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MOST POSITIVE NEWS: Companies from more than 100 countries are interested in negotiating through Petros Peru’s social movements invite Maduro


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Peruvian social movements ratified an invitation to President Nicolas Maduro to participate in the VIII th Summit of the Americas to be celebrated in that country on the 13th and 14th of April, in spite of

Peru’s oligarchy rejecting the invitation. President Maduro manifested “I have received the invitation from the Peruvian people, social organizations and workers unions to be present in Lima”.

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The powerful energy companies reviewed joint projects under way in Venezuelah

►President ► of PDVSA, Manuel ►Both ► companies evaluated oil and Quevedo, met with the President gas production capacities. of ENI in America.


oil company PDVSA and the Italian company Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi (ENI) analyzed the cooperation agreements being executed in the South American Country, local media informed today. According to reports, representatives from both countries revised the oil and gas production capacities as part of the

projects they keep in Venezuelan territory. Manuel Quevedo, Oil Minister and President of PDVSA participated in the encounter along with Federico Arisi, Vice President for ENI Americas and the Director of the Company, Carmine Di Lorenzo. During the meeting, they analyzed common issues with the intention of strengthening

mutual confidence in order to boost oil and gas extraction plans. According to Venezuelan News Agency, ENI shares a gas extraction project with Spanish company Repsol and works closely with the Venezuelan oil sector through joint companies like; Petrojunin, Petrobicnetenario, Petrosucre and Petroleum Guiria.


Maduro: The Petro breaks US blockade

President Nicolás Maduro emphasized yesterday that Venezuela is moving towards a new economic development due to the impulse of the National cryptocurrency, the Petro. In a Facebook post the Head of State indicated that, of more than a thousand virtual currencies, the Petro is the only one backed by oil and other natural resources, thus giving the South American country the opportunity to become a new world economic power, He reaffirmed, nonetheless, that the government shall take the necessary measures to revert the economic, financial and commercial blockade that the US imposes on the Nation with the intention of crushing the Bolivarian Revolution. Executive Vice President Tareck El Aissami announced that the Petro will be auctioned through the Complementary Floating Market Exchange Rate System (Dicom) for the development of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda.

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CARACAS: Venezuela is preparing for the second crypto active backed by gold

Secondary market can buy Petros in Bolivares


Caracas FC advances in South American Cup

Caracas Football Club classified on Tuesday night to the second round of the South American Conmebol Cup, in spite of falling 1-0 before the Chilean Club Everton of Viña del Mar, in a game disputed in the Metropolitan Stadium of Cabudare in Lara region. After the first half without goals, the Everton relied on a header by Alvaro Madrid in the 64th minute thus going up on the marker and then started an offensive to contain the defense and the goalkeeper, Cristhian Flores. The Everton’s victory was not enough to remount the 2-1 that Caracas achieved in the going game, thanks to a remount from Jesus Arrieta in minute 75 and from Edwin Pernia on the overtime (90+1). Now the Avila “Reds” must wait to meet their rival in the ballot to be held on the 2nd of July.

ECONOMY: More than 5 billion oil barrels back the Venezuelan cryptocurrency, the Petro. tocurrency that began he Venezuelan go- Important + fact circulating on the 20th of vernment announced that Over one hundred countries February. it expects to sell Petros have showed interest in negoIn the first phase the in Bolívares in a secon- tiating through Petros. Petro reaches a value of SPORTS dary market, confirmed one barrel of oil which is Venezuela debuts on Wednesday Carlos set around $60. with Uruguay in the Vargas, Superintendent Venezuela´s cryptocu- South American of Criptoactive Activities. rrency is backed by more Vargas explained that He didn’t specify when than 5 billion barrels of those transactions would the measure will be im- crude. be processed through ex- plemented or the proce- Caracas is preparing to change bureaus in the dure for the acquisition issue another cryptoactiin Bolivares of the cryp- ve backed by gold. country.



By: Iván Lira

Electoral registry to be published on 16th of March

Sandra Oblitas Rector of the National Electoral Council reiterated that the electoral registry dates have been extended until the 10th of March in preparation for the next presidential and legislative elections to be held on the 20th of May. Oblitas stated “The final electoral registry will be published on the 16th of March”. The Rector informed that on the 18th of March people can verify their data through the organism’s web page and the audit to the electoral registry will be executed on the 19th of May. The National Electoral Council informed that candidates for Legislative state and Municipal elections will be registered between the 13th and 14th of this Month. On the 20th of May Venezuelans will elect the President and councilors for 24 regions and for 335 Municipalities.

Latin America United

A renewed women’s selection debuts on Thursday (7:15 pm Venezuelan time) facing Uruguay in the South American Under 17 Football to begin this afternoon in Argentina. Venezuela will try to revalidate the title that its predecessors achieved two years ago led by Deyna Castellano. The debut against Uruguay will be in San Juan Stadium, where the Venezuelans will seek their fourth classification of Venezuela into the World Cup of this category that will be held in Uruguay this year. The new group developed 11 modules for preparation during a year, to search for the South American Championship and the classification to the Uruguay World Cup. Venezuela occupied the fourth position in the last World edition.

Chávez Vive! Australia 08.03.2018  
Chávez Vive! Australia 08.03.2018