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Wrapping it Up

Cross Roads concludes successful season with Santa By Mallory Diefenbach Star News Writer

Attention Christmas shoppers looking for the perfect unique Christmas gift; time is running out. The Cross Roads Market near Route 21 will be wrapping up its season on Dec. 21 and won’t be opening up again until spring. The Cross Roads Market has dozens of different vendors, all of which who sell goods which are creative and have a high standard of quality. From food vendors to furniture to pottery there is something for everybody. Cross Roads Market opened its doors on April 30 this year, and looking back they have had a pretty good season. “Its [the season] been excellent,” said Peggy Mills, the Marketing Volunteer and a proprietor of Spice Harbor, “…They [the shoppers] are looking for something small; they don’t want to spend a lot of money. Most of the shops here at Cross Roads have some small unique gift item. They can spend some time up here and have a good time, meet their friends and find that small unique item they are looking for.” The most popular event this year

once again was the Chili Cook Off which benefited Hospice. Numerous other events which took place had bands and choirs performing songs and there was an alpaca auction much to the enjoyment of the children. For Halloween, there was an ugliest pumpkin contest. For the Christmas season Santa Claus will be visiting the Cross Roads until the end of the Cross Roads season from

11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Cross Roads opened its doors on May 1998 and is only open to the public on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. “The Cross Roads is a small business incubator,” Mills explains. “It is to allow small business to get their feet wet to see if their business idea is going to be something that is going

to work. It allows them to work with other small businesses and get good ideas and strange ideas and to work in a group. We share advertisement expenses and of course the maintenance expenses of the grounds.” For those who are looking to find more out about Cross Roads and their vendors or to get directions to their location, visit their website at

A Real-Life St. Nick

Inside This Week

Trooper Toys for Tots has been celebrating Christmas for 46 years By Scott Wise Star News Writer

While this paper functions because of the great variety of local businesses in Chautauqua County who advertise throughout our pages, we at the Chautauqua Star felt it necessary to point out just a few of the great nonprofit organizations in our area. These groups and individuals give daily of themselves to make an impact on other, large or small. Watch throughout the month of December as we feature our ‘Nonprofit of the Week.’ This week’s organization is one many are familiar with, and many have grown up hearing about. Trooper Toys for Tots was founded in 1965 by Jack Miller. For 46 years, Miller hasn’t stopped giving it his all to make sure no child goes without at Christmas time. “I started it 46 years ago with a station-wagon load of toys I’d repaired in my basement,” said Miller. “They were all damaged or returned toys from the Buffalo area. The first year I had one load that went to The Salvation Army and a second that went to Rural Ministries.” As they say, the rest is history. Within a few years, Miller was transporting tractor-trailer loads of toys in and out of rented and donated warehouses, repairing and restoring. To walk in on the volunteers hard at work (as I did) is truly walking into to a real-life Santa’s workshop of sorts. “KB Toys was my distributor,” said Miller. “When they folded, I couldn’t find the product to restore. I’d work on what I had here. Finally, I made contact with Goodwill Industries in Pittsburgh. They’ve got enough product for me to bury myself, but we work slowly through it all because of space.”

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Basketball see Sports The idea behind Trooper Toys for Tots is a simple one- get toys from stores that have been returned or are gently used. Work to repair or restore those toys, then give them away or sell them at a low cost ($1.25 per toy) to families in need. While his organization is nonprofit, Miller recognizes the need for operation costs. “We used to open up the store-front and let folks come in and buy the toys, three per child,” said Miller. “But we started getting word of them taking the toys and selling them at the gin mill. So we had to put a stop to that.” While there is now a process in place to ensure families who need the toys get them, Miller is still a man who’s heart warms at giving. He works directly with the Salvation Army and Rural Ministries of Dunkirk with an application system to ensure each and every needy family gets what

they deserve. “They can contact the Salvation Army or Rural Ministries,” said Miller, “and put through an application. Then they bring that here and we get them the toys. It’s pretty simple, but you just never know.” So if Miller is Santa (of sorts) who are his elves? You’d be shocked to find out. “Almost all my volunteers are inmates from the Shock program at Lakeview Correctional,” said Miller. “Except for a few retirees on Monday nights, the inmates do all the work. But they do such a great job. I’d be lost without their help.” Walking through the facility before opening day is like walking into a scene from a Christmas movie. Toys are everywhere, waiting for a home to go to and a child to love them. There is no one to be found, until someone scoots through a back door.

Walking through the door, you’re greeted with a few folks sitting on stools, quietly chatting while working away with paintbrushes and screwdrivers. While Trooper Toys for Tots isn’t affiliated with the national organization (The Toys for Tots operated by the US Marine Corps), it’s name does stem from another branch of armed workers. “I was a New York State Trooper when I started doing it, so I added that in the name,” said Miller. Miller has worked hard to get a solid list of organizations that help in the costs and distribution of the toysincluding Kiwanis, Lions and many local churches. “They help me get the toys all over New York State,” he said. “We pro-

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December 8, 2011 Edition – Main Section – A

release of the mobile phone app that allowed users to preview the game’s features for free piqued the interest of many. Upon release the game was met with some success. 250,000 copies of the game we’re sold the first week. 80 percent of those sales were made on PC’s gaming platform Steam and the other 20 percent on consoles like Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. With an asking price of $14.99, an 83 metacritic score and a free demo to preview the game before purchase, there is almost no reason not to give the game a try. During Steam’s Thanksgiving sales I picked up a digital copy of the game on PC for $7.50 and convinced three other friends of mine to do the same. Since then, we’ve played the game a ton together and I can honestly say I wouldn’t have minded paying the full price for the game. With a ton of features and replayability thus far Dungeon Defenders has done nothing less than

Dusten Rader Commentary

Trendy Entertainment’s October release of Dungeon Defenders was a much anticipated venture. The game had been in production for a few years and had suffered many setbacks. So, by the time it was finally released the game was very different than it was when production started. Being Trendy Entertainment’s first retail release the highly anticipated game was also subject to much criticism and cynicism. However, the

| • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)

Dungeon Defenders

in nature. The Squire is a warrior class and uses a sword as his weapon. He builds towers of a defensive nature that also double as offensive structures. The Huntress is a ranged DPS class that uses a bow as her weapon. She places traps that damage and disrupt the enemy. The Monk is the most unique of the four using a spear as his weapon and building towers that support his team mates and their structures. There is very little story in Dungeon Defenders. Most of the story comes from short cartoon cut scenes that ex-

impress. First of all Dungeon Defenders is a hybrid of genres blending RPG and Tower Defense. Even if these two genres of gaming weren’t already my favorite I think I’d still quite enjoy it. The game starts out by introducing the four main characters: the Apprentice, Squire, Huntress and Monk. The characters are all pretty traditional versions of classes you might find in other RPGs. The Apprentice is the Mage class and uses wands as his weapon. The majority of the towers he builds are offensive

plain what new challenge the group faces. What keeps the game entertaining is the massive battles that your group faces each level. The bosses are of adequate difficulty offering players a challenge that is also fun. And, with four levels of difficulty with scaling rewards for completing the higher ones there is plenty of replayability. A major part of the fun when playing Dungeon Defenders comes from the fact that it supports up to four player cooperative play. There aren’t many games out

there that offer a cooperative experience that is both fun and rewarding. And, with four classes to play, tons of loot to discover, a great number of levels to beat, challenges to complete and downloadable content constantly being released the fun will last. Dungeon Defenders is definitely worth checking out. It’s graphics are nothing to gawk at, but tower defense games have never been about impressive visuals. Plus, the game has a 10 plus E for everyone rating which means kids will enjoy the game as well.

The Chautauqua Star is proud to present our

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Squalls, 1-3”

Mostly cloudy



Periods of snow

Some snow










Mostly cloudy

Mayville 34/21 Bemus Point 34/21











Mostly cloudy

Not as cold

Partly sunny

ALMANAC Statistics for the week ending Dec. 6.


High/low for the week .................. 60°/27° Precipitation:

Wednesday ......................................... Good

SUN AND MOON Warsaw 38/22

Forestville 36/23 Ellicottville 36/21 Salamanca 34/19 Olean 36/19

Corning 40/22

Bradford 34/18 Warren 34/19 Coudersport 35/19

Partly sunny

Clouds and sun

Ice, then rain


Air Quality:

Batavia 37/23

Silver Creek 36/24

Jamestown 33/20 Frewsburg 33/19


Rain and ice


Buffalo 36/23

Sinclairville 34/22


Mostly cloudy


Total for the week ............................... 1.35”

Cassadaga 35/22

Partly sunny


Lackawanna 36/22

Westfield 36/24

Mostly cloudy


inch; storm total 1-2 inches. A couple of squalls, accumulating 1-3 inches near Fredonia and toward Silver Creek. Mostly cloudy Saturday. Not as cold Sunday. Times of sun and clouds Monday.

Fredonia 36/23

Mostly sunny


Chautauqua County: Mainly cloudy Friday. Some snow, accumulating a coating to an

Dunkirk 37/25




Shown is Friday’s weather. Temperatures are Friday’s highs and Friday night’s lows.










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Rise 7:34 a.m. 7:35 a.m. 7:36 a.m. 7:37 a.m. 7:38 a.m. 7:39 a.m. 7:39 a.m.

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The Moon Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Rise 4:06 p.m. 4:56 p.m. 5:53 p.m. 6:55 p.m. 8:00 p.m. 9:06 p.m. 10:14 p.m.

Set 6:40 a.m. 7:34 a.m. 8:23 a.m. 9:07 a.m. 9:45 a.m. 10:19 a.m. 10:50 a.m.





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Albany Binghamton Cleveland Elmira Erie Franklinville Geneseo Gowanda Hamilton Hornell Lockport Niagara Falls Pittsburgh Rochester St. Catharines Syracuse Toronto Watkins Glen Wilson

39/26/c 39/23/pc 35/22/sn 39/22/c 35/24/sn 35/20/sn 40/24/sn 37/23/sn 33/15/sn 38/22/sf 36/22/sn 36/22/sn 38/26/c 39/24/sn 33/23/sn 39/25/sf 31/19/sn 41/24/sf 37/24/sn

33/18/pc 32/15/pc 30/21/pc 32/14/c 30/23/c 28/17/c 34/21/c 31/23/c 32/24/c 30/18/c 30/22/c 30/22/c 33/17/pc 34/23/c 31/26/c 35/22/c 33/23/c 33/17/c 31/22/c

33/20/s 33/24/s 41/26/s 38/20/s 40/29/s 36/24/s 41/27/s 41/29/s 34/30/s 38/24/s 40/28/s 40/28/s 41/25/s 40/28/s 36/30/s 37/26/s 36/28/s 39/25/s 41/29/s

40/26/s 38/28/pc 39/29/c 44/22/pc 42/33/pc 40/26/pc 43/29/pc 43/33/c 45/30/pc 42/27/pc 40/31/pc 40/31/pc 40/26/s 42/32/c 40/31/pc 40/30/pc 39/31/pc 44/26/pc 41/31/pc

40/29/s 37/30/pc 38/30/pc 39/25/pc 40/32/pc 38/28/pc 42/29/pc 42/30/pc 40/24/pc 39/28/pc 40/29/pc 40/29/pc 44/29/s 42/31/pc 40/30/pc 40/29/pc 40/30/pc 40/28/pc 41/30/pc

39/25/pc 39/21/c 39/32/c 42/26/c 39/30/c 36/24/pc 43/25/c 40/27/c 41/20/c 39/20/pc 40/21/c 40/21/c 38/30/c 42/28/c 40/34/c 43/32/c 42/24/c 40/27/c 39/22/c

44/31/i 43/28/i 50/30/r 48/25/i 50/28/i 47/23/i 49/24/i 49/25/i 45/21/i 49/24/i 48/24/i 48/24/i 51/27/r 49/26/i 47/29/r 48/28/r 46/29/i 48/26/i 48/25/i

Weather (W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice.

NATIONAL OUTLOOK Temperatures 12/9 - 12/15

Precipitation 12/9 - 12/15


Meadville 36/20 St. Mary’s 35/20

Forecasts and graphics provided by AccuWeather, Inc. ©2011

As of 7 a.m. Wednesday



L. Erie at Sturgeon Pt. ........................................ -L. Chautauqua at Bemus Pt. .................... 1309.5


571.99 ft 1307.74 ft



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December 8, 2011 Edition – Main Section – A

Washington PARC Announces Winter Event Contributed Article Michele Bautista

If you enjoy the Chautauqua Star, email your comments, along with your name, telephone number and location to:

The Washington PARC along with the Chautauqua Youth Corps as well as the Dunkirk First United Methodist Church will be hosting “Win-

ter in Washington Park.” The event will begin at 6:00 p.m. Friday, Dec. 16. The evening will include a visit from Santa, games for children, house lighting contest, crafts and goodies at the Church and choirs singing seasonal songs. We will also be crowning

a Winter Queen. The hope is to include Kawanza and Hannuka activities and the Historical Museum will host tales of winter past. All are welcome and volunteers are urged to call Michele Bautista at 366-8395.

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By Elizabeth Martin Star News Writer

William Fleeman, a local author that resides in Chautauqua county, has just written his first historical fiction mystery novel. The novel is called The Plot to Kill Susan B. Anthony which is about the suffragette, Susan B. Anthony in 1891, and the mystery behind the planning of her assassination. “The novel reflects my sense of self values. I place a very high mark on injustice and much of that is reflected in my novel,” said Fleeman. Fleeman’s dream was to write a historical fiction mystery novel, which came true with The Plot to Kill Susan B. Anthony.

founder of this non-profit program that helps people find “pathways to peace.” “This is a free anger management program for people who use anger as a drug,” said Fleeman. There are currently no programs in the Chautauqua county area, but they are existent in Buffalo and Cleveland, and are scattered across the country. Pathways to Peace, Inc. is like a 12-step AA program but for those with anger management issues. If you would like to purchase Fleeman’s newest novel, it is available, along with his other books, at the book nook or on, or you could learn more about his novel on

“My day is not complete unless I’ve written,” said Fleeman. “I wrote the entire first draft in long hand using a Waterman fountain pen- invented in 1883,” said Fleeman. Fleeman has also written three non-fiction books previous to The Plot to Kill Susan B. Anthony which are Pathways to Peace Anger Management Workbook which was published in 2003, Pathways to Sobriety Workbook which was published in 2004, and Managing Teen Anger and Violence which was published in 2008. “I didn’t write the first three books with money in mind. I wanted tools to be used for the program,” said Fleeman. These three fiction books are workbooks for participants that are involved in Pathways to Peace, Inc. Fleeman is the

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On display at both locations.

COBY Kyros Tablet

Real Life St. Nick, Continued from page 1 vide the toys, period. When it comes down to the knitty gritty, we have the organizations to help.” Miller has worked hard for most of his life, helping families and children in need to give them a brighter Christmas morning. He’s dedicated to the cause, and gives his all for success. “If I walk away, it’s done,” said Miller, with a soft twinkle in

his eye. “46 years, done. I’m here seven days a week, sometimes just to answer phone. I wouldn’t know what to do. It’s been my life.” This year, Miller expects repairs and donations to be at their highest yet. “We’ve already gone over $10,000 in toys,” he said. “I guess it’s just the time we’re in; people need it more. It’s a lot of work and we’re work-

ing hard to keep up, but just long as the kids have a good Christmas.” If you know someone who is in need of toys this holiday season, direct them to the Dunkirk Salvation Army or Rural Ministry. These organizations will point them in the right direction. For any questions about how to get toys call Trooper Toys for Tots at 679-0008.

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This Week in... Our Community December 8, 2011 Edition – Main Section – A

Country Christmas with the Community Foundation

| • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)

Annual Getaway Scheduled The Chadwick Bay NYS Women INC. will be holding their 13th annual Getaway Weekend Feb. 3, 4, and 5, 2012 at the newly renovated Clarion Hotel. Look for our new brochure, you will be amazed at the new graphics due to our sister chapter. The festivities will begin with networking from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. in the lounge. At 9:00 p.m., let the games begin. The Lakeshore Chapter has graciously taken over the game room event. Come and experience the new games and remember to wear your lucky gaming hat. Pampering events include massages, pedicures, facials,

manicures, acupuncture and Bio Tech by Zyto. Begin Saturday with Aquacize class, it will be held in the newly renovated pool area. For those of us that are fish, a new class Zumba Aquacize will be held in the afternoon and for those of us who are not, we have seminars and workshops. New classes include Batik the old art of wax painting on fabric, learn how to eat healthy with Tani Wojcinski (personal trainer), Photographer Diane Andrasik’s will provide the knowledge of when to hire a professional and how to give your pictures a great finishing touch, make your own Vegetable Centerpiece with Carlene, budget friendly appetizers and dessert class is also available. Take home something for yourself; basket

The Chautauqua Region Community Foundation sponsored both events, in part. For information on requesting Contributed Article a sponsorship for the public Hellen Sam benefit of your community, please call 661-3390 or visit Cookies are always a part of the Christmas season, and there will be a large assortment at the “Cookie Walk” at St. John’s Episcopal Church on Saturday, Dec. 10 starting at 9 a.m. Instead of using valuable time

to make cookies on your own, come pick out your favorites at St. John’s. Made by the hands of the bakers of St. John’s, you’ll find all varieties including the beloved chocolate chip, Mexican wedding cakes, cutouts, and even baklava. The cookies are only $8 per lb. If you can’t get to the “Cookie Walk,” call 366-1979. You may

Contributed Article Donaldly Hoer

Contributed Article CRCF

The Community Foundation enjoyed witnessing the Christmas spirit in two of the many villages in our area. Randall Sweeny, Executive Director,

welcomed Santa in Mayville at an event arranged by the Mayville Fire Department. June Diethrick, Operations Officer, takes part in holiday sleigh rides organized by the Randolph Area Community Development Corporation.

“Cookie Walk” This Saturday

Applebee’s Will Host Pancake Breakfast On Dec. 11

Benefit To Support Student-Run Fundraising Effort For Families In Need Contributed Article E2CCB

The Dunkirk/Fredonia Applebee’s on Vineyard Drive in Dunkirk will host a pancake breakfast on Sunday, Dec. 11 to support a fundraising effort by area students to help families in need this holiday season. The breakfast takes place from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Tickets are $5, include food and beverages, and will be available at the door. Every year, area high school students enrolled the Cosmetology Program at the Erie 2-Chautauqua-Cattaraugus BOCES LoGuidice Educational Center in Fredonia put together dozens of gift baskets for families in need in the community. The students collect boxed foods, canned

weaving and knitting will also be taught in the afternoon. After the banquet dinner a glass etching class will be available for those who do not want to sing or dance the night away. The remodeled Clarion lobby will be busy with Saturday’s shopping expo. Sunday closes the event with the wonderful Clarion’s brunch; I cannot wait for the waffles or the made to order omelets. Remember, the Getaway Weekend only comes once a year and the cost (double occupancy) is $159 per person for two nights stay ($149 for early registration), 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch, and banquet dinner. Fun is optional. Please contact Terri at cell phone number 716-6800585 or e-mail pacos@netsync. net or Donnie at 716-673-1045.

goods, turkeys, hams, and other items to donate to families in need during the holidays. The Dunkirk/Fredonia Applebee’s has teamed up with the class, opening its doors well in advance of its normal hours of operation on Sunday, Dec. 11 to host the all-inclusive breakfast. All proceeds will go toward the food drive.

give your order over voice mail, making sure to include your address and phone number. Deliveries will be made in the afternoon of Dec. 10. The sale will close at 2:30 p.m. or when the cookies are sold out. St. John’s is located at the corner of West 4th St. and Lark St.

Christmas Carols at Angola Gazebo Contributed Article Angola Park and Gazebo Committee

At 7 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 9, the annual Community Christmas Carol Sing will be underway at the William G. Houston Gazebo in Angola’s Centennial park. The park is located at Park, Center, and High Streets, one block off of North Main St. in back of the post office.

The evening is sponsored by the Lake Shore Association of Christian churches, the Friends of the Village, and the Angola Park and Gazebo committee. Linda Giancarlo, vocalist with the Crash Cadillac Band, will lead the program. The evening is now presented in cooperation with the Friends of the Village and their Friday, Dec. 9 and Saturday, Dec. 10 events. Following the outdoor singing, everyone is invited to Updyke

Hall in the nearby First Congregational United Church of Christ on North Main St. for free refreshments. In the event of very inclement weather, the entire program will be held at the church. Members of the Park and Gazebo committee have recently placed beautiful decorations at the gazebo as they have done for the past 26 years.

This Week in... Our Community • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)


December 8, 2011 Edition – Main Section – A



This Week in... Our Community December 8, 2011 Edition – Main Section – A

Young Talent, Long Hours Create ‘Nutcracker’ Magic December 10, 11 • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)

SHOPTAUQUA, It’s Unanimous! Contributed Article Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce

By Patricia Pihl Star Staff Writer

With its long tradition in the Jamestown area, The Nutcracker, presented by the Chautauqua Area Youth ballet, under the artistic direction of Monika Alch, returns to the Reg Lenna Civic Center for two performances, December 10 and 11. According to CRYB Executive Director, Elizabeth Bush, the perennial Christmas favorite will have several new highlights this year including performances by guest artists Robert Fairchild, a principal dancer with the New York City Ballet, as the Cavalier and Amanda Weingarte, a soloist with the Miami City Ballet, now dancing in NYC, who will serve in the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy. Bringing in these professional Len Barry is the role of Mother Ginger dancers, Bush says, “brings a whole different level to the production.” She adds, “it’s good for our students; they don’t see that caliber of dancer and it’s really exciting to share the stage with them.“ Approximately seventy students, most from CRYB are involved in this year’s Nutcracker, with the youngest dancer, just four years old. Bush says preparations start early with auditions in September and rehearsals every Saturday and Sunday in October, which are then followed by daily practices closer to the show. She characterizes the Nutcracker as a true family show with something for everyone. “There are a lot of reasons we like to see people come,” she says, especially those seeing it for the first time. “For most, it’s an accessible ballet - there’s Gina Smeragliuolo dances in the Snow Scene the story, with all the magic and effects. And, she says, Civic Center is located at 116 dancers, some the age of 12 there is really no place close East Third St. in Jamestown. and 13, performing behind by to see a classical ballet, Tickets for the Nutcracker the principals, will be among without driving to Buffalo or are priced between $12-$22 the youngest CRYB has ever Erie. dollars and are available at had in the production. A professional production the box office or by calling Performances will take place with long rehearsals, Bush the Reg Civic Center at (716) says, the community might be on Saturday, December 10 at 484-7070, or by visiting www. 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, Dec. a bit surprised by the level of 11 at 2 p.m. The Reg Lenna skill they see. And this year’s

Take A Night Off And Help Audubon Contributed Article Audubon Center and Sanctuary

Take a break during the busy holidays: enjoy dinner out and help Audubon! When you have a meal or dessert at Friendly’s Restaurant in downtown Jamestown between 5 and 8 p.m. on Tuesday evening, Dec. 13, a portion of your check will be donated to the Audubon Center and Sanctuary. Your night out will support opportunities like school field trips to the Sanctuary, adult classes in a wide range of nature topics, programs for preschoolers, and much more. Friendly’s Restaurant is at 10 South Main Street -- Brooklyn Square -- in downtown Jamestown. The Audubon Sanctuary is a 600-acre wetland preserve with more than five miles of beautifully maintained trails at 1600 Riverside Road, off Route 62 between Jamestown and Warren, Pennsylvania. Winter hours for the Center’s three-story building, with a nature store and exhibits of


In 2010 The Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce asked the Mayors of Westfield, Silver Creek, Jamestown, Mayville, Dunkirk, and Fredonia to declare the week after Black Friday to be SHOPTAUQUA WEEK. This is a week in which we ask everyone in the County to make a conscious effort to spend more money and time on businesses in Chautauqua County. For 2011 the Chautauqua County Chamber sent resolutions to all sixteen Mayors and seven Town Supervisors and the response was a unanimous “YES”. In some of the communities you might have seen the SHOPTAUQUA banner like the one in Fredonia. The term SHOPTAUQUA was coined by a local business as yet another way to get residents to buy local. After the banners have been taken down and the resolutions expire the SHOPTAUQUA buy local movement might seem to be for this week alone however it is something we at the Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce as well as the six local Community Chambers of Com-

merce promote year round and it is our mission to make everyday a SHOPTAUQUA day. Businesses understand that there are certain deals and items that are not available locally and even though it would be wonderful for everyone to do their holiday shopping within Chautauqua County all it takes is everyone making a concerted effort to seek out and shop at one or even two businesses that they have never shopped at before. If this were to occur the economic impact would be huge not only for that business but for the County as well because based on market research for every $100 spent $65 to $85 stays here in Chautauqua County in comparison to $0 that stays within Chautauqua County if you purchase an item online. Last year Todd Tranum CEO/President of the Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce factored the economic impact if all 24,000 employees that work for member businesses of the Chamber of Commerce were to spend $50 with locally owned businesses in one month that would equal a $1.2 million dollars spent. Applying the 68% of the $1.2 million spent gets reinvested by the local business owner,

that equals $816,000 that goes back into the local economy to support other businesses and services. Over the course of a year this is a total local investment in the community of $10 million. How is that for economic stimulus? If you are unsure of what to get or if there is someone that is difficult to buy gifts for there is always a gift certificate, most businesses carry them and it takes the stress out of the process and reduces returns. The Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce has its own gift check program that are redeemable at over 85 participating member stores and restaurants throughout the entire County so you can be sure that the recipient of a Chamber of Commerce gift check will get something that want and that money will stay in Chautauqua County. These Gift Checks are available in $10, $15, and $25 increments at out Dunkirk office located at 10785 Bennett Road in our offices at the JCC North Campus or our Jamestown location at 512 Falconer Street across the road from the Jamestown Jammers Baseball Field. You can also visit our website at or call 716-366-6200 for more information.

An Old Time Main Street Christmas Decorated Tree And Wreath Auction

Contributed Article RO Foundation

The RO Foundation will be bringing an Old Time Main Street Christmas back to Chautauqua County with a decorated tree and wreath auction in the Barker Commons and First United Methodist Church in Fredonia on Saturday, Dec. 10 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Members of the community are invited to join in the holiday festivities and bid on the decorated trees and wreathes to take home and enjoy. Local businesses are encouraged to partake in the bidding and show off their holiday spirit as well. The auction will begin in the church hall at 4:00 p.m. and, weather permitting, will move outside to the gazebo. Cookies and hot beverages

will be provided along with music by “Rocking Richards Road Show.” Santa and Mrs. Claus will be making an appearance in the gazebo at 2 p.m. for pictures by Photographic Images Unlimited. A Zumba demonstration with Sue Chaffee will take place at 2:30 p.m. followed by a tree safety demonstration by Fredonia Fire Prevention 3:00 p.m. SUNY Fredonia a cappella groups Some Like It Hot and Much More Chill will be performing Christmas carols at 3:30 p.m. and dancers from Collage Performing Arts Center will also be performing at the event. Kurt Maytum of DFT Communications will be the auctioneer for the event. Trees and wreaths have been donated for the event by Tuscany Fresh Meats and Deli, and decorated by area businesses. “We were happy

to donate to such a wonderful local charity,” said Wendy Civiletto, owner of Tuscany Fresh Meats and Deli. “The RO Foundation is really doing an amazing service to families in the area that need a little extra help, especially during the holiday season. We hope the event is a huge success for them.” The RO Foundation assists patients and families who are faced with emergency travel to treatment centers and hospitals, near and far, for long term treatment. Assistance is given to cover the unexpected costs for gas, food and lodging. The RO Foundation is a fund of Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation. For more information on the RO Foundation, or to seek assistance, visit www.rofoundation. com or call 716-366-4892. Donations are gladly accepted.

