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MOST POSITIVE NEWS: Venezuela explores bilateral cooperation areas with Burkina Faso and Senegal

Venezuela present in Istambul


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A Venezuelan High Commission participates in the Global Entrepreneurship Congress underway in Istanbul. The event has a participation of entrepreneurs from 160 countries and ends

tomorrow in the Turkish city. The Global Entrepreneurship Congress gathers, businessmen, investors, investigators, politicians and world leaders.

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UN Won’t Observe

UN will not send mission to observe Presidential and Legislative elections in Venezuela

► ► UN’s Secretar y General ► ► National Electoral Council places his political position initiates world tour to inform above Venezuela’s interests. about Venezuela’s elections.


National Electoral Council confirmed on Monday that the United Nations will not send observers to Presidential and Legislative elections to be held on the 20th of May in Venezuela. The information was confirmed by the Electoral Council’s President Tibisay

Lucena, from Tunisia, where she initiated a world tour to inform about Venezuela’s electoral process. Lucena believes the absence of the United Nations in Venezuela’s elections is due to Secretary General’s Antonio Guterres, political position. Lucena exposed before

European, African and Arab media that Guterres has no reason to boycott Venezuela’s elections. The President of the Electoral power initiated an information tour on Monday through various European and African countries, the Venezuelan Chancellery confirmed


African Union formally invited

Venezuela formally reiterated the invitation to the African Union to send an observing mission to participate in the 20th of May Presidential elections. The Venezuelan Chancellery informed that Vice Chancellor, Yuri Pimentel met with Senegal’s Chancellor, Sidika Kaba, to specify the invitation made by the National Electoral Council to the African Union. Pimentel and Kaba talked about the elections, where 20.5 million Venezuelans are called to vote. On that day Venezuelans will also choose members of Municipal and State Legislative Councils. Caracas informed that on Monday one of the 14 audit processes of the electoral system was accomplished.


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ALERT: Washington increases presence on the Colombia-Venezuela border.

US has destined more than $50 million against Venezuela

INTERVENTION: More than 300 NGO’s operate in Venezuela with financing from the US.


United States has approved more than 50 million dollars to finance multiple agencies operating in Venezuela’s frontier with Colombia. The United Nations Refugee Agency, UNHCR, confirmed that Washington delivered more than 35.5 million dollars for multiple activities in the frontier. Last Thursday US Vi-

Brazil doesn’t expect to close frontier with Venezuela

Brazil’s Security Minister, Raul Jungmann, affirmed that there are no reasons to close the frontier with Venezuela as was solicited by Roraima’s authorities. Jungmann declared to Brazilian News that the frontier cannot be closed and thus break a diplomatic and humanitarian tradition. The Government of Roraima State requested The Supreme Court temporary closing of Venezuela’s frontier, claiming an outpouring of public services due to arrival of Venezuelans. Jungmann qualified the situation in Roraima as serious but insisted on the absence of reasons to close the frontier, a measure he defined as radical. Brazil’s Security Minister added that closing the frontier is an attribution for the President of the Republic not the Supreme Court. Brasil duplicated military presence in Roraima, a similar measure to the one taken by Colombia at the North of Santander. Venezuela has denounced that these countries are part of an international complot against Nicolas Maduro.

Pence made the announcement after meeting in Peru with various VenezueUS finances military mobilizalan political factors opposed tion in Venezuela’s frontier with to Nicolas Maduro, incluColombia and Brazil. ding parliamentarian Julio Borges. Colombian troops have been mobilized to the frontier with Venezuela and in ce-president, Mike Pence Brazil similar tasks were disposed another 16 million made by duplicating military JUSTICE dollars to attend frontier ispresence in Roraima. 20 Public sues.

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Venezuelan church could receive funds from the US

Local press reported that US Senator Marco Rubio, suggested financing operations in Venezuela through this country’s Catholic Church. Republican Senator for Florida State, Marco Rubio, said that financing for these operations must not be mixed with political actions. Rubio mentioned that economic resources could also be delivered through United Nations offices or Non-Governmental Organizations. US Vicepresident, Mike Pence, confirmed that the US approved on Thursday 16 million dollars to finance operations in Venezuela’s frontier. The US has sent more than 50 million dollars to cover operation costs in the frontier for various agencies and for the Colombian government.


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Attorneys detained for corruption

Attorney General, Tareck William Saab indicated on Monday that twenty public attorneys have been detained in Venezuela for corruption. Venezuelan authorities confirmed the detention of ex attorney, Saida Josefina Farfán Acosta, of the district attorney’s office in Bolivar State and ex attorney for Strategic Materials, QuQu del Valle Quintana Rojas. The women were detained for allegedly selling medicines, food and strategic materials that were under supervision of the Attorney’s General Office. Farfán Acosta and Quintana Rojas will be presented before the court to be accused for corruption crimes, intentional embezzlement of public property, and criminal association.

Chávez Vive! Australia 17.04.2018  
Chávez Vive! Australia 17.04.2018