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former Chautauqua star S editor releases “Lost Places of Chautauqua County”







bOOk LOOkS AT FASCInATIng PLACES In COunTy’S PAST Special to the Star

Editor’s Note: Patricia Pihl was the editor of the Chautauqua Star for much of 2012 and 2013. Her insights and passion for writing spawned many great features in the paper, and encouraged an lasting excellence in production and content. Mayville author and personal historian Patricia Pihl announces the release of her book “Lost Places of Chautauqua County.” The book is a compilation of articles, adopted from months of interviews with town historians, which explore less-known, but fascinating places in the county’s past. The series originally ran as a weekly column in The Chautauqua Star. “Lost Places” covers such topics as Chautauqua County’s link to the Underground Railroad; how Dewittville’s “Poor Farm” was stressed by the new wave of immigrants and its link to the present day county home; the three World War II POW camps; the “islands” of Chautauqua Lake, and other places from the county’s recent and distant past. According to Pihl, the book

The cover of recently released “Lost Places of Chautauqua County.”

also sheds light on interesting residents as well as former social, economic and medical realities. The idea for the series was spawned when Pihl and her husband David, stopped while snowmobiling near the Chautauqua Gorge. Looking across a 200-foot ravine, David pointed to the site where Eagle Ridge Ski Resort once stood. A popular spot with area teenagers, the resort would ultimately close due to the untimely death of

its owner, Tony DeMambro, on its slopes. “The story intrigued me,“ Pihl stated, “and I wondered how many more of these forgotten or barely known places existed in the county?” Pihl would track down Eagle Ridge’s Austrian ski pro, Hans Auer, now in his eighties, to record his memories of the resort and its short, but successful stint as Westfield’s winter haven. From there, she continued interviews of local historians, writing about other

forgotten places of the past. John Paul Wolfe, Curator of the Chautauqua County Historical Society, says the series “covers areas throughout the entire county, creating interest for residents and tourists alike.” Wolfe adds, “it has been an enjoyable challenge to find information for Patricia in the archives for the next article. The amount of research which needed to be done each week was amazing.” Continued on PG 8




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Calling all thankful offspring

Pages 2-12: Community News Page 13: Education News Page 14: Entertainment

17 to 24, you’ll find plenty of gift ideas, sappy stories, loving anecdotes and plenty of other info on how to celebrate Mother’s Day this year. Try something new, do WE LOVE A ND HONOR YOU something different, and watch how the excitement f lows from your mom’s teary eyes. One of my goals, especially on Mother’s Day, is to make my mom cry. That’s a sure sign of success. I’ve got 10 days left to make it happen, so we’ll see what I can The Chautauqua Star May 2, 2014 pull out of my hat. cause anyone I care in a situation like In the meantime, I’d about to be offended us, where your famalso like to invite you at me. ily lives close by, and to write in to us about everyone gets along your Mom, or guardUnfortunately, that so (and, might I add, ian. That special lady happens sometimes thankfully) you can who has made your and we deal with it condense your celworld go round since and move on. That’s ebration into one you were in diapers. life. But, I rememextravaganza. That’s Next week, we’ll be ber one very special printing them in the mother’s day, back in fine. paper. It can be a May of 2002. It was Or, you might be at memorial, a thank the first mother’s day a distance from your you note or anything I spent at church, family. That’s okay, of the like. There are bringing my mom and too. The important instructions on page my aunt with me. We thing is taking the 18 on how to do it. had a great time, I opportunity to recthink, and afterwards ognize Mom, and Happy Mother’s Day! we spent some time go that extra step to together as a family. make her feel appreci- Scott Wise is the editor of the Chautauqua Star. ated. Mother’s Day is a Comments on this story of great opportunity to Because of that, we’ve any other can be directed do just that – spend put together this to scott.wise@star-mediatime together as a week’s special insert family. You may be for you. From pages


Page 15: Health

Mot hheher’eer’r’s Day

Page 16: Religion Pages 17-24: Mother's Day Tab Pages 25-31: Local Sports Page 32: College Sports Pages 33-35: National Sports Pages 36-39: Classifieds Page 40: Featured Advertiser

By Scott Wise Editor

May 11 is quickly approaching, and with it comes the commercials, the f lowers, the cards, the lunches and the dinners. Yes, it’s Part of the Star Media Group family that day that comes Locally owned and operated, this media company believes every year, the day we in promoting, celebrating and advancing the positive celebrate Moms. aspects of our community. For more information, call (716) 366-9200 in Dunkirk or (716) My wife wrote a sweet column this week 338-0030 in Jamestown. Visit our online community web portal at dedicated to moms everywhere, thanking Vice President and General Manager them for their contriKristin Korn bution to society. You Sales Manager can see it on page 18, Jason ferguson in our Mother’s Day Account Representative pullout special. ray Cieslewicz As a son, and a father, matt owczarczak I’ve made it one of Editor my goals to be an scott wise easy family member. Sports Editor stefan Gestwicki I’m an only child, and with that comes Graphic Designer an incessant and Patrick westin nigh unquenchable Public Relations Liaison dan siracuse desire to be right at all times, something Contributing Writers Katy wise that has worked for me and against me. dodi Kingsfield But this much I know dan meyer is true; as an adult, General Questions & Subscriptions I’ve endeavored to not



CLASSIFIEDS PAGE 36 Bigfoot Experience See Page 6

Mother's Day

See Pages 17-24 A special insert for planning, preparing and thanking that special woman in your life.


WCA Robotics Anniversary See Page 15 Home-Track Advantage See Page 25 Game Review See Page 29

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Statepoint Crossword



1. Low life? 6. Hot springs 9. Nerd 13. _____ International Airport, Kyrgyzstan 14. *It ended in 1945 15. *Peninsula, location of El Shatt WWII refugee camps 16. March celebrants 17. "Much ___ About Nothing" 18. Bond 19. *Russian soldiers, en masse 21. *Ribbentrop's co-signer 23. ___-tzu 24. Absorbed 25. "Yakety ___" 28. Short skirt 30. Geo-spacial positioning system, for short 35. Genesis man 37. Cell phone button 39. Wynonna Judd's mother 40. Mischievous Scandinavian god 41. Dress up or deck out 43. Elegant and stylish 44. ___-__-la 46. Russell Crowe's 2014 role 47. Comedy Central's "____.O" 48. One of the founders of scholasticism 50. Box office failure, e.g. 52. One of Five Ws 53. Bread portion 55. Corn spot 57. Entertain, as in idea 61. *WW II consequence 65. Love intensely 66. Snake-like fish 68. Open-mouthed 69. *He defeated Max Schmeling before enlisting 70. In the past 71. In the buff 72. Formerly 73. Rin tin tin, e.g 74. Done for success -------------------------------------DOWN 1. Gulf V.I.P. 2. Filly's mother 3. Blyton or Bagnold 4. Primary 5. Hindu retreat 6. Go to and fro

Last week’s solutions

Chautauqua County Humane Society Pet of the Week

7. Mouse turf 8. Enophile's sensory concern 9. Drunkard 10. "Get __ __!" 11. *Post WWII military alliance 12. *Battle of ____, encirclement of Russian troops 15. Arabic ruler 20. Damp 22. Operations, as in military 24. Hang up the phone 25. *Churchill/Roosevelt/Stalin meeting site 26. Bedazzle 27. New Zealand parrots 29. Type of sign 31. Boors lack this 32. In no manner 33. American Mennonite

34. *Like France under PĂˆtain 36. Eight furlongs 38. Involving two parts 42. Selfie 45. *Axis opponents 49. "Word" in French 51. *Germany's invasion target 54. Beforehand 56. J. _____ Hoover 57. Tall one is a lie 58. Carbon monoxide lacks this 59. Y'all 60. Court order 61. Heidi's shoe 62. Boat track 63. "Planet of the ____" 64. Co-written, produced and directed by Warren Beatty 67. Bigheadedness

ADopt a pet Tiger Lily


We are finishing up our month long Senior Pet Adoption Special. We still have many great seniors looking for the right home to spend the rest of their days. They are wonderful pets with lots of life and love left. If you can see it in your heart to find that special place for an older pet, stop down and see who is waiting for you. Remember, all adoption fees are waived for any pet six years or older. Visit the Adoption Center at 2825 Strunk Road, Jamestown or call (716) 665-2209 for more information or with questions. Your new best friend is just waiting for a 2nd chance.


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national train day in Jamestown

obituaries Lucille M. Carlson - Ashville

April 17

Dale A. Buel - Gowanda

April 20

Mary G. Bastian

April 21 Contributed Article Ken Springirth

National Train Day will be commemorated in Jamestown on Saturday, May 10 at the historic Jamestown Gateway Train Station (the former Erie Lackawanna passenger station) 211-217 West Second Street from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Rolling stock of the Western New York & Pennsylvania Railroad will be on display along with various exhibits and a toy train sale. Regional rail author Ken Springirth, who has spent the last 50 years researching rail systems and has completed 22 rail books, will have a book signing on his latest book “Jamestown to Buffalo by Trolley,” which is dedicated to Lee Harkness, General Manager of the Jamestown Gateway Train Station along with many agencies and individuals involved with saving the former Erie Lackawanna train station and Bob Johnston, retired Traffic Engineering Supervisor - City of Jamestown whose vision saved Jamestown Street Railway car No. 93 which was delivered to the train station. That trolley car was donated in memory of Harriet

and Mauro Lucariello from their hunting camp in 1996. National Train Day marks several important dates in local rail history. First, it’s the 30th anniversary of the first section of the modern light rail system in Buffalo that opened in 1984. It’s also the 43rd anniversary of Amtrak which began operating most of the nation’s passenger service on May 1, 1971. It is the 100th anniversary of the electrification of the Jamestown Westfield and Northwestern, which occurred in 1914. It’s the 145th anniversary of the completion of the transcontinental railroad at Promontory Summit in Utah on May 10, 1869 which linked the United States from coast to coast by rail reducing travel time from four months to one week. Lastly, 2014 marks the 154th anniversary of the first passenger train arriving at Jamestown, on August 25, 1860. Railroad passenger service in the tri-state region of southwestern New York, northwestern Pennsylvania, and northeastern Ohio and though out the nation peaked in 1916. Growing use of motor vehicles, the Great

Depression, plus the growth of bus and air service resulted in a steady decline. World War II resulted in a temporary increase, but following the war and the beginning of the interstate highway system in 1956 accelerated the decline. By the 1960s railroad passenger service was used by a small percentage of travelers. The Erie Lackawanna Railroad ended passenger service through Jamestown, New York in January 1970. Of the 364 passenger trains that operated on April 30, 1971 only 182 survived when Amtrak began operations. Many experts thought that Amtrak would eventually disappear. Amtrak did survive funding battles, and the argument has largely changed from whether it should be abandoned to how and if it should be expanded. The 1973 Arab Oil Embargo plus increased gridlock on the nation’s interstate highway system in major metropolitan areas resulted in a new look at rail transportation. Trolley car systems in the United States, which had declined to only seven systems by 1970, began a rebirth with a new name light rail transit. Today

there are 30 trolley car (light rail) systems in the United States and 350 around the world with more on the way. This is the first time in the history of the world that a mode of transportation that almost went out of existence has made a comeback. In New York State rail transportation means jobs. Amtrak has an order for 130 passenger cars being built at the Elmira, New York plant of CAF, which means employment for hundreds of people. In northwestern Pennsylvania, Brookville Equipment Corporation in Brookville, Pennsylvania has refurbished trolley cars for New Orleans, Philadelphia, and San Francisco plus completed locomotives for Metro North Railroad, MTA Capital Construction and Staten Island Railroad, and is currently constructing two new trolley cars for the Dallas, Texas transit system. Get on track by marking your calendar for May 10 and head on down to the beautifully restored Jamestown Gateway Train Station for this free educational event that is open to the public. For additional information, phone the Jamestown Gateway Station at 716-483-3041.

Joseph E. Sutley - Jamestown Marilyn A. Jacobs - Sherman

April 22

Wolcott R. Colt - Brocton Gerald E. Bennett - Falconer Walter E. Roode - Jamestown

April 23

Bryan Hubert Smith Jamestown Russell Mazzurco Sr. Jamestown

April 27

Robert J. Hedges Frewsburg Alberta M. Segerlin Jamestown

April 28

Caroline C. LoGuidice Fredonia Raphael Mary Marucci Olson - Jamestown Richard J. Carr - Dunkirk Donald N. Sandberg Jamestown Joan P. Shevory - Jamestown

April 29

Stanley A. Burzak - Gowanda Marion S. Newhouse Jamestown April 24 William M. “Reed” PowRussell J. Turco - Dunkirk ers - Westfield Mildred Helen Hanes M. Clementine Smouse Silver Creek Collins Rodney B. Gurney - Gowanda Donald N. Sandberg Carl L. Vilardo Jr. - Westfield Corry, Pa.

April 25

William R. Hanson Sr. - Brocton Gillis J. Mancuso - Fredonia Alberta J. Cortright South Dayton Irene Bentley - Fredonia Robin M. Giles Conewango Valley Michael A. Yuchnitz - Ashville Doris M. Carlson - Jamestown Alberta M. Segerlin Lakewood

April 26

Norman L. VanWey Gowanda




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tLC Health network staff Honor two 2014 Long term Care employees of the year Contributed Article TLC Health Network

Excellence has doubled this year for Lake Shore Health Care Center’s Long Term Care facility, as not one but two outstanding employees have been named for their top award. Both MaryAnn Lynch, LPN and Morgan Sebastiano, certified nurse’s aide have been honored with the annual Long Term Care Employee of the Year Award. “There were several great nominees again this year,” explained Brian Reader, Divisional Director of Operations, “but MaryAnn and Morgan both received a high number of votes and equally deserve to be honored for their hard work and dedication within our healthcare family and by our state association.” This year’s pool of nominees came from employees throughout several different departments at TLC Health Network as well as from long-term care residents. Voting was open to all employees of TLC Health Network that support the long term care facility in some manner. Ms. Lynch, who has been on staff for 24 years, was


years. She was chosen for exhibiting a positive attitude, for following up with issues promptly and working well with others. Mr. Reader added that she is known for her hard work ethic, friendliness toward residents, is always pleasant and smiling. Both winners will be honored during the 37th Annual LeadingAge Western New York Banquet being held Wed., May 7 at Samuel’s Grande Manor in Williamsville, NY. LeadingAge Western New York (formerly the Western New York Association of Homes and Services for the Aging) is a regional association of over 60 not-for-profit senior care facilities and providers Pictured are TLC Health Network’s Long Term Care facility’s Employees of the Year for 2014 located throughout six coun(from left) Morgan Sebastiano and MaryAnn Lynch. ties in Western New York. Its members serve more than honored for being a positive the honoree is also being Shore Health Care Center. 10,000 individuals annually advocate for residents, takrecognized for her level of Ms. Sebastiano, who works ing the initiative in meeting commitment to the residents, on the Long Term Care facil- and employ nearly 10,000 others’ needs and being fellow staff members and ity’s Emerald Unit, has been health professionals and supproactive. Mr. Reader said overall dedication to Lake a member of the staff for four port staff. TLC Health Network, which includes a long term care facility at Lake Shore There were several great nominees again this year, but MaryAnn and Morgan both received a high number of votes Health Care Center in Irving, provides a wide and equally deserve to be honored for their hard work and range of quality health care dedication within our healthcare family and by our state services to families across association. - Brian Reader, Divisional Director of Operations Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, and southern Erie counties.



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Bigfoot Believers Continue Their Quests

We Wan Chu Cottages hosting expedition weekends in Chautauqua County because there is a strong interest throughout Western New York and other parts of the country, including in A new format is being impleOhio and Pennsylvania.” mented this year for anyone interested in attending an The available weekends for expedition to look for “bigthe expeditions are May foot” creatures that some 9-10, October 10-11, Occlaim are lurking throughout tober 17-18 and October Chautauqua County. 24-25. Guests will need their own transportation and are Organizers are busy preparasked to bring hiking gear ing to host "Bigfoot Expedi(“muck boots” are required), tion Weekends” at We Wan rain gear and their own food Chu Cottages in Chautauqua and water. A video/audio/ County, which will consist of photographic and liability two days focused on Bigfoot waiver will need to be signed research and watching. In by everyone who attends a addition to time for leisure Bigfoot expedition, includactivities, the weekend will ing minors. Only those who feature opportunities to obare officially signed in will tain interesting information be allowed to proceed to an about reported Bigfoot sightundisclosed location with a ings throughout the world, 35-minute drive of We Wan including in our region. Chu Cottages. After two years of hostVarious reported sightings of ing what was known as the Bigfoot creatures have been Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot documented over the years, Expo, organizers have made including the past two years some changes to provide opsince the bigfoot expeditions portunities to participate in were held here. Bigfoot expeditions both in the spring and fall. “Since I started this, I have had 16 eyewitness accounts “What we have done is we from Chautauqua County, have decided to give folks the past few years thanks to the only bigfoot convention search for bigfoots, including five from Cattaraugus who stay at the cottages the the success the "Finding Bigheld in New York State. information obtained from County and more than half opportunity to attend a free foot" television program on nationally known bigfoot rea dozen from Warren CounFor those who remain skeptiexpedition as we look for Animal Planet has enjoyed. searchers that include Larry ty,” said Wiemer. “None of cal, Wiemer is not shy about Bigfoots here in Chautauqua According to one study, nearly Battson, Billy Willard, Steve these people were necessharing his passion and beCounty,” said Peter Wiemer, 30 percent of Americans Kulls and Melissa Hovey. sarily looking for a Bigfoot, lief in the alleged creatures. who served in the past as believe "bigfoot" creatures do but they actually saw one. A 1976 graduate of Chaudirector of the Chautauqua "Bigfoots are not a paranorexist, with passionate fans of One boy from Cattaraugus tauqua Central High School, Lake Bigfoot Expo. “Guests mal because they are real," the supposed beings possessCounty saw one at age six Wiemer said the evidence is staying with us as We Wan said Wiemer. "I invite anying documentation that they and then again last year as a out there that bigfoots leave Chu Cottages will be invited one who does not believe to say proves their interest in 14-year-old.” in this region as well as other to come along on a late attend one of these weekends the subject should be taken parts of the state. afternoon into early evening For more information about so that they can interact seriously. expedition. It is a really with people like myself and “There are bigfoots who live the Bigfoot Expedition Organizers were pleased unique opportunity to try openly talk and learn about in total peace and harmony Weekends, including how and encounter a Bigfoot and with the attendance of the to make reservations and bigfoots." right here in Chautauqua also learn more about these 2012 and 2013 Chautauqua obtain rates for staying at County," said Wiemer. Wiemer said each weekend Lake Bigfoot Expos, which creatures.” We Wan Chu Cottages, visit "They really are fascinatwill provide tips and advice attracted hundreds of people or call ing creatures. I feel this is Bigfoot research and watching on what skills are needed to to what was believed to be 716-789-3383. very popular and successful has grown in popularity over By Daniel Meyer Star News Writer


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rotary auction to Be Held may 10 Contributed Article Anne Weidman

The Westfield/Mayville Rotary Club’s May 10 auction committee has made known a few of the outstanding items that will be up for sale during its after-dinner auction. With spring now upon us, golfers will want to bid on either of two courses. Now celebrating its 100th anniversary, Chautauqua Golf course offers a special package for two – 18 holes with cart during the season. The same is offered at Chautauqua Point Golf course. A day off for two people includes massages, a facial, manicure, pedicure plus wine and money for dinner. This all can be had from Bella’s Salon and Day Spa in North East, PA, for the winning bidder. No one would give up the opportunity for a one-week stay at Westgate Resorts in Orlando, FL. Valued at $1,000, this Deluxe Villa sleeps up to eight guests and is minutes away from Disney and other Orlando at-

tractions. For man or woman, a 26-inch Raleigh Venture 7 speed bike has a limited life-time warranty with a free check-up at 100 – 150 miles.


ner in the vineyard for three groups of four each on July 19 and a barbecue chicken dinner for three groups of six on Aug. 9. David Brown will conduct the live auction which will follow dinner and auction-item browsing. Chicken will be barbequed outside by Chiavetta’s staff with Rotarians inside serving dinner with the accoutrements and desert. Also available will be free beer, soft drinks and coffee. There’s more! Drawings will be held for a $500 cash prize, a wine raffle, which means some one can win 40 or more selections of wine; and a 50/50 cash raffle. Although Rotary prefers tickets $10 per person - to be purchased by May 3, they will be available all week and at the door the evening of the auction, which will be held in Eason Hall, 23 Elm Street in A few other pieces to attract the bid- Westfield. Tickets may be purchased ders include a local favorite, Buffalo from any Rotarian, Harry Barton at Bills tickets for two and a three-hour 326-4229 or Tom Berkhouse at 326ride in a La Grand Elite Limousine 4507. All questions can be answered for up to eight passengers. Also, din- by Berkhouse. The DFT Communications Pops Series at Rockefeller Arts Center

Named by our peers to:

rating A+

A Pe rsonal Injur y Law Fir m


• If you have been injured in an auto accident, New York State Law requires the insurance carrier for the vehicle you were in to cover your related medical expenses and any lost wages (Insurance Law Section 5103).