New Handicapped Entrance to Ashville Free Library Funded Through a Community Foundation Grant

Indoors and out, good weather and bad – there’s always something fun to do at Audubon! Enjoy dinner or dessert at Friendly’s Restaurant in downtown Jamestown on Tuesday, December 13, and you’ll be supporting the programs of the Audubon Center and Sanctuary. (Photo by Jeff Tome)

live fish, reptiles, amphibians and more, are Monday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and Sundays 1 to 4:30 p.m. The outdoor Bald Eagle viewing and trails for hiking, snow shoeing and cross country

skiing are open dawn to dusk daily. To learn more about the Center and its many programs, call (716) 569-2345 or visit

Left–Right Community Service Grant Committee Member Christy Brecht stands with Library Director Tabitha Butler, who is holding Libby the Library Cat. All are standing under the newly constructed, handicapped accessible entrance to the library

Contributed Article CRCF

The Ashville Free Library has a new porch area for those using wheelchairs to enter the library, thanks to a Community Service Grant from the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation. Just in time for the cold and snow of winter, the structure will allow

ramp users to have a dry area to pause as they enter and exit the facility. Library Director Tabitha Butler explained that the old entrance would allow for the build-up of ice and snow, thus making it hard for people to use the ramp, and difficult for library personnel to clear the slippery surface. The construction of the ramp was paid by a Community

Service Grant. This type of grant is unrestricted in nature - meaning that the funds may be used to benefit a wide variety of charitable projects or needs. If you would like more information, please visit www. or call Lisa Lynde or Kase Kinney at the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation: (716) 661-3394.

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WCA Announces Agreement to Explore Strategic Affiliation with UPMC Hamot Contributed Article WCA Hospital

WCA Hospital and UPMC Hamot in Erie, Pennsylvania, have agreed to explore a strategic affiliation between the two health systems. If both parties are in agreement after identifying potential ways to enhance access to high quality care, expand services and improve efficiencies, and subsequent processes are completed, WCA would be the only New York State hospital to have such an affiliation with UPMC Hamot and the UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) system. “Our discussions are in the best interests of our patients, our communities, and two organizations,” said Betsy T. Wright, WCA Hospital President/CEO. “As the result of health care reform and the ever-changing health care landscape, hospitals across the nation are exploring innovative ways to enhance access to high-quality care while operating with even greater efficiencies. While we stand strong today, we realize that with the uncertainties of health care reform, we need to be responsible and consider a strategic affiliation with a regional system when we are in a position of strength and both parties can provide mutual benefit.” Wright stated that the agreement is the first step in a process geared toward creating

a long-lasting relationship with a strategic partner that will support and strengthen WCA as a regional hospital and comprehensive health care system. WCA Hospital will remain an independent, not-for-profit hospital. Wright added that a key priority for WCA is to find a strategic affiliate that shares WCA’s mission, vision and values; its vision for the future; and is passionate about high-quality care and committed to local health care and the communities it serves. “We believe that UPMC Hamot and WCA share complementary missions and values and have confidence that the agreement will provide many benefits to WCA including our ability to recruit physicians and provide additional local specialty services to the benefit of everyone we serve.” UPMC Hamot is a 412-bed, tertiary care facility, located in Erie, Pennsylvania. UPMC Hamot has been recognized by U.S. News & World ReportAmerica’s Best Hospitals, Top 50 for Pulmonary Medicine, Most Wired, and Thomson Reuters 100 Top Hospitals for overall performance, as well as Thomson Reuters 100 Top Hospitals for outstanding outcomes in heart care, neurological services, urology, orthopedics, gerontology and critical care medicine. UPMC and Hamot affiliated on February 1, 2011. “As we look at the future of

health care,” said John Malone, President and CEO of UPMC Hamot, “we believe that our region will depend on strategic alliances to provide the highest quality health care. We have had a long and mutually beneficial relationship with WCA for many years and believe this would be a long-term partnership to benefit the entire region.” WCA Hospital Board of Directors chair, Brenda Ireland said, “This step is the culmination of nearly two years of thoughtful deliberation by our board. With a unanimous vote, we agreed that a relationship with UPMC Hamot would serve the best interest of the Jamestown community and the patients we serve. This arrangement will position WCA for future success and, most importantly assures local control of Jamestown area health care. WCA Hospital and the hospital board retain their independence. This is not a merger of any kind. All WCA assets are retained. The efforts of the WCA Foundation will support only WCA Hospital.” The agreement signifies the beginning of a due diligence period between the two organizations. Once completed, if both parties determine they want to move forward, WCA Hospital and UPMC Hamot will begin working on a definitive agreement and preparing the necessary filings with the appropriate regulatory agencies.

About WCA Hospital The mission of WCA Hospital is to improve the health and well being of the people of Chautauqua County and the surrounding area. WCA Hospital, a 342-licensed bed hospital, is located in Jamestown, New York, chartered in 1885, is Southwestern New York’s largest not-for-profit healthcare provider, offering an extensive range of inpatient and outpatient acute and rehabilitation services. WCA Hospital has been recognized at the state and national level for high quality care outcomes. The hospital is accredited by The Joint Commission, The American Association of Blood Banks, American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and American College of Radiology and is approved by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer. For more information, visit WCA’s website at, or call (716) 487-0141. Frequently Asked Questions Why is WCA Hospital doing this? The health care world is changing rapidly. Health care systems are under increasing pressure to coordinate care for patient populations while operating with even greater efficiencies. WCA is looking for a strategic partner that will support and strengthen WCA as a regional hospital and comprehensive health care system. We know that the time

to look for a strategic partner is when you are in a position of strength and bring value to a new organization that we believe shares our commitment to provide quality health care to the communities and patients we serve. Why is UPMC Hamot doing this? As Hamot looks at the future of health care, Hamot believes that our region will depend on strategic alliances to provide the highest quality health care. Hamot and WCA have had a long and mutually beneficial relationship for many years and this would be a long-term partnership that would benefit the entire region. UPMC Hamot provides services in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York. Why did WCA pick UPMC Hamot to affiliate with? WCA sought a partner who would be comfortable with a relationship with a hospital wanting to retain ownership, shared a common vision for the future, was large enough to provide the services necessary for health care in the future and was a fit culturally. In addition, we wanted a partner that would provide easy access for the Jamestown area and additional health care services with excellent quality. What are the next steps? The agreement to explore a strategic affiliation between the two health systems is non-


binding, which means that either party can walk away at any time. However, our intent is that it will ultimately result in a long and mutual beneficial relationship. The next step in the process is due diligence, the development of the definitive agreements and preparing necessary filings with the appropriate regulatory agencies. Will this result in personnel changes? Employees decisions are best left at the local level. It is our intent that, through this partnership, WCA becomes an even more vibrant and growing health system. What does this mean to WCA patients? UPMC shares WCA’s passion for outstanding health care and is committed to local control and local involvement. The affiliation is not anticipated to result in changes to physician or patient care staffing. Having WCA as your favorite hospital won’t change. We are here for the long term. Having the support of a strong strategic partner gives us even more resources to serve our patients and our community. Will WCA remain under local control? YES. This is an affiliation agreement not a merger. The WCA Board of Directors will remain local. All WCA assets will remain local.

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December 8, 2011 Edition – Main Section – A

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Tax Matters

amount of giving for the next year. The pledge is not deductible in the year of pledge, but is deductible when the actual contributions are paid. In addition to cash donations, there are several types of property donations that may be deductible. For example, household goods, used clothing, jewelry, paintings, antiques, cars, boats, inventory, patents, stocks and bonds, real estate, annuities, and life insurance and annuity contracts. Donations other than cash can be a bit tricky because you

By Kelly Haggmark Contributing Writer

As the end of the year approaches, you may be asking yourself, “What can I do to reduce my income taxes for 2011?” If you are able to itemize your deductions, you may be able to increase your deductions by donating to tax-exempt charitable and religious organizations on or before December 31st. Only actual donations can be included. For example, at the end of the year most churches ask members to pledge the

Property Donations need to determine how much the open market would be valto deduct and that is typically ued at the average price using done based on the fair market the highest and lowest selling price on the valuation date. value of the item on the date of the contribution. IRS PubDonations of property valued lication 561, Determining the over $5,000 require a writValue of Donated Property, ten appraisal from a qualified can be used for guidance and appraiser. Single gift donacan be found at tions of $250 or more require a written acknowledgement Fair market value is the price that would be paid for an item from the charity. Gifts of used clothing and household goods in an open market between must be in good or better cona willing buyer and a willing dition and if your donation is seller. Some factors you can consider are the cost or selling in less than good condition price of the item, sales of com- and you take a deduction of more than $500, you will need parable properties, replacea qualified appraisal. Jewelry ment cost, and appraisals. almost always requires an Stocks and bonds traded on

proximately 12,000 miles on it and had it advertised for $10,000. If I were to take this vehicle to auction and sell it at today’s market price, it would bring a minimum of $11000 wholesale. Who would think you could own a truck for 3 years and make money selling it? Truck and car shoppers need to research the current pricing on used vehicles. It is eye opening to me and I have experienced almost every event in the automotive market. Many times when as shopper stops at a dealer lot they experience sticker shock. I usually see their mouths drop, eyes roll and the implied, unspoken words of “you must be out of your mind”. As a dealer, I do not set the market prices. The market sets the market. So, if you want to complain, do not complain to the dealer. Please direct any questions that you would like addressed in this column to my email (rwhite@

By Patricia Pihl Star Staff Writer

Positioning itself as a venue for local artists, The Greenwood Shoppe and Gallery in Ashville has a funky, rustic atmosphere with an attitude to match. Stories told by owner Jackie Francis and her partner, wood carver and designer Ben Beckwith, enhance its appeal as a local destination. Located next to the Ashville General store, Francis says the idea behind Greenwood is to have an outlet for artists while building a “cool” space for retail. It will also serve, she says, as a “three-dimensional interactive business card” for the work of Beckwith, whom she says transformed the onetime storage garage into the gallery. Crediting Beckwith with building the space, Francis points to large maple tree stumps “rescued” from a local cemetery, now serving as posts for the gallery’s wooden counters, also crafted by Beckwith. Other

World-class caregivers LOCAL COMMITMENT.

WESTFIELD MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 24/7 Emergency Care  Trusted, Quality Care  Experienced Board Certified Physicians  Exceptional team of PA’s and Nurses


up to 40%. Kelly Haggmark is the owner of Haggmark Tax Service and is currently an Enrolled Agent enrolled to practice before the Internal Revenue Service. She has 20 years of experience in the fields of tax, accounting, and auditing and is a member of the Jamestown Community College Adjunct Faculty as an entrepreneurship instructor. The content of this article is meant to provide general tax information only. Readers should consult their tax professional for advice and guidance regarding individual or business tax matters.

The Greenwood Shoppe and Gallery Opens in Ashville

You Auto Know Richard White, General Manager of Jim White’s Truck and Auto Center, shares his automotive expertise from a lifetime spent in the auto industry. What I know sitting on the opposite side of the desk, you auto know… We have thus far dodged the snowflakes, but winter is on its way. What does this mean for the truck and SUV market? Prices are on the rise at the auction. Demand is high and supply is low. And, it’s helping the rise of prices are lower prices of fuel at the pumps. Joe Consumer does not realize how the prices have adjusted north. Allow me to give an example of how basic economics has affected the current pricing of a good used truck. I recently purchased a vehicle from a private owner. It was a low mileage, clean four-wheel drive pickup truck. The previous owner had purchased it 3 years ago from a franchised dealer with 32,000 miles for $9000 retail. The customer drove it for 3 years, put ap-

appraisal regardless of value due to the unique nature of the item. When taking deductions for donated property, it is important to make sure you follow the guidelines for reporting, supporting documentation, and valuation because penalties apply if you don’t. If you overstate the value of the property, you may have to pay 20% of the underpayment of tax based on the overstatement. If you value the property at 200% more than the fair market value or you underpay your tax by more than $5,000, the penalty goes

Jackie Francis and Ben Beckwith hold a painting displayed at The Greenwood Shoppe and Gallery in Ashville. Picture created by a participant in the Aspire program.

structural pieces include willow and large driftwood salvaged from Point Gratiot and transported- with eight feet hanging from each side- by a Jeep Cherokee. The setting, a motorcycle shop in its last incarnation, is “a lot more vibrant now,” says Beckwith, who also works at The General Store as a baker. The inside windows, framed in a rough-cut lumber with a cathedral-like shape, were made by a transient artist,

according to Francis, who was at one time trading work for a place to stay. While Beckwith’s work dominates, 15 other artists – alllocal but from different walks of life - are also featured at the Greenwood. There are weaved wall hangings and paintings by artists from Aspire, a program for the developmentally disabled. A small collection of replica-vintage toys made by Pete Swanson are displayed, as well as maple, ash and ma-

hogany walking sticks crafted by Dave Eckstrom, owner of Carving Masters in Ashville. The pair also plans to feature the photography of Ashville resident Judy Wroda. Francis says the public will have an opportunity to view the works of various artists as they are showcased for limited periods of time in the gallery. Artists are also invited to bring their work to the Greenwood. “We don’t want to put a limit on what we have, but we do want quality art,” says Francis, who adds that the shop will receive a minimum commission for any artwork sold. Beckwith, who works with Francis at the General Store, is also available for custom consignment work. The shop also stocks a collection of natural soaps and skin care products made by Common Sense. The Greenwood Shoppe and Gallery is located next to the Ashville General Store at 15 East Main Street in Ashville. Visitors are asked to call Jackie at (716) 450-4605 or (716) 7633369 prior to stopping.

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December 8, 2011 Edition – Main Section – A


YWCA Westfield News Season of Giving

By Katie Smith Contributing Writer

Women’s Expo/Spa Day The 2012 annual Spa Day has been set for Saturday, Feb. 11 and ‘save the date’ mailings have gone out to a variety of vendors. “The event last year

By Rev. Michael Lokietek Family Church of Chautauqua County

was a great success and there was such interest and support we’ve decided to do it again” said organizer Deanna Scharf. “The partnership with the YWCA will continue and we’ve expanded our participation; we’re hoping to include financial institutions, community outreach groups, human service support groups as well as some workshops and seminars designed to meet the YWCA mission of empowering women.” Details will be finalized early in 2012, area businesses, organizations and agencies interested in a display at the Women’s Expo are invited to contact the YWCA

Dear Pastor, I am dreading Christmas because my family always ends up arguing when we get together. What can I do? You’re not alone. There are many people who share your burden. While holidays are meant to be a joyous time of the year, they can be dreadful if the ones we love are not getting along. It is my prayer that what I share from God’s Word will be a help to you. While I’m not sure if your family members are born-

at 326.2011 and reserve a spot. Ticket prices, schedules and a vendor list will be made available as soon as possible. Donations “We’re thankful for donations and we appreciate the support of our community;” reported YWCA director Katie Smith, “but we ask that people call ahead, inquire if we can use their donation and please do not just drop items off without talking with a staff member. Recently there have been several bags left in our hallway or near our back door, that makes extra work for us and then we are faced with disposal of items we cannot use. Just call

ahead, if the YWCA can’t use your donation, maybe there is another agency that can.” Holiday Closings The YWCA administrative offices will be closed on Friday, December 23 and Monday, December 26. Access to the fitness center will remain available via the PIN code each member has. Dollar Days YWCA Fitness visits go on sale for $1 each beginning Dec. 1. The dollar days sale continues through Dec. 22. “This provides the opportunity for members to add to their account and realize a savings,”

Keeping the Faith

again, as a Christian you know that arguing and being in disagreements aren’t very Christ-like. Your situation may seem trying, but I have some good news for you. You have an opportunity to use this situation to bring blessings to you and your family whenever they come together. Jesus tells us in Matthew 5:9, “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.” When we understand how to be a peacemaker, God can greatly bless us by using us

to share His love with others and help quiet down heated situations. So what can you do to promote peace at your family gatherings? First of all, pray before your family gets together! The reason many gatherings get out of hand is that we forget to pray and ask God’s blessings and peace over the event. The more you can pray before they come together, the better. Ask God to soften their hearts, help them get along, and give you the wisdom to be a peacemak-

said Katie Smith, executive director. “In addition, visits can be purchased as gifts; we’re happy to provide the certificate that can be presented to the Y member.” Visits added to an account remain valid as long as the membership is current. Adult memberships run for a 12 month period and are $20. Memberships for seniors 60+ are $12 and run for the 12 month period as well. Renewals and new memberships are accepted on an ongoing basis, the YWCA accepts cash and checks. Season of Giving Everyone likes to get gifts, especially at Christmas time

and the YWCA is no exception! As you do your holiday shopping – consider a gift for the YWCA. Our list includes: sheets and towels for the upstairs bedrooms, tablecloths for the assembly room tables, chairs for the assembly room, new lamps for the living room and a variety of other home furnishings. The office could use pens, paper, printer ink, staples, paperclips and other office supplies. Give us a call at 326.2011 or stop in for a visit – we’d be happy to share the details and specifics with you.

er. Never underestimate what prayer will do! Prayer allows God to do things that we could never do on our own. It’s also important for you to make up your mind to walk in love even if no one else does. This is called being a witness and a shining light for God (Matthew 5:14). We can all be tempted to say or do something negative if provoked. If we give in to that temptation, it will allow strife to govern our life. The Bible tells us to overcome evil with good (Romans

12:21) and bless those who use abusive language towards us (Matthew 5:44). So don’t be discouraged. While maintaining love and gentleness when confronted with argumentative people can be challenging, God promises that He can effectively diffuse negativity and strife. Doing it God’s way will surely bring the true holiday peace into your life and home!

with this project I’m telling the stories that I haven’t made the effort to document properly. The best part for me has been the freedom to experiment without having the pressure of creating something for another person. I truly enjoy my selfassigned task as the family memory keeper, but when I make a layout to share I feel like it’s a test I’ll be graded on. “Is it lame? Is it cheesy? Are people just being polite? Will it look trendy in a few years? Are they all laughing at me?” I can tell myself repeatedly that perfection is elusive and that there is no secret “Scrapbooking Police” force, but in reality I am an American woman and am always going to face the internal bombardment of negative self-talk and feelings of inadequacy. We (women) all do it. It’s cultural, and unfortunately inescapable if I plan to live in society with my fellow human beings. On my “December Daily” pages, I can hone my digital skills and have fun with the process without the weight of the perceived expectations of other people. Since I’m enjoying it so much this year, I’m planning to participate in the “December

Daily” challenge in 2012. I’m already planning a page about the conspiracy theorists and doomsday prophesiers who, in Y2K fashion, will be all over the news. If it turns out they’re right, the archaeologists of the future will have a great time making sense of my album. I wonder if they’ll be criticizing my drop shadows. Interested in seeing my album? Photos are posted at and updated daily. Send me a message at awalterich@ to share your pages and let me know what you’re working on. This week’s FREE pick : Design House Digitals, They have many fantastic FREE digital scrapbooking items as well as weekly $1.00 sales. I’m using many of their items on my December Daily pages. Anne Walterich is the owner of Sunset Scrapbooks, a photo preservation and album design service. When not creating new digital pages and making sense of her thousands of photos, she can be found online at and at

wife isn’t the only parent who has to submit and put forth effort. So often a man puts undue frustration on a wife. She is tired and she needs help but he does nothing. The relationship begins to erode and he doesn’t understand why. Somewhere he adopted a mentality of entitlement. You are not entitled because you are a man. You need to help your wife. Women on the other hand are going to have to learn to lovingly cope with a man’s faults. Men are messy. A woman will have to submit with patience and say a nice little prayer

when picking up after him. Men are selfish. A woman will need to pray for her husband so God can change his heart. Typically, women won’t change a man’s heart. It takes an act of God. A woman must restrain her words of criticism. If a woman criticizes her husband, it will only put him on the defensive. Men will do and say anything to defend their ego. So when a woman insults her husband, she has lit a fuse that won’t easily be extinguished.

Scrapbooking Today The “December Daily” Project

By Anne Walterich Contributing Writer

With the parties, shopping and baking inherent with the holiday season, for many of us December is the busiest month of the year. I’ve been redecorating our guest bedroom for holiday visitors and crafting myself silly making Christmas gifts for my loved ones. The insomnia I’ve been experiencing is actually a welcome treat. So, now is not exactly the ideal time to be taking on a new project. Of course, that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’ve wanted to try Ali Edward’s ( “December Daily” challenge for a few years now, but hadn’t felt ready to tackle an ongoing project while juggling so many other obligations. I’m also not a big fan of most scrapbooking challenges, mainly because I don’t need any more crafty pressure and also because I find most of them boring or absurd. This one felt different than the average “use ten stickers on a layout” challenge I abhor. In keeping with her theme of documenting everyday life,

Ali’s project seemed attainable. The overall idea is to simply document one story about each day, using pictures and words. It does not need to be holiday related, though that will certainly become a major component of the album. She is making a paper scrapbook using some full-photo pages, 8.5” X 11” page protectors and traditional embellishments. I didn’t have the foresight to plan a traditional paper one ahead of time, so I’m doing mine with 12” X 12” digital pages. I’m loving it! The concept is defined clearly enough to give it an overall direction, but can be interpreted loosely enough to not feel constrained by the “requirements.” I’ve focused on documenting the ordinary aspect of the month instead of trying to focus it on specific December events. I think it’s important to remember that there are other things taking place this month besides the red-andgreen drenched happenings, and I also don’t want to have too much overlap between this album and the holiday-themed one I’ll eventually create. The discipline of “having” to create

a layout every day also keeps me from falling behind and letting all of my photos accumulate into an overwhelming mess on my hard drive. Another aspect that makes this both easy and enjoyable are the FREE digital templates from the “Cookie Exchange” in the community forum. Though I don’t always use that day’s specific template for my “December Daily,” I enjoy seeing what other scrapbookers are creat-

ing with them and get inspired for my own layouts. I’ve used some of these new gifts for my family holiday album and am grateful for the generous efforts from the designers. My “December Daily” album is slowly becoming a visual journal. With Facebook, Twitter, emails and blogs, I’ve been neglecting my handwritten journal and miss recording those little anecdotes. It’s certainly not the same and definitely not as private, but

The Weekly Word Character in the Home

Rev. Tim Stahlman Family Church of the Southern Tier

Godly character is defined by how you respond to the mundane parts of life. If the true

test of character was found in how you act at church then most of us would be canonized saints. We smile and shake hands with the people in the seats around us, but how do you treat your spouse when nobody sees you? In Colossians chapter 3, the Apostle Paul gives us some incredible insight into the hidden areas of life and how the Lord views those things. Paul begins in verses 16 and 17, “Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly… whatsoever you do in WORD OR DEED, do all in the Name of the Lord Je-

sus…” Everything that Paul is about to list is to be done with respect to the Name of Jesus. Remember it can be what you SAY or HOW YOU ACT. It says, “Wives submit yourselves unto your own husbands as it is fit in the Lord.” Verse 19 continues, “Husbands love your wives and be not bitter against them.” The Word of Christ dwelling in you richly produces submission and love within a marriage. Many husbands have never picked up a vacuum and swept the floor for their wives. Few have ever done the dishes or

babysat the children so she could have some time for herself. I have been in homes and the woman is running around doing everything and the husband sits there with his feet on the ottoman. When a person is at work then that job is their complete responsibility while they are there. But when you are both at home the responsibility is split evenly. If the woman is at home with children during the day, then they are her responsibility completely. But when the man gets home the responsibility then splits from then on. The

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Chautauqua Lake Central School

Student musicians will soon perform in three winter concerts at Chautauqua Lake Central School, with the annual Christmas Auction and bake sales adding to the festivities of the season. The series begins with the concert by students in grades 3-6 on Wed. Dec. 14 at 7 p.m. The event will include both choral and instrumental selections. The Elementary Parent Teacher Council will hold a Bake Sale on the evening of the concert. Students in grades 7-12 will perform on Thurs. Dec. 15 at 7 p.m. After the concert, gifts, decorations and specialty foods for the holiday season will be featured in live and silent auctions and a bake sale, all

starting about 8:30 p.m. The annual auction is sponsored by the CLCS Music Boosters to support enrichment opportunities for student musicians. A new daytime concert has been added this year. At 2 p.m. on Wed. Dec. 21, students from Kindergarten through grade 2 will perform. The Elementary Parent Teacher Council will hold another Bake Sale on the afternoon of the concert. All three concerts will be held in the District Auditorium. Admission is free, and the programs are open to the entire community. Please enter the building at the main (center) entrance. Chautauqua Lake Central School is located at 100 N. Erie St. (Rte. 394) in Mayville, one half mile north of the junction with Rte. 430.

Memorial Scholarship for Lucile T. Valvo Contributed Article CRCF

Lucile T. Valvo will be memorialized in many ways, one of which is the newly established Lucile T. Valvo Memorial Fund at the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation. Lucile was a Jamestown Business College graduate and worked many years in the Business office at Forestville Central Lucile T. Valvo School. It is fitting that the Lucile T. Valvo Memorial good character and citizenship. Fund will assist a graduating If you are interested in finding Forestville Central School student or students majoring in out more about the Lucile T. Valvo Memorial Fund or in a Business-related field with a establishing a memorial fund, “B” or better G.P.A. The fund, established by her children will visit www.crcfonline.orgor call 716-661-3390. also focus on students with • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)

Alfred State Nursing Program Added to JCC’s Communiversity

Winter Concerts at CLCS Contributed Article


Contributed Article JCC

Graduates of Jamesto wn Community College’s nursing program now have an opportunity to pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing through the Communiversity at JCC in partnership with Alfred State College. The agreement was reviewed recently by Kathleen F. Sellers, Ph.D., RN, professor and chair of Alfred State College’s nursing department, and Dawn T. Columbare, DNP, RN, CNE, professor and director of JCC’s nursing education program. The agreement outlines how graduates of JCC’s Associate in Applied Science degree in nursing can complete Alfred State’s nursing degree online in four semesters. JCC graduates must complete designated

Kathleen F. Sellers, Ph.D., RN, professor and chair of Alfred State College’s nursing department, and Dawn T. Columbare, DNP, RN, CNE, professor and director of JCC’s nursing education program.

