leatherwood, and Michael Rhoads received this year’s Gilbert Haven Fall Memorial Scholarship Award.

The Corning Pearson ’30 Service Award Given in recognition of extraordinary service to the school, long-standing commitment to the CHA educational experience, dedication and loyalty to the school’s values and mission, and passion for its traditions, as personified by Corning Pearson ’30, student, athlete, educator, administrator, benefactor.

Phil Thomas, J.L. Patterson Cup winner, escorts his mother from the graduation stage after giving her the traditional mother’s rose.

Margaret M. Conver h’09

The Edward M. McIlvaine ’95 Memorial Scholarship Provides an outstanding summer opportunity for a CHA Upper School student who exhibits leadership potential and seeks a special growth experience. Established in ’05, this scholarship is awarded in memory of Ed McIlvaine ’95 whose involvement with and commitment to Outward Bound left a lasting impression on his life.

Conlan J. LaRouche ’11

The Franklin D. Saveur ’11 Memorial Award

Marty Baumberger h’02, chair of the Science Department, was honored this year with both the William E. Shuttleworth Honorary Award and the Headmaster’s Award in recognition of his work on the new science and technology center.

Honoring an alumnus from the Class of ’11, this award is given to a member of the freshman class for character and scholarship.

Jeffrey Ng ’12


ement 2009 The Edward Savage Memorial Award This award is named for Edward Savage, who worked at CHA from ’15 through the ’30s, taking care of athletic equipment as well as maintaining the athletic fields. The award is presented by the alumni and awarded for loyalty and service to the school.

Christopher S. Blake ’09 Julian A. Brown ’09

Thomas S. Ambler Award A named fund within CHA’s endowment whose income is used to help support faculty summer study and tuition aid for faculty pursuing advanced degrees. A special stipend is awarded to an individual faculty member whose proposed area of study will best develop that zest for life, learning, and teaching characteristic of Thomas S. Ambler.

Departmental Honors Honors in Two-Dimensional Art J. Tate Sager ’11 Grant T. Rauch ’09

Brian Grow Patrick Hourigan

Activity Awards Players Cup Dramatics Award On Stage

Honors in Three-Dimensional Art Freshman Jeffrey Ng received the Franklin D. Saveur Memorial Award for his scholarship and character.

The Edward Savage Memorial Award was given this year to seniors Chris Blake, left, and Julian Brown.

C. Griffin Horter ’11

Honors in Science Charles E. Frank ’09

Christopher Blake ’09 Alexander P. Yang ’09

Off Stage

Charles E. Frank ’09 Alexander P. Yang ’09

President of School Government Honors in Mathematics Charles E. Frank ’09

Michael W. Rhoads ’09 Robert J. Smith ’09

“Crew Mom” Evelyn Seymour received the Athletic Department’s Special Recognition Award for her support of the crew program.

Former board chair Steven Miller ’75, left, is honored by Alumni Association Executive Board president Jonathan MacBride ’85 with the Alumnus of the Year Award.

Michael E. Nagelberg ’10

Student Goverment President’s Award

Brendan J. Plunkett ’10

Honors in French Alexander P. Yang ’09

The Graham-Franklin Lantern Award

Honors in Spanish Daniel J. Rosen ’09

Yearbook Dedication

Honors in Vocal Music George T. Hicks ’09

Daniel A. DiIulio ’11

Brian Grow

Commencement Speech Excerpt

Alexander P. Yang ’09

“I embraced the freedom and individualism Chestnut

Honors in Instrumental Music C. Dylan Ward ’10

Hill offered with the highest enthusiasm. For the first time it seemed I found somewhere

Honors in English Alexander P. Yang ’09 Honors in History Samuel R. Bissell ’09 Retiring business manager Peggy Conver h’09 is recognized for her years of service with the Corning Pearson Service Award.

Junior Michael Nagelberg, left, accepts the reins of student leadership from outgoing Student Government president Julian Brown.

Honors in Computer Sciences, Engineering, and Technology Charles E. Frank ’09

that encouraged boys to find the more personally self-assured young man inside each and every one of us. The longer I’ve spent here, the easier it is for me to see just how important a role individuality plays within our community.... For us, our time here has come to an end, and our legacy will be left lingering in the halls. Seniors, no matter what the next step may be, feel assured that CHA has bestowed on all of us

Honors in Community Service Ryan T. Ansel ’10

the necessary tools to face any number of obstacles in our path and face them with a self-confidence gained through innumerable experiences and confrontations

Honors in Service to the School Paul S. Bandera ’11

throughout those very halls. Whether it was your final year here, or only your first, I hope the future brings you nothing but the finest success. Always remember

For their enthusiastic support of the school’s soccer program, parents Evan Booker, far left, Eugene Rall, , Jr., and Vincent LaRuffa (with back to camera) receive the Langdon W. Harris III Award from Meredith Harris and Frank Steel ’77.



that the power rests not in others, but in your very own

Alumnus of the Year

hands and hearts. As you continue on your journey,

Awarded in recognition of his signifcant service to the school.

never feel confined by a given situation or perception;


Steven H. Miller ’75

for today we have no limitations, we are bound only by

Tom Gargan ’09

Daniel Webster Charles Memorial Scholarship Given to that member of the Upper School who has demonstrated excellence in historical research and creativity in writing.

Iain G. Kuo ’11 Daniel A. DiIulio ’11

American Chemical Society Award Daniel A. DiIulio ’11 American Mathematics Competition Brandon Colburn ’09

Honorary Alumni Jeffrey R. Clark h’09 Margaret M. Conver h’09 Gail B. Simmonds h’09

The University of Virginia Jefferson Book Award Presented to the outstanding junior based on academic and extracurricular activities in acknowledgment of his commitment to academics, leadership, and community involvement, which Thomas Jefferson held in high regard.

Ryan T. Ansel ’11

CHA Fathers Award Awarded to a senior who, as a varsity team player, has demonstrated the most outstanding combination of enthusiasm, dedication, and perseverence to his team and the Academy.

Matthew Flannery ’09 Alexander Logue ’09

Robert A. Kingsley Scholarship Given to that boy below the senior class who has shown the highest degree of academic promise and scholarship, along with the most responsible type of leadership.

Diane Drinker, far left, Gail Simmonds h’09, and Felice Kruse share the Landreth Award in recognition of their unstinting service to the school for 10 years or more.

John S. Canning ’10 Michael E. Nagelberg ’10

CHA Special Recognition Award Given by the director of Athletics for service, interest, and loyalty to the athletic program.

Evelyn Seymour Chestnut Hill Fathers Club Award

The Landreth Award Given to a staff member who, for at least 10 years, has served the school with outstanding devotion.

Awarded to that student at CHA below the varsity level who has demonstrated qualities of constructive school spirit, determination, and courage in athletics throughout the year.

Robert Magliano h’06 Peer Tutoring Award

Tyler Boyle ’11

The Five Stripes Award Awarded to a freshman or sophomore student in recognition of consistent behavior exemplifying the values represented by the jersey stripes.

Daniel A. DiIulio ’11 Daniel P. Trulear ’12

The Langdon W. Harris III Award Given by the Harris family in honor of Langdon Harris to the parent or parents who have been most supportive of CHA athletics and athletes during the school year.

Evan T. Booker Eugene G. Rall, , Jr. Vincent A. LaRuffa

The Harvard Book Award Awarded to the outstanding junior who “displays excellence in scholarship and high character, combined with achievement in other fields.”

Diane Drinker Felice Kruse Gail B. Simmonds h’09

Given to a student peer tutor in recognition of his outstanding participation, commitment to meeting the needs of students needing tutoring help, and dedication to upholding the highest standards of the program.

Junior John Canning is awarded the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal as well as the Robert A. Kingsley Scholarship, with Michael Nagelberg.

Anthony M. Gacita ’10 Colin S. Kelly ’11

Senior Marty Schardt receives the Special Merit Award. Other recipients were Gordon Anthony, Brandon Colburn, and Pearce Lockwood.

James F. McGlinn ’76 Award Presented to a member of the faculty or staff for his/her dedicated interest and loyal support to the athletes and athletic program of Chestnut Hill Academy.

Edward Aversa William Dorner

National Merit Scholarship Finalists Alexander P. Yang ’09 Commended

Samuel R. Bisell ’09 Donald F. Leatherwood III ’09

Anthony M. Gacita ’10

Multicultural Students’ Association Award

New honorary alumni inductees Peggy Conver h’09, left, Jeff Clark h’09, and Gail Simmonds h’09 listen as Alumni Association Executive Board president Jonathan MacBride ’85 reads their proclamations.

Presented to the student or students who have demonstrated the most outstanding leadership in promoting and encouraging diversity and understanding at CHA.

Julian Brown ’09

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal Awarded to a member of the junior class for outstanding academic achievement in the study of mathematics and science.

John S. Canning ’10 Michael Fitzkee, center, receives his official papers accepting him as a West Point Cadet. He is joined by current cadet Bill Dorner ’08, left.

Senior Martus Gn escorts his mother, Geraldine, from the graduation ceremony.


Senior Daniel Rosen accepts his award for Honors in Spanish.

Celebrating the 8th Grade and 5th Grade Graduating Classes. Retiring Faculty John M. Cardoso h’96

Robert A. Fles h’02 Gail B. Simmonds h’09

Rhode Island School of Design Award The Rhode Island School of Design Award is given for excellence in the creative arts.

John L. Harris, Jr. ’09

The Edward C. Rorer ’61 Faculty of Promise Award

Former teacher Tom Ambler, right, awards art teacher Brian Grow, left, and MS technology director Patrick Hourgian with the Thomas S. Ambler Award.

In honor of Ted Rorer ’61, alumnus, teacher, coach, trustee, and CHA friend, this prize recognizes a young faculty member who exemplifies energy, passion, love of learning, care for students, and a commitment to CHA. The award includes a stipend to help the recipient pursue personal or professional growth.

Sophomore Danny DiIulio receives the Daniel Webster Charles Memorial Scholarship Award as well as a Five Stripes Award.

Richard N. Knox ’92 Ellen Ward

William E. Shuttleworth Honorary Award Given to that faculty member, by vote of 10year alumni, who has had the most beneficial influence on the students.

Martin H. Baumberger h’02 Special Merit Award Given to an Upper School student who has notably enriched life in the Upper School.

Junior Gordon Anthony receives a Special Merit Award. Other winners were seniors Brandon Colburn and Marty Schardt, and junior Pearce Lockwood.

Junior Ryan Ansel receives Honors in Community Service as well as the UVA Jefferson Book Award.

Gordon W. Anthony ’10 Brandon Colburn ’09 Pearce M. Lockwood ’10 Martin J. Schardt ’09

Special Recognition Award Given by the Alumni Association Executive Board for achievements meriting special recognition.

Anthony M. Zane ’48

Student Guide Association Award Given to the guide who best exemplifies the qualities of service, commitment, humility, and pride expected in every guide and is considered first among equals.

Charles E. Frank ’09

The E. Perot Walker h’73 Teaching Excellence Award In honor of CHA faculty member E. Perot Walker h’73 and his wife, Susie, for years of dedicated service, excellent teaching, and commitment to students at CHA.

Accepting the Class of ’59 Award are, from left, seniors Alex Yang and Sam Bissell, freshman Dustin Wilson, junior Justin Purnell-Anglin, sophomore Graham Masker, and sophomore Anthony DePice.

John M. Cardoso h’09 Ann G. Dimond h’01

The Yale Book Award Presented to a member of the junior class who has shown intellectual promise, significant involvement in extracurricular activities, and service to the community.

Senior Alex Yang holds awards for both Honors in Vocal Music and French. He also received Honors in English.

Retiring language teacher John Cardoso h’96 is honored with the E. Perot Walker Award for Teaching Excellence. Retiring Lower School teacher Ann Dimond also won.


C. Dylan Ward ’10

The CHA Story: Chapter 3 by Clark Groome ’60

CHA in a Changing World: 1901 to 1942

As Chestnut Hill Academy was settling in to its home in the Wissahickon Inn in the fall of 1901, Teddy Roosevelt had just assumed the presidency after William McKinley’s assassination. The automobile hadn’t yet replaced the horseless carriage. The Wright Brothers were still a couple of years from their flight at Kitty Hawk. Radio was two decades away. Jazz was not yet king. Baseball wouldn’t play its first World Series until 1903.


ver the next four decades – ending in 1942 when another President Roosevelt, Franklin, was serving an unprecedented third term – CHA, and the world around it, changed dramatically. The country rode the roller coaster of events: World War I, the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, and another world war. Chestnut Hill Academy also experienced significant changes that helped shape the school of today. Critical to any school’s success is the person hired to lead it. In 1897 the trustees hired James Lawson Patterson. He came to the school from Union College where he chaired the math department after earlier teaching jobs at the Hill School and Lawrenceville. Patterson, a Lafayette College graduate with an honorary doctor of science degree from Princeton, led the school into the Wissahickon Inn the following year and through an impressive period of change and growth in the first two decades of the 20th century. Patterson’s educational program was “primarily to provide the elements of a liberal training, and secondarily to prepare boys for any American College or scientific school, or for business.” There were two courses of study, Classical (English, Latin, Greek, six years of ancient history, five years of mathematics, and two years of modern languages) and Scientific (where Greek was omitted and additional work in natural science, modern languages, and mathematics was substituted). A boy in Third Form (9th Grade) read Macaulay’s Lays, Longfellow’s Evangeline, Irving’s Allhambra, Franklin’s Autobiography, and Scott’s Lay of the Last Minstrel. The 1901 school catalog included information on physical training and health: ”Regular exercise by means of the usual field sports is required of each boy during the spring and fall, and in the winter season skating, coasting, and hare and hounds are utilized to keep the boys in the open air as much as possible.”

In its first-ever production, CHA’s dramatic club put on Acis and Galatea—“an extravaganza in three acts...a droll mixture of the ancient and modern,” according to The Wissahickon of the time, which may explain the glowering presence of a Native American among a group of cavemen. Apparently this first effort did not discourage the school’s support of future dramatic productions, as the popularity of our current Players can attest.


It is according to The Wissahickon that the first Light Blue/Dark Blue competition took place in the fall of 1908, not as a field day as we now know it, but rather as seasonal competitions. The first contest was a football game played in October. The Dark Blues won 14-13.

ports always play a large role in private schools, and CHA was no exception. Baseball, football, track, and basketball were always available, with tennis, squash, ice hockey (outdoors in those days), soccer, and swimming offered as the boys’ interest required. In those early years, the CHA teams were often quite good, with basketball and football winning championships in both 1914 and 1915.

There is no hard evidence about when the school adopted light and dark blue as its official colors, but it was likely sometime in the middle of the last century’s first decade. As late as 1903 the colors, according to archival records, were brown and gold. The Light Blue/Dark Blue competitions were designed, according to The Wissahickon, “to provide amusement for the boarders on Saturday afternoons.” Once the Blue and Blue competitions were established, they would continue in one form or another throughout the school’s history.

Music and drama were also mainstays of the school’s program. From 1902 to 1938, Charles H. Elwell was in charge of the musical groups, among them a mandolin club, a band, and various singing organizations. Regular performances were given throughout the year. The dramatic group – known as the Sock and Buskin Club—often produced minstrel shows, a popular form of entertainment for the period.

Religion played a major role in the school’s early life. The 1901 school catalogue states that “the school is opened each day by a simple religious service and evening prayers are held at the close of the day.” Boarding boys were required to go church on Sundays at a church of their parents’ choosing.

A major extracurricular development was the appearance, in 1903, of The Wissahickon, the school’s first student publication. A combination student newspaper and literary magazine, it was published monthly and reported heavily on sports. The Wissahickon’s function as a literary magazine was as important as its role as a newspaper. Some of the content was of high caliber but some was in the form of jokes, many of which were even less sophisticated than this one, which appeared in the November 1911 issue: “‘Second former: If they wanted some new chess men, where would they get them?’ ‘Third Former: at the pawn shop, of course.’”

At their meeting on June 6, 1904, the trustees declared that religious teachings “shall be in conformity with the principles and spirit of the Protestant Episcopal Church.” The Episcopal bishop of Pennsylvania was elected board president. An immediate consequence of this action became apparent that fall when it was disclosed that the number of students had declined, in part “owing to the loss of the Roman Catholic boys.”

The Wissahickon also served as the school’s yearbook, with reports on graduation, college choices, and end-of-the-year awards in each year’s June issue. That changed in 1911 when the first edition of The Caerulean appeared. The Caerulean has served as the school’s yearbook ever since.

1897 Dr. James L. Patterson becomes headmaster

1898 CHA moves to Wissahickon Inn for school year, Inn continues in summer


The school’s relationship with the Episcopal Church continued until 1926, when the following appeared in the school catalogue for the first time: “Although Chestnut Hill Academy is without denominational bias it is distinctly a Christian school and the boys


Wissahickon Inn becomes New Website CHA’s full-time home

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Swimming Pool enclosed

Search Field on Every Page

Gymnasium built Inn ballroom converted to chapel

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Wissahickon begins publication 6

Inn dining room becomes Charles Wolcott Henry Library

CHA’s Cadet Corps, formed in ’’. According to that year’s yearbook: “The gravity of the war situation in Europe, the plans of this country for an extensive army, and the possibility of a number of our older boys being called for service, all combined to create a high degree of interest in Military training, when, on the re-opening of the School after the influenza epidemic, the Chestnut Hill Cadet Corps was organized under the direction of Sergeant Minnes, late of the Canadian Field Artillery.”

Charles H. Landreth ’29, a student when Patterson retired, said in an oral history interview that “James Lawson Patterson was the heart of Chestnut Hill Academy.”

Students were no longer given options of Classical or Scientific academic tracks. “No boy will be permitted to enter the Sixth Form [12th Grade] who does not have a reasonable chance of graduating with his class or of securing admission to college in September following graduation” warned the 1925 catalog. Now the Third Form read Scott’s Quentin Durward, Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, Scott’s Ivanhoe, Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, and masterpieces of British literature.

“This ended an era,” Ruth Parachini reported in the centennial history, “when students had come to the Academy from thirty-two states, the District of Columbia and fourteen foreign countries. Most of the students from outside the United States had come from Central and South American countries, some of them natives of those countries and some of them sons of American families living abroad. Japan, South Africa and Newfoundland were represented. Possibly the most interesting foreign boys were four princes of the royal family of Siam [now Thailand].”

During Hyde’s first year, CHA became a member of the Inter-Academic League. Founded in 1887, the Inter-Ac is the oldest inter-scholastic athletic league in the United States. The 1920s were a time of strong CHA teams, many of which, most notably the 1929 baseball team, won championships. Another major, and long lasting, achievement of Hyde’s tenure was the establishment in 1927 of The Campus Lantern, which became the campus newspaper, a function that The Wissahickon had previously served.


Boarders, who on average made up one-third of the school, had their own activities, some of which were sanctioned, such as trips to Center City for concerts, plays, and other events. Faculty entertained boys in their homes, as did the parents of the day students.

Memorabilia, Memories

Some activities, however, were not sanctioned. In the summer 1989 edition of CHA News faculty member Paul Hines described some of the shenanigans as written by former boarders. One boarder revealed that the prohibition on radios in the 1920s led several students to cut holes in their rooms’ floors so that they could conceal their radios and then, late at night, listen to the music broadcasts of the day.

United States enters World War I

The author regrets the errors and encourages anyone who finds inaccuracies, omissions or has other comments about the history as it unfolds to contact him at

It was on his watch that the first major change in the nature of the school occurred. With enrollment falling in the boarding department, the University of Pennsylvania’s Dr. E.D. Grizzell made a survey of the academy in 1933-1934. The report found that the Depression was responsible for the diminution in boarding enrollment. It also found that the expenses to run that division continued to be, in the report’s words, “disastrously high.” Grizzell recommended that the school become a country day school and that it should try to gain more support in the community, a decision that the school immediately implemented.

