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MOST POSITIVE NEWS: Government to build 12 sports facilities for Bolivarian Games

Bolivarian Militia to the street-


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More than 234 thousand members of the National Bolivarian Militia will be activated on Sunday to guarantee order and security during elections, the Venezuelan government confirmed. The National Bolivarian Militia will attend logistical

issues fundamentally in the 14 thousand electoral centers to be enabled for elections. For operations the militia will depend on the Strategic Operations Command under guidelines of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces.

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Arrest warrants issued for owners of Kellogs Venezuela

Maximum Security

President Nicolas Maduro ordered the arrest of the owners of the company Kellogs in Venezuela on Tuesday after Mexican investors decided to close the company and leave the country. Maduro explained that the unilateral shut down is not constitutional and ordered the company to stay productive in the hands of workers. Part of the government’s executive branch arrived to Kellogs offices located in Maracay and proceeded with the legal takeover of the company which reinitiated operations. Maduro said he will request the international arrest of previous owners through the activation of Interpol’s red notice. The workers received legal support to proceed against previous owners, whose whereabouts are unknown. DEMOCRACY

Electoral experts arrive in the country today

National Government announced special security mechanism in 55 Municipalities and 231 Districts in the country for elections ►The ► Bolivarian Armed Forces will ►50 ► Municipalities and 231 Districts assume control of police forces. will be specially safeguarded on Sunday.


Bolivarian Armed Forces will assume control of all police forces in the country to guarantee security during this Sunday’s electoral process. Interior Minister Nestor Luis Reverol, confirmed on Tuesday the approval of the resolution which provides the National Bolivarian Armed Forces the control of the police. The Armed Forces will

assume the direction supervision and operational control before, during and after Sunday’s elections when Venezuelans will choose the President. Reverol said that more than 2 thousand special security zones were created and will be monitored through a National operations center. These zones were established around the more than 14 thousand electoral

centers which will be activated for Legislative and Presidential elections. The Minister also informed that they will activate a special security device in 50 of the 335 municipalities of the country for Sunday’s elections. Reverol added that the special security device will include 231 districts of the 1,136 existent in Venezuela, but he did not specify the municipalities.

The National Electoral Council confirmed that electoral experts will start to arrive in Venezuela on Wednesday to observe elections which will take place on Sunday. The Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation will be one of the main organisms to watch Presidential and Legislative elections in Venezuela. President of the National Electoral Council, Tibisay Lucena, stated that the majority of countries in the world will respect this Sunday’s results. These will be the 24th elections to be held in Venezuela since 1998 and the fourth to be called in the las 10 months.

Chávez Vive! Australia 16.05.2018  
Chávez Vive! Australia 16.05.2018