JCC courses with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 and must secure licen-

sure as a registered nurse by the end of their first semester after matriculating at Alfred

State. Students can transfer additional JCC coursework toward meeting requirements for the bachelor’s degree and Alfred State will accept a maximum of 90 total transfer credit hours from JCC. The nursing degree agreement is a component of the Communiversity partnership that JCC and several colleges, including Alfred State, have undertaken. Communiversity is an alliance of regional colleges and universities making select associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees accessible to JCC students without leaving the area. Details of the agreement and the Communiversity program can be accessed at

Denise’s Determination Scholarship Established at Community Foundation Contributed Article CRCF

All educators are special in their own way, and should be commended for the hard work and dedication they have to their profession. Some, however, go above and beyond, and those educators are often remembered as being a source of inspiration. Denise Elaine Tryon Brown was one of those people. Growing up in Clymer, Denise attended Clymer Central School, and then went on to study Human Services at Jamestown Community

College. After working for many years at the Randolph Children’s Home, Denise went on to serve as a Special Education Aide at Falconer Central School. She also worked for her husband’s auction business. Denise was loved by everyone, and was described as being kind and gracious. Unfortunately, Denise passed away this past August. While she may no longer be with us, her memory will live on through a newly created scholarship at the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation. Susan Leach, an English Instructor at Falconer Central

Schools, explained that Denise was loved by her students, and that the Falconer Central School District wanted to create a scholarship fund in her honor. Immediately, the staff at the Community Foundation began to work with Leach and Denise’s family to establish a scholarship in her memory, and it was determined that the funds from the scholarship would be used to help young people to face life’s challenges as positive adventures rather than being insurmountable. With those specifications, it is no wonder the fund was titled “Denise’s Determination.”

The fund will be available to all Falconer students who have ever received any intervention services during their Falconer Central School education until age 21. Details on the fund can be found at www.crcfonline. org under the “Donate Now” link. To find out more about the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation, contact them at (716) 661-3390, visit www., or find them on Facebook. “Chautauqua Region Community Foundation – Enriching the Quality of Life in the Chautauqua Region.”

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Jamestown Residents Are Being “Locked Up” For Good Contributed Article MDA of WNY

The Muscular Dystrophy Association of Western New York is pleased to announce our Jamestown, Lock-Up, taking place on Thursday, January 19, 2012 at Applebee Restaurant in Jamestown, NY. The MDA Lock-Up program seeks out prominent local businesspeople to raise their bail to send local children to Rotary Sunshine Camp in Rush, NY.

The bail for the program is set at $2400, which sends three children to summer camp. These jailbirds are asked to turn themselves in and are arrested once they arrive. Their mug shots are taken behind bars and they are then seated in their jail cell, where they call their friends, family and business associates who pledge to bail them out. Bail is also collected in advance of the event with aid of our on-line donation sight. To learn more about the Jamestown Lock-Up

and other MDA programs, contact the Buffalo district office at (716) 626-0035. The Muscular Dystrophy Association is a voluntary health agency working to defeat neuromuscular diseases through programs of worldwide research, comprehensive health and community services, and far-reaching professional and public health education. The Association’s programs are funded almost entirely by individual private contributions.

CCHS Holds “Santa Claws” Pet Photo Sessions Contributed Article CCHS

The Chautauqua County Humane Society (CCHS) will be offering pet photos with Santa on weekends in December at PetSmart in Lakewood, NY and Erie, PA. “Santa Claws” allows for pictures of pets, pets with kids, or pets with the family and provides one 4x6 digital photograph per package in a holiday collector frame. The cost is $9.95 with the use of a PetPerks card and five dollars from every package is donated to CCHS. CCHS will be set up to take pictures from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on 12/3 and 4, 12/10 and 11 and 12/17 and 18 at the Lakewood PetSmart and on 12/3 and 4 at the PetSmart on Peach St. in Erie, PA. For more information call 665-2209. The Chautauqua County Humane Society consists of three Jamestown, NY locations, the Pet Adoption Center at 2825

Strunk Road, the 2nd Chances Thrift Store in the Fairmount Shopping Plaza, and the Stray Animal Holding Center on Fluvanna Avenue. It is a nonprofit that is not part of any government organization and

its mission to care for animals by promoting adoptions, preventing cruelty and providing education relies solely on public support.

WCA Earns Nuclear Medicine ACR Accreditation Jamestown, New York (Thursday, December 1, 2011)— WCA Hospital has been awarded a three-year term of accreditation in Nuclear Medicine as the result of a recent review by the American College of Radiology (ACR). Achieving this voluntary accreditation is one way that WCA Hospital demonstrates its commitment to high-quality patient care and quality diagnostic testing. Nuclear medicine imaging is unique given that it provides physicians with information about body structure and function. It is a way to gather medical information that would otherwise be unavailable, require surgery, or necessitate more expensive diagnostic tests. Nuclear medicine imaging procedures often identify abnormalities very early in the progress of a disease, long before many medical problems are apparent with other diagnostic tests. “This accreditation reaffirms our long-standing commitment to provide excellent care,” said Betsy T. Wright, WCA Hospital President/ CEO. “Our diagnostic team at WCA strives to provide the highest level of care for our patients. Receiving the highest level of accreditation from the American College of Radiology reinforces our team approach of using the most advanced techniques and clinical expertise from our physicians and staff who are committed to delivering excellent patient care.” Nuclear medicine uses very small amounts of radioactive materials to diagnose and treat disease. In imaging, the radioactivity is picked up by specialized cameras that work with high-tech computers to pro-

December 8, 2011 Edition – Main Section – A

Amedisys Home Health Care Named to 2011 Home Care Elite Contributed Article Amedisys

Amedisys Home Health Care in Dunkirk announced that it has been named to the 2011 HomeCare Elite™ for the third time. Now in its sixth year, the HomeCare Elite is a compilation of the top–performing home health agencies in the United States. Winners are ranked by an analysis of performance measures in quality outcomes, quality improvement, and financial performance. The HomeCare Elite identifies the top 25 percent of agencies and further highlights the top 100 and top 500 agencies overall. “It is increasingly challenging to manage the cost/quality equation. The 2011 HomeCare Elite winners demonstrate a commitment to providing patients with the best possible care while managing their business efficiently and effectively,” said Amanda Twiss, CEO of OCS and My Innerview. “This year, we updated our methodology to reflect industry focus, and based on this rigorous analysis, we congratulate Amedisys Home Health Care in Dunkirk on being on of the top home care agencies in the country.” The 2011 HomeCare Elite is the only performance recognition of its kind in the home health industry. The 2011 HomeCare Elite is brought to the industry by OCS HomeCare, the leading provider of homecare information, and DecisionHealth, publisher of the industry’s most respected independent newsletter Home Health Line and the Complete Home Health ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Coding Manual. The data used for this analysis were compiled from publicly available information. “Making the HomeCare Elite list is an important honor that shows the quality of care offered by the dedicated employees of Amedisys,” said Jim Robinson, Executive Vice

President of Amedisys Home Health and Hospice Care. “The one constant goal of all of our care teams in is to provide the best possible healthcare for our patients and their loved ones. Our employees are focused on quality every day with every patient visit, and this recognition is a clear result of their efforts.” “The HomeCare Elite designation continues to gain significance given the regulatory changes and challenges that agencies face. Agencies that have earned recognition among the HomeCare Elite demonstrated that they not only can adapt to an evolving marketplace but continue to excel in both clinical and financial outcomes,” said Marci Heydt, product manager for the post-acute care business group, DecisionHealth. The entire list of the 2011 HomeCare Elite agencies can be viewed by visiting the OCS HomeCare website at www. About Amedisys, Inc. Amedisys, Inc (NASDAQ:AMED) is a leading health care company focused on bringing home the continuum of care. Amedisys delivers personalized health care services go patients and their families, in the comfort of patients’ homes, with approximately 10 million patient care and education encounters per year. Amedisys has two divisions, home health care and hospice. The company’s state-of-the-art advanced chronic care management programs and leading-edge technology enables it to deliver quality care based upon the latest evidence-based best practices. Amedisys is a recognized innovator, being one of the first in the industry to equip its clinicians with point-of-care laptop technology and referring physicians with an internet portal that enables real-time coordination of patient care. Amedisys, also has the in-


dustry’s first nationwide Care Transitions program. Amedisys Care Transitions is designed to reduce unnecessary hospital readmissions through patient and caregiver health coaching and care coordination, which starts in the hospital and continues throughout completion of the patient’s home health plan of care. For more information about the company, p[lease visit: www. About OCS and My InnerView As a combined business unit of National Research Corporation, OCS and My InnerView empower clients and partners throughout the entire postacute continuum of care, including home health, hospice, skilled nursing, assisted living, and more. The company offers market-leading survey solutions, predictive tools, data analytics, quality and outcomes reporting, financial insights, and the nation’s largest comparative databases. OCS AND My Innerview websites or call 888.325.3396 and 800.601.3884. About DecisionHealth For 25 years, DecisionHealth has served as the industry’s leading source for news, coding tools and resources and training materials found in reputable products such as Home Health Line, Diagnosis Coding Pro for Home Health and the Complete Home Health ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Coding Manual. Our unique blend of award-winning staff journalists and unmatched access to health care executives and industry experts enables us to provide solutions, tools and guidance that are relied on by nearly 100,000 home health care and specialty physician practice professionals. For more information, visit www. or call 877.602.3835. Amedisys Home Health Care is located at 1170 Central Avenue, Suite 9 in Dunkirk.

Eastside Family YMCA Receives Funding Contributed Article CRCF

The Chautauqua Region Community Foundation is proud to be able to help support the essential programs provided From left, Kathy Bailey, sr. staff nuclear medicine by the Eastside Family YMCA. technologist; Joe Divell, nuclear medicine technologist; Janet Larsen, sr. staff technologist quality assurance/ Funding provided by a Field of quality control; Mary Beth Coon, sr. staff nuclear medicine Interest Grant from the Fountechnologist; Lyndon Gritters, MD, board certified dation will allow the Eastside radiologist on staff at WCA Hospital, hospital radiology Y to continue offering After chairman; Tammara Hodges, WCA Hospital imaging School hours and Summer Day director. Camp activities to the youth of vide precise pictures about the quality control procedures, and our area at little or no cost to area of the body being imaged. quality assurance program are the families involved. assessed. The findings are re- Eastside Family YMCA proThe WCA Hospital Nuclear ported to the ACR Committee grams and services allow local Medicine Program provides the community with the largest on Accreditation, which subyouth to realize their potential, sequently provides the practice offer ways for families to have variety of nuclear medicine with a comprehensive report exams and offers all general fun together, and foster interest nuclear medicine exams as well they can use for continuous in the community as a whole. as many specialized exams and practice improvement. There are currently 54 treatments. The program is The ACR is a national profes- registered participants in staffed by board-certified radi- sional organization serving the Eastside Family Y Youth ologists, certified and licensed more than 34,000 diagnostic/ Center. By providing low or nuclear medicine technologists interventional radiologists, with over 85 years of combined radiation oncologists, nuclear no cost, quality programming, the Eastside Y is able to keep experience. medicine physicians, and kids safe and off the streets in medical physicists with proThe ACR gold seal of accredia supervised and entertaining grams focusing on the practice environment. tation represents the highest of medical imaging and radialevel of image quality and tion oncology and the delivery Through the Community patient safety. It is awarded Foundation’s funding supof comprehensive health care only to facilities meeting port, the Summer Day Camp services. ACR Practice Guidelines and program, the Community Technical Standards after a To learn more about WCA Garden, and the After School peer-review evaluation by Hospital’s diagnostic services, Youth Center were able to conboard-certified physicians, and visit us on the website at www. tinue. The Foundation’s funds medical physicists who are ex- helped in purchasing supplies perts in the field. Image quality, personnel qualifications, adequacy of facility equipment,

Eastside Y youth gather with YMCA and Chautauqua Region Community Foundation officials

as well as pay for staff for these programs. “The staff, volunteers, participants, and families of the Eastside Family YMCA are forever grateful for the generosity of the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation,” commented Max Martin, Eastside Y Branch Manager. For more information about the programs available at the Eastside Family YMCA, call Max Martin or Rhonda Caudill at (716) 484-3729. For more information about Field of Interest Grants from the Community Foundation, please visit, or call Lisa Lynde, Community

Foundation Program Officer, at (716) 661-3394.

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December 8, 2011 Edition – Main Section – A

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Hoop Hysteria: High Schools Tipoff By Chris Winkler


Star Sports Editor

Ready or not the football season is well in the rearview mirror and with some schools already starting their seasons this past week, the rest of the county’s teams will get into fullswing this weekend. Out of Chautauqua County teams, Silver Creek, Falconer, Forestville, Chautauqua Lake, Maple Grove, Panama, Brocton, Clymer and Ripley have all started, but most have only played one game. Silver Creek started off by winning their own tourney, the Jim Emerson Tournament, by beating Gowanda (64-28) and Lake Shore (61-32). Nick Lenart stole most of the headlines this weekend with his 33-point outburst as Panama beat Chautauqua Lake. (For a full roundup, see page 2). But many teams will get going this week including with defending league champions Cassadaga Valley and Dunkirk. Jamestown, who lost in the state championship to powThe Cassadaga Valley Cougars are coming off a trip to the state quarterfinals. Returning starters Dustin Schauman (No. erhouse Mount Vernon, won’t start 24) and Kyle Pfeiffer (No. 50) lead the way this season. (Photo by Lisa Monacelli). until Dec. 13. Joining him up front is Kyle Pfeiffer said. “He’ll be counted on for sure.” The Cougars do lose three starters, but return their leading scorer from (6.3 ppg, 4.4 rpg), also a returning Team Capsules Also back are seniors David Pisarcik starter. Pfeiffer is also a 6-foot-2 last year Dustin Schauman. The (0.9 ppg, 1.4 rpg), a 6-foot-5 center School: Cassadaga Valley senior that will likely have a larger 6-foot-2 senior forward (14.7 ppg, and Mike Lanphere (1.8 ppg, 1.0 10-11 Record: 19-4 (10-2) 12.1 rpg) led the team in both scor- role in the offense. Besides that, apg), a 5-foot-6 guard. Pisarcik, Clifford doesn’t have a whole lot ing and rebounding last year and Finish: Lost to Charlotte in state though, still hasn’t been cleared to returning. was second on the team in steals quarterfinal practice because he is suffering from (41) and blocks (35). Schauman was Of the other three returning varsity a concussion during the football Head coach: Rich Clifford a 10th-team All-State selection last players, Matt Woodard (2.8 ppg, 1.9 season. Clifford said he could miss Start with Cassadaga Valley, who year and figures to be one of the top rpg) will likely contribute the most a few games, or possibly the whole is coming off back-to-back 19-win Class B players around the state. year. For now, Cassadaga Valley has and probably step in and start right seasons. The Cougars won Section to move on without him. away. Woodard, a 6-foot-1 swing“Dustin’s a huge key for us, ” head VI’S Class B last year by defeating man was the team sixth man last coach Rich Cliff ord said. “Our Lanphere was also one of the top reLackawanna in the finals 40-37. year. philosophy is to play as a team, but serve guards last season and figures The Cougars then went on to play we know who our go-to guy is. That “He got respectable amount of playCharlotte in the state quarterfinals being said, nobody can rely one ing time at guard last year,” Clifford Continued on pg 2 but lost 68-57. player, though”

Bonnies Get Back To .500, Fredonia Falls To Division I Take Out Buffalo 66-60 Opponent Youngstown State

Phone, Security & Internet Services. Computers, Televisions & Electronics. 38 Temple St. Fredonia 673.3086 In the Lakewood Village Center 279 E. Fairmount Ave. Lakewood 483.8000 24 S. Main St. Cassadaga 673.3000

Inside This Week

High School Basketball Results ... See B-2 Contributed Article

St. Bonaventure Sports Information

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Andrew Nicholson led St. Bonaventure (3-3) with 23 points and eight rebounds as the Bonnies took control in the second half and held on for a 66-60 victory at Buffalo (4-2) on Saturday. Buffalo led 31-29 after a tight first half and 46-41 with 12:54 to play in the game after Zach Filzen – who finished with 26 points on 6-of-8 from 3-point range - converted one of his triples. From there though, the Bonnies rattled off 15 unanswered to build a 10-point lead that would hold up for good, though the Bulls pulled to within four twice within the final minute. Junior Demitrius Conger and sophomore Matthew Wright paced the clinching run with a 3-pointer each and finished with 11 and 10 points respectively. Wright added a season-high six assists in his first career start. Battling bronchitis, Nicholson was 8-of-9 from the

field for the game and scored eight of the Bonnies' final 10 points to close it out. After the Bonnies' run, Buffalo closed the gap with a 10-4 push down the stretch to cut the Bona lead to just four with 39 seconds left. UB missed a 3-point attempt with 22 ticks showing before Nicholson pushed the lead back to six with free throws. Mitchell Watt's put back with eight seconds left brought it back to four, but Eric Mosley's runout on the ensuing inbounds play capped the scoring. The Bonnies travel to Illinois on Wednesday for a game televised nationally by ESPN2. Game time is set for 9 p.m. EST. NOTES: Charlon Kloof and Wright earned their first career starts, in place of Mosley and Michael Davenport … The Bonnies changed their starting lineup for the first time this season … a bus full of SBU students made the 77-mile trip from St. Bonaventure to Buffalo … freshman Youssou Ndoye played a career-high 19 minutes and blocked two shots.

Julius Bryant defends Ashen Ward (No. 20) of Youngstown State during Tuesday night's game. (Photo by Fredonia State Sports Information)

By Chris Winkler Star Sports Editor

It was a nice test for the Fredonia Blue Devils, but a tough one at that, as Fredonia fell to Division I Youngstown State 69-35 Tuesday night in Youngstown, Ohio. The Penguins, of the Horizon League — the same conference that has produced back-to-back national runners up Butler (who Youngstown beat last season) — were off to a 5-2 start with lone losses coming against Penn State and Wright State. Thus, it was probably going to be a long day. Fredonia (6-2, 1-1 SUNYAC) got off to an impressive start this season winning its first five, but were clearly overmatched Tuesday night. Youngstown ran out to a 17-3 lead and the Blue Devils didn’t get their second made field goal until Dalton Kashmer laid one in with 10:09 left in the half to make it 17-5. But Fredonia

held its own the rest of the half and trailed 31-12 at halftime. Youngstown came out hot in the second half and pushed the lead to 51-18 seven minutes into the half. Fredonia was able to keep it there the rest of the way, 18-17, as the final score read 69-35. Fredonia shot 32 percent and turned the ball over 20 times, clearly recipes for disaster, but a tough order for a team on its eighth straight road game to start the season, let alone a DI opponent. Julius Bryant paces Fredonia with 13 points and six rebounds. It’s a good sign that the team’s leading scorer held his own against quality competition. Kevin Mitchell also had seven points, while 10 different players received at least 10 minutes to spread out the rest of the scoring. The Blue Devils finally returns back to campus for their home opener Friday night against SUNYAC-member Oswego. They play Cortland Saturday afternoon and then are off for a month for winter break.

Jamestown Ironmen Results ... See B-5

Bills Results... See B-7

Local Sports

2 HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL PREVIEWS continued from pg 1 December 8, 2011 Edition – Sports Section – B

to be in the mix more. The Cougars lost three guards last year, though, and is something that will have to be shored up immediately if they plan on making as good of a run as the last two season. Along with Woodard and Lanphere, junior Tim Woodard figures to be in the mix. “He’s a top candidate and probably starter,” Clifford said. “If our guard play develops, and I’m confident it will, we’re going to be alright.” Also helping out at the guard spot and on the wing are sophomores Randy Dalaba and Mike Lancaster should make some impact. Adding depth up front will be 6-foot-4 junior David Carlson. “With nine guys on our varsity roster, everyone is going to have a chance to play,” Clifford said. The ninth player is Jordan Schauman, a 5-foot-10 junior. He is the younger brother of Simeon Schauman, a starter from last season and the uncle of the elder-senior Dustin. Confused? So are we. “We have a lot of fun with that in practice,” Clifford said. Anyhow, Cassadaga Valley opens the season Friday night against a Panama team already with a win under its belt. Clifford knows the smaller school won’t be any type of picnic. “They might be the class of the D-league,” Clifford said. “They have a good group back from a 15-win team. It’s going to be a tough game, we’re looking forward to it. “All of our games are going to be difficult,” he continued. “There are no guaranteed victories on our schedule. But I truly believe if we play at our best, we’ll be OK. The goal is to get better every day and we’ll see where that takes us.” School: Dunkirk 10-11 Record: 19-1 (11-0) Finish: Lost to Lackawanna in Class B-1 semifinals Head coach: Jerome Moss Quick hitter: It was a disappointing finish to a near-dream season for the Marauders. Dunkirk raced off to a 19-0 start, was the last unbeaten in Section VI and appeared all but destined for its first sectional championship in 38 years. But, Lackawanna clamped down on Vinny Bomasuto, and the top-seeded Marauders were sent home much too early. The Marauders will have to replace Bomasuto, who broke the school’s single-game scoring record with 47 in their last win of the season against Buffalo Arts. Dunkirk lost six seniors, but Mike Donaldson and Kevin Holmes return and give Dunkirk a solid core. Dunkirk, one of the last teams to open the year, starts Dec. 12 against Falconer. Class AA School: Jamestown 10-11 Record: 20-4 (9-1) Finish: Lost to Mt. Vernon in state final Head coach: Ben Drake Quick hitter: Jamestown lost a pretty talented group to graduation, including Darrin Butts and Joey Campion, but the real loss was Jaysean Paige, the WNY Player of the Year who decided to transfer to Perry County in Kentucky for his senior season. Drake will rely on seniors Adam Cecchini and Kareem Walker, along with Joey’s brother, junior Tommy Campion. Also one of the last teams to open the year, Jamestown begins its title defense with West Seneca West Tuesday, Dec. 13. Class B-2 School: Southwestern 10-11 Record: 13-6 (8-3) Finish: Lost to Cleve Hill in B-2 quarterfinals Head coach: Andrew Krenzer Quick hitter: Southwestern opens its season Thursday night at Randolph. School: Fredonia • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)

The Westfield girls' basketball team hosted their annual tip-off tournament this past weekend. They lost to Panama 57-42 Friday night and then lost to Clymer in the consolation game 62-25 Saturday night. Chautauqua Lake won the championship by beating Panama. (Photo by Jenn Sorrento).

Silver Creek is off to a 2-0 start after winning the Jim Emerson Memorial Tournament. They play Westfield Tuesday, Dec. 13 next. (Submitted photo).

10-11 Record: 7-12 (6-5) Finish: Lost to Cass. Valley in B-2 quarterfinals Head coach: Greg Lauer Quick hitter: The Hillbillies will be one of the last teams to start as they open Monday against Allegany-Limestone. School: Falconer 10-11 Record: 2-15 (1-9) Finish: Defeated Gowanda in finale Head coach: Chris Schrader Quick hitter: The Falcons surprised a few with a season-opening 58-55 win over Clymer behind Ryan Nord’s game-high 26 points. Brandon DePietro had a double-double with 12 points and 11 rebounds. This team will go as far as Nord can take them. Class C-2 School: Silver Creek 10-11 Record: 15-8 (7-7) Finish: Lost to Maple Grove in C quarterfinals Head coach: Robert Genco Quick hitter: Good start for Robert Genco and the Black Knights who won the Jim Emerson Memorial Tournament held on their home court. Three-sport star Zeddie Williams led the team in scoring, while Jon Jimerson, Kaine Kettle and Steve Marcey all had good weekends. Silver Creek could be one of the more dangerous teams in Class C out of this county. School: Frewsburg

Girls Basketball Results Thursday, Dec. 1 Southwestern 64, Pine Valley 53 ** Friday, Dec. 2 Forestville 45, Ripley 9 Cass. Valley 37, Maple Grove 35 * Sherman 64, Falconer 55 * Panama 57, Westfield 42 *** Chautauqua Lake 50, Clymer 43 *** Saturday, Dec. 3 Sherman 40, Cass. Valley 28 * Salamanca 46, Pine Valley 34 ** Southwestern 60, Gowanda


27 ** Clymer 62, Westfield 25 *** Chautauqua Lake 47, Panama 40 *** Monday, Dec. 5 Forestville 52, North Collins 32 * — Cass. Valley Tournament ** — Salamanca Tournament *** — Westfield Tournament

Girls Basketball Schedule Thursday Dec. 8 Ripley at Westfield Maple Grove at Dunkirk Pine Valley Tournament

Silver Creek Tournament Friday, Dec. 9 Panama at Ellicottville Jamestown Tournament Pine Valley Tournament

10-11 Record: 2-15 (0-12) Finish: Lost to Silver Creek in finale Head coach: Tom Nelson Quick hitter: The Bears opened the season Wednesday night against Ripley before taking part in the Westfield tip-off tournament Friday night against Sherman. Seniors Gage Bird and Ian McFarland will lead the way. School: Westfield 10-11 Record: 12-8 (9-3) Finish: Lost to Grover in C quarterfinals Head coach: Bob North Quick hitter: The Wolverines open their season Friday with Falconer in the Westfield tip-off tournament. They’ll either play Frewsburg or Sherman Saturday. Austin Alonge and Trey North give Westfield one of the best backcourts around the county. School: Maple Grove 10-11 Record: 16-3 (10-1) Finish: Lost to Tapestry in C semifinals Head coach: Curt Fischer Quick hitter: It’s been a tough start for the Red Dragons, who won 16 games last year. They lost to Olean and Batavia to open 0-2. They have a home-and-home with Randolph starting Tuesday, Dec. 13. School: Chautauqua Lake 10-11 Record: 12-8 (8-4) Finish: Lost to Westfield in C Final 16 Head coach: Chris Dole

Quick hitter: The Thunderbirds have started the season 0-2, but it’s no fault of Jason McMahon, the team’s quarterback. McMahon is averaging 12.0 ppg through the first two games. They played Panama again Wednesday night and get another rematch with Brocton (who they lost to Monday) this Monday, Dec. 12. Class D School: Pine Valley 10-11 Record: 14-8 (7-5) Finish: Lost to C.G. Finney in state quarterfinals Head coach: Jeff Stoltenberg Quick hitter: The Panthers got hot at the right time and stole the Section VI Class D championship last year. They have to replace a strong senior class of Jason Howard, Marcus Astry, Brendan Bentham and Ed Barnes. School: Panama 10-11 Record: 15-5 (10-2) Finish: Lost to Clymer in D semifinals Head coach: Ed Nelson Quick hitter: Senior Nick Lenart ditched the football pads pretty quick and scored an opening-night 33 points against Chautauqua Lake. Junior Alec Blose had 11 points. Behind those two, the Panthers are a Class D favorite. School: Brocton 10-11 Record: 1-10 (1-10) Finish: Lost to Westfield in finale Head coach: Jeff Franze Quick hitter: After winning just one game last year, Brocton already matched that win total with a 50-40 win on opening night against Chautauqua Lake. They play the Thunderbirds again Monday. School: Sherman 10-11 Record: 13-7 (9-2) Finish: Lost to Pine Valley in D semifinals Head coach: Cory Emory Quick hitter: After being upset by Pine Valley as the top seed in last year’s sectional tournament, Sherman will open its season with Frewsburg at the Westfield tip-off tournament Friday night. School: Clymer 10-11 Record: 17-4 (9-2) Finish: Lost to Pine Valley in D final Head coach: Dan White Quick hitter: The Pirates appeared to be the team to beat last year in Class D but lost a tough 57-53 game to Pine Valley in the final. Adam Walker and Dan Lictus, two of the team’s top players from last year make this one of the top teams in Class D again, but the Pirates lost their opener to Falconer, despite Walker’s 25 points. School: Ripley 10-11 Record: 0-11 (0-8) Finish: Lost to Clymer in finale Head coach: Dave Luder Quick hitter: Ripley opened the season with a 58-31 loss to Forestville. Kyle Hammond led the way with eight points and seven rebounds. They’ll get a rematch with the Hornets Tuesday, Dec. 13. School: Forestville 10-11 Record: 4-13 (3-6) Finish: Lost to Pine Valley in D quarterfinals Head coach: Ralph Jackson Quick hitter: The Hornets got off to a nice start by beating Ripley 58-31 in their season opener. Forward Tyler Shear and guard Nate Maines led the way and will play a large role this year if Forestville improves on last season’s record. The Hornets played West Valley Tuesday night and play again Thursday night against North Collins, part of four straight road games.

