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MOST POSITIVE NEWS: 168 Venezuelans start preseason in Major League baseball Guatemala´s ex-president detained


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The ex-president of Guatemala, Alvaro Colom was imprisoned in an operation where nine of his ex Ministers were also detained. Colom was detained for presumption of corruption in the

acquisition of buses for urban transport system. Colom arrived into power with the political party National Unity of Hope, he was President from 2008 to 2012.

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Succesful Carnivals

Almost a third of Venezuela´s population travelled in this year´s Carnivals.

Venezuela revised housing plan with Belorussia Venezuela evaluated with a Belarussian delegation the current projects and contracts subscribed between both nations on housing matters. Alliance between Caracas and Minsk includes the construction of housing developments in Caracas, Aragua, and Barinas. Last year both nations formalized their cooperation agenda for 20182022 with emphasis on the agro industrial, food and construction sectors.

►► More than 7,3 million Vene- ►122 ► police corps were deployed Petro to be emitted zuelans travelled during the hothroughout the country to guaran- on Tuesday for presale lidays. tee security

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Venezuelan government confirmed on Tuesday a mobilization of 7 million 137 thousand people, during the Carnival holidays that ended successfully in the country. Deputy Minister of the Police Integrated System

informed that the number of travelers is much like the figure registered last year. The preliminary report revealed a decrease in road traffic deaths and deaths by drowning. 122 of the country´s police corps participated in

the security deployment, creating more than 2 thousand special security areas known in Venezuela as peace quadrants. The initial figures indicate that nearly one third of the country´s total population traveled during the Carnival holidays.

The Venezuelan government will release on Tuesday the first phase of presale for the Petro, their novel cryptocurrency. By having backup from the nation´s oil reserves the Venezuelan government and because it is the first cryptocurrency emitted by a state, the Petro is set to be one of the most secure crypto active for investors. The Petro is the only cryptocurrency that has a physical backup of over 5 billion barrels of oil.


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ANNOUNCEMENT: Chinese Company to backup assembly of technological components FRONTIER IACHR asks Bogotá for permission to operate at frontier

Venezuela will produce mining machines for cryptocurrency

ECONOMY: Venezuela will emit the first presale of the Petro the novel cryptocurrency

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Venezuelan government announced on Tuesday that they will start manufacturing components for specialized cryptocurrency mining devices. Venezolana de Industria Tecnologica and the Chinese company Inspur are making progress in the manufacture of the

Venezuela has activated an intense campaign Venezuela will manufacto promote digital mining, ture the hardware with the one of the policies that suppor t of China, the fir st is being implemented by model is the E8000 VIT the government to break COLOMBIA mining prototype. dependence on the do- Bogotá: We llar. not attack On February 20th, VeVenezuela nezuela will start the E8000 VIT Mining protopre-sale of the Petro, the type, a device that will be world´s first physically used for the expansion of backed cryptocurrency. mining power.

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By: Iván Lira

Brazil to duplicate military presence at frontier with Venezuela The government of Brazil reiterated on Monday they will double the number of military officials at the border with Venezuela. Brazil´s Minister of Defense, Raul Jungmann, informed that they will double the platoons at the borders, specifically in Boa Vista and Paracaima, in the North of Brazil. President Michel Temer visited the border state of Roraima, where a non-confirmed amount of checkpoints will be installed. Brasilia denounced an alleged exodus of Venezuelans who cause a crisis in border cities. The mobilization of Brazilian troops to the frontier with Venezuela coincides with 3 thousand military officials that the President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, sent to Cucuta located at the state of North Santander.

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights made over 70 recommendations to the government of Venezuela in a report issued on Monday in Washington. The IACHR also requested the government of Colombia authorization to visit Cucuta and observe the situation directly at the border with Venezuela. The Executive Secretary of the IACHR, Paulo Abrao, offered technical support on Monday for the government of Colombia, where 3 thousand military officials were deployed to the border. The IACHR called for member states of the OAS to activate the mechanisms of the Inter-American System with regard to Venezuela´s situation. The IACHR called for the Venezuelan State to stop evading its commitments with regards to human rights and to follow the recommendations established in the report.

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The Commander of Colombia´s Military Forces, General Alberto Mejia, denied on Tuesday that there was a plan to invade and bomb Venezuela. Mejia refuted the allegations issued by Venezuela´s Attorney General, Tareck William Saab, who warned about a military invasion and bombing in the country being planned in Colombia. The Commander of Colombian Military Forces said they are only interested in solving their country´s internal problems. Last week, Colombia received the visit of the Chief of the United States Southern Command, Kurt Tidd. Bogota also decided to move 3 thousand military officers to North Santander, where special groups were activated to ensure internal order at the border with Venezuela.

Chávez Vive! Australia 14.02.2018  
Chávez Vive! Australia 14.02.2018