• Recently, many insurance carriers are attempting to avoid this legal duty by paying biased doctors, often from outside the area, to support them in cutting off these important benefits.

CAMPBELL & SHELTON LLP has taken the following steps to protect our clients: • We will send an investigator to any suspicious exams and videotape the physician. • We will sue any insurance carrier who denies our clients their benefits without a valid basis (we recently obtained a judgment against Allstate for a client’s unpaid benefits, costs and interest). For these and many other reasons, if you are injured in an automobile accident you need experienced and capable legal representation as soon as possible.

Gershwin’s Greatest Hits

Commencement Eve Pops

Fri., May 16 at 7:30 p.m. King Concert Hall, SUNY Fredonia Experience the songwriting genius of George and Ira Gershwin as our Great American Songbook Series continues. A dozen of SUNY Fredonia’s most talented student singers and dancers share the stage with the 17-piece Little Apple Big Band. The show will include tunes like Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off, Embraceable You, and a special arrangement of Rhapsody in Blue.

SUNY Fredonia Ticket Office: 673-3501 or

Sponsored by:

Save $5.00 per ticket* on Gershwin’s Greatest Hits FREE CONSULTATION | Call 992-9300 | w w 314 Central Ave., Dunkirk | 509 N. Main St., Jamestown | 8274 Main St., Eden

Use special offer code STAR in person, by phone at 673-3501 or online at * Prior sales excluded. Not valid with any other offer.


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Prendergast Library, roger tory Peterson meet the Candidates institute Collaborate Contributed Article Prendergast Library

Area children will learn more about nature this spring as a result of collaboration between Prendergast Library and the Roger Tory Peterson Institute. Children are being encouraged to check out a nature book from Prendergast or any other participating library and return it for a librarian’s signature on a bookmark. Each participating child and an accompanying adult will then be admitted free to see the work of a nationally-known wildlife artist at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute through May 25. “We hope this joint effort will make the community more

one of the great wildlife artists and illustrators of the 20th century. He is well known for his work in developing federal Duck Stamps, whose sale generates funding to protect natural habitats of migratory waterfowl. A children's activity in the gallery with the Hines exhibit Tina Scherman, left, of education and visitor teaches about ducks and services at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute, habitat preservation and Joanna Sorensen, family literacy assistant at Prendergast Library, look at a display about wildlife through a game. artist Bob Hines. Prendergast Library is aware of what a jewel at 7 p.m. Wednesday, located at 509 Cherry we have access to in the May 7, and a nature St., Jamestown. InRoger Tory Peterson family craft activity formation is available Institute,” Family Litfrom 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 484-7135, www. eracy Assistant Joanna Saturday, May 17., Sorensen said. or on the library’s May The exhibit children programming calendar. Staff members at the and their families will library have created a see at the Roger Tory The Roger Tory Peternew display of nature Peterson Institute is son Institute is located books to help children "Bob Hines: National at 311 Curtis St, Jamechoose their titles. Wildlife Artist." During stown. Information is available at 665-2473 The library will also of- a long career with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife or fer a nature story time Service, Hines became

Contributed Article statements brief so

that many members of the audience can ask The League of Women questions. Candidates are also encouraged to Voters of Chautauqua County invites the public question one another in true debate form. In this to meet and question candidates for the Board time of extreme finanof the Fredonia Central cial challenge for our schools, the priorities of Schools at 7 p.m. on May 15 at the Fredonia school board members are more significant than High School library. There are two vacancies ever, so it is all the more important for voters to to be filled and three inform themselves of the candidates for the posicandidates’ views and to tions. The candidates see them in action face are incumbent Tom Hawk, former President to face. It is to be hoped of the Board Dan Ihasz, that the forums will atand newcomer Cristina tract vocal audiences. As always, the event is free Gegenschatz. and open to all. As is well known, the The School Board elecLeague is strict about tions will be held on keeping the candidates’ May 20. LWVCC

"LOST PLACES OF CHAuTAuquA COunTy", COnTInuED FROM Pg 1 Pihl admits that the book “only scratches the surface” of the many interesting places that existed in our county’s past, but has, so far, been enthusiastically received. She adds the experience has taught her a great deal. “First, his-

tory is ultimately about people–their circumstances and challenges, what motivates them and what they fear. We imagine ourselves in their place; what if we had lived through that war, under a dated belief system, or in poverty without current economic safety nets?”

we’ve got you covered! protect your family & Home all year long! burglar & intrusion alarm fire detection environmental sensors access systems closed circuit television systems

Two Convenient Locations 38 Temple St., Fredonia | 716-679-2810 332 Fluvanna Ave., Jamestown | 716-483-8000

She also has a new appreciation for the work of historians whose passion requires painstaking research to bring the past to life. “Most work for the sheer love of history, making sure to set the record straight, while separating fact from fiction.”

“Lost Places of Chautauqua County” is available at The Fenton History Center in Jamestown, The Chautauqua Bookstore at Chautauqua Institution, The Grape Discovery Center and McClurg Museum in Westfield and Off the Beaten Path Bookstore

in Lakewood. Interested persons may also contact the author at pat@reallifelegacies. com to purchase copies of the book. Patricia Pihl is a personal historian and founder of Real Life Legacies, whose mission is to ensure that

lives are never forgotten by creating written heirlooms––important to those who value their heritage and wish to preserve the stories of their lives. Products include individual, family and organizational histories.

Community news



information session in fredonia taylor Pancoast to appear on EMERALD ASH bORER DETECTIOn MEETIng senior report SCHEDuLED FOR MAy 5

Contributed Article CCE

A free information session on the invasive insect emerald ash borer will be offered on May 5 at 7 p.m. at McEwen G24 on the Fredonia State Campus. With the recent detection of EAB near Fredonia along the Thruway, learn what this means for homeowners and municipalities with ash trees and what resources are available to assist stakeholders in making management decisions that control costs, minimize risk, and maintain property values. The session is organized by the WNY EAB Taskforce, CCE of Chautauqua County and the NY Invasive Species Outreach Program, with technical support from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. Staff members from these organizations will be presenting at the meeting. International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) education credits have been applied for. The public is welcome at this free session. For more information

contact Sharon Bachman with CCE Erie and the NY Invasive Species Outreach Program (sin2@cornell. edu or 716-652-5400 x 150) or Ginny Carlberg with CCE Erie ( or 716-664-9502 x 202). Emerald ash borer is a small invasive green beetle that infests and kills all species of American ash (Fraxinus) trees. EAB has been in the US since the mid-1990s and was likely introduced through wood packing material brought into Michigan where EAB was fi rst identified in 2002. The fi rst detection in New York was near Randolph in Cattaraugus County in 2009. Currently there are 21 counties in New York with known EAB infestations. Ash trees are commonly found as street trees, along roadsides, and in yards and forests comprising 10% of trees in Chautauqua County. In the US, it has been estimated that the cost of removal and replacement of ash trees in affected communities will be over $10.7 billion. Researchers anticipate that woodboring insects such as EAB will cause

the largest economic impacts by annually inducing nearly $1.7 billion in local government expenditures and approximately $830 million in lost residential property values. Homeowners and local governments together are estimated to bear over 90% of the overall costs associated with EAB. Left unchecked an EAB infestation will kill all ash trees. Communities need to consider their management options to retain tree canopy, contain costs, minimize risk, and reduce exposure to liability. Dead ash trees can pose a public safety hazard whether on public lands or private property. Be aware of state and federal restrictions on the movement of wood materials, particularly those relating to wood contaminated with EAB. It is important not to move fi rewood from a known EAB infested area, as this has been shown to be a mechanism for transporting the beetle to previously uninfested areas. For more information on NYS DEC fi rewood regulations, visit http://

got news?

The Chautauqua Star welcomes all positive local news. send us your articles, press releases and photos to

Contributed Article broadcast each day at 2 Access Channel 5

Senior Report with Reed Powers will have Taylor Pancoast as the guest on the May 3rd television program. Dr. Pancoast will discuss the chemistry of high volume horizontal fracking. He is a chemistry professor at Jamestown Community College. The program will be guest-hosted by retired journalists Karen and Roy Harvey of Snowshoe Films. The live, call-in program airs from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Saturday morning. Individuals may call 753-5225 during that time with questions, comments or a shoutout. The program is re-

p.m. and 8 p.m. for some communities. Senior Report was conceved by Reed Powers and has aired on Access Channel 5 since 1995. The series highlights senior citizen club news for 15 minutes with the remainder of the hour-long program devoted to the featured guest. The guest is subject to change. Senior Report is shown live on Saturday mornings on Time Warner cable systems covering the following communities: Brocton, Cassadaga, Chautauqua, Fredonia, Mayville, North Harmony, Portland, Ripley, Sherman, Stockton and Westfield on Channel 5. In Dunkirk, Falconer, Forestville, Hanover,

Irving, Jamestown, Lakewood and Silver Creek the program is on channel 19. The show originates at the Access Channel 5 studio in Mayville. Viewers should note that all area public access channels have been dropped from Time Warner's analog service, but can be received on digital service with a converter at their legacy channel assignment, or on a digital television (channel varies by system) that has been recently autoscanned. Programming from Access Channel 5 (channel 21.4 on a QAM digital TV) is also aired each evening in the Town of Hanover on cable channel 12 (channel 98.3 on a QAM digital TV).

10 Community news


Pancake Breakfast dmv, Clerk's office Get new atm machines

Contributed Article Tickets for the breakfast

Contributed Article

Boys and Girls Club of Jamestown

Chautauqua County Clerk’s Office

are $6.00 for ages 5-59, $5.00 for ages 60 and up and children ages 4 and under are free. The adult members of the Winifred Crawford Dib- There is a cash drawing and tickets are only ert Boys & Girls Club of $1.00. There will also be Jamestown are sponsora basket raffle. You do not ing a pancake breakfast on Saturday May 3, 2014 need to be present to win. at the Boys & Girls Club Basket raffle tickets are 3/$1; 12/$3; and 20/$5. – 62 Allen St. from 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. All proceeds from this The breakfast consists of annual event will benscrambled eggs, sausage, efit Boys & Girls Club juice, milk and coffee or youth programming. All youth programming tea along with all-youcan-eat pancakes. A bake at the Boys & Girls Club is funded in part by the sale will also take place United Way. during the breakfast.

In an effort to better serve customers, Chautauqua County Clerk Larry Barmore has had ATM machines conveniently placed in the County Clerk's office as well as the Jamestown and Mayville, DMV offices. "One of the fi rst issues I heard about when I became County Clerk was the inconvenience of our customers having to go to another location to get money to complete their transactions," said Barmore. "The most inconvenienced customers were in the County Clerk's office

Chautauqua County Clerk Larry Barmore with one of the new ATM machines.

in Mayville where customers can't use credit cards and have

to leave the building and go across the street or down the block, sometimes losing their valuable parking place and having to go through the security checkpoint twice." The ATM machines are available for use by the public and employees for a nominal fee. So far the ATM machines have seen nearly daily use, exemplifying the need for this added convenience. "We're always looking for ways to improve customer service without burdening the taxpayers," said Barmore. "We want to be friendly, we want to be convenient and we want our customers to have a good experience."

master Gardener’s to Hold 4th annual Plant sale Contributed Article nuals, vegetables, herbs

and shrubs from the Master Gardeners’ gardens and our MG volThe Cornell Coopunteers will be available erative Extension of to answer questions,” Chautauqua County Master Gardener (MG) said Betsy Burgeson, Coordinator of the MG Program will be holding its 4th Annual Plant Program. In addition to the plants, there will be Sale on Saturday, May 10 in the Big Barn at the used gardening books, gardening tools, and Frank Bratt Ag Center. Mother’s Day gardenThe Center is located ing gift baskets. “Proon Turner Road off of Route 60. The sale will ceeds of the sale will go begin promptly at 9 a.m. to Cornell Cooperative with no early sales and it Extension of Chautauwill end at 12 p.m. Cash qua County to keep the Master Gardener or Check only. Program “growing.” “We will have tried Mrs. Burgeson said. and true perennials, anCCMG

Burgeson also added that there will be a new addition to this year’s sale. “I am very happy to announce that we (the MG Program) have partnered with the artists of The Resource Center’s Day Habilitation Services who will be selling their garden art at the event.” Many of the items are re-purposed, such as the bowling ball sculptures, and plant stands made from “old” chairs. Proceeds from their art will be used to purchase additional craft supplies as well as items for The Riverwalk Community Labyrinth. The garden

art sale will be held in the large conference room inside the Ag Center. “We are hoping to make this our most successful sale yet,” Burgeson concluded. “Master Gardener Volunteers are such an incredible resource, from the Helpline and Demonstration Gardens to the presentations they give it is an amazing program that truly gives back to the community in too many ways to count. Since starting up in 2009, MGV’s have donated over $380,000 worth of time to Chautauqua

County and we hope that anyone who has utilized our services will come out and support the program at the sale.” The Master Gardener program is a volunteer educational outreach program administered through Cornell Cooperative Extension. The goal of the program is to train enthusiastic volunteers that, in turn, educate and provide research-based information to the community on a wide variety of horticultural topics. The mission of Cornell Cooperative

Extension is to enable people to improve their lives and communities through partnerships that put experience and research knowledge to work. Master Gardener Volunteers are a key link in helping CCE accomplish this mission! For more information on the Master Gardener Program, please contact Betsy Burgeson; 716.664.9502 X 204 or “Like” the Chautauqua County Master Gardeners on Facebook for gardening news and information!


searching for Public opinion

Community news

PubLIC MEETIng FOR CHADAkOIn RIVER REVITALIZATIOn STuDy SET TO TAkE PLACE MAy 14 Contributed Article a Local Waterfront

Revitalization Program (LWRP) study. The purpose of the BOA A public meeting to studies are to advance address the City of Jamestown Chadakoin the redevelopment of underutilized, abanRiver Revitalization doned, or contamiStudy will be held in nated commercial and the auditorium of the industrial sites within Robert H. Jackson Center at 305 East 4th two designated study areas, and the purpose Street, Wednesday, May 15 from 7 p.m. to of the LWRP is to provide a framework 8:30 p.m. for the revitalization of The Chadakoin River Riverfront properties Revitalization Study is and to enhance cona 24-month planning nections between the effort focused on opRiver and other parts portunities for econom- of the City. ic development and community recreation To make the most effective and efficient use along the Jamestown of the grant funds, the riverfront. City elected to merge The City of Jamestown the separate studies recently completed into one project. As draft documents during part of this important the implementation of planning project, the three NY State planCity has sought comning grants targeted at munity input at varithe Chadakoin River ous times during the and the properties near project. the River. These grants include two Brownfield This meeting, which will be held on May 14, Opportunity Area will serve as the final (BOA) studies and City of Jamestown

meeting in this stage of the project. The meeting will provide a brief overview of the project scope and results of various analyses, and discuss the proposed redevelopment plans that resulted from these efforts. The public will be given an opportunity to comment on the plans during the meeting. The meeting will be conducted by LaBella Associates, P.C. in conjunction with the Jamestown Urban Renewal Agency and the City of Jamestown Waterfront Advisory Committee. This effort builds upon existing plans, including the City’s Urban Design Plan. Completion of the additional planning efforts will help the City, as well as businesses and property owners in the area, with obtaining grants and financial incentives for riverfront redevelopment.

we’ve got you covered! Residential commercial industrial burglar & intrusion alarm fire detection environmental sensors access systems

Licensed by the New York State Department of State. discover new postings from around the area or post one of your own for others to find.

Two Convenient Locations

38 Temple St., Fredonia | 716-679-2810 332 Fluvanna Ave., Jamestown | 716-483-8000

A DFT Communications Company

closed circuit television systems


12 featured advertiser


Free Continuing Education Seminar

TUESDAY, MAY 6, 2014 8:30a.m. to 12:45p.m.


305 E. Main Street



PROGRAM AGENDA 8:00a.m. Registration 8:30a.m. Welcome and Introductions

Randall J. Sweeney, Executive Director Chautauqua Region Community Foundation Gregory L. Peterson, Board Member Robert H. Jackson Center

8:45a.m. What You Need to Know About Medicaid Betsy S. Steger NYS CLE Credit: 1.0 Professional Practice

9:45a.m. What’s New in the Nonprofit World? Frederick G. Attea Sharon Prise Azurin Randall S. Lewis NYS CLE Credit: 1.0 Professional Practice

Frederick G. Attea

Gregory L. Peterson is a partner at Phillips Lytle, and Office Leader of its Chautauqua County office. He focuses his practice in all areas of real estate, including development/ financial transactions and Gregory L. Peterson areas of corporate counseling.

Paul Finkelman is a specialist in American legal history, constitutional law, race relations and the law, and the First Amendment. He serves as the President William McKinley Distinguished Professor of Law and public Policy at Albany Law School.

Betsy S. Steger is the Social Services Attorney for the Chautauqua County Dept. of Health and Human Services. She regularly serves as Acting Commissioner of Health and Human Services in the absence of the Commissioner.

11:00a.m. Underground Railroad: Law and Legacy

12:45p.m. Luncheon

Special Guest Speaker: Rene Robert Buffalo Sabres Hall of Famer


Randall S. Lewis

Randall S. Lewis serves as general counsel to a number of nonprofit organizations in Chautauqua County. He serves as in-house Corporate Counsel for The Resource Center, and operates a private practice.

Sharon Prise Azurin is a partner at Phillips Lytle. She practices in the areas of corporate, commercial, and health law, as well as business and not-for-profit corporation formation/ restructuring, mergers/ Sharon Prise Azurin acquisitions, and corporate finance.

