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MOST POSITIVE NEWS: All is set for Presidential and Legislative elections in Venezuela Electoral Council rejects Canadian measure


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The National Electoral Council rejected on Thursday the decision taken by Canada to obstruct the installation of voting tables in Venezuelan consulates in that country. The measure was considered by the Ve-

nezuelan government as unilateral and in violation of international law, alerting that 6 thousand Venezuelans registered in the Electoral Registry risk not being able to vote.

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Actor Danny Glover advocated respect for May 20th results

The World is Watching

Renowned Hollywood actor, Danny Glover, urged on Thursday not to interfere in Venezuela’s internal issues and to let the citizens of this country vote in peace. Glover, lead actor of the saga Lethal Weapon, broadcast a 2 minute video asking no to hinder the search for peaceful solutions and of collective benefit to the South American Nation. The US actor said he respected different opinions but he called to recognize the will of Venezuelans who will vote in this SUnday’s elections. Glover recalled the thorough job of the Venezuelan National Electoral Council which has been recognized as fair and secure by international observers experts in the area. DEMOCRACY

110 thousand citizens will vote abroad

150 international experts will observe Venezuelan elections on Sunday

►On ► Friday 34,243 voting tables ►International ► Observers Mission will be installed to be activated for was installed on Thursday. Sunday’s elections.

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National Electoral Council informed that more than 150 electoral experts were accredited as international observers for Presidential and Legislative elections to be held in Venezuela on Sunday. Tibisay Lucena, President of the National Electoral Council, installed in Caracas, the International Mission that

will accompany the whole electoral process. Electoral experts will be deployed throughout the national territory to attend the most electoral centers as possible of the 14 thousand that will be enabled during the elections. More than 20.5 million Venezuelans are called to choose the President and a similar figure will choose members of re-

gional and municipal legislative councils. These will be the 24th elections since 1998 and the fourth held in the last 10 months in Venezuela. The National Electoral Council confirmed on Friday that 34 thousand 243 electoral voting tables will be installed for Venezuelans to vote.

Nearly 110 thousand Venezuelans outside their country are enabled to vote this Sunday in Presidential elections, the National Electoral Council informed. Venezuelan electoral authorities and this countries Chancellery informed that 276 voting tables will be activated in accredited consulates and embassies. The voting tables outside the country will be installed on Friday with presence of independent witnesses and complying all logistical and security protocols established by the Venezuelan legal framework. Authorities informed that just like in Venezuela, the only requisite to vote outside the country is to present the identity card.

Chávez Vive! Australia 18.05 2018  
Chávez Vive! Australia 18.05 2018