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Uncovering the Truth The history behind modern day Easter Traditions

by Scott Wise Star Staff Writer

With the celebration of Easter this Sunday, it brings to light a day that, while identified as a Christian holiday, is celebrated by people in and out of most religious circles. So why is Easter so crucial to the Christian faith? Why is it celebrated on a different date every year? And why is there a bunny that lays eggs? It’s our goal to debunk these questions and squelch any myths! Why is Easter so crucial to the Christian faith? Easter in its entirety is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christians identify Jesus as the Son of God, who was crucified (the day we celebrate as Good Friday) and three days later rose from the dead. To a Christian, the act of rising from the dead was Jesus’ most powerful display of deism. He proved himself God by defying the laws of death. It is because of this resurrection that Christianity is founded as a religion based on a God who conquered death so that humanity as a whole would not have to die. Why is Easter celebrated on a different day every year? Easter was established in the year 325 A.D. as a moveable feast. It was determined that Easter would be celebrated the first Sunday after the full moon following the vernal equinox (the first Sunday after the first full moon in Spring). Because of this, the date of Easter itself can change yearto-year, ranging anywhere between

Thousands of youth from all across the county turn out for Jamestown’s annual Easter Egg Hunt.

March 22 and April 25. Because Eastern Christianity bases this on the Julian calendar, and Western on the Gregorian calendar, the actual date of Easter is celebrated differently in different denominations and cultures. Why is there a bunny? The Easter bunny is one that has come to represent Easter in a secular light, transferring the focus from Jesus to a symbol of fertility and antiquity. Rabbits represent fertile

creatures that naturally come out to breed heavily in spring (think Thumper, Bambi and ‘twitterpated’). This, combined with the ‘rebirth’ of nature after the winter, caused the bunny to be represented in Easter folklore, which led to our modern day ‘Easter Bunny.’ What about Easter Eggs? While the exact history of the Easter egg isn’t known, decorating hardboiled eggs for the special day gained

its roots in both Christianity and folklore. Eggs were usually decorated by boiling flowers to color water, then hanging the eggs in the house to ‘welcome Spring’ into the house. Eastern Orthodox churches colored these eggs red, paying homage to the blood of Jesus being shed on the cross. Folklore presented a bunny delivering colored eggs at Easter, and tradition brings us to what our eggdying customs are today.

The ‘Hunt’ Continues!

Find the Golden Egg to Win a New Acer Aspire One Netbook. Entries are pouring in for The Chautauqua Star’s third annual Easter Egg Hunt. This is the last week for readers to find the advertiser with the golden egg, complete the entry form and return by April 7 to be eligible for a chance to win an Acer Aspire One Netbook. Now in its third year, the popular contest works the same. There are

a number of advertisers who have changed their ads to be “egg-shaped.” Colored in eye-catching pastels, the ads will help you find great businesses in our area to shop at and visit. However, one of these eggs will stand apart. Find the advertiser with the golden egg. Once you have located it, make sure to take note of what section and page it is on. It is then your

job to tell us about it! You can email us at, or mail in the entry form on this page. Be sure to include your name, address, telephone number and email address and tell us what section and page you found the egg. Each correct entry will be entered in a drawing, which will take place on April 10. The winner of the Acer

Aspire One Netbook will be notified and announced in our April 12 edition of The Chautauqua Star. Remember, this is the last week to be included in this competition, and entries must be postmarked no later than April 7. Happy Hunting!

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April 5, 2012 Edition – Main Section – A

| • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)

Beach Balls and Boxes write about for this week’s commentary, the plethora of toys scattered across the floor brings to mind some key points in my childhood that I remember. I’ve often wondered why some moments in life stand apart as moments that we can remember in detail for the rest of our lives. I believe our memories were created to store the proper amount of information to shape us into the people we are today. I can’t remember everything that happened when I was 7 or 8, but little snippets stand out that I can remember and reflect on.

Scott Wise Commentary

As I look across my living room wondering what to

est memories are not of my toys growing up, but of the homemade stuff. The cardboard boxes, the blanket tents and the crafty inventions in grandpa’s basement; these are the things that stand out. It’s my goal to make sure that Joshua is well provided for. I’d give him a squeaky duck that’ll make that beautiful face light up even if it meant I didn’t eat for a day. He’s got plenty of toys on our flooranimals and trains and cars and balls. But the one that he seems to frequent the most is the ‘house’ that my wife made out of his car seat box.

As I watch our son, Joshua, grow up, my desire has become increasingly to shower him with love. I could spend all day long rolling around on the floor, running around the yard and telling him how great he is. He’s 16 months old now, so he can understand a good portion of it. I wonder which of the memories we make together he will remember for the rest of his life. I think some of my earliest memories are from when I was three, so he may still have a while to go. What does this have to do with toys? Some of my great-

He will run around, laughing and playing, throwing the balls around and saying ‘ball, Da! Ball!’ But when that little house catches his eye, the plastic expensive toys are thrown aside as he crawls inside and giggles to himself, looking out his window at the dogs. There’s a scripture that says (paraphrased) that God wants to give us so much more than what we want to give our children. I cherish being a parent because every day it opens my eyes to see more and more what His love for me must be like. I can’t imagine loving

someone more than I love my wife or our son, but He loves me more. At Easter, it’s my desire to reflect on that. To try to understand even more what God did when He gave us Jesus. We don’t celebrate the Easter bunny in our house, we celebrate Jesus. A bunny didn’t come to die for me, Jesus did. It’s funny how toys scattered on the floor can remind us of the important things in life.


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DFT Communications to Host Area Contractors Event

Jamestown Public Works Seeks Summer Help for Parks Programs and Facilities Contributed Article Jamestown Department of Public Works

The Department of Public Works is seeking temporary summer seasonal employee for Parks laborers and Playground Program supervisors. The positions are open to college students who are 18 years of age and residents of the City of Jamestown. Those interested in Public Works and Parks summer labor positions would need a valid driver’s license. Work hours would be from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. The types of job activities will include mowing, field maintenance, flower bed

maintenance, and event setup and tear down. Applications are available at the DPW Offices at 145 Steele Street. The Parks, Recreation, & Conservation Department is also accepting applications for the 2012 Summer Playground Program and is seeking site supervisors and an arts and crafts coordinator. Work hours would be from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. This six week program for kids ages 5 to 13 takes place at 6 playground sites in the city of Jamestown. It features city-wide field trips and scheduled activities, including bowling, a talent show, a carnival, and playground olympics. At the individual parks, there are daily arts and crafts,

Pg 8

and games such as mancala, kickball, football, box hockey, and wiffle ball. A Civil Service application, separate Playground Program application, and a written test must be completed and returned to the Parks & Rec Office at 145 Steele Street. These documents are available at the office location and on the City’s website at jamestownny. net. Those hired must pass a drug test as a requirement of employment. For more information on any of these employment opportunities, contact the Department of Public Works at 483-7545 or via email at

how local businesses can partner with DFT for the benefit of mutual customers. Attendees can interact with DFT Communications’ personnel who will showcase the most up-to-date electrical, security, telephone and home theater installation solutions. Attendees will also have the opportunity to interact with each other and are encouraged to bring business cards. To accommodate guests from both the northern and southern regions of Chautauqua County, the FREE event will take place on two nights. The first is Wednesday, April 18th at the Fredonia Beaver Club, located on 64 Prospect St. in Fredonia. The second night is Thursday, April 19th at the Chautauqua Golf Club, located on 4731 West Lake Road in Chautauqua. Both evenings will be held from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and

Contributed Article DFT Communications

Business success can often depend on referrals and developing fruitful partnerships with other local businesses. DFT Communications is inviting local building contractors, landscape experts, roofers, plumbing and heating specialists, nurseries, realtors and others to a casual and informative information exchange, “Get Connected With Us,” on Wednesday, April 18 or Thursday, April 19. This event will help attendees to develop a partnership with a local company that has over 115 years of experience and the ability work with locally trained and knowledgeable professionals. A goal of the evening is to learn about the many services provided by DFT Communications and

Pg 1

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include complimentary buffet Pg 1 Pg 1 and beverages. At 5:30 p.m. there will be a brief presentation of the services provided by DFT Communications, including phone service, Internet, security, electrical, call center, satellite services and computer repair. Attendees will receive a sweatshirt as a thank you gift S L for attending the event. t To make a reservation, call i 716-673-3020 by Tues., April a 10. Guests who RSVP for the event will be automatically ( entered to win one of sev(7 eral door prizes, including an V Android tablet, an advertising po package in the Chautauqua Star, or answering services for their business from DFT lar Communications. Guests who are unable to attend may contact the same number for am more information on the services DFT Communications provides.