10:45a.m. Break Professor Paul Finkelman, Keynote Speaker Gregory L. Peterson NYS CLE Credit: 2.0 Professional Practice

Frederick G. Attea is a partner at Phillips Lytle. He is engaged in securities and corporate practice with an emphasis on mergers and acquisitions, securities law, corporate governance and legal compliance programs.

Paul Finkelman

Betsy S. Steger

Guest Luncheon Speaker

RENE ROBERT Buffalo Sabres Hall of Famer


Chautauqua Region Community Foundation ▪ Phillips Lytle LLP ▪ Robert H. Jackson Center Chautauqua Abstract ▪ DFT Communications Artone, Cattaraugus County Bar Assoc., Courier Capital Corp., Estate Planning Council, Five Star Bank, Holt Associates, Insurance Management Company, Jamestown Bar Assoc., Kessel Construction, Lutheran Social Services, Manning & Napier, Northern Chautauqua County Bar Assoc., The Resource Center, Rodgers Land Surveying, UCAN


Joshua T. Harris Will Address JCC Graduates Those experiences led him to a career in JCC economic policy, during which he worked as an Joshua T. Harris will international trade spedeliver the 2014 comcialist for the U.S. Demencement address at partment of Commerce Jamestown Community in the International College’s Cattaraugus Trade Administration’s County Campus on Office of Technology May 16 and at the and Electronic ComJamestown Campus on merce developing and May 17. implementing the Asia The May 16 ceremony Pacific Economic Coopbegins at 7 p.m. in the Dr. Harris eration’s Cross Border Dr. Harris graduated Olean YMCA/JCC Privacy Rules System. with honors from the Physical Education State University of New In 2012, he received Center on Wayne St. the U.S. Department York at Geneseo in in Olean. The com2000, where he earned a of Commerce Gold mencement program in Jamestown begins at bachelor’s degree in po- Medal, the highest award offered by the 10 a.m. in the Physical litical science. In 2004, he earned a juris doctor department, for his Education Complex. degree from the George work. Dr. Harris also Dr. Harris, policy represented the U.S. director for The Future Washington University Department of ComSchool of Law and was of Privacy Forum, a merce in international Washington, DC-based selected for the White groups that included House’s Presidential think tank advancing Management Fellowship the Organization of responsible data use American States and and consumer privacy, program. the Organization for As a student at JCC, graduated from JCC Economic Cooperation Dr. Harris participated and Development. in 1998 with a degree in social sciences and a in the SUNY Model Dr. Harris is the son of concentration in politi- European Union and David and Anita HarInternational Negotiacal science. ris of Jamestown. tion Modules Project. Contributed Article

education news 13 Thomas L. Barresi Memorial Scholarship Award

Contributed Article to benefit Roswell Can-

cer Institution, and the school annual dance recital. Other commuTodd Tranum, Presinity service activities dent/CEO of the included volunteering Chautauqua County for the American LeChamber of Comgion Moving Wall Tour merce, recently anand organizing an nounced a scholarevent to collect supplies ship award from the for the ASPCA. THOMAS L. BARRESI MEMORIAL Her plan is to pursue a SCHOLARSHIP career in Early EducaFUND held at the tion K-2 by attending Northern Chautauqua Jamestown Community Community FoundaCollege for two years tion. Kelly Miller of then continuing her Brocton was awarded education at SUNY a $500 scholarship to Fredonia. In her essay, further her education which accompanied in Early Childhood her application to the Education. scholarship, Miller Miller is a 2013 gradu- stated, “Being a teacher is something I have ate of Brocton High wanted to do for over School. While attendten years. But I did not ing high school, her want to just be a teachcommunity involveer; I wanted to teach ment was vast. She the younger generation participated in the the basic knowledge Annual American that will carry them to Legion Cruise In to succeed in their futures. raise money for the Brocton Central School That one reason is the only one I needed to Scholarship fund, an annual golf tournament decide on being an Chamber of Commerce

elementary teacher.” The Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce established The THOMAS L. BARRESI MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND at the NCCF in August of 2009 to show appreciation for Tom Barresi’s twentyfive years of employment with the chamber and lifetime of service to our community. Founded in 2000, the Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce is the community’s leading advocate and champion for business. The Chamber mission is to create a business environment in the region where our members can thrive. To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must be pursuing a career in education or business. Contact your local school guidance department for an application.

Distinguished Albany Law School Professor To Speak At Jackson Center Contributed Article Robert H. Jackson Cen- many appellate briefs. Robert H. Jackson Center

Professor Paul Finkelman, Distinguished Professor of Law and Public Policy at Albany Law School, will be the keynote speaker at the spring continuing legal education seminar entitled “Underground Railroad: Law and Legacy” hosted at the

ter Tuesday, May 6. Professor Finkelman is a specialist in American legal history, constitutional law, race relations and the law, and the First Amendment. An author of more than 150 scholarly articles and 30 books, his work has been cited by the United States Supreme Court and in

Additionally his work has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, USA Today and on the Huffington Post. He has appeared in programs on C-Span, PBS and the History Channel. Finkelman received his B.A. in American Studies from Syracuse University (1971) and his

M.A. and Ph.D. in U.S. history from Chicago (1972, 1976) and was a fellow in law and humanities at Harvard Law School (1982-83). He is the President William McKinley Distinguished Professor of Law and Public Policy and a Senior Fellow in the Government Law Center at Albany Law School. In addition to Finkel-

man’s keynote address the continuing legal education seminar will include presentations on What You Need to Know About Medicaid and What’s New in the Nonprofit World? The program is approved for NYS CLE credit. A luncheon featuring guest speaker Buffalo Sabres Hall of Famer René Robert will immediately follow the seminar.

The seminar and luncheon are free of charge. Seating is limited and advance registration is required. To register, please contact Mary Keating, CLE Administrator, Phillips Lytle LLP at (716) 8475461. For more information, please contact The Robert H. Jackson Center at (716) 4836646 or e-mail info@




movie times


Dipson Chautuqua Mall I & II

500 Chautauqua Mall, Lakewood, NY 14750 • (716) 763- 1888 Ongoing Events

transcendence (PG-13) 4:10 p.m., 6:50 p.m., 9:30 p.m. Bears (G) 4:15 p.m., 6:40 p.m., 9:00 p.m.

Dipson Lakewood Cinema 8

Exhibit: bob Himes, national Wildlife Artist 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

171-3 Fairmount Ave. W, Lakewood, NY 14750 • (716) 763- 3531 Roger Tory Peterson Institute

the amazing spider-man 2 (PG-13) 12:30 p.m., 3:30 p.m., 4:00 p.m., 6:30 p.m., 9:50 p.m. • 3D (PG-13) 12:00 p.m., 1:00 p.m., 3:10 p.m., 6:40 p.m., 7:00 p.m., 9:35 p.m., 10:00 p.m. rio 2 (G) 12:00 p.m., 2:15 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 6:45 p.m., 9:10 p.m. the other woman (PG-13) 1:00 p.m., 3:55 p.m., 6:40 p.m., 9:25 p.m. Heaven is for real (PG) 1:30 p.m., 4:00 p.m., 6:45 p.m., 9:15 p.m. Captain america: the winter soldier (PG-13) 12:45 p.m., 6:45 p.m. • 3D (PG-13) 3:45 p.m., 9:35 p.m. Brick mansions (PG-13) 1:30 p.m., 4:00 p.m., 6:45 p.m., 9:15 p.m.

Dipson Warren Mall Cinemas

1666 Market St. Ext., Warren, PA 16365

transcendence (PG-13) 7:00 p.m., 9:45 p.m. Captain america: the winter soldier (PG-13) 6:50 p.m., 9:40 p.m. the other woman (PG-13) 6:55 p.m., 9:30 p.m.

Dunkirk MoviePlex

Check it out!


Cross Roads Farm & Craft Market

9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Cross Roads Farm & Craft Market 716-326-6278

bemus in bloom

10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Village of Bemus Point

May 2 First Friday Lunch bunch 11:00 a.m. Audubon Nature Center 716-569-2345

brewmaster’s Dinner with Southern Tier brewing Co. 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Peek’n Peak Resort & Spa 716-355-4141 x7155

Jubilee with Peter glanville

7:30 p.m. 1891 Fredonia Opera House 716-679-1891

May 3 bird banding at the Audubon 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Audubon Center & Sanctuary 716-569-2345

The Westfield book & Paper Show 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Eason Hall 716-326-2977

Annual Spring Craft Days 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Downtown Findley Lake 716-769-7609


6:30 p.m. Jamestown Savings Bank Arena 716-484-2624

Joe Crookston & the bluebird

Town of Westfield Highway Garage 753-4481

May 4 Chautauqua Regional youth Symphony Spring gala Concert 4p.m. to 5 p.m. Reg Lenna Center for the Arts 716-664-2465 ext 202

Winter Concert Series – Alternative 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Chautauqua Music Store 814-670-9151

May 7 understanding your Aura 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Jamestown Community College 716-338-1005

Movies at the Reg – “Frozen” Movies at the Reg – “Frozen” 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Reg Lenna Civic Center 716-484-7070

Howdown for Hospice

10520 Bennet Rd., Dunkirk, NY 14048 • (716) 366-2410 Wits ‘n giggles: Friday night 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

the amazing spider-man 2 (PG-13) 11:30 a.m., 2:30 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 8:30 p.m., 11:30 p.m. • 3D (PG-13) 12:30 p.m., 3:30 p.m., 6:30 p.m., 9:30 p.m. the other woman (PG-13) 11:45 a.m., 2:15 p.m., 4:40 p.m., 7:05 p.m, 9:30 p.m., 11:55 p.m. a Haunted House 2 (R) 9:00 p.m., 11:00 p.m. Captain america: the winter soldier (PG-13) 12:35 p.m., 6:25 p.m. • 3D (PG-13) 3:30 p.m., 9:20 p.m., 11:59 p.m. Heaven is for real (PG) 12:05 p.m., 2:20 p.m., 4:35 p.m., 6:50 p.m., 9:10 p.m., 11:30 p.m. rio 2 (G) 12:00 p.m., 2:15 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 6:45 p.m. the Quiet ones (PG-13) 12:10 p.m., 2:30 p.m., 4:50 p.m., 7:10 p.m., 9:25 p.m., 11:40 p.m. Brick mansions (PG-13) 12:40 p.m., 2:50 p.m., 5:00 p.m., 7:10 p.m., 9:20 p.m., 11:30 p.m.


Jamestown Gateway Train Station 716-338-0033

Free Rabies Immunization Clinic for Cats, Dogs and Domestic Ferrets 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

7:00 p.m. Reg Lenna Civic Center 716-484-7070

May 8 Coffee & Create at the Infinity Arts Center

6:15 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. Infinity Arts Center 716-664-0991

Head to shea’s 19TH AnnuAL WInE, FOOD & bEER FESTIVAL THuRSDAy, MAy 15 Contributed Article Shea’s Performing Arts Center

Join Shea’s for the 19th Annual Wine, Food & Beer Festival on Thursday, May 15, from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. to support Shea’s Performing Arts Center. Savor enough sips and samples to delight your palate all night long. This year’s event, in the lobbies of Shea’s, showcases the very best wine, beer and culinary tastings from around the area

and features live music from the Lou Custode Jazz Quartet. Tickets are $25 presale at , Shea’s Box Office or call 829-1172 and $30 at the door the evening of the event.

Featuring samples from:

The Bijou Grill, Ellicottville Brewing Company, Flying Bison, Glenora Wine Cellars & Knapp Vineyard, Global Wines & Spirits, Gourmet Creations by Tami, Harpoon Brewery,

attention local establishments?

Johnson Estate Winery, McKenzie's Hard Cider, Merritt Estate Winery, Mister Pizza, Osteria 166, Resurgence Brewing Co., Saranac, Yancy's Fancy Inc., and much more!

Sponsors include Presenting Sponsor:

Lombardo Funeral Home and other sponsors: Harpoon Brewery, The Buffalo News, Star 102.5, McKenzie’s Hard Cider and Resurgence Brewing Co.

Let us know about your events and specials. e-mail or call 366-9200 today!

HeaLtH 15


wCa Hospital’s robotics Program Celebrate one year milestone Contributed Article WCA Hospital

WCA Hospital, the region’s leader in healthcare, recently celebrated the one year anniversary of its robotic program. The only hospital in the Southern Tier to perform the newest advancements in minimally invasive surgery, robotic surgery represents a third generation of advances in surgery—one which builds upon the advances of open surgery and minimally invasive surgery. The new daVinci® Surgical System at WCA takes surgery beyond the limits of the human hand, introducing precise, versatile instrument movement combined with three-dimensional visualization of the operative site. The team of credentialed robotic surgeons on staff at WCA Hospital, led by Dr. Timothy Brown, FACS, boardcertified general surgeon chair of the robotics steering committee, includes Galo Grijalva, M.D., FACS, board certified surgeon; Matthew Chang, M.D., FACS, board-certified surgeon; Russell Lee, M.D., FACS, board certified surgeon; Ichabod Jung, M.D., FACS, board certified urologist; Ryan White, M.D., board certified urologist; and Robert Daniels, M.D., board certified OB/GYN physician. “We are committed to remaining at the forefront of technological advancements,” said Betsy T. Wright, FACHE WCA Hospital President/ CEO. “Robotic surgery is the dawn of a new generation of advanced minimally invasive surgery and we are humbled by the opportunity to be the first hospital in the Southern Tier

to normal activities. “Robotic surgery is not just the wave of the future,” says Dr. Timothy Brown who performed the first single incision robotic gallbladder surgery at WCA with one small incision through the belly button. “It is the future. With our new revolutionary surgical system, many of the operations we perform laparoscopically are now performed with our robot with even greater ease. The patient Celebrating the one year anniversary of robotics at WCA Hospital, (left to benefits are numerous including right) Nicole Wilson, surgical technician; Myles Lyons, R.N.; Terra Caruso, less post-operative discomfort, less R.N.; James Kenney, R.N.; Russell Lee, M.D., FACS, credentialed robotic surgeon, vice chair of the WCA Hospital Surgical Committee; Timothy Brown, scarring, and a quicker return to M.D., FACS, credentialed robotic surgeon, chair of the WCA Hospital Surgical patients’ normal activities of life.” Committee; Raleigh White, R.N.; Debra J. Micek, surgical O.R. Technician. The one year milestone was celebrated with a surprise cake for the to apply this groundbreaking techform extremely precise surgery. The hospital’s surgical team. The daVinci nology that is redefining how surgery robotic system has the added benefit is performed across the nation. Our of compensating for even the slightest robot, given the name ART, was selected from a coloring contest that brand-new technology is not only the movement, providing great accuracy latest tool to assist our surgeons, but and less disruption to surrounding tis- was held last year with area students. “I chose the name ART because patients are able to receive the very sues than ever before. latest surgical techniques and care Earlier this year, surgeons performed WCA uses state-of-the-art technology to perform surgeries,” said Holland locally without leaving the area.” single incision gallbladder removal Able to perform highly complex pro- surgery. With the da Vinci Single-Site Isaacson, pupil at Lincoln Elementary School and winner of the coloring cedures with unparalleled precision, Surgery, a gallbladder is removed contest alongside Yavier O Santana, the credentialed robotic surgeons through a single small incision in the pupil at Love School. “ART stands have performed more than 200 belly button similar to traditional cases since the program’s inception. single-port laparoscopy. The result is a for advanced robotics technology. I also read that this is a daVinci robot. Robotic surgery at WCA is currently virtually scarless surgery procedure. Since Leonardo DaVinci is famous used for gallbladder, uterus, colon, Surgeries performed at WCA Hospi- for art, this name seemed perfect. I adrenal glands, kidney, appendix, tal, including robotic surgery, provide love art, too!” spleen, anti-reflux surgery, ventral all of the benefits that conventional Listen to what patients are saying and inguinal hernias, and prostate laparoscopic surgery including about robotic surgery. Go to www. surgery procedures. smaller incisions, minimal scarring, to During robotic surgery, the skilled and less operative discomfort. The access patient video testimonials and surgeon operates from a console where daVinci robot brings the range of he or she can watch a live threebenefits to the next advanced level of a list of credentialed surgeons on dimensional video feed of the patient’s surgery technology with the ability to staff at WCA Hospital. To make an surgical site. Guiding the robotic arms perform highly complex reconstruc- appointment for surgery, contact one of the surgeons listed on the hospiwith great care and skill, the surgeon tive procedures with less pain, faster uses miniaturized instruments to per- recovery times, and a quicker return tal’s website.

We’re Redefining Surgery If you or a loved one is preparing to undergo surgery, talk to one of our surgeons first. Visit www.wcahospital. org/roboticsurgery for a list of highly-skilled credentialed robotic surgeons at WCA Hospital.

16 reLiGion

Keeping the faith


the weekly word THE SuPERnATuRAL gOD

family church F R E D O N I A Rev. Michael Lokietek

Rev. Tim Stahlman

Family Church Fredonia

Dear Pastor, I just don't feel like I'm happy. Is there something wrong with me? Spring is in the air (along with the snow!) and this time of year always seems to be a big time of change. The school year is winding down, jobs are changing, and people are moving! While these may seem exciting, change can also inspire people to reexamine their lives. It’s during this process that an individual may realize that they’re unhappy with aspects of their life. The problem may be, however, that they’re just not sure how they got to this point and so may be unsure how to "get over it." I believe, using God's Word, that I can help free you from this burden and bring you to a place of living each day in God's joy. As a Pastor, I've often had people telling me about their unhappi-

Family Church Jamestown

ness. This is usually followed-up (or proceeded by) long lists of the things that are wrong in their life. Money problems, relationship problems, health problems, and/or a combination of all of these usually make the list of why they aren't happy. Expecting me to "fi x" all their problems, they are usually quite surprised when I tell them "you don't need to be happy….you need to be joyful!" What does this mean? Let’s begin with looking at the defi nition of happiness. When people talk about being happy, they're usually associating happiness with the acquisition of "good things" and the deliverance from or absence of "bad stuff" in their lives. A sick person usually thinks, "I'll be happy when I'm well." A person with money prob-

lems is usually waiting for "his ship to come in.” This demonstrates the shortcomings of happiness. It's dependant on circumstances. This makes us vulnerable and suggests that we cannot be happy unless or until our problems are resolved. It also sets us up for the deception that we’re supposed to be unhappy when we have to deal with problems. What does God say about happiness? Very little...if you defi ne happiness as "the absence of troubles." He does, however, tell us a lot about "joy". Romans 14:17 says, "The Kingdom of God is not a matter of what we eat or drink but of living a life of goodness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit." Joy is part of our inheritance! Next week…let’s look at the defi nition of joy.