Boys Basketball Results Friday, Dec. 2 Forestville 58, Ripley 31 Panama 67, Chautauqua Lake 55 Monday, Dec. 5

Brocton 50, Chautauqua Lake 40 Boys Basketball Schedule Thursday, Dec. 8 Southwestern at Randolph Forestville at North Collins Friday, Dec. 9 Frewsburg vs. Sherman * Falconer at Westfield * Cassadaga Valley at Panama Saturday, Dec. 10 Westfield Tournament Consolation Westfield Tournament Championship Monday, Dec. 12

Fredonia at Allegany-Limestone Southwestern at Gowanda Falconer at Dunkirk Cassadaga Valley at Pine Valley Brocton at Chautauqua Lake Tuesday, Dec. 13 Forestville at Ripley Maple Grove at Randolph Westfield at Silver Creek Wednesday, Dec. 14 Falconer at Fredonia * — Westfield Tournament

d -

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December 8, 2011 Edition – Sports Section – B

More BCS Nightmares Could Former Fredonia Standout Oye Scores First Professional Goal Blue Devil Jordan Scrap System In Long Run Former Oye scored his first profes-

day n ec.



Chris Winkler COMMENTARY

ght There’s an old saying that evmpi-erything happens for a reason. ong Out of all evil, there is always y, some good. Belief or not, the presumed college football God might have said enough is enough and gave us his own version of Noah’s Ark — the 2011 season. Sure LSU is the clear-cut No. 1 n team in the country. And actuua ally, all is not lost, because the ind premier team in the land will ite. have a chance to play for the national title. And in the end, that’s all that really matters. But, it’s the fact that a few worthy candidates — Oklahoma State primarily — won’t last have their shot at playing for al that same national title. But, don’t go blaming the irdsBCS for this mess. We’re all for a playoff and there is no doubt that a playoff system would determine who really is the best team in the country. There is also little-to-no-doubt that LSU would win that playoff regardless of size, four, ley eight, 16 teams. h But we don’t have a playoff. ent We have this stupid, makeyou-tear-your-hair-out system that moronically looks at 120 teams and decided what two (two!!) should play for the championship. But that’s not the BCS’s fault. In fact, the BCS is asked to e give the top two teams in the country. Say what you want al. about the rematch, or how great Oklahoma State is, or how two teams from the same the conference shouldn’t play for te the title, but Alabama is the No. 2 team in the country. The Tide lost to No. 1 LSU by three points in overtime (yes, I realize they were at home and the game was semi-boring). The Pokes lost to Iowa h a State, also in overtime, but ed the Cyclones happen to be a nds.6-6 team that was a 29-point s- underdog. Say what you want about Vegas, their odds makers know what they’re doing. Ok State’s best win was home against Kansas State. The als Oklahoma win was nice and certainly impressive, but it was the Sooners third loss in their n last six. Alabama’s best win? te Take your pick between Arle kansas, Penn State or Auburn. - All were blowouts and two ey were on the road. ht That’s not the problem, though. Look, if this system was right, they’d play each other in a national semifinal and Alabama would be favored. But, it’s not right. The real sham is just about every other BCS bowl game. Again, don’t go blaming the - BCS. Virginia Tech and Michigan were both elected as at-large teams to play in the Sugar Bowl. They finished No. 11 and No. 14, respectively, in the final BCS standings, well below ke Boise State (No. 7) and Kansas State (No. 8). To put it mildly, the BCS standings are actually spot on. It’s the selection committee of each bowl game that again butchered this sport. The Sugar Bowls powersthat-be who decided to take Virginia Tech over Boise State (any team rated in the top 14 of the final BCS standings are eligible to be selected) are

exactly what is wrong with the sport, this system. Virginia Tech got rolled by three-loss Clemson twice and beat one team in the top 45 of Jeff Sagarin’s (computer ranking system, also used by BCS) final rankings. They beat five-loss North Carolina by three, six-loss Miami (Fla.) by three and nine-loss Duke by four. I’m not kidding either, but their best non-conference win was against Arkansas State, who did win 10 games, but plays in the Sun Belt. Meanwhile Boise State went 11-1, beat Georgia by two touchdowns in Atlanta, blew everybody else out and lost to TCU (No. 18 final BCS rank) by a point. But Virginia Tech will sell more tickets. A lot more. Michigan? Well the Wolverines lost two, including one to five-loss Iowa. Their only top 25 win was Nebraska at home. But Brady Hoke is a first-year head coach, Big Blue nation hasn’t been this excited in a decade and they will flock to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl. Nothing else matters besides money. Résumés be damned. West Virginia won the Big East so they get to go to the Orange Bowl. Never mind they lost to Syracuse, who isn’t even bowl eligible. And Clemson will join them. They also lost three games. A BCS bowl game with a combined six losses? Come on, seriously? More deserving candidates such as South Carolina (who beat Clemson by three touchdowns) and Arkansas (who only lost to LSU and Alabama) aren’t allowed in because the BCS won’t allow more than two teams from the same conference in the 10 BCS spots. And since they play in the SEC, they’re the third or fourth best teams at most. That’s fine, I get it. Share the wealth to less privileged like non-AQ’s, not two-loss teams from conferences not named the SEC. Regardless, a short story turned long (although I could go much longer) is that this might have been the final straw. Big 12 commissioner Chuck Neinas is already pushing for the “plus-one” (basically a final four) system. We already know SEC commissioner Mike Slive is all for it because he ironically pushed it for four years ago and was shot down by every one. Since then, the SEC has only won every single BCS Championship and they’ll do that again this year. Stanford has a legitimate claim too; after all they only lost one game. Think the Pac-12 isn’t miffed they’re an afterthought? The non-AQs? Well even if a “plus-one” wouldn’t help immediately, future expansion would always be considered. Plus, what good did the BCS do this year? Boise got skipped over for only monetary reasons and Houston wasn’t considered after losing a conference championship game that isn’t necessary in Conference USA anyhow. Add to it, C-USA lost up to $17 million by Houston not going to a BCS Bowl. I’d say they’re not happy. Even ACC commissioner John Swofford has reportedly been in favor, although they seem to benefit the most from this current system. Anyhow, only two years are left on the current BCS contract, so discussions will certainly be heavy this offseason on what to do after 2013. A playoff system in college football? Only time will tell.

sional goal Nov. 19 while playing for the Louisiana Ice Gators in the Southern Professional Hockey League. Jordan was a First Team All American and also SUNYAC Player of the Year while earning a double major in Business Finance and Economics. He scored 17 goals and had 23 assists last year while leading Fredonia to a 14-13-1 record. The forward finished his career with 111 points, including 45 goals.

Oye currently plays along with his freshman year roommate and four-year teammate, Alex Morton. (Photo by Raul R. Rubiera/Fayetteville Observer)

Chautauqua Sports Hall of Fame Announces Six Inductees Contributed Article Chautauqua Sports HOF

The board of directors of the Chautauqua Sports Hall of Fame has chosen six individuals for enshrinement at its 31st annual induction dinner on Feb. 20, 2012 at the Lakewood Rod and Gun Club. The six inductees are Betty Bartkowiak, the late Ben Bishop, Jim McElrath Sr., John O'Neil, Greg Peterson and Bob Schmitt. Bartkowiak was an outstanding high school and collegiate athlete. The Dunkirk native was inducted in the Western New York Softball Hall of Fame in 1984 and the Brockport State Sports Hall of Fame in 1988. She is a professor emeritus from Oswego State, where she taught health and physical education and coached a variety of sports. Bishop was the club champion at Moon Brook Country Club 12 times and the Chautauqua County Amateur champion four times. He established the MBCC amateur record with a 6-under-par 66. While attending Wooster College, Bishop set four school records in track. An accountant at the firm of Ruland and Bishop, he died in 1970 at the age of 54.

During a seven-year coaching career at Panama, McElrath won four sectional basketball titles in the days before the state tournament was established. A stellar high school and college basketball player, McElrath was inducted into the Mercer County (Pa.) Sports Hall of Fame in 1994 and the Mercer High School Hall of Fame in 2002. Upon his retirement as principal at Jamestown High School, the students requested the newlyconstructed gymnasium be named in his honor. Kentucky native O'Neil first made Jamestown his home when he played for the 1941 Jamestown Falcons of the PONY League. He went on to play at every level of professional baseball from the Class D Falcons to the Philadelphia Phillies of the National League. O'Neil also served as a manager, general manger and scout in a baseball career that lasted 45 years. Peterson, along with his friend and fellow CSHOF inductee Russ Diethrick, was the driving force that convinced Rich Baseball to locate its Niagara Falls Rapids franchise to Jamestown to become the Jammers in 1994.

He was the impetus for the 1998 book Across the Seams that chronicles the history of professional baseball in Jamestown. Peterson is well known as an advocate and historian of local sports. He has interviewed hundreds of sports personalities and shared their stories on the local cable channel. He is a partner in the Phillips Lytle law firm and president of the Robert H. Jackson Center. In 13 years as the baseball coach at Frewsburg Central School, Schmitt compiled a 239-82 record and led the Bears to three state championships. An outstanding basketball and baseball player at Jamestown Community College, Schmitt also played for the powerful Jock Shop softball squad that won national titles in 1984 and 1985. Schmitt is a retired teacher from Frewsburg. Ticket information and more details about the induction dinner, including the banquet speaker, plus expanded inductees' biographies will be released later. CSHOF Participates in Continuing Legal Education Program

CSHOF secretary Russ Ecklund joined a large number of lawyers and other community leaders at a continuing legal education seminar held Nov. 1 at the Robert H. Jackson Center. Among the highlights was a luncheon presentation by former Buffalo Sabres great Danny Gare. The CSHOF provided photos of Gare, which he autographed for attendees. CSHOF to Screen Top Sports Movies Hoosiers, The Natural, Field of Dreams, Blind Side, Brian’s Song, Radio, Remember the Titans, Pride of the Yankees... these are just some of the all-time great sports movies the Chautauqua Sports Hall of Fame plans to show beginning in January at the Robert H. Jackson Center in Jamestown. The CSHOF movie nights will be held on the first and third Wednesdays, from January through April at 7 pm. The films will be shown free of charge to the public on Jan. 4 and Jan. 18, Feb. 1 and Feb. 15, March 7 and March 21, and April 4 and April 18. The complete schedule of films will be announced in December by CSHOF director Scott Kindberg, chairman of the movie night project.

High School Hoops Roundup By Chris Winkler Star Sports Editor

Opening weekend for high school basketball tipped off this weekend with a bit of a bang. Nick Lenart scored 33 points for Panama as the Panama opened its season with a 67-55 win over Chautauqua Lake. Lenart went 12-for-19 from the floor and 3-for-6 from behind the arc to lead the Panthers. Panama jumped out to a 25-13 lead at the end of the first quarter and cruised from there on in. Tyler Marsh helped with six points and 10 rebounds and Alec Blose had 11 points and six rebounds. Next up for Panama is Cassadaga Valley Friday night. Chautauqua Lake fell to 0-2 after losing both of their games during the opening weekend against Panama and then Brocton, 50-40, Monday night. The Thunderbirds led 33-10 at halftime against Brocton before a nightmare of a third quarter in which they were outscored 24-1. Jason McMahon led the way for Chautauqua Lake with 16 points and 14 rebounds against Brocton. The standout quarterback for

the football team, who led the Thunderbirds to their first league title, also had eight points against Panama. They’ll get a rematch with Brocton, Monday, Dec. 12. • Forestville’s boys team got off to a nice start with a 58-31 win over Ripley. Tyler Shear had 14 points and 11 rebounds. Nate Maines also had 10 points and six assists. It’s a good start for a team that went 4-13 last year. • The Sherman girls won the Cassadaga Valley Tournament by beating Falconer 64-55 Friday night and the host Cougars 40-28 the following night. They were led by junior Elle Reed who had a fantastic tournament en route to being named the Most Valuable Player. She had 28 points in the opening win against Falconer and added 21 more Saturday against Cassadaga Valley. Amy Sands helped out with 18 Friday, including 11 points in the final quarter, but had just three the following night. The girls have a bit of a break until their next game when the play Chautauqua Lake Tuesday, Dec. 13. For Cassadaga Valley, the Cougars won the opening game 3735 against Maple Grove before

Gowanda APA League Standings as of Dec. 4, 2011

1. Ball Busters 2. Simply Wicked Pool 3. Ronnies Crazy 8’s 4. Da Wicked Skibbies 5. Jamestown Street Tavern Top Gun Josh Miskell is first in the Purple Tier. Aryln Schindler

is first in the Red Tier. Chris Washy is first in the Yellow Tier. Konrad Zieba is first in the Blue Tier. New Session starts the second week in January 2012. For more information contact Division Representative David Covert at 716-698-2291.

losing in the championship. Taylor Storer had 17 points Friday and 14 more Saturday to lead the way for Cass. Valley. She remarkably scored 31 of the Cougars’ 65 points this weekend. They won’t play again until Dec. 20 against Cattaraugus/Little Valley. • The Southwestern girls got off to just as good of a start by winning the Salamanca Tournament by defeating Gowanda 60-27 Saturday. They raced out to an 18-3 lead after one quarter and a 35-12 lead at halftime all but had the game finished. Jennie Thies was just too much for Gowanda, she had 28 points and 17 rebounds in the championship. Leslie Bumburoski also had a good tournament for the Lady Trojans who moved to 2-0 and will host Gowanda against Monday. They won their season opener against Pine Valley in the opening round of the Salamanca Tournament last Thursday. • Finally the Chautauqua Lake girls won the Westfield Tournament by beating Clymer 50-43 and Panama 47-40. Panama took out the hosts 57-42 before falling in the championship. Clymer then defeated Westfield 62-25 in

the consolation game. • The local basketball season really starts to get going this upcoming week. Three more girls tournaments at Jamestown, Silver Creek and Pine Valley get started this weekend. Numerous individual non-league games will be going on as well. The boys are still about a week away before the season gets into full swing, but the Westfield tournament Friday will start seasons for a few teams. Cassadaga Valley, coming off back-to-back 19-win seasons opens its year with Panama Friday night. As mentioned earlier, the Panthers are off to a good start and should be an entertaining opener for the Cougars. Then they play Pine Valley Monday, Dec. 12. Also on Monday will the Dunkirk Marauders kicking off their season by hosting Falconer that will highlight a five-game Monday slate. The Marauders are coming off a 19-1 season in which they lost their last game of the year against Lackawanna in the playoffs. • Just a reminder to send all scores, stats, photos and anything else you wish to sports@

Accidents • Social Security Disability Workers’ Compensation

Fessenden, Laumer & DeAngelo

81 Forest Avenue, Jamestown, New York 14701

(716) 484-1010

Representing Injured People and Their Families



December 8, 2011 Edition – Sports Section – B


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Insider By T.J. TOMASI



Watch your language

A model swing: The transition This is the fifth in a series about 11 key swing positions that allow you to match your own swing to a standard model to see how it stacks up. The model assumes a right-handed golfer who is hitting a straight shot. Position 5: The transition The transition occurs at the top of your swing when the club changes directions. At this point, the club was moving away from the ball, now stops and begins to arc back toward the ball. It is here that golf’s smallest but most important movement takes place: the hip switch in which pressure is transferred from the back hip to the front hip without actually rotating the hips. Basically, you simply step to your front leg. If there is one move that distinguishes a good player from a bad one, it is this change of pressure applied to the front hip without any premature hip turn. Your goal here is to increase body coil by a lateral bump or shuttle of the hips. Studies of the transition show that to create coil you should rotate your shoulders twice as much as your hips, a ratio known as the X factor. However, the most powerful hitters take advantage of a technique that ratchets up their power factor even more called the stretch factor. Most low-handicap players start the bump as the clubhead reaches

the end of ABOUT THE WRITER the backDr. T.J. swing arc. Tomasi is a teaching But to take professional advantage in Port St. of the stretch Lucie, Fla. Visit his factor like Web site at the pros do, you must start your hips moving before you complete your backswing, while the club is still moving up on the backswing arc. It’s just physics, not magic, but you will think it’s magic when you see how far the ball goes using the stretch factor. It’s the technique used by those tiny bombers on the LPGA Tour. Japan’s Ai Miyazato is only 4 feet 11 inches tall, but she hits it 260 yards using a driver that looks bigger than she is. Such is the power of the stretch factor. Here’s the key concept that escapes the less-fortunate observer who’s over-blessed with common sense. You would think that hitting a ball hard is simply a matter of speeding up the club by speeding up your body, but that is only half the story, and you can’t play good golf with only half a story. Not only do you speed up your hips, but then they slow down to pass the power on to the shoulders, which speed up, then slow down to pass the power on again until at impact the power is dumped into the ball.

Power is half of the game (the other is direction), and the transition zone is where the sequencing of power begins. At top, this player has achieved the X factor: twice as much shoulder coil as hip coil. Below, his hips have moved forward, increasing the 2-to-1 ratio and building extra power by virtue of the stretch factor.


How to train your GPS Your golf proprioception system (GPS) is a group of body-wide sensors that send information to the brain as to where your body is in space. The exercises below will help you train your GPS and promote balance during the golf swing, while reducing injury to the joints directly involved in the swing. Before you attempt any exercises, please check with your physician. Exercise 1: Light stretching warm-up. Gently swinging two clubs at the same time is perhaps the best warm-up. Exercise 2: The stork drill. Place a club on the ground so it divides your stance in half, then straddle the club at address without a club in your hand. Next, stand with full body weight supported by your right leg only (left if you’re left-handed), and bring your left knee up until your thigh is parallel with the ground. Keep your eyes looking straight ahead. Do this until you can hold the pose for 10 seconds. Return to your address position. Now position your weight in the same way on your left leg. Finally, without stopping at address, alternate from right to left, left to right, holding each position for five seconds. Exercise 3: Assume your golf address position empty-handed, then lift your front leg as you did in the stork drill and mimic a full swing to the top

with your front arm and by swinging your front leg around behind your weight-bearing leg. Then reverse the swing and replant the free-swinging leg into its original address position. Without stopping, continue through impact by swinging your right leg around behind your left as I have in the photos above. Perform these swings until tired. This weighting your back leg then weighting your front leg mimics your normal golf swing, and it trains your proprioceptive system to activate the correct muscles that keep you in perfect golf balance. I recommend you do these exercises three times a week and always use them just before you play. Some of my students even use the leg-swing drill as part of their pre-shot routine.

“To have a second language is to have a second soul.” — Charlemagne Every golfer who’s taken a lesson or been coached by friends has heard these phrases from the golf training lexicon: “Make a good shoulder turn around your spine”; “shift that weight”; “clear your front hip.” But how many wonder: Does the language cause the thinking or does it merely express the thinking? Most would answer that our words simply describe what is going on inside our heads and do not cause our thoughts — but is this true? And if the words do cause the thoughts, doesn’t this suggest that we are much too cavalier in the way we talk about most things, including golf? Many experts believe that when we learn a language, we learn a world view. Does a person who speaks Hebrew see the world differently than someone who speaks English due solely to the language difference? It appears so, according to Lera Boroditsky, a professor of psychology at Stanford University, who showed a series of photographs, including a person eating a banana, to different singlelanguage people, then asked them to arrange the photos in sequence. “English speakers arrange time (the photos) from left to right,” Boroditsky reported. “Hebrew speakers do it from right to left (because Hebrew is written from right to left). Pormpuraawans (Australian Aborigines), we found, arranged time from east to west. That is, seated facing south, time went left to right. When facing north, right to left.” Causation is molded by language and so are abstract representations, including time, number, musical pitch, kinship relations, morality and emotions — and by extension, a specialized language for golf that describes and shapes our golf world. One such language is contained in the LAWs swing system, which describes a world in which three types of swings exist that match three body types (leverage, arc, width). In the LAWs golf world, playing your best golf is all about finding the proper matchups between your body type and your swing type. One young pro I trained told me that after she learned the LAWs she found herself categorizing each person she met as either a leverage, arc or width player, even if they didn’t play golf. Learning the language of the LAWs changed her perception of a portion of her reality that she deemed important — golf. But this “language within a language” effect is not well-studied, even though it is rampant in our normal world: The doctor’s lexicon leads him to think like a doctor; the soldier, the gestalt psychologist, the gang member all fall into line and see the world as they say it. Sticks and stones can break our bones and, according to this hypothesis, our words can and do hurt us. If they are the wrong words, we will have the wrong concepts, and golf is riddled with misperceptions laid down by the wrong words. (For more information about the LAWs system, visit GOLF SPOKEN HERE

Turkey Three consecutive birdies during one round of golf.



“I don’t know if he made that strong a comeback; he only won two out of five matches. … I know he won his singles match, but by then things were basically over.” — Ernie Els, unimpressed with Tiger Woods’ 2-3 performance at the Presidents Cup. Els used to be so intimidated by Tiger that his sports psychologist scolded him to stop admitting how much better Woods was than everyone else.

Stat measures triumph over adversity One of the most revealing stats on the PGA Tour is “bounce back,” making a birdie or better after making a bogey or worse. It’s an indication of how a player handles adversity, and you won’t see many

of the top players get on the bogey train without being able to get off. Below are the top 20 players in bounce back percentage through Nov. 20. Notice how many big names dominate this category.

Top 20 in Bounce Back 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Aron Price Webb Simpson* Dustin Johnson* Boo Weekley Aaron Baddeley* J.B. Holmes* Luke Donald** Will Strickler Blake Adams Rickie Fowler*

* Players I consider “world class”

27.71 27.40 26.58 26.50 26.15 26.09 25.90 25.68 25.32 25.10

T11. T11. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

Brandt Jobe Adam Scott* D.A. Points Hunter Mahan* Nate Smith Sergio Garcia* John Merrick K.J. Choi* Charley Hoffman Kyle Stanley

25.00 25.00 24.91 24.79 24.63 24.52 24.19 24.14 23.70 23.67

** No. 1 player in the world



Q: I came across a 1-iron in my basement and I’m wondering about using it. Nobody I play with has ever seen one. — C.M. A: The 1-iron has all but disappeared into antiquity. The last PGA Tour pro to win a tournament with one in his bag was Joey Sindelar at the 2004 Wachovia Championship. The 2-iron and 3-iron, at least for most amateurs, are heading in the same direction. Older players first started replacing irons longer than the 5-iron with easier-to-hit specialty woods in the 1990s, and the introduction of the modern hybrid club over the last decade has accelerated that process. In fact, many PGA Tour pros routinely use hybrid clubs now because they’re so versatile from so many different lies. Many amateurs, however, still swear by their

long irons, at least up to their 3-iron, anyway. And although the masses have reacted to the hybrid and its ease of use with nothing short of slack-jawed astonishment, some golfers still find them uncomfortable to use. So let’s leave it at this: Do you have to replace your long irons with hybrids? No. Should you carry at least one hybrid in your bag? Definitely. Even if you don’t use it all the time, there are going to be situations where it’s the perfect club for the job. You can drive with them, work the ball with them, chip with them, and even putt with them. With a little time and practice, you may just decide to embrace them. (To Ask the Pro a question about golf, e-mail him at:

Made for each other The hands-free umbrella hat is a staple of outdoor concerts and sporting events. But now there’s an umbrella for your golf clubs. It fits in your golf bag pocket and has a lifetime warranty. Think of it as a two-fer: You can look really stupid in that umbrella-hat while you keep your clubs dry with an umbrella-club cover. The Drizzlestik Compact club cover is $19.99 at Product. Get the fashion-forward umbrella hat for just 10 bucks at

Distributed by Universal Uclick. (800) 255-6734. *For release the week of November 28, 2012. • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)


December 8, 2011 Edition – Sports Section – B

After Another Week Off, Ironmen Head To Port Huron, Kalamazoo By Chris Winkler Star Sports Editor

It was another refreshing week off for the Jamestown Ironmen. For a team that played in each of the first 10 weekends of the season, Jamestown has now had three of the last five weekends off. The treat? The Ironmen got to take in an NHL game at the First Niagara Center in Buffalo as the Sabres took on the Detroit Red Wings. The Red Wings won 4-1, much to the approval of the 12 Ironmen who hail from Michigan. The team spent Monday at Warren (Pa.) Middle School all day, an event head coach Dan Daikawa was more than happy to talk about heading into last weekend. “We’re really excited for that,” Daikawa said. “It will be an all day hockey clinic. We’ll have half the players there in the morning and we’ll bring in a new group half way through. It’s great to get out there and meet the community. The boys have basically been views as superheroes which is always fun to see.” But they were back on the ice Tuesday as the Ironmen get ready for an important fourgame swing before all teams head home for Christmas break. Three of the next four games are against the Port

Huron Fighting Falcons, the North Division leader. The other game is against secondplace Kalamazoo. That will happen this weekend when Jamestown travels to Kalamazoo for a 2 p.m. game Saturday afternoon. They’ll play at Port Huron the night before at 7 p.m. and the quick turnaround has given Jamestown problems in the past. However, that is one thing Daikawa said the team has noticed and will look to address this week. The team will leave Jamestown a day earlier

and use the day off in between to relax and prepare mentally, Daikawa said. The rest will be needed all the way around Friday night considering Port Huron is one of the deeper and more balanced teams in the league. They boast nine forwards with at least 15 points and the team’s point leaders, Mike Moroso and Alex Globke, each have 22 points. The road trip will also be one of the last — for a while at least — for the Ironmen. Besides two games in Janes-

ville, Wis., Jamestown won’t have another road game until Feb. 10. That means 10 of its next 12 games will be at the Jamestown Savings Bank Ice Arena, which to say the least is good news for an Ironmen team grabbing most of their points on home ice. Regardless, Jamestown come back home Saturday night and have one final homestand before Christmas with a pair of games against Port Huron Friday, Dec. 16 and Saturday, Dec. 17.

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Game at Port Huron Fighting Falcons * at Kalamazoo Jr K-Wings * Port Huron Fighting Falcons * Port Huron Fighting Falcons * Traverse City North Stars * Traverse City North Stars * Traverse City North Stars * at Janesville Jets at Janesville Jets Port Huron Fighting Falcons * Port Huron Fighting Falcons * Kalamazoo Warriors * Kalamazoo Warriors * Kalamazoo Warriors * at Port Huron Fighting Falcons * at Michigan Warriors * at Kalamazoo Jr. K-Wings * Janesville Jets Janesville Jets Michigan Warriors * Michigan Warriors * Traverse City North Stars * Traverse City North Stars * Traverse City North Stars * at Traverse City North Stars * at Traverse City North Stars * at Traverse City North Stars *

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2011-12 Key Dates Feb. 19-21 — NAHL Top Prospects (All-Star Break) II May 1-5 — Robertson Cup * - denotes divisional game † - NAHL Showcase games played in Blaine, Minn.