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Sunny; pleasant

Mayville 48/30 Bemus Point 49/30









Sunny; pleasant



ALMANAC Statistics for the week ending April 3.


High/low for the week .................. 60°/30° Precipitation:

Wednesday ......................................... Good

SUN AND MOON Warsaw 52/28

Forestville 50/27 Ellicottville 51/25 Salamanca 49/26 Olean 51/26

Corning 53/20

Bradford 50/23 Warren 50/27 Coudersport 50/26

Mostly cloudy

St. Mary’s 52/25

The Sun Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Rise 6:50 a.m. 6:49 a.m. 6:47 a.m. 6:45 a.m. 6:44 a.m. 6:42 a.m. 6:40 a.m.

Set 7:49 p.m. 7:50 p.m. 7:51 p.m. 7:52 p.m. 7:54 p.m. 7:55 p.m. 7:56 p.m.

The Moon Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Rise 8:10 p.m. 9:27 p.m. 10:43 p.m. 11:53 p.m. none 12:55 a.m. 1:48 a.m.

Set 6:22 a.m. 6:58 a.m. 7:40 a.m. 8:29 a.m. 9:24 a.m. 10:26 a.m. 11:31 a.m.





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Albany Binghamton Cleveland Elmira Erie Franklinville Geneseo Gowanda Hamilton Hornell Lockport Niagara Falls Pittsburgh Rochester St. Catharines Syracuse Toronto Watkins Glen Wilson

54/29/s 48/29/s 51/31/s 53/19/s 48/32/s 50/29/s 53/27/s 51/29/s 54/33/s 52/26/s 52/29/s 52/29/s 57/32/s 51/29/s 56/35/s 52/27/s 52/35/s 54/24/s 53/30/s

58/32/s 54/31/s 58/38/s 59/21/s 54/35/s 58/32/s 59/31/s 57/32/s 56/37/s 59/29/s 55/33/s 55/33/s 65/39/s 58/33/s 57/37/s 56/30/s 56/37/s 59/26/s 56/34/s

62/35/s 60/36/pc 61/36/pc 64/29/pc 60/35/pc 60/35/pc 63/35/pc 62/34/pc 58/41/pc 62/34/pc 62/34/pc 66/34/pc 65/40/pc 63/36/pc 60/41/pc 61/35/pc 58/41/pc 63/32/pc 62/35/pc

57/32/c 49/32/t 50/32/t 51/28/t 46/33/t 46/31/t 51/33/t 47/32/t 45/35/sh 48/31/t 50/31/t 50/31/t 52/33/t 51/34/t 50/31/sh 51/32/t 51/34/sh 51/30/t 51/32/sh

52/34/sh 47/31/sh 49/34/r 50/29/c 46/33/sn 46/31/sn 51/32/r 47/33/sn 45/26/r 48/31/r 47/33/sn 47/33/r 49/35/r 50/33/sh 48/32/r 50/32/sn 48/34/c 51/31/r 49/33/r

52/38/r 47/37/sh 50/32/pc 50/31/sh 46/39/c 47/33/i 52/36/sh 49/36/pc 50/35/sh 50/34/sh 50/36/sh 50/36/sh 51/37/sh 52/36/sh 45/32/sh 50/37/r 51/40/pc 50/33/sh 45/37/pc

55/39/sh 47/39/pc 50/37/s 51/34/pc 45/43/s 50/36/s 52/40/pc 47/42/s 52/38/s 50/39/pc 52/42/s 52/42/s 60/42/s 51/42/sh 51/33/s 51/42/r 52/43/s 51/38/sh 53/43/s

Weather (W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice.

NATIONAL OUTLOOK Temperatures 4/6 - 4/12

Precipitation 4/6 - 4/12

As of 7 a.m. Wednesday







Meadville 51/31




Air Quality:

Batavia 51/31

Rain and snow




Silver Creek 51/28

Jamestown 48/29 Frewsburg 49/28



Buffalo 52/32

Sinclairville 49/28


Sun and clouds


Total for the week .............................. 0.54”

Cassadaga 49/28

Rain and snow


Lackawanna 52/31

Westfield 50/29



giving way to clouds and breezy Sunday with a shower or thunderstorm possible. Mostly cloudy, windy and cooler Monday with a couple of showers and thunderstorms possible.

Fredonia 51/27



Chautauqua County: Beautiful Friday and Saturday with plenty of sun. Some sunshine

Dunkirk 51/27




Shown is Friday’s weather. Temperatures are Friday’s highs and Friday night’s lows.











Normal Current

L. Erie at Sturgeon Pt. ........................................ --

571.76 ft

L. Chautauqua at Bemus Pt. .................... 1309.5

1307.71 ft




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ril he

an ing a


may or erns

Contributed Article Office of Senator Catharine Young

Locally owned and operated, this media company believes in promoting, celebrating and advancing the positive aspects of our community.

For more information, call (716) 366-9200 in Dunkirk or (716) 338-0030 in Jamestown. Visit our online community web portal at

President & COO

Larry Beasley

Vice President

Amy Vercant

Senator Catharine Young (R,C,I-Olean) announced today that she has secured $50,000 in the 2012-13 state budget for Chautauqua Lake cleanup efforts.The grant will be allocated to the Chautauqua Lake Association (CLA) for weed control under the invasive species program, Senator Young said. CLA officials said they are “all smiles” after Senator Young telephoned them with the news.“This grant will bring us back to our 2008 funding level, which is most gratifying in terms of state support. Senator Young worked incredibly hard to get this restored, and we’ve been blessed by the support of a variety of parties who have a long, lasting interest in Chautauqua Lake. This was wonderful news,” said CLA President Chris Yates. CLA Vice President Doug Conroe agreed. “There’s no other entity that does maintenance on the lake besides the CLA. There’s an overabundance of plant growth that needs to be dealt with, and that is through the harvesting method. This funding will go a long way to help with the problems the lake is facing. The senator is a fabulous supporter and she’s worked hard to do what she can. We’re very appreciative – all smiles,” Mr. Conroe said. Senator Young said combating Chautauqua Lake weeds was one of many priorities she established for her district during the budget negotiations, especially since she served on the environmental conserva-

Business Manager

Kristin Korn

Account Executives

Jason Ferguson Susan Eubanks

Contributed Article Office of Congressman Brian Higgins

Sports Editor

Congressman Brian Higgins announced the Department of Homeland Security is now accepting applications for grants through the Fire Prevention and Safety (FP&S) Program. “Federal fire grants play a major role in helping to keep our local firefighters and the neighborhoods they serve prepared and protected,” said Congressman Higgins. “I encourage local agencies to take this opportunity to apply to bring these federal dollars home.” Fire Prevention and Safety grants are intended to help local organizations address

Chris Winkler

Entertainment Editor

Dusten Rader

Star News Reporter

Scott Wise

Art Director

Jennifer Pulver

Graphic Designers Patrick Westin Jessica Lester

Office Assistant Kristen Biondi

General Questions & Subscriptions

summer for Chautauqua Lake because the weed problem was particularly bad due to dry, hot weather, plus lack of resources. The CLA board and staff, and volunteers from Cummins Engine worked hard to address the challenges, and they did a yeoman’s job,” she said. “Cummins really stepped up to the plate by donating $15,000 that funded the operation of CLA’s truck, barge and harvesting equipment. They also encouraged their employees to work four-hour shifts to clean 44 miles of lake shoreline. “Incredibly, by everyone pulling together, the CLA still was able to harvest over 3,700 tons of nuisance weeds,” she said. Senator Young said that she and Assemblyman Andrew Goodell have been working with Chautauqua County officials and the CLA since last fall to establish a lake cleanup work participation program to teach welfare recipients job skills so they can become self sufficient. She credited Assemblyman Goodell as a driving force behind the initiative, and said she is happy that County Executive Greg Edwards and social services staff are working to make the program effective. “I am thrilled that Senator Young could obtain this financial commitment that I wholeheartedly support to help out our lake association. The lake is such a valuable resource for our county and region. It is important that we work together with county government, private residents and the CLA to ensure that the lake remains healthy and in great condition,” Assemblyman Goodell said.