Jesus Christ said in John 14:6, "I am the way, the truth, the life; no man comes to the Father except by me." What makes Christianity so different than other belief systems and how do we have the audacity to say that there is only this one way? Of course we begin by taking Jesus' words as truth and that following Christ will lead us into a moral lifestyle. But is that the only difference? It truly can't be. Other world doctrines that exclude Christ promote moral living. Many Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims are moral people. Even pseudo-christian cults that depart from true Bible faith such as the Jehovah Witnesses and Mormonism promote morality. Morality on its own is not the only distinguishing factor for

true Christianity. 1 Corinthians 12:1-2 says, "Now concerning spiritual gifts (supernatural endowments of energy) brethren I do not want you to be ignorant. You know that you were Gentiles carried away to these dumb idols even as you were led." Notice that the Bible says that God does not want His people to remain ignorant concerning His supernatural abilities. It goes on to say that, before we were saved, we used to follow "dumb" idols or false gods. The word dumb here does not mean the lack of intelligence. It means "without the ability to speak or manifest." False gods cannot speak. False faiths cannot hear the voice of their god. They can pray for hours and live morally yet they will hear nothing in return and remain clueless in life. Their conversation is one sided. Not with our God! He hears us (1 John 5:14) and He talks back to us! ( John 16:13) That's the beginning of the supernatural. The only hope for the human condition is to know and converse with the Loving God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ.

No religion will ever do. Only relationship with the True Living God will fulfi ll your life. And that begins by getting saved and learning how to hear His voice. God's voice is heard fi rst and foremost in the spirit of the BornAgain Christian. God will speak to unbelievers but primarily He will deal with their conscience about getting right with Him. God not only wants us saved and part of His family but also being led in every decision we make. Romans 8:14 says, "For as many are LED by the Spirit are the sons of God." The ability to hear and obey takes us into mature sonship with the Father. If you are going to hear God speaking in your spirit you must know where your spirit is. Proverbs 20:27 says, "The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord searching all the inward parts of the belly." The spirit of man is the candle or light bearing part of the human nature. It is the part of us that communicates with God. Notice where it is: In the belly. The word belly means the center of man, or the middle of your torso.

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Mot hheher’eer’r’s Day WE


The Chautauqua Star




May 2, 2014

18 motHer's day

came from. Contributing Writer When I say ‘where we came from,’ I mean With Mother’s Day just that we were born into around the corner, and this world unable to the morning that was just feed ourselves, dress had by this household, I ourselves or use toilets. find it necessary to start Somebody had the duty acknowledging this holi- of training us to do each day a little earlier than one of these things. normal this year. So back to our mornLet me first tell you about ing… My first disclaimmy morning. What does er is that this is not this have to do with complaining. Count it Mother’s Day exactly? all joy, right? Right. Sometimes we take for I absolutely enjoy my granted all the respon- life as a stay at home sibilities that a mother mom, and am very has in raising children, grateful that I am able and we have a tendency to spend this time with to forget where we my little ones. By Katy Wise


Thank You to Moms Everywhere

However, there are times that I just need to laugh at the events of everyday life as a mom so I invite you to join me. Our morning started off relatively normal. My husband got both of the boys up and brought them downstairs, dropping them off in our bed. Part of our morning routine is snuggling in bed while Daddy gets ready for work. Shortly after this, it all went downhill. Andrew, our ten-monthold is teething, learning to stand, and fighting for


control of the spoon during mealtime. Joshua, our three-year-old is potty trained, but is currently learning when he needs to ask for help in the bathroom and when he needs to be independent. Let’s just imagine that all of these things took a turn for the worst at the same time. Also, let’s pretend that Mommy still didn’t have time to shower and thus was stuck in her pajamas with rather frightening bed-hair for most of the morning, which included a surprise visit from

Grampy while Joshua was running around with no pants and Andrew was climbing up the sides of the playpen screaming because I had to stop feeding him to address the current status of our bathroom. Joshua was running around without pants because he decided he probably could handle the mess in his undies without telling Mommy, since she was busy feeding his cranky brother. Well this somehow led to the toilet overflowing. How? I’m sure I

don’t know. All that I know is that this whole ordeal added an extra load of laundry to the four loads that already needed to be folded. This is precisely the time that the doorbell rang and I panicked. I peeked into the hallway and was immensely relieved to see my dad. He didn’t understand anything that was going on, and I didn’t want to unload the many crises that we had just been through on him. He tried to help by pickContinued on PaGe 21

LET US HELP YOU WISH THAT SPECIAL LADY A HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! In our May 9 issue, we're asking for our faithful readers to send us in a note to their moms. It can be around 25 words and have a photo too. When we print the issue, you can show mom that you thought of her and show her off around the county! You can email your picture and writeup to, or mail it to Mother's Day Shout-out, Chautauqua Star, 4867 W. Lake Rd., Dunkirk, NY 14048. We must receive it before noon on May 7.


motHer's day 19


Forgiving Your Mother the hatred and negativity held onto for all those years and open yourself up to a more mature and Not everyone has the trusting relationship with pleasure of being raised yourself, your mother by a caring, nurturing and loving mother. Some and your family. have the misfortune of The concept that a being the offspring of mother-daughter relamothers that lack the tionship can be so sigability to be mothering nificant in a woman’s life in any way, shape or is based on the theory of form. They are not nur- attachment. A mother is turers by nature, raise the first person that one their children like pets becomes attached to as and go through life only we begin our life and caring about themselves. this attachment becomes For women raised by the foundation for a perthese kind of mothers, son’s sense of self-esteem it’s hard not to be angry, and their future relationbitter, sad or unforgiving ship style. If a mother toward her, particularly only knows how to be on Mother’s Day. Maybe mean, emotionally or you haven’t spoken to physically distant, jealyour mother in years ous or overly critical, her or would rather send a children are likely to be greeting card than sit in either ambivalent when the same room with her it comes to relationships constant criticisms and or avoidant. negative attitude. She is The child never experiyour mother and your ences unconditional relationship with your love, not even from their mother affects many of mother, the one person the other relationships they would expect to be in your life. By forgiving that way. By never healyour mother for her faults ing this type of motherand her misdeeds, you daughter relationship, a can eliminate some of woman can find herself By Dodi Kingsfield Contributing Writer

constantly struggling with relationships and other elements of her life. She may have issues with confidence, trust or setting boundaries in relationships. She could have difficulties with selfperception, continuously avoids difficult situations, becomes overly sensitive or touchy, and may even be accused of not falling too far from the tree. If there was a history of abuse or other violent behavior, it’s best to work with a counselor or psychologist when working on forgiving your mother and processing such strong emotions. In other cases, rethinking some of the history can generate strong emotions as well, but hopefully they are emotions that can be handled, processed and put into perspective. As an adult, your perspective on your mother should have more of an adult view and hanging on to the perceptions of a young girl are not healthy, nor do they help either party realize that

it’s time to grow up and move on. Maybe your mother married young, was pregnant and had to get married, had many young children at one time or a husband that left her and she worked two jobs to make ends meet. Maybe she had a problem with drugs and alcohol at the time or your father did, or it was a bad time in her life and she was depressed. Does she suffer from a mental illness that’s never been diagnosed such as bipolar disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or schizophrenia? Maybe your mother was raised by a woman similar to herself and she had no example of a nurturing, caring woman to learn from, or was abused as a child and developed attachment issues at a young age. Asking yourself these types of questions is important to developing a healthier view on an otherwise unhealthy mother-daughter relationship. A woman

Our relationship with our mother can define the relationships we have as adults and with our own children, so healing this broken bond may be key to creating the happiness we seek with our intimate friends and family.

doesn’t necessarily have to sympathize, but she can empathize. She doesn’t have to forget, but she can forgive and she doesn’t have to like, but she can love. How can one forgive a mother that’s been so hard to forgive so far? It’s ultimately up to the individual to do what works for them. Just knowing in your heart that you have forgiven your mother for the past may be enough for you and you have no desire to see her in person. Or you may be a person that needs to look her in the eye to forgive her or simply need to talk to her first. You can do it on your own terms

on neutral ground, for as long as you decide you can handle. You can take a loved one for moral support if you need, but siblings that could take sides are a bad idea. Remember to stay focused, express your feelings but don’t attack and forgive your mother out loud if you can. Accept the fact that your mother may not have the capacity to understand why you are forgiving her or she may be clueless as to why you are so hurt in the first place. Loving yourself first and foremost will allow you to forgive. The rest will come with time.

20 motHer's day

Tips for Celebrating Mother’s Day on a






As a free publication, the local businesses who promote their great services week after week in our paper sustain us. Thank you, advertisers, for allowing us to continue providing the residents of Chautauqua County with reliable community news. Talk to your sales rep today about our great promotions and opportunities to increase your business. Let us bring your customers to you! 716-366-9200 YOUR WEEKLY COMMUNITY MAGAZINE

CHAUTAUQUA STAR FRIDAY, MAY 2, 2014 Contributed Article together to plant someStatepoint

With Mother’s Day around the corner, you may be thinking of ways to show your appreciation for mom. If you’re on a budget, you’re in luck. The discount experts at Dollar General are sharing helpful advice. • Breakfast in Bed: Every mom deserves some time to relax. Why not begin Mother’s Day by pampering her with breakfast in bed? Don’t forget to make the meal complete with a card and a cup of coffee. • Watch it Grow: Spend Mother’s Day afternoon making memories with Mom and see your love grow all spring and summer. Pick out a beautiful new planter with gardening tools, soil and seeds. Work

thing beautiful. As the plants grow, she will be reminded of you! • Bake and Make: Update and brighten Mom’s kitchen without over-spending. At a discount retailer such as Dollar General, colorful new oven mitts and kitchen towels are available for $1 dollar each. Look for her favorite colors or the ones that best complement her kitchen. Give Mom an opportunity to use her new gifts by packaging them together with an easy cupcake or brownie mix and kitchen utensils. Baking together is a great way to spend quality time while providing yummy treats to celebrate the big day! • Tell the Birds: Get Mom a themed birdhouse with bird seeds,

or consider making a birdhouse together as an afternoon arts and crafts project. Either way, you can help her fi nd the best place in the yard to enjoy the colorful and beautiful birds that will soon be frequent visitors. They’ll be singing all season! Everything from lawn and garden items to birdhouses, as well as great recipes and mixes to celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day can be found at more than 11,000 Dollar General stores or online at www.DollarGeneral. com. This Mother’s Day, show Mom how much you care and make memories you can cherish for years to come.

motHer's day 21


THAnk yOu TO MOMS EVERyWHERE, COnTInuED FROM Pg 18 ing up the baby who was screaming, which for some reason made him scream louder. Somehow, we managed to overcome all of this and more, and the boys eventually took their naps and woke up happy with a fresh start to our afternoon. If you walked into our house that afternoon, you would have no idea that any of this had taken place or that our dishes were overflowing the sink just two hours beforehand. But why am I sharing this with you? Not just for laughs, but because once upon a time your mother did this for you. On a daily basis, your mother, grandmother or caretaker faced similar situations that were necessary to grow you into a functioning adult. You were fed, cleaned, dressed and nurtured every day until you learned from them the

skills you needed to do it by yourself. And even now, there are times when we all just need a mom or a grandma. So this is a thank you to all the moms, grandmas, and aunts out there who, once upon a time, cleaned up an overflowed toilet or changed a messy pair of pants. The moms who went without a shower in

order to clean up after a sick child. The grandmas who have come to the rescue so that mom could conquer the laundry mountain. Mommies who waddled for nine to ten months of their life, nurturing a tiny baby who would one day grow up to be you; an adult who is now capable of reading, taking care of themselves, and possibly even taking care of their own

babies. A special thank you to all the moms who took the responsibility of raising a child who was not yet their own when another woman couldn’t. If nothing else, your mom gave you the opportunity to live. Thank you to ‘moms’ everywhere, for making life possible.

Thrifty Crafters to Make Gifts for Mom

Contributed Article Prendergast Library

Raechel Connell of Jamestown and her daughters Allysen, left, and Cyra look at a sample of two Mother’s Day gifts Thrifty Crafters will work on from 6 – 8 p.m. Thursday, May 8 at Prendergast Library, 509 Cherry St., Jamestown. All materials will be provided to make a set of woven paper coasters or paper beads for a bracelet or necklace. Everyone is welcome, including children who can work independently. For information, call 484-7135.

22 motHer's day


Top Tips

for Moms to Stay Better Organized

New technology can help busy moms wherever they are, keep track of items like phones and keys.

Contributed Article in touch with the kids Statepoint

For busy moms always on the go, it’s crucial to find new ways to save time and money, while reducing daily hassles. Let these organizational tips help you stay on track:

Make Mornings Easier

Mornings are always hectic when you’re preparing the entire family for the day. Simplify those early hours by prepping certain things the night before. For example, pack the kids’ lunches as you’re getting dinner ready. There’s always downtime to put together a few sandwiches while something is marinating, chilling or heating. Spend a few minutes with your children on Sunday nights picking out their clothes for the week. You’ll thank yourself on weekday mornings. Organize your bag the night before. You’ll be less likely to leave something behind when you aren’t in a rush.

keep Track

to using organizational apps. Unfortunately, one in eight moms who use mobile electronic devices and have an onthe-go lifestyle say they lose or misplace their smartphone “very often” or “often,” according to a 2014 Essentials for Mobile Life Survey. But replacing a smartphone is expensive, timeconsuming and stressful. Moreover, mom’s smartphone is often a “keeper” of a tremendous amount of personal, confidential and work-related information. New technology is making it possible to keep track of your phone, as well as other essential appendages, like backpacks, keys and handbags. For example, a new Proximo app made by Kensington includes a fob for your keys and up to four tags on other items to alert you when you’re leaving behind something valuable. It can also help locate the misplaced item with the touch of a button, saving you time and money. More information can be found at

There’s no doubt about it. Technology is playing Chore Chart an increasing role in parenting, from keeping Why do all the work

yourself? A chore wheel can help you remember what tasks need to be completed weekly. By involving everyone, you can make each member of the family feels their contributions are important. Assign age-appropriate tasks to each member of the family and rotate jobs from week to week. Even the youngest children can learn to pick up their own toys or help with simple tasks in the kitchen. Post the chore wheel in a centralized location, such as on the refrigerator at a height everyone can see.

Make Extra

When you get home after a long day, leftovers can be a blessing if you’re too tired to cook. Sure you can order in, but even that will get old. Plus, the food you cook at home is often healthier and less expensive to prepare. Save yourself the hassle of making dinner nightly by cooking more than you need and freezing or storing some for later. Being a mom means juggling many different things at once. But don’t stress. Find ways to make life easier for yourself instead.

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TREAT YOUR MOM TO A WONDERFUL MOTHER’S DAY GIFT Baskets & Pots Annuals, Perennials, Vegetables...

Huge Selection

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Gift Ideas: Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the Home

best gift ideas simply because they are very convenient and do not require you to make sure a gift "fits". So Almost every mother likes to take care of the home and in this case you won't have to worry about returning an surround herself with the things she likes most. So why item. They are also usually durable and can last for not get her something that years to come. will compliment the home she cares for? Gift ideas If it's your first time buying for the home are especially someone home decor, don't great for mothers who are start with large pieces like avid homemakers. furniture. It's always a good idea to buy smaller items Home Accents like interior accents. These Interior accents make the interior accents include Contributed Article Rashel Dan

lamps, clocks, jewelry boxes, book cases, picture frames, mirrors, decorative pots and vases, decorative plates, small area rugs, throw pillows, paintings and small sculptures. As you can see there are lots to choose from, so you'll never run out of gift ideas for the home. Huge furniture might not be a good idea, since they can take over a lot of space and may not match other furniture in the recipient's home. However, considering you already know the furnishings in mom's home, furniture can be a wonderful Mother's Day gift. Even smaller home decor can make brilliant Mother's Day gifts. Handcrafted ones are the most precious gift ideas, because their design is oftentimes limited. Dried flower arrangements are great gifts for moms who

are into vintage designs and items. They somehow have that antique flair to them that would look great in the patio. You can also get mom one of those hanging angels or pouched potpourri to hang over doorknobs and in the washrooms. Poem keepsakes are very thoughtful gifts and quite decorative on the walls too.

Handmade Home Items

There's nothing like handmade gift ideas for mom. What's great about home decor gifts is that you can actually make them yourself! Whether you mess up or not, it's really the thought that counts. If your mom loves to garden and is the outdoorsy type, a good idea would be to make her a quirky birdhouse. You can use a piece of gourd and some twine and wiring to create a pearshaped birdhouse. Paint it to

make it stand out! Make sure you know how to select. Before you make that order on the large, wooden Thai cabinet, there are a few things to consider first. You should first learn how to choose the right home decor for you mom. You may ask your mom what she likes to do on her spare time in the home these days, or you may simply observe the changes done to her home.


Think about your mom's personality, and how that might go well with certain gift ideas for this coming Mother's Day. Does mom have an eclectic taste? Is she super-practical? Is she laid back or does she live an extremely active and modern lifestyle? These questions can help you decide on the best gift ideas when it comes to home decor.


Mot hheher’eer’r’s Day WE



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mother's day

Mother's Day Gifts:

The latter is what will really matter to your mom for, as mothers are truly sensitive, she will surely notice that you Someone once said that a really put time and effort into mother had four pieces of the making of her gift. pie for five people and she promptly denotes she never So what should you include did care for pie. But if it is inside your Mother's Day a special day like Mother's gift basket? Depending how Day, why don't you return the much you know your mothkindness and make her feel er, you may opt to give her that she deserves a pie or two? a singular gift or a variety The best way to convey your of gifts, even a combination thankfulness on days like this of different gifts. If you're is to give her a gift basket. going to give your mom a piece of expensive jewelry, A gift basket is a thoughtdo not just hand it over to ful way to remember your her in a box, which what mom on her honored day. typically everyone would do. Giving her a gift basket is an opportunity to show your Should you decide to place mother how much she means it in a box or note, insert it to you not just because of the in your gift basket beneath a lot of colorful paper and contents of your basket, as you obviously know what she trappings. Let your mother likes, but also in the creative dig her way to the bottom way your basket is prepared. of the basket, and make her Contributed Article Elaine Edwards

feel like a child once again, excited and eager to unravel her present. Alternatively, you can give your mom an assortment of accessories, which you can arrange around inside the basket. You may try also to go on a theme-inspired basket, like a 'beauty' theme; thus, giving your mother a variety of beauty products or spa treatment products. Or, you may opt along a 'book' theme, and give her a collection of inspirational books or books on yoga and meditation, or books of her favorite author. You may provide her with certificates to spa facilities or wellness program as well, for a "health" themed basket. If your mom is the quiet and simple type, a variety of flowers arranged on a


The Best And The Sweetest basket would be a sweet gift but also gives the idea of abundance. Or, if she is loves nature or has a green thumb, you may choose to give her a basket laden with different plants for planting, or packets of seedlings maybe, or bonsais to adorn in the garden or inside the house. Or, if your mother is a tea or coffee aficionado, you could give her a tea or coffee packs of assorted and exotic flavors. Now, when adorning your gift basket, always think personalize. You can decorate the basket with small fresh flowers, or you may even go as far as cutting pictures of your mother and the two of you together over the years and sticking them on the sides of the basket.

Or, you may simply desire to spend some time with your mother. Why don't you take her to a nice, cozy place where you both can simply chat, and bring in a food gift basket filled with her favorite food, or food you prepared using her recipes! And don't forget to tuck in an extra blanket for her to wrap her around with if ever she gets cold, or an extra pillow to make her extra comfortable wherever she'll be seated. Whatever thoughts you have for Mother's Day, the gift basket should be a vital part of it. Make your mother's most recent memory of you and her to be a wonderful and of lasting impression. At least, she'll think that once you let her feel that you unconditionally gave her a basket of pie.

