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MOST POSITIVE NEWS: Venezuela announced participation in the Venice Bienniale in spite of economic blockade

Script for violence announced


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Radical sectors in Venezuela called to protest in the streets of the country as of this Wednesday, to oppose elections to be held on Sunday. A spokesperson for political organization First Justice said on

Monday that they are preparing protests in all the cities of the country. According to conservative activist, Tomas Guanipa, in Caracas they will march to the office of the Organization of American States.

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Observers arrive on Thursday

All set for the 20th

Electoral materials begin to be deployed on Tuesday to more than 14 thousand electoral centers ►► These will be the 24th elec- ►In ► the last 10 months 4 elections tions to be held in Venezuela have been developed including this since 1998. Sunday’s.

T he National Electoral

Council informed that the electoral materials will be deployed on Tuesday and Wednesday throughout the 14 thousand electoral centers activated for Sunday’s elections. The Electoral power also confirmed that voting tables will be insta-

lled on Friday as was established in the electoral schedule. The President of the Electoral Power, Tibisay Lucena, reaffirmed that the campaign will end at midnight on Thursday May 17th, and from this day on meetings and public rallies are forbidden. Lucena informed that

the accreditation process for witnesses has a low registry figure in comparison with other elections. Venezuelans are preparing to participate in the 24th elections sin 1998 and the fourth elections in the last 10 months.

The National Electoral Council confirmed that the International missions that will observe Presidential and Legislative Elections on May 20th will be installed in Venezuela on Thursday. President of the National Electoral Council, Tibisay Lucena, stated that electoral experts from various countries will arrive to Venezuela. Lucena affirmed that organisms from many parts of the world, such as the European Parliament Deputies, Latin American Parliaments, Journalists, intellectuals and academics will be arriving in Venezuela The National Electoral Council also confirmed the participation of the Latin American Electoral Experts Council which was invited to the audits of the automated system. POSITION

Catholic Church doesn’t want elections in Venezuela

The Venezuelan Episcopal Conference disregarded on Monday the legitimacy of the National Constituent Assembly and asked, once again, to postpone this Sunday’s Presidential and Legislative elections. In a statement issued by the Episcopal Conference, they have stated that elections will be illegitimate by the agency that called them, referring to National Constituent Assembly. The catholic hierarchy rejected that elections were called on such anticipation, with advantages and political interests. The Episcopal Conference considered that the electoral campaign hasn’t has emotions, or a considerable number of followers, so it requested to postpone it for the last trimester of the year. The statement reads, we publicly request again postponing these elections for the end of this year, even though we are a few days from May 20th.

Chávez Vive! Australia 15.05.2018  
Chávez Vive! Australia 15.05.2018