SPRING HOURS! Lakewood Village Center

Mon - Sat 10 am - 6 pm, Sun Closed

Downtown Fredonia

Mon - Thurs 8 am - 6 pm Fri 8 am - 8 pm, Sat 9 am - 4 pm



240Hz, Net TV, 3D Toshiba Blu Ray w/built in Wi Fi BDX5200 and four 3D Glasses, Great Value for the Ultimate Movie Experience.

YAMAHA YAS-101 Sound Bar with Subwoofer

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Higgins Announces Application Period for Federal Fire Prevention & Safety Grants


Patricia Pihl

tion conference committee that hammered out spending plan details. “I fought hard to have these funds lined out in this year’s budget, and it is a victory that will help our local economy. Our small businesses and residents depend on having a healthy Chautauqua Lake because it brings so many revenues to our region, especially as a top summertime attraction,” she said. “Over decades, my predecessors Senators Jess Present and Patricia McGee, and I were able to obtain this annual grant for the CLA, but it was eliminated in 2009 and 2010 when New York City politicians took control over all of state government after Republicans lost the Senate Majority. Governor Paterson and the Senate Democrats diverted money that historically went to upstate projects into the downstate region,” Senator Young said. “Now that we are back in the Majority, we are bringing regional balance back to state government. We are working with Governor Cuomo to fix the damage to the economy that was created during that two year period, and we are making tremendous progress. Now, for the second year in a row, we have an on-time budget that reduces overall spending, stops tax hikes and promotes initiatives that create private sector jobs,” she said. Restoring the funds last year was impossible because the state was grappling with a $10 billion deficit, but she was determined to get positive results this year because of lake conditions, according to Senator Young. “It was a tough season last


April 5, 2012 Edition – Main Section – A

Senator Young Announces Grant For Chautauqua Lake Cleanup Efforts

Pg 5: Community News Pg 7: Flavor of the Week


fire prevention and safety issues with the primary goal of reaching high-risk target groups including children, seniors and firefighters. Up to $35 million dollars will be made available for FP&S grants nationwide this year. FP&S is part of a larger Assistance to Firefighters program administered by the Department of Homeland Security in cooperation with the US Fire Administration. All applications for FP&S grants must be received by 5 p.m. on April 27, 2012. An applicant tutorial which provides grant information and details outlining the process for preparation and submittal of competitive applications is available at

firegrants. Applicants with questions regarding the grants can contact the help desk between 8:00am and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday at 1-866-274-0960 or firegrants@ Congressman Higgins, a member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, has hosted several fire grants workshops where participants are invited to learn firsthand from a DHS Fire Grant Specialist how to put together a qualifying application. All applications are then submitted to DHS and go through a non-partisan, merit based review ranked by factors established by a panel of service professionals.

Jamestown Public Works Seeks Summer Help for Parks Programs and Facilities Contributed Article Jamestown Department of Public Works

The Department of Public Works is seeking temporary summer seasonal employee for Parks laborers and Playground Program supervisors. The positions are open to college students who are 18 years of age and residents of the City of Jamestown. Those interested in Public Works and Parks summer labor positions would need a valid driver’s license. Work hours would be from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through

Friday. The types of job activities will include mowing, field maintenance, flower bed maintenance, and event setup and tear down. Applications are available at the DPW Offices at 145 Steele Street. The Parks, Recreation, & Conservation Department is also accepting applications for the 2012 Summer Playground Program and is seeking site supervisors and an arts and crafts coordinator. Work hours would be from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. This six week program for kids ages 5 to 13 takes place at six playground sites in the city of Jamestown. It features city-wide field trips and scheduled activities, including bowling, a talent show, a carnival, and playground olym-

pics. At the individual parks, there are daily arts and crafts, and games such as mancala, kickball, football, box hockey, and wiffle ball. A Civil Service application, separate Playground Program application, and a written test must be completed and returned to the Parks & Rec Office at 145 Steele Street. These documents are available at the office location and on the City’s website at jamestownny. net. Those hired must pass a drug test as a requirement of employment. For more information on any of these employment opportunities, contact the Department of Public Works at 716-4837545 or via email at dpw@

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The Plus is for Service Two convenient locations!


Downtown Fredonia 38 Temple St., Fredonia

Store Hours: Mon–Th 8 am–6 pm Fri 8 am–8 pm Sat 9 am–4 pm, Sun Closed


Lakewood Village Center 279 E. Fairmount Ave. Store Hours: Mon–Sat 10 am–6 pm Sun Closed

All offers subject to availability. Limited quantities vary by location. Financing available to qualified buyers.

A local authorized dealer

Special Sections


April 5, 2012 Edition – Main Section – A

| • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)


Weekly Word

Keeping the Faith

Running like an Athlete

Rev. Tim Stahlman Family Church of the Southern Tier

Christianity is not a hobby. It is not a social outlet or a routine of tradition. Christianity is union with God the Father and a relationship that endures tests. I have seen many people abandon their faith because times get hard. People lay down their faith and pick it back up again like they do with dieting fads. Christianity is not a way for self-made success. Success will come as we seek to please our Savior by loving Him in our choices. 2 Timothy 2:3-6 really puts things in perspective. Verse 5 says, “Similarly, if anyone competes as an athlete, he does not receive the victor’s crown unless he competes according to the rules.” The Bible is letting us know that our decision to follow Christ is like an athlete who has entered into a great contest. An athlete is someone who trains in a certain set of skills in order to perform better than an opponent. He is someone who practices over and over and expects to get stronger over the course of time.

First of all, an athlete doesn’t resent the rules of the game. He knows that he can’t change the rules so he performs within those rules to gain a reward. Today, Christians don’t like the rules so they try to bend them. They don’t think the principles of faith and judgment pertain to them. They think they can live a half commitment to the Lord and expect to be rewarded. That’s not true. Christians today have bought into the deception that the “institution” of church isn’t necessary. That’s a lie. You cannot love God and despise His children. The principle of the local church is not something you can overlook and still consider yourself faithful. The Bible calls the Church the “pillar of truth”, “church of the firstborn”, “Mount Zion”, “vineyard”, and the “candlestick”. God has invested the salvation of humanity into His Church. If you are without fellowship in a local church you are what the Bible calls “illegitimate”. (Heb 12:8) An athlete understands that he is performing against an adversary but he also understands that he is performing against a clock. An athlete un-

derstands that when the final whistle blows, his performance is over. He doesn’t have the luxury of being lazy forever. If the buzzer sounds and he is behind, he loses. There will be no added time. Understand this: The buzzer is about to sound. The return of Christ is getting ever so near. When the trumpet sounds and Christ appears in the eastern sky, you will have no more time to get things right. We are to live this life like we are in sudden death overtime. There should be urgency in the faith of every believer. Don’t get discouraged by trials. An athlete knows that every competition is another opportunity to use what he practiced. Failure is not an option for an athlete. We all face times when we feel we are becoming sluggish in spiritual things. When this happens, it’s time to pick up the knees and run hard again. Every athlete is finish line minded. Anyone can begin a race. But only those that cross the finish line receive the reward of their endurance.