Patterson was succeeded by Theophilus Rodgers Hyde. A Yale graduate, Hyde came to CHA from the Hill School and was hired because of his boarding school experience.

Caerulean begins publication

In the descriptions of the named athletic fields, the fact that Corning Pearson ’30 had, in the mid-’90s, funded the complete rehabilitation of the school’s varsity baseball field was omitted. That field is currently known as “The Corning Pearson Varsity Baseball Field.

A New Hampshire native, Fall graduated from Dartmouth in 1905, taught for one year in Vermont, and then came to CHA in 1906. He was a popular Latin and history teacher and successful coach who was ripe to take on the challenges the school was facing as it entered its fourth decade in the Wissahickon Inn. It didn’t take the board long to see they had the right man. In January 1931, he became the permanent headmaster, a job he would hold until 1936 when he opted to return to teaching fulltime.

After 26 years as headmaster, Dr. Patterson stepped down in 1923, although he would remain on the faculty as a math teacher for three more years. During his time at the helm, the school increased its enrollment from 57 to almost 300.

First Light Blue/Dark Blue contests held

The error was in the description of the baseball coaching duties for Percy Wales and Dan Charles. It was reported mistakenly that Charles coached the 11-year-olds and Wales the 10-year olds. In fact, Charles coached the 12s and Wales the 11s.

In the Chestnut Hill Academy history’s second installment (Channels Volume 3, Issue 1, Spring ’09) there was an error and a significant omission.

Hyde departed Chestnut Hill in 1930 to become the headmaster of the Lakeside School in Seattle, Washington. The trustees – at the urging of the students, faculty, and parents—selected longtime faculty member Gilbert Haven Fall to be acting headmaster. This was the first time, but not the last, that a headmaster was chosen from within the school.

During the Patterson years, the world around the academy changed rapidly. With war on the horizon, a cadet corps and rifle team were established. During what was known as the Great War, students raised over $1 million for the Liberty Loan drives. Thirteen CHA alumni lost their lives. In their honor, the Alumni Gold and Silver Medals were established, awards that today are still considered the school’s most prestigious.


The fire escapes were the means of other-than-fire escape from school after curfew. “The fugitive’s destinations would include Foster’s, an ice cream and soda fountain store at the corner of Germantown and Willow Grove avenues, or the movie theatre in Germantown.”

How great it is to have eagle-eyed readers!

The school was thriving academically when, on October 29, 1929, the stock market crashed. The 1930s Depression brought CHA’s tenuous financial circumstances, which for years had been masked by the largesse of the Houston family, to a crisis and precipitated the most difficult period in the school’s history.

On two occasions, in 1904 and 1917, the Houston Estate, managed by Samuel F. Houston, an Episcopal Academy graduate, offered to finance a merger of the two schools. The first effort foundered when Episcopal could not abide the requirement that the students attend St. Martin’s. In the second instance there was a vehement reaction from students, alumni, and parents against the surviving institution’s name not being Chestnut Hill Academy.


Chapter 2 Update

Barclay Douglas ’29 and Sam Winslow ’27 took a night train to New York City, spent the night on Broadway, and returned the next morning in time for breakfast and exams!

are expected to conform to the school regulations in regard to chapel and church services.” Nevertheless the church ties remained strong. Sunday Services were conducted at the neighboring Church of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, and Episcopal bishops continued to serve as board president until 1930.


Another boarder remembered that “Bat-chasing, the flying furry variety, became very competitive.” Charles Knowles ’30 recalled that evening study hall was disturbed when a shot put was rolled down the steps from the third floor. Knife and dart throwing were also popular.


If you have school memories or historical facts that you would like to share with us, please send them to Clark Groome at If you have old photos or memorabilia that you would like to donate to the school, please send them to Diane Drinker, assistant director of Alumni Affairs, who oversees our archives.


1923 Theophilus Hyde becomes headmaster CHA joins Inter-Academic League

Alumni Gold and Silver Medals established 7

1927 Lantern begins publication

When Fall resigned to return to teaching, Frederic E. Camp, a Princeton graduate, was engaged as headmaster, a job he held for only three years, resigning in 1939 after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. For all the financial challenges the school faced, not everything was dreary. The sports teams continued to do well, and the students’ social activities were plentiful. Major big bands of the era – Erskine Hawkins, Bunny Berigan, and Harry James among them – came to the school for its proms. But the school continued to suffer financially. The Great Depression was in full swing. Europe was at war. Hitler was on the move. In order to preserve the school, the trustees turned not to an educator but to a local businessman, Charles Platt, Jr. Platt had attended CHA as a member of the class of 1921. He left to go to St. Mark’s School. After attending Harvard, he graduated with honors from the University of Virginia in 1927, where he was a member of Phi Beta Kappa. He always had an interest in education so when the trustees called, he left a partnership in a successful insurance business to lead his alma mater during a very difficult financial period. The first major change he worked on was the conversion of the academy from a privately owned institution to a public, nonprofit school. CHA continued to be the beneficiary of the Houston and Woodward families’ generosity. The land and the buildings belonged to them, but they never interfered in the school’s day-to-day affairs. When the school was a proprietary corporation, fundraising was difficult since none of the contributions would be tax deductible. In what was described at the time as the Houston Estate’s “most generous gift of all,” it deeded the property and the buildings to the school, allowing it to reincorporate as a nonprofit institution in the Commonwealth in 1940.

A 1934 survey conducted by a consultant from the University of Pennsylvania found the costs of operating a boarding school during the Depression to be “disastrously high” for CHA. This led to a major turning point in the school’s history when it shifted from being a boarding to a country day school. Among the school’s more illustrious international boarders who lived on the third floor were Princes Noi Arujna Svasti (left) and Prasob Sukhsvasti, from Siam (now Thailand).

During the negotiations surrounding the charter’s reincorporation, CHA’s counsel was Joseph S. Clark ’18. The master overseeing the proceedings was Hugh D. Scott, Jr. Both men would go on to serve Pennsylvania in the United States Senate: Clark, a Democrat, from 1957 to 1969; Scott, a Republican, from 1959 to 1977. Scott was the Republican leader in the Senate during the Watergate scandal and played a central role in convincing President Richard M. Nixon to resign in August 1974. The school’s 1941 catalog explained that “The Academy is fundamentally a college preparatory school. The Upper School course of study, however, is designed not only to provide thoroughly for College Entrance Board requirements but moreover to furnish a broad cultural secondary education, and an approach to a disciplined useful way of life.” Now the Third Form boys’ course of study in English included Thurber, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Tale of Two Cities, and As You Like It.

Notes about Chapter 3

The reincorporation helped, but with the coming of the war in Europe and the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, financial conditions went from bad to worse. Faculty members left to go into the military, as did some Upper School students. The minutes of a special board meeting held August 26, 1942, include the following:

An institutional history relies heavily on the governing board’s minutes. CHA’s board minutes for the period from 1908 to 1938 have been lost. Fortunately, an oral history conducted by CHA faculty member Paul Hines in 1986 provides a treasure trove of information that helps fill the gap.

Whereas the participation of our country in the war has called to the colors many of our patrons and many of our faculty, and whereas economic uncertainties resulting from the war have caused the withdrawal of students from the Upper School, so that the remaining Upper School enrollment is deemed insufficient for the continued efficient operation of this department, be it resolved that for the duration of the war the educational span of the Academy be limited to the kindergarten and first eight grades; and be it further resolved that due notice of the elimination of grades nine to twelve be at once given to the parents of all boys enrolled in the school.

Hines interviewed alumni and faculty members past and present, exploring the history of the school from the 1920s through the 1980s. The central person in the project was Charles H. Landreth ’29 who attended CHA from Lower School through his senior year. After graduation he remained active in the alumni association, sent his two sons to the school, served as business manager from 1962 to 1978 and as archivist from 1978 until he retired in 1989. Charlie’s stories and memories, and those of others interviewed for this project, are invaluable to this history, especially for the period of the 1920s and 1930s, a time of great change for CHA.

At about that time Platt also announced that he would leave the school to enter the United States Navy. As drastic as all this change was, Parachini reports that “At this critical time Chestnut Hill Academy had three strong assets[:] a small group of parents and friends who believed that the community needed the school; an undiscouraged faculty; and Robert A. Kingsley. Mr. Kingsley had been teaching modern languages at the Academy for seventeen years. In December, 1942, he was appointed Headmaster.”

Other sources used include the school’s Quarter Century Review, published in 1921, Ruth Parachini’s 1961 centennial history, and the student publications: The Wissahickon, which was founded as a student newspaper as well as a literary magazine in 1903, and The Campus Lantern, the school newspaper founded in 1927. And a note about style: At the beginning of the last century several English words were rendered differently than they are today. Among those relevant to Chestnut Hill Academy’s history are headmaster, baseball, basketball, and football. In the school’s printed material from the early 1900s headmaster is written seven different ways: Head Master, HeadMaster, Head-master, Headmaster, head master, head-master and headmaster. “Baseball” “basketball” and “football” are also seen in varying forms. Baseball, for example, is either base ball, base-ball or baseball. For purposes of this history the modern form – i.e. “headmaster,” “baseball,” “basketball,” and “football” – will be employed except in direct quotes, when the word will appear as it did in the source material.

With these three assets, Chestnut Hill Academy would eventually emerge from the devastations of depression and war. The members of the Mandolin Club.





Gilbert Haven Fall becomes headmaster


Charles Platt, Jr. ’21 becomes headmaster

Boarding department closed

Stock market crash Great Depression begins


Frederic E. Camp becomes headmaster 8

Houston Estate transfers deeds to buildings and campus to CHA



Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor; United States enters World War II in Asia and Europe

Upper four grades closed Robert A. Kingsley becomes headmaster


This year Team 1218 invited a number of its local competitors to test their robots on CHA's field. The team has also been mentoring students from a local Catholic high school, providing them with parts, advice, and even the opportunity to field one of 1218's prototypes in a competition where, says Randall not unproudly, the other team "beat us with our own robot!" While it's great to be a winner and come home with a trophy, this is not the prime motivator for students to join a robotics team. They seem to enjoy the rewards of building the bot as much as the competitions themselves. "It's fun for the mentors as well," adds Rob Ervin, Jr. "I love working with the kids and seeing them figure out the really hard problems."

Photo credit: Sharon Rankin

After six intense and exhausting weeks, the new robot is given its final test, then packed up and shipped off to the first of several regional competitions where the creativity and engineering prowess of each team are tested against those of hundreds of other teams.

Gearing Up for the Future Continued from page 1

Research by FIRST has found that students who participate in robotics are “more likely to attend college, obtain internships, achieve postgraduate degrees, and volunteer in their communities than counterparts who do not.” They are also eligible for a growing number of college scholarships that recognize the invaluable skills that students involved in the program are acquiring. “I’d challenge anybody to find another program that offers such a broad range of life lessons to kids,” says Jono Frank, president of Philadelphia-based Metal Edge, International, Inc. and parent of recent graduate Charlie Frank, last year's robotics team leader. "Meeting deadlines, working within constraints, visioning and planning, analyzing costs, working in teams, and forming strategic alliances— these are just some of the skills that students learn when they think they’re just building robots," Frank adds. Building the Bot So how does a robot get built? It all starts with the game. Each year, over the winter holiday, the members of Team 1218 gather with dozens of local schools along with thousands of other students and mentors from around the world to listen to a livestream videocast from FIRST headquarters outlining the rules for the game in which the robots will compete. Each year the rules of the game, the nature of the activity the robots will have to perform, and therefore the design of the robot change dramatically. One year it may be climbing stairs, another, tossing a large ball over a pole. Last year it was picking up and tossing balls into an opponent's trailer. At the end of the announcement, a basic parts kit is distributed to each team. The kit can be enhanced as the teams see fit as long as the final robot does not exceed the strict weight and size limitations set by the game. The teams can also use whatever external help and resources they can access, much as in real-world market competition. Another limitation is time. Beginning from the day of the game announcement, which takes place simultaneously across the world, teams have six weeks to conceive, build, test, and ship their robot to the first regional competition. "It's a feverish process," says Rob Ervin, Jr., Middle School math teacher and longtime robotics mentor. Ervin, who describes himself as the "chassis guy," is responsible for translating the various features the team wants in its robot "into a viable hardware platform." "We spend the first week just putting out ideas," says Ervin's son, also Rob. "No idea is too ridiculous. We discuss what features might work and how they would fit together. Then we take a team vote on which ideas we want to move forward."

The next step is to build a prototype, sometimes two if the team has more than one concept it wants to test. This makes for a very busy few weeks. While most students are on spring vacation, the robotics team is at school burning the midnight oil. "It's fun staying out and working late. It's high stress but fun," says rising senior Gordon Anthony, official operator of the school's $15,000 computer-operated milling machine recently donated to the school. Students pick their roles on the team based on interests and capability. Jeffrey Ng, the youngest member of the team, is happy doing programming." Ng, who says he chose CHA in part because of its robotics program, worked this year with Labview, an industry-standard programming software. Next year he hopes to program in Java. Ervin, Jr., builds and serves on the drive team that operates the bot during competitions. He has also played the role of "human player," a feature that FIRST builds into all its games to emphasize the importance of chance and the human element in science and engineering. Then there are the scouts. Students attending the competitions who are not driving or working the pit are usually checking out the competition to find likely partners. The competitive rounds are always played in teams of two or three. Teams are initially assigned arbitrarily by FIRST; in later rounds teams can pick their partners. "When it comes time to pick your team, you have to know who will work well with each other," advises Gordon Anthony. "You look for teams that complement yours. Are they good at pick up, shooting, autonomous mode? Do they have a good human player? We fill out evaluation forms then enter the data into the computer, rank it according to how important it is, and weight the scores to help us decide." Values as Well as Victory

And while some teams may appear to have advantages over others, in terms of access to resources or partnerships with large corporations, this doesn't seem to bother the young men and women of Team 1218, who understand that winning is only part of the point of these games. "It's a great feeling to do well in the competitions," reflects the young Rob Ervin, "but it's an even better feeling knowing we did it ourselves."

Photo credit: Sharon Rankin

“I’d challenge anybody to find another program that offers such a broad range of life lessons to kids. Meeting deadlines, working within constraints, visioning and planning, analyzing costs, working in teams, and forming strategic alliances—these are just some of the skills that students learn when they think they’re just building robots.” Jono Frank ’69, parent of Charlie Frank ’09

While the competition at the games can be intense, there is also an amazing spirit of cooperation and sportsmanship observes Randall. He attributes this to the principles of coopetitionTM and gracious professionalismTM, terms coined by founders Dean Kamen and Woodie Flowers, that underlie the FIRST program. "FIRST wants kids to experience the excitement and challenge of competition but also the value and benefits of cooperation," explains Randall. "And the kids have really embraced these expectations. They love doing the right thing."

Top: Celebrating a win at the World Championships. Bottom: Members of the team concentrate on driving the bot in competition.


Photo credit: Sharon Rankin

Sports Wrap BASEBALL (Coach Stan Parker) The 2009 baseball season saw continued outstanding success for the team, which finished with a 22-7 record. This was the fifth consecutive season of 20 or more wins. The team was ranked throughout most of the season by the Philadelphia Inquirer. In addition, ESPN’s publication listed the team 3rd in the region (which includes NY, NJ, DE. VA, MD, and DC) and USA’s high school sports publication listed CHA 32nd in the nation. Seniors Brandon Sady, Steel Russell, Jon Kuneck, and Sean Morrison led the way with Sady finishing the year with a .544 batting average and a .655 on-base percentage. He also led the mound staff, striking out 83 batters in 64 innings. Senior Steel Russell set the school RBI record with a career 92 (32 in 29 games in 2009) and also the school record for triples with 12. Russell also added 11 home runs to his career. Kuneck filled multiple roles pitching and playing the outfield and hit .321 in league play. Morrison played several key roles during the season and led in his dedication to the team. Both Russell and Sady earned First Team All Inter-Ac spots. Juniors Jon McAllister, Tom Devlin, Brian Dones, and Erik Hubbard all made contributions as well. McAllister now holds the career hit record for CHA with 121 hits through his junior year. Jon was named a high school All-American by Collegiate Baseball publications. He was selected to the First Team All Inter-Ac while Tom earned Honorable Mention recognition. Sophomore Nick Boyle, who earned the most improved player award, started the season on the JV team but by the end of the season was a regular starter in the outfield, playing all three outfield spots. Nick was named to the Second Team All Inter-Ac. Freshmen Matt Primavera, who also earned Second Team all Inter-Ac recognition, Dan Hull, and Sam Feirson all made major contributions to the team. Next season should see a continued strong program. Besides those mentioned, sophomores Nick Barile and Greg Kozemchak, junior Ed Trocky, and 8th grader Tim Menninger provide a good nucleus. This year’s JV team will add some key players, and several incoming students hold the promise of being good baseball players.

CREW (Coach Steve McGuin) This season we had a roster of 27, with eight novice rowers. We fielded many boats in the Manny Flick series, the lead-up to later medal races. The Novice Double (Laddy St. George and Griffin Horter) went undefeated in the Manny Flick series and was Gold Medalist in both the City Championship and Dr. White Regatta (novice only series). Laddy even stepped up to the Varsity Quad event for the Stotesbury Cup Regatta, to fill in for an injured member of the team. The team, which included seniors Sam Bissell, Buck Wolters, and Eric Herrera, placed 4th in the finals. The Varsity Double (Donald Leatherwood and Marty Schardt)—a boat formed very late in the season—was Gold Medalist at the NJ State Championship Regatta and in the Philadelphia Championship series. This boat was able to make the finals in the Stotesbury and Nationals, but placed 4th, just out of medal range. The Junior Quad (Ethan Wang, Brendan Spearing, and John and Gordon Anthony) placed 4th in all in the medal series—a very competitive event. I expect big things from this boat next year. This was the first time in five years that CHA was able to place three boats in the finals of the premier sculling events of the Stotesbury Cup Regatta.

GOLF (Coach Jim Talbot) CHA golf finished 2-8 in the Inter-Ac, winning its last two matches over PC and GA who had both beaten us earlier in the season. The young team, with no seniors, gained valuable experience and improvement and will be in the hunt for the title in 2010. Junior Ed McCrossen, team cap-

Spring 2009

tain, made First Team All-Interac, and sophomore Jack Russell made Second Team.

