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MOST POSITIVE NEWS: Venezuela and India reinforce projects and oil investments

Mayority wants to vote in May


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A study published on Sunday by pollster Hinterlaces, revelaed that 58% of Venezuelans are willing to vote in Presidential elections to be held on May 20th. Hinterlaces indicated that, of this percentage 55% of polled persons

responded they would vote for Maduro and 39% for an opposition candidate. The study, which included 1580 interviews, was made in Venezuelan homes from the 15 to 28th of February.

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Petro: Purchase intent rises to $5 billion

Finance in Petros

An equivalent to 5 billion dollars has been the result of the pre purchase phase of the Petro, the Venezuelan cryptocurrency issued on the 20th of February, Caracas informed. Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, explained on Sunday that purchase intention for the Petro has caused discomfort in economic powers. The Venezuelan government informed when the cryptoactive was emitted, that the first pre purchase phase for the Petro ends on the 20th of March. They confirmed that they have received more than 185 thousand offers, from economic sectors from 127 countries. It is planned for the secondary market to acquire Petros in Bolivares after the pre purchase phase. SUMMIT OF THE AMERICAS-

Venezuela excluded from preliminary meeting

Venezuelan government to finance regional projects in Petros to promote solar energy. ►Chancellor ► Jorge Arreaza confirmed ►The ► Petro is backed by more than 5 the investment at the Solar Alliance billion oil barrels. Summit in New Delhi.

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Venezuelan government confirmed on Sunday, in India, that it is preparing to finance regional projects to promote the use of solar energy. Venezuelan Chancellor, Jorge Arreaza, explained that the projects will be financed with Petros, the Venezuelan cryptocurrency issued last 20th of February. The projects will be financed for member coun-

tries of PetroCaribe, a multilateral block founded in 2005 with the participation of 17 Latin Caribbean States members. Arreaza confirmed the announcement in New Delhi, where the International Solar Alliance Summit took place, with the participation of 121 countries. The Chancellor expressed “Today we gave a great announcement in New Delhi, through Pe-

trocaribe, President Nicolas Maduro has launched a financing initiative for solar energy projects with Petros, Venezuelas virtual currency”. The Petro is backed by more than 5 billion oil barrels that Venezuela possesses in the Orinoco Oil Belt, an area certified with more than 300 billion oil barrels.

Venezuela’s representative in the preliminary meetings for the Summit of the Americas, was excluded unilaterally from conversations held this weekend, Antigua and Barbuda confirmed. The Ambassador for Antigua and Barbuda before the Organization of American States, Ronald Sander, informed that the exclusion was done even though Venezuela had fully participated in the first preliminary meeting. The exclusion was described by Antigua and Barbuda as unilateral and unacceptable, apart from dangerous because in the future, in host country could exclude any member State from a Summit or Assembly. The Summit of the Americas will take place between the 13th and 14th of April.

Chávez Vive! Australia 12.03.2018  
Chávez Vive! Australia 12.03.2018