The Tanglewood Group

Every stage of our life brings with it “new beginnings”, and some seniors have found the old saying “the best is yet to come” to be true! Something should be said for this generation of seniors who have worked hard, raised their families, and are not just sitting in their rocking chairs, but actively planning out the next chapter of their lives. They exhibit an independence and desire to be involved in deciding where and how they live out the rest of their lives, instead of waiting until the time comes when someone has to make the decision for them. For those who have chosen to simplify their lives and move into a retirement community,

their usual regret is only that they wished they had done it sooner. Imagine not having to worry about taxes, home maintenance, or upkeep ever again, and just being able to focus on the people and things you enjoy! The Tanglewood Group recognizes the desires of this forward thinking generation, and has created a place where people of similar age and life stories can enjoy being neighbors. Each custom built ranch style home in this neighborhood offers all the amenities you could wish for, and the security of knowing they are part of a community that cares. For more information about the newly built homes, please call Cheryl Evan, Director of Community Services at (716) 338-0500.

By Rev. Michael Lokietek Family Church of Chautauqua County

Dear friend, I appreciate your honesty. It’s unfortunate that there is too much truth to your observation. Many people endure church and go out of obligation or guilt at Christmas or Easter, not because they enjoy it. Because church was “invented” by God, it’s important that we look to His Word to see what His original intent was and what He has to say about this topic.

The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 3:17 “Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” The Spirit of the Lord can also be called God’s presence. This scripture tells us plainly that wherever God’s presence is, there is liberty. Liberty means freedom and enjoyment. Psalm 16:11 tells us that in God’s presence there is also great joy! It’s God’s desire that when His children come to church that they would experience joy and liberty. Church should therefore be an exciting and uplifting experience! Some people believe (contrary to the truth) that church services should have the atmosphere of a funeral rather than a celebration.This is not God’s will. In the Old Testament God commanded His people to celebrate when they came together. In Nehemiah 8:10 the Bible speaks about these gatherings “For this day is holy unto our Lord: neither be you sorry; for the joy of the LORD is your strength.” If the Old Testament folks were

commended to rejoice, how much more should we be rejoicing during services under the new, and better, covenant promised in the New Testament (Hebrews 8:6)? Acts 13:52 reveals that during church services in the New Testament “the disciples were filled with joy, and with the Holy Spirit.” Today, some churches lack joy because they either don’t realize that God wants them to celebrate or they have a distorted view of God. If people believe that God is mad at them, there isn’t much to rejoice about. When folks understand that God is a good God and desires to bless us and provide for us, we can’t help but celebrate! Psalms 107:8 exhorts us, “Oh that men would praise the LORD for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men!” Having this attitude is what makes church both exciting and rewarding!


Tech Training 101

Life Begins at 70 Contributed Article

Dear Pastor, my family wants me to go to church for Easter. I find it boring. Why should I go?

An Intro to the computing world

By Scott Wise Staff Writer

The world is slowly but surely digitizing with each passing day. In an effort to bring everyone up to speed on all things technological, we are beginning a weekly column called ‘Tech Training 101’ where the Chautauqua Star’s own Scott Wise will guide readers through the basics of computing. Lesson 2: Computer Basics II Last week we covered a brief history of computers, and the basics of what to look for when purchasing a new computer. This will be our second and final week of the basics before getting into hands-on computing. We left off with RAM (random access memory) and its role in the computer. This week, we’ll pick up with the processor. According to Wikipedia, “The central processing unit (CPU) is the portion of a computer system that carries out the instructions of a computer program, to perform the basic arithmetical, logical, and

input/output operations of the system.” To translate, the CPU or processor is the brain of the computer. Think of what your own brain does. It takes in information given to it, through the eyes, ears, mouth, hands etc., and decides what to do with it. For instance, if I touch a hot tea kettle, my brain reacts by removing my hand from the tea kettle. A processor works in the same way, theoretically. You give it an instruction, it takes that and turns it into a process (hence the name, processor). Processors have shrunk in size but expanded enormously in capability, as with most things technological. There is a tremendous amount that a processor is required to do in today’s computers. As programs become more and more task-demanding. Processors operate at a certain speed, although there are no physical moving parts. The ‘clock rate,’ or the rate at which the processor can successfully process information, determines the speed and capability of that processor, which you will usually

see measured in hertz (or megahertz and gigahertz). This brings up an interesting point about computers that I wanted to bring up early in the column. Ask any IT tech, any person who owns a computer repair business (as long as you’re not the paying customer at the time- and they’re honest), and they will tell you that 95% of the problems people come to them with are completely preventable. I heard a funny quip the other day- “Myth: I hate my computer because it never does what I want it to do. Truth: I hate my computer because it does EXACTLY what I want it to do.” The processor will turn our commands, for better or worse, into a process. For those who THINK they know what they’re doing, this can result in a tremendous headache when your computer then goes on the fritz because you told it to do something that essentially destroyed it. The key to safe and effective computing is to slowly think through every step. This is probably easy for me to say, as I’ve been using computers

since I was 11, but it doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it out to be. People familiar with computers use them faster, and this can be intimidating to some. But, as with any trade, it comes with practice and experience. It takes me thirty minutes to change the oil in my car, something a pro could do in 10. I don’t let that intimidate me because I recognize it’s not my trade. If you’re someone who uses a computer to look at pictures of the kids (or grandkids), or send an email and log onto the internet, just master what you need to do. It is my desire that this column help you to perfect those steps. When we get the basics down, stop there and refresh yourself. Try it again and again until it becomes habit. It all comes through experience and practice- and you can and will get the hang of it! If you have a tech question you want Scott to answer, write to scott.wise@maytumcompany. com. Check back next week for the next edition of Tech Training 101.

Retirement As It Should Be...

Security, independence,affordability

Retirement living for senior singles & couples of all faiths ■ Private rooms & support services in a spectacular setting ■ Accommodations available to suit a range of budget needs ■

2546 Lake Road Silver Creek, New York 14136 716-934-4515

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WCA Hospital Radiologist Named Professional of the Year In Radiology

medicine and expand his knowledge of health care. WCA Hospital In 1982, Dr. Meagher earned his medical degree Brian D. Meagher, MD, at Georgetown University. w board-certified diagnostic He also holds a Bachelor e- radiologist for Jamestown of Arts in Neurobiolder Radiologists PC, on the ogy and Behavior from nt medical staff at WCA Cornell University, earned - Hospital, has been named in 1978. He is a member a Worldwide Who’s Who of the Medical Society ing Professional of the Year in of the State of New York, Radiology. While incluthe American College ere sion in Worldwide Who’s of Radiology and the e Who is an honor, only a American Medical Assmall selection of memsociation. In addition, he bers in each discipline are belongs to the American Brian Meagher, MD, board-certifi ed at chosen for this distincRoentgen Ray Society and radiologist on staff at WCA Hospital. te tion. These special hon- Dr. Meagher has been named a the Radiological Society w orees are distinguished Worldwide Who’s Who Professional of of North America, Inc. hat based on their profesthe Year in Radiology. In the next few years, Dr. isn’tsional accomplishments, Meagher intends to conen academic achievements, mammography, Dr. Meagher tinue his education on health is a leadership abilities, years of conducts diagnostic reading of care reforms and expand his ess service, and the credentials x-rays, CT scans, ultrasounds, practice as a diagnostic radian’t they have provided in assoand magnetic resonance ologist. ciation with their Worldwide images, and oversees mamAbout Worldwide Who’s Who’s Who membership. mography, positron emission Who® D Dr. Meagher has practiced tomography and nuclear medicine. With over 500,000 members medicine for more than 30 e years and has worked in radirepresenting every major Attributing to his success, he his ology for the last eight years at is President of the Chautauqua industry, Worldwide Who’s rch Jamestown Radiologists PC, County Medical Society, which Who is a powerful networkng! which has provided quality ing resource that enables he believes has been a posiprofessionals to outshine care and service to the New tive influence on his career. their competition, in part York community for 16 years. Dr. Meagher became involved through effective branding and The thriving practice covers all in his Radiology profession marketing. Worldwide Who’s modalities and boasts a highly- after running his own family Who employs similar public accredited board of certified practice. He got involved in relations techniques to those radiologists. Utilizing his radiology because he wanted decades of formal and practito venture into another field of utilized by Fortune 500. cal training and expertise in Contributed Article