Athletic Honors

LACROSSE (Ass’t Coach Richard Owens)



School Records Steel Russell (RBI, Triples) Senior Jon McAllister (Hits) Junior H.S. All American (Collegiate Baseball) Jon McAllister Junior

First Team All Inter-Ac Ed McCrossen


Second Team All Inter-Ac Jack Russell Sophomore

Despite facing great Lacrosse adversity all season, First Team All Inter-Ac All League Honorable Mention lacrosse finished Jon McAllister Junior Peter Adubato Junior with a 9-7 record Brendan Sady Senior Corbin Booker Sophomore overall, winning all Steel Russell Senior Dante LaRuffa Senior of its games against Second Team All Inter-Ac non-Inter-Ac league Track opponents. Even Nick Boyle Sophomore with key injuries on Matt Primavera Freshman All State Honors defense (co-captains Phil Thomas Senior Inter-Ac Honorable Mention Matt Flannery and Tom Devlin Junior Gilly Rall) and Coach First Team All-Interac Baten’s sudden leave Ibraheim Campbell Junior Crew of absence due to Phil Thomas Senior illness, the young Novice Double Gold Medalists Dustin Wilson Freshman men never gave up. Griffin Horter Sophomore Although the team did Laddy St. George Sophomore not fare well against Varsity Double Gold Medalists most of their Inter-Ac Donald Leatherwood Senior foes, the boys fought Marty Schardt Senior hard and gave all they had, closing the season with big victories team stuck together, worked hard, and fought with pride at home vs. WC Rustin throughout the season. I would like to congratulate our and our neighbors from Springfield Township. The offense graduating seniors—captain Ryan Duffy, Stevie Dandridge, was led by four seniors including and Andres Navarro—for their contributions and wish co-captain Gregg Quillian and All League Honorable them much success and happiness as they move on to colMention selection Dante LaRuffa. Sophomore Corbin lege. I look forward to next year’s team leading us back on Booker and junior Peter Adubato also made Honorable top of the Inter-Ac. Mention. This was particularly notable given that CHA is not a full member of the league in lacrosse. Playing a strong midfield were Adubato and Evan Booker, both TRACK (Coach Paul Hines) adding to the team’s scoring and transition game. Unsung CHA’s varsity track completed the regular season undefeathero Martus Gn was another key middie, getting ground ed with a record of 7-0. The team set numerous records. balls, interceptions, and playing solid defense. The The senior relay team of Alex Logue, Ibraheim Campbell, unquestioned leader on defense was sophomore Corbin Phil Thomas, and Julian Brown reset records in the 4 x 100 Booker. His saves kept us in a lot of games. Next year, he (43.3) and 4 x 200 (1:31.4). Logue, Thomas, and Campbell could be one of the top goalies in the state. In front of teamed up with sophomore Ian Miller to set the new Corbin, injuries hurt our consistency on defense. We had relay standard in the 4 x 400 (3:26.6). Freshman Dustin many youngsters step up and play well for us, including Wilson set records in the 1,600 (4.27.8), 3,000 (8:55.67), freshmen and sophomores at midfield and defense. Next 3,’0 (9:26.43) and 2 mile (9:29.67). Wilson teamed up with season we’ll be counting on them, sophomore Mike Fuery, and seniors Mike Fitzkee and along with incoming freshmen, as Justin Purnell-Anglin to break the standard in the program continues to progthe distance medley relay (11:08.9). Junior ress and compete against the top Ryan Ansel threw 131’ 8” to set the javelin teams in Pennsylvania. record. Phil Thomas went 6’ 9” in the high jump for a new record. This jump also TENNIS (Coach Larry Hyde) earned Thomas All State Honors. In the league championships, CHA was in the lead It was another challenging year for after the field events. As the day progressed, varsity tennis, which ended the the Blue Devils were either in the lead or season with a 6-8 overall record. tied with Malvern. Going into the final The 2009 squad looked promisevent, the 4 x 400 relay, CHA was up by ing at the start of the season with one point over Malvern. Both teams broke eight returning players and a crop the existing meet record for the relay, but of new talent, including Dylan Malvern was victorious in the event to Tracy, Sam Lane, Nick Auerbach, beat out CHA for the championship by and Crosby Harris. We jumped one point. Wilson earned First Team All out of the gates at a staggering League honors for winning the 1600, as did pace, compiling a hard-fought 4-0 Thomas for the high and triple jumps, and record. Unfortunately, we soon lost three of Campbell for the 300-meter hurdles. Thomas, our more experienced players, and this had Campbell, Logue, Brown and Wilson all qualia big impact. Given those circumstances, our fied for Nationals.


Profiles in Leadership A Sound Start at CHA: Rick Bauder ‘73 by David Cantor ‘73 During 11th grade—back when it was called Form V—Rick Bauder, Class of 1973, approached Headmaster Nathaniel Saltonstall with a creative proposition: “Look, I said, the Audio-Visual Department no longer has a manager, and in sports, I mostly sit on the bench. How about if I meet my athletic requirement by managing CHA’s audio-visual services?”

At school, Rick hauled equipment to CHA classrooms, assemblies in the chapel, plays, and Creative Expression Night in the Woodward Gym—wherever his services were required. Sometimes he was assisted by Tim Brown ’74. “I might not have gotten the same physical exercise as running laps on the soccer field,” says Rick, “but I certainly had some workouts, and the job involved considerable teamwork.”

So began the one-man operation that streamlined and enhanced many CHA events and eventually transformed itself into Bauder Audio Systems, Inc. Headquartered in a 21,000-square-foot office/warehouse facility at 1196 Easton Road in Horsham, Pennsylvania, Bauder Audio employs Rick, the owner, and 15 others. The leading audio company in the region, Bauder Audio’s “resumé” includes campaign events for John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama and many other political rallies; Temple University graduations; and concerts by The Beach Boys, Huey Lewis, Tower of Power, The Lettermen, and countless others from the Atlantic City Casinos to Philadelphia’s major performing venues, and beyond. Not to mention CHA’s own Lalapalooza event in the Albert Conkey Center for the Performing Arts on May 30, 2009, when several members of the classes of 1968, 1969, and 1970 rocked the house with guitar, bass, drums, and vocals.

“It’s all about serving people and helping them serve each other,” he philosophizes. “On the one hand, you’ve got the venue with its stage and seating setup, power sources, acoustics, insurance, and liability concerns. On the other hand, you’ve got speakers or performers needing to sound their best—on time, with no unwanted distractions, no one tripping over cables, no one having to keep Rick Bauder ’73, founder and CEO of Bauder asking for more or less volume. You Audio Systems, Inc. then and now. nail everything down by communicating effectively with all concerned—a skill definitely honed by my CHA education. And of course the audience must have a pleasing experience. As the motto goes: You’re only as good as your last show, and the public holds you to it.”

A tour of Bauder Audio looks at times like a fine-guitar museum, with Martins and Taylors to meet professional players’ acoustic-instrument needs, and Les Pauls and Fender Stratocasters for rockers traveling light. At other times it looks like a comprehensive drum and percussion store, with more pedals, cymbals, brushes, and sticks than the layperson might think could be designed, all neatly organized in shelves and cubbyholes. The famed Hammond B3 organ is also represented. Then there are the massive speakers, scaffolds to position them, amplifiers and cables to deliver sound, and monitor speakers so musicians can hear what they’re doing. Bringing all this equipment together so people can communicate and express themselves in large spaces doesn’t happen by magic. Someone has to transport it, carry and wheel it in, and set it up. Someone has to coordinate it. That’s Rick Bauder.

Rick’s dedication to service and leadership informs everything he does. With his employees, Rick takes a calm, instructive approach, his goal being to empower individuals to work as effectively and professionally as possible, developing their capabilities to their full potential.

In 1971, while still at CHA, Rick began his future career on a modest scale. “I had my own beginnings of a sound system, and CHA had a couple of reel-to-reel Sony tape recorders, a 16-millimeter movie camera, a small selection of microphones, slide and film projectors and screens.” Since 1969 Rick had been managing the sound for a local rock cover band called Catch, which got students from CHA, Springside, and other schools hopping to “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” “Sunshine of Your Love,” and other great songs at St. Martins Church, Springside School, and other venues. Catch members had their own equipment, which Rick maintained and operated, gaining knowledge for his CHA responsibilities.

“It’s like when you wear the CHA uniform you represent the school and you want people thinking highly of your school and your friends. The staff wears the Bauder Audio logo. Experience shows that when I treat my people right and teach the right values, everyone gains. Workers enjoy their work, do a good job, and make a good impression; I find the work personally rewarding; the venue and the performers get what they pay for if not more; and Bauder Audio gets more business.”

Last Issue’s Mystery Photo


Thanks to CHA faculty Janet Giovinnazzo and Jim Wise, Jim’s wife Karen, Peter MacBride ’00, and sibling Neil Cooch ’95 for demystifying last issue’s Mystery Photo. Both Karen and Peter identified the young man with the cap in the back as Scott Kelly, for whom we have no other information.



Mystery Photo


from the CHA Archives

Neil Cooch ’95 writes: “Hey, that’s my brother! Chris left CHA after 8th grade, but this was from junior school. I showed him the picture and he said it was from Stone Soup. He laughed. The other guys are Simon Wise and Andy Kucer.” Faculty member and father Jim Wise adds: “In case no one has already claimed it, the Mystery Photo is my son Simon Wise and Chris Cooch, best friends back then. Mrs. Cooch was the receptionist for years.”

Acting out the popular children’s book story Stone Soup are, from left, Andy Kucer, Chris Cooch, Scott Kelly, and Simon Wise.

New Sources for an Old Mystery... In the Winter 2009 issue we published the photo on the right, which has continued to draw responses and varying information. According to Tom Ambler, the former faculty member pictured in the photo, the previously unidentified student on the right is Martin Heckscher who is an attorney. The equipment they are working with was used to distill water.

Help us find a home for this photo in our archives. If you recognize any of the people in this picture, if you can tell us where and when it was taken or what is going on, you can be our next Mystery Photo winner. Any stories or memories you may have that go along with the picture are also welcome. Contact Diane Drinker at or 215- 247-4700, ext. 1113.

Dudley Warwick ‘59, had reported that the photo is of a science classroom from the 1950s and the students are Charlie Dilks, Ricky Ballard, and the late Tim Reed, all Class of 1959.

First to respond wins a free CHA T-shirt!

We’d love to know for sure. If anyone can clear up this puzzle, we’d be most appreciative. -- the Editor


Annual Report 2008-2009 2008-2009 Board of Trustees

CHA THANKS YOU! Going Green…Greener


elcome to our new Annual Report format! In an effort to recognize and thank each and everyone of you who has so generously contributed to Chestnut Hill Academy as well as to maximize our resources in the most responsible way possible, we are presenting a more concise report of contributors in print while providing class listings online.

Officers Steven F. Miller ’75, Chairman Francis P. Steel, Jr. ’77, President, Headmaster Lisa M. Gemmill h’07, Vice Chair W. Anthony Hitschler ’56, Vice Chair Anthony M. Zane ’48, Vice Chair Margaret W. Steele, Secretary John P. McNiff, Treasurer

In this issue of CHAnnels you will find all Building the Future Campaign contributors and gift club listings of all donors to the 2008-2009 Annual Fund, including both restricted and unrestricted gifts for the year. For our alumni, we have provided a summary and highlights of this year’s reunion giving as well as a listing of gifts by reunion class. Our In Memoriam section recognizes those community members who passed away during the year and whose families and friends have established CHA as the beneficiary of gifts in their memory. Please visit the respective alumni and parent portals at to see a full listing of Annual Fund contributors by class. It has been quite a year—both exhilarating and challenging. Just a sampling of this year’s notable achievements include the successful completion and opening of The Rorer Center for Science and Technology, our exceeding our Annual Fund goal despite the difficult economic climate, and our first-ever joint fundraiser with Springside School organized so skillfully by the two Parents Associations. On the flip side, it has been a most challenging year, both as a community and for many of us personally. Given the stresses and uncertainties of these last 12 months, it goes without saying how much we appreciate the continued support and commitment of our donors. Your sacrifices, both large and small, ensured that we could stay focused on what is most important—providing the best education possible for our boys.

Frederic L. Ballard, Jr. ’59 Michael J. Barrist Dr. Maryalice Cheney Francois de Saint Phalle ’64 Dr. John DiIulio Nino DiPietro ’86

We hope you enjoy this new format and our efforts to conserve while still expressing our deepest appreciation for your generosity. You are very important to the health and welfare of Chestnut Hill Academy, and we are truly grateful for your support of our students, faculty, community, and school. As we move into the new academic year, I am pleased to report that CHA continues to make progress on our highest strategic priorities. This is possible only through your personal and collective vision, commitment, and support.

Thomas J. Ferraro Richard A. Hayne Suzette Hearn Steven H. Kapp David Lloyd ’62 Deborah E. Maine

Many, many thanks,

Henry F. O’Reilly III Joffie C. Pittman ’87 Michael S. Schurr

Betsy Longstreth h’01

David S. Sims ’71

Director of Development

James M. Talbot II h’81 Dr. Rodney Taylor ’87 John S. Wolf ’66

Honorary Trustees Robert G. Chambers ’67 Morris Cheston, Jr., Esq ’55 Morris Lloyd, Jr. ’56 Peter S. Longstreth ’62 Edward C. Rorer ’61

Constituency Code Key for Donor Lists Leadership Society Member Contributors of $1,000+ to Unrestricted Annual Giving Alumnus

By Year

Current Parent




Former Headmaster


Former Faculty


Honorary Trustee


Board of Trustee


Former Trustee




Parent of Alumnus


Wife of Alumnus dec’d




Grandparent of Alumnus






Summary of Gifts 2008-2009 2008-2009 Annual Fund $1,024,304 Unrestricted $684,413 Restricted $339,891 Cash Gifts to Capital Campaign $1,929,533 Parents Association (net) $123,696 Total: $3,077,533

Enjoying a pleasant evening at the annual Trustees party held in the Jennings House garden are, from left: Joe Grasso, Debbie Maine, Rosalie Hunter, Scott and Sharon Rankin, and Natalie and Michael Barrist.


Gift Clubs Many thanks for your generous support of Chestnut Hill Academy Leadership Council ($10,000.00 +) Mr. Frederic L. Ballard, Jr. ’59 BT Mrs. Marion S. Ballard Barrist Family Foundation FD Mr. Thomas A. Fernley III ’59 FT/PA Mrs. Sarah Fernley PA Mr. Richard A. Hayne CP/BT Mrs. Margaret A. Hayne CP Mr. Peter C. Hearn CP Mrs. Suzette V. Hearn CP/BT Mr. W. Anthony Hitschler ’56 BT Mrs. Lynda K. Hitschler Mr. Steve Kapp CP/BT Mrs. Courtney Kapp CP Mr. Peter S. Longstreth ’62 HT/PA Mrs. Elizabeth S. Longstreth h’01 FY/FT/PA Mr. & Mrs. James J. Maguire, Jr. ’78 Mr. John P. McNiff CP/BT Mrs. Evelyn W. McNiff CP Metal Edge International, Inc. BS advised by Jonathan Frank ’69 Mr. & Mrs. Cyrus H. Nathan ’30 Dr. Steven Orman ’63 GP Dr. Dale Orman GP Mr. Edward C. Rorer ’61 FF/HT Mrs. Sarah Rorer Mr. Willis B. Skillman FT/PA Tides Foundation advised by Mr. & Ms. Miles V. Smith ’83 Mr. Francis P. Steel, Jr. ’77 FY/PA Mrs. Elizabeth F. Steel PA Mr. Clifford H. Swain ’59 FT/PA Mrs. Rebecca Swain PA The Philadelphia Contributionship Insurance Company FD Tri-State Technical Sales Corporation BS van Ameringen Foundation, Inc. FD Vulcan Spring & Manufacturing Company BS Headmaster’s Circle ($5,000.00 +) Anonymous Mr. Jeffrey R. Baxter CP Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Bown, Sr. CP Carton Edge International, Inc. BS Central Penn Nursing Care, Inc. FD Daniel J. Keating Company BS Mr. & Mrs. Stephen W. Elliott CP Lisa M. Gemmill h’07 BT/PA Dr. Scott Goldman PA Dr. Maryalice Cheney BT/PA Mr. Jonathan D. Gray ’81 Mrs. Penelope P. Harris WA ’47 Mr. & Mrs. Philip D. Harrison ’85 Mrs. Quita W. Horan FT/PA Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Keyes CP Dr. & Mrs. Donald F. Leatherwood II CP Mr. John D. Maine, Jr. ’79 CP/FT Mrs. Deborah E. Maine CP/BT Mr. & Mrs. Jerome P. Mulhern CP Mr. & Mrs. Vincent P. Norpel ’87 CP Mr. Henry F. O’Reilly III CP/BT/PA Mrs. Suzy L. O’Reilly CP/PA Philadelphia Insurance Companies BS Mr. & Mrs. Herbert T. Rorer ’64 Mr. Michael S. Schurr CP/BT Mrs. Susan Schurr CP Mr. Boyd L. Spahr III ’58 GP Dr. & Mrs. Jay M. Springer CP Mrs. Margaret W. Steele BT/FR Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Tyler ’59 Benefactor ($2,500.00 +) Mr. Howard Appel PA Mr. & Mrs. A. Daniel Barton, Jr. ’42 Mr. Steven Berman & Ms. Diane Newbury CP BP Solutions, Inc. BS Mr. Ronald H. Colston, Sr. h’99 FY Mrs. Jean Colston in honor of the Class of ’99 Mr. Robert Cramer CP

Dr. Robbin Cramer CP Mr. Jerry R. Del Colliano ’93 Mr. & Mrs. Eugene J. Dorff CP Mr. Thomas J. Ferraro CP/BT Mrs. Ruth D. Strong-Ferraro CP Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Fink CP Mr. & Mrs. Samuel H. Goldstein CP Mr. Joseph Grasso CP Ms. Rosalie Hunter CP Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Harris CP Mr. Charles B. Landreth ’66 FT/PA Mrs. Cindy Landreth Dr. & Mrs. G. Michael Lemole, Jr. ’87 Dr. & Mrs. William B. Lewis ’84 Mr. Thomas Lloyd ’58 PA Mrs. Susan Lloyd FF/PA Mrs. Lawrence MacElree PA Mr. Robert Magliano h’06 GPA Mr. & Mrs. Brian A. McLelland ’82 CP Mr. & Mrs. David M. Meyer CP Mr. & Mrs. John D. Miller CP Dr. Gordon Morewood CP Dr. Natalie Rintoul CP Hon. Bradley Moss ’76 CP Ms. Laurie Gottlieb CP Mr. Scott A. Myers ’84 Barbara B. Olson CP Mr. Douglas G. Olson CP Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas B. Paumgarten ’63 Mr. Robert M. Peck ’70 CP/FT Mrs. Susan W. Peck CP Dr. & Mrs. Peter Randall GP/PA Mr. & Mrs. Stephen K. Salisbury CP Mr. Richard R. Schreiber CP Mr. & Mrs. Mark M. Schweitzer CP Mr. & Mrs. A. Marcus Semones CP Mr. Stanley H. Smith ’79 CP Mrs. Melissa Davitt-Smith CP Mr. Joseph Torsella CP Mrs. Carolyn Short Torsella CP Mr. & Mrs. Brian J. Vogt CP William A. Kilian Hardware Co. BS Dr. John H. Woodruff GPA Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Wrede CP Academian ($1,000.00 +) Anonymous Dr. Paul Ambrosini CP Dr. Josephine Elia CP Mr. E. Clive Anderson FT/PA Ms. Bea Cromwell PA Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Anderson PA Dr. & Mrs. Willard G. Andrews III CP Dr. Duffield Ashmead IV ’76 Mrs. Anne W. Banse PA Mr. & Mrs. Jon R. Bartlett ’94 Mr. Werten F. W. Bellamy, Jr. CP Mr. Lawrence B. Benenson FR Mr. John C. Bennett, Jr. ’57 PA Mrs. Hope L. Bennett FT/PA Mr. Charles Blumer ’79 Ms. Madeline Zimmerman Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan C. Bogert ’85 Mr. Richard S. Bonsall ’86 Mr. Richard C. Boothby ’66 FT/PA Mrs. Mary-Helen S. Boothby PA Mr. & Mrs. Willard S. Boothby, Jr. PA/GPA Dr. Phillip Brackin ’89 Ms. Deborah Butzbach Mr. Stephan Brandstadter CP Ms. Stephanie Sen CP Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Bright CP Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Brinley III ’88 Mr. & Mrs. Payne D. Brown CP Dr. & Mrs. Douglas A. Canning CP Mrs. Sally W. Castle PA/WA ’50 in memory of Joseph L. Castle ’50 Mr. & Mrs. Barry J. Cerf CP Mr. Morris Cheston, Jr. ’55 HT/PA


Mrs. Cynthia M. Cheston PA Mr. W. Morgan Churchman III ’60 Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Clattenburg, Jr. ’59 PA Mr. & Mrs. Philip G. Clay ’70 Mr. & Mrs. William L. Conrad ’72 Mrs. Margaret Conver h’09 FY Mr. David Conver Mr. & Mrs. James S. Conway CP Mr. Marcus Dencker CP Ms. Lauren Schwartz CP Mr. & Mrs. John S. Detweiler, Sr. ’91 CP Mr. & Mrs. Pasquale R. DiDonato CP/PA Dr. John J. DiIulio CP/BT Mrs. Rosalee DiIulio CP Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Dilks ’59 Mr. & Mrs. William M. Doran GP Mr. John R. Drinker PA Mrs. Diane G. Drinker FY/PA Mr. & Mrs. Michael Duffey CP Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Duffy CP/PA Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Dunnam CP Mr. & Mrs. Vincent G. Dutton CP Mr. William Eastman ’87 Ms. Catherine Lindsay Mr. Zachary Edmonds CP Mrs. Cassandre Nelson CP Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Ervin GP Ms. Janine P. Fields CP Mr. & Mrs. Brendan K. Flatow ’94 Mr. & Mrs. Bruce C. Flint, Sr. PA/GPA Mr. & Mrs. Constantine T. Fournaris CP Mrs. Madeline B. Frey WA ’60 Mr. & Mrs. Guy A. Fritts ’61 Mr. & Mrs. David A. Gansky CP Mr. William E. W. Gowen ’45 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Grant ’96 Mr. & Mrs. Mark B. Greenberg ’93 Mr. & Mrs. Jay Gress II PA/GP Mr. Gene F. Guidi H’01 FT/PA Mrs. Janice Guidi PA Mr. & Ms. Marshall B. Haegley CP Mr. William E. Hall ’70 Mr. Mark A. Harrington ’76 Mr. & Mrs. Henry F. Harris, Jr. ’88 CP Mr. & Mrs. Ibne Hasan PA Mr. John Hass CP Ms. Ellen Nalle Hass CP Mr. David Herrera CP Ms. Susan Chaplick CP Mr. Michael Hill ’80 Ms. Susan Bear Hill Mr. Paul Hogan CP Dr. Karen Hogan CP Mr. & Mrs. T. Brian Holloway GP Mr. & Mrs. Robert Immerman CP Mr. Robert A. Jacoby CP Mrs. Elaine M. Jacoby CP/FF JPA Associates, LLC BS Mr. & Mrs. Gibson B. Kennedy ’67 Mr. & Mrs. Clifford W. Kozemchak CP Mr. Paul B. Kurtz II ’36 FT/PA Mrs. Ellie S. Kurtz PA Mr. Francis B. Lane CP/PA Mrs. Leslie B. Lane CP/FY/PA Mr. & Mrs. Stephen LaRouche CP

Fifth graders enjoy a good book with teacher Silke Susanin.

