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MOST POSITIVE NEWS: In 2017, the government provided Bs.5315 million for housing construction Maduro activated security plan


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President Nicolas Maduro activated yesterday an integral plan for justice and citizen security. The plan, known as the Great Socialist Justice Mission, involves the creation of more than 20 thou-

sand State security agents, among police officers and Bolivarian National Guard personnel. The Mission aims to fight crime and paramilitarism, explained Maduro.

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Caracas sent two notes of protest to Washington

CNN expelled from Venezuela Caracas denounced the war campaign promoted by the news network with headquarters in Atlanta.

Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez confirmed yesterday that the Venezuelan government presented two notes of protest to the United States Chargé D´Affaires in Caracas. The Foreign Ministry protested over the unilateral and extraterritorial measure issued by the United States Treasury Department, who accused the Venezuelan Vice President, Tareck El Aissami, of international drug trafficking. Venezuela demanded respect from the U.S. Embassy in Caracas, after that institution spread accusations against Vice President El Aissami. Rodriguez reiterated complaints against the U.S. Chargé D´Affairs in Caracas, for being directly involved with political factors of the Venezuelan extreme right wing. ALERT

CNN boosts in Venezuela same script used in Iraq

►To ► attack Venezuela, CNN used a ►CNN ► goes off the air for disrupting witness who is wanted on charges the peace and democratic stability of sexual harassment. of Venezuela.


he National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) ordered yesterday the suspension of CNN in Spanish from Venezuela. The measure entered into force immediately, according to the statement issued to the media in the country. The Conatel made the decision as it revealed that CNN threatens peace and the democratic stability in Venezuela. CNN, recently, involved the Venezuelan government with terrorism, presenting a

witness who worked for the Venezuelan Embassy to Bagdad. The main witness presented by CNN, to denounce alleged illegal practices in the Venezuelan foreign service, is wanted by the authorities of that country for identity theft and sexual harassment. The man, identified as Misael Lopez, usurped the identity of the Venezuelan Ambassador to Iraq, to withdraw the money from the Diplomatic Mission, denounced yesterday Foreign

Minister Delcy Rodriguez. Lopez was also accused by the family members of a local worker, who claimed to be sexually harrased by him while he served the Venezuelan government. The investigations initiated by Caracas, revealed that Lopez is directly involved with political factors of the Venezuelan extreme right wing, and served as an infiltrated agent. Caracas described CNN En Español as a war base.

Foreign Minister, Delcy Rodriguez, denounced yesterday a series of media aggressions and a dangerous financial blockade to drown the country´s economy. Rodriguez also alerted about national and international ultraconservative sectors who maintain a systematic boycott to prevent the supply of basic goods. The head of Foreign Affairs condemned the treatment of the information held by CNN, of the events and announced that Caracas will respond against the news network. The same script that is being used against Venezuela was also implemented in Iraq, a country invaded by the United States and which has accumulated more than one million dead people, she said.

Veracious information



CARACAS: Public Prosecutor´s office prohibited the sale and encumberment of assets

Venezuela froze Odebrecht bank accounts

INVESTIGATION: Venezuelan government requested information from Brazil, Switzerland and the United States.


razilian company Odebrecht bank accounts in Venezuela have been frozen by petition of the Public Prosecutor´s Office. The Public Prosecutor´s Office confirmed that the national authorities also decided the prohibition of sale and encumberment of the company´s movable and immovable assets. Odebrecht headquarters in Caracas were raided on Tuesday, in search of elements of criminalistic interest.

Most important fact

Venezuela´s President requested prison for the officials who have accepted bribes.

The government of Venezuela initiated a profound investigation, after proving that the Brazilian company bribed officials from several countries in the region, to obtain concessions for construction works.

President Nicolas Maduro requested prison for those who accepted bribes from Odebrecht in Venezuela. Caracas confirmed that a Venezuelan Governor received bribes from the Brazilian giant Odebrecht, but did not reveal his name. Although the government did not mention any names, the Governor of Miranda, Henrique Capriles, said that he had not signed any contract with the Brazilian company.


By: Iván Lira

Deputy´s driver was captured with drugs

The chauffer of the first Vice President of the Venezuelan Parliament, was captured yesterday with a bag full of drugs, confirmed the police. The police report stated that the man, identified as Guermis Yoel Lara Regalado, served as Deputy Freddy Guevara´s driver. A bag with 53 wrappings of marihuana, was seized from Lara Regalado, stated the minute. The police seized, during the proceeding, a vehicle, property of the National Assembly. The arrest of Guermis Yoel was produced on Tuesday at 7:00 P.M. in the municipality of Libertador. National Assembly´s First Vice President, Freddy Guevara, and main activist of party Voluntad Popular, admitted in an interview to Telesur that he consumed marihuana.


China is willing to deepen plans with Venezuela

Representative of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Geng Shuang said that the government of China has shown great interest for the strategic assosiation with Venezuela, to promote the common bilateral development. Shuang also indicated that the binational cooperation has progressed without complications and China is willing to continue strengthening the trade and political relations. Both governments signed on Monday 22 cooperation agreements for a sum of 2700 million dollars. In the last decade, Caracas and Beijing have signed 790 strategic projects, which have required more than 62 billion dollars.


US uses the DEA to attack progressive countries

The United States is violating the main principles of the international law, denounced yesterday the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Spanish initials: FANB). In a statement, the FANB said that the US “cruelly attacks Vice President Tareck El Aissami, accusing him of being involved with international drug dealing. The Ministry of Defense denounced also that the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) uses its evil structure to systematically and criminally affect progressive States and governments.


Oil prices fell slightly

Latin America United

Oil prices fell slightly on Wednesday after the U.S. reported another increase of its oil reserves, reported AFP. The barrel of WTI sold in New York, fell by 9 cents to 53.11 dollars in the contracts for delivery in March. In London, the barrel of Brent for delivery in April fell 22 cents to 55.75 dollars. Since the beginning of the year, the oil price averages in New Your between 50 and 54 dollars and according with some analysts, it stalled between those figures. Wednesday´s announcement of an increase of the U.S. reserves of crude to historical levels, was not enough for the price to fall too much.

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