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MOST POSITIVE NEWS: Bolivarian Ports achieves plan with American Association of Port Authorities

Maduro leads polls


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Pollster Hinterlaces’ recent study, published yesterday, revealed that President Nicolas Maduro has 52% voter’s intention in his favor. Conservative candidate, Henri Falcon, is in second place

with 22%, according to the same study. The study included a sample of 1.580 direct telephone interviews in homes to men and women over 18 years, between the 6th and 21st of March.

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Maduro and Evo met in Caracas

Changes in PDVSA

Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, and his Bolivian counterpart, Evo Morales, held an encounter on Sunday in Caracas. Morales arrived at the Venezuelan capital after his participation in the Summit of the Americas that ended on Saturday in Peru, without any conclusions. Local press informed these and Bolivia’s Heads of State talked for more than an hour about regional issues. In an encounter with the press, Morales regretted that in Peru various governments were opposed to Presidential elections to be hel in Venezuela on the 20th of May. After the results in Peru, Nicolas Maduro stated that the Summit of the America’s has come to an end because it had no conclusions no proposals or decisions. DECREE

PDVSA personnel must return to Venezuela

Venezuela restructures norms and procedures for oil industry in order to raise production ►Venezuela ► presented complete energy ►Complete ► Plan will be in effect until plan to companies from France, Russia, December but can be extended for a China, Norway and US. year.

V enezuela

presented a complete plan for restructuring its oil industry to business representatives from France, Norway, China, Russia and the United States. Venezuelan oil authorities met with France’s Total, Norway’s Statoil, US’s Chevron, China’s CNPC and Russia’s Rosneft. Venezuela informed its partners that it will pro-

ceed with the purchase acquisition and execution of projects through the direct procurement method. All maintenance services, systems, equipment, devices and infrastructure operations will be concreted under direct procurement. The plan came into effect last Friday and will be active until December but can be extended for another year in case na-

tional authorities consider it necessary. The Venezuelan government admitted that internal and external aggressions against the national oil industry have reduced PDVSA’s commercial relations and investment capacities. Under this context a transitory decree has been approved to adjust functioning of PDVSA and its affiliate companies to a new work dynamic.

The Venezuelan government published a decree ordering the return of all PDVSA’s personnel outside the country to fulfill functions in the company. PDVSA’s professional, specialized, technical, administrative and laborer staff on international secondment must return to their posts in Venezuela. The order also includes PDVSA’s staff on secondment inside the country, as can be read in the text published in the Official Journal. The Venezuelan government activated a comprehensive plan to raise the country’s oil industry production, currently under 2 million barrels a day. Venezuela seeks to improve efficiency figures for the oil industry and accommodate its norms to world oil market specifications.

Chávez Vive! Australia 16.04.2018  
Chávez Vive! Australia 16.04.2018