2011-12 NAHL Standings Central Division




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5 9 8 12 22

Midwest Division




St. Louis Janesville Coulee Region Springfield Chicago

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19 18 9 10 5

6 5 14 14 18


0 2 2 2 1

42 30 30 28 9

South Division OTL PTS Amarillo

1 2 4 1 1

Sabres Recall Defenseman Finley Buffalo Sabres General Manager Darcy Regier announced that defenseman Joe Finley has been recalled from the Rochester Americans of the American Hockey League. Finley joins the Sabres on his second career recall after making his NHL debut in the team’s game on Friday, Dec. 2 vs. Detroit. He has appeared in two games for the Sabres this year. The defenseman has two points in 18 games played with the Americans and leads the team with 57 penalty

(Through Dec. 7)

39 38 22 21 11

Texas Topeka Odessa Corpus Christi Wichita Falls New Mexico


28 27 28 25 22 25 27


21 17 16 9 10 9 8

North Division


3 4 10 12 11 15 17


4 6 2 4 1 1 2

46 40 34 22 21 19 18





Port Huron Kalamazoo Traverse City Michigan Jamestown

30 27 22 28 27

18 16 13 11 11

10 10 5 14 15

2 1 4 3 1

West Division





Alaska Fairbanks Kenai River Wenatchee Fresno Dawson Creek

30 25 26 23 25 29

20 14 16 12 10 7

9 5 9 7 8 20

1 6 1 4 7 2

38 33 30 25 23

41 34 33 28 27 16

Sabres, AT&T To Raise Money For Boys and Girls Club

BUFFALO, NY — The Buffalo Sabres and AT&T are teaming up this holiday seaminutes. He is playing in his third professional season after son with the “Text-to-Give” spending parts of the 2008-09 program benefiting the Boys and 2010-11 seasons with the & Girls Clubs of Buffalo. Hershey Bears. In 26 From Dec. 2 until Dec. 22, career AHL games, Sabres fans can text the word Finley has three SABRES to 50555 to donate points and 79 $5 to the Boys & Girls Clubs penalty minutes, of Buffalo. The proceeds will posting a plus/ go toward the purchase of minus rating of holiday presents for children plus-16. in the 13 Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo locations. The Edina, Minn. native, who was originally Fans who donate during selected by the Washington any Sabres game throughCapitals in the first round (No. out the promotion will be 27 overall) of the 2005 NHL automatically registered to Entry Draft, signed a multiwin a chance to skate at First year contract with the Sabres Niagara Center. on Nov. 28. “We are extremely fortunate

to have the Buffalo Sabres and AT&T as part of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo family,” said Diane L. Rowe, Chief Professional Officer of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo. “Their continued generosity will allow us to bring joy and security to the thousands of children we serve and who count on the Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo as a constant, stable environment in their life.” In addition, Sabres players will be making in-store appearances at local AT&T locations. Derek Roy will be signing autographs at the AT&T Store at 1741 Sheridan Drive in Tonawanda, N.Y. on Monday, Dec. 5 from

7 p.m. until 8 p.m. Nathan Gerbe will do the same from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 14 at the AT&T Store at 3505 Amelia Drive in Orchard Park, N.Y. "We're proud to team up with the Sabres to support Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo, an organization that provides much needed services such as character building, career development and overall life skills for our young people every day," said Robert Holliday, vice president and general manager Upstate New York, AT&T. "‘Tis the season to give, and we know that Sabres Fans will join AT&T in doing our part to give back

to the Buffalo community." Since 1926, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo has been committed to making sure there is a place for every child who needs after school care and to provide a friendly, caring environment that allows kids to be their best. They make every effort to enrich the lives of girls and boys whom other youth agencies have had difficulty in reaching. Every day, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo demonstrate their commitment to children by providing them with access to quality programs and services that will enhance their lives and shape their futures.


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Brees Fastest To 4,000 As Saints Beat Lions

By Brett Martel Associated Press

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Drew Brees makes setting records sound so simple. “Every guy on our team knows that just get where you are supposed to be and we’ll find the open guy and continue to move the ball down the field,” Brees said. The Saints’ star quarterback did just that Sunday night, completing 26 of 36 passes for 342 yards and touchdowns to three different receivers in a 31-17 victory over the Detroit Lions. The performance gave Brees 4,031 yards this season, making him the first quarterback in NFL history to eclipse the 4,000-yard mark in a season’s first 12 games. “We were able to spread the ball around and come up with some big plays,” Brees said. “I hope our hopes and aspirations are bigger than setting records.” Brees’ touchdown passes went for 67 yards to Robert Meachem, 20 yards to Lance Moore and 6 yards to Darren Sproles. He also connected eight times with tight end Jimmy Graham for 89 yards as the Saints (9-3) improved to 6-0 at home while taking a two-game lead over Atlanta in the NFC South. “He’s a surgeon out there and makes me look good,” Graham said of Brees. “When your quarterback has confidence in you, it raises you to a new level.” During the Saints’ three touchdown drives in the first half, Brees completed 12 straight passes for 216 yards. Matthew Stafford passed for 408 yards and one touchdown for the Lions (7-5), who have lost five of their last seven, but remain in playoff contention. The Lions hurt themselves

LSU-Alabama Rematch For BCS National Title By Ralph D. Russo Associated Press

Drew Brees (No. 9) passes during the first quarter of Sunday's game against the Detroit Lions. Brees became the fastest player in NFL history to surpass the 4,000-yard mark, which he did in 12 games. (AP Photo/Bill Haber)

with 11 penalties for 107 yards, including three offensive pass interference penalties and a personal foul on tight end Brandon Pettigrew for shoving an official who was trying to get between him and Saints safety Roman Harper after the whistle. “We beat ourselves today. Our offense continued to get derailed by penalties,” Lions coach Jim Schwartz said. “We cannot afford to be selfish and put the team at risk of taking points off the board and there was way too much of that today.” The mistakes made it impossible for the Lions to keep pace with the league’s No. 1 offense, and Detroit missed a chance to take a one-game lead over Chicago and Atlanta in the NFC wild-card race. “We had a great opportunity to do what we wanted to do,” Stafford said. “Obviously, we did not do it tonight. Smart football teams are still playing in January. Teams that make smart decisions don’t beat themselves.” Mark Ingram scored New

Orleans’ first touchdown on a 14-yard run. The Saints then built a 24-7 halftime lead on the touchdowns to Meachem and Moore before Detroit showed signs of mounting a comeback. Jason Hanson’s 31-yard field goal made it 24-10. The Lions pulled within one score on Maurice Morris’ 9-yard touchdown reception. Hanson lined up for 55-yarder early in the fourth quarter that could have pulled the Lions even closer, but missed it wide left. That set up the Saints’ decisive seven-play, 55-yard scoring drive on which Brees found Graham four times for 46 yards before hitting Sproles for his score. “I like the fact that we answered in the second half when the momentum shifted,” Saints coach Sean Payton said Although the Lions were without Ndamukong Suh because of his two-game suspension, and also without injured defensive backs Chris Houston (left knee) and Louis Delmas (left knee), Schwartz said that was no excuse for

several defensive lapses, particularly in the first half. “We played poorly on defense. We never gave ourselves a chance,” Schwartz said. “We didn’t get the job done in coverage. We didn’t get the job done rushing the passer.” Still, Detroit got more pressure on Brees than the Saints’ recent opponents, sacking him twice, including rookie Nick Fairley’s first career sack. Brees had not been sacked in three previous games. Stafford completed 31 of 44 passes, but was sacked three times and intercepted by Tracy Porter. Nate Burleson had five catches for 93 yards, while Calvin Johnson had six catches for 69 yards. Kevin Smith had a 2-yard touchdown run in the first half. Meachem caught three passes for 119 yards, and the Saints’ defense was bolstered by the return of linebacker Jonathan Vilma, who had missed three games with left knee injury that required surgery. He had a team-leading 10 tackles.

Reyes, Marlins Agree At $106 Million By Ronald Blum Associated Press

DALLAS (AP) — Jose Reyes is speeding to the suddenly splurging Miami Marlins. The All-Star shortstop became the second top free agent to land with the Marlins in a matter of days, agreeing Sunday night to a $106 million, six-year contract, a person familiar with the negotiations told The Associated Press. After adding All-Star closer Heath Bell for $27 million over three years, the Marlins gave the NL batting champion a deal that includes a club option for 2018 that would make the contract worth $120 million, the person said, speaking on condition of anonymity because the agreement had not yet been announced. Preparing to move into a $515 million retractable-roof ballpark, the Marlins hired Ozzie Guillen as their manager and have become a driving force in the market ahead of the winter meetings, which start Monday. With Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols the remaining high-profile hitters on the market, they hope to land another big bat. Pujols, like Reyes, already has toured the new stadium — which opens when the Marlins host the Cardinals on April 4. Reyes is following Francisco Rodriguez and Carlos Beltran out of New York, leaving David Wright and Johan Santana as the Mets’ last remaining stars. Mets general manager Sandy Alderson began hearing rumors of the deal Sunday afternoon. “If the numbers are what are speculated and Jose does leave us, I don’t think people will be surprised that under those circumstances he went elsewhere. It doesn’t mean they’ll be happy about it,” said Alderson, who spoke with Reyes’ agents earlier in the day. “There was an indication to me that things were moving. Exactly how far. I didn’t ask. I didn’t need to.” Reyes signed with New York at age 16

Shortstop Jose Reyes agreed to a $106 million, six-year contract with the Miami Marlins. ASSOCIATED PRESS

and last year become the Mets’ first NL batting champion, when he hit .337 and topped the league with 16 triples, while stealing 39 bases. The 28-year-old is a four-time All-Star and three-time stolen base champion. But he has been prone to injuries in recent seasons, particularly to his hamstrings. He has not played more than 133 games in any of the last three years, averaging 98. His arrival in Miami, where the Marlins will be wearing new brightly colored uniforms, likely means three-time AllStar Hanley Ramirez will be shifting from shortstop to third base. Reyes received the second-nine figure deal of the offseason, following center fielder Matt Kemp’s $160 million, eight-year contract to stay with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Reyes’ departure is another blow to the Mets, who went 77-85 in their third straight losing season. Attendance at Citi Field dropped to 2.35 million, down about 7 percent from last year and their lowest since 2004, when they played at Shea Stadium. Alderson said the Mets never made a

formal offer to Reyes, who is coming off a deal that paid him $32.4 million over five years. “I don’t believe Mets’ fans will be surprised if these reports are true that Jose may not be back,” he said. “You have to draw a line somewhere and based on our experience, not just with Jose — but with multiyear contracts generally, and not just with our multiyear contracts, but all multiyear contracts generally — we decided that there were some conceptual limitations to where we would go.” Alderson became general manager when Omar Minaya was fired after the 2010 season. The Wilpon family that owns the Mets has been sued by the trustee trying to recover money for the victims of the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme, and he is seeking to recover up to $386 million from the Mets’ ownership group. “Bernie Madoff and his specter are always referenced in these situations. I really don’t really think that Madoff has that much to do with this,” Alderson said. “But when a team loses $70 million, irrespective of Bernie Madoff or anyone else, that’s probably a bigger factor in our approach to this season and the next couple than anything else.” Alderson wouldn’t say whether the $70 million figure was for 2011 only. “Big losses, let’s put it that way,” he said. With Reyes gone, Ruben Tejada becomes the Mets’ projected starting shortstop. “We don’t expect him to be Jose Reyes,” Alderson said. “At some point, he will be what he can be as a player.” In a matter-of-fact 20-minute briefing, Alderson didn’t concede the 2012 season would be a loss and maintained the departure wouldn’t lead to a total rebuilding. “I don’t think anything that Jose does or doesn’t do over the next few days has any impact on David Wright,” Alderson said. “Right now, we don’t contemplate trading David Wright.”

If you like sequels, the BCS has a championship game for you: Alabama-LSU II. The Crimson Tide edged Oklahoma State in the final round of voting Sunday and will play the top-ranked Tigers in the BCS national championship game on Jan. 9 in New Orleans. Undefeated LSU is the only team to beat Alabama this season, and the head BCS official sees a rematch as a perfectly good title game. “Absolutely, if they’re 1 and 2, and they are in all the polls released today,” executive director Bill Hancock said. Still, it’s not exactly a game the public was clamoring for — at least outside of Southeastern Conference territory. And it will do nothing to quiet critics of the Bowl Championship Series or calls for a college football playoff. Like it or not, the system has ensured that the SEC — home to both schools — will run its streak of BCS championships to six in a row. Alabama has one of those and will be making its second BCS title game appearance in the last three seasons. The Crimson Tide claims 13 national championships overall and is one of the most decorated programs in the land. It’s won seven AP titles since the wire service started its poll in 1936. LSU will be seeking its third BCS championship since 2003 at the Superdome — the site of its first two. Tide coach Nick Saban won that title for LSU in `03. Current Tigers coach Les Miles matched his predecessor in 2007, winning a championship with a team that lost two games. These talented Tigers, led by dynamic defensive back Tyrann Mathieu, have rarely even trailed against a schedule that included Oregon and West Virginia. “This team loves the big stage,” Miles said. Alabama, with its top-rated defense and Heisman Trophy contender Trent Richardson, was the only team to stay within 13 points of the Tigers this season. The Cowboys made a late surge by beating Oklahoma 44-10 on Saturday night, and closed the gap on Alabama in the polls. But it was not enough to avoid the first title game rematch in the 14-year history of the BCS. The Tigers (13-0) beat the Tide 9-6 in overtime on Nov. 5 in Tuscaloosa. “This could be a totally different type of game,” Saban said. “There’s so many good players on both sides of the ball for both teams. “There’s so much opportunity for this game to play out completely different and have a completely different flavor than the first game.” Alabama (11-1) finished second in both the Harris and coaches’ polls by a wide enough margin to overcome Oklahoma State’s lead in the computer ratings. The Cowboys (11-1), champions of the Big 12, will play in the Fiesta Bowl against Stanford from the Pac-12. “We can’t control it,” Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden said. “But I know we had a heck of a year and we beat really good football teams in this conference and we’re conference cham-

pions, so we did everything that we could.” The other BCS matchups are: — Michigan vs. Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl; — Clemson vs. West Virginia in the Orange Bowl; — Oregon vs. Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. For the first time since the 2005 season, none of the big-money games will feature a BCS buster such as Boise State, TCU or Houston, which had a chance but lost Saturday in the Conference USA championship to Southern Mississippi. The Cougars will play Penn State, which dropped to the Ticket City Bowl in Dallas following the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal that has overshadowed the Nittany Lions’ season. As the power-brokers in college football begin to plot how top-tier bowls will be set up in the future, flaws in the current system were once again being exposed this season. Oklahoma State and Alabama, two teams with perfectly good arguments to play for a national championship, wound up fighting over one spot, with subjective voters and mysterious computer ratings — the formulas of which are not even publicly known — doing the choosing. Alabama won out and Oklahoma State, with one of the most potent offenses in the country, got its first BCS appearance as a consolation prize. “We wanted the opportunity to settle the debate that has gone all year about the offense in the Big 12 and the defense in the SEC,” Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy said on ESPN. The Tide and Tigers played a hard-hitting defensive slog billed as the Game of the Century. And it was exciting in the way Notre Dame and Army’s scoreless tie was exciting in the 1946 version of the Game of the Century. The game was barely over when talk of rematch started, pro and con. Oklahoma State was in position to keep it from happening. The Cowboys were undefeated and second in the BCS standings heading into a Friday night game at Iowa State, a day after Oklahoma State women’s basketball coach Kurt Budke and an assistant coach were killed in a plane crash. The Cowboys lost 37-31 in double OT to the so-so Cyclones (6-6), missing a potential game-winning field goal at the end of regulation by inches. With no other undefeated teams left from the major conferences, Alabama returned to No. 2 and the debate grew more heated. Ultimately, Oklahoma State couldn’t overcome that one loss. Now Saban and Miles, who have been tussling for supremacy in the SEC West on the field and the recruiting trail, will square off for the ultimate prize. And don’t dare suggest to either of them that it’s for anything less. “I think whoever wins the game should be viewed as the national champion,” Saban said, echoing Miles’ sentiment. “Rather than rehash the system we should do research on what would make the system better in the future.”


are: • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)



By John Wawrow


December 8, 2011 Edition – Sports Section – B

Chris Johnson Leads Titans Past Bumbling Bills

Associated Press


ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (AP) — Quarterback tureMatt Hasselbeck did his part in getting the e Tennessee Titans this far into the playoff hunt. Chris Johnson’s happy to take over from here. st The Titans ground game is sprouting legs now that Johnson has shown more signs that o he’s re-emerged from what had been a twomonth slumber. ate, CJ rushed for 153 yards and scored twice in ket securing a 23-17 win over the slumping Bufwingfalo Bills on Sunday. It’s the third time in four use games Johnson’s had at least 100 yards, and it’s - no coincidence that the Titans have won all three times to climb into a logjam of five teams with 7-5 records. “At the beginning of the season, the passing lot game carried us, and now it’s time for the e running game to step it up,” said Johnson, in who has 486 of his 852 yards rushing in his nce past four games. “The offensive line and everything is hitting on all cylinders right now, and hopefully we can continue to keep this momentum going.” Johnson doubled his season touchdown total by to scoring from 48 and 4 yards on consecutive posi- sessions in getting the Titans out to a 17-7 lead. g - Rob Bironas hit three field goals, including a s 44-yarder to make it 23-10 with nine minutes or- left. Hasselbeck was efficient, going 16 of 25 en for 140 yards passing. And the Titans defense the generated two turnovers, and forced Ryan Fitzpatrick to throw three straight incompletions to end the Bills last drive in the final minute. of The praise was left to Johnson, who’s electric n running style is sparking the Titans’ confidence. CS “That’s the CJ that I know,” cornerback Alteron raun Verner said. “If there is a time you want

ity as e hody

Chris Johnson (No. 28) runs for a touchdown as Aaron Williams (No. 23) chases during the first quarter. The Titans held on to win 23-17. (AP Photo/David Duprey)

someone to peak, it’s now. … It’s going to be scary when he starts having some 250-yard games. I can’t wait for that.” The Bills (5-7) have very little left to look forward to but playing games for pride, in the midst of a five-game skid that has all but mathematically knocked them out of the hunt. A

month after Buffalo was battling New England and the Jets for top spot in the AFC East, the team’s now in attempting to hold off Miami (48) for last place in the division. “It’s disappointing. I’ve never lost five in a row,” linebacker Nick Barnett said. “This is new territory for me and I’m sure for a lot of guys. It

Bills’ Surprising Start Dashed By 5-Game Skid By John Wawrow Associated Press

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. d (AP) — The playoffs are og suddenly a pipe dream for quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick - and his teammates after the e Buffalo Bills turned their was surprising start into a peron plexing skid. ry. “It’s hard to realize where we are right now and where ted, we were when we started the season with all the hope,” Fitzpatrick acknowledged Monday, a day after a 23-17 aploss to Tennessee. “It’s unforre tunate that we find ourselves the in this spot.” to wa The Bills (5-7) have lost ma five straight in a spiral that’s plunged them into the all-too-familiar position of d in being in jeopardy of missing the playoffs for a 12th straight season. This was not where Fitzpatrick and the upstart, swagield gering, “No-Name” Bills exon pected to be after getting off to a 5-2 start that included wins in which they rallied from 18- and 21-point deficits in consecutive weeks to beat Oakland and New England. Those dramatic comebacks te and the national attention ne the so-called “Mis-Fitz” generated are dim memories o for a team that’s gone from vying for the AFC East title on to suddenly having its hands g full in holding off the Dole phins (4-8) to avoid finishing last in the division for a fourth straight year. So long as the Bills are still mathematically in contention, coach Chan Gailey isn’t prepared to throw in the towel on his team’s slim ’ playoff hopes. And yet, he’ll concede Buffalo’s chances uld d the

aren’t very good. “It’s hard. It’s tough. It’s no fun. It’s very tough to deal with,” Gailey said. “We’re one game better than we were last year, but it doesn’t feel anywhere near like that. So you’d like to finish as strong as we possibly can to take us into the next year.” The Bills open their final stretch at San Diego on Sunday, which will mark their fourth road game in five weeks. They’ve lost five straight on the road since a seasonopening 41-7 win at Kansas City. And they’re performing little better at home since a 23-0 win over Washington in Buffalo’s annual game at Toronto on Oct. 30. Buffalo’s once-potent offense is sputtering. After averaging 30.1 points through the first seven games, the Bills have managed a meager 13.4 in their past five. Fitzpatrick’s efficiency has dropped drastically as well. After throwing 14 touchdown passes against seven interceptions in his first seven games, he has six TD tosses and seven INTs in his past five. The defense hasn’t been much better. It’s allowing more points and generating far fewer turnovers during the five-game skid. The Bills were among the NFL leaders with 18 takeaways (14 interceptions and four forced fumbles) through their first seven games. They’ve managed just two interceptions and two forced fumbles in their past five. “Yeah, there’s a lot of drastic differences,” linebacker Nick Barnett said. “We’ve got a lot of different guys in this locker room right now due

to a lot of injuries. We’re going through a lot of different things.” Injuries have taken a heavy toll in eating away at the thread-bare depth the Bills had to begin with. Buffalo currently has seven players who opened the season as starters on injured reserve. It’s a group that includes their defensive anchor, tackle Kyle Williams (foot), their most productive offensive threat, running back Fred Jackson (broken leg), and their top offensive lineman, center Eric Wood (knee). “Unfortunately, when we started off, there was a lot of good magic going,” Barnett said. “We still see some of it in flashes, but nowhere near from where we’re supposed to be or nowhere near where we started. So we’ve got to try to get it back.” The Bills have already won one more game than last year, and the team still has an outside shot at its first winning record since a 9-7 finish in 2004. What’s troublesome is how the five-game skid marks the eighth time in 12 seasons that Buffalo has lost four or more in a row. That includes last year when the Bills opened 0-8 in Gailey’s first season. “They’re both awful,” Gailey said, when asked to compare the losing streaks. He maintains the Bills have taken steps forward. “I think we’re a better football team than we were last year,” Gailey said. “I think that we have a lot of bright spots. But it’s hard to see them because we’re not winning.”

doesn’t feel good. They don’t like it and I don’t like it.” C.J. Spiller rushed for a career-best 83 yards and scored on a 35-yard scamper in which he recovered his own fumble just before sliding out of the end zone. Stevie Johnson made the game close, scoring on a 2-yard touchdown catch with 2:58 remaining. At least Johnson, this time, kept his TD celebration in check, a week after being criticized, flagged 15 yards and fined by the NFL $10,000 for a questionable display in a 28-24 loss to the New York Jets. “Last week was last week,” said Johnson, who had five catches for 52 yards. “We moved on to the Titans and we tried to get this W and we came up short.” Two turnovers — fumbles by Fitzpatrick and tight end Scott Chandlers — led directly to the Titans scoring 10 points. Though the Bills’ defense limited Tennessee to converting two of 11 third-down chances, Buffalo couldn’t contain the Titans’ running attack in allowing a season-worst 187 yards. The Titans prepare for their next big test in hosting Drew Brees and the NFC South-leading New Orleans Saints next week. “We’ve got some extra studying to do,” cornerback Cortland Finnegan said. “I might not do another interview this week, because I’ll be watching film.” They’ll at least have some confidence and momentum going into that game in having strung together two straight wins for the first time since a 3-1 start. “A lot of these guys are growing confidence that wasn’t there from the beginning,” receiver Nate Washington said. “We are starting to realize we have a good chance at being a great football team here — not just good, but great.”