Notable Quotes about Motherhood Collection by Jone Johnson Lewis If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do well matters very much. - Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

A printed card means nothing except that you are too lazy to write to the woman who has done more for you than anyone in the world. And candy! You take a box to Mother - and then eat most of it yourself. A A mother is a person who seeing pretty sentiment. - Anna Jarvis, promoter of the establishment of there are only four pieces of Mother's Day pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie. - Tenneva Jordan No one who traces the history of motherhood, of the home, of child-rearing practices To nourish children and raise will ever assume the eternal them against odds is any time, any place, more valuable than to permanence of our own way of fix bolts in cars or design nuclear institutionalizing them. - Jessie Bernard weapons. - Marilyn French

Arise then, women of this day! Arise, all women who have hearts! ... We, the women of one country, will be too tender of those of another country to allow our sons to be trained to injure theirs.... [ more] - Julia Ward Howe, promoter of a Mother's Day for Peace A mother's arms are more comforting than anyone else's. Diana, Princess of Wales There was never a great man who had not a great mother -- it is hardly an exaggeration. - Olive Schreiner

LoCaL sPorts 25


sPorts Home-track advantage Your Weekly Community Newspaper


Week of May 2, 2014


Section B

DunkIRk DISPLAyS ELITE TALEnT In ITS OWn InVITATIOnAL By Stefan Gestwicki Star Sports Editor

The Dunkirk High School track was surrounded by tents and littered with athletes and spectators as 18 teams converged for the Dunkirk Invitational, Friday afternoon. The meet was shortened due to cold, wet, windy weather, but some impressive times, distances and heights were still turned in. According to Dunkirk head coach Kurt Warmbrodt, he usually tries to keep the meet under 16 teams, but Westfield and Silver Creek both called late and he couldn’t turn down more competition. While there were some outstanding performances by many Chautauqua County athletes, it was the Dunkirk boys team that really turned some heads. Dunkirk sophomore Jose Morales raced to a first-place finish in the 100-meter dash with a time 11.42 seconds. He held off teammate Nick Barlette, who finished third (11.53 seconds) and Frontier’s Adrian Cannon (11.44). Jamestown’s Izaila Rahim placed eighth, which is good enough to earn a point in a meet of this size. Despite the less-thanideal jumping conditions, Dunkirk’s Rashad Graham was able to clear 5-feet,

do MORE with High Speed Internet

Fredonia’s Gwen Stokes clears the bar during the high jump event, Friday at the Dunkirk Invitational. (Photo by Stefan Gestwicki)

8-inches in the high jump to take first place. Teammate Victor Echevarria and Fredonia’s Dylan Meyer tied for fourth with a height of 5-4. Graham also placed fi fth in the long jump with a leap of 18-3.75. The event was won by St. Francis’ Nathan Gora, who leapt 19-5.5. Gowanda’s Brennan Geiger was second (18-10.25). Dunkirk earned yet another first-place finish when the team of Miguel Alicia, Jose Morales, Rashad Graham and Nick Barlette held off Iroquois in the 4x100 meter relay. The Marauders crossed in 45.39 seconds while Iroquois was second at 46.66. Another Dunkirk relay team, this time Javier Soto, Ray Tarnowski, Alec Tomaszewski and Ethan Francis, raced its way to a

Silver Creek’s Rachel Radack (left) gets over the last hurdle during the girls’ 2,000-meter steeplechase event, Friday at the Dunkirk Invitational. (Photo by Stefan Gestwicki)

third place (8:46.29) in the 4x800 meter relay. East Aurora (8:21.88) and Sweet Home (8:27.99) took first and second, respectively. Jamestown’s Christian Edborg held on for a sixth-place finish in the 3,000-meter steeplechase. The event featured 18 runners and was made even more difficult than usual from the rain. Orchard Park’s Matt Mercer (10:01.6) turned in an exceptional time to claim first place in the event. In the 110-meter high hurdles, it was Silver Creek junior Caleb Makuch placing second with a time of 17.58 seconds. He was just a fraction of a second behind Iroquois’ Austin Valvo, who won the event in 17.44 seconds. The girls’ meet also saw some impressive perfor-

mances from local athletes. Fredonia senior Devin Kowalewski won the 100-meter hurdles by a comfortable margin with her time of 16.47 seconds. Iroquois’ Madison Roberts was second in 17.03 seconds. Dunkirk’s Savia Moreland (17.99) and Silver Creek’s Emily Harford (18.09) were sixth and seventh, respectively. In the girls’ 100-meter dash, Dunkirk sophomore Samiyha Toomer was right there with the upperclassmen and claimed fourth place in 13.16 seconds. Frontier’s McKyla Brooks won in 12.67 seconds. Westfield freshman Maddison Knap (14.03) and Fredonia freshman Deidra Osula (14.21) were also solid in seventh and ninth, respectively. Continued on PG 28

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The Obligatory Instant Replay Commentary By Stefan Gestwicki Star Sports Editor

The other day, Tampa Bay Rays shortstop Yunel Escobar was called out on strikes in a game against the Minnesota Twins. Continued on PG 31

26 LoCaL sPorts sCHeduLe


Fri, May 9 at Cassadaga Valley, 4:30 p.m. Wed, May 7 at Frewsburg, 4:30 p.m. Tue, May 6 vs. Clymer, 4:30 p.m. Thu, May 8 at Cassadaga Valley, 4:00 p.m. Fri, May 9 at Brocton, 4:30 p.m. Softball Softball Mon, May 5 vs. Panama, 4:30 p.m. Mon, May 5 at Catt-Little Valley, 4:30 p.m. Softball Wed, May 7 vs. Westfield, 4:30 p.m. Wed, May 7 vs. Pine Valley, 4:30 p.m. Mon, May 5 at Clymer, 4:30 p.m. baseball Fri, May 9 at Cassadaga Valley, 4:30 p.m. Track and Field Thu, May 8 at Cassadaga Valley, 4:00 p.m. Mon, May 5 at Cassadaga Valley, 4:30 p.m. Track and Field Fri, May 9 at Brocton, 4:30 p.m. Mon, May 5 vs. Cassadaga Valley, TBA baseball Wed, May 7 vs. Sherman, 4:30 p.m. Tue, May 6 at Frewsburg, 4:30 p.m. golf Mon, May 5 at Clarence, 5:00 p.m. Track and Field Thu, May 8 vs. Panama, 4:30 p.m. Tue, May 6 at Frewsburg, 4:30 p.m. Tue, May 6 vs. Silver Creek, 3:30 p.m. Wed, May 7 vs. Williamsville Softball North, 5:30 p.m. Fri, May 9 at Chautauqua Lake, 3:30 p.m. golf Mon, May 5 at Cassadaga Valley, 4:30 p.m. Thu, May 8 vs. Southwestern, 4:30 p.m. Wed, May 7 vs. Cassadaga Valley, 3:30 p.m. Wed, May 7 vs. Sherman, 4:30 p.m. Fri, May 9 vs. Lancaster, 4:45 p.m. Thu, May 8 vs. Maple Grove, 3:30 p.m. Thu, May 8 vs. Panama, 4:30 p.m. baseball Softball boys Tennis Mon, May 5 vs. Fredonia, 4:30 p.m. Mon, May 5 vs. Silver Creek, 4:30 p.m. Wed, May 7 at Cassadaga Valley, 3:30 p.m. Tue, May 6 at Silver Creek, 4:30 p.m. baseball Tue, May 6 at Hamburg, 5:00 p.m. Fri, May 9 vs. Frewsburg, 4:30 p.m. Mon, May 5 at Dunkirk, 4:30 p.m. Wed, May 7 vs. Dunkirk, 4:30 p.m. Softball Wed, May 7 vs. Falconer, 4:30 p.m. Thu, May 8 vs. Frewsburg, 4:30 p.m. Mon, May 5 vs. Fredonia, 4:30 p.m. Sat, May 10 at Williamsville, 12:00 p.m. Fri, May 9 at Falconer, 4:30 p.m. baseball Mon, May 5 vs. Brocton, 4:30 p.m. Tue, May 6 at Silver Creek, 4:30 p.m. Softball golf baseball Wed, May 7 at Chautauqua Lake, 4:30 p.m. Wed, May 7 at Jamestown, 4:30 p.m. Mon, May 5 at Dunkirk, 4:30 p.m. Mon, May 5 vs. Falconer, 3:30 p.m. Mon, May 5 vs. Ellicottville, 4:30 p.m. Fri, May 9 vs. Clymer, 4:30 p.m. Fri, May 9 vs. Frewsburg, 4:30 p.m. Tue, May 6 vs. Southwestern, 4:30 p.m. Tue, May 6 at Dunkirk, 3:30 p.m. Tue, May 6 vs. West Valley, 5:15 p.m. boys Tennis Wed, May 7 vs. Falconer, 4:30 p.m. boys Tennis Softball Thu, May 8 vs. Frewsburg, 4:30 p.m. Mon, May 5 vs. Brocton, 4:30 p.m. Mon, May 5 vs. Fredonia, 4:00 p.m. boys Tennis Mon, May 5 vs. Allegany-Lime- Fri, May 9 at Gowanda, 7:00 p.m. Wed, May 7 at Chautauqua Lake, 4:30 p.m. Wed, May 7 at Maple Grove, 4:00 p.m. Mon, May 5 at Dunkirk, 4:00 p.m. stone (DH), 4:00 p.m. Softball Thu, May 8 vs. Southwestern, 4:30 p.m. Fri, May 9 at Panama, 4:00 p.m. Wed, May 7 vs. Westfield, 4:00 p.m. Tue, May 6 at Salamanca, 4:00 p.m. Mon, May 5 vs. Ellicottville, 4:30 p.m. Fri, May 9 vs. Clymer, 4:30 p.m. Track and Field Fri, May 9 vs. Jamestown, 4:00 p.m. Wed, May 7 at Olean, 4:00 p.m. Tue, May 6 vs. West Valley, 5:15 p.m. Mon, May 5 at Southwestern, 4:30 p.m. Track and Field Track and Field Fri, May 9 at Fredonia, 4:00 p.m. Wed, May 7 at Forestville, 4:30 p.m. Mon, May 5 at Silver Creek, 4:30 p.m. Wed, May 7 vs. Gowanda, 4:30 p.m. Mon, May 5 vs. Falconer, 5:15 p.m. Track and Field Fri, May 9 at Jamestown Invitational, TBA Thu, May 8 at Salamanca, 4:30 p.m. Tue, May 6 vs. West Seneca West, 5:00 p.m. boys Tennis Mon, May 5 at Westfield, 4:30 p.m. golf Fri, May 9 at Jamestown Invitational, 5:00 p.m. boys golf Tue, May 6 vs. Fredonia, 4:00 p.m. Tue, May 6 at Fredonia, 3:15 p.m. Tue, May 6 vs. Dunkirk, 3:30 p.m. Wed, May 7 vs. Panama, 4;00 p.m. Thu, May 8 at Falconer, 4:00 p.m. Thu, May 8 at Falconer, 4:00 p.m. baseball Fri, May 9 at Salamanca, 4:00 p.m. Fri, May 9 at Southwestern, 3:30 p.m. Mon, May 5 vs. Catt-Little Valley, 4:30 p.m.


Wed, May 7 at Panama, 3:30 p.m. Fri, May 9 at Frewsburg, 3:00 p.m.

girls golf


Mon, May 5 at Southwestern, 4:30 p.m. Wed, May 7 at Fredonia, 4:30 p.m.

Tue, May 6 at Dunkirk, 3:15 p.m. Thu, May 8 at Jamestown, 3:15 p.m. Fri, May 9 vs. Nichols, 3:15 p.m.


Mon, May 5 at Southwestern, 4:30 p.m. Mon, May 5 at Westfield, 4:30 p.m. Wed, May 7 at Fredonia, 4:30 p.m. baseball Wed, May 7 vs. Cassadaga Valley, 4:30 p.m. Fri, May 9 vs. Jamestown, 4:30 p.m. Mon, May 5 at Maple Grove, 4:30 p.m. Fri, May 9 at Sherman, 4:30 p.m. boys Tennis Wed, May 7 vs. Silver Creek, 4:30 p.m. Mon, May 5 vs. Southwestern, 4:00 p.m. Thu, May 8 at Pine Valley, 4:30 p.m. Softball Mon, May 5 at Westfield, 4:30 p.m. Tue, May 6 at Allegany-Limestone, 4:00 p.m. Fri, May 9 at Dunkirk, 4:30 p.m. Wed, May 7 vs. Cassadaga Valley, 4:30 p.m. Wed, May 7 at Salamanca, 4:30 p.m. Softball Thu, May 8 at Brocton, 4:30 p.m. Fri, May 9 at Maple Grove, 4:00 p.m. Mon, May 5 at Maple Grove, 4:30 p.m. Fri, May 9 at Sherman, 4:30 p.m. golf Wed, May 7 vs. Silver Creek, 4:30 p.m. Mon, May 5 at Jamestown, 3:30 p.m. Thu, May 8 at Jamestown, 4:30 p.m. golf Tue, May 6 at Frewsburg, 3:30 p.m. Thu, May 8 vs. Dunkirk, 4:00 p.m. Fri, May 9 at Dunkirk, 4:30 p.m. Fri, May 9 vs. Forestville, 3:30 p.m. Track and Field golf Mon, May 5 at Fredonia, 5:15 p.m. Mon, May 5 at Panama, 3:30 p.m. Track and Field Tue, May 6 at Randolph, 4:30 p.m. Thu, May 8 vs. Olean, 4:30 p.m. Tue, May 6 vs. Chautauqua Lake, 3:30 p.m. Fri, May 9 at Jamestown Invitational, 4:30 p.m. Fri, May 9 vs. Cassadaga Valley, 3:00 p.m.


boys Tennis


Mon, May 5 vs. Panama, 4:30 p.m. baseball Wed, May 7 vs. Westfield, 4:30 p.m. Tue, May 6 vs. Dunkirk, 4:30 p.m.

Tue, May 6 at Southwestern, 4:00 p.m. Wed, May 7 at Southwestern, 4:00 p.m. Thu, May 8 vs. Salamanca, 4:00 p.m. Fri, May 9 vs. Olean, 4:00 p.m.

Track and Field

Tue, May 6 vs. Ellicottville, 5:00 p.m. Mon, May 5 vs. Frewsburg, 4:30 p.m. Wed, May 7 at Brocton, 4:30 p.m. Wed, May 7 vs. Southwestern, 4:30 p.m. Fri, May 9 vs. Chautauqua Lake, 4:30 p.m. Fri, May 9 at Silver Creek, 4:30 p.m. Softball Sat, May 10 at Southwestern, 12:00 p.m. Tue, May 6 vs. Ellicottville, 5:00 p.m. Wed, May 7 at Brocton, 4:30 p.m. Softball Mon, May 5 vs. Frewsburg, 4:30 p.m. Fri, May 9 vs. Chautauqua Lake, 4:30 p.m.


Wed, May 7 vs. Southwestern, 4:30 p.m. golf Fri, May 9 at Silver Creek, 4:30 p.m. Thu, May 8 at Panama, 3:30 p.m. Sat, May 10 at Southwestern, 12:00 p.m.


Mon, May 5 at Chautauqua Lake, 3:30 p.m. Thu, May 8 at Panama, 3:30 p.m. Fri, May 9 at Olean, 3:30 p.m.


Tue, Mon 6 vs. Dunkirk, 4:30 p.m. Mon, May 5 at Panama, 4:00 p.m. Fri, May 9 vs. Maple Grove, 4:30 p.m. Wed, May 7 vs. Dunkirk, 4:00 p.m. Softball Fri, May 9 vs. Falconer, 4:00 p.m. Mon, May 5 vs. Jamestown, 4:30 p.m. Fri, May 9 vs. Maple Grove, 4:30 p.m. Track and Field Tue, May 6 at Franklinville, 4:30 p.m. Track and Field Fri, May 9 at Jamestown Invitational, 5:00 p.m. Mon, May 5 vs. Cassadaga Valley, 4:30 p.m.

boys Tennis


Tue, May 6 at Forestville, 3:30 p.m. base


Mon, Wed, May 7 vs. Medina, 5:00 p.m. Wed, M baseball Thu, May 8 vs. Eden, 5:00 p.m. Fri, M Mon, May 5 at Clymer, 4:30 p.m. Sat, M Continued on PG 27

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Golfer's By Stefan Gestwicki On the plus side, when

the gentleman in the Star Sports Editor pro shop heard it was Mark’s first time golfing, The Golfer’s Diary is a weekly column for golf lov- he grabbed a couple golf ers. I am entering my third balls as a welcome-tothe-sport gift. My comseason as a golfer, so I’m not sure I totally qualify as ment was “well that’s better than a punch in a novice anymore, but I’ll the face.” Of course, discuss different courses, weather effects, new equip- most things are better than a punch in the face. ment and more relating to Thank you Pinehurst for the game we love. welcoming a new golfer This Monday was a with open arms. very special golf outing for me. I don’t want to When we took position on the first tee, another sound too emotional, but it was the first time threesome of guys was about to walk over and I’ve ever golfed with start on No. 3. I offered my younger brother and lifetime best friend, them our spot on No. 1 and we took the short Mark, who had never walk over to No. 3. golfed before. While they were grateHe’s been in Malawi, ful, it was more for selfAfrica serving in the ish reasons. I wanted to Peace Corps for the ensure the opportunity past 27 months. For to play Nos. 6 and 7, those who are readers my two favorite holes of the Golfer’s Dion the course. ary, you’ll know that I didn’t pick up the won- Just to be clear, this was derful sport of golf until just my third time out this year. I still haven’t about 24 months ago. been to a driving range We were joined by my to work out any kinks. usual golfing partner, So I wasn’t expecting Bryan, and headed up to set the world on fire. to Pinehurst Golf Club Yet I actually played in Westfield. Unfortusurprisingly well. We nately, my golfing sense only got through five failed me and I forgot holes, so it’s relatively that there would be hard to judge my score a league teeing off at on sheer numbers, but I 5:00. That gave us an played bogey golf – five hour and a half.

D i a ry over through five holes. That’s pretty solid for me even mid-season. No. 3, however, was not a hole that I played well on. Of course I sliced the dickens out of my drive and ended up on No. 2’s fairway. I’ve yet to hit the right fairway in three tries on this hole this year. For you math nuts out there, 0-for-3 is not a very good percentage. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’re struggling with the slice, move the ball back in your stance about six inches. It feels wrong, but if you’re teeing off with the ball up near your front foot, you’re going to put the spin on the ball that will cause it to slice. I’ve found that the best place for the ball is between the middle of your stance and your left hip (for a right-handed golfer). Yet for some reason Bryan, who generally struggles off the tee, has been golden on this hole. He once again drove a beauty right up the gut. I’m not sure how he does it on just No. 3, but he’s been in the zone there. As for Mark, it took him a couple this-is-my-first-

time-ever-playing-golf mulligans, but he got a ball playable and continued to make solid contact all day. He quickly realized how difficult it is to hit a golf ball straight, but he had no trouble putting the club on the ball. I’ve certainly seen some new golfers that couldn’t even master that seemingly simple task. None of us finished particularly well on No. 3, but all of us played far better on No. 4, the first par 3 on the course. All three of our shots off the tee ended up a little bit to the right, but with good distance. The wind was blowing pretty strong from left to right, but for some reason none of us accounted for it. But that said, when all of the balls are just off the green to the right, that’s pretty good. I had a nice chip and a putt for par. Unfortunately Mark and Bryan both suffered from the downhill slope and their balls rolled to the front of the green, but a 3 and a pair of 5’s on the scorecard is much better than the ugliness of the first hole. Mark looked like a seasoned vet on his third career hole. He hit a

FIVE HOLES ARE ALWAyS bETTER THAn nOnE nice drive that tailed just a little bit right, but then smashed his second shot perfectly on line just short of the green. A chip and two putts and he had his first career bogey. He actually won the hole when I lipped out my bogey putt. I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it: I love No. 6 at Pinehurst. From the white tees it’s about 500 yards. From the blue tees it’s nearly 575. Yes, it’s intimidating from the tee box, but as long as you don’t try to kill the ball and just continue to make good, straight shots it’s not a difficult hole. In fact, when I sank my par putt it marked just one-over par on three combined times playing that hole this year. I also played it well last year. Of course, this time No 6 was saved by one of the better shots of my life. My second shot was a 3-hybrid from the fairway that tailed underneath the trees at the bottom of the hill. So I had to hit through/ around trees and onto the sliver of green I could see. Not only did I do just that, but I got a nice bounce that took the ball even closer to the pin.