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WCA Medical Rehabilitation Relocates to Main Campus Contributed Article WCA Hospital

WCA Hospital officials announced the WCA Hospital Inpatient Medical Rehabilitation unit has relocated from Jones Memorial Health Center—a division of WCA Hospital—to the main campus at WCA, 207 Foote Avenue, Jamestown. The newly constructed unit is located on the 4th Floor, 4C Unit of the hospital, providing 24-hour inpatient rehabilitation care. Visitors may use the front entrance of WCA Hospital. Visitor parking is available across the street from the front entrance on Foote Avenue. Family and visitor hours are Monday through Friday, 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Weekends hours are Saturday and Sunday, 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. The newly constructed 10bed comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation unit includes six private rooms, two semiprivate patient rooms, and a full size multi-purpose dining/ recreation lounge. Decorated in warm earth tone shades, rich textures, and elegant wood-tone finishes, the new unit provides patient room amenities including wireless internet, flat-screen television, patient desk area, large roomy

closet space, and a handicap bathroom and shower. Pamela Caccamise, Registered Nurse who serves as the program’s Nurse Manager says the new unit exceeds patients’ and staff expectations. “Great care was taken in selecting the ideal location,” Pam said. “Our brand new rehabilitation unit continues to offer the same high quality short-term rehabilitation for individuals recuperating from surgery, injury, or illness that our community has come to expect. “Designed to promote recuperation, our patients will have immediate access to the comprehensive programs, services, technology and compassionate care of WCA.” The interdisciplinary rehabilitation team at WCA helps patients reach their goals and return to independent lives. Each patient’s care is customized to fit their needs and care plans are developed with the input of the patient, family, physician and rehabilitation team. The program provides many services and support to patients including physical, occupational, and speech therapy, pet therapy, and other daily activities that help patients overcome the physical, social and psychological aspects of recovery. The treat-

ment team includes a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician, rehabilitation nurses, case manager/social worker, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech language pathologist, registered dietician, therapeutic recreation specialist as well as the patient’s family. A physician expert in rehabilitation medicine, Dr. Brooke Kelly, D.O., Physiatrist and Medical Director of the inpatient rehab program coordinates the care for the patients admitted to the program. “Our program’s goal has remained unchanged since the program opened. We treat the whole person, physically, mentally and emotionally. We want our patients to return to complete and independent lives. Many individuals who are discharged from our program are successfully rehabilitated and are able to lead productive, meaningful and satisfying lives.” To arrange a visit and tour of the new rehabilitation unit, contact the WCA Hospital Public Relations Office at (716) 664-8614 or for additional information or referrals into the program, contact Pamela Caccamise at (716) 664-8650 or visit www.

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Early Spring Wreaking Havoc with Allergy Suffers

YWCA News By Katie Smith Contributing Writer

Penny Wars The YWCA After School Advantage program recently partnered with the WACS Key Club and held a penny war to raise money for the March of Dimes. In addition to collecting pennies, there was a Hat Day added to the week. At the end of the week the joint effort had raised $1,045.48, with individual class winners still being calculated. “Key Club has always raised money for the March of Dimes and this year we (the after school advantage program) decided to partner with them and pool our money,” said Ms. Michele Meleen, advantage coordinator. “We have also organized a Westfield Community Team to join the March for Babies walk on April 28, in Mayville. The link to register or donate is,http://www.marchforbabies. org/team/t1857962. School students, teachers, YWCA members and associates are welcome to make a donation or join in the walk. YWCA Yard and Rummage Sale Reservations continue to be taken for the April 28 rummage sale at the YWCA and donations of items for sale at the Y table are welcome. Individuals with items to sell can rent inside tables and space for $15, those interested in bringing their own tables and being outside can reserve a parking lot space for $10. “After spring clean up we expect people will have items they

would like to sell or items they can donate to the YWCA and we will sell them.” Reported committee member Eileen Thomas. “This event will help people clean out and help the YWCA raise money for our child services programs. In addition to the yard sale, we will be offering lunch to the vendors and customers.” She continued. Sale hours are 10 a.m– 4 p.m. People interested in renting a table or arranging to drop off donation items are asked to call the YWCA at 326.2011 for more information. Spring Vacation The YWCA administrative offices and all child services programs will be closed Friday, April 6 in observance of Good Friday. Youth Center will not be open on Thursday, April 5 or Thursday, April 12.Tumbling classes will not meet on Wednesday, April 4 or Wednesday, April 11. School age child care will be available during school vacation, April 2 – 13 but reservations are required. For more details on child services through the YWCA, please call 326.4012. Class participants in other YWCA sponsored programs are encouraged to check with their instructor regarding meeting dates during spring break. Open Gym The YWCA gym is open to area middle and high schoolers as well as adult members of the YWCA. There is no cost to members for the use of the gym but individuals interested

in reserving specific dates and times must call and make reservations. Other use is on a drop in, available basis. Fitness Center YWCA Fitness Center remains open during building closings. Members in good standing, with valid visits on their account can access the center via their PIN code. Fitness hours will remain 5 a.m. – midnight throughout the vacation weeks. Members are welcome to contact the main office and check on their membership renewal date and number of visits on their account. Make and Take Based on interest, the YWCA is exploring the popular “Make and Take” classes again – with a new twist. Individuals would be invited to bring their craft supplies, the YWCA could provide some materials and class leaders would help the participants create something out of the supplies on hand. Right now the YWCA is looking for talented people interested in being group leaders and the individuals interested in creating something. “Once we gauge the interest level and determine who could teach these classes we’d set a schedule and move forward,” reported Michelle Sunday-Warner, administrative assistant at the Y. “Call, talk with us about your thoughts and ideas and we can complete the plans for this class.” She concluded. Those interested are encouraged to call the YWCA at 326.2011.

by Patricia Pihl Editor

Those who have found themselves suffering with nasal congestion, watery eyes or other typical allergy symptoms this spring can take heart, you’re not alone. Dr. Michel Akl of Jamestown Asthma and Allergy estimates he has seen a 15% increase this year in the number of people in his office for treatment of seasonal allergies. Dr. Akl’s patients have usually gone the normal route for relief of their symptoms; first using over-the-counter medications, or visiting their primary care physician who then usually refers them to his practice. This may indicate that the number of sufferers is actually higher than the 15% increase he has seen in his office. Seasonal irritants have had an early peak this spring, says Akl and include pollen, grass and trees. In the fall, the typical culprits are ragweed, mold (which occurs both indoors and outdoors). According to Akl, a person’s genetic makeup along with build up of Immunoglobulin (IgA) antibodies is usually associated with allergy disorder. Each person needs to be exposed to an allergen a certain number of times to cause a reaction. The number of exposures differs from person to person and accounts for the various ages people first find themselves suffering from allergies.