All School Day provides an opportunity for cross-divisional connections.

Mr. & Mrs. David S. Leach ’84 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Leichner III CP Dr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Levin CP Mr. & Mrs. Paul S. Lightcap GP Mr. H. Eugene Lindemann III ’87 Ms. Valerie C. Roden Mr. David Lloyd ’62 BT Mrs. Susan Lloyd Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Lockwood CP Mr. & Mrs. John S. Longstreth ’96 Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Lukens ’58 PA Ms. Kathryn E. MacDonald CP Ms. Nancy L. Machinist PA Mr. Michael W. Malone ’00 Mr. Michael B. Mann CP/PA Ms. Fern Carrie CP/PA Mr. John Masker CP Dr. Sharon White CP Mr. & Mrs. Steven P. Matteucci FR Mr. John E. McArdle ’73 FY/PA Mr. & Mrs. William D. McCall CP Mr. John H. McDevitt ’96 Mr. Edward M. McGehee ’80 Mr. & Mrs. William F. McLaughlin CP Dr. Anthony Meadows CP Ms. Kim Sajet CP Mr. Steven F. Miller ’75 BT Mrs. Joyce E. Miller Mr. & Mrs. J. Tucker Moodey ’81 Mr. James F. Mootz, Jr. PA Mrs. Patricia M. Mootz FY/PA Mr. & Mrs. David B. Morse CP Mr. & Mrs. James G. Munro CP Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin E. Naish CP Mr. & Mrs. Alexander V. Netchvolodoff GP Mr. & Mrs. William D. Newbold CP Mr. Benjamin Ng CP Mrs. Sandy Ko CP Mr. & Mrs. Kevin O’Connell CP Mr. & Mrs. Gerald P. O’Neill PA Mr. Brian Ortelere CP Ms. Gretchen Santamour CP PAISBOA FD Mrs. Anita K. Pearson WA ’33 Mrs. Anne C. Pearson FR Mr. & Mrs. Horace T. Potts IV CP Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Precopio ’78 Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Price CP/PA Mr. Robert E. Putney III ’78 Mr. Henry Reichner CP Ms. Melissa Acker Reichner CP Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Rhoads, Jr. CP Mr. & Mrs. Ronald R. Rock CP Mr. & Mrs. Gerald B. Rorer ’60 Dr. & Mrs. Anthony W. Salem CP/PA Mr. Michael J. Salvitti ’98 Dr. Priscilla Sands FR Mr. John Berg FR Mrs. Holley S. Sanford CP Mr. William E. Sanford CP Mr. & Mrs. E. Randolph Saunders ’84 CP Mr. & Mrs. Sujal C. Shah CP Mr. & Mrs. Ward A. Shenk CP Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Sheppard II CP Mr. Laurence Z. Shiekman PA Ms. Marjorie K. Shiekman PA Dr. Donald A. Sivick, Jr. CP/PA Mrs. Kimberly A. Sivick CP/FY/PA Mr. & Mrs. William S. Smilow FR Mrs. Anna C. Smith CP Mr. Richard F. Smith, Jr. ’78 CP Mr. & Mrs. Joshua G. Spiewak ’93 Mr. & Mrs. Baird M. Standish CP Mr. & Mrs. Peter G. Stanley ’60 FT Mrs. Susan Stanley

Mr. & Mrs. Newbold Strong ’47 Dr. & Mrs. William S. Tasman GP/PA Mrs. Elizabeth T. Taylor FR Mrs. Patricia Terrey CP Mr. Frank L. Thomson h’87 FF Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Torrey, Jr. ’68 Mr. Thomas Trapnell ’68 Ms. Claudia Luther Mr. Charles F. Trulear V CP Mrs. Stacye P. Trulear CP/FY Dr. Thomas Voye CP Dr. Elizabeth Voye CP Mr. & Mrs. David B. Wallace ’63 Wal-Mart Foundation FD Mr. & Mrs. Philip W. Warner ’60 Mrs. Edward Waxman GP Mr. & Mrs. Elkins Wetherill GP/PA Rev. Andrew White PA Mrs. Miriam White h’95 FF/PA Dr. Robert C. White Rowing Trust F/C/T Mr. Truxton T. Williams ’31 dec’d Mrs. Ruth Williams WA ’31 Williamson Hospitality Services, Inc. BS Mr. Ronald D. Wilson FT/PA Mrs. Kathy Wilson PA Mr. John S. Wolf ’66 BT Mrs. Mahela D. Wolf Mr. George Woodward III ’57 Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Z. Wurts ’58 GP Dr. & Mrs. Shuin L. Yang CP Mr. & Mrs. Pennock J. Yeatman IV CP Mr. & Mrs. Scott J. Yetter CP Mr. Anthony M. Zane ’48 BT Mrs. Mary E. Zane Caerulean ($500.00 +) Mr. Williams J. Agate, Jr. PA Mrs. Martha S. Agate FT/PA Ms. Courtney A. Altemus CP Mr. & Mrs. David M. R. Ambler ’75 Mr. & Mrs. David G. Anthony CP Dr. & Mrs. Joshua H. Atkins ’92 Mr. & Mrs. Wister S. Baisch GP Mr. & Mrs. R. Ross Baker ’86 Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Bauder ’73 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen W. Beck ’78 Dr. & Mrs. Paul B. Bolno CP Mr. Evan T. Booker CP Mrs. Stephanie R. Booker CP/FY Mr. & Mrs. William B. Bracken ’59 Mr. Joseph V. Cardona PA Mrs. Mary T. Cardona FY/PA Dr. Elsie M. Casimir CP Mr. Wendell K. Chestnut ’84 FT Miss Nancy Churchman CP Dr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Corvasce PA Mr. & Mrs. James B. Cowperthwait ’55 Mr. Thomas Davidson Mrs. Kathleen A. Davidson FY Mr. & Mrs. Timothy E. Davis CP Mr. John C. Devereux ’64 Mr. & Mrs. Peter R. Farnum ’93 Mr. & Mrs. J. Thorpe Feidt, Jr. ’59 Mr. & Mrs. Bruce C. Flint, Jr. ’84 Mr. Samuel Freeman GP/PA Mrs. Margaret Freeman H’04 FY/GP/PA Mr. & Mrs. David Fryman FR Mr. Benjamin H. Gemmill ’99 Mr. & Mrs. William M. Glassman PA Mrs. Sandra D. Glendinning GP/PA/WA ’51 Dr. Jay Goldberg CP Mrs. Natalie Goldberg CP Mr. William Good CP Ms. Lulu Laubenstein CP Mr. & Mrs. E. Howard Goodwin, Jr. ’63 PA Mr. & Mrs. Howard H. Gowen ’48 Grand Prix Pharma Solutions BS Dr. & Mrs. Lee W. Greenspon CP/PA Dr. & Mrs. G. S. Peter Gross ’67 Mr. & Mrs. David M. Harris ’69 Mr. Stuart H. Heist, Jr. ’34 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Hogan III ’65 Mr. Franklin T. Holland PA Mrs. Joanna B. Holland H’05 FY/PA Ms. T. Brooke Holloway CP Mr. & Mrs. Rand Holston ’71 Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Horter CP Mr. Pemberton Hutchinson FT/PA Mr. Donald L. Jackson CP


Dr. James Judd CP Dr. Suzanne St. John CP Dr. & Mrs. David M. Junkin PA Mr. & Mrs. John P. Kelly CP Mr. Thomas G. Kessler ’88 FT Mrs. Jennifer Kessler Mr. Richard J. Kilfeather GP/PA Mrs. Constance Kilfeather FY/GP/PA Dr. Charles T. Lee, Jr. h’77 FT/PA Mrs. Caroline Lee PA Mr. & Mrs. David U. Lee ’78 Dr. & Mrs. David C. Lindy ’70 Mr. Morris Lloyd, Jr. ’56 HT/PA/GPA Mrs. Eleanor P. Lloyd PA/GPA Mr. Trevor Lunn CP Ms. Kristin Norris CP Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Manning PA Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan M. Massari ’87 Mr. Ted O. Matozzo ’93 Dr. & Mrs. Nathaniel H. Mayer CP Mr. John F. McCloskey, Jr. ’38 Mr. Edwin E. McCook ’61 Mr. & Mrs. Timothy C. McCool CP Mr. & Mrs. John K. McDonald CP Mr. & Mrs. William W. McDowell III ’75 CP Mr. & Mrs. Christopher M. McGowan ’82 Mr. Daniel L. McGowan ’83 Mr. & Mrs. Burton P. McHugh, Jr. CP Mr. Thomas J. McLaughlin ’87 FF Mrs. Susan V. McLaughlin Mr. Robert McLean II PA Mrs. Susan J. McLean FT/PA Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Melchionni, Sr. GP Mr. James M. Mellor, Jr. ’63 PA Mr. Joseph L. Messa, Jr. ’80 Mr. & Mrs. Boulton D. Mohr ’51 Dr. James Mollick CP Ms. Danis Sill-Mollick CP Mr. James B. Moran ’83 Mr. & Mrs. Owen Morris III ’83 Mr. William L. Morse GP Mr. & Mrs. David Nalle ’42 Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Nason CP Mr. Thanh T. Y. Nguyen ’94 Dr. & Mrs. Charles M. Norris, Jr. ’69 Ms. Rebecca Paul CP Mr. Raoul Ignatz CP Mr. J. Stephen Peake, Jr. ’59 FT Mrs. Gail M. Peake Mr. Stephen Pearson, Jr. ’69 PA Mrs. Elizabeth D. Pearson FF/PA Philip Rosenau Company, Inc. BS Mr. & Mrs. Ian J. Pilling ’91 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Purcell CP Mr. & Mrs. Mark D. Quigley PA Mr. Bruce Rambo GP Mr. & Mrs. W. Lee Rawls ’62 Mr. Bruce L. Redpath CP/PA Mrs. Gail C. Redpath CP/PA Mr. Barnaby J. Roberts H’90 FH Mrs. Elizabeth Roberts Mr. & Mrs. John C. Schwarz CP Mr. Darren J. Shames ’98 Mr. David Sheffield ’74 PA Mrs. Carole Sheffield PA Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Shuttleworth, Jr. PA Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Simons ’89 Mr. David S. Sims ’71 BT Mrs. Abby C. Sims Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Sisson GP Mr. Edward C. Smith ’79 Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. St. George GP Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Stauffer, Jr. GP/PA Mr. Jay Stephenson CP

Enjoying a visit at last year’s Grandparents’ and Special Friends Day.

Ms. Renee Post CP Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey W. Stewart ’89 Mr. & Mrs. James M. Stewart ’43 Mr. & Mrs. Howard C. Story CP Mr. & Mrs. Samuel S. Stroud, Jr. ’78 Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Thayer, Jr. GP Mr. & Mrs. E. Kevin Thomas CP Mr. & Mrs. Taylor G. Thomas ’84 Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Trejo CP Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Wallis GP/PA Mr. John Ward CP Mrs. Ellen P. Ward CP/FY Mr. & Mrs. J. Bruce Whelihan ’60 Ann D. White Esq. PA Mr. Jason M. White ’99 Mr. Thomas White ’60 FT Mrs. Tina Bromley Mr. & Mrs. James B. Wistar ’78 Dr. & Mrs. Jonathan T. Wolfe CP Mr. & Mrs. Peter W. Wright ’70 Mr. T. Christopher Wright ’84 Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Wrigley PA Mr. & Mrs. Paul V. Yannessa CP Wissahickon ($300.00 +) Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Allen CP Mr. Thomas S. Ambler FF/PA Mrs. Patricia Ambler PA Dr. Douglas Baird CP Dr. Joanna Solowska-Baird CP Mr. Benjamin M. Baldridge PA Mrs. Carol S. Baldridge FF/PA Maj. & Mrs. Henry D. Barratt ’49 Mr. & Mrs. David C. Bartlett ’90 Mr. Robert G. Bauer PA Mrs. Priscilla Bauer FT/PA Mr. & Mrs. Louis Belmonte PA Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Bender CP Mr. & Mrs. J. Hunter Bennett ’88 Mrs. Dorothy Jean Boyer FR in memory of Owen A. Boyer h’74 Capt. & Mrs. L. Anthony Bracken ’51 Mr. Samuel Bradbury IV ’61 Dr. Scott Brenman CP Dr. Kathleen Burke Brenman CP Mr. F. Pemberton Brown ’02 Mr. & Mrs. Matthew C. Brown ’93 Rev. & Mrs. James C. Caraher GP Mr. Robert G. Chambers ’67 HT Mr. & Mrs. George J. Ciukurescu, Jr. PA Mr. & Mrs. Frederic S. Claghorn III ’98 Mr. Edward B. Clay, Jr. ’43 FT/PA Mrs. Julia Clay FF/PA Mr. Steven Coopersmith h’04 FF Mrs. Lynda Coopersmith Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Corvasce ’94 Mr. & Mrs. R. Bruce Dalglish CP Mr. Charles A. Darlington III ’67 FT Mrs. Janis K. Darlington Mr. & Mrs. Eric Diaz CP Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Dickey, Jr. ’36 Mr. Andre L. Dixon ’94 Mr. Joseph P. Dobson h’94 FF/PA Mr. & Mrs. James Dugan CP Mr. & Mrs. Timothy F. Edalatpour ’87 Dr. & Mrs. Paul F. Engstrom GP Dr. & Mrs. Andrew S. Fireman CP Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. Fitzkee CP Mr. Daniel Freeman FR Mr. & Mrs. William H. Freeman ’91 CP Dr. Graham Gardner ’91 Dr. Sandhya Gardner Mr. & Mrs. Andrew D. Glendinning ’82 Mr. & Mrs. Read M. Goodwin ’93 Mr. & Mrs. William A. R. Goodwin III ’65 PA Mr. & Mrs. Russell C. Goudy, Jr. CP Dr. & Mrs. Mark G. Graham PA Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Gresh, Jr. ’66 Mr. & Mrs. George G. Griffith ’90 Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence H. Haas ’71 Mr. Marc S. Haber ’73 PA Mr. Matthew J. Hall ’00 Mr. Robert B. Hamilton CP Mr. John J. Hennelly III ’94 Mr. Richard N. Henrich ’84 Mr. Andrew A. Jarousse ’83 Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Knox PA Mr. & Mrs. Arthur P. Kodroff ’79 Dr. Lawrence Kuo CP

Dr. Michelle Kuo CP Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Landreth ’68 PA Mr. A. Gorm R. Larsen ’64 Mr. & Mrs. James M. Lee ’94 Mr. Franklin H. Leister III ’61 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher R. Lemole, Esq. ’95 Mr. & Mrs. Ryan M. Lenox CP Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd O. Lohmeyer III ’65 Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Lonergan, Jr. PA Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan R. MacBride ’85 Mrs. Susan R. MacBride h’06 FF/PA Mr. Joshua P. Maciolek ’93 Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Malmed ’59 Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. McArthur CP Mr. Paul W. McCloskey ’41 Mr. John B. McLelland II ’91 Mr. Joseph W. Mechem PA Mrs. Juliet M. Moore PA Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Moriarty CP Mr. Ryan J. Murphy ’96 Mr. Raul A. Navarro CP Mrs. Marta C. Navarro CP/FY Mr. & Mrs. Edwin M. North ’64 Dr. James N. Nutt III PA Mrs. Elizabeth C. Nutt h’08 FF/FT/PA Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. O’Brien ’93 Mr. & Mrs. John O’Malley GP Mr. & Mrs. Walter P. Palmer, Jr. GP Mr. Matthew Paul ’94 FY Dr. Christina Smith Paul Mr. & Ms. James W. Perloff ’67 Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Petaccio ’92 Mr. Robert B. Plotkin CP Rev. Robert W. Povish, Jr. FR Mr. & Mrs. Eugene G. Rall, Jr. CP Mr. & Mrs. J. Scott Romig CP Mrs. Judith S. Romig GP Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Sablich ’94 Mr. David Schreffler dec’d Mrs. Debra Schreffler CP Mr. Henry Schwartz CP Ms. Lori Olson CP Mr. & Mrs. Samuel R. Scott ’68 Dr. & Mrs. Barry T. Shannon ’70 Mr. Edgar M. Sheppard, Jr. ’42 PA/GPA Mrs. Ann H. Sheppard GP Mr. & Mrs. Fred G. Shipman ’76 Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Smith ’75 Mr. & Mrs. Harold P. Starr ’50 Mr. Morris A. Stout III ’42 PA/GPA Mrs. Deborah M. Stout H’96 FF/PA/GPA Mr. Michael A. Strange ’76 Mr. & Mrs. John D. Talbot II ’90 Dr. Rodney J. Taylor ’87 BT Mr. Christian C. Thompson ’82 Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Topping CP Mr. & Mrs. Ernest B. Tracy III CP Mr. & Mrs. R. Craig Urian ’92 Mr. & Mrs. Jared E. Utz ’94 Dr. Hoau-Yan Wang CP Dr. Kim Eberle-Wang CP Mr. Thomas Watkins ’78 Mrs. Fayze Chahin-Watkins Mr. Derek A. Webb ’94 Mr. & Mrs. Jerrold D. Young CP/PA Ms. Mary E. Zane FR in honor of Anthony M. Zane ’48 Blue & Blue ($150.00 +) Mr. Evan N. Abrams ’00 Mr. & Mrs. W. Kellogg Achenbach ’58 Mr. Guilliaem Aertsen IV ’66 Ms. Betty Lou Anderson GP Mr. & Mrs. Frederick D. Anderson CP Dr. William H. Annesley, Jr. GP Mr. John A. Atkinson ’96 Mr. & Mrs. Colin T. Barber ’96 Mr. F. Lewis Barroll ’47 Mr. Harvey Bartle IV ’91 Mr. & Mrs. Peter D. Bartle ’91 Mr. Andrew M. Baumberger ’99 Mr. Martin H. Baumberger h’02 FY/PA Mrs. Mary Baumberger PA Mr. Justin M. Baxter ’66 FT/PA Mrs. Nancy D. Baxter PA Mrs. Elizabeth Beeler PA Mr. & Mrs. James T. Bell ’78 Mr. Perry Benson, Jr. ’65 Mr. R. Eric Berlinger ’00


Common Ground co-chairs, Evie McNiff (CHA), left, and Anne-Marie Corner (Springside), celebrate the success of last year’s “best of both worlds” joint parent fundraiser.

Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Berlinger PA Dr. Geoffrey Bird CP Ms. Mairi Luce CP Mr. & Mrs. Rolin P. Bissell CP Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Bocchini ’82 Mr. & Mrs. Dickson G. Boenning ’65 Mrs. Elizabeth Bonnie GP Mrs. Florence H. Borda WA ’48 in memory of Charles A. Borda ’48 Dr. Markley Boyer ’50 Ms. Barbara Millen Dr. Reid F. Brackin ’91 Mrs. Ellen S. Buchen GPA Mr. Josh B. Budde FY Mrs. Rebecca Budde Mr. & Mrs. John S. Bullitt ’95 Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Bullitt ’74 Mr. Andrew J. Burke ’89 Cairone & Kaupp, Inc. BS Mr. Robert B. Campman ’07 Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Campman PA Mr. R. Douglas Caplan CP/FF Mrs. Mari Caplan CP Mr. & Mrs. John W. Carnwath, Jr. ’60 Mr. Deano D. Castelli PA Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Castle III ’79 Mr. & Mrs. Craig B. Charles ’70 Mr. Wilton P. Choy CP Mrs. Moira Choy CP/FY Mr. & Mrs. Edward T. Claghorn ’70 Mr. & Mrs. Sydney P. Clark, Jr. ’47 Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Clarke CP Mr. Isaac H. Clothier IV ’49 Mrs. Barbara Clothier FF Mr. & Mrs. Dennis J. Cohen PA Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Connaghan GP Mrs. Sara G. Cooke GP Mr. & Mrs. David R. Cooper ’71 Mr. Todd Cooper ’73 Hon. Ethna Cooper Dr. Laurence Cramer PA Dr. Sondra Cramer PA Mrs. Murray H. Dawson PA Mr. & Mrs. Carl H. Delacato, Jr. ’73 CP Mr. M. Christopher Deming ’64 Mrs. Nevis L. DePaul GP Dr. Dean DePice CP Dr. Jennifer DePice CP Mr. & Mrs. Thomas DeSoo CP Mr. & Mrs. John Devine ’96 Mr. Jesse Dickson ’59 Ms. Diana Uhlman Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. DiSalvo ’96 Mr. & Mrs. Henry Disston, Jr. ’67 Mr. & Mrs. David B. Doriss ’67 Dr. Roger L. Dunnavan FF Mrs. Louise Dunnavan Mr. & Mrs. Davis O. Dure ’75 Mr. & Mrs. James Eberle GP Ms. Jean Eggler CP Ms. Mary Heying CP Mr. James Eisenhower CP Mrs. Nora Dowd Eisenhower CP Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Eisenstaedt ’70 Mr. John Eldred FT/PA Dr. Janet Greco PA Mr. William E. Emery III CP

High School All American Jon McAllister ’10.

Mr. & Mrs. Eric B. Engman ’76 Mr. & Mrs. David T. Espenshade GP Mr. & Mrs. Andrew M. Evans ’90 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Evans PA Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Evans, Jr. ’87 Fatty’s Bar & Grill, Inc. BS Mr. Alexander C. Feldman ’86 Mr. & Mrs. C. Henry Fischer III ’83 Mr. James J. Fitzpatrick ’04 Mr. & Mrs. John E. Foley CP Mrs. Joan C. Frank h’92 FF Mr. & Mrs. B. Graeme Frazier IV CP Mr. Christopher S. Frazier ’60 PA Mr. & Mrs. John M. Fruncillo ’65 Mr. & Mrs. Andrew C. Furman CP Dr. Anthony M. Gacita CP Dr. Adrian F. Gardner ’94 Mr. Gordon S. Gary ’97 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Gavula GP Mr. & Mrs. Gary D. Giegerich CP Mr. & Mrs. Edgar S. Gilchrist ’38 Mr. Robert F. Giovinazzo CP Mrs. Janet B. Giovinazzo h’01 CP/FY Mr. & Mrs. Gary S. Glazer GP Mr. & Mrs. Gregory J. Golden ’87 Mr. & Mrs. R. Brenner Green ’95 Mrs. Jill H. Greenberg PA Mr. Thomas Shaw Greenwood III ’01 Mr. Jay Gress III ’90 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher G. Guidi ’89 Mr. Matthew Guidi ’98 Mrs. Elizabeth Griffinger-Guidi Mr. & Mrs. Martin T. Haase ’66 Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Haig ’58 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Haley, Jr. GP Mr. Reid T. Halloran ’02 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hannah CP Mr. Allen Harberg FT/PA Mrs. Hannah Harberg PA Ms. Pamela M. Harper CP Mr. & Mrs. David A. Harrison ’88 Mr. Ripley E. Hastings ’70 Mr. & Mrs. Russell T. Hayes CP Mr. Jonathan D. Herbst, Jr. ’94 Mr. Henry Hoerner FF Dr. Kathleen Hoerner Mr. John Holton ’65 FT/CP/PA Mrs. Ashley Holton CP Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Houck, Jr. PA Mr. & Mrs. Lucian P. Hughes ’79 Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Hutchinson ’84 Mr. Charles J. Ingersoll II ’64 Mr. Ebenezer Ato Jackson CP Mrs. Roo-Mei Jackson CP/FY Mr. & Mrs. James W. Jennings ’55 Mr. & Mrs. Warne P. Johnson GP

Math Counts Team Champs.

Mr. & Mrs. LeRoy E. Jones CP Mr. & Mrs. Morgan R. Jones PA Mr. Ira L. Kamens ’67 FT Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Kates ’87 Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Keebler PA Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Kelly CP Mr. & Mrs. Stephen R. Kelly CP Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Kent, Jr. ’44 Mr. & Mrs. John M. Kiefner ’89 Mrs. Rae O. Kilcollum PA Mr. & Mrs. N. Jeffrey Klauder CP Mr. William M. Kleinfelder ’68 FF Mr. Robert Klotz PA Ms. Deborah Lamb PA Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Kraft CP Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Kuczynski CP Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Kuczynski ’94 Mr. George Kunkel CP Dr. Elisabeth Kunkel CP Dr. G. Clayton Kyle PA/FT Mr. Frederick T. Lachat III ’99 Mrs. Margaret E. Lake GP Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Lamberton ’95 Mr. Gregory S. Latran FY Mrs. Maria Latran Mr. & Mrs. John W. Lea ’65 Dr. Sydney Lea ’60 Mrs. Margaret Barone Mr. & Mrs. J. Wayne Lee ’50 PA Mr. & Mrs. Dale L. Lenox GP Mr. Thomas C. Leonards III FF Mr. & Mrs. William R. Levy ’71 Mr. & Mrs. H. Mather Lippincott, Jr. ’39 Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey B. Livingston ’86 Mr. & Mrs. James J. Logue CP Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd E. Long, Jr. ’66 Mr. William C. Lowry IV ’69 PA Mrs. Aurelia W. Lowry FY/PA Dr. Andrew Lubell CP Dr. Heather Lubell CP Mr. Barry C. Lyngard PA Mrs. Deidra A. Lyngard FY/PA Mr. J. Douglas MacBride ’61 FT/PA Mrs. Stacey M. MacBride FY/PA Samuel D. MacBride, MD ’91 Mr. W. Scott Magargee III GPA Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Magee PA Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Maguire, Jr. CP Dr. Vicki L. Martin CP Mr. & Mrs. Nathaniel T. Massari ’96 Dr. Edward H. McGehee FT/PA Mr. & Mrs. R. Burke McLemore, Jr. ’69 Mr. & Mrs. Charles K. McManus ’66 Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. McRae CP Mrs. Deborah G. Mellor WA ’69 in memory of Christopher C. Mellor ’69 Mr. & Mrs. Michael H. Menninger CP Mr. Alexis C. Menocal ’94 Mr. Mark P. Merlini , Jr. ’97 Mr. Gregory J. Michaels ’99 Mr. & Mrs. John P. Michaels PA Mrs. Annette P. Miller PA Mr. & Mrs. Eric S. Miller CP Mr. Henry Miller ’69 Mr. John Nimblett Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence S. Miller ’71 Mr. Lynn Moak ’62 Ms. Mary McKeown-Moak Mr. James F. Mootz III ’96 Mr. Randal Morgan, Jr. ’65 FF Mrs. Terry Morgan Ms. Susan A. Morse GP Mrs. Martha Myers GP Mr. & Mrs. Edwin N. B. Nalle ’72 Mr. Richard T. Nalle, Jr. ’38 dec’d Mrs. Joan Nalle WA ’38 Mr. Charles B. Neely ’90 Ms. Anne C. Nichols FY Mr. Thomas A. Northrup h’81 FF Mrs. Ann Northrup Mr. S. Peter Nyce ’60 Mr. & Mrs. Bertram L. O’Neill, Jr. ’68 Mr. & Mrs. Walter P. Palmer 3rd CP Mrs. Margaret N. Pearson PA/WA ’37/GPA Mrs. Marian C. Pearson FR Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Pearson ’61 Mr. & Mrs. Dana L. Peirce ’79 Mr. & Mrs. Robin J. Peirce ’81 PA Ms. Nancy Phillips PA Mr. Henry Miller PA


Mr. Joffie C. Pittman, Jr. ’87 BT Mr. Ion D. Popescu Mrs. Sarah K. Popescu FY Mr. & Mrs. Charles Potash GP Mr. Dennis R. Primavera, Esq. CP/PA Mrs. Maureen E. Primavera CP/PA Dr. Anthony A. Prousi ’99 Mr. & Mrs. Frederick E. Raach ’59 Mr. Timothy E. Regan ’98 Mr. J. Michael Ritchie ’68 Mr. David H. Rode Mrs. Lizann Rode FY Dr. Clifford L. Rogers PA Mrs. Susan L. Rogers FY/PA Mr. & Mrs. William W. Roper III ’57 Mr. & Mrs. Brian D. Rosenthal CP Mr. & Mrs. Wilson S. Ross ’46 Dr. Harvey Rubin CP Mrs. Elizabeth J. Graham Rubin CP Mrs. Jacqueline P. Sablich PA Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Sadtler ’58 PA Mr. Timothy C. Sager CP/FF Mrs. Margaret Sager CP Mr. Richard L. Saltzman ’00 Mr. Stuart D. Saltzman ’99 Mr. Robert Sauers ’47 Mr. & Mrs. F. Tucker Schade PA Mr. Michael J. Schardt CP Mrs. Monica Schardt CP/FY Mr. & Mrs. Edwin R. Scholl III ’87 CP Mr. Brendan K. Sheehan ’95 Mr. Jonathan J. Sheward ’82 Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Shields, Sr. GP Mr. & Mrs. Timothy M. Shoup CP Mr. & Mrs. John F. Simons III ’84 Patterson Sims ’65 Mr. & Mrs. Edward S. Smith ’62 Mrs. Meredith S.S. Smith PA Mr. & Mrs. C. Stewart W. Spahr ’64 Mr. & Mrs. Jason I. Spillerman CP Mr. & Mrs. Joseph T. Stapleton CP Mr. & Mrs. Dean Stephan CP Mr. Justin D. Stockdale ’96 Mr. Theodore Swain ’96 Dr. Amanda Swain Mr. & Mrs. Stuart S. Taylor, Jr. ’66 Mr. & Mrs. Mark W. Torie CP Mr. Jack Treatman CP Ms. Ruth Isaac Treatman CP Mr. Jason A. T. Tschorn ’99 Dr. & Mrs. Samuel H. Tucker ’48 Dr. & Mrs. John F. Tuton ’59 Mr. & Mrs. Paul S. Vass CP/PA Mr. & Mrs. John H. Verica CP Drs. Michael & Barbara Vesselago ’57 Mr. & Mrs. Andrew C. Vlahakis CP/PA Mr. L. Wood von Seldeneck, Jr. FF/GP/PA Mrs. Casey von Seldeneck GP/PA Dr. & Mrs. Joel Wagman ’75 Mr. & Mrs. James S. Walker GP/PA Mr. & Mrs. James S. Walker, Jr. ’94 Mrs. Patricia S. Walsh WA ’37 Mr. & Mrs. Philip H. Ward IV ’69 Mr. N. Dudley Warwick, Jr. ’59 FF Mrs. Barbara M. Warwick Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell A. Welsch CP Mr. & Mrs. John R. Wenzel ’41 Mr. Kelvin A. Wheeler ’87 Mr. & Mrs. Caleb C. Wistar IV ’73 Mrs. Margery S. Wolf PA Dr. & Mrs. Stanley J. Wolfe GP Mr. James Wolters CP Ms. Elizabeth McCune CP Mr. & Mrs. Harold F. Wrede GP Contributors ($1 - $149) Mr. & Mrs. Anthony A. Abbott ’58 Mr. F. Taylor Agate ’08 Mr. Williams J. Agate III ’05 Mr. & Mrs. Craig C. Alleyne, Sr. CP Mr. & Mrs. Iain A. Anderson ’84 Mr. Philip D. Anspach CP Mrs. Anne J. Anspach CP/FY Dr. & Mrs. Michael J. Attanasio CP Ms. Shondell Ayala CP Mr. & Mrs. Newcombe C. Baker III CP Mr. & Mrs. Seth Bakes CP Mr. & Mrs. Mark J. Bandera CP Mr. & Mrs. Ernest J. Barile III CP

Ms. Christine Bascom FR Mr. James D. Baumberger ’02 Mr. David J. Bayard ’05 Midn 3/C Beautyman, USN ’05 Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Beck GP Dr. Jackson Beecham ’60 Ms. Charlene Cutforth Dr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Belmonte ’95 Mr. Charles B. Betancourt ’95 Mr. Louis H. Bieler, Jr. ’59 Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Biello, Jr. PA Mr. Anthony J. Biello ’05 Mr. & Mrs. George J. Biles ’60 Mr. David E. Bilger CP Mr. George L. Birch, Jr. FY Mrs. Linda Birch Mr. Ronald J. Biscardi CP Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Black ’63 Mr. & Mrs. Richard N. Bland ’78 Mr. & Mrs. Henry R. Blynn ’45 Mr. & Mrs. William F. Bodine ’37 Ms. Lisa Bond-Holland CP Mr. Christopher Holland CP Mr. James C. Boothby ’02 Mr. Douglas J. Bouquard III ’99 Mr. Michael D. Bowers ’94 Ms. Colleen M. Boyle CP

The Smith family at the Father and Son Breakfast.

Mr. George A. Brackin ’97 Mr. James A. Bradley Mrs. Patricia C. Bradley h’97 FF Dr. Peter P. Bradley ’66 Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Bradley III ’62 Mr. Damien D. Brewster ’95 Mr. Kevin D. Brewster ’04 Mr. & Mrs. W. Frazier Brinley ’64 Ms. Danette Brockenbrough CP Ms. Deneene Brockington CP Mr. Corduff M. Broderick ’06 Ms. Joan C. Broderick PA Mr. & Mrs. John Brown GP/PA Ms. Michelle A. Brown CP Mrs. Sarah H. Brown PA Mr. & Mrs. William R. Brown GP Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence D. Brownell ’50 Mrs. Elizabeth G. Bullitt PA/WA ’63 Mr. & Mrs. Logan M. Bullitt V ’90 Dr. Hameed Burhan CP Dr. Umber Burhan CP Mr. Mark A. Burke ’86 FY Mrs. Andrea Burke Mr. Mark Bushnell ’82 Ms. Susan Clark Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Cadwalader II ’70 Mr. Anthony D. Cafagna ’07 Ms. Geraldine Cafagna PA Mr. William E. Smith CP Ms. Caroline M. Cahill CP Dr. Sue M. Cahill GP Mr. Brian Calistri CP Ms. Christine Fleming Mr. Anthony C. Cardona ’07 Mr. John M. Cardoso h’96 FY/PA Mrs. Jennifer B. Cardoso PA Mr. Michael Carlsson PA Mrs. Winifred Carlsson h’08 FF/PA Mr. Tristram M. L. Carver ’01 Mr. Dominic F. Castelli ’93 Mr. Jorge A. Castillo FY Mrs. Cruceta Castillo

Mr. John David Cella ’04 Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Chambers PA Ms. Melanie Cherwony FY Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cherwony FR Mrs. Frances K. Chestnut PA Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Z. Chestnut, Esq. CP Mr. & Mrs. James Cheston II ’92 Mr. Morris Cheston III ’88 Mr. & Mrs. Radcliffe Cheston II ’65 Mrs. Jane Chlebowski GP Mr. Andrew T. Ciukurescu ’06 Mr. George J. Ciukurescu ’04 Mr. David T. Claghorn ’05 Mrs. Cecily G. Clark GPA Dr. & Mrs. Hugh R. Clark PA Mr. Jeffrey R. Clark h’09 FY/PA Mrs. Margot Clark PA Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Clarke ’60 Class of 1999 Mr. John K. Clement III FF Mr. Benjamin E. Cohen ’01 Mr. Christopher P. Colahan ’96 Kathleen N. Colburn CP Mr. Anthony B. Comis ’04 Mrs. Albert B. Conkey FF Mr. & Mrs. A. Lee Conrad III ’68 Mr. Glenn J. Cook II ’94 Mr. Stephen R. Cook ’73 Mr. & Mrs. William C. Corson ’78 Mrs. Anne H. Coste GP Dr. & Mrs. James L. Cousins, Jr. PA Mr. & Mrs. Alexander B. Coxe ’83 Mr. Henry B. Coxe III ’48 PA Mrs. Isabel Coxe FF/PA Mr. Joseph Cozza CP Dr. Joann Cozza CP Mr. & Mrs. David L. Crawford CP Mr. & Mrs. Frank D. Criniti CP Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan W. Cross ’79 Mr. Henry E. Crouter ’49 Ms. Marnie Cullen CP Mr. Thomas C. Culp III ’08 Ms. Marjorie Cumpston h’00 FF Mr. Francis E. Cunningham ’08 Mr. Michael Cunningham PA Ms. Claudia Becker PA Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Dale, Jr. ’66 Mr. Albert S. Dandridge III CP/FT/PA Mr. Paul G. Darlington ’69 Mr. Mark Davies FY Mrs. Loretto Bright Davis FR in memory of George R. Bright ’31 Rev. Dr. Katie Day CP Mr. James Sicks Mr. & Mrs. Keith J. Day CP Mr. Francois de Saint Phalle ’64 BT Mrs. Susan de Saint Phalle Mr. Ronald J. deBerardinis CP Mrs. Rene deBerardinis CP/FY Mr. Robert A. Deery, Jr. ’05 Mr. Christopher A. DeGennaro ’07 Mr. Ishaq Deis FY Mrs. Caroline Maw-Deis Ms. Anne L. DeLay PA Mr. Jeffrey DeMaria ’05 Mr. John H. Deming, Jr. ’61 Ms. Barbara K. Descher PA Mr. & Mrs. John C. Detweiler ’61 Mr. Edward C. Devlin, Jr. CP/FF/PA Mrs. Lisa Devlin CP/PA Mr. Robert Dickey V ’05 Ms. Ann G. Dimond h’01 FY/PA Mr. Nino DiPietro ’86 BT Mrs. Denine D. DiPietro Mr. E. John DiSabatino III ’95 Mrs. William L. Disston PA/WA ’35 Mr. T. Henry Dixon ’36 Mrs. Christine L. Donahower FT/PA Mr. & Mrs. David G. Donch ’93 Mr. & Mrs. Jose M. Dones CP Mr. William F. Dooley CP/FY Mrs. Clare C. Dooley CP Mr. Jackson T. Doud ’00 Mrs. Anne Dowd GP Mr. & Mrs. Alfred S. Dragani CP Mr. Alexander Kent Drinker ’01 Ms. Beth Dzwil FY Mr. & Mrs. Brandt N. Earhart ’47 Mrs. Elizabeth H. Edgerton PA Mr. & Mrs. James P. Edgerton ’91