My birdie putt went just a little to the right, but left me with a tap-in par, my favorite kind of par. No. 7 is also a fantastic hole. It’s a par 3 over a pond. In the warmer weather ahead you’ll be able to see all kinds of wildlife in the pond, but aside from a couple fish, everything is still hunkered down. It was nearly unbelievable how similar of a shot I hit this time as the last time I played the hole. I would have sworn it was on the same blade of grass. The result: exactly the same. I didn’t hit a great chip and had to two-putt for bogey. There was a pair of league golfers already on the tee box of No. 8, so we decided to call it quits, but it was a great day of golf, however short. There was a movement I read about called “Play Nine” where golfers were encouraged to play 9 holes if they didn’t have time for 18. I think it was a movement to encourage more recreational golf as the sport is suffering. Play Nine is fine, but I say play five if that’s all you can do. Golf is great. Go get yourself some.

HIgH SCHOOL SPORTS SCHEDuLE, COnTInuED FROM PAgE 26 Mon, May 5 vs. Dunkirk, 4:30 p.m. girls golf Mon, May 5 vs. Falconer, 4:30 p.m. Thu, May 8 at Jamestown, 3:15 p.m. Fri, May 9 at Jamestown Invitational, 4:30 p.m. Tue, May 6 at Fredonia, 4:30 p.m. boys Tennis Wed, May 7 at Maple Grove, 4:30 p.m. Mon, May 5 at Falconer, 4:00 p.m. baseball Sat, May 10 vs. Maple Grove, 4:30 p.m. Tue, May 6 vs. Frewsburg, 4:00 p.m. Mon, May 5 vs. Falconer, 4:30 p.m. boys golf Wed, May 7 vs. Frewsburg, 4:00 p.m. Wed, May 7 at Maple Grove, 4:30 p.m. Mon, May 5 at Olean, 3:30 p.m. Thu, May 8 vs. Olean, 4:00 p.m. baseball Fri, May 9 at Fredonia, 4:30 p.m. Fri, May 9 vs. Fredonia, 3:30 p.m. Track and Field Mon, May 5 vs. Chautauqua Lake, 4:30 p.m. Sat, May 10 vs. Maple Grove, 12:00 p.m.


Wed, May 7 at Clymer, 4:30 p.m.


Mon, May 5 vs. Chautauqua Lake, 4:30 p.m. Wed, May 7 at Clymer, 4:30 p.m.

boys Tennis

Mon, May 5 vs. Cassadaga Valley, 4:30 p.m. Wed, May 7 at Fredonia, 4:00 p.m.

Track and Field

Tue, May 6 at Catt-Little Valley, 4:30 p.m.

28 LoCaL sPorts

Photos of the week

Westfield pitcher Nolan Hunt delivers a pitch during Monday’s game against Cassadaga Valley in Westfield. (Photo by Stefan Gestwicki)

Westfield pitcher Laura Tofil fires a strike against Cassadaga Valley, Monday in Westfield. (Photo by Stefan Gestwicki)

HOME-TRACkADVAnTAgE, COnTInuED FROM PAgE 25 In the 2,000-meter steeplechase, Gowanda’s Hunter Samuelson ran away with the win with a time of 7:27.55. Silver Creek eighth-grader Rachel Radack missed third place by less than a second, but managed a solid fourth in 7:57.66. Fredonia’s Gwen Stokes was right behind Radack in fifth (8:17.28). Fredonia’s Lauren Reyda managed sixth in the 1,500 meters with her time of 5:25.18. Dunkirk senior Rachel Rosas just missed the top-8 with her ninthplace finish in 5:30.03. In the high jump, Fredonia’s Gwen Stokes

cleared the opening height, went to run the steeplechase and came back to fi nish in a tie for second place with a height of 4-6. Iroquois’ Sydney Slachetka won the event with a jump of 4-8. Dunkirk’s Faith Rivera and Mariah Esquilin also each cleared 4-6 to earn points for the Lady Marauders. The triple jump was won by Frontier’s McKyla Brooks by a rather large margin. Brooks’ distance of 37-10 was more than three feet further than Immaculata’s Isabelle Blanchard’s secondplace leap of 34-9.

Fredonia’s Kowalewski jumped 31-10.25 to earn sixth place while Silver Creek’s Emily Harford was eighth (30-4.5). Dunkirk’s Amancia Viera tossed the shot put 28-3 to earn fi fth place in the event. Cassadaga Valley freshman Amber Morrison was sixth (27-2.5) and Chautauqua Lake’s Jenna Einink was seventh (26-8.75). The event was won by Frontier’s Rebecca Stiefler with a toss of 35-2. Since the meet was called off early, team scores were not tallied for either the boys’ or girls’ meets. discover new postings from around the area or post one of your own for others to find.


Cassadaga Valley’s Ariel Slaven fouls off a pitch during a high school softball game against Westfield on Monday. (Photo by Stefan Gestwicki)


KniGHts of tHe Card taBLe 29

trieste: the Perfect Game for small Gaming Groups

game about government. Can you imagine the boredom? But I digress. This game has each player take on one of three roles — the city watch, the merchants and the thieves. The merchants are paying the city watch to arrest the thieves, who are in turn trying to rob the merBy Sir Melvin Pistachio bACkgROunD Trieste was designed by chants. No, Trieste is defiOfficial Knight of the Matthew Ma and is pub- nitely not a friendly Euro Card Table lished by Victory Point game where nothing bad ever happens to players. Collectible card games, role- Games, which markets themselves as “The Little playing games, living card MECHAnICS Game Company That games and board games The game is relatively Could.” The game can aren’t exactly ‘sports’, but simple to play. Each be played with three, they’re a huge passion of player plays nearly and only three, playmine and many others. simultaneously, though ers. You’ll see why in a In this weekly section I’m the city watch always minute. Approximate going to review one of the resolves first, followed many games in my menag- play time is listed at 25 minutes, which I’ll agree by the merchants and erie of awesomeness. with. The first few times fi nally the thieves. In my gaming group, might take a while longer Each player first draws we’re often stuck with simply because you won’t two cards, either from just three players. Unthe community treasure know any of the cards fortunately that severe- yet. Suggested ages are pile or from their own ly limits the number 13+ but I can see a child personal deck of characof games we can pull as young as 10 years old ters and actions. They off of the shelf. Even in getting into Trieste, as can draw one from each some of the games we if they wish or two from long as they have some can play three playeither stack. Then each gaming experience in ers, it invariably ends player plays a card from their background. up with my wife and their hands facedown InTRODuCTIOn I teaming up on the in front of them. Once Trieste is a game of third player because all players have played, checks and balances, well…I don’t want to the city watch fl ips its though have no fear, it sleep in the doghouse. card followed by the doesn’t revolve around No, three players is a merchant and the thief. the Executive, Legislatough number. There Then the city watch just aren’t many games tive and Judicial branch- pays the cost of their es of government. Eek, a that have three as the card, again followed by “sweet spot” for premium enjoyment. So when I discovered Trieste on The Dice Tower’s list of Top 3-Player Games, I needed to get my hands on a copy. Was it worth it? Let’s take a look.

merchant and thief. The resolving of those cards is obviously where the game gets fun. The city watch has a lot of cards that arrest revealed thief cards. If one is played, the thief card is arrested and its effect is negated. If the city watch gets seven thieves in prison, he or she wins the game. The merchant is all about money. Many of its action cards allow the player to draw more treasure cards. If the merchant ever gets a total of 11 treasure (plus the combined level of thieves in the prison) in his or her hand, they win the game. The thief has a separate pile of victory condition cards called Infamy points. The thieves’ goal is to get nine Infamy points. The player takes one of those each time a thief character’s ability is activated. This sounds easy, but the city watch is arresting thieves and the merchant is trying to protect their money from the thieves. Plus the city watch has a number of cards that discard Infamy points. Play continues until one of the players reaches

their win condition. In just a handful of games, we’ve already had two players simultaneously reach their win conditions. If that happens, the city watch would win first, followed by the merchant and fi nally the thieves. I’m not sure if that’s a common occurrence or a fluke, but it sure was frustrating for the merchant who got the gold but still lost.


There are plenty of things that make Trieste an attractive option for games. First off, it’s affordable. Victory Point Games seems to have a nice balance on where to spend resources. No, the box isn’t that important to me. I’d much rather have highquality components and a solid game. Secondly, the artwork (by Clark Miller) is very nice. The artwork fits the theme and helps the players get into their roles that much more. I also love the sheer idea of a three-player-only game. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s so hard to know what to pull off the shelf with three players, but Trieste gives me a

solid option every time. The only negative thing I can say about the game is that the basic game seems unbalanced after a couple plays. You play without the “Hero” cards in the basic game and it truly seemed like the thieves had no chance of winning. Then we added the Heroes and the thieves immediately won the first game. Now obviously there’s a lot of luck in what you draw and when you play cards compared to what other people play, but the Heroes certainly helped balance the power.

TO buy OR nOT TO buy

Honestly, the game is so affordable there’s not much risk involved if you wanted to give it a try. I’m hesitant to say it’s a game for everyone, but it’ll hit my table fairly often when I have three players. The real thing to consider is whether you have a need for a three-player game. If you do, pick up Trieste. It’s easy to teach and learn, though I recommend giving newer players either the merchants or the city watch. The thieves are a little harder to play.

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Lake Erie Fishing Hotline

The area's trout streams are in good Crappie catches have fishing shape. Henbeen good at times drickson hatches are in the canals and just getting started from some shore sites on some of the creeks around the south bathat have them. Some sin. Boaters have had to do a little searching blue-winged olives and are around Upper Niagara River to find active crappie stoneflies as well. The majority schools on the open There is still plenty of action is below the lake. Target crappie of ice on Lake Erie, surface on nymphs in areas with green and as a result river such as stoneflies, waters remain a frigid weeds in 6-10 feet of water in sheltered bays pheasant tails and 33 degrees. Harbors caddisflies. Small and around strucand around stream streamers and buggers inlets are a good spots ture. Recent crappie also work. Productive catches have come for yellow perch and offerings for spinning from Ashville Bay, sunfish. These areas anglers include worms, warm quicker than the Burtis Bay, Lakewood Bar, around Rock and salted minnows and main river channel, small inline spinners. Grass Islands and off attracting both bait If you are a catch-andand panfish. Emerald Mayville. Jig heads (1/32 and 1/64 ounce) release angler and use shiners are the top spinners, it is a good bait for perch and sun- with one inch tubes, with or without a min- practice to outfit your fish, but other small now, have worked well. spinners with a single minnows and worms hook rather than a A small minnow on a will work too. Look treble hook. bare hook is another for crappie schooling Western New York in the backwater areas simple, but effective anglers have a variety of Tonawanda Creek, method for crappie. of Wild Trout Streams Bullhead are hitting between the confluence with the Erie Ca- well in the canals and and Stocked Trout Streams to choose along shoreline areas. nal and the Niagara from. In addition, PubRiver. Anglers usually Worms, leeches or lic Fishing Rights Maps chicken livers fished catch some rainbow on the bottom at night, are available for many trout at this time of of the area's best trout year from Bird Island works well for bullstreams. head. Walleye season Pier and Broderick opens next Saturday, Park. Target trout by Spring Trout May 3rd. drifting egg sacs and Stocking minnows or by casting Inland Trout Fishing DEC Hatchery staff spoons and spinners.

Contributed Article piers at Dunkirk and NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation

The medium sized tributaries are in good shape, with moderate flows and slight color. The smaller streams are getting low and clear. Cattaraugus Creek is running a little high and murky at 630 cubic feet per second, but is fishable. Anglers have been catching mostly darker steelhead with a few fresh fish mixed in. Brown trout have also shown in the Chautauqua County tributaries and suckers are moving into all creeks. Spring run steelhead hit a variety of baits including egg sacs, egg pattern flies, trout beads, jigs with grubs (fished under a float), minnows, nightcrawlers, streamer patterns and bugger patterns. For those new to steelhead fishing, see the Steelhead Fishing in Lake Erie Tributaries page for information on steelhead fishing equipment, locations and links to stream maps.

Barcelona Harbors. Minnows or jigs with grubs fished under a float and casted spoons and spinners are good offerings for harbor trout.

Lake Erie Harbors

Boaters report a good yellow perch bite in the Buffalo Small Boat Harbor, with the occasional crappie mixed in. Live emerald shiners work best. Anglers are catching steelhead (rainbow trout) and brown trout from the

got news?

Chautauqua Lake

have been busy stocking thousands of yearling brown, brook and rainbow trout in western New York. In addition, many of the popular trout streams also receive stockings of two-year-old brown trout that are between 12-15 inches long. For lists of stocked waters (by County) and numbers of trout stocked, check the 2014 Spring Trout Stocking page. The DEC has stocked all region 9 waters with at least their first stocking increment. The following waters will receive an additional stocking between 4/28 and 5/2. Allegany County: Genesee River (Amity, Wellsville), Allen Lake (Allen). Cattaraugus County: Bone Run (South Valley), New Albion Lake (New Albion), Case Lake (Franklinville). Chautauqua County: Cassadaga Creek (Stockton), Goose Creek (N. Harmony, Harmony). Erie County: Cattaraugus Creek (Yorkshire).

Genesee River

Accidents • Social Security Disability Workers’ Compensation

Fessenden, Laumer & DeAngelo 81 Forest Avenue, Jamestown, New York 14701

(716) 484-1010

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Angler Diary Program

The New York State DEC Region 9 Fisheries Office will be running an angler diary program on the Genesee River in Allegany and Wyoming Counties. The program will run from March 1st through October 31st, 2014. This program will cover the portion of the river from the PA line, downstream through Letchworth State Park, and will record data for both trout and bass fishing trips. If you fish the Genesee River (even once) and would like to keep a diary for DEC please call the Region 9 Fisheries Office at (716) 372-0645 or e-mail fwfish9@gw.dec.state. This diary program will be used to evaluate the quality of the fishery and determine future management actions. If you need more fishing information or would like to contribute to the fishing report, please call or e-mail Mike Todd (716-851-7010; mttodd@gw.dec. or Jim Markham (716-3660228; jlmarkha@ Good Luck Fishing! The fishing hotline can also be heard at (716) 679-ERIE or (716) 855-FISH.

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COMMEnTARy, COnTInuED FROM PAgE 25 Okay. No big deal, right? Well, Escobar contended that the count was actually 4-2 and he should have been awarded a walk. The umpires went to the instant replay system. Fans watching at home could clearly see that Escobar was right. It should have been a no-brainer for the umps on the other side of those phones. The umps took off the headsets and still called Escobar out. WHAT? Since when can a player be called out with a 4-2 count? I thought instant replay was supposed to fi x these types of human errors. Well, if anything positive came out of the whole Escobar ordeal, it’s that you get to read my obligatory instant replay commentary (sound the trumpets here). Honestly, I was against instant replay when I first heard about it. I’ve always liked the human element that the umpires bring. To be frank, they’re darn good at their jobs, too. If you watched one of those bang-bang plays at first base in real time, there’s almost no

way you could tell what happened. But these guys are always in the right spot and I would say get the call right 90 percent of the time. That other 10 percent is a problem, you say? Yeah, maybe if it always went against your favorite team. But some calls will go for you and some will go against you. It’s a long season and these things have a way of balancing out. Also, baseball is already a very long game. Major League Baseball likes to hype up the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry as mustsee TV, but how many people can sit and watch another 4.5-hour long baseball game with a dozen pitching changes? It seems like MLB should be trying to speed up games, not make them longer. Though after seeing it in action (with the Escobar disaster being an outlier), I’m much more neutral towards instant replay. It really doesn’t take all that long in the grand scheme of things. There are trained umpires on the other end that have lots of camera angles and slow motion replays to make sure the call is right. After,

what, 90 seconds or so, the call is right one way or the other. It’s easy to think back and wonder what might have happened to a guy like Armando Galarraga, who as you might remember was robbed of a perfect game by a blatantly missed call on what would have been the 27th out at first base. Jim Joyce, the umpire who missed the call (but is one of the best in the game), felt horrible for his mistake. He knows he robbed this young player of immortality. Galarraga, now 32 years old, hasn’t pitched in the Majors either of the last two seasons. Would he still be in the league if he had completed what should have been a perfect game? Or how about that Pirates-Braves game three years ago? If you don’t remember, the Pirates were rolling midseason and on the verge of fi nally breaking the consecutive losing seasons streak. The teams were tied in the 19th inning when the Braves hit a ground ball to third base, Pedro Alvarez threw home to nail the runner at the plate and most likely send the game to the 20th

inning. The runner was tagged about four or five steps up the third base line, knew he was out and started walking back to the dugout. On his way, he happened to step on home plate and was called safe. As a Pirates fan, I nearly blew my top. Replays showed over and over that the Pirates catcher had indeed tagged the runner. The Pirates then continued to fall apart over the second half of the season. Were they simply demoralized from a horrific call that would have been overturned had there been replay? Maybe. Instant replay wasn’t put in place to show up umpires or even second-guess everyday plays. Unfortunately, it’s being used far more often than anyone anticipated. I believe it was put in play to avoid those season-defi ning close plays either down the stretch or in the postseason. Again, I’m more neutral to instant replay than anything. I can’t really take a strong stance either way because I do think it’s wise to avoid those crushing blown calls, but I still have a number of problems with

the system. First off, just make everything reviewable. I was watching a game the other day when a ground ball jumped over the third base bag and into foul territory. It did, in fact, go right over the bag and was ruled a fair ball. The right call was made, but the third baseman argued and argued until his coach came out. Well, come to fi nd out, that play isn’t reviewable. Why? I have no idea. Yes, the coach would have lost the challenge, but he should at least have the option to challenge. My other main problem with it is we don’t see managers fly off the handle any more. Gone are the days of Bobby Cox or Sweet Lou Piniella running out of the dugout yelling profanities and turning red in the face. Gone are the days of Lloyd McClendon picking up first base and taking it into the dugout with him. Now these guys slowly (emphasis on slowly) walk out to the umpire and make small talk until their bench coach gets the word from upstairs whether they should challenge or not.

