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MOSTPOSITIVENEWS: Basketball champion for profesional league to be defined on Saturday





US Defense Secretary and Pentagon Chief, James Mattis, will initiate on Sunday a tour through Latin American countries. Mattis will visit Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Colombia.

The White House declared that 2018 is the “Year of the Americas” and this tour emphazises the deep links of the Department with Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Colombia.

ENewspaper published by the Venezuelan Embassy in Australia / Edition 464 Year 2 / / @EmbaVenezAu / Phone: +61 2 6290 29686

Borges Wanted

Venezuela asked Colombia to capture and extradite deputy Julio Borges ►The ► Venezuelan Government as- ►Venezuelan ► Chancellor Jorge ked for the extradition of four peoArreaza made the formal request ple linked to the terrorist attack. in Caracas on Thursday.


hours after the terrorist acts happened. Venezuelan Chancellor, Jorge Arreaza received Colombia’s diplomatic representative, Augusto Blanco, to request the extradition of four terrorists that crossed to Colombian territory. Venezuela requested Borges was accused by the extradition of colonel one of the material authors Oswaldo Valentin Garcia of the attack, captured Palomo,as well as Gilbert Thursday the Venezuelan government formally requested Colombia, the capture and extradition of deputy Julio Borges, accused of participating in the assassination attempt against Nicolas Maduro.

Alberto Escalona Torrealba and Gregorio Jose Yaguas Monjet, two experts in explosives that prepared the drones. The Venezuelan government also requested the seizure of Mauricio Jiménez Pinzón, the Colombian migration officer who allowed the entrance of the terrorist group.


Russia asks for international capture of implicated

On Thursday Russia’s government advocated the quick seizure of all those involved in the attempt to assassinate President, Nicolas Maduro. The spokesperson for the Russian Chancellery, María Zajárova, asked for international cooperation to identify the organizers and the financing sources as well. The first investigations established links between the terrorists and politcial and financial groups in the United States and Colombia. The Venezuelan Chancellor, Jorge Arreaza, said on Thursday that several of the material authors managed to cross the frontier to Colombia. Russia rejected that Venezuelan anti government forces use criminal methods and threaten security and stability in Venezuela and the whole Latin American region.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: A set of companies were forfeited on Thursday


Government seizes properties of financers of attack

Interior Minister, Néstor Luis Reverol, indicated on Thursday that more than 25 persons are being investigated for terrorist acts commited against President Nicolas Maduro. These 25 people are part of a network with connections, inside and outside the country, related to the terrorist attack perpetrated on Saturday against the Venezuelan Head of State. Reverol reiterated that JosE Eloy Rivas Díaz and Osman Alexis Delgado Tabosky, served as the two main financers of the terrorist operation. Venezuela requested cooperation from governmens of Colombia and the United States to capture the intelectual authors and financers living in their terrotories. Until now 9 people have been detained for the terrorist acts, including deputy, Juan Requesens, who served as a logistical operator in the attack.

CARACAS: Interior Minister, Nestor Luis Reverol, confirmed seizure of properties


Venezuelan government raided and took control of various properties that the financers of the terrorist attack against President Nicolas Maduro, had in Venezuela. Interior Minister, Néstor Luis Reverol confirmed the confiscation of various clinics, apartments and a set of fake companies that belonged to Osman Alexis Delgado Tabosky.

Important + fact Companies seized belonged to Osman Alexis Delgado Tabosky, financer of the attempt to assassinate the President The raids were executed in various parts of the countyr, but maily in Carabobo state in the central región of the country where some of the companies

Minister: 25 people involved

of Delgado Tabosky operated. The plan to assassinate the President was also financed by José Eloy Rivas Díaz, owner of the shop “Stand Electronic”, who facilitated the chips for the RODRÍGUEZ electronic equipment. José Eloy Rivas Díaz is Goverment attends one of the nine detainees affected by floods presented by Venezuelan authorities.


Por: Iván Lira

Venezuela will present evidence of the attack to the UN

Venezuela will dennounce the attempt to assassinate President Nicolas Maduro before the United Nations and all the international forums. The information was offered by Chancellor Jorge Arreaza, after the meeting he held with Colombia’s Embassy representative, Augusto Blanco. “We will act in all international forums”, Arreaza declared in the state television, and added that what happened “has been very delicate and we ask for governments of the world and our people, those who support the government and those don’t to reflect on what the consequences would have been had attack been succesful” Once again the Chancellor showed his gratitude for the solidarity demonstrations and the support and rejection by goverments of the world

Latin America United

At least 5.500 people are in a refugee situation due to Caroní and Orinoco river floodings at Venezuela’s South East, Information Minister Jorge Rodríguez, informed on Thursday. Rodríguez described the situation in Bolívar and Amazonas state as complex, due toimportant rise in the levels of the rivers. The Venezuelan government established an air bridge with Amazonas state to deliver medicines and basic products to people affected, the minister confirmed in a message to the nation. The air bridge was activated by the Bolivarian Armed Forces because there is a complicated situation by maritime means, the spokesperson explained. The Minister confirmed that at least 180 severe failures have affected the main roads of Monagas, Táchira, Bolívar and Guárico, so he recommended precaution if in transit through the risk areas

Chávez Vive! Australia 10.08.2018  
Chávez Vive! Australia 10.08.2018