Mr. & Mrs. George Edwards GP Mrs. Alice Eggler GP Mr. & Mrs. Harry R. Eisenstaedt PA Mr. Kevin T. Engleman FY Mr. & Mrs. Michael Eppolito FR Mr. Robert L. Ervin, Jr. h’08 CP/FY Mrs. Linda M. Ervin CP Mr. Matthew Eskin ’89 Ms. Anne K. Espenshade CP Mr. Adrian T. Estepa ’03 Mr. Primitivo Estepa PA Dr. Amelia Tabuena-Estepa PA Mr. Isnard Estriplet II ’04 Mr. & Mrs. Glen A. Falso, Jr. CP Mr. & Mrs. Sylvester Felton, Jr. PA Mr. Matthew I. Fingerman ’07 Mr. Antonio Fiol-Silva CP Ms. Elizabeth Mahon CP Hon. & Mrs. James J. Fitzgerald III PA Mr. & Mrs. James J. Fitzpatrick PA Mr. Sean T. Fitzpatrick ’07 Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Flannery, Sr. CP Mr. Michael Patrick Flannery ’06 Dr. Robert A. Fles h’02 FY/PA Mrs. Joyce Fles PA Dr. Ralph Flood h’01 FF Mrs. Carol Flood Mr. & Mrs. William J. Foley GP Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Ford III PA Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth C. Fordham, Jr. PA Mr. Kenneth C. Fordham III ’03 Mr. & Mrs. John L. Forer ’62 Mr. Brian P. Fox ’95 Mr. A. Carlyle Frank ’68 CP Mr. Jonathan W. Frank ’69 CP/FT/PA Mrs. Sarah G. Frank CP/PA Mr. & Mrs. John-david W. Franklin PA Mr. Samuel M. Franklin ’08 Mr. Zachary J. Franklin ’03 Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin W. Frazier III ’66 Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan C. Freeman ’94 Mrs. Florence A. Fuery GP Ms. Rabi Gardner FY Mr. Walter Gardner Mr. Charles E. Gargan, Jr. CP Denise Murphy Gargan CP Mr. & Mrs. Alan R. Gedrich CP Dr. Kenneth J. Gelman CP Dr. Lisa Leschek-Gelman CP Mr. Jean-Francois Gervais CP Mrs. Agueda Adames CP Mr. Samuel M. Gilbert ’06 Mrs. Deborah L. Ginsburg PA Mr. Anthony J. Giovinazzo III ’06 Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Giovinazzo PA Mr. Edward L. Glassman ’03 Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Glendinning ’78 CP Dr. & Mrs. Hianglin Gn CP Mr. Matthew Goetting FF Mrs. John C. Good GP Mr. & Mrs. Thacher C. Goodwin ’95 Mr. George W. Gowen ’48 Mr. & Mrs. James C. Graf PA Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Grant PA Mr. P. Randolph Gray FT/PA Mrs. Jane Gray PA Full speed ahead at All School Day.

Testing the strength of a paper stool in the 8th grade Sicence Olympics.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Gray, Jr. FR Mr. & Mrs. F. George Green, Jr. PA Mr. & Mrs. Matthew J. Green ’89 Mr. & Mrs. Stewart J. Greenleaf, Jr. ’96 Mr. Daniel A. Greenspon ’02 Mr. Jason Greenspon ’05 Lt. J. Edson Greenwood II ’99 Mr. Samuel C. Greenwood ’05 Ms. Debra G. Gress CP/FY Mr. & Mrs. David R. Greve FR Mr. Clark Groome ’60 FF Mr. & Mrs. Harry C. Groome III ’55 Mr. Joel Grossman PA Ms. Leslie Gilman PA Mr. Joshua G. Grossman ’04 Mr. Brian Grow CP/FY Mrs. Kristine Grow CP Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Guinan CP Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Gummey, Jr. ’59 Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Gustavson GP Dr. Leif Gustavson CP Mrs. Kristen Yoder CP Mr. David H. Haan PA Mrs. Andrea Haan FF/PA Dr. Glenn E. Haas ’68 FF Mrs. Irene Haas Mr. Joshua M. Haber ’07 Mr. & Mrs. William G. Hagner ’77 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Haight ’67 Mr. W. Andrew Haines ’99 Mr. William M. Haines h’02 CP/FY Mrs. Alleene Haines CP Ms. Laurie A. Halbe CP Mr. & Mrs. Stanley P. Halbert GP Mr. & Mrs. Roger B. Hall ’82 Mr. Peter B. Hanby ’97 Mrs. Louise G. Hannings GP Mr. & Mrs. William Harmar III ’61 GP/PA Mr. John Harmer Mrs. Doris Harmer FY Mr. Darryl Harper ’86 Ms. Sonya Clark Mr. & Mrs. William J. Harries ’93 Mr. & Mrs. John L. Harris, Sr. ’79 CP Mrs. Meredith S. Harris GP/PA Ms. Kristen Hart CP Mr. S. Sean Hasan ’01 Mr. Jeffrey C. Hastings ’72 Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Hatfield II ’55 Mrs. Donna W. Hecker PA Mr. & Mrs. P. David Heller CP Mr. & Mrs. David L. Henry CP Mr. Matthew F. Henry ’94 Ms. Pauline Henry-Thomas CP Dr. & Mrs. Mark J. Hepp ’81 Mr. & Mrs. George T. Hicks , Sr. CP Mr. Peter M. Hill ’96 Mr. David A. Hillinck Mrs. Jeanne Hillinck FY Ms. Jacqueline H. Himes PA Mr. Paul K. Hines h’03 FY/PA Mrs. Lucy Hines PA Mr. & Mrs. Ralph S. Hirshorn ’56 PA Mr. Glen R. Holmberg ’82 Mr. & Mrs. Todd A. Holmberg ’85 Mr. Philip X. Holmes FY Mr. & Mrs. John M. Holton, Jr. ’34 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen K. Holts, Sr. PA Mr. Abraham Holtz ’75 Mr. Donald R. Houck III ’07 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Howard CP Mr. Geoffrey W. Hoyes ’02 Mr. & Mrs. Matthew K. Hubbard CP

Mr. James Huffaker CP/FY Ms. Heather Hartlin CP Mr. & Mrs. John J. Hull, Jr. CP Mr. & Mrs. William D. Humphrey ’57 Mr. John J. Inch, Jr. PA Mrs. Patricia S. Ingersoll FF/PA Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Ingersoll III ’56 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Injaychock PA Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Injaychock ’96 Interstate Building Maintenance Corp. BS Ms. Leanna Johannes CP Mr. Carlton Johnson CP Ms. Valerie Robinson CP Mr. Craig N. Johnson Mrs. Sally V. Johnson FY Mr. Morris Johnson CP Dr. Ellen Fishman-Johnson CP Mr. & Mrs. Eric K. Jones CP Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Jones FR Mr. & Mrs. Eric M. Kampmann ’61 Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Karnavas ’78 Mr. Gerrit Keator h’79 FH/PA Rev. Marnie Keator PA Mr. & Mrs. William C. Keator III ’82 Mr. & Mrs. Leo M. Kelly ’93 Mr. Michael W. Kenney ’65 Ms. Laura Kenny FY Mr. & Mrs. J. Renwick Kerr III ’65 Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Keyser CP Dr. & Mrs. Steven F. Killough ’73 Mr. Jacob A. Kind ’03 Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Kingsley ’75 Mr. Steven R. Kiss PA Mrs. Nancy L. Kiss FF/PA Mr. & Mrs. David M. Kleinfelder ’71 Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Klinefelter III ’69 PA Rev. Anne H. Knight GP Mr. Andrew W. Knox ’99 Mr. Richard N. Knox ’92 FY/FT Mrs. Megan Knox Mr. Gerard P. Koch ’69 FF/PA Ms. Anne Marie Kochersperger FY Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Krkoska GP Mr. & Mrs. William A. Kromm III ’65 Mr. John Kuneck CP Mrs. Laura Bracale-Kuneck CP Mrs. Hsi-Yung N. Kuo GP Dr. & Mrs. J. Stephen Kurtz GPA Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Kurtz ’62 Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Kurz ’67 Mr. & Mrs. G. Clayton Kyle, Jr. ’70 Drs. T. Rogers & Maryellen Kyle ’68 Mr. Tripp W. Kyle III ’02 Mr. Tyler G. Kyle ’03 Mr. & Mrs. Lewis G. Lake CP Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey J. Lamb ’90 CP Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas S. Lamont ’56 Mr. Charles A. B. Landreth ’96 Mr. Peter M. Landreth, Jr. ’00 Mrs. Nancy E. Leard GP Mr. & Mrs. Stewart D. Leard CP Mr. & Mrs. John N. Lee ’48 Dr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Leichner, Jr. GP Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Leininger CP Mr. Nicholas W. Levine ’02 Mr. Thomas Lewin ’03 Ms. Kimberly Lewis CP Dr. & Mrs. Thomas S. W. Lewis ’60 Mr. & Mrs. Winslow Lewis, Jr. ’54 PA Mr. Samuel S. Lichmira ’07 Dr. & Mrs. William A. Lieber ’54 Mr. & Mrs. Anthony M. Lloyd ’87 Mr. Alexander J. Logue ’09 Mr. Michael J. Lonergan III ’08 Dr. & Mrs. William T. Longstreth, Jr. ’67 Mr. & Mrs. David E. Luce GP in honor of Jefferson L. Luce ’18 Mr. & Mrs. Lewis N. Lukens III ’45 Mr. & Mrs. Andrew M. MacBride ’98 Mr. & Mrs. John D. MacEachern ’77 Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur Mack GP Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. MacMahon CP Ms. Yvette R. Madden CP Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Magee ’90 Mr. Shawn P. Magee ’96 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Maher ’79 Mr. & Mrs. William J. Maher PA Mr. & Mrs. Derren A. Mangum CP Mr. & Mrs. Joseph T. Manning ’63 PA Michael C. Manwaring ’08


Ms. Sherry Marcantonio CP Ms. Lorie Dakessian CP Mr. & Mrs. John Mark-Ockerbloom CP Mr. Beau G. Martin ’99 Mr. Allen B. Massiah FF Mr. Stephen A. Mast ’04 Mr. & Mrs. Victor C. Mather II ’55 Mr. Michael J. Mattei ’08 Mr. & Mrs. Philip B. Matthews CP Mr. & Mrs. Christopher T. Mayer ’89 Mr. & Mrs. James J. McCabe III ’80 Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. McCann, Jr. CP Mr. Kevin McCarter FY Mrs. Leah McCarter Mr. & Mrs. William J. McCauley III CP Mr. William C. McCook, Jr. ’58 Mr. George McDowell ’76 CP Ms. Sarah McDowell CP/FY Mr. & Mrs. William W. McDowell, Jr. ’47 GP/PA Ms. Caitlin McDugall FY Dr. Irene E. McHenry PA Mrs. Burton P. McHugh GP Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. McIlvaine III ’62 PA Mr. Christopher S. McInerney ’04 Mr. John B. McLelland GP/PA Mr. Michael Meketon ’82 Ms. Lana Heckendorn Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Mellor ’90 Mr. & Mrs. Bryan A. Merryman ’80 Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Messa ’82 Mr. Brian V. Miglionico ’04 Mr. & Mrs. Arthur H. Miller PA Mr. David R. Miller ’08 Mr. & Mrs. John F. Miller III ’38 Mr. Samuel F. Miller ’05 Dr. Stanton B. Miller ’74 Mrs. Deborah Miller FY Mrs. Binney B. Miller WA ’55 in memory of Walter P. Miller III ’55 Mr. Gregory A. Minoff ’99 Mr. Joseph A. Minott, Jr. PA Mr. & Mrs. Lee W. Minton III ’95 Mr. & Mrs. Darryl W. Mitchell CP Mr. & Mrs. Stanley F. Moat FR Mr. Thomas W. Mooney, Jr. ’96 Mrs. Mary Moriarty GP Mr. Thomas J. Morris IV FY Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Morrison GP Mr. David J. Morrison ’68 Mr. Robert Moss-Vreeland CP Ms. Patricia Moss-Vreeland CP Mr. Charles W. Muir GP Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Mulvaney CP Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence C. Murdoch, Jr. ’44 Mr. Brian P. Murphy ’05 Mr. & Mrs. Philip J. Murray GP Ms. Phyllis Murray CP Mr. & Mrs. John C. Mutch III CP Mr. & Mrs. Larry A. Nagelberg CP Ms. Laura L. Nagle FY Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Neely ’86 Mr. & Mrs. David L. Neufeld ’85 Dr. Harry M. Nevers CP Dr. Michelle Brown-Nevers CP

The ubiquitous Blue Devil shares the limelight.

Mr. Arthur E. Newbold IV ’60 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Newbold GP Miss Susanne V. Nolde FF Mrs. Sarah H. Norris PA Mr. & Mrs. Stephen H. Norris ’72 Dr. Robert C. Nutt ’94 Mr. Andrew R. Ochroch ’04 Mr. & Mrs. Brian C. O’Donnell ’89 Mr. & Mrs. Lance B. Ogle CP Mrs. Joanne M. Olejkowski FF Mr. Michael Olix ’08 Mr. Brian J. O’Neill ’95 Mr. & Mrs. Robin O’Neill ’74 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Orman ’59 Dr. Michael Padula ’91 Mrs. Julia Hinckley Dr. Richard L. Parker h’02 FH Mrs. Laura S. Parker Mr. Michael A. Pasciullo III ’90 Mr. & Mrs. Earl Patterson III CP Mr. & Mrs. Kahil S. Payne, Sr. CP Mr. & Mrs. David V. Peake ’62 PA Mr. Alexander Pearson ’78 Ms. Kristin Lindgren Mr. F. Marshall Pearson ’94 Mrs. Sandra M. Pedrick FF Mr. Herbert C. Peluzzo, Jr. ’02 Mr. & Mrs. B. Franklin Pepper ’47 Mr. & Mrs. James Perot ’57 Mr. Jonathan D. Perry ’04 Dr. Paulding Phelps ’51 Mr. & Mrs. Peter L. Phillips ’64 Mr. & Mrs. John K. Pickering FR Mr. William S. Pilling II ’41 Mr. Joseph M. Pizza Mrs. Lynda E. Pizza FY Mrs. Annamae Plunkett GP Mr. John J. Plunkett h’92 CP/FY/PA Mrs. Susan A. Plunkett CP/PA Mr. Sean P. Plunkett ’04 Mr. Stephen Pompilio CP Mrs. Theresa Pompilio CP Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Poole, Sr. CP Mr. Joseph J. Prendergast CP Mr. John B. Prizer, Jr. ’57 Mr. & Mrs. Philip C. Pulley CP Mr. & Mrs. Erick L. Pullian, Sr. CP Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence F. Quillian CP Mr. Brendan J. Quinn ’89 Mr. Peter G. Randall ’69 CP/FY/FT Mrs. Louisa B. Randall CP Mr. & Mrs. Hampton C. Randolph, Jr. ’61 Mr. Stephen A. Rawls ’67 FF Mrs. Susan Rawls Mr. George Reath, Jr. ’57 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Rees PA Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Regan ’94 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Reid FF Mr. & Mrs. H. William Reisner, Jr. ’70 Mr. William N. Rhoda ’07 Mr. Ross A. Richardson ’07 Ms. Genise Richards-Thomas CP Mr. & Mrs. George F. Riegel, Jr. ’48 Mr. & Mrs. Peter H. Ripley ’85 Mr. & Mrs. John I. Ritter ’58 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Roberts ’71 Mr. Robert L. Robertson II ’08 Ms. Meisha Robinson CP Mr. & Mrs. John L. Rodgers III ’59 PA Mr. & Mrs. Blaik P. Ross Esq. ’95 Mr. Thomas Ross ’70 PA Ms. Susan Wickham Mr. P. David Rotay Mrs. Jane Rotay FY Dr. Cheryll Rothery-Jackson CP Mr. Joseph Jackson CP Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Rowland CP Mr. & Mrs. Henry Rubin GP Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Ruegg ’51 Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Ruegg, Jr. ’84 Mr. & Mrs. Henry A. Russell CP Mr. M. Brooks Russell ’06 Mr. John E. Ryan, Jr. ’68 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen K. Ryan ’71 Mr. & Mrs. Bennett J. Sady CP Mr. Jonathan L. E. Salem ’06 Mr. Eric Salmansohn CP Ms. Marcia Bronstein CP Mr. Nathaniel Saltonstall II h’72 FH Mrs. Elizabeth Saltonstall

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred P. Salvitti PA Mr. Brett J. Santore ’05 Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Santore ’00 Mr. Edward R. Sargent, Jr. ’60 Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Scannell ’76 Mr. Michael C. Schantz ’01 Mr. & Mrs. William D. Scheck FR Ms. Elisabeth M. Schmid h’00 FF Mr. Philip A. Schoettle ’46 Mr. William C. Schoettle ’39 Mr. & Mrs. David J. Schorr GP Mr. Donald Schreiber GP Mrs. Rosalind W. Schreiber CP Mr. Peter D. Schreiber Mrs. Vicky P. Schreiber FY Mr. William C. Sears ’06 Mr. & Mrs. Frederick T. Seving III ’82 Mr. Michael T. Seymour ’07 Dr. Parker M. Seymour dec’d Mrs. Evelyn B. Seymour PA Mr. Peter M. Seymour ’04 Mr. & Mrs. Carl H. Shaifer III FR Mr. John J. Sharkey ’84 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen K. Sheehan PA Mr. & Mrs. Bruce D. Shelly ’72 Mr. C. Michael Shepard ’98 Mr. Edgar M. Sheppard III ’72 Mr. Richard Sheppard ’77 Ms. Sandra Worthington Mr. Thomas K. Shiekman ’03 Mr. & Mrs. Gregory H. Shipman ’79 Mr. & Mrs. Ali M. Shirazi CP Mr. & Mrs. Paul Shuttleworth ’46 Mr. & Mrs. John B. Sibley ’43 Mr. Abraham C. Silber ’04 Mr. & Mrs. Wistar C. Silver ’59 Dr. Patricia L. Petit CP Dr. Scott M. Silverman CP Gail B. Simmonds h’09 FY Mr. Donald G. Simms PA Mr. Peter Simone PA Dr. Helen Simone PA Mr. Thomas J. S. Simone ’04 Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Simons ’65 Mr. & Mrs. David R. Simpson CP Mr. & Mrs. John D. Simpson GP Mr. & Mrs. John S. Sise ’61 Ms. Ronalyn K. Sisson CP Mr. Donald A. Sivick III ’04 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen T. Skillman ’89 Mr. Stuart M. Skinner, Jr. ’64 Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Slater GP Mr. Anthony Smith ’67 Ms. Christine Althouse-Smith Mr. Leland L. Smith h’03 FF Mr. Peter D. Smith ’79 Mr. & Mrs. R. Peter Smith II ’61 Mr. & Mrs. R. Tyson Smith ’91 Mr. Vaughn A. Smith ’08 Ms. Tracey Soulges CP Mr. & Mrs. Kyle N. Southerling CP Mr. Karl H. Spaeth FT/PA Mrs. Ann W. Spaeth PA Mrs. Carol Spagnoli GP Mr. & Mrs. Roger Spalding ’71 Mr. & Mrs. William W. Spalding ’68 Mr. Patrick M. Spanninger ’05 Bob St. George CP/FY Lucia St. George CP Mr. J. Stockton Stallings ’65 FT Mrs. Margaret S. Stallings Mrs. Hannah B. Steel FR Mr. & Mrs. John H. Steel ’67 Ms. Eva J. Stehle FY/PA Mrs. Edwina A. Stelman PA Maj. & Mrs. Damon E. Stern ’82 Ms. Ellen D. Stern FR Mr. & Mrs. William H. Stevens ’60 Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Stewart PA Mr. Tyler H. Stout ’07 Mrs. George V. Strong III WA ’74 Mr. & Mrs. William A. Strong ’71 Mr. Michael Surovick Mrs. Emily L. Surovick FY Mr. Millard Sutton Mrs. Karen Sutton FY Mr. James M. Talbot II H’81 FF/BT/PA Mrs. Nina Talbot PA Mr. David V. N. Taylor PA Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L. Telemaque CP/PA