When over the counter treatments such as Allegra, Claritin or nasal sprays have not helped to relieve symptoms, Akl may suggest the patient begin regular desensitization shots, which usually raises a person’s tolerance to allergens. Akl also suggests keeping doors and windows closed and use of an air conditioner and air purifier with a HEPA filter, as well as avoiding carpeting and using allergy covers for pillows and bedding. Naturopathic Treatments Aaron M. Smith, N.D. of Trillium Family Naturopathic in Jamestown says seasonal allergies (allergic rhinitis) and chronic rhinitis are common complaints in the offices of conventional and naturopathic doctors alike. “Generally we start by working with the diet. For individuals with seasonal allergies, it may be beneficial to avoid mucus forming foods such as refined sugars and dairy while allergy season is in peak.” Smith also says it may be beneficial for suffers to undergo a complete “elimination-rechallenge” diet to see if foods may be playing a role in their condition. He says in either case keeping a clean environment is paramount to keeping household allergens and irritants under control. “In naturopathic medicine, we believe in a concept called ‘total load.’ The body can only handle so many irritants, allergens and toxins at once. Once the threshold is reached, individuals start to develop symptoms associated

with allergies and may develop more and more allergies as a result.” Smith says by removing offending foods and keeping a clean environment, “we can start to decrease the total load of the body, and hopefully decrease the individual’s propensity toward allergic reactions.” Smith also recommends the use of a neti pot, irrigating the sinuses two to three times per day during the active allergy season. “I also use a combination of nutrients and herbs in these patients. I may choose from substances like quercetin, Vitamin C, freeze-dried nettles and flavanoids. Some homeopathics maybe useful such as allium cepa, euphrasia, and sabadilla. Individuals should keep in mind that homeopathy is highly individualized and that these commonly used homeopathics may not be the right one for everyone. Smith believes that both conventional and natural approaches are sometimes needed. “When natural means of controlling allergy seasons are not enough or compliance with natural treatments are an issue or the client is really suffering, I recommend someone consider seeing their primary care physician for further treatment recommendations.” He adds that antihistamines can help relieve suffering while natural modalities are being implemented.

WOMEN’S SECTION Scrapbooking Today Scrapping in the Sky

By Anne Walterich, Contributing Writer

Digital photography fascinates me. On a recent trip to Arizona, I took over 1,000 photos, which I could not have affordably or conveniently done with a traditional film camera. Not having to have film handscreened at the airport and wait for developing as well as the ability to crop and edit has revolutionized the way we photograph our vacations. Before returning home, I wanted to delete some of the less desirable shots so I would not be overwhelmed when it came time to scrapbook. It would be a great way to eliminate some of the inevitable boredom that comes standard on a long flight. My laptop only has limited battery life, so I couldn’t get through too many before it was time to turn off the computer. Yet, even up in the air, I was still able to scrap some of them on my iPhone. I had downloaded some free apps while waiting to board the plane. With a few selected photos on my phone and new

digital products to explore, I could at least get some preliminary pages done. Frametastic: You choose from 18 free templates (with the option to purchase 18 more), add a theme (wood, sports, wedding, beach vacation, museum, roses) to the frame, and choose your pictures. Then, you can edit, apply effects, change the border color, and either save, tweet, email or Facebook your layout. Pic Collage: First, you choose your photos. Then, you drag, layer and resize them. To edit an individual photo, you simply tap on it and can draw with your finger, enhance, add effects and adjust the brightness and sharpness. You can add stickers and add background papers as well. This app gives you the option to print your layout as a 4” X 6” postcard, add a message to it and mail anywhere in the world. Z Photo Lite: You add a name to your album first, then add your photos one at a time. You can only resize and drag your photos around, and can’t change the background,

font or title placement. Also, the album can only be saved to your phone, and not sent directly from the app. More options are likely available in

the full version. Storie: This app is designed for online story sharing. You add a title and tags to your page first, then either take a

new photo or choose from your library. Next, you move and crop your photo and have the option to add blur and edge softness on the next page. In the Photo Lab, you can add effects with some presets (Postcard, Sepia, Soft, Vintage Black & White, Retro and Lomo X-Pro). Finally, you add a caption and share your final scene with the world. I liked the Instagramlike Postcard effect and was disappointed that I could not save the photo with this effect to my phone and only had the option to upload it. Collage Day: First, I chose my background paper from 26 options and changed the color from a wheel. Then, I added a frame, chose my photo, cropped it with a square preset, enhanced and brightened it and played with the freehand pen before adding text in my choice of fonts. I saved it but also could have sent it as an email. Overall, these were fun to play with, but I wouldn’t use them as my main way to scrapbook. It’s nice to be able to make some changes and share some pictures online without

having to unpack my laptop, but none of these apps would create an award-winning page. They’re a great way to do some tweaking and even make your own postcard, however for digi-scrapping I prefer using my computer. Still, being able to scrap while flying the friendly skies beats reading the SkyMall magazine any time, even from my tiny phone. Just not 1,000 photos at a time. This week’s pick: Groupon. com, a great way to save on products and services. I was able to save 50% on a guided tour of Sedona, AZ and discover new, fabulous rock formations to photograph. I’ve also found a new dentist at home by using this service. Anne Walterich is the owner of Sunset Scrapbooks, a photo preservation and album design service. When not trying out new scrapbooking apps and writing weekly columns on airplanes, she can be found with her tray table in an upright and locked position at

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The Corner Coffeehouse By Dusten Rader Entertainment Editor

VSK Emporium in Frewsburg gies is a place where people can find gifts and feel nostalgic - while exploring the massive a collection of unique antiques n and treasured moments. When guests feel a rumble in - their stomach they can take a al’s moment to stop by The Corner Coffeehouse to recharge. The Corner Coffeehouse e opened two weeks ago and the has been well received by per the community and patrons gy of VSK Emporium. The na- shop is operated by Joe and in April Glarner. Joe also runs e the Glarner Group Produce- tion Studios and After Dark d Entertainment located on the me second floor of VSK Empoul rium. “I chose to open the coffee- house because I found that nd there weren’t many places in the area that offered organic se and all natural options,” said h- Joe. “We’ve been striving for e quality over quantity. So, we spend the extra money on organic and all natural products because we feel we’re helping the community by offering them a place to eat that’s healthy. We’re also trying to educate people about what they are putting in their nce bodies.” e an suf- The market for organic and one all natural products has been ary growing for the last decade according to Joe. It is somens.” thing that people are starting es to look for but are forced to only enjoy it at home because e there aren’t many restaurants that provide it. “Animals from organic farms are healthy, happy and are being fed the things that they are supposed to eat,” said Joe. “So, you know what you’re digesting is what God intended you to eat. You can feel better about what you’re eating and we feel better knowing what we’re serving.” But, not only is Joe striving for a health and nutrition factor but he also believes the flavor of raw unprocessed food tastes better when prepared well. That belief has led him to starting a dinner club that meets on Saturday evenings to enjoy an organic all natural gourmet feast with others who are looking for the same thing. “The dinners will feature a Mediterranean, french and Italian oriented bistro style flair,” said Joe. “We hope to offer classic meals that are done the right way and are affordable. It’s a members only club but if you’re a member you can bring as many guests as you want. It is $25 to join

Eggs Benedict: an English muffin topped with Canadian bacon, oven poached egg, homemade Hollandaise sauce and asparagus. (Photo by Dusten Rader)

Specialty organic fair trade coffee drinks with homemade french vanilla creamer and whipped topping with caramel drizzle. (Photo by Dusten Rader)

Chocolate cake with fresh organic raspberries, homemade whipped topping and a sprig of mint. (Photo by Dusten Rader)