2011 NFL Standings (Through Dec. 7)

AFC EAST New England NY Jets Buffalo Miami AFC NORTH Baltimore Pittsburgh Cincinnati Cleveland AFC SOUTH Houston Tennessee Jacksonville Indianapolis AFC WEST Denver Oakland Kansas City San Diego

W 9 7 5 4 W 9 9 7 4 W 9 7 3 0 W 7 7 5 5

NFC EAST Dallas NY Giants Philadelphia Washington NFC NORTH z - Green Bay Detroit Chicago Minnesota NFC SOUTH New Orleans Atlanta Carolina Tampa Bay NFC WEST z - San Francisco Seattle Arizona St. Louis

W 7 6 4 4 W 12 7 7 2 W 9 7 4 4 W 10 5 5 2

American Football Conference L 3 5 7 8 L 3 3 5 8 L 3 5 9 12 L 5 5 7 7

HOME 5-1-0 5-1-0 4-2-0 3-3-0 HOME 6-0-0 5-1-0 3-2-0 3-4-0 HOME 5-1-0 4-2-0 2-4-0 0-6-0 HOME 2-3-0 3-3-0 2-4-0 3-3-0

ROAD 4-2-0 2-4-0 1-5-0 1-5-0 ROAD 3-3-0 4-2-0 4-3-0 1-4-0 ROAD 4-2-0 3-3-0 1-5-0 0-6-0 ROAD 5-2-0 4-2-0 3-3-0 2-4-0

DIV 3-1-0 3-2-0 1-3-0 1-2-0 DIV 4-0-0 2-2-0 2-3-0 0-3-0 DIV 4-0-0 1-2-0 2-2-0 0-3-0 DIV 3-2-0 2-2-0 2-2-0 2-3-0

CONF 7-2-0 5-5-0 3-5-0 3-6-0 CONF 6-2-0 7-3-0 6-4-0 3-6-0 CONF 7-2-0 5-4-0 3-7-0 0-8-0 CONF 6-3-0 5-5-0 3-6-0 4-5-0

PF 362 290 278 246 PF 296 268 266 175 PF 310 249 152 174 PF 256 274 163 287

PA 247 260 304 220 PA 192 195 250 240 PA 189 229 238 358 PA 292 308 268 289

L 5 6 8 8 L 0 5 5 10 L 3 5 8 8 L 2 7 7 10

HOME 5-1-0 3-3-0 1-5-0 2-4-0 HOME 5-0-0 3-3-0 5-2-0 1-5-0 HOME 6-0-0 4-2-0 2-4-0 3-4-0 HOME 6-1-0 3-3-0 3-2-0 1-5-0

ROAD 2-4-0 3-3-0 3-3-0 2-4-0 ROAD 7-0-0 4-2-0 2-3-0 1-5-0 ROAD 3-3-0 3-3-0 2-4-0 1-4-0 ROAD 4-1-0 2-4-0 2-5-0 1-5-0

DIV 2-1-0 1-2-0 3-1-0 1-3-0 DIV 4-0-0 2-2-0 2-2-0 0-4-0 DIV 3-1-0 1-2-0 1-2-0 2-2-0 DIV 3-0-0 2-1-0 2-2-0 0-4-0

CONF 5-3-0 3-6-0 4-6-0 4-5-0 CONF 10-0-0 5-5-0 6-3-0 2-6-0 CONF 6-3-0 5-4-0 2-7-0 3-6-0 CONF 8-1-0 4-4-0 5-5-0 1-9-0

PF 283 287 271 202 PF 420 333 291 246 PF 393 269 290 218 PF 288 216 232 140

PA 244 315 282 256 PA 262 277 242 330 PA 269 244 324 329 PA 161 246 269 296

National Football Conference

College Sports


December 8, 2011 Edition – Sports Section – B

| • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)

Fredonia Women Win Blue Devil Swimming Invitational Contributed Article Fredonia Sports Information

Fredonia Hockey Ties Buff State, Falls To Elmira Contributed Article

FREDONIA, N.Y. —The Fredonia State women's swimming and diving team took the lead the first day of its own Invite and kept the top spot wire to wire, winning by a margin of 1,016-801.5 over second place St. Vincent. In the morning session, Camille Follman set a new team mark in the 100 backstroke preliminaries(1:00.28). Her effort would be short lived, however, as teammate Steph Rosa bettered the mark in the evening finals (1:00.20). Rosa's time was also a new pool record. Follman finished second overall with a time of 1:00.95 in the finals heat. Courtney Schmidt set a new team mark in the 400 IM at 4:51.51. She finished second overall. The Devils' 200 medley team broke what would have been a new pool record (1:51.71), but that distinction went to the St. Vincent team that finished first (1:51.51). The Devils' quartet was made up of Follman, Stephanie Andrasek, Elizabeth Schake and Katie Donnelly. The Devil divers also continued to impress. Off the 3-meter board three divers provisionally qualified for the NCAA meet — Sarah Ficarro (first place, 464.25 points), Ashley Keller (second, 408.00) and Katelyn Hayley (fourth, 393.85). A pair of Devils finished 1-2 in the 200 breaststroke as Schmidt (2:35.33) and An-

Fredonia Sports Information

FREDONIA, N.Y. — The Fredonia State hockey team dropped a 4-1 road decision to Elmira on Saturday. All the scoring took place in a busy second period. Elmira struck first 2:26 into the second when Brock Sawyer connected for his first of two goals in the game. The Blue Devils tied the contest 1-all on a power play at 7:42. Freshman Stephen Courtney Schmidt set a new Fredonia record in the 400 Individual Medley. (Photo by Fredonia Sports Castriota connected from a Information) Bryan Ross assist for his fifth goal of the season. respectively. in fourth, moved up to third drasek (2:34.64) took the top on Saturday, and finished in two spots. Elmira (7-3-0) finished out Ryan Fuller finished fourth second place Sunday. off the 1-meter board, but did the period with three more Other solid performances scores, including a pair of Sunday's finals included the 200 provisionally qualify for the included Lizzie Lodinsky's shorthanded goals. Brendan NCAA meet. His final score second place finish in the 200 medley relay squad of Eric JorSanders scored at 11:41 on a was 428.30. dan, John Estanislau, Andrew free (1:59.97); Schake's third Case and Rob Sweeny finishing The Devils' final total of 566.5 shorthanded effort. A minute place finish in the 100 butlater, Michael Kirby made it second with a time of 1:39.46. terfly (1:00.05); and the 400 in the three-day invite was 3-1 Elmira. Sawyer added a free relay team's second-place Estanislau captured second bested only by Penn State shorthanded goal at 15:56 to effort (3:40.80). Schake, Ellie Behrend's 895. in the 100 butterfly (:53.22). cap the scoring. Brion, Follman and Donnelly In the 100 backstroke, Jordan The Devils wrap up the semade up that squad. Elmira outshot the Devils 38(:54.71) and Case (:56.72) mester with a meet at Gannon 22. The Devils converted on finished third and fourth, The men’s team began Friday University on Friday. one of five power plays, while Elmira was scoreless in three Men — Final Team Rankings Women — Final Team Rankings chances. 1. Penn State Behrend 895 1. SUNY Fredonia 1016 Friday, Fredonia rallied to tie 2. SUNY Fredonia 566.5 2. Saint Vincent College 801.5 Buffalo State 3-3 in a SU3. Oswego State Lakers 541 3. SUNY Brockport 531 4. SUNY Brockport 537 4. Oswego State Lakers 427.5 5. Saint Vincent College 499 5. Penn State Behrend 386 6. SUNY Potsdam 377.5 6. SUNY Potsdam 335 7. Univ. of Pitt-Bradford 321 7. Chatham University 150 Contributed Article Fredonia Sports Information 8. Denison University 76 8. Univ. of Pitt-Bradford 123 9. Denison University 32 ONEONTA, N.Y. — The Fredonia State men's basketball team downed Oneonta 72-61 in a SUNYAC road contest on Saturday. The Devils improved to 6-1 and have yet to play in the friendly confines of Steele Hall. The Devils received 14 points apiece from Dalton Kashmer and Julius Bryant. Leonard Smith added 13 markers. The Devils held a 34-24 edge in rebounds and shot a robust 53 percent from the field, compared to 43 percent shooting for the Red Dragons. The Devils were an efficient 7 of 16 from three-point land. Fredonia State took the lead Jessica Jenkins leads the Bonnies in scoring this year at 13.0 ppg. The 49-34 win over Binghamton for good, 13-10, with 12:49 left moved Bonaventure to 6-1 on the season. (St. Bonaventure Sports Information) in the first half when Smith from the 3-point line. Jan. 28, 2005, as the Minuteseven rebounds to lead the drained a three. women fell, 49-35. The Bonnies as the two clubs finBonaventure held BinghamThe Devils would lead by as Bonnies joined the Division I ished tied on the glass, 36-36. ton to just one made field goal many as 20 in the second half. ranks in 1986-87, and prior to – a Holmes' 3-pointer – in the Oneonta would get within The Bonnies had only that the school record for few- final 16:15 of the first half. The eight points, 66-58, with 3:03 started 4-0 on the road in est points in a game by an op- Bearcats didn't score a point one previous season as the left in the game. The Devponent was 18 by D'Youville in the last 9:34 of the first half ils would respond with six 2009-10 squad lost in its during the 1972-73 season. through the 17:50 mark of the straight points. Smith hit a fifth attempt at Michigan State. The Brown and White Andrea Holmes led Bingham- second half. pair of field goals and Bryant ton with 12 points, while Orla St. Bonaventure returns to are now 6-0 all-time versus converted two free throws to O'Reilly finished with 10 as Binghamton and extended put Fredonia State up by 14 to action on Wednesday when their win streak to 11 games the Bearcats shot 38.5 percent it begins a four-game homein the second half to finish the stand by hosting the Big 10's over America East schools. The previous record for fewest game 14-53 (26.4 percent). BU Indiana Hoosiers. Tipoff is was just 2-19 (10.5 percent) scheduled for 7 p.m. from the points by an opponent was from the 3-point line. In the Reilly Center as the Bonnies 35, as the Bonnies defeated last two games, the Bonnies look to avenge last year's sixYale, 68-35, on Jan. 4, 2009. have held their opponents to a point loss to the Hoosiers. Contributed Article The 35-point total was also Fredonia Sports Information matched by Massachusetts on combined 4-38 (10.5 percent)

Men’s Hoops Splits Weekend Pair Of Conference Games

Defense Stifles, Jenkins Shines As Bona Sets Records In Win Contributed Article

St. Bonaventure Sports Information

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. — The St. Bonaventure women's basketball team (6-1) held Binghamton (4-3) to a schoolrecord nine first-half points, gave up the fewest points in a game since joining Division I and opened the season 5-0 on the road for the first time in program history with a 49-34 win over the Bearcats Saturday afternoon. The Bonnies held Binghamton to just 14.8 percent shooting (4-27) in the first half as they maintained a 17-9 advantage at the intermission. A relative offensive explosion in the second half saw senior Jessica Jenkins tally 14 of her game-high 19 points, including four of her five 3-pointers as Bona led by double figures for all but one minute of the second half. Jenkins knocked down five 3-pointers for the second time this year. Classmate Megan Van Tatenhove was the lone other Bona player to get into double-figure scoring as she finished with 10 in just 15 foulplagued minutes. Junior Alaina Walker and sophomore Doris Ortega both pulled down

Contributed Article

AKRON, OHIO — After three days of competition, the St. Bonaventue men's swimming and diving team finished in fifthplace at the University of Akron Zippy Invitational, accumulating a total of 863 points. Elias Homerin earned a total of 39 points for the Bonnies by finishing in seventh-place in the 200-yard butterfly (1:57.85) and in 11th-place in the 1650-yard freestyle (16:31.02). In the 100-yard freestyle, James Martin finished in sixth-place touching the wall

cement the victory. Oneonta (1-5, 0-2 SUNYAC) was led by Dan Lee with 18 points. Friday, the team opened up SUNYAC play with a 75-58 loss at New Paltz. The loss ended the Devils' five-game win streak. New Paltz scored first and led most of the game. The Devils' took the lead twice midway through the first half, but could not hold on. New Paltz held a six-point lead at the break, 34-28. They opened up the second half with a 16-2 run over the first six minutes of the second half to take a 50-30 lead. The Devils were paced by Amir Billups with 16 points, and Damien Goodwin II with 10 points and a team-high 7 rebounds. New Paltz (3-2, 1-0 SUNYAC) shot 48 percent from the field for the game, marking the first time the Devils allowed an opponent to shoot over 40 percent this season. Harris Wichard led the Hawks with 27 points and 11 rebounds. The Devils (6-1, 1-1) travel to Division I Youngstown State on Tuesday.

Blue Devils Lose Back-To-Back Road Games

SBU Swimming And Diving Teams Return From Three-Day Event At Akron St. Bonaventure Sports Information

NYAC game. After a scoreless first period, Clay Lewis and James Durham each scored to give the Bengals a 2-0 lead 3:15 into the second half. Bradley Nunn answered at the 6:28 mark to make it a 2-1 game. Buffalo State would respond as Justin Knee scored short handed at 11:28. The fifth goal of the second period would go to Fredonia State as Jared Wynia scored on a power play with a minuteand-a-half left in the frame. It was Wynia's seventh goal of the season. Bryan Ross tied the game with the third period's only score. He connected with assists from Mat Hehr and Alex Perkins 5:29 into the period for his sixth goal of the year. Kevin Carr finished with 29 saves for Buffalo State. Jeff Holloway had 16 saves in relief of Mark Friesen who was pulled in the second period after allowing three goals while making 11 saves. The Devils (4-5-3) play host to Johnson and Wales in nonconference action on Friday and Saturday in Steele Hall to wrap up the semester.

with a time of 46.47. Peter Koenig and Stephan Melchiorre both placed in the 200-yard backstroke. Koenig finished in 12th-place with a time of 1:55.79 and Melchiorre finished in 14th-place (1:56.60). In the 200-yard breaststroke, Robert Rutkowski Jr. finished in 16th-place with time of 2:13.93 In relay action, the 400yard freestyle relay 'A' team consisting of Martin, Ripley Danner, Nathan Destree and Michael Burud finished in seventh-place with a time of 3:08.29. At the end of the meet, The

United States Military Academy walked away with firstplace with an over all score of 1,832 points. The University of Buffalo, Xavier University and Clarion University round out the top 5. The women’s team finished in 12th place with a score of 271. McKenzie Courtney finished 8th in the 200-yard breaststroke, touching in with a time of 2:24.16. Freshman Meaghan McCann had a 17th place finish for the Bonnies in the 200-yard backstroke with a time of 2:06.29. An 18th place finish was clinched by Lauren Caldwell in the 200-yard butterfly with

ONEONTA, N.Y. — The Fredonia State women's basketball team outscored Oneonta in the second half, but it was not enough to recover from a slow a time of 2:08.04. start as the Devils fell, 56-47. Ivanna Smirnova touched Down 25-12 at the break, the in at 53.19 in the 100-yard Devils outscored the Red Dragfreestyle, good for a 22nd ons 35-31 in the second half. place finish. Aly Paz finished in 24th place Fredonia State got within seven in the 1650-yard freestyle with points at 46-39 on a pair of free throws by Jaimie Warren with a time of 18:09.07. 2:46 remaining in the game. In relay action, a team of The Red Dragons quickly Smirnova, Jeanette Dietrich, expanded the lead back to 11 Lanae Petty and Rachel Bull points on a three-point play finished 15th for the Brown by Grace Schilling and a free and White in the 400-yard freestyle with a time of 3:34.91. throw by Madison Slagle. The Devils were led by Becky The Bonnies will return to the pool on Dec 16 when they Hebert with 15 points and Warren's 12 points, nine host Canisius. The diving portion of the meet will begin rebounds and four steals. Warren was a perfect 8 of 8 from at 3 p.m. and the swimming the free throw line. portion will begin at 5 p.m.

The Devils held a 39-37 edge in rebounding, but were slowed by inefficiency from the field, shooting 25 percent for the game. Conversely, the Devils shot 89 percent (16 of 18) from the free throw line. Oneonta (3-3, 2-0 SUNYAC) was led by Slagle with 15 points. Friday, the team opened up SUNYAC play with a 77-47 loss at New Paltz. Hebert led the Devils with 12 points. She was supported with 11 points from Warren and 10 points from Nicole Calbi. Anna Riley had 9 points off the bench and a team-high 5 rebounds. New Paltz (2-4, 1-0 SUNYAC) received 14 points from both Alex McCullough and Zoe Cohen. Shanay Bradley had 11 rebounds. The Devils (3-4, 0-2) are back in Steele Hall for a non-conference game vs. Allegheny on Tuesday.


d, • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)

e o

uld red

By Josh Dubow Associated Press

nd s

st half

lanta’s move to Winnipeg this past summer. The first would have moved the Jets to the Western Conference’s Central Division and either Detroit or Columbus to the Southeast in the Eastern Conference. But there were issues with that plan that kept compounding with each potential solution as other franchises wanted to use realignment to solve their concerns, as well. “The simple one wasn’t as simple as it looked when you got done with it,” Bettman said. The board opted to go with the more dramatic switch, creating four geographic conferences — two with eight teams and two with seven. “I think at the end of the day, everybody voted in terms of doing what the right thing was for the majority of teams and our fans and our competitiveness and what was fair,” said Nashville general manager David Poile, whose team was a big advocate of changing to the new model. “I think everybody probably feels good about that today. I know I do.” The new format will increase overall travel in the regular season, especially for Eastern Conference teams who will now have more trips West. But it cuts down on travel for some Western teams, which was a critical issue for teams such as Detroit, Dallas, Columbus and Nashville. Toronto general manager Bri-

Conference A Conference B Conference C Conference D

an Burke said he had concerns about the wear and tear the extra travel would have on his team, but approved the plan when he was assured by the league that the schedule would be more efficient with every team playing in every city. “We try to vote with a league hat on when we can,” he said. “Sometimes you have to vote with your team’s interest in mind. There’s times you can

Adam Has Goal, Assist As Sabres Top Predators 3-2

Contributed Article Associated Press

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Ryan Miller summed up his return to the ice in one word. s, ith “Eventful,'' the Buffalo Sabres' 7 star goalie said. Activated from injured AC) reserve Friday after misseld ing eight games because of a concussion, Miller stopped 32 d shots in Buffalo's 3-2 win over 40 the Nashville Predators on Saturday night. h “I'm happy to be back,'' Miller said. “I'm happy to get a win. to It has been awhile since I have te felt like I have put together a game I could pride myself in. “It was important for me to go out there and play a solid game. I did the things I wanted to do. On the goals, I was a little behind on both of ge them.'' His biggest stop came with m 4:06 left in the second period. nt Nashville's Jordin Tootoo he crashed into Miller, knocking of him out of the net and onto e. the ice. The collision prompt) ed a pileup of players, and nts. Miller threw several punches p at Tootoo after they hit the ice. 7 Tootoo was given a major penalty for charging and a 12 game misconduct. with Buffalo coach Lindy Ruff 10 didn't think it was enough in terms of punishment. ff "What happened in the game 5 was a joke,'' a livid Ruff said. “All it does is prove the fact AC) when I said it was open th season. It appears it is open season. d 11 “You have a guy coming off a concussion and you've got k in Jordin Tootoo running over nce your goaltender,'' Ruff said. day. “We used to get a two-minute


December 8, 2011 Edition – Sports Section – B

NHL Approves Radical Realignment Plan

PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. (AP) — Forced into realignment folia lowing Atlanta’s move to Wind on nipeg last summer, the NHL - opted for a dramatic change . It rather than a simple one. f League officials approved a radical realignment plan with Monday that will give the e. league four conferences instead of six divisions and er- guarantee home-and-home r series among all teams. The Board of Governors au9 thorized commissioner Gary Bettman to implement the proposal pending input from wasthe NHL Players’ Association. d af-It could be put in place as ile early as next season. The new plan tried to address t as many concerns of the teams on- as possible, from creating y more equitable travel, to preto serving rivalries, to promoting the game by having the biggest stars play in every city every season. “This is not a subject that everybody is going to get their first choice on,” Bettman said. “What you try to do is come up with something C) that everybody can live with, 8 get comfortable with and understands the value of. Because if you ask 30 clubs, p you’d probably get 30 different 8 solutions. That’s what makes this a difficult process.” e The league considered two plans to accommodate Atled ils' y



power play. We got a one-minute power play. That's a joke. I want to see what the league wants to do with this one.'' Miller stressed that he is determined to stand up for himself. “He (Tootoo) is going to come hard to the net every time,'' Miller said. “I got in the mix right after that. I can't sit back and let other guys take advantage of me. “I got right in the pileup and tried to do what I could do, which wasn't a whole lot. But I showed that I am not going to take it.'' Tootoo countered that he did his best to avoid any contact with Miller. “I was driving to the net and I got a little shove from behind,'' Tootoo said. “The last thing I wanted to do was run the goalie over and put my team down. Clearly, I tried to jump out of the way. There was no intent to charge at him.'' Tootoo, who expects he will have to face the NHL's disciplinary committee, thought Miller should have been penalized as part of the pileup after the collision. “There were four guys throwing jabs at me for a good 30 seconds,'' Tootoo said. “I was defenseless. What am I supposed to do? Take them all on? That's unfortunate that Miller didn't get anything called towards him, but that's all I can say.'' Nashville coach Barry Trotz stood by Tootoo's explanation but said he could also understand why Ruff would be upset. “When you get your star player bumped into, especially in his first game back, you are going to be ultra-sensitive,''

Trotz said. “I would probably be the same way.'' Anders Lindback made his third start of the season for Nashville and gave up two goals in the first period and one in the third. “We could have probably used one more save,'' Trotz said. “They got one more puck than us. “There are not too many things I can say about our game other than the mistakes. I thought we probably made six mistakes and three of them ended up in our net.'' Luke Adam was the first to score. With the puck loose in the slot, Adam gained control and beat Lindback over his right shoulder 10 minutes into the game. With 2:33 to go in the first, Zack Kassian broke loose on a breakaway and fired a backhand shot from low in the slot that also went over Lindback's right shoulder. The Predators broke the shutout at the 4:54 mark of the third period when Craig Smith scored on the power play from the middle of the left circle. His shot bounced off Miller and went over his shoulder. Tyler Ennis scored what proved to be the winner with 4:15 left. David Legwand beat Miller from low in the right circle with 1:35 to play for the final margin. The Sabres managed only 14 shots in the game to the Predators' 34 _ only the fourth time this season Nashville has outshot the opposition. "We didn't make a lot of great decisions shooting the puck, but I thought we battled hard,'' Ruff said.

vote with the league hat on and that’s what we tried to do.” The new look has two conferences with seven teams all based in the Eastern time zone: New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New York Rangers, New York Islanders, Washington and Carolina in one, and Boston, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Buffalo, Florida and Tampa Bay in the other.

The third conference consists of eight teams in the Eastern and Central time zones: Detroit, Columbus, Nashville, St. Louis, Chicago, Minnesota, Dallas and Winnipeg. The fourth conference has eight teams in the Mountain and Pacific time zones: Los Angeles, Anaheim, Phoenix, San Jose, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Colorado. The conferences have not been named. “I think there were more than two or three teams not happy with the current situation,” Columbus general manager Scott Howson said. “This was a compromise that really satisfies everybody to a large extent.” The league was able to keep rivals Pittsburgh and Philadelphia in the same conference by grouping the two Florida teams with the three Canadian teams in the Eastern Conference, Boston and Buffalo. “We don’t have much input as players but I’m sure that they’ve worked every possible situation and it’s like with anything, it’s not going to fit everybody perfect but Florida in January’s not too bad,” Ottawa captain Daniel Alfredsson said following the Senators’ 4-2 win over Tampa Bay. Teams will play homeand-home series against all nonconference teams and five or six games in their conference. The top four teams in each conference will make the playoffs, with the first two rounds consisting of solely

intraconference matchups. Bettman said he will consult with general managers in the spring before deciding whether to reseed the playoffs in the third round or to have predetermined matchups. “But now, the Western teams don’t have to leave the time zone every single time we have a road trip,” Phoenix captain Shane Doan said. “We leave our time zone every single time now.” Bettman said he liked the current format that he devised of six five-team divisions, but that Winnipeg’s move from Atlanta forced some change. He didn’t take a stance on either proposal, but simply explained the pros and cons and allowed the teams to vote. There was about an hour of discussion, and representatives from about a dozen teams spoke before the plan was approved. Bettman said the NHLPA has expressed concerns about the new plan and that he will discuss it with union chief Donald Fehr before implementing it. Bettman said the change doesn’t need union approval, a stance the NHLPA contests. “Realignment requires an agreement between the league and the NHLPA,” union spokesman Jonathan Weatherdon said. “‘We look forward to continuing our discussions with the league regarding this matter.”

Tootoo Gets Two-Game Suspension For Charge Contributed Article

NEW YORK -- Nashville Predators forward Jordin Tootoo has been suspended, without pay, for two games for charging Buffalo goaltender Ryan Miller during NHL Game #379 Saturday night, Dec. 3, in Nashville, the National Hockey League's Department of Player Safety announced today. Under the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and based on his average annual salary, Tootoo will forfeit $13,513.52. The money goes to the Players' Emergency Assistance Fund. The incident occurred at 15:54 of the second period. Tootoo was assessed a major penalty for charging and game misconduct on the play. Tootoo will miss games tonight vs. Phoenix and Dec. 8 at Columbus. He will be eligible to return Dec. 10 vs. Anaheim. For a full explanation of the decision, complete with video, please visit: videocenter/console?catid=60&id=140163.

Nashville Predators right wing Jordin Tootoo (No. 22) hits Ryan Miller (No. 30) in the second period of Saturday's game. The Sabres won 3-2. (AP Photo/Joe Howell)

2011-12 NHL Standings Eastern Conference

ATLANTIC Pittsburgh NY Rangers Philadelphia New Jersey NY Islanders

(Through Dec. 7)

Western Conference

GP 28 24 25 26 25

W 16 15 15 13 9

L 8 6 7 12 11

OTL PTS L10 STRK 4 36 5-4-1 Lost 1 3 33 7-3-0 Lost 1 3 33 7-3-0 Won 2 1 27 5-5-0 Won 1 5 23 5-3-2 Won 2

CENTRAL Chicago Detroit St Louis Nashville Columbus

GP 28 26 27 27 27

W 16 16 15 12 8

L 8 9 9 11 16

OTL PTS L10 STRK 4 36 5-4-1 OT 1 1 33 7-3-0 Lost 2 3 33 6-2-2 Won 1 4 28 3-6-1 Lost 2 3 19 5-3-2 Won 1

NORTHEAST GP Boston 26 Toronto 28 Buffalo 26 Ottawa 27 Montréal 28

W 17 15 14 13 11

L 8 10 11 11 11

OTL PTS L10 STRK 1 35 8-1-1 Lost 1 3 33 5-4-1 OT 1 1 29 4-5-1 Won 1 3 29 6-2-2 Won 1 6 28 3-4-3 OT 1

NORTHWEST GP Minnesota 28 Vancouver 27 Edmonton 27 Colorado 28 Calgary 27

W 18 16 13 13 12

L 7 10 11 14 13

OTL PTS L10 STRK 3 39 8-2-0 Won 5 1 33 8-2-0 Won 2 3 29 4-5-1 Lost 1 1 27 5-5-0 Lost 1 2 26 5-4-1 Won 1

SOUTHEAST GP Florida 27 Winnipeg 27 Washington 26 Tampa Bay 27 Carolina 29

W 15 12 13 11 8

L 8 11 12 14 17

OTL PTS L10 STRK 4 34 6-3-1 Won 2 4 28 7-2-1 Won 3 1 27 3-7-0 Lost 1 2 24 3-7-0 Lost 5 4 20 2-7-1 Lost 6

PACIFIC Phoenix Dallas Los Angeles San Jose Anaheim

W 15 15 13 14 8

L 9 10 10 9 14

OTL PTS L10 STRK 3 33 6-4-0 Won 2 1 31 4-5-1 Lost 1 4 30 5-4-1 Lost 2 1 29 5-5-0 Lost 2 5 21 2-6-2 Won 1

GP 27 26 27 24 27

December 8, 2011 Edition – Sports Section – B

| • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)

Ruffed Grouse Population On The Rise By Steve Peacock Star Outdoors Writer

The regular deer season is quickly coming to an end this Sunday, Dec. 11. Despite numerous hours in the woods, it seems to have gone by very fast. I do also hunt with a muzzleloader so I’m not really done until the Dec. 20. By then I expect the weather to have turned to winter. If the weather

hasn’t turned, I plan on some steelhead fishing. One of the properties I hunt on has a Lake Erie tributary running across it. While out hunting near the creek, I was able to see a couple of nice fish just hanging out at the tail end of a small pool. I was wishing for my fly rod or at least my camera. I enjoyed watching them so much that I had to force myself to walk away and keep hunting. I’d also like

to do some small game hunting this

winter. This fall I’ve seen more grouse than I have in years. When I first started hunting as a kid, grouse were more plentiful than there are now. Then for a bunch of years we rarely saw any. Over the last few years I have definitely noticed an increase in the population. Now I’m not looking to go crazy shooting grouse but I think there are enough around so I can take a couple for old time sake. Most years after the holidays we

would be close to having enough ice to fish on. Obviously this year fishable ice is a bit further away. I know some avid walleye fishermen who are so sick of waiting for the ice that they are talking about getting the boat back out. I think we are going to start getting some more seasonable weather this week. That will be good for the muzzleloader hunting so good luck out there.

