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MOST POSITIVE NEWS: Government meets with private sector to reactivate pharmaceutical laboratories

Venezuela protests US’s actions


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Venezuela formally objected a meeting held in Caracas between the US’s chargé d ‘affaires, Christopher Lambert, with Chief of the Venezuelan Parliament, Omar Barboza. The protest note was

delivered on Monday in the Chancellery by Venezuelan Vice Minister of Foreign Relations for North America, Carlos Ron. Venezuela described the meeting as an interference act.

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Venezuela opens channel to receive medicines

Alliance with PAHO Venezuela announced that it will buy medicines directly to the Pan American Health Organization

►Health ► Minister, Luis Lopez, said that ►Venezuela ► will purchase oncological the country won’t use intermediates. medicines, insulin and other priority drugs.

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Venezuelan government announced on Monday that it will purchase oncological medicines, insulin and other drugs from the Pan-American Health Organization. Health Minister, Luis Lopez, declared that import of these medicines will

be done without intermediates. Lopez didn’t specify the quantity of medicines or when they will initiate these operations and how they will be distributed. The Minister explained that the agreement with the Pan-American Health Organization will help to break the blockade impo-

sed by the United States which impedes Venezuela from purchasing medicines abroad. Lopez qualified the pharmaceutical multinational companies as mobsters and announced that the Venezuelan government won’t buy medicines from them in a direct manner.

Countries that wish to send medicines to Venezuela can do it through the Pan-American Health Organization, the Venezuelan government informed on Monday Health Minister, Luis López, declared that countries interested in donating medicines to Venezuela must communicate with the Pan-American Health Organization Lopez stated through a government network of radios that the Pan-American Health Organization is the channel to regulate help to countries Lopez regretted the existence of non-governmental organizations like Doctors Without Borders that are setting up fake help to manipulate public opinion. The Venezuelan Minister explained that in Venezuela there is no humanitarian crisis, there is a complex situation due to the blockade imposed by the United States which impedes importation of basic products. ECONOMY

17 tons of gold entered the Central Bank

More than 17 tons of gold have been embedded into Venezuela’s Central Bank reserves during the last 12 months, Victor Cano, Mining Minister confirmed on Monday. Cano also informed that more than 300 agreements have been signed with small miners to boost the sector in the country. The mining industry is being relaunched in Venezuela’s western region to consolidate nickel and carbon exports, the Minister affirmed. Cano emphasized that the Venezuelan government activated a security plan to eradicate the gold mafias operating in the Orinoco Mining Arch.

Chávez Vive! Australia 12.06.2018  
Chávez Vive! Australia 12.06.2018