A comfortable lounge area with artwork by April’s daughter Crystal Joy Skeates. (Photo by Dusten Rader)

and your first meal is free. I imagine we’ll start out with somewhere between six and eight items to choose from including things like freshly from scratch made pastas and sauces, sirloin steak, herb crusted salmon, wild raised cod, crab cakes and more.” Guests are asked to reserve a

table and preorder if possible before the dinners take place. That allows Joe to know what and how much to order. The dinner club is an idea that is based on customer demand. So, if customers are asking for the dinners then more will be hosted. During regular business hours

the restaurant serves a variety of breakfast and lunch options as well as specialty drinks and dessert. The coffee featured is from Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters and is also fair trade and organic certified. “We wanted to create a place that could build a reputation for offering quality food, mu-

sic, art and in an atmosphere where guests can relax and feel comfortable,” said April. The quality food starts in the morning with items like the Eggs Benedict that includes an English muffin topped with Canadian bacon, oven poached egg, homemade Hollandaise sauce and asparagus. There are also flapjack’s that are served with compound cinnamon honey butter, homemade whipped topping and a choice of syrup or fruit topping. A number of omelets, frittatas and scrambles are also available. The quality continues on through lunch to include sandwiches made with organic meat, organic greens mixed into salads and an option for gluten free bread. Each sandwich has a unique name based on the locale. Some include The Chautauqua Chicken that includes organic chicken breast, honey raisin glaze, Canadian bacon, provolone, spinach and cranberry mayo and the Frew Gobbler that includes organic turkey breast, lettuce, tomato, red onion, mixed greens, provolone and cranberry mayo. There are even vegetarian options like the Stan Sandwich that includes sprouts, onion, spinach, tomato, provolone, cranberry mayo and served on wheat bread. Whether guests are stopping in for a bite to eat or to explore VSK Emporium there is plenty to do in order to make a day trip out of the experi-

ence. VSK Emporium opened four years ago and has grown quite significantly over that time. It started out as just Kit ‘N Kaboodle and has grown to house 6 businesses: Kit N’ Kaboodle, a 50 plus vendor Flea Market, The Corner Coffeehouse, Faded Elegance, The Creative Mind and Glarner Group Production Studio. So, there is something for everyone of any age to enjoy. “Everyone here has become like family,” said Joe. “It’s a family oriented building that accommodates families. There is more of a shopping experience here than just going to a store. Plus, with all the local artwork for sale and with us sourcing from local producers supporting us is supporting the community.” With only two weeks under their belt Joe and April are already making plans for the future of the Corner Coffeehouse. One thing April plans on doing is making the outside nice for people to enjoy a meal outdoors. She also hopes to start an open mic night and wants more artists to display their work in the shop. So, stop in soon to experience good food that is good for the body in a business that is good for the community. The Corner Coffeehouse is located at 54 West Main Street in Frewsburg and is open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. For more information call 716-5696547 or visit vskemporium. com.

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What’s happening

On-Going Events Chautauqua Shores Chorus (Women Barbershoppers) (Mondays) First Baptist Church, 358 E. Fifth St., Jamestown, NY. 7 p.m.

Dunkirk Free Library Story-Time and Craft - (Tuesday and Thursday) 10:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. For children ages 3 - 5 years old. Story time is free. For more information call 366-2511.

“Here Comes The Sun” Exhibit at RTPI (through April 7)

“Here Comes The Sun,” Roger Tory Peterson Institute’s newest natural history exhibition features the astro-images of Alan Friedman and Ted Wolfe, along with a rare collection of space rocks courtesy of our friends at Mercyhurst College. Come visit the Institute and and leave better informed about our local universe, questions to ponder, and your sense of wonder renewed; just the antidote for the midwinter and “mud season” blahs. The exhibit can be viewed at 311 Curtis Street, Jamestown, NY. Museum hours are from 10am-4pm Tue-Sat and 1-5pm on Sun. RTPI is closed on Mondays. Admission is $6 for adults, $4 for children and members of the Institute are free. Call (716) 6652473 or go to for more info.

Thursday, April 5 Passover Seder Meal

5:30 p.m. Harvest Chapel invites you to a free Passover Seder Meal to celebrate God’s salvation while remembering the Exodus and previewing the Passover Lamb of Easter. Questions? Call 716-6790987 or visit www.harvestfmc. com Harvest Chapel, 39 Matteson Street, Fredonia, NY 14063.

Friday, April 6

Sunday, April 8

Good Friday Tenebrae Service

Easter Services

7:30 p.m. Harvest Chapel invites you to a Good Friday Tenebrae Service, hosted at historic Fredonia Baptist Church, at 7:30 p.m. This service will remember Jesus’ death and sacrifice for us on the Cross. Questions? Call 716-6790987 or visit Fredonia Baptist Church, 19 Church Street, Fredonia, NY 14063

Harvest Chapel invites you to the following Easter services: 8:45 a.m. at Matteson Street; 10 a.m. at Matteson Street; 10:45 a.m. at West; 11 a.m. at Matteson Street. Harvest Chapel Matteson Street: 39 Matteson Street, Fredonia, NY 14063. Harvest Chapel West: 9 Highland Avenue, Brocton, NY 14716.

Tuesday, April 10

ʻDust of the Rabbiʼ Returns to Hillcrest Baptist Church

Hillcrest Baptist Church in Jamestown is excited to present The Dust of the Rabbi - a walk in the footprints of Jesus; an experiential opportunity to connect to the passion events of the Easter story. This special Easter experience will be presented on Good Friday, Apr. 6 and Saturday, Apr. 7 at 6:00, 7:00, and 8:00 p.m. and Easter Sunday, Apr. 8 at 12:30 p.m. The experience will close Easter Sunday, April 8, at 2:00 p.m. This is free to the community. Hillcrest Baptist Church is located on 40 Hallock Street in Jamestown. For more information contact the church office at (716) 483-3331 or visit online at

The Winter Sounds, The Seedy Seeds, Color Bars at Mojoʼs Nashville-based The Winter Sounds hit the stage at Mojo’s on April 10th for a rocking night of indie new wave anthems. With their catchy melodies, perfect harmonies, and addicting synth lines, the Winter Sounds successfully marry the 80’s and the present, with none of the hairspray. The Winter Sounds are on tour now in support of their latest release, “L’été des Trois Michel(l)es.” 104 E 2nd St. Jamestown, NY 10:30 p.m. $3. pages/MoJos/189878867720642 or

Saturday, April 14

Saturday, April 7

Learn to Row with Chautauqua Lake Rowing Association

Jamestownʼs 65th Annual Easter Egg Hunt

The April Learn-to-Row program is designed to help transition potential members into the club as early in the season as possible. The program is open to anyone over the age of 15 interested in learning more about the sport. To sign up, visit learntorow or call coach Kevin Sixbey at 716-665-8639.

The Jamestown 65th Annual Easter Egg Hunt will take place at 10:30 a.m. at Allen Park. All children 12 years of age and under are invited to attend. For more information, contact the Jamestown Parks and Recreation Department at 483-7523

Chautauqua County 4-Hʼs Annual Goat Program Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Chautauqua County is announced that the 4-H Goat program will be having a Pancake Breakfast Fund Raiser at Applebee’s in Lakewood from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. Tickets are $6 each can be purchased in advanced or at the door. For more information about the 4-H Goat Program or to find out how you can become involved in Chautauqua County 4-H, call the 4-H Office at 716-664-9502 Ext. 214.

Sunday, April 15 Chicken Barbecue

Noon to 2 p.m. (or until sold out). The Cassadaga Volunteer Fire Department will host a Chicken Barbecue on April 15 at the fire hall: 22 Mill Street. Cassadaga. Cost is $8.00 adults, $6.00 for children 12 and under.

Wednesday, April 18 St. Dominic Spaghetti Dinner

St. Dominic Parish, Brocton worship site is hosting their spring Spaghetti Dinner on Wednesday, April 18 from 4 -7 p.m. at the Church hall, 12 Central Avenue, Brocton. Dine in or take out is available. Dinner includes a generous portion of spaghetti, homemade sauce and meatballs, bread, salad, refreshment and dessert. Adults $7.00 and children $5.00.

Wednesday, April 25 Chicken and Biscuit Dinner

The Portland Congregational Church, Church Street in Portland is having a Chicken and Biscuit Dinner from 5 to 7 p.m. or sold out. With the chicken, biscuits and gravy there will be mashed potatoes, tossed salad, vegetable, dessert and drink.

Thursday, April 26 Woodsongs Radio Hour with Chris Passamonte and Claire Stuczinski.