Safety Is Top Concern At Snowmobile Meeting Contributed Article Fred Croscut

As area snowmobile clubs prepare for the 2011-12 snowmobile season, law enforcement officials and club members discuss ways to maintain safety during challenging budget times. At a meeting on November 18th organized by State Senator Catharine Young and County Legislator Fred Croscut, law enforcement agencies and club representatives shared information on the status of their planned programs. The main outcome of the discussions was that while the Chautauqua County Sheriff Department’s snowmobile trail patrol program will be reduced, several New

York State police agencies will continue to conduct law enforcement activities on the trails. Additionally, the Sheriff ’s Department and State law enforcement will cooperate and communicate with area snowmobile clubs to support overall safety, which they cited as their primary objective. Sheriff Joseph Gerace indicated that the department’s 2012 budget does not include the resources to conduct “on trail” patrols. Club members stated that while they will continue their volunteer safety patrol program, they rely on a law enforcement being out on the trails. Gerace assured club members that the Sheriff ’s Department will continue to be available for emergency response and some enforce-

ment at snowmobile trail crossings on area roads. Other law enforcement officials at the meeting included representatives from the New York State Police, the New York State Park Police, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Police, and the New York State Forest Rangers. These officials indicated that their departments will continue to actively provide on-trail patrols and safety support as they have done in recent years. The officials stressed the importance of maintaining regular communications between the snowmobile clubs and the police agencies to create a safe snowmobiling environment. Specific ideas discussed ranged from having law enforcement

present at area snowmobiling events such as the All Club Ride In, to continuing safetytraining programs, to club members calling in complaints when they observe illegal behavior on the trails. Persons observing a snowmobiler operating in an unsafe or unlawful manner should contact 911 and provide a description and the snowmobile’s registration number, which is in black lettering on a white sticker. The three top concerns that law enforcement agencies will focus on are reckless snowmobiling, intoxicated operation, and speeding. A list of laws and safety practices is found at http://www.nysnowmobiler. com/riding-information. Fred Croscut questioned the group as to how the snow-

mobile registration process was working. The consensus was that the 2010-11 season had gone smoothly. Croscut stressed the importance of the Chautauqua County office of the Department of Motor Vehicles in the process. The Chautauqua County DMV office plans to again handle snowmobile registrations each Saturday from Jan. 7 through Feb. 18, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Hall R. Clothier Building in Mayville. The DMV office can be reached at 716-753-4229 for details. It is advisable however, for snowmobilers to make arrangements for the required registration, several days in advance of arriving in the area. Senator Catharine Young inquired about the trail grooming funds that area clubs

receive from New York State, via snowmobile registrations. She pledged to continue support for this vital program. The funds are essential for clubs to conduct trail maintenance and grooming tasks, without which the area’s snowmobile industry would cease to exist. Senator Young thanked the club representatives and members of the law enforcement community for their continued efforts. The 2011-12 snowmobiling season is scheduled to open on Dec. 21, 2011, pending a four-inch base. Trail condition updates can be obtained at 800-242-4569 or 716-7532924. For a list of snowmobile clubs and area information, visit the Where to Play section of

NASCAR • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)


By RICK MINTER / The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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Sprint to remain Cup sponsor


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Busch whacked

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December 8, 2011 Edition – Sports Section – B

Kurt Busch sits in the garage area during practice for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series AAA 400 at Dover International Speedway on September 30. (NASCAR photo)

After stormy season, Kurt Busch cut adrift by Penske Racing


or the second time in his career, Kurt Busch’s behavior has cost him a high-profile job in NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series. On Monday, Penske Racing announced that it had reached an agreement with Busch to end their relationship, effective immediately. The news comes after a season in which Busch has berated his crew on the radio during races, and in which he has had several run-ins with media members, most recently at the season finale in Homestead, Fla., where he launched into a profanity-laced tirade against ESPN reporter Dr. Jerry Punch. His crew chief Steve Addington left at season’s end to be crew chief for Tony Stewart. “I appreciate the victories that Kurt has brought Penske Racing and our sponsors over the past six years,” team owner Roger Penske said in the release announcing the move. “While I am disappointed that Kurt will not be racing for our team in the future, both Kurt and I felt that separating at this time was best for all parties, including our team and sponsors. I wish Kurt the best in his future racing endeavors.” Busch said in the same release that he was grateful for the opportunity Penske gave him, which came after he was released from Jack Roush’s team following an off-track incident at Phoenix as well as other strife within that team. “Together we won a lot of races,

16 in all,” Busch said. “Leaving a great organization and a lucrative contract is not easy, but it’s an important step for me and allows me to take a deep breath to work on things that can make me a better driver and a better person. I want to personally thank Roger Penske for the opportunity that he has given me.” Busch told reporters at the champion’s banquet that he had begun seeing a sports psychologist to help him deal with his anger. Former driver and SPEED analyst Kyle Petty said that in the end, Penske and sponsor Shell Pennzoil decided that Busch’s ontrack performance wasn’t enough to offset his behavior. “This is a business,” Petty said on SPEED. “When a driver’s behavior and actions bleed over to the business side, then it becomes everybody’s business ... With the way he’s been portrayed in the media and now his outburst toward Jerry Punch, I don’t think the sponsors can live with that. “His firing shouldn’t catch anybody off guard because so many people have pushed those boundaries and now someone needs to pay for it. Kurt is the one paying for it. I applaud Roger Penske and the Penske organization for standing up for the integrity of Penske Racing and what it stands for ... Sometimes the car owner has to step up and make a call when NASCAR won’t, and it appears Roger has done that.” Busch’s future appears uncer-

tain, especially given the fact that most of the top Sprint Cup rides are set for next season. “The impact on his career could be huge, but what makes it even bigger is that … all the rides for next year appear to be taken unless someone shuffles drivers around,” Petty said. “If Kurt has to sit out a year waiting on a ride, then we’ll know how truly impactful this is. From some of

the statements made by the sponsors, what sponsor will want to take a chance on him again?” As for Busch’s old No. 22 team at Penske, David Ragan appears to be the leading candidate. Ragan won a Cup race at Daytona in July for Roush Fenway Racing, but he’s without a full-time ride due to his sponsor, UPS, scaling back its participation in NASCAR.

Racing scion wins Snowball Derby, youngest victor in event’s history When NASCAR’s top three divisions are silent for the winter, many fans turn their attention to the Snowball Derby at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Fla. It’s one of the most prestigious short track races in America and routinely draws interest and participation from the NASCAR arena. This year’s Derby winner, 16year-old Chase Elliott, is the son of Sprint Cup driver Bill Elliott and a competitor in NASCAR’s K&N Pro Series (pictured at right driving the No. 9 Chevrolet). Young Elliott battled back from (NASCAR photo) an early crash to win the 300-lap race and add his name to a winners list that includes Kyle Busch, Pete Hamilton, Donnie Allison, Darrell Waltrip, Jody Ridley and Rick Crawford. In winning the 44th annual running of the Derby, Elliott became the race’s youngest winner ever. “This has definitely been my dream all year long,” said Elliott, who beat short track standout D. J. VanderLey to the finish line. “To hold this trophy right here and call it ours is just unbelievable.” Ross Kenseth, the son of NASCAR driver Matt Kenseth, finished third ahead of Cup driver Landon Cassill. David Ragan entered his own car, but a loose wheel relegated him to an 18th-place finish.

Among the announcements at NASCAR’s Sprint Cup champion’s banquet in Las Vegas last week was one from the series sponsor, which is extending its agreement with NASCAR. “I could not be more pleased than to announce … that Sprint and NASCAR have agreed to an extension of our relationship, ensuring that through at least the 2016 season, every Champion crowned will be a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion,” Sprint CEO Dan Hesse said during the champion’s banquet. NASCAR CEO and chairman Brian France added his comments as well. “Sprint has been very successful in using our sport as a platform to enhance its brand and drive their business …” he said in a NASCAR statement. “This new agreement aligns perfectly with our aggressive five-year plan, which is laser-focused on continuing to improve our product, keep our existing fans engaged, and reach new fans.”

Keselowski to stay with Penske Brad Keselowski and his crew chief Paul Wolfe both have agreed to multi-year contract extensions with their employer, Penske Racing. “With one NASCAR championship and numerous wins in both the Nationwide Series and the Cup Series to their credit, this has proven to be a special pairing,” team owner Roger Penske said in a release announcing the contract extension. “Although Brad, Paul and the No. 2 team fell short of winning the Cup Series title this season, we know they will continue to be championship contenders for years to come.”

Resolution would honor driver Illinois State Rep. Dennis Reboletti is sponsoring a resolution honoring retired NASCAR driver Fred Lorenzen, who was the first driver to win $100,000 in a season and the only driver to win 20 races in his first 100 starts.

Burton’s No. 31 gets new chief The personnel shifts keep on coming on the Sprint Cup circuit. In the wake of news that Steve Addington will replace Darian Grubb as crew chief of the championship-winning No. 14 Chevrolet comes word that Drew Blickensderfer, most recently the crew chief for David Ragan’s No. 6 Ford, will take over as crew chief for Jeff Burton’s No. 31 Chevrolet. Ragan’s status for 2012 is uncertain as sponsor UPS is leaving. Luke Lambert, who served as interim crew chief for Burton, is expected to remain at Richard Childress Racing.

Daugherty drives Martinsville TV analyst and NASCAR team owner Brad Daugherty took on one of NASCAR’s trickiest tracks last week when he drove a race truck at Martinsville Speedway. Daugherty, the former NBA star, ran some laps at less than 22 seconds, about a second per lap slower than he would need to run to qualify for this year’s Kroger 200 truck race at Martinsville. His speed wasn’t too surprising, given the fact that he has experience behind the wheel of a race car. “I’ve been racing a little here and there, at Hickory, at Myrtle Beach,” Daugherty told reporters at Martinsville. “Probably over the last eight or nine years, I’ve raced more and more. I’ve raced for quite a while, but I’ve always just dabbled. I’ve never been able to do a lot because of basketball and the TV work I do.” He said he plans to run a good bit of the National Auto Sport Association Southeastern Regional schedule in a truck next season. One challenge for Daugherty is getting a truck configured to accommodate his sevenfoot, one-inch frame. “We took the oil cooler out from behind the seat and moved it up to the right front corner of the truck and moved the seat back about 14 inches,” he said. “It’s the first time I’ve ever had this much room in anything I’ve raced.”

Las Vegas: Earnhardt voted ‘Most Popular’again, Edwards’crew honored Tony Stewart wasn’t the only one who left Las Vegas as a winner. Dale Earnhardt Jr. walked away with his ninth straight Most Popular Driver Award. More than 1.5 million votes were cast online, and the vote counts were reset to zero before the final 10 races of the season. Others in the top 10 in the voting were: Kyle Busch, Carl Edwards, Jeff Gordon, Kevin Harvick, Jimmie Johnson, Kasey Kahne, Matt Kenseth, Bobby Labonte and Tony Stewart. “It’s a big honor,” Earnhardt said in accepting the award. “My fans have been real supportive throughout my career. “This has been a little bit of a turnaround year from the last couple of years, and we want to keep getting better on the racetrack and give our fans what they expect. We’ve got a lot of momentum going into 2012, and I’m proud to accept this award on behalf of all the fans who voted.” Bill Elliott won a record 10 straight Most Popular awards and won 16 of them in all before taking himself off the ballot. Carl Edwards lost the championship to Tony Stewart despite tying him in points, but Edwards’ crew won the Mechanix Wear Most Valuable Pit Crew award, one that carries a $100,000 bonus. Edwards’ crew includes gas man Joe Karasinski, rear tire carrier Jody Fortson, rear tire changer Dwayne Ogles, jackman Dennis Killian, front tire carrier Alan Troutman, front tire changer Kale Uphoff, pit crew coach Andy Ward and trainer Les Ebert. Stewart’s crew also picked up honors as Aaron Kuehn, the tire specialist on the No. 14 Chevrolet, won the 2011 Sprint Cup “Consistently Smooth” award from Champion Tire & Wheel. The tire and

Dale Earnhardt Jr., nine-time winner of the Most Popular Driver Award, signs autographs and greets fans during last week’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion’s Week at the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas. (NASCAR photo) wheel supplier also is honoring the tire specialists from the championship-winning teams in the Nationwide and Camping World Truck series. Kevin Kramzer, tire specialist for Ricky Stenhouse’s Nationwide team, and Dustin Keath,

the tire specialist for Austin Dillon in the truck series, will receive similar honors. Drs. Rose and Joseph Mattioli, owners of Pocono Raceway, won the Myers Brothers Award from the National Motorsports Press Association. The award recognizes individuals or groups for their contributions to the sport. “[The Mattiolis] represent the true heart and spirit of NASCAR,” NMPA president Rea White said. “They always recognized that NASCAR was more about people than anything else.” Andy Lally, who lost his Sprint Cup ride at season’s end and is planning to return to sports car racing next year, is the Sprint Cup rookie of the year. He was the only eligible driver. It wasn’t just NASCAR participants who were honored at Las Vegas. Robert Weaver, the 83-yearold “Ice Cream Man” from Talladega, Ala., won the inaugural Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award. He was recognized for his efforts on behalf of children, efforts that include delivering treats to deaf, blind and multi-disabled students. “I have often said that I don’t hit home runs,” Weaver said “I just do little things. It is the little things that matter so much in people’s lives. As I look back over my own life, working with the children of Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind has been part of my calling. It is why I was put on this earth. I encourage everyone to find something they are passionate about and commit to making a difference. You’re never too young or old to start.” Weaver’s awards include a 2012 Ford Explorer from Ford and $100,000 from The NASCAR Foundation for the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind Foundation.

Distributed by Universal Uclick for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. (800) 255-6734. *For release the week of December 5, 2011.



Drivers who started all 36 Sprint Cup races in 2011


Drivers who started all 34 Nationwide Series races in 2011


Drivers who started all 25 Truck Series races in 2011


Nationwide Series victories by Kyle Busch and Carl Edwards (a tie), the most in 2011

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BRAND NEW Oregon Model 540531 REMINGTON ELECTRIC CHAIN SAW Replacement Bar 18” $20.00 716997-0821


SPORTING_GOODS Shot Gun 12 gage 3 1/2” Mag Like New $250 716-763-3477



New Remington Summit. 177 Break Barrel Air Rifle 1,0001,200 FPS-DEC Approved Retail: $249.99-$100.00 716997-0821



Yorkies, shorkies, morkies, shihtzu-poo’s & yorkie-poo’s starting at $250.00. 716-5494615 fullcare, inclds everything: daily turnout. heated water bckts. stalls cleaned daily. $225/mo. Brocton area


YORKI/MIX Miniature Yorki Mix puppies 2 males left $300.00 Will hold till christmas if need be 716792-4496


MINIATURE YORKI/MIX Mimiature Yorki/mix puppies $300.00 Ready now but will hold till xmas if need be 716792-4496 YORKI MIX PUPPIES Yorki Mix

Puppies $300.00 4 Female 4 male ready now 716-7924496 AKC SIBERIAN HUSKIES 3 females 2 males akc registered show potential have all there first shots. 716-269-4048 BLACK & TAN BLOODHOUND

male, 1 1/2 years old. AKC registered. chipped. asking 550.00 or b/o. call 716-4102761. my name is Paul. 716410-2761


Hand, grade 10 yr child safe quarter horse gelding. Text or email for more info and pictures. 716-581-1448


conure hand tame $150.00 with cage 763-0883

1 female redtail albino boa constrictor a little over 3 ft long. 1 ball python male; 3 1/2 ft long. 716-397-6879


MUSIC 1970’s Childrens Wooden Piano, Chime Sound, 36.5L X 29T X 16W, Great Gift, Unique $240 716-232-4013



1 black, 1 black and white, both male, vet checked, have had shots, about 9 weeks old 716-581-3058

BemusPt Lakeside Utilities Included/Furnished$695/ month/Newly Remodeled/ Driveway/SnowPlowingInc 716-763-0523 BEMUS LAKESIDE UTIL INCL

Bemus Pt Lakedside YearRound Utilities Incl/Furnished 1BR with loft area$695.NewlyRemodel,Snow Remv 716-763-0523

19x14x28 tall, strong wired for LoveBirds, Cockatiels, Lots of Doors Blue Floor $15. 716-232-4013 BIRD

BemusPt Lakeside Seasonal Utilities Included Furnished $595 Snow Removal/Driveway Avail thru May 1 716-7630523

HOUSEMATES_WANTED Have an urban experience and live in a beautiful apartment in downtown Jamestown. 325+ 716-640-6670


Forestville Area. $380.00/month 672-9015


Forestville area. $380.00/month 716-672-9015





Single Occupancy with kitchen, laundry, living room and shower facilities $350 per month. Utilities included. Inquire (716)-4871558


2BR PORTLAND 450.00/MO 3BR BROCTON 525.00/MO PLUS UTILITIES CALL 792-9871 OR 792-7243

20Acres $0/Down, $99/mo. ONLY $12,900. Near Growing El Paso, Texas (2nd safest U.S. CITY) Owner Financing, NO CREDIT CHECKS! Money Back Guarantee. 1-800-7558953 www.sunsetranches. com




HOLT GENERAL CONTRACTING Plumbing/ heating/ air

conditioning new & repair. 716-640-0604


Downtown Fredonia. Quality Auto

BUILDERS_AND REMODELERS building pole barns, decks, sidewalks, driveways, insulation, remodeling interior/exterior. Sr discounts. 716-366-0729



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DOGS DOG GROOMING pickup & delivery avlble.specialize in hard to manage dogs w/out chemical restraint.brocton area.


FARMS_AND_LAND REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE! Beautiful 1 acre-20acres homesites starting at $2000/acre. Owner financing from $199/ month. Beautiful weather, low taxes, Washington County, Augusta Area. Call Owner Direct 706-364-4200


CARPETS drapes, windows, home/office, wax floors. 716366-0729


We design & build - additions & garages, landscapes,decks & new homes! 716-640-0604


Classifieds • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)

HOLT GENERAL CONTRACTING New & upgrade service,

add-ons, rewires - we do it all! 716-640-0604

HOLT GENERAL CONTRACTING New & upgrade service,

add-ons, rewires - we do it all! 716-640-0604


systems/ roadways - Meeting all of your excavation needs! 716-640-0604




estimate! 716-640-0604


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GLASSS!! Free insulation accessments. All types of insulation. 716-640-0604


the Cold. Call today. Cords, Face-cords etc. available for delivery or pick up. 716-7363963

HOLT GENERAL CONTRACTING Full landscaping / land-

scaping & design sevices, water & rock gardens! Call today! 716-640-0604


- chimneys - retaining walls repairs! 716-640-0604


December 8, 2011 Edition – Classifieds Section – B



TREE_SERVICES Seasoned Firewood For Sale. Order Now! Beat the Cold! Cods, Facecords, Grapple Loads. Delivery. 716-736-3963



placement! Also doors! - GET A TAX REBATE TO INSTALL NEW WINDOWS & DOORS!!!! 716-640-0604


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lions! 716-640-0604


Commercial. Shingles/ metal, rubber, coatings! High grade ice cables! 716-640-0604


drains. Your complete sevice contractor! 716-640-0604

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AUTOS 1996




Visit cars, suv’s, 4x4 trucks from $2,500 Mention this ad save $500 today!


Bed Liner, AM/FM/CD, ABS, Sliding Rear Window, Manual, Red $5,000. 716-232-4013

2008 CAB




Bed-Liner Pwr. Steer Air Cruise - White Exc. Cond. -8,400 miles - $11,800

MISCELLANEOUS TREADMILL Amputee needs a tredmill, 2.5 motor with a 20” belt, Call 716-761-6783.

military items and hunting items. Guns, Swords, Helmets, Foreign county uniforms, etc. Will buy complete collections. Jim Schermerhorn - 326-2854



Featured Advertiser


December 8, 2011 Edition – Classifieds Section – B

Expressions Promotional Products 4867 West Lake Road Dunkirk, NY 14048

716.679.7788 SCREEN PRINTING Tee Shirts, Jerseys & More EMBROIDERY

Outer Wear, Hats, Uniforms & More

Flashlights, Mugs, PROMOTIONAL ITEMS Pens,Keychains & More Auto Wraps, Banners, Store Fronts, SIGNAGE Vehicle Lettering, Yard Signs, Logo Design, Digital Printing

| • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)



December 8 - December 14, 2011


Ways to Save 679-3910



Movie Review December 8, 2011 Edition – Entertainment Section – C

| • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)

Arthur Christmas Contributed Article Amber Rinehart

Star Rating: 4/5 52.4 billion dollars. That is how much money was spent this year during the Black Friday weekend. Millions of people rushed to the stores to buy gifts for their loved ones and themselves. So what are the hot items likely to be found under the tree this year? There are laptops, cameras, GPS’s, Smartphone’s, mp3 players, tablets and so much more. In a time when technology runs our lives, it’s easy to get lost in it all and forget about one of the most important parts of the holiday season; the magic. Arthur Christmas, this year’s Hollywood big-budget holiday effort, focuses on this exact concept. The story features Arthur, the youngest son of Santa Claus. Arthur, voiced by James McAvoy has a heart of gold and a pure love for Christmas, but is overshadowed by his older, stronger and more confident brother Steve, who is the heir of the Santa suit. Steve, voiced by Hugh Laurie, lives in a world of high technology and has succeeded in streamlining Christmas. Instead of the traditional sleigh and reindeer, presents are now transported on a huge sled-shaped jet and are delivered by hundreds of highly trained elves, all teched out with the latest gadgets. Steve and his “operation headquarters” are able to monitor the delivery and ensure that Christmas goes off without a hitch. Despite all

of the new technology, one child is accidentally forgotten. Arthur, realizing this error, takes it upon himself to deliver the gift with the help of an elf, his retired grandsanta and an old reindeer. Arthur Christmas comes from the Aardman Animation Studios, the same company responsible for Chicken Run and the Wallace and Gromit series. The animation in Arthur Christmas is not as well designed and realistic as the films from Pixar but is still well-made and very impressive to see in 3D. The story is captivating and witty enough to entertain both children and adults. It is full of heart and wonder and is a good reminder that holidays are not just about what gifts we get, but the people that we are with. Arthur is a true underdog that the audience is able to both relate to and root for along the way. Although it may not be as charming or witty as some holiday classics like Rudolph or The Santa Clause, Arthur Christmas is a good addition to any holiday movie collection. It reminds us that in a world of technology, it is nice to be able to sit back and enjoy the magic of the season.

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Movies • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)


December 8, 2011 Edition – Entertainment Section – C


Times Starting Thursday, December 7th Dunkirk Movieplex 8 10520 Bennett Road Dunkirk, NY 14048 The Sitter (R) 5:30, 7:30, 9:30, 11:30 New Year’s Eve (PG13) 4:35, 7:05, 9:30, 11:59 The Muppets (PG) 4:35, 7:00, 9:25, 11:50 Happy Feet Two (PG) 4:30 The Twighlight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (PG13) 4:45, 7:15, 9:45, 11:59 Arthur Christmas (PG) 6:50 Jack and Jill (PG) 6:45 Immortals (R) 8:45, 11:15 Tower Heist (PG13) 4:30, 9:10, 11:30 Hugo (PG) 6:30, 9:20, 11:59 J. Edgar (R) 4:30, 7:25, 10:20 Chautauqua Mall Cinema I & II 500 Chautauqua Mall Lakewood, NY 14750 J. Edgar (R) 4:00, 6:40, 9:15 Immortals (R) 4:00, 6:40, 9:15 Lakewood Cinema 8 171-3 Fairmount Ave W. Lakewood, NY 14750 Arthur Christmas (PG) 12:20, 9:30 Arthur Christmas 3D (PG) 2:40, 4:50, 7:15

Hugo 3D (PG) 12:40, 3:50, 6:40, 9:30 New Year’s Eve (PG13) 1:05, 4:05, 6:55, 9:35 The Muppets (PG) 1:00, 4:00, 6:50, 9:20 The Twighlight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (PG13) 12:45, 3:45, 6:45, 9:35 Happy Feet Two (PG) 12:00, 9:20 Happy Feet Two 3D (PG) 2:25, 4:45, 7:10 Jack and Jill (PG) 9:30 Puss in Boots 3D (PG) 12:30, 2:45, 7:20 Puss in Boots (PG) 4:55 The Sitter (R) 1:15, 3:15, 5:15, 7:15, 9:15

Cinemark Tinseltown 17 1910 Rotunda Drive Erie, Pa 16509 New Year’s Eve (PG13) Digital: 11:25, 12:35, 2:10, 3:20, 4:55, 6:15, 7:40, 9:15, 10:30 The Sitter (R) Digital: 11:35, 12:55, 1:45, 3:10, 3:55, 5:20, 6:05, 7:30, 8:15, 9:40, 10:25 Arthur Christmas (PG) RealD 3D: 12:15, 2:45, 5:10 Digital: 11:10, 1:45, 4:10, 7:00, 9:30 Hugo (PG) RealD 3D: 11:40, 2:40, 5:45, 8:40 Digital: 10:00, 7:05, 10:00 The Muppets (PG) Digital: 11:20, 12:50, 2:10, 3:30, 4:50, 6:20, 7:30, 9:00, 10:10

The Descendants (R) Digital: 11:40, 2:20, 5:00, 7:40, 10:20 Happy Feet Two (PG) RealD 3D: 12:35, 3:00, 5:25, 7:55, 10:20 The Twighlight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (PG13) Digital: 11:00, 12:25, 1:50, 3:15, 4:40, 6:10, 7:30, 9:00, 10:15 Immortals (R) RealD 3D: 7:15, 10:05 J. Edgar (R) Digital: 12:30, 3:45 Jack and Jill (PG) Digital: 12:00, 2:25, 4:45, 7:25, 9:55 Tower Heist (PG13) Digital: 11:45, 2:30, 5:15, 7:45, 10:15 Puss in Boots (PG) RealD 3D: 11:55, 2:15, 4:35

Midnight in Paris (PG13) Digital: 7:35, 10:00 Regal Quaker Crossing 3450 Amelia Drive Orchard Park, 14127 The Sitter (R) 1:45, 2:30, 4:10, 4:45, 5:20, 7:00, 8:00, 9:10, 9:50, 10:30 Arthur Christmas (PG) 1:05, 4:15, 6:40, 9:15 Arthur Christmas 3D (PG) 2:05, 5:10, 7:40, 10:15 Hugo (PG) 1:00, 3:50, 6:45, 9:35 Hugo 3D (PG) 1:30, 4:20, 7:15, 10:05 The Muppets (PG) 1:20, 2:20, 4:00, 5:00, 6:35, 7:35, 9:25, 10:10 The Descendants (R) 1:55, 4:40, 7:45, 10:25 Happy Feet Two (PG) 2:10, 4:55, 7:25, 10:00 Happy Feet Two 3D (PG) 1:10, 3:45, 6:25, 9:20 The Twighlight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (PG13) 1:40, 4:30, 6:30, 7:30, 9:30, 10:20 Immortals (R) 2:25, 5:15, 7:55, 10:25 Immortals 3D (R) 1:25, 6:50 J. Edgar (R) 12:55, 3:55, 6:55, 9:55 A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas (R) 2:00, 4:50, 7:10, 9:45 Puss in Boots (PG) 1:15, 4:05 Puss in Boots 3D (PG) 2:15, 5:05, 7:20, 9:40


Go and Do! December 8, 2011 Edition – Entertainment Section – C

| • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)

On-Going Events Westfield Farmers Market

The Westfield Winter Farmers’ Market will be open for the first season ever beginning Saturday October 15 in Eason Hall at 23 Elm Street, Westfield, NY. The Winter Market will operate one Saturday each month from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The scheduled Market dates are December 10, January 14, February 11, March 10, and April 14. Visitors will find many of their favorite vendors returning for this event. There is still great fall produce, Grass fed meats and eggs to offer. The crafters and artisans are busy preparing for the upcoming holiday season; they should have a great selection for gifts.

