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MOSTPOSITIVENEWS: Venezuelans will march on Tuesday in Caracas against US aggressions

New gold sale begins today





The second lot of gold bars will go on sale on Tuesday for Venezuelans to purcgase as a savings plan promoted by the government Venezuelans don’t acquire the bar, it is an electronic

certificate equivalent to the purchase. The government siposed the sale of bars from1.5 to 2.5 grams, which can be bought in parts according to the buyers availability.

ENewspaper published by the Venezuelan Embassy in Australia / Edition 481 Year 2 / / @EmbaVenezAu / Phone: +61 2 6290 29686

Seeking Intervention The High Commisioners Office tries to set the matrix of a “humanitarian crisis” in Venezuela

►UN’s ► Office seeks a multilateral ►Chancellor ► participated in 39th intervention in Venezuela, ArreaSession of the Human Rights za warned. Council.


Chancellor, Jorge Arreaza, dennounced on Monday that the Human Rights High Commissioner’s Offcice has issued biased and selective reports which intervene in the country’s internal matters. The High Commisioners Office tries to set an idea of a “himanitarian crisis” in Ve-

nezuela, with the intention of promoting a multilateral international intervention, Arreaza warned in the UN’s Headquarters. During his intervention in the 39th Session of the Human Rights Council the Venezuelan Chamcellor demmanded a ceasure of aggressions to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Arreaza exposed that the High Commissioners Position backs a political and economic aggression and threatens with the use of military power. Venezuela warned about political actors who try to use the Human Rights issue to intervene Venezuela.


Chancellor met with UN’s Commissioner for Human Rights

Venezuelan Chancellor, Jorge Arreaza, met on Monday in Geneve with the High Commssioner for Human Rights for the Unoted Nations, Michelle Bachelet. Bachellet assumed the post in the United Nations Organism last week substituting Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein. Arreaza branded the meeting as cordial, in spite of dennouncing that this Office keeps a biased position against the political and social interests of Nicolás Maduro’s government. The Venezuelan Chancellor informed that he agreed with Bachellet to begin a new cooperation phase with new exchange and coordination methods between Venezuela and her Office. Bachelet comes from the Presidency of Chile on two opportunities.


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GENEVE: Chancellor regretted biased behaviour of the UN’s Human Rights Office

UN ignores report which assures there is no humanitarian crisis

CHANCELLOR: Jorge Arreaza emphasized an independent report made by a UN expert

T he

Venezuelan government regretted on Monday that the United Nations Human Rights Council didn’t mention the report presented by independent expert Alfred De Zayas, to address the internal situation in the country. De Zayas has issued a set of conclusions which contrast the reports emitted so far by the UN’s High Commissioners Office, Venezuelan Chancellor, Jorge Arreaza affirmed. The independent expert concluded that there isn’t

Important + fact UN expert assured that unilateral and coercive measures affect the Venezuelan economy

a humanitarian crisis but that coercitive unilatera lmeasures promoted by the US and the European Union have caused an economic crisis in the country. De Zayas emphasized in his report advances in Venezuela in the erradication of illiteracy, free

Government has repatriated 2.780 Venezuelans

The Venezuelan government specified that 2.780 Venezuelan migrants have been repatriated since a plan was activated to rescue citizens who live in vulnerable conditions overseas. Communications Minister, Jorge Rodríguez, informed that the plan was expanded and they will use several transport methods to move Venezuelan migrants from Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile and Perú. President Nicolás Maduro approved the activation a fan air bridge between Caracas and several capitals in the region, to attend the call of hundreds of Venezuelans who request to return to the country. The Venezuelan Chancellery informed that 2.200 repatriation requests have been solicited from Brazil, this represents the highest number so far. Venezuela regrets the xenophoby campaign against Venezuelans on Matin American media.

education from primary school to university and extreme poverty reduction programs. Venezuela showed concern before the Human Rights Council which did not take into account the report emitted by the UN’s independeent expert. The Human Rights High SPORTS Commissioners Office Venezuela sums a only took into account the new silver Olympic considerations emitted medal by independent expert, Livingstone Sewanyana, whicj completely differ from the conclusions of Alfred De Zayas.


Venezuela holds meetings with China and Russia

Vice President for Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, met on Monday with China’s President of the High Level Joint Comission, Minister He Lifeng. Rodríguez initiated an official visit to China, to widen and consolidate cooperation between Venezuela and the Asian giant, the Venezuelan Vicepresidency informed. Rodríguez also informed that she spoke on the telephone with Russia’s Chancellor, Serguéi Lavrov, to strenghten the excellent bilateral and international relations between Venezuela and Russia. Venezuela’s relations with both countries add up to more than a thousand bilateral projects signed, specially during the last decade.


Latin America United

Venezuelan boxing has its first olympica silver medal since 1980 Por: Iván Lira and third in history, after the Executive Committe of the International Olympic Committe announced the re assignation of the medal for the 52 kgs of Río 2016, benefiting Venezuelan Yoel Finol. The decisión was delivered by the Relations Department of the NationalOlympic Commitees after the disqualification of Russian boxer Misha Aloian, for using tuaminoheptane, a stimulant with nasal decongestant properties and vasoconstrictor. Finol fell in semi finals in Río 2016 facing the ulterior champion Zoirov, taking at that time the bronce, the first olympic medal for boxing in 32 years, since Marcelino Bolívar and Omar Catarí achieved third places in Los Angeles 84. Finol’s silver adds to the one’s from Pedro Gamarra in the welterweight ofin Montreal 76 and Bernardo Piñango in Bantamweighten category in Moscow 80.

Chávez Vive! Australia 11.09.2018  
Chávez Vive! Australia 11.09.2018