It’s all just so passive. Umpires and coaches are supposed to clash. That’s baseball. Even non-baseball fans can be entertained by a coach kicking dirt at an umpire or burying home plate. I’m not even sure how to fi x this issue. It seems like as long as instant replay is in effect, coaches have no reason to go crazy. It’s sad, really. So there’s the instant replay rant you’ve all been waiting for. I apologize if it’s all over the place, but I really can’t decide whether I’m pro- or anti-replay. Do you have thoughts on instant replay? I’d love to hear them. Send me an email to stefan.

Stefan Gestwicki is the sports editor of the Chautauqua Star. Comments on this story of any other can be directed to stefan.gestwicki@

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32 College SPORTS

FSU Ace Larson Nabs SUNYAC Award

ered his conference-leading ERA to 1.14. In all, he was 2-0 allowing 10 hits, striking out 13 and walking two in 18 innings of work. Larson has been one of the hottest pitchers in Division III. The previous week, Larson threw took a pair of shutouts into the final inning before faltering. He threw eight shutout innings before surrendering one run in the ninth inning in a 2-1 win over New Paltz. He also threw 8 1/3 shutout innings vs. Brockport before allowing a pair of runs in the ninth.

Contributed Article FSU Sports Information Dept.

The State University of New York Athletic Conference announced on Monday that Fredonia State senior Sean Larson (Angola/St. Francis) was the conference's Pitcher of the Week. Larson was dominant in a pair of starts. Last Monday, he spun a four-hit shutout in a gritty 1-0 win over Oneonta. Larson struck out seven and walked one. Five days later, he shut down sixth-ranked Cortland on six hits in a 3-1 complete-game Sean Larson (Photo courtesy of Fredonia State) victory. Larson struck out six and walked one. The two nine-inning,


complete-game efforts low-

Quartet Of Men Win At Brockport Pair Of Devils Run Their Best He was second in the 200 meters 400s; Jumper Makes ECACs (23.42 seconds), third in the long Contributed Article

FSU Sports Information Dept.

jump (6.43 meters/21 feet, 1.25 inches), and fifth in the 100 meters. Four Fredonia State men won Jeremy Kozlowski (So.; Dunkirk, individual events Saturday at the N.Y.) was fourth in the 200 and sixth Brockport Golden Eagle Run. in the 100. Chris Shartrand ( Jr.; Ballston Spa, N.Y.) and Collin Mulcahy (So.; Bata- In the field events, Goebel equalled his personal-best in the pole vault -via, N.Y.) won running events. Ben No. 7 on the Fredonia State all-time Goebel (Sr.; Victor, outdoor performance N.Y.) and Hsin Chin list -- with a clearance (So.; Pleasant View, of 4.35 meters (14 feet, N.Y.) were the top 3.25 inches). Chin collegiate finishers in placed his name at No. field events. 10 on the Fredonia Shartrand led a State list with a ham1-3-4 finish by mer throw of 49.13 meFredonia State men ters (161 feet, 2 inches), in the 3,000-meter an ECAC-qualifying steeplechase with a winning time of throw. Each man finished behind an 9:54.15. Jed Kovalovsky ( Jr.; Owego, unattached entrant, yet ahead of all N.Y.) finished third and Jesse Mintz other men competing for collegiate (Sr.; Ontario, N.Y.) was fourth. teams. Mulcahy's win came in the 800 meters in 1:56.93, while teammate Pat The Blue Devils now move to the Shenal (Fr.; Henrietta, N.Y.) finished championship portion of their outdoor season, beginning with the third. SUNYAC meet Friday and SaturBrian Ogilvie (Sr.; East Aurora, day at SUNY Geneseo. N.Y.) had a good all-around meet.

got news?

The team's top performer in field events was Emily Cummiskey (Sr.; FSU Sports Information Dept. Clarence, N.Y.). She won the long jump (5.25 meters/17 feet, 2.75 Fredonia State sprinters Laura Morrison (So.; Wethersfield, Conn.) inches) and finished third in the triple jump (11.0 meters/36 feet, 1.25 and Anna Dambacher (So.; Divernon, Ill.) lowered their personal-best inches). She qualified for the upcoming ECAC Division III champion400-meter times Saturday at the ship meet in both events. Brockport Golden Eagle Run. Kayleigh Wasielewski (So.; West Morrison won the event in 59.63 Seneca, N.Y.) was the winner of the seconds to trim .17 seconds off her previous PR, while Dambacher fin- high jump at 1.55 meters (5 feet, 1 ished second in 59.69 seconds, which inch), which equalled her personalbest effort, No. 6 on the Fredonia is .57 seconds faster than she has State Top 10 outdoor list. gone before. Those times are No. 3 and No. 4, respectively, on the Fre- In other running events, Lauren Kodonia State all-time Top 10 outdoor tas (So.; Lancaster, N.Y.) was second 400-meter performance list. in the 800 meters (2:25.85); Alexis Perez (Sr.; Hamburg, N.Y.) was third Fredonia State's other first-place in the 200 meters (27.93 seconds); runner was Anna Hourihan (Sr.; and Devinne Arnold (Fr.; Cuba, Buffalo, N.Y.), who covered 5,000 meters in 18:48.87. Blue Devil team- N.Y.) was fourth in the 100 meters (13.24 seconds) and fourth in the 200 mate Becca List (Sr.; Hilton, N.Y.) meters (28.25 seconds). finished second in 19:03.76, while Alissa Conti (Sr.; Fredonia, N.Y.) Next up is the SUNYAC championwas fourth. ship meet Friday and Saturday at SUNY Geneseo. Contributed Article

The Chautauqua Star welcomes all local youth sports information. send us your schedules, scores and photos to


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miller not the answer for Blues, out early again

Contributed Article future by Armstrong

when the Miller deal was made. Ryan Miller was sup''I don't get into longposed to be the piece term stuff. That's Doug's the St. Louis Blues department,'' Hitchcock needed to make a deep said. ''He played good playoff run and perfor us. I'm sure there's haps at long last win a some goals that he'd like first Stanley Cup. The to have back, just like highly-decorated goalie any goalie would. We was among those fallwin as a team and lose ing fall short for a fran- as a team.'' chise smarting from Asked how he played, another early exit, and Miller said: ''I'm going he might not be back. to sit down and think The team scheduled about that. Not good availabilities for general enough, I guess.'' manager Doug ArmThe Blues were among strong, coach Ken the NHL's best before a Hitchcock and players six-game losing streak for Tuesday. to end the regular seaHitchcock deflected son landed them with questions about the a tougher first-round 34-year-old Miller, draw. For the second who'll be an unrestrict- straight year they were ed free agent, after the knocked out in four Blues were eliminated straight by the defendSunday in Chicago. ing Stanley Cup chamThe Blues could opt pion after taking a 2-0 to go with prospect series lead. Last season, Jake Allen, called the it was the Kings. This franchise goalie of the time, it was Chicago. Associated Press

2 0 1 4

in-law's wedding.'' Miller would like to stay, but acknowledged he wasn't sure how the Blues ''feel about me.'' He had a 2.70 goalsagainst average and .897 save percentage in the series. Hitchcock wasn't pinRyan Miller #39 of the St. Louis Blues stops a wrap- ning the team's failure on the goalie. He noted around shot by Patrick Sharp #10 of the Chicago Blackhawks in Game Four of the First Round of the the Blackhawks split 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs at the United Center the defense on the on April 23, 2014 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by go-ahead goal and the Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) Blues surrendered a It was small consolation those close games, they breakaway on the third that before the Blackdid and we didn't.'' goal, which he called ''a hawks' four-goal third back-breaker.'' Miller was acquired period in Game 6, the from Buffalo on Feb. Injuries factored into difference was razor28 along with forward the early exit. thin. The first five Steve Ott in a deal that Backes missed two games were decided by cost the Blues goalie one goal, discounting Jaroslav Halak, forward games with stiffness in his neck after an illegal an empty-netter by the Chris Stewart and a Blackhawks in the final first-round pick in 2015. hit by Brent Seabrook, minute of Game 3. He made $6.25 million who was suspended for three games. T.J Oshie ''You've got to bring your last season. also wasn't quite himself game every night, every ''I've just got to take coming off a blow to the shift, every period,'' cap- things as they come head late in the regutain David Backes said right now,'' he said, lar season and Patrik Sunday. ''I sound like adding, ''I guess I'm Berglund was no factor a broken record here. free to go to my sistercoming off a shoulder Finding ways to win

injury, scoreless and minus-7 in four games. Vladimir Tarasenko was a breakout star early in the series and had four goals, one of them forcing overtime with 6.4 seconds to go in Game 3. But he was scoreless the last two games. The Blues defense got burned on an ill-timed change in the pivotal Game 5, leading to Jonathan Toews' overtime winner. Barret Jackman was minus-5, Jaden Schwartz minus-4. Backes, Oshie, Ott and Roman Polak were all minus-3. ''We all need to look in the mirror and assess how we did and we didn't do, and take that gut check,'' Backes said. ''No offense to you guys,'' he added to reporters, ''but these interviews are getting a little sickening to have in April and not in June.''

2 0 1 4

34 nationaL sPorts


five Questions about sterling’s Ban from nBa

Contributed Article Associated Press

National Basketball Association Commissioner Adam Silver surprised many on Tuesday when he announced that Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling was banned from the league for life and that Silver would take steps to force him to sell the team after an audio recording surfaced of the owner making racist statements. Sterling was also fined $2.5 million, the maximum allowable under the NBA's constitution, and the swift punishment was hailed by players, owners and coaches across the league. Silver's action against Sterling is among the stiffest rebukes ever given to the owner of a professional sports team. Here are five questions and answers about the situation.

games or practices, be present at any Clippers facility or participate in any business dealings or player personnel decisions going forward. He also will not be allowed to represent the Clippers at any league functions, including the board of governors meetings.

q: Why is Sterling in trouble?

A: TMZ released an audio recording last weekend of Sterling talking to a female companion. In the recording, Sterling questions her association with minorities, including Hall of Fame basketball player Magic Johnson. ''Why are you taking pictures with minorities? Why?'' Sterling asks the woman, V. Stiviano, who is of black and Mexican descent. Sterling also tells Stiviano, ''don't bring black people'' to Clippers games.

LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling (right) is under ďŹ re for anti-black comments secretly recorded by girlfriend (left). (Submitted Photo)

the two biggest stars in the league, called for Sterling's ouster. The Heat and Clippers both went through pregame warmups for their respective playoff games with their shooting shirts turned q: What was the inside out as a silent protest. Some players reaction to the said they were considaudio? A: Sterling's comments ering boycotting playelicited sharp response off games if Sterling remained in power. from players, owners, coaches, league sponSilver launched an sors and even President investigation and Barack Obama. several prominent corporate partners of Miami Heat forward LeBron James and Los the Clippers, including Angeles Lakers guard Mercedes-Benz, Kia Kobe Bryant, arguably and State Farm, said

they were pulling their advertising from Clippers games in the wake of the comments. ''There is no room in the NBA - or anywhere else - for the kind of racism and hatred that Mr. Sterling allegedly expressed,'' basketball icon and Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan said. ''I am appalled that this type of ignorance still exists within our country and at the highest levels of our sport.''

q: What does the ban mean for Sterling? A: Sterling will not be allowed to attend

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InD 2 8 ATL 3 1



4 5



A: Silver said it was too soon to tell if the corporate partners who pulled their advertisements would change course. But in taking such bold steps, Silver said it was his intention to send a strong message that racist views and language would not be tolerated. ''I'm outraged, so I certainly understand other people's outrage, and this will take some time, and appropriate healing will be necessary,'' Silver said. ''I can understand precisely why, whether they be people affiliated with the NBA or the Clippers for a long time or those corporate partners. I can understand how upset they are, and I'll do my best to bring them back into the NBA family.''

A: The NBA's constitution states that any owner can be forced out of the league with the vote of 75 percent of the remaining owners. That means if all 30 of the league's owners vote, 23 will have to vote in favor of his ouster. Owners of several teams, including the Minnesota Timberwolves and Milwaukee Bucks, issued statements in support of Silver's decision and said they would vote to remove Sterling if proceedings get to that

SAS 3 8 dal 2 HOu 2 5 por 3

q: What are the financial implications of the incident?

q: Can the owners really force Sterling to sell the team?







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MIA 4 7 CHA 0 2

National SPORTS 35


No NASCAR Penalty Needed For Va. Scrap

By Jenna Fryer AP Auto Racing Writer

Quick quiz: Who won the 1979 Daytona 500? The answer, of course, is Richard Petty. But very few people - if any - equate that race with ''The King'' grabbing the sixth of his seven Daytona 500 victories. That race is instead infamous for the last-lap crash between Donnie Allison and Cale Yarborough as they raced for the lead. The crash sparked a three-man fight after Allison's brother, Bobby, pulled up to the accident scene. The brawl in the closing moments of the first race to be broadcast live in its entirety was a monumental moment for NASCAR, and the lasting image as the traditionally Southern sport officially announced its arrival on the national scene. Fast forward 35 years later to Saturday night at Richmond International Raceway, where tempers flared after the race. It seemed much ado about nothing when Brad Keselowski stomped down pit road to angrily

wag his finger at Matt Kenseth in a scene that was just enough to keep viewers from changing the channel, but not enough to generate any real excitement. Then things got really interesting. An overhead camera happened to catch Casey Mears confronting Marcos Ambrose in the garage. About? Who knows. The two were racing each other for 18th place and Fox hardly had its cameras tuned to that battle. But something happened between the two to get Mears upset, and his anger only grew as Ambrose seemed to dismiss him and turn away. So Mears grabbed the Australian, shoved him a bit and Ambrose responded with a right hook to Mears' eye. It was hard enough to draw blood and knock Mears' hat from atop his head. NASCAR is reviewing the incident and considering whether to discipline either of the drivers in its Tuesday penalty notices. If the sanctioning body is smart, it will close the file and move on to

way into promotional materials for the tracks and NASCAR itself. Taking that into account, Mears can't be punished for confronting Ambrose after the race. Something happened on the track that infuriated him enough to seek out Ambrose. That conversation happened to take place in the garage, NASCAR's version of the office place, and it happened in a flurry of frenetic, post-race activity. DrivDriver Marcos Ambrose punched Casey Mears ers return their cars to following an incident after a Sprint Cup race. (AP the haulers after the Photo/Garry Jones) race, and at Richmond, Talladega without tak- tainly did. the haulers are lined up ing any action against The decision to leave in tight quarters. Crews either driver. Ambrose and Mears are working furiously Forget for a minute alone isn't about the to pack up the car and that it was a fight that attention that a fight the equipment, fans are put NASCAR on the draws to the sport. milling about trying national map, and that It's about short-track to chase down their hard-scrabble, passion- racing on a Saturday favorite driver, reportate drivers who aren't night and the emotions ers are rushing to seek afraid of confrontaout interviews before that come from drivtion are the bedrock ing hard on tight tracks the parties slip away in of the sport. To this the darkness. and in close quarters. day, it's those incidents Fans watch Bristol and that generate the most Martinsville and Rich- In that setting, Ambrose was grabbed and conversation. Joey mond fully expecting to then shoved by a fellow Logano's late pass of be treated to bumping driver. He reacted Kenseth, Keselowski and banging and the violently with a punch and Jeff Gordon to post-race confrontathat might have startled win the race didn't tions that come from Floyd Mayweather Jr., garner many national explosive tempers. let alone Mears. headlines on Sunday, The incidents are celShould Ambrose be but Ambrose's shot to ebrated and find their punished for defending Mears' face most cer-

NASCAR Sprint Cup Standings Rank Driver 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Jeff Gordon Matt Kenseth Carl Edwards Kyle Busch Dale Earnhardt Jr. Joey Logano Brad Keselowski Jimmie Johnson Ryan Newman Brian Vickers

Points Starts Poles Wins Top 5 Top 10 Rank Driver 341 336 313 310 309 292 287 282 272 256

9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9

0 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 0

0 0 1 1 1 2 1 0 0 0

4 3 2 3 5 5 4 3 0 1

7 7 5 5 6 5 4 5 4 3

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Greg Biffle Austin Dillon Kyle Larson Denny Hamlin Tony Stewart Marcos Ambrose A.J. Allmendinger Paul Menard Jamie McMurray Kevin Harvick

himself? For reacting in a heated moment? Absolutely not. It wasn't a sucker punch, it didn't put any crew members or fans in danger, and Mears himself seemed to take it in stride. The morning after he was punched, Mears ran in Jimmie Johnson's charity race and acknowledged Ambrose ''got me pretty good with that shot'' in an interview with ''Out of all the NASCAR fights or punches or when you see people swinging, usually it's a lot of flyswatting. He actually connected so that was pretty good,'' Mears said. ''Everybody gets mad after those races when everybody is trying so hard. It's a passionate sport, obviously. It's tough when you first get out of the car, when you don't have a good chance to cool off, it escalates pretty quick.'' Indeed, the culture of short-track racing is an expectation of post-race fireworks. Unless NASCAR wants to remove that element and expectation, it should leave Ambrose and Mears alone.

(through april 30, 2014)

Points Starts Poles Wins Top 5 Top 10 256 252 251 245 243 242 240 226 226 220

9 9 9 8 9 9 9 9 9 9

0 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 1

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2

1 0 2 1 2 2 0 1 0 2

3 1 4 2 4 2 2 3 2 3






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IH TRACTOR FARMAL Super H with wide front end. $2500 obo. Please call 665-4196 if no answer please leave a message.