Santa at the Chautauqua Mall (through Dec. 24)

Santa is available for visits and photos with children of all ages. The Santa photo set is located in front of The Bon Ton at the center of the mall. Chautauqua Mall, 318 East Fairmount Avenue, Lakewood, NY.

“Communicating With Spirit” Workshop Series (Sunday Dec. 11)

Simply Skin Spa presents “Communicating With Spirit” Workshop Series. Brenda E. Reading, Instructor (Medium, Reiki Healer, Certified Holistic Educator). $35/class or save by registering and pay $120 for all 4 classes. Call 716-672-5662 to register. Simply Skin Spa, 10 Park Place, Fredonia, NY.

Chautauqua Shores Chorus (Women Barbershoppers) (Mondays)

First Baptist Church, 358 E. Fifth St., Jamestown, NY. 7 p.m.

Dunkirk Free Library StoryTime and Craft - (Tuesday and Thursday)

10:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. For children ages 3 - 5 years old. Story time is free. For more information call 366-2511.

Yoga for Kids at the Dunkirk Free Library - (Every Wednesday) 3:30 – 4:30 p.m., with Monica deMello-Patterson, M.A. This class is for children ages 8 - 10 years old. This is a free class. For more information call 366-2511.

Thursday, December 8 Audubon Center and Sanctuary: Jamestown Audubon Photography Club Holiday Party

6:30 to 9 p.m. For details, call (716) 763-9492 or visit www.

Growing with Music Together

Free Music Class, 10:00 to 10:45 a.m. for children: babies – kindergarten and parents, caregivers. 369 W Main St, Fredonia. Prior registration requested - Contact: Kay Barlow 716-673-9020.

YWCA Holiday Open House

4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Holiday Open House. YWCA of Westfield, 58 South Portage St., Westfield, NY, ywcawestfield. org. Light refreshments will be served. Please join us.

Computer Classes at the Dunkirk Free Library

Introduction to Microsoft Excel – 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. 12/8 (part 1), 12/15 (part 2), 12/22 (part 3), 12/29 (part 4). Register by using our on-line registration form on the Dunkirk Free Library Website at www.cclslib. org/Dunkirk or Contact the Library at 366-2511.

Friday, December 9 Charles Fredrick with his group ʻA Family of Notesʼ Glarner Group Production Studios and After Dark Entertainment presents Charles Fredrick with his group ‘A Family of Notes’ and guests to be announced. At the Jamestown Ice Arena. To promote the release of Chautauqua to Allegheny Mountain Christmas 2. It is a compilation of singers and musicians for the benefit of non-profits and is sponsored by the Community Development Association

Doc and Bill at 21 East Bookstore and Cafe

Doc and Bill make a return visit to Literacy Volunteers / 21 East Bookstore and Cafe at 21 East Second Street in Dunkirk. They will perform classic Irish Pub and Folk songs from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Come enjoy their music and enjoy one of our special beverages. Jennifer Goodell will be speaking later that evening at 7:30 p.m. Jennifer is a Chautauqua County native, veteran and author. She joined the Marin Corps after graduating from high school. Her book “Shade It Black” has been praised as a realistic depiction of what life is like in a war zone. She served in a mortuary unit in

Iraq. After the war, she suffered from PTSD and substance abuse. She is currently pursuing a PHD in Psychology at UB.

St. Mary of Lourdes in Mayville will hold the annual Christmas Luncheon and Bazaar

The Altar and Rosary Society of St. Mary’s Church on Chautauqua Street in Mayville from 11:30 a.m to 4:00 p.m. in the church hall. The luncheon will include homemade soups, subs and dessert with a beverage. Takeout orders will be available by calling the Parish Hall at 753-2318 on Friday morning. The Society invites everyone to browse the Cookie Shoppe where they can purchase homemade cookies, fudge, and specialty breads. Grandma’s Attic will be of particular interest with books, glassware and holiday decorations. The famous Clemmy Booth will again be open with great gifts, including Quilts, Heisey Glass and a few antiques. The members invite everyone to the Bazaar and enjoy the wonder of the Christmas Season. Each year the proceeds from the Luncheon and Bazaar benefit the church projects.

Audubon Center and Sanctuary: Owl Prowl

7 to 9 p.m. Take a walk with a naturalist to learn a little about owls and try to call one closer. $10/members, $7/ non-members $5/children. Reservations appreciated by December 7 at (716) 569-2345, info@jamestownaudubon. org, or on-line form. Walk-ins also welcome.

Infinity Cafe Blues and Pizza Night

7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. Featuring the Infinity Blues Group, Blues and Pizza night will be a collaboration between Infinity Students, Instructors, Staff and Local Musicians! Special Guests for the evening will include: Tom Swanson, Jim Foti, Susan Waite, Mark Bunce, Stephanie Rogers and more! Add some nice hot slices of pizza to the mix and this will be an Infinity Cafe night to remember Infinity Visual and Performing Arts 115 East Third Street, Jamestown, NY 14701 For more information, 716-6640991 infinityperformingarts. org

Computer Classes at the Dunkirk Free Library

Introduction to the Internet – 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. Register by using our on-line registration form on the Dunkirk Free Library Website at www.cclslib. org/Dunkirk or Contact the Library at 366-2511.

Saturday, December 10 Old Main Street Christmas “Decorated Tree and Wreath Auction”

2 to 5 p.m. Old Main Street Christmas “Decorated Tree and Wreath Auction” At the Fredonia Barker Common/ Gazebo (Inclement weather location: First Methodist Church, 25 Church St., Fredonia, NY) Benefits the RO Foundation - Assisting patients and families with unexpected transportation expenses. Bidding finishes at 4 p.m. Fun for the whole family: Local high school carolers, Trees and wreaths of all shapes and sizes, Cookies and hot bever-

Go and Do! • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)


December 8, 2011 Edition – Entertainment Section – C

What’s happening ages, Pictures with Santa and Mrs. Clause, Face painting and Quilt Raffle, Fredonia Fire Dept. Tree Hazard Demo.

Audubon Center and Sanctuary: Little Explorers/Nature Detectives

10 a.m. to 12 noon, “Winter Mysteries.” Children aged 3 to 8 attend with a favorite grownup to learn about the natural world. $5 for Audubon members; $7 non-members. Reservations required by Thursday, December 8: call (716) 569-2345. Walk-ins may be accepted, but might not be able to participate in craft and/or snack.

Growing with Music Together

Free Music Class, 10:00 to 10:45 a.m. for children: babies – kindergarten and parents, caregivers. 369 W Main St, Fredonia. Prior registration requested - Contact: Kay Barlow 716-673-9020.

Free Family Sing 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. Holiday Music Jam Session for families with young children. 369 W Main St, Fredonia. Contact: Kay Barlow 716-6739020.

Sunday, December 11 County Historical Society Holiday Open House

The Chautauqua County Historical Society will hold its annual Holiday Open House on Sunday, Dec. 11 at the McClurg Museum in Westfield. The event allow visitors an opportunity to learn more about the museum and historical society. It will also serve as

the final event of the county’s 2011 Bicentennial Celebration and Passport to History promotion, with the winners of the contest being announced. There is no cost to attend the open house. It will take place on Dec. 11 from 2 to 4 p.m. at the McClurg Museum in Moore Park, Westfield. For more information call (716) 326-2977 or email mcclurg@

Tuesday, December 13 Audubon Center and Sanctuary: Dine Out for Audubon

5 to 8 p.m., Eat at Friendly’s Restaurant at 10 S. Main Street in downtown Jamestown, and a portion of your check will be donated to the Jamestown Audubon Society

Computer Classes at the Dunkirk Free Library

Microsoft Excel Class – 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Register by using our on-line registration form on the Dunkirk Free Library Website at www.cclslib. org/Dunkirk or Contact the Library at 366-2511.

Wednesday, December 14 Computer Classes at the Dunkirk Free Library

Updating Your Resume – All Day. Register by using our on-line registration form on the Dunkirk Free Library Website at Dunkirk or Contact the Library at 366-2511.

Thursday, December 15 AARP Driver Safety Course

AARP Driver Safety Course will be held at Concord Es-

tates 441 Temple St., Fredonia on December 15th and 16th 9:00am - 12:00pm. Cost for AARP members is only $12 and for non-members $14. Call 672-2300 to register Seating is limited.

Friday, December 16 ʻChristmas at the Crownʼ

Glarner Group Production Studios and After Dark Entertainment presents ‘Christmas at the Crown’ at the Crown Theater in Jamestown to promote the release of Chautauqua to Allegheny Mountain Christmas 2. It is a compilation of singers and musicians for the benefit of non-profits and is sponsored by the Community Development Association

Computer Classes at the Dunkirk Free Library

Downloading from the Internet – 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. Register by using our on-line registration form on the Dunkirk Free Library Website at www. or Contact the Library at 366-2511.

Sunday, December 18 Audubon Center and Sanctuary: Christmas Bird Count in Jamestown

To participate, call Bob Sundell at (716) 484-2197.

Victorian Christmas in Westfield

Santa will be arriving in Westfield, NY, at 6:00 p.m., on Friday, November 18, at Moore Park, to kick off Victorian Christmas in Westfield. Afterwards, there will be family activities in Eason Hall, to include “Big Bubble” stuff, games, a Christmas video, cookies, and drinks.

Monday, December 19 Computer Classes at the Dunkirk Free Library

Window 7 – 12:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. Register by using our on-line registration form on the Dunkirk Free Library Website at Dunkirk or Contact the Library at 366-2511.

Saturday, December 17

Wednesday, December 28

Christmas Craft Day at the Dunkirk Free Library

Woodsongs Coffeehouse Radio Hour

10:30 a.m. to 12 noon. Our annual event includes 6 different crafts for children to make, stories, and refreshments. Make presents for friends and family! Free to the public. Call 366-2511 or email for more information.

Audubon Center and Sanctuary: Christmas Bird Count in Warren

To participate, call Don Watts at (814) 723-9125.

Cindy Haight: Ms.Haight has been a musical fixture in the Jamestown area for over a decade. She is known for her powerful, bluesy voice. Cindy’s songs explore the essence of the blues, the unrealistic expectations and predictable heartbreak of relationships. Her songs describe the concomitant pessimism and optimism, hope and disappointment, that all romantic attachments bring with them. Blue Magoo; A local blues trio who have con-

sented to hop on the Woodsongs stage “unplugged”. Three veterans of this blues scene, two of whom were long-time members of the project universally recognized as the most noteworthy, now-defunct blues band of the area in Jamestown, the “Homewreckers”, comprise this outfit.

Audubon Center and Sanctuary: Christmas for the Critters

10 a.m. to 12 noon, Meet Audubon’s critters, open gifts for the animals and enjoy a short hike. Bring them presents(from one of the stars on the Wishing Tree), or pay $5/member, $7/non-member; kids under age 2 are free.

Audubon Center and Sanctuary: Wishing Day

1 to 3 p.m., Decorate Audubon’s tree with wishes, open donated gifts to Audubon, and enjoy a short hike. Bring a present (from one of the stars on the Wishing Tree), or pay $5/member, $7/non-member; kids under age 2 are free.

Friday, December 30 Audubon Center and Sanctuary: Get Out Day at Audubon

10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Family fun nature programs throughout the day, indoors and out. $5 for members and children (under 12); $7 for non-member adults.



Flavor of the Week December 8, 2011 Edition – Entertainment Section – C

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Flavor of the Week – Christmas at the Caddyshack By Dusten Rader Entertainment Editor

Those looking for a great place to feel at home away from home during the cold snowy Winter season consider stopping by the Caddyshack restaurant at Sugar Hill Golf Course. Both Caddyshack restaurant and the Sugar Hill Golf Course are going to continue being open to the public throughout the Winter season. “The view is beautiful here during the Winter,” said Patty. “Of course everyone’s favorite spot is by the fire place. But, there isn’t a bad seat in the house as far as the view goes. Even if you’re sitting at the bar you can still see outside.” Recently a rumor started spreading that the restaurant and golf course may be up for sale and was going out of business. However, Patty wants the community to know that the rumors are not true. “I want people know that we are still here, we’re still open and still serving food,” said Patty. “We’ve been open every Winter since we’ve been here and we’re going to continue to do that.” So, stop in soon to enjoy some fine comfort foods throughout the Winter season. Prime rib is available every weekend and Patty’s homemade chili is stewing every day. Stop in on a Sunday for specials on wings and drinks. Canned beer, drafts and mixed well drinks are $2. Plus, jumbo sized wings are 45 cents. Sunday specials are great during football games. There is also free snack food at the bar like Patty’s homemade mustard dipping sauce with pretzels. Or make it a dinner experience and sit by the fireplace to enjoy the great view of snow falling outside. Guests can also enjoy a drink at the bar while their spouse does some

A beautiful stop on Route 5 hides special fun for willing travelers.

(Photo by Patty DiPaolo)

Hawg Wings: Pork tossed in choice of wing sauce with blue cheese, ranch, vegetables and homemade cheesecake with fresh fruit toppings. (Photo by Dusten Rader)

(Photo by Patty DiPaolo)

Chicken Parmesan: Boneless chicken breaded and seasoned then baked with marinara sauce and melted mozzarella. (Photo by Dusten Rader)

Christmas shopping at Destiny’s gift shop. Gift wrapping is available as well.

“What more can you ask for,” said Patty. “When you’ve got some Christmas shopping to do

you can come here and find a perfect gift while your husband has a cold beer at the bar. Plus, husbands, if your wife sees something she wants she can point it out and you can stop back in later to pick it up for her. So, if you stop out for din-

ner and see something you want just remember that everything is for sale.” Everything down to the decorated trees is available for purchase at Destiny’s gift shop. Plus, the prices are extremely affordable. There are currently

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CADDYSHACK continued from page 6

(Photo by Patty DiPaolo)

(Photo by Patty DiPaolo)

(Photo by Patty DiPaolo)

both Fall seasonal and Christmas items on sale for up to 50 percent off. “If the price seems a little high on something I am completely open to hearing a reasonable offer as well,” said Patty. The menu includes a great number of homemade choices. The soups are made home made every day. Customer favorites include chili, french onion and the new chicken wing. The for an extra dollar the delicious homemade chili can be loaded with chopped onions, shredded sharp cheddar cheese then baked in a crock bowl and topped with sour cream. Chili wraps are also available. The sauces, marinara and Alfredo for example, are also made fresh and from an authentic family recipe. Ilio DiPaolo’s bottled sauces from Buffalo are made by a different member of the same family. The prime rip is available on the weekends and can also be ordered as a sandwich. The

prime rib sandwich includes a 1/2 pound of beef on a kimmelweck or hard roll. Fresh baked pies are also available for dessert or to go. Some of the favorites are Paige’s Cheesecake, Peach, Apple Raspberry and Chocolate Cream with Butterscotch whipped cream topping. Everything on the menu can be ordered to go. While enjoying a meal guests will be surrounded by Christmas themed decorations. Everything from decorated trees, wreaths, garland, lights and center pieces will be on display and on sale in the restaurant. And, the DiPaolo family wants to host Christmas or holiday parties. The dining room and bar can be reserved for any special occasion. The food and drinks will be catered to guests needs. Any day or any time is available for groups of 12 to 30 guests. The Caddyshack is a great place to go enjoy a delicious home-

made meal or drink at a cozy bar. It’s a great excuse to get out of a house during the cold snowy Winter season. So, bring the kids, friends or a date to experience the DiPaolo family celebration. “We the community to know that we’re staying open and that we’re not a private club,” said Patty. “Our golf course is great and open to the public as long as weather permits. But, we also have have a really nice family fun atmosphere restaurant.” Caddyshack is located at 7060 Route 5 at the Sugar Hill Golf Course in Westfield. The restaurant is open Thursday through Saturday from noon to 9 p.m. and noon to 6 p.m. on Sunday. For more information and reservations call 716-326-4653. Reservations are recommended but not required. Visit them online at or find them on facebook.


Artist Profile December 8, 2011 Edition – Entertainment Section – C

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Artist Profile – Chris Bell By Dusten Rader Entertainment Editor

Chris Bell (CB), a native of Jamestown New York, released a new album in September under the band name Win Peter Winters. The self titled album released by Silent Home Records featured Bell on vocals, cello, viola, violin, banjo, percussion and glockenspiel. Also accompanying him on the album were a host of musicians including Big Leg Emma’s Amanda Barton on violin, Frewsburg’s violin prodigy Cody Hiller, Israeli singer / songwriter Noa Babayof and Jaggery’s bassist Tony Leva. Being a concept album, Win Peter Winters is something completely new for Bell. The album tells the story of a man who loses his wife to a sudden illness and begins a journey to get her back. Inspired by Homer’s Greek Epic The Odyssey and Bell’s experiences while touring along Lake Erie in a canoe the album is definitely something to be heard. DR: How did you career as a musician start? CB: I started out playing music in fifth grade in grade school band as mainly a percussionist. I was so into playing music. I started a band about two weeks after getting my first drum set. We were practicing like forty hours a week although it would never show we’d just play and play. I was in a bunch of different bands through high school and college. I’ve always been good at picking up new instruments so I’d go with less food for a couple weeks and show up to band practice with a new instrument like oh I’m going to learn Mandolin this week. Now, I’ve been playing shows under my own name for about six years. DR: During your time touring as Chris Bell you used some

Chris Bell at EBC West. (Photo by Dusten Rader)

pretty unique methods of transportation like canoeing Lake Erie, walking across Massachusetts and biking from upstate New York to Chicago. Was the idea to use the experiences as inspiration for your music. CB: I starting writing Win Peter Winters about two months before I went on the canoe tour. I was touring some of the material from the album and decided to put it on hold because I figured I’d learn a bunch. So, I took notes, came up with ideas, brainstormed

and I slowly chipped away at it between each of my albums. DR: Were you also inspired by all the reading you were doing on your tours? CB: I brought some audio books with me that I listened to like Homer’s Greek Epic The Odyssey and some Native American mythological tales. It’s funny because I don’t really like The Odyssey but it inspired me tremendously. The idea that I got from reading all these myths, and what the album is

about, is that the gods in mythology really care less for the humans except for a select few. The Greek gods toy with Odysseus because he pissed them off enough yet the entire crew of his ship was slaughtered or turned into pigs or some other kind of animal, they are cannon fodder. So, the human perspective from in these myths is that you can struggle against these huge unknown forces but from the deities perspective they are just going to toy with your character and when they are

done with you they will get rid of you and the world moves on. And, that was the whole theme behind the album. DR: You also recorded much of the album in unique places. CB: I recorded the whole thing myself using more classical instruments and I also wanted to use space more. I wanted something to sound like it happened in that space instead of a studio. I wanted it to sound more natural and real. So I recorded part of it in a bank, part

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ARTIST PROFILE continued from page 8

Photo by Dusten Rader

) Full color artwork by Melissa Mandel. (Submitted Photo)

in Suburban Blend and two songs at my house. About 70 percent of it was recorded using the natural reverb of those big rooms. A friend of mine named Dave Trusso mixed the album. DR: Are there parts of the album where the place it was recorded really shows? CB: What’s funny is no. And, that’s kind of the good part. It’s there and you can hear it in the songs but at no point are you thinking oh this is where it was done. It all kind of makes it’s own world. DR: Win Peter Winters is a unique album for you considering you collaborated with a slew of other musicians. What was it like working with them? CB: I wanted to get some other people’s opinions on the album so I started with Amanda Barton. She was was great and plays violin on three of the songs. Cody Hiller is a friend of mine from Frewsburg. I heard a rumor of this kid who played violin in a hardcore band. We got along

amazingly well and he played violin on seven of the songs. I’m an alright upright bassist but Tony Leva is just amazing. We all ended up crafting this huge orchestral piece done very classically on the album. I tried to take the string quartets and bring them into a live setting and still make them interesting. So, I use a loop pedal to break down the songs and rebuild them to play them live. DR: What was it like working with Dave Trusso? CB: He’s been a good friend of mine since grade school. I do recording and mastering myself but I wanted different ears and opinions on it. He makes some excellent home brews so we’d just kick back and enjoy a beer while talking about what to do on the album. I know what I would do but to be able to talk to another engineer and musician who would propose an idea that I’d never think of turned out to be a great working relationship. DR: I recently saw you perform at EBC West and noticed your

live performances are a different experience than listening to Win Peter Winters. CB: People ask me if I have an album that sounds exactly like I play live. So, I actually

recorded a live album that will come out in February. I’ve put out four EP’s and the full length in the past year and instead of printing off copies of each EP for each show I decided I’d compile my 10 best songs and

a couple covers. So, I’m finally giving my audience that. Chris Bell’s next live performance will be at 9 p.m. on December 16 at The Crooked I in Erie. Then on February 2 he will begin a tour in celebration of the release of his new live album. He also plans on releasing four full length 10 song albums in a years time. Chris Bell’s solo projects can be found on bandcamp at To listen to the full album visit winpeterwinters.bandcamp. com. For more information visit, or find him on facebook.


Recipe and Entertainment December 8, 2011 Edition – Entertainment Section – C

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Live at the Met Season Features Faust at Fredonia Opera House

Contributed Article Rick Davis

The 1891 Fredonia Opera House continues the 2011-12 season of Live at the Met high definition opera broadcasts from the Metropolitan Opera with Gounod’s Faust, on Saturday, December 10, at 1 p.m. “We’re very excited to be presenting our first full season of live opera transmissions; there’s something very exhilarating about presenting the live broadcasts as they are being performed at the Met,” says Opera House Executive Director Rick Davis. “And this week’s opera, Faust, features one of the Met’s rising young stars, Jonas Kaufmann, whom the New York Times calls ‘a handsome, vocally splendid Faust. He sang the pensive and romantic passages with veiled dusky colorings and tender lyricism, and unleashed pent-up power in full-bodied phrases, capped by fearless high notes.’” While the traditional setting for Faust is 16th-century Germany, Tony Award-winning director Des McAnuff ’s new staging sets the quintessential tale of a man’s bargain with the

Marina Poplavskaya sings Marguerite in Gounod’s Faust. The opera will be screened live in high definition at the 1891 Fredonia Opera House on Sat., Dec. 10, starting at 1 p.m. Photo: Ken Howard/Metropolitan Opera

devil in the first half of the 20th century. Kaufmann sings the title role for the first time at the Met, opposite Marina Poplavskaya as Marguerite, the woman he loves and destroys, and René Pape as the devil himself, Méphistophélès. Russell Braun sings Marguerite’s brother, the soldier Valentin; and Michèle Losier is the lovesick student Siébel. Yannick Nézet-Séguin, who also led the Met’s HD transmissions of Don Carlo and Carmen, conducts. The Associated Press praises the “exceptional work by a fine cast of singing actors led by tenor Jonas Kaufmann,

soprano Marina Poplavskaya and bass René Pape…their performances, sharply directed by Des McAnuff, guaranteed that Gounod’s opera came across as serious and even gripping theater. And rarely has the score sounded more captivating than in the rhapsodic account by the Met orchestra under the guidance of the young conductor Yannick Nézet-Séguin.” The broadcast lasts three hours 39 minutes, notes Davis. “There are two intermissions,” he adds, “during which the Opera House will have snacks, beverages and box lunches available for purchase in the

Jonas Kaufmann (left) sings the title role and René Pape is Méphistophélès in Gounod’s Faust. The opera will be screened live in high definition at the 1891 Fredonia Opera House on Sat., Dec. 10, starting at 1 p.m. Photo: Ken Howard/Metropolitan Opera

trustees room on the second floor of Village Hall. (No food or beverage is allowed inside the theatre.)” Live at the Met opera broadcasts are made possible by Dr. James M. and Marcia Merrins, who funded the purchase of the satellite transmission and projection equipment used in the series. Additional support comes from Bob and Shirley Coon, Bob and Susan Dilks, Steve and Mary Rees and DFT Communications. Tickets to Faust are $20 ($18 for Opera House and Met members, $15 for students)

and are available in advance by calling or visiting the Box Office at 716-679-1891 Tuesday – Friday, 1-5 p.m. and Saturday, 2-5 p.m. They also may be purchased online anytime at www. Chautauqua County’s only performing arts center presenting its own programming year-round, the 1891 Fredonia Opera House is a member-supported not-for-profit organization located in Village Hall in downtown Fredonia. For a complete schedule of events, visit

Poorman’s Recipebook: Buffalo Mac’n Cheese Eating out can be hard on the wallet. So, to help our loyal readers save their hard earned cash the Chautauqua Star will feature an inexpensive meal in our ‘Poorman’s Recipebook’ each week. Buffalo Mac’n Cheese 1 box macaroni and cheese packet 1/2 cup Franks Red Hot Sauce 1 tbsp. garlic powder 1 tsp. black pepper

1 cup panko bread crumbs 1 cup shredded chicken 2 slices of American, cheddar or pepper jack cheese 1/2 cup crumbled blue cheese 1 stalk chopped celery 2 tbsp. butter Photo by Dusten Rader

Bring water to boil and add macaroni. Boil until soft and strain noodles. Place noo-

dles back in the pot on low heat with cheese packet, black pepper, garlic and butter. In a cas-

serole pan mix mac’n cheese with chicken and celery. Top with cheese slices, panko bread crumbs and blue cheese. Bake on 375 degrees for 15 minutes or until panko bread crumbs are golden brown. Submitted by: Dusten Rader Buffalo Mac’n Cheese is a great way to spice up a basic recipe. Plus, cheese, chicken and hot sauce

are an unprecedented trio of deliciousness. Double, triple or quadruple the ingredients to make more servings to feed more people. An easy solution for the chicken is to buy a rotisserie chicken. If you’d like to submit a recipe for ‘Poorman’s Recipebook,’ email or call 716-3669200. Tell us your recipe, where it came from, and a favorite memory of it!

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December 8, 2011 Edition – Entertainment Section – C

Twelfth Night A Celebration of Light

Frozen cherries. (Photo by Dusten Rader)

Contributed Article Chautauqua Chamber Singers

The Chautauqua Chamber Singers, under the direction of Rebecca Ryan, will present “Twelfth Night- a Celebration of Light” on January 6, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church, Prendergast Ave., Jamestown. With costumed singers, candlelight, readings and music both new and old, this concert has become for many a traditional ending of the Christmas season. A second performance will take place on Sunday, January 8, 2012 at 4:00 PM at the First United Methodist Church, 200 Market St., Warren, PA. Included in the

concert will be such familiar pieces as “Once in Royal David’s City”, “Torches”, and “The Star Carol”. Other selections include Eric Whitacre’s “Lux Arumque”, “Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind” by John Rutter and “Qui Creavit Celum” by former Chamber Singers director Roland Martin. A Pie Reception, hosted by the Chautauqua Chamber Singers will follow each performance. Pre-Sale ticket prices are as follows: Adult-$10.00, Senior$9.00 and Student- $5.00. Ticket prices at the door are: Adult and Senior-$12.00 and Student $5.00. Group rates are available. For more information, please call Community Music Project, Inc. at 664-2227.

Only a few clouds linger in the clear blue sky. (Photo by Dusten Rader)

Coffee bubbles. (Photo by Dusten Rader)



Featured Advertiser December 8, 2011 Edition – Entertainment Section – C

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December 8, 2011 Chautauqua Star  

Local news, sports and entertainment from Chautauqua County, New York.

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