Mr. Jeffrey L. Telemaque II ’08 Mr. Lawrence G. Theuer FY/PA Mrs. Linda Theuer PA Mr. Rainford Thomas CP Dr. & Mrs. Samuel W. Thomas ’56 Mr. Philip Thorell ’08 Mr. & Mrs. Oliver G. Thornton, Jr. CP Mr. & Mrs. C. Pierre Thoumsin ’73 Mrs. John C. Tomlinson PA Mr. James Toomey PA Mrs. Susan C. Toomey FY/PA Mr. Michael K. Toomey ’02 Mr. Patrick J. Toomey ’99 Dr. Michael Tordoff CP Dr. Danielle Reed CP Mr. & Mrs. Ernest B. Tracy, Jr. GP Mr. & Mrs. Sean Trainor CP Mr. & Mrs. Rae A. Trim CP Mr. Edward V. Trocky CP Mr. Christopher M. Turman IV ’90 Mr. & Mrs. Billy J. Upshaw CP Dr. & Mrs. Peter Vacca CP Mr. Vincent H. Valenzuela FY Mrs. Colleen M. Valenzuela Ms. Loretta Varallo CP Mr. Thomas Varallo CP Mr. Matthew J. Vergare ’00 Thomas H. Vikoren M.D. ’93 FF Mr. Andrew M. Vlahakis ’07 Mr. S. Lee Von Seldeneck ’86 Mrs. Helen P. Walker GP Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Walsh, Jr. PA Mr. & Mrs. John M. Walton III ’46 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher L. Ward CP Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence A. Wargo CP Mr. & Mrs. William S. Wasserman, Jr. ’45 Mr. Joseph P. Watkins, Jr. ’03 Dr. & Mrs. Ellsworth Weatherby III PA Mr. Ellsworth Weatherby IV ’01 Mr. Theis A. Weckesser ’99 Dr. Timothy & Ms. Sandra Weckesser PA Dr. & Mrs. Matthew J. Weiss ’94 Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Welchly ’59 Dr. Andrew T. Weller FF Mr. & Mrs. Albert J. Wenzel ’65 Mr. Alexander E. White ’03 Mr. & Mrs. Alexander S. White ’66 Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. White III ’66 Mr. Erik Michael White ’01 Mr. Gregory A. White ’05 Mr. & Mrs. James D. White ’81 Mr. Michael G. Whitworth II ’07 Mr. & Mrs. D. Alexander Wieland, Jr. ’52 Mr. & Mrs. James B. Williams PA Mr. & Mrs. Christopher B. Wilson ’96 Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Wilson CP Mr. James A. Wise FY/PA Mrs. Karen Wise PA Mr. Michael C. Wismer ’08 Mr. Roland Woehr, Jr. h’07 FY Mr. & Mrs. Fred Wolf III ’64 Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Wolf ’81 Mr. William S. Wolf ’80 Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Wood ’49 Mr. & Mrs. Theodore V. Wood, Jr. ’53 Dr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Woolston ’66 Mr. & Mrs. James R. Wrigley ’93 Mr. Charles S. Wurts CP Ms. Patricia D. Wynne, Esq. CP Mr. Walter G. Wynne ’07


Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program Companies participating in Pennsylvania’s EITC Program can have a portion of their state taxes allocated to an educational institution in support of scholarships for needy students. Many thanks to the following companies who selected CHA as the beneficiary of their state tax dollars.

BP Solutions, Inc. Carton Edge International, Inc. Central Penn Nursing Care, Inc. Daniel J. Keating Company JPA Associates, LLC Metal Edge International, Inc. Philadelphia Insurance Companies Philip Rosenau Company, Inc. The Philadelphia Contributionship Insurance Company Tri-State Technical Sales Corporation William A. Kilian Hardware Co.

Reunions 2009 Alumni Reception, Alumni Forum, CHASS Family Barbecue, Memorial Service, Gala Dinner

Gifts from Reunion Classes Class of 1934 67% - $1,100

Class of 1964 48% - 6,835

Stuart H. Heist, Jr. John M. Holton, Jr.

W. Frazier Brinley Francois de Saint Phalle M. Christopher Deming John C. Devereux Charles J. Ingersoll II A. Gorm R. Larsen Edwin M. North Peter L. Phillips Herbert T. Rorer Stuart M. Skinner, Jr. C. Stewart W. Spahr Fred Wolf III

Class of 1939 33% - $250 H. M. Lippincott, Jr. William C. Schoettle Class of 1944 50% - $300 Donald W. Kent, Jr. Lawrence C. Murdoch, Jr.

Class of 1954 40% - $200 Winslow Lewis, Jr. William A. Lieber Class of 1959 80% - $99,668 Frederic L. Ballard, Jr. Louis H. Bieler , Jr. William B. Bracken Theodore Clattenburg, Jr. Jesse Dickson Charles D. Dilks J. Thorpe Feidt, Jr. Thomas A. Fernley III Charles F. Gummey, Jr. Richard D. Malmed Joseph M. Orman J. Stephen Peake, Jr. Frederick E. Raach John L. Rodgers III in memory of Charles H.Landreth ‘29 Wistar C. Silver Clifford H. Swain John F. Tuton Michael E. Tyler N. Dudley Warwick, Jr. Robert H. Welchly

Class of 1984 41% - $23,346 Total $19,846 Cash

Paul G. Darlington Jonathan W. Frank David M. Harris Paul F. Klinefelter III Gerard P. Koch William C. Lowry IV R. Burke McLemore, Jr. Deborah G. Mellor in memory of Christopher C. Mellor Henry S. Miller, Jr. Charles M. Norris, Jr. Stephen Pearson, Jr. Peter G. Randall Philip H. Ward IV

Henry D. Barratt Isaac H. Clothier IV Henry E. Crouter Charles R. Wood

Matt Paul ’94 Director of Alumni Relations and Planned Giving

Class of 1969 27% - $5,400

Class of 1949 44% - $2,750

Thank you to all classes who made it a priority to return for their reunion at CHA and to honor their class with a special reunion gift this year!

Class of 1974 11% - $874

$2,100 Pledged

Phillip S. Brackin, Jr. Andrew J. Burke Matthew Eskin Matthew J. Green Christopher G. Guidi John M. Kiefner Christopher T. Mayer Brian C. O’Donnell Brendan J. Quinn Christopher Simons Stephen T. Skillman Geoffrey W. Stewart

Class of 1979 37% - $11,850 Total $ 8,850 Cash $ 3,000 Pledged

Charles E. Blumer Joseph L. Castle III Jonathan W. Cross John L. Harris, Sr. Lucian P. Hughes Arthur P. Kodroff Joseph A. Maher John D. Maine, Jr. Dana L. Peirce Gregory H. Shipman Edward C. Smith Peter D. Smith Stanley H. Smith

Class of 1994 59% - $18,129 Total $ 7,029 Cash

Reunion Giving 1908-2009 Year Annual Fund Giving *

Iain A. Anderson Wendell K. Chestnut Bruce C. Flint, Jr. Richard N. Henrich Charles H. Hutchinson J. Reed Ingersoll David S. Leach William B. Lewis Scott A. Myers Edward L. Ruegg, Jr. E. Randolph Saunders John J. Sharkey John F. Simons III Taylor G. Thomas T. Christopher Wright Class of 1989 26% - $5,050 Total $2,950 Cash

Richard S. Bullitt Stanton B. Miller Robin O’Neill David P. Sheffield

$ 3,500 Pledged

Class Participation

*Includes Cash & Pledges































$11,100 Pledged

Jon R. Bartlett Glenn J. Cook II Michael C. Corvasce Andre L. Dixon Brendan K. Flatow Jonathan C. Freeman Adrian F. Gardner John J. Hennelly III Matthew F. Henry Jonathan D. Herbst, Jr. Charles M. Kuczynski James M. Lee Alexis C. Menocal Thanh T. Y. Nguyen Robert C. Nutt Matthew C. Paul F. Marshall Pearson Michael T. Regan Paul R. Sablich Jared E. Utz James S. Walker, Jr. Derek A. Webb Matthew J. Weiss


Class of 1999 35% - $5,935 Total $2,885 Cash

$3,050 Pledged

Andrew M. Baumberger Douglas J. Bouquard III Benjamin H. Gemmill John E. Greenwood II W. Andrew Haines Andrew W. Knox Frederick T. Lachat III Beau G. Martin Gregory J. Michaels Gregory A. Minoff Anthony A. Prousi Stuart D. Saltzman Patrick J. Toomey Jason A. T. Tschorn Theis A. Weckesser Jason M. White Class of 2004 35% - $2,985 Total $1,035 Cash

$1,950 Pledged

Kevin D. Brewster John David Cella George J. Ciukurescu Anthony B. Comis Isnard Estriplet II James J. Fitzpatrick III Joshua G. Grossman Stephen A. Mast Christopher S. McInerney Brian V. Miglionico Andrew R. Ochroch Jonathan D. Perry Sean P. Plunkett Peter M. Seymour Abraham C. Silber Thomas J. S. Simone Donald A. Sivick III

R eunion H igh l igh t s 38% of our alumni made a gift this year in honor of their reunion year, beating the 36% highmark record set by Haverford School. Total giving = $184,172 in cash and pledges for 2008-2009. The Class of 1959 raised $99,668 for their 50th reunion with 80% of the class participating! CHA’s Class of 1984 celebrated its 25th reunion and raised $23,346, up from $4,396 the previous year. The Class of 1994 had strong participation and a strong showing for their 15th reunion (60%), raising $18,129, up from $4,669 last year.

In Memoriam Chestnut Hill Academy joins family and friends in mourning the loss of the following individuals. We are most profoundly honored to be named as the beneficiary of gifts made in their memory. The CHA community is like family, and these individuals have all played major roles in the school’s development through their commitment, continued involvement, and love of Chestnut Hill Academy.

John B. Lear, Jr. `28 CHA Alumnus, Uncle of former Faculty member Susan MacBride h`06, alumnus Dr. John L. Randall `57, and great Uncle of Alumni Sam `91, and Jonathan MacBride `85, current president of the CHA Alumni Association. Ms. Eileen D. Barrett Mr. & Mrs. J. Douglas MacBride ’61 Mr. Peter S. Longstreth ’61 & Mrs. Elizabeth S. Longstreth h’01 Gail B. Simmonds h’09 Mr. & Mrs. Francis P. Steel, Jr. ’77 Ms. Carol K. Tiger

Suzette Hearn, trustee and new Leadership Society chair.

Chestnut Hill Academy Celebrates its Leadership Society Last year CHA celebrated the 10th anniversary of its Leadership Society. Formed to give special recognition to those individuals who contribute $1,000+ to the Annual Fund, the society has not only been the cornerstone of our successful annual giving program but has also enjoyed outstanding leadership since its inception.

Thomas T. Fleming `44

CHA alumnus, trustee, former board chair, father of Chris ’70, John ’73, Peter ’76, and Toby ’79, husband of Phyllys W. Fleming, former CHA trustee. Albert Risk Management Consultants Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Kent, Jr. ’44 Mr. Martin S. Berman Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Landreth ’66 Mr. Mark S. Klevanosky Mr. Peter S. Longstreth ’62 & Ms. Caroline Ballard Mrs. Elizabeth S. Longstreth h’01 Ms. Nancy Ballard Mr. & Mrs. William E. Lutz Mrs. George deB. Bell Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. McAdoo Mr. Morton R. Branzburg Mr. & Mrs. Franklin W. McCann Mr. Francis J. Carey Ms. Martha H. Morris Mr. & Mrs. Morris Cheston, Jr. ’55 Mrs. Anna I. Roberts Mr. & Mrs. James Congdon Ms. Carol W. Sagendorph Mr. & Mrs. Edwin C. Donaghy, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. F. Karl Schoenborn Ms. Cynthia W. Drayton Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Sherman Mr. Edward C. Driscoll Ms. Antoinette N. Starr Mrs. Sandra D. Glendinning Mr. & Mrs. Francis P. Steel, Jr. ’77 Mrs. Anne C. Godfrey Mr. & Mrs. James M. Stewart ’43 Mr. & Mrs. Brian E. Hall ’73 Mr. & Mrs. Samuel S. Stroud, Sr. Mr. Pemberton Hutchinson The Hill at Whitemarsh Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hyndman, Jr. The Administration/Finance Department Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Ingersoll Mrs. Judith J. Thompson INTECH Construction, Inc. Mrs. Patricia S. Walsh Mr. & Mrs. Constantine A. Karnavas Mr. & Mrs. Elkins Wetherill Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Wood ’49

CHA trustee Lisa Gemmill has served as its chair for the past seven years, following Ken Croney who helped establish the society. Through the 11 years both of these leaders helped to guide our thinking about how best to honor this very generous and important group of individuals through forums, personal appeals, and thank yous, and most recently with the inception of LeadershipLive. Since its founding, the amount of Annual Fund supported at this level has steadily grown from $152,000 to $498,000 this year. As Lisa leaves the Board of Trustees and her role as Leadership Society chair, we take this opportunity to thank both her and Ken for their wonderful work and commitment on behalf of the Leadership Society. Under their guidance this group has grown from 78 donors to 169 and is responsible for 73% of the total funds raised. We could not enjoy the success we celebrate today without this outstanding group of committed donors. As we embark on 2009-10 school year, it is with great honor that we welcome Suzette Hearn as the next chair of the Leadership Society. She looks forward to welcoming our Leadership Society members at the special functions planned to recognize the role of leadership donors in helping CHA continue to move forward as an exceptional educational community. Suzette is a CHA trustee, a member of the Educational Policies Committee and the Design Committee for the Building the Future Campaign. She and her husband, Peter, have two sons: George, who just graduated from CHA this past spring, and Jamie, who will be entering 10th grade this fall, and a daughter, Louise, who will be a senior at Springside this fall. We welcome Suzette’s assuming the leadership position so ably filled by Lisa and Ken and look forward to working with her on new ideas of how to build our leadership group and celebrate the generosity and commitment to Chestnut Hill Academy that each member represents.

Dr. Parker M. Seymour

Father of Pete ’04 and Mike ’07, husband of Evelyn B. Seymour.

Listing as of August 25, 2009

Nora & Ed Bechold Ms. Cristin L. Berry Mr. & Mrs. James F. Berry Brandes Family Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Campman Mrs. Phyllis B. Carter Mrs. Margaret Conver h’09 & Mr. David Conver Kathy & Tom Davidson Dougherty Family Carol & Hank Dudek Peggy & Carmine Esposito Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Fingerman Foote Family Gilbert Family Ms. Anne A. Jenkins Mr. & Mrs. Craig N. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. John D. Jornlin Mr. Peter M. Landreth ’68

Roger Servin

Former faculty and wrestling coach.

Mr. Dominic F. Castelli ’93 Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Darlington III ’67 Edward N. Kurland Esq. Mr. Peter S. Longstreth ’62 & Mrs. Elizabeth S. Longstreth h’01 Mr. & Mrs. William D. Scheck Mr. & Mrs. Francis P. Steel, Jr. ’77

Mr Peter Longstreth ’62 & Mrs. Elizabeth S. Longstreth h’01 Ms. Maureen L. McGinty Terese Ann & Tim McGlynn Jeryl & Tim McNeilly Mr. & Mrs. James F. Mootz Mr. & Mrs. David Nepley Ocean Gate Yacht Club Mr. & Mrs. Peter S. Pelullo Sue & Rich Proko Phyllis & Bill Rebmann Ms. Jessica L. Ritchie Mr. & Mrs. Vic Roth Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Schardt Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Sciblo Ms. June K. Segal Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Spindler Mr. & Mrs. Francis P. Steel, Jr. ’77 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Tokos Mrs. Helen B. Tumulty

Truxton T. Williams ’31

Mrs. Dorothy W. Cann Mr. Peter S. Longstreth ’62 & Mrs. Elizabeth S. Longstreth h’01 Mr. & Mrs. James F. Mootz Mrs. Dorothy L. Murtha Mr. & Mrs. Francis P. Steel, Jr. ’77

Leadership Society members, from left, Suzanne Duffy, parent of Taylor ’99 and Ryan ’09, and Gene and Kathy Dorff, parents of Connor ’11 and Christian ’13, enjoy a moment at last fall’s Trustee Party.