MEMORY FOAM For Single Bed, Higher End, Rolls Up, Near New, Great Quickie for Kids or Guests $65 716-365-5027

Three shelf bookcase secretary MANUAL LOG SPLITTER w/ Fold Down Desk, Ser- 716-484-4160 pentine front & Ball n HYDRAULIC POWER UNIT Claw Feet. 716-985-4094 With 6 cylinder gas Ford ANTIQUE TOOLS FOR motor. Self contained SALE Hand Saws, Large power unit. Needs gas Wrenches, Sickle, Plows, tank. 716-595-2046. more. 716-484-4160. CAT MODEL D333A POWANTIQUE GAS HEATERS ERUNIT Serial # 53B1668. For Decoration or Refur- Series A. With Linde hydraulic pump. 716-595-2046. bishing. 716-484-4160 1920’S SECRETARY





1960's Dining room Table Loader. Serial # 1318121. 3 with 6 chairs. $300.00 Cyl Diesel. Starts & runs good. 716-595-2046. Fredonia 673-1240 Graco Good. Engine completely Stroller in great condi- rebuilt 3 years ago. 716595-2046. tion. $45. 753-7440. GRACO STROLLER




COFFEE TABLE SET Glass and Iron 3 piece Coffee Table and two end tables. $70.OO 716-985-4094 VINTAGE STEREO CONSOLE Electrophonic AM/


Call 716-484-4160. Visit You- DOOR Door - standard Tube: “Quality Windows height, 30 inches wide, 1 FM Stereo, 8-Track, Record and Doors for sale.” 1/2 inches thick. White. 10 Player. Good condition. VENT FREE GAS STOVES dollars - call 524-0577 Low price. 716-484-4160. 4 Stoves to choose from. COMMERCIAL DEEP FRYLAZY SUSAN AND CABI- Fireplace style. Low pricER For Restaurant. 716NETS (Lower Cabinets) es. Call 716-484-4160. 484-4160. For Kitchens and BathSEWING INSTRUCTION VULCAN PIZZA OVEN For rooms. New condition. BOOKS 7-boxed set of Restaurant. 716-484-4160. Call 716-484-4160. sewing step by step 3-ring QUALITY FURNITURE notebooks. All colored LENNOX FIREPLACE INPARTS Former Crawford pictures and instructions. SERT Large gas insert for Co. Bed & Foot Heads, Must see to appreciate. fireplace. Complete with Cabinet Doors, Dresser/ Asking $300. Please call venting/remote/surround Drawer Parts, Table Tops. after 4 p.m. 716-782-3786 etc. 800.00 672-6500 716-484-4160 SOLID HARDWOOD MIRROR Solid hardwood mirLAWN AND GARDEN SOLID OAK MEDIA CABIror. Brand new. $40. 716NET Retractable doors, 48.5 CC BICYCLE ENGINE 581-2120 pull out platform and KIT. Everything but the



Sweeper At- SERIE Poultry, Roast & yard sale Sat. the 12th, tachments. 716-595-2046 Skewer Kabob Towers, 8-3. Palmer St. Gowanda SINGER SEWING MANNIQUIN Red, 13 Adjustments + Height, WALK BEHIND TRACTOR Does whole Poultry and Med-Large, Hem Guide, Foam Gravely walk behind trac- Roasts, or Kabobs slowly Padded, Pin Cushion, DF251, tor with four attachments. spinning $65 716-365-5027 $360. 716-679-0203 New $124 716-365-5027 SWEEPERS/


Loads of Features, tric Percolator, 10-34 cups, home/office, copy, autoauto, $25 716-365-5027 dial, fax/tel/answer mach KIRBY UPRIGHT VACUUM opts, plain paper, $25. G6D Powerful & Clean, 716-365-5027 Attachments include Up- CREDIT CARD PROCESholstery, Carpet & more, SOR VeriFone Omni 396, $275 716-365-5027 Report Functions, Power NEW DOORS AND WINDOWS Supply, Xtra Tapes, $65 Various sizes. Low prices. 716-365-5027

1,000 to 12,000 Gallons. 716-595-2046. LVCC BOOKS FOR SALE! 21 lower equipment drawer bike. Engine, cables, gas East 2nd St., Dunkirk. Books JOHN DEERE BUCKET $90.00 716-985-4094 tank etc.Plus directions at very low cost! Th, F, Sat Part# AT193778. Serial# from 10-5. For Literacy Vol. 113403. Capacity 18” 2.3 POWER RECLINER Tan for dummies $400 cash cubic ft std. 716-484-4160. colored recliner.Smoke 716-490-4258 of CC! 716-366-4438 ROTOTILLING 4 WHEEL LOADER TIRES and animal free home. TROY-BILT CAMPING EQUIPMENT No stains. $400.00 FreServie = Excellent quality 23.5-25. 17 1/2” diameter. donia 673-1240 gardens & landscaping.Rea1969 POP-UP CAMPER 23 Holes. Fit a Fiat 745. BUS VW Project Vehicle Other Wheel Loader Tires POWER RECLINER-TWEED sonable. (716)488-9094 TAN Purchased in Sep- TILLER/CULTIVATOR Stihl $1,200.00 or B/O. Can be available 716-595-2046 seen at 70 Water Street, 2 BRUSH HOGS FOR SALE tember 2013 from Ray- Yard Boss New! Priced to Fredonia (716) 397-7838 Case Brush Hog and mour & Flanigan. New sell. (716)488-9094 5 MAN MTN BREEZE TENT Woods Model M5. 716- condition $500 firm. 716- FIREWOOD $50 a face 485-8772 TEXSPORT Mountain Breeze 595-2046. cord or $60 delivered. POWER LIFT CHAIR-TAN 716-708-9789 Tent with Screen Porch. 3 BOTTOM PLOWS Call 716Purchased on 2/3/14 from Sleeps 5. 15'x10'x80”. Used 595-2046 to stop by and Raymour & Flanigan. twice last summer. Selling MISC FOR SALE look at the different plows. $500 Firm includes 5 year because will be using a popwarranty. 86 FOUR WINNS Cuddyup camper now. Portland HYDRAULIC TRAILER DISC mechanism Cabin. Mercruiser 350 NY. $100 O.B.O. 716-785-1472 Six foot heavy duty hydrau- 716-485-8772 magnum motor & out lic trailer disc. Excellent CAMPING STOVES FOR condition. $1,200. 716-679HOUSEHOLD GOODS drive. GPS, Fishfinder. ExSALE Call 716-484-4160 tras! Sell/health reasons. 5551 or 716-672-7011 FOR SALE for more info. $8,000. 716-736-5004 FLAIL MOWER AND




ted Burr Oak Tree. $60 716-581-2120

MOUNTAIN BIKE 21 speed $75 716-488-9094 OPEN HOUSE - FARM STORE Kennedy NY

APRIL 12th 10-5 pm. Bulk Flours ~ Spices ~ Baking Needs and Lots more! Stop @ 2591 rt.62 call 716-665-6766


Model Trains, Accessories, Repairs. We Buy Trains - Bova's Music & Train Shoppe - Westfield, NY 716-326-6891


Got Trains? Give Us A Call Now! Bova's Music & Train Shoppe 716-326-6891

For Sale $25.00-$40.00 a truck Grade Leather with Side load of slab wood. call Pouch, Compartments, (716)708-9789. Quality made, Not used. $145 716-365-5027 BANKER/COURIER/PILOT CASE Large Solid Top


38 CLassifieds MUSIC



BULK SUPPLY- NUTS & BOLTS Large Selection.











old male & female availBUSINESS / OFFICE SPACE AUTO & TRUCK INSPEC- HOLT GENERAL CONstall! able, shots, wormed & Sirius satellite radio for Available June 1st. 1061 TIONS Springs, suspen- TRACTING See our Main ups. vet checked. Family raised sale. Asking $30. Call for Purchase individually or by Allen Street Jamestown. sions, brakes, clutches plus Ad under Builders & Re716-6 with 100% money back details. 716-969-4078 the pound. 716-484-4160. Business, Office, Storage. much more to any vehicle modelers. 716-640-0604 guarantee. 716-549-4615 HOLT Low Rates. 716-484-4160 small to big 716-672-7242 PHILLIPS STEREO SYSTEM NEW OREGON 18” BAR/

Remote Stereo System. CHAIN Oregon Bar/Chain OTHER ANIMALS 500 Watts total. With 18” S62-POULAN PRO, ALPACA FARM & GIFT 3-disc CD changer. Call HOMELITE, CRAFTSSHOP CARDINAL ACRE 716-484-4160. MAN, McCULLOCH & ALPACAS, Napoli, NY. more. Retail: $52.99 - $30 MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC Guitars, 307-4582 - directions/ Strings, Band Instruments, 716-997-0821 hours. 22 beautiful alLessons & Repairs - Call On CRAFTSMAN 10” TABLE pacas in full fleece, come Us Bova's Music & Train SAW 2 hp. Works good. visit! Expanded gift shop, Low price. 716-484-4160. wide variety alpaca wear, Shoppe 716-326-6891 ELECTRIC PIANO Vis- VERTICAL PANEL SAW Sheet stuffed alpaca critters, count SV-60 Profession- Board Cutting Machine. much more! 716-307-4582 al. Weighted Keys. Black. Safety Speed Cut. Model PET SUPPLIES H-5. Call 716-484-4160. $400. 716-934-0628 SKY KENNEL LARGE pet SPORTING GOODS shipping crate. Large size. Used once. ExcelGYM EQUIPMENT Everlast lent condition. 753-7440 Heavy Bag for sale. Box716-753-7440 ing/Kickboxing plus weight set. $125 Bag like new. Call Mark 716-664-7936


de, (World Record Whitetail Deer) 3-28x38 Framed Numbered/Certs Prints, $550 all. 716-365-5027





Male cat. Neutered, litter trained, very lovable, and likes to go outside. 716-287-2183

Beautiful 8-month old female LARGE TRAMPOLINE W/NET white blue-mitted Ragdoll. $125.00 (716) 397-7838 Spayed, all shots up-toWETSUIT XXL SIZE Aqua date. $300.00 716-672-5419 Lung,New! Priced to sell. 716-488-9094 DOGS

RECURVE BOW Hoyt recurve bow, with quiver and arrows. $100. Leave message if interested. 716-672-5617 LEATHER FIGURE SKATES WMN Like new, size 7, fits


BEAGLE PUPS taking deposit 100.00 tri color old English style saddle backs, 1 male 3 females asking 350.00 ea, 716-269-2109


MINIATURE YORKI/MIX Minshoe size 8. With guards. iature Yorki/mix Puppies $30. 716-984-8600 $300.00. 716-792-4496




training collar. like new Men's/ 65.00 B/O 716-640-1677 Boys $75 716-488-9094 MALTY-POO PUPS 15


Ad u those high repair bills. try HOLT GENERAL CON- mod Madenford spring & auto, TRACTING See our Main Ad under Builders & Re2BD ON CHAUT’ LAKE Ren- auto repairs 716-672-7242 M modelers. 716-640-0604 ovated apt. on Chaut' EQUI BUILDERS AND Lake in Celoron. Large & G FENCING REMODELERS layout, appl, D/W. From 716-9 GENERAL CON$625+, call 716.450.2254 HOLT GENERAL CONTRACT- HOLT MOTO BROCTON 2 BED APART- ING Meeting ALL of your TRACTING See our Main torcy Ad under Builders & ReMENT $500 and $550 Building, Home Improve-newly carpeted, and ment & Remodeling needs! modelers. 716-640-0604 er re Cent painted, Call 716-792-9871 Fully licensed & insured. FLOORING 716-9 or 792-7243- No pets. • Serving Chautauqua

HOLT GENERAL CON- BUILD County & NW Pa. • BBB - A+ rating & A rat- TRACTING See our Main Yard Ad under Builders & Re- weed ing on Angies List. • Customer service IS our modelers. 716-640-0604 hous hom mark of excellence!! GENERAL SERVICES mova • Check us out on the web APARTMENTS for a full listing of our ser- HOLT GENERAL CONTRACTAPARTMENT BUILDING vices - www.holtcontractP ING All types of service DUNKIRK: FOR SALE. Build- 716-640-0604 & repairs for your home, HOLT ing has three large twoCOMPLETE CONSTRUC- including snow removal TRAC bedroom apartments and TION New construction, & rooftop Ice & snow re- Ad u one small one-bedroom BUSINESS PLACES mod remodles, editions, moval. 716-640-0604 apartment; all with many upFREDONIA 2+ BDRM. Freporches, decks and pa- HOLT GENERAL CONgrades; separate utilities; full donia, 2+ bedrooms. No tios, roofs, windows and TRACTING See our Main basement with washer-dryer pets. Application and sedoors, siding, and paint- Ad under Builders & Re- HOLT hookups for each apartment; curity deposit required. ing. Call complete con- modelers. 716-640-0604 TRAC off-street parking; long term 716-679-9841 struction today for a free Ad u tenants; good monthly inINSULATION quote at 716-489-6109. mod come. Great Dunkirk loca-


tion. Asking price $125,000. Fur- For more information please nished 2 bdrm apts. call or text 716-208-0368. 2014-15. 2 semester min. $1950.00 per semester HOUSES per student, plus utili- WEST ELLICOTT, JAMEties. 716-679-4373 STOWN 3100sf, tri-level, 2014-2015 SCHOOL YEAR furn. w/Mercedes. 4br, 4 bdrm nicely furnished 3.5b, gour. kit, 2 car garage, apt. 2 semester minimum 2fplc, 1.15acres, $339,900 $1850 per student, plus utilities. 716-672-7317 SUNY


HOUSES PORTLAND 3 BED HOUSE 750/ Available mid July.


HEATING ELLIPTICAL EXERCISE week old male & female Nice yard etc 750/mo plus Machine Priced to sell! available ($500). Fam- security. Call 792-7243 HOLT GENERAL CON716-488-9094 ily raised, has shots, TRACTING See our Main wormed & vet checked. Ad under Builders & Re100% money back guarmodelers. 716-640-0604 antee. 716-549-4615

GENERAL CONA+ CONSTRUCTION Sid- HOLT SE ing, Roofing & Decks and TRACTING Blown in Celluinterior remodeling. Call lose & Fiberglass, Rolled Doug for your free esti- - Get a tax break! Great HOLT rates! 716-640-0604 TRAC mate.(716)224-2156 HOLT GENERAL CON- Ad u CERAMIC TILE TRACTING Blown in fi- mod HOLT GENERAL CON- berglass and cellulose. TRACTING See our Main See our main ad under Ad under Builders & Re- Builders & Remodelers. modelers. 716-640-0604 716-640-0604


Experienced for 25 years and bring own cleaning supplies. Willing to travel to Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, & Erie County. $14.00 an hour, price may vary by house size. Call Kelley at 716-397-9727



Troy-bilt Rototilling = Excellent quality gardens & landscaping. Reasonable rates (716)488-9094



& inCONstall! Spring & fall cleanMain ups. - Very affordable! & Re716-640-0604 604



Main & Re604


CLassifieds 39



Ad under Builders & Remodelers. 716-640-0604


& GARDEN. Can fix all 716-965-2193

Main MOTORCYCLE REPAIR Mo& Re- torcycle and Motorscoot604 er repair. BIKERBOB'S 125 Central Ave. Dunkirk, N.Y. 716-952-9395


Ad under Builders & Remodelers. 716-640-0604



Construction, Replacement, Energy Star Rated - Also Doors , Garage Doors & Repairs. 716-640-0604


Ad under Builders & Remodelers. 716-640-0604


POLE BUILDINGS ervice ome, HOLT GENERAL CONmoval TRACTING See our Main w re- Ad under Builders & Remodelers. 716-640-0604


ROOFING Main & Re- HOLT GENERAL CON604 TRACTING See our Main Ad under Builders & Remodelers. 716-640-0604



Celluolled Great HOLT



under Builders & Remodelers. 716-640-0604 n filose. nder elers.


= Exens & nable



40,000 miles, navigation system, Bose stereo, keyless entry, remote start, all-wheel drive, 3.6 liter V6 engine, $22,000. 716-673-1188 1999 TRO




Needs some TLC. 106,000 Miles. No Rust. Please text. 716-413-6237

MOTORCYCLES Parts and service for foreign and domestic motorcycles. 716-952-9395


Silver with black trim. Just over 2,850 miles. 250 CC. $2,000 or best offer. 716673-1552



Main Yard work, mowing, & Re- weeding, tear down 604 houses, garages, roofing, home repairs, tree reCES moval Call 716-680-3669



120,000 Miles. SEL. All Power. 3RD Row Seating. Please Text 716-413-6237. $4500

2003 DODGE DURANGO SLT 4WD, 4.7 Liter. No

Rust. $3500. Please Text. 716-413-6237


4d sedan, sunroof, leather/heated seats, power window, cd player,new tires,new brakes. Asking $5500. 716-785-0569 2010 GMC SIERRA EXT. CAB

Z71, remote start, cruise control, 38,000 miles, electric brake controller, trailer hitch, GM running boards, chrome grille, loaded, tow hooks, bed liner. $24,000. 716-673-1188

Parts and services for foreign and domestic motorcycles and motor scooters. 952-0395



Air, ceiling fan, fireplace, deck, 7x7 out building. on sight at Bear Lake, Stockton. Many extras. Site payed for for season. $26,775 obo 716-366-1331

TRUCKS 2000 FORD RANGER XLT 2WD 4 door. Florida

truck, 74K, A 1 condition. $5999.00 price negotiable. 716-397-1153


4x4, 4 Door, 4.8 V-8, 94k miles, Runs Excellent. $9,995. 716-337-0077. 2002 SILVERADO EXT CAB

4x4, 4 Door, 4.8 V-8, 120k miles, 4 Brand New Tires. Runs Excellent. $8,495. 716-337-0077. 2000 FORD RANGER XLT 4X4 Extended Cab 4

Door, 4.0 V-6, 94k miles, PA Truck, Tonneau Cover, Bedliner. $6,995. 716337-0077.


89 FORD E-350 CUBE VAN- 17'Box w/pull down rear door 460CU, AC, Stero, 40,additional features $3,500 716-997-0821 1995 SILVERADO 2500 4X4

Extended Cab. With Bedliner. 350 V-8. 100k miles. $5,995. 716-337-0077. 2005 DODGE RAM QUAD CAB 1500 4x4. 5.7 V-8


Hemi. 131k miles. Runs Excellent. $13,995. 716337-0077.

2002 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Laredo. 4x4. 4.0

2001 DODGE RAM LARAMIE SLT 4x4 Extended

Straight 6 cyl. 102k miles. Runs Excellent. $7,995. 716-337-0077.

Cab. 318 V-8. 138k miles. $6,995. 716-337-0077.

07 DODGE RAM SLT QUAD CAB 4.7 V-8, 4x4. 172k

miles. Bedliner. Runs Excellent. $9,995. 716-337-0077

2 Wheel Drive. 4.2 V-6. 131k miles. $4,995. 716-337-0077.

2003 FORD F-150 XLT

2 wheel drive regular cab with cap 55,000 miles. Call 716-785-5610

2009 FORD F-150 XL


CARGO VAN-1 TON-V8NEW TIRES-ABS BRAKES ROOF RACK-119,655 Miles - $1,200 716-997-0821

VEHICLE ACCESSORIES 4 tires (like new) 185/65/15 $185. call 664-7936 Mark or Debbie All Season Radials 716-664-7936


CHEVY TRUCK 2500 MIRRORS Left and Right Out-

side Mirrors (2007-11). Part # 75844 $90 each. 716-484-4160.



Parts and Services for foreign and domestic motorcycles BIKERBOB'S 125 Central Ave. 716-952-9395 WE SELL TIRES, HITCHES

Hitches installed as well as any other repair needed on any vehicle. lowest prices. LOCAL 716-672-7242 PHILLIPS TRAILER Low body, dual axles, heavy duty tires, electric brakes, 13ft 6in long x 6ft wide, all steel great shape, & new paint. $3000 716326-3006.


CAT, Cummins, Detroit, International, Mack, Volvo. 716-595-2046. Fits: 2001-2005 Ford Explorer Sport Trac. Very nice shape, no rips. $225. 716595-2046.





BMW, Mercedes, Cadillac, Devino, Elbrus, Miglia, MB, ASA, Sport Edition, Dodge Nitro. 716-484-4160. FLAT BED - 16 FT LONG

11 1/2 feet flat. 5 feet tool storage (can be removed). $ 1,300 or best offer. 716-595-2046.


WANTED: VTGE SLIPS, NTGWNS & BLOOMERS 60'S ERA. TOP $$ PD4 VANITY FAIR & VAN RAALTE 716-474-9926 I am interested in buying your Vintage Fountain Pens. Call Jim at (716) 595-2161.


40 featured advertiser




• Electrical troubleshooting & repair • New construction & renovation wiring • Upgrades to electrical service & circuit breaker panels • Lighting contracts to maintain inside & outside lighting • Building power back-up systems • Home generators • Pool/Jacuzzi/Spa wiring

Certified to do service and warranty work on Generac

• Home theater wiring

Air Cooled Generators

• Computer, phone & television cabling Fredonia | Jamestown


Call today for a Free Quote on your next project.

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