Gifts to the Campaign Anonymous (9) Martha & Will Agate Mrs. Louise H. Allen in memory of Joseph D. Allen, Jr. ’28 Sharon & Don Antonacio Mr. Howard Appel Dr. Duffield Ashmead IV ’76 Marion and Rick Ballard ’59 Mrs. Anne W. Banse Natalie and Michael Barrist Barrist Family Foundation Barbara and John Bartlett Christie & Jim Bogrette Melen & Richard C. Boothby ’66 Mr. & Mrs. Willard S. Boothby, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Bown, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Bown Mr. Owen A. Boyer H’74 dec’d & Mrs. Jean Boyer Mrs. Elizabeth G. Bullitt in memory of Logan M. Bullitt IV ’63 Mr. & Mrs. Logan M. Bullitt V ’90 Annabelle & Douglas Canning Mary & Joe Cardona Mr. Joseph L. Castle II ’50 dec’d & Mrs. Sally W. Castle CHA Parents Association Cynthia & Morris Cheston ’55 Elsie & Eugene Cheston ’52 Class of 2007 Mr. & Mrs. Isaac H. Clothier IV ’49 Connelly Foundation Peggy h’09 & David Conver Chris & Jim Cowperthwait ’55 JESSIE B. COXE CHARITABLE LEAD TRUST Dr. Richard Cutler & Dr. Susan Leoni Mr & Mrs. Richard C. Dale, Jr. ’66 Mr. Murray Dalziel & Mrs. Elizabeth Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Francois de Saint Phalle ’64 Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Dickey, Jr. ’36 Diane and John Drinker Suzanne and Thomas Duffy Mr. John D. Ehinger ’86 & Ms. Jane M. Bonenberger Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Ferraro Mr. Ronald G. Ferrell Ms. Janine Fields Michael & Dina Fink Mr. & Mrs. Brendan K. Flatow ’94 The Thomas T. Fleming Family Fortis Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan W. Frank ’69 Mr. & Mrs. David A. Gansky Aileen & Colin Gardner GE Foundation Lisa M. Gemmill h’07 Louise & William George Mr. & Mrs. Andrew D. Glendinning ’82 Matthew R. Goetting Dr. Scott M. Goldman & Dr. Maryalice Cheney Mr. William A. Good & Ms. Lulu Laubenstein The Greenberg Family Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Greenwood, Jr. ’68 Edna and Monroe C. Gutman Foundation Mr. Marc S. Haber ’73 Mr. & Mrs. Norman T. Halpin Mr. & Mrs. Allen Harberg Estate of Ruth Hardin John Hass ’12 Robert Hass ’16 Mr. Henry F. Harris ’47 dec’d & Mrs. Henry F. Harris Mr. & Mrs. Philip D. Harrison ’85 Ms. Stephanie E. Hauser Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Hayne Suzette & Peter Hearn Susan & Michael C. Hill ’80 Lynn & Tony Hitschler ’56 Mrs. Charles Hodge IV Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Hogan III ’65 Mr. William M. Hollenback ’36 dec’d Mr. Pemberton Hutchinson Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. C. Jacoby Holly & William D. James ’87 Frances & Michael Jones Daniel J. Keating Company

Courtney & Steve Kapp Mr. & Mrs. Vahan Karian Nancy P. & John G. Kolb, Jr. ’58 Jane & Leonard Korman Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Landreth ’66 Theresa P. & Vincent A. LaRuffa Mr. Edward Lavino ’45 & Mrs. Pamela Lavino Mr. & Mrs. David S. Leach ’84 Mr. Robert W. Lees Dr. & Mrs. G. Michael Lemole, Jr. ’87 Dr. & Mrs. Gerald M. Lemole Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Levin Mr. & Mrs. David Lloyd ’62 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Lloyd ’58 Mrs. Anne C. Longstreth Betsy Longstreth h’01 & Peter Longstreth ’62 Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Lukens Mr. & Mrs. Andrew M. Madeira ’75 Mr. Robert Magliano h’06 James J. Maguire, Jr. ’78 Debbie and Jordie Maine, Jr. ’79 Diane K. & S. Edward Manwaring David & Kathleen Mastrangelo Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. McDevitt III ’93 Ellice McDonald, Jr. ’32 & Mrs. Rosa L. McDonald dec’d James S. McDonnell Family Foundation Evie & John McNiff Merck Company Foundation Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation Mr. Bryan A. Merryman ’80 Cindy & Arthur Miller Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence S. Miller ’71 Mr. & Mrs. Stanton B. Miller Dr. & Mrs. Stanton B. Miller ’74 Mr. & Mrs. Steven F. Miller ’75 Mr. Michael T. Millington ’72 Patti & Jim Mootz Mr. & Mrs. David B. Morse Susan & Jerome Mulhern Linda & Richard O’Brien Tina & Richard Ochroch Mr. & Mrs. Henry F. O’Reilly III Drs. Steven K. ’63 & Dale G. Orman Matthew C. Paul ’94 & Dr. Christina Smith Paul Carol & Nicholas B. Paumgarten ’63 Mrs. Anita Pearson Mrs. Anne C. Pearson Mrs. Corning Pearson dec’d Mrs. Margaret N. Pearson Mrs. Marian C. Pearson Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Peck ’70 Dr. Steven Peikin & Lori Snodgrass Mr. & Mrs. Peter S. Pelullo Debra and Jim Perloff ’67 Sarah & George Phocas Ginny & James A. Purviance ’50 Dr. & Mrs. Peter Randall Sharon & Scott Rankin Mr. & Mrs. Andrew K. Rooke Sarah B. & Edward C. Rorer ’61 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Sadtler ’58 Susan & Michael Schurr Mr. & Mrs. John W. Sheble The Sheppard Family Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Sheppard II Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Schurr Mr. & Mrs. Winston C. Sheppard ’33 Donald A. Sivick, Jr. & Kimberly A. Sivick Miles V. Smith ’83 Mr. Richard C. Smith, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Smith, Jr. ’78 Mr. Spencer R. Smith III ’01 Mr. Boyd L. Spahr III ’58 and Mrs. Sandra Spahr dec’d Mr. I. Tatnall Starr ’57 dec’d & Mrs. Mary D. Starr Betsy & Frank Steel ’77 Mrs. Francis P. Steel dec’d Mrs. Margaret Wright Steele Mr. & Mrs. Newbold Strong ’47 Mr. & Mrs. Clifford H. Swain ’59 Mr. & Mrs. James M. Talbot II h’81


Mr. Henry C. Tatnall, Jr. ’48 dec’d Mrs. Elizabeth T. Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Lane Taylor, Jr. ’60 The Taylor Family David V. N. Taylor The Edward E. Ford Foundation Mr. & Mrs. William M. Thompson Frank L. Thomson h’87 Sue & Jim Toomey Turner Construction Company Mr. Eric J. Vacca, Jr. VALLEY GREEN BANK Verizon Mellen & Brian J. Vogt Warwick Foundation of Bucks County requested by Elizabeth H. Gemmill Weiss Design Group, Inc. Dr. Andrew T. Weller Alice & J. Bruce Whelihan ’60 Mr. & Mrs. William M. Whetzel The Rev. Andrew J. White & Mrs. Miriam White h’95 Mahela & John S. Wolf ’66 Mr. Evan M. Wolfe Dr. & Mrs. Jonathan T. Wolfe Mrs. Charles H. Woodward Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Z. Wurts ’58 Mr. Robert Venturi & Mrs. Denise Scott Brown Dr. & Mrs. Shuin-Lin Yang Mr. & Mrs. Anthony M. Zane ’48

Above: On a cold January day, the whole school turned out to welcome the newest addition to campus, The Rorer Center for Science and Technology. The students got into the “green” spirit of the day by assembling a string of recycled materials for the official ribbon cutting that encircled the building. Below: The east face of the building in early spring. Bottom: A view of the gardens from the southwest.

Class Notes 1930s 1934 Stu Heist writes, “Unhappily for me, fly fishing for trout and salmon are out. Also flower and vegetable gardening. My 92 year old knees have said no to my life, but I am still happy! Especially since I was born and raised in Blue Bell and I am still there.” Jack Holton sent in a note saying “I visited Stu Heist the weekend of class of ‘34’s Reunion. He is well and active taking care of his condo. Sadly, George Brakeley died May 1, 2009 in Florida.”

1940s 1941 Bill Pilling writes, “During my tenure at CHA from 1930 through 1941, I believe a rather significant event occurred in 1940 with the production of the play “Spring Dance” by Philip Barry. The play was produced and directed by David Eichler, Senior English Instructor. What made this event significant was that the cast included seven girls – four from Springside and three from Agnes Irwin. Coeducational private schools as well as coeducational school events were virtually unheard of in 1940 and David Eichler deserves a great deal of credit for his visionary foresight. The four girls from Springside were Sally Strong, Heather Rosenbaum, Anne Garnett, and Annette Riley. The three Irwin girls were Vidal Starr, Helen Holt, and Nancy Duer. The six boys from CHA were Bryce Blynn (sophomore), Gordon Allan and Bill Pilling (juniors), and Ted Zimmermann, Jerry Sullivan, and Isaac Starr (seniors).”

1948 Howard Gowen writes, “My wife, Sheila, and I have been well and I hope all of our classmates also have had a fine year, despite all of the vagaries of the financial markets.”

1950s 1959 Lee Rodgers writes, “I am retired and enjoying my grandchildren. My son John, CHA Class of 1986, has a five year-old son, Ben, and my daughter, Mimi, has twin girls, Taylor and Ella, 18 months.”

1957 Richard Wenzel, M.D. was recently quoted in ‘The New York Times’ concerning his research on the swine flu pandemic. Richard is the chairman of the department of internal medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA and during the 2009 winter season in the Southern Hemisphere, he studied the swine flu virus’s activity in the United States, Mexico, and four South American countries. He observed cases, advised on control measures, and critiqued their data. Richard, a former president of the International Society for Infectious Diseases, said he had observed a broad spectrum of illness: people who experienced few or no symptoms to those who rapidly developed complications and died. An odd but vitally important feature of the new virus that he noted is the lack of fever in a significant proportion of documented cases, although fever is part of standard influenza. Without fever the spread of the virus could be enormously affected, through lack of accurate diagnosis, the underestimating of cases, and the limits on the usefulness of thermal scans to identify people who carry the virus. Epidemiolo-

gists stress the need for rigorous methodology to produce the solid data that is crucial in planning for the return of the virus to the U.S. and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere in the fall.

from across the country to pick up where they left off 40 years ago. Eighteen musicians and singers crowded the stage at the Conkey Center for a reunion concert. Two and a half days of practice and a lifetime of experience. One weekend, one band, one moment. One opportunity to play the music that defined them.”

1960s 1961


Frank Leister writes, “My son Eric is now a Wealth Management expert with Morgan Stanley in Atlanta, GA.; son Chip is the owner of EOA Consulting, Inc., a national medical resources recruitment firm in Roswell, GA.; and daughter Jessica is a Realtor and School Teacher in Pawleys Island, GA. I have four grandchildren in Atlanta, three boys and a girl, all born between 2006 and 2008. Me, I’m 35 years a professional numismatist and paper money dealer. In 2007 I moved out of Florida after 48 years there and now live in Harrison, TN, and can wear pants!”

1970 Bill Hall had a longstanding dream - to reunite his CHA music buddies and recapture the magic of playing together one more time. He accomplished that dream and then some on Memorial Day Weekend, with CHA alumni coming from all over the country to rock it out on the Conkey stage once again. The former local band players practiced the music before joining together for two days of rehearsals and sound checks and then wowed the capacity crowd for an amazing day and evening concert. Rug writes, “I want to thank CHA for allowing us to use the Rec and the school employees, who were all great. Participant musicians were: Porter Shimer ’67, Henry Disston ’67, Lee Conrad ’67, Sam Scott ’68, Tom Trapnell ’68, Paul Klinefelter ’69, Carl Norris ’69, Steve Pearson ’69, Rob Pilling ’69, Charlie Thompson ’69, Jay Emlen ’70, Bill Hall ’70, David Lindy ’70, Barry Shannon ’70, Tom Stone ’70, Leslie Hall Matkosky SS ’71, Jim Disston ’73, and Steve Hyson h’04. Rick Bauder ‘73 supplied the sound equipment. It’s a weekend I will cherish forever.” For those who missed it, Bill, and co-organizer Carl Norris, are planning a repeat next year.

1965 Steve Kampmann’s new film Buzzkill, which he directed, was screened at the 62nd Cannes Film Festival – one of the world’s oldest, most influential and prestigious film festivals, held each May at the Palais des Festivals et des Congres, Cannes, France. Pictured below: Steve, left, with Buzzkill’s lead actor, Daniel Raymont, at Cannes. Luke Lohmeyer writes, “I’ve just completed my twentieth year teaching at the United Nations International School, in Manhattan. I still have the travel bug, acquired while teaching in Iran in the ‘70’s and Japan in the ‘80’s. Recent trips include attending conferences in Berlin and Prague, and enjoying vacations in Argentina, Costa Rica, Egypt, and England.”

1966 Chas Landreth recently received a note from Sandy Brown reporting the bad news that he was diagnosed in June with ALS. Sandy added, “I miss you and all of my former classmates very much. You take care and most of all, be well.”

Pictured above, from l to r: David Lindy ’70, Lee Conrad ’67, and Charlie Thompson ’69. Rocking out, above, l to r: Hall, Conrad, Sam Scott ’68, Lindy, and Tom Trapnell ’68.

1969 Carl Norris, who along with Bill Hall ’70, organized the fabulous Memorial Day Weekend Alumni Lollapalooza Concert, wrote in to thank CHA for the use of the Conkey Center and added this schoolboy remembrance. “I had a lot of interaction with Mr. Conkey during my years at CHA, and am certain that, as with Leonard Bernstein’s comments about the Beatles, Al would have approved of, and respected, our efforts, if not exactly his preferred genre. I used to sneak into his office and play his cherished harpsichord. One day he caught me playing the Mozart Sonata in C at lightning speed, and rather than chastise me for defaming this very popular piece, he said, ‘Well, Mr. Norris, looks like you’re ready for Liszt.’ He was wrong, but I appreciated the encouragement.” Carl, the director of Head & Neck Surgery at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, and Rug, are planning a repeat band concert for Memorial Day weekend 2010.

Andrew Simon had an amazing ‘small world’ moment this past winter. “I was skiing in Beaver Creek, Colorado with my family and happened to take a day off to go cross country skiing for a change. It had just snowed something like 40 inches and was all fresh snow with virtually nobody around - natural beauty in all its purest form. I was the only one signed up with the instructor/guide, so I had him all to myself. After chatting we realized we had CHA in common. It turns out that my guide was alumnus Alex Spaeth, class of 1986. He had never had a CHAer randomly in his class before. We spent a beautiful afternoon together and Alex would have made Perot Walker proud. In addition to being a master of cross country, he knew everything to be known about the local fauna – each tree, bush, bird, and insect. Although we did not attend CHA at the same time, we reminisced about growing up there and specifically our 6th grade year with Mr. Walker, a remarkable teacher who was still affecting our lives.”

Ross Pilling’s wife, Karen, covered the Memorial Day Weekend CHA Alumni Lollapalooza Concert, at which Ross played in the band. An excerpt: “In automobiles, planes, and on foot, the boys of CHA, now doctors, teachers, managers, musicians, plumbers, and businessmen, came


1973 Rick Bauder writes, “After a successful 35th reunion followed by a post dinner music performance by four of the Class of 1973-myself, Hank Delacato, Dave Cantor, and Steve Killough billed as the ‘Over the Hillers’, we are now rehearsing songs for the 2013 40th party. Never too early to get a headstart.” Hank Delacato writes, “I’m enjoying watching my son Carl, 14, class of 2013, rowing for CHA’s crew team. My daughter Kingsley, 16, SS class of 2010, is thriving at Springside, dancing up a storm, and winning Science Fair prizes about environmental issues. My wife Marcie co-created a video collage about both schools which was used at the Common Ground fundraiser, raising money for common use fields and courts. Every third Thursday, I gather with our ’73 classmates Rick Bauder, Dave Cantor, and Steve Killough to play guitars and sing.”

1978 Renato Rabbi-Baldi writes, “I am pleased to let you know that I have been appointed judge of the Federal Chamber of Appeals of Salta, Argentina, and have therefore left my work as law clerk of the Argentinean Supreme Court. The president of the Supreme Court of Justice will administer the judicial oath to me on Friday, August 14th, at noon. A new period of my life begins, with many new responsibilities. I am very happy about it but also a bit nervous. My wife, Denise, who was delighted to accompany me to the 2008 CHA Reunion, is also facing changes. She has a new job in Salta, also with the judicial power, but much more importantly, she is now awaiting the birth of our second child early in the new year. Our son, Ingaki, is one and a half-years old, and was the first we told of the new baby. We are all delighted about the family growing bigger. Warm regards to you all and here are two pictures taken in June, just to keep in touch”

1979 Joe Castle and his wife, Michelle, traveled from Idaho in May for Joe’s 30th Reunion. “Thank you for a great school, great faculty, great friends, and a great Reunion.” John Harris and his wife, Monica, welcomed their daughter Hadley Posse Harris on April 11, 2009. All our best wishes!

1980s 1986 Darryl Harper sent in this note. “Greetings from Richmond, VA! I will be spending the better part of the summer season recording a bunch of music from the past few years, some for the duo, some for the trio, and some for an upcoming octet album. Also, the documentary film on anthropologist Melville Herskovitts, whose score I co-composed with Xavier Davis, is moving around the country at several film festivals and won best documentary at the Hollywood Black Film Festival in June. Please check the website ( for pictures, video, music, and the latest news, and check us out on Facebook and MySpace. Best wishes.” Darryl was awarded an Edenfred Residency Fellowship by the Terry Family Foundation and spent several weeks in residence at Edenfred, in Madison, Wisconsin this past summer, performing and recording recent works with his trio, The Onus.

Larry McKay, CEO and founder of GlacierCon SnowboardNetwork, shows his stuff on horseback when not on the back of a snowboard.

1987 Greg Golden writes, “My family and I have moved to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates so that I may open up a new office there for my law firm, Baker Botts LLP. We arrived in February and are enjoying our new life in the UAE!”

Read Goodwin and his wife Maggie welcome with joy son Read Squinch Goodwin, born March 5, 2009, 6 lbs, 11 oz. All our best wishes!

1994 Jon Bartlett and his wife, Paige, are the proud parents of son Cooper Nathaniel Bartlett, born April 14th. He joins big brothers Gavin and Brody. Jim Lee and his wife, Liz, welcomed daughter Elena Gail Lee, on June 24th. She joins big brother Michael into their very happy family.

1999 Rob Bauer was married to Jennie Sparandara on

1990s 1990 Mike Mellor and his wife, Wendy, joyously welcomed daughter, Kane Elizabeth Mellor, born on May 14th. Ellie joins brother Michael, who adores his baby sister.

1991 Austin Kelley’s byline can be found covering sports for The Wall Street Journal.

1993 David Donch writes, “My wife Jessica and I had a baby boy August 25, 2008. His name is David Gerald Donch. We are so happy and love being parents.”

May 9th at the National Constitution Center with Philadelphia Mayor, Michael Nutter, presiding. Rob is currently in graduate school at UPenn in molecular biology and Jennie works as a senior policy aide for Mayor Nutter. Pictured at the wedding, from l to r, are: Gerald Mills, Jon Dilks, Rob, Brad Latimer (Best Man), Peter Crimmins, Kayvon Nikoo. All class of ‘99, except for Brad who is Class of ‘98. Beau Martin writes, “Unfortunately, I was unable to return to the area for reunion. Since graduating from college, I completed my EdM at Harvard and have been teaching at The Kildonan School, a boarding school for children with dyslexia, and

spending my summers in Colorado at Durango Mountain Camp and School, also for children with dyslexia. This fall, I will be returning to Philadelphia and teaching English, writing, and installation art or bookmaking at the Academy in Manayunk, a relatively new school for children with learning disabilities.”

2000s 2000 Mike Brown and his partner, Elizabeth, proudly announce the birth of their first child, daughter Emerson Sue Brown. She was born on May 1st, weighing 6lbs 2oz. and measuring 19 ¼ “. Mike writes that “Mom and baby are super healthy and doing great!”

2001 Mike Schantz is in his third year at New York University’s Tisch Institute of Performing Arts Graduate Acting Program, working hard and loving every minute! He spent the summer as a member of the Chautauqua Theater Company, one of only 14 emerging professional actors selected to join internationally known guest artists in mounting the 2009 theater season at the famed Chautauqua Institution in upstate New York. The Conservatory members receive daily instruction from many of the guest artists as well as faculty made up of teachers from nationally and internationally renowned theater training programs.

2003 Gilly Lane has risen to the 75th spot in the world ranking of profession squash, making him the second highest-ranked American. To date, he has won two pro tour events, both in the Netherlands, and has moved up more that 40 places in the international rankings in under two years. Gilly was a member of the United States Team that won the gold medal in the 2008 Pan American Games in Ecuador, and this fall he will represent the U.S. at the World Men’s Team

Championships. Since the beginning of 2008, Gilly has been living and competing in Europe and training with renowned instructor Tommy Beren in Amsterdam.

2004 George Ciukurescu and JD Perry have been touring with Valencia, their melodic indie/pop rock band. Returning from a successful concert schedule in Japan, the band performed throughout the western US and in Vancouver during August. They have several records out and have signed with Columbia Records. For more information on the band and their music go to their Myspace page at

2005 Bobby Dickey was awarded “All-Ivy” honors at the University of Pennsylvania in May. Each Ivy League school nominates five men and women who played a varsity sport as well as maintained good academic standing to be “All-Ivy”. Bobby was nominated for the winter season for his squash prowess. He graduated with a double major in Economics and Psychology and is now working for the PFM Group in Philadelphia. Evan Farren earned his BS of Science in Aeronautical Engineering from the U.S. Air Force Academy in May. He was the Group 2 Honor Chairman and earned his Soaring Wings. He was a soaring instructor pilot and a spin pilot, as well as the AM-461 Commander. While at the Academy, Evan upgraded the teaching program for cadet pilots and was on the Superintendent’s list for four semesters for excellence in academic, athletic, and military achievement. He has reported to Laughlin Air Force Base in Del Rio, Texas for pilot training Jon Rosenau is attending Vermont Law School, a private law school in Royalton, VT. He is a joint J.D/Masters candidate with his J.D. concentration on Environmental Law and his Masters in Environmental Law and Policy. Jon expects to graduate in June, 2012.

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