Wednesday, April 27 Change Management Program Offered At JCC

Navigating Change Management, a non-credit course providing techniques and tools for effectively guiding employees, will be conducted at Jamestown Community College’s Jamestown Campus from 9 a.m. to noon. Tuition is $73. To register, call JCC’s Center for Continuing Education, 338.1005. Instructor Tish Osearo will help participants examine how to manage resistance to change while inspiring a willingness to take action. Tools for connecting employees to a company’s mission, values, and needs will be explored.

Saturday, April 28 Centaur Stride Therapeutic Riding Center Benefit Concert Featuring Big Leg Emma (Steve Johnson, Charity Nuse, and Amanda Barton) at the Stanley Hose Co. - Sherman Fire Hall on April 28th, from 7 to 10 p.m. (Doors open at 5 p.m.) Tickets are $25 pre-sale... includes concert, food, and chance to win a door prize. Only 250 tickets are available. Please send check or money order payable to Centaur Stride to: Sheila M. Thurston, PO Box 64, Ashville, N.Y. 14710. All tickets must be paid for by April 14. For more info. Contact Sheila at sheilam254@ or 716-640-7352. Also, Open House at Centaur Stride Riding Center the same day at 8488 Jones Road Sherman, NY 14781 from 3:30 to 5 p.m. Please come and visit our facility and meet the wonderful people and horses who make it all happen.

Times Starting Thursday, April 5th Dunkirk Movieplex 8 10520 Bennett Road Dunkirk, NY 14048

Chautauqua Mall Cinema I & II 500 Chautauqua Mall Lakewood, NY 14750

Cinemark Tinseltown 17 1910 Rotunda Drive Erie, Pa 16509

Regal Quaker Crossing 3450 Amelia Drive Orchard Park, 14127

American Reunion (R) 2:00, 4:30, 7:00, 9:30, 12:00 The Hunger Games (PG13) 12:30, 2:00, 3:30, 5:00, 6:30, 8:00, 9:30, 11:00 Wrath of the Titans 3D (PG13) 12:20, 2:35, 4:50, 7:05, 9:20, 11:40 Mirror Mirror (PG) 12:15, 2:30, 4:45, 7:00, 9:15, 11:30 Silent House (R) 4:15, 10:20 21 Jump Street (R) 12:20, 2:40, 5:00, 7:20, 9:40, 12:00 Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax (PG) 12:20, 2:30, 4:40, 6:55 John Carter (PG13) 9:10, 11:55 Project X (R) 8:20 Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (PG) 12:15, 2:15, 6:15

Seuss’ The Lorax (PG) 4:00, 6:45, 9:15 The Hunger Games (PG13) 4:00, 6:45, 9:30

American Reunion (R) Digital: 11:45, 1:05, 2:25, 3:50, 5:05, 6:30, 7:45, 9:10, 10:25 Titanic (PG13) RealD 3D: 12:00, 4:05, 5:05, 8:10, 9:10 Digital: 1:00 Mirror Mirror (PG) Digital: 11:00, 12:30, 1:50, 3:10, 4:30, 5:45, 7:10, 8:30, 9:50 Wrath of the Titans (PG13) RealD 3D: 12:05, 12:50, 2:30, 3:20, 5:00, 5:50, 7:30, 8:20, 9:55 Digital: 11:10, 1:40, 4:10, 6:40 The Hunger Games (PG13) Digital: 11:35, 12:25, 1:15, 2:05, 2:55, 3:35, 4:35, 5:25, 6:15, 7:00, 7:55, 8:45, 9:35, 10:15 21 Jump Street (R) Digital: 11:15, 1:55, 4:30, 7:15, 10:00 Jeff, Who Lives at Home (R) Digital: 12:20, 2:20, 4:45, 7:20 John Carter (PG13) Digital: 9:10 Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax (PG) RealD 3D: 2:25, 7:05 Digital: 11:05, 1:25, 3:40, 5:55, 8:10, 10:25 Act of Valor (R) Digital: 9:30 Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (PG) RealD 3D: 11:55, 4:40, 9:20

Titanic 3D (PG13) 12:00, 1:10, 3:00, 4:00, 5:10, 7:10, 8:00, 9:10 Mirror Mirror (PG) 11:55, 1:20, 2:25, 4:05, 5:05, 6:40, 7:40, 9:40, 10:20 Wrath of the Titans (PG13) 1:40, 4:20, 7:00, 9:30 Wrath of the Titans 3D (PG13) 12:10, 12:50, 2:35, 3:50, 5:00, 6:20, 7:30, 9:00, 10:00 The Hunger Games (PG13) 11:50, 12:20, 12:40, 1:00, 1:30, 2:20, 3:10, 3:40, 4:10, 4:30, 4:50, 5:30, 6:30, 6:50, 7:20, 7:50, 8:10, 9:20, 9:50, 10:10 21 Jump Street (R) 1:35, 4:40, 7:45, 10:25 Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (PG13) 1:05, 4:15, 7:05, 9:45 Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax (PG) 12:15, 2:30, 4:55, 7:15, 9:35 Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax 3D (PG) 12:45 Act of Valor (R) 1:25, 4:35, 7:35, 10:15

Lakewood Cinema 8 171-3 Fairmount Ave W. Lakewood, NY 14750 21 Jump Street (R) 1:50, 4:20, 6:40, 9:15 American Reunion (R) 12:45, 1:00, 3:45, 4:00, 6:40, 6:50, 9:20, 9:40, 11:45 Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax (PG) 3:45, 6:45 Mirror Mirror (PG) 1:30, 4:15, 6:35, 9:10 The Hunger Games (PG13) 12:20, 3:20, 6:20, 9:20 Titanic 3D (PG13) 12:30, 4:30, 8:30 Wrath of the Titans (PG13) 1:00, 9:00 Wrath of the Titans 3D (PG13) 12:40, 3:00, 5:15, 7:30, 9:40

Entertainment • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)



April 5, 2012 Edition – Main Section – A

Live at the Met Season Features Massenet’s Native Roots Artists Guild Presents “Expressions of Origins and Meanings” Exhibit Manon at the 1891 Fredonia Opera House By Dusten Rader

Contributed Article

Entertainment Editor

1891 Fredonia Opera House

Chautauqua County has been home to many Native American cultures including the Hurons, Iroquois, Eries, Senecas and the Neutral Nations. However, one culture that hasn’t received much exposure is the Haudenosaunees. But, two years ago an artists guild was formed to promote Haudenosaunee and other Native American culture’s artwork. The guild will host its second annual art exhibit this April. The Native Roots Artists Guild is in its second year of operation. The program was started to maintain a support network for Native Haudenosaunee artists, to perpetuate native culture and to promote community awareness and appreciation of native arts. According to the program’s mission statement it seeks to ensure the beauty, quality and collectability of authentic Indian arts and crafts making each piece of artwork a unique reflection of Native American heritage. “One of our current goals is to work on exposing our artists to a bigger audience,” said board member Mary Jacobs. “Many of our artists take an art business class that taught them marketing skills, how to set up a booth at an art fair, legal aspects and how to use social media. The little things that worked long ago don’t anymore so it’s important to learn to use what is available now to market our work.” Jacobs is involved in the planning of the project and is also an artist herself. Some of her work including beadwork, traditional clothing, accessories and home décor will be on display at the event. Her three daughters are artists as well and her middle daughter’s work will be at the exhibit. Her youngest daughter is currently in college and entered a contest focused on promoting awareness of breast cancer that she submitted a beaded bra and ended up winning. The reason she entered was because Jacobs is a breast cancer survivor herself. “She found an opportunity to express herself in a way that was important to her and use her beadwork,” said Jacobs. Other art that will be featured at the event includes pottery, bead work, baskets, carvings, paintings, tattoos, fashion design and more. The art available at the event will include a mix of traditional and contemporary work for

The 1891 Fredonia Opera House continues the 2011-12 season of Live at the Met high definition opera broadcasts from the Metropolitan Opera with Jules Massenet’s Manon, on Saturday, April 7, at 12 p.m. “We’re very excited to be participating in our first full season of live opera transmissions; there’s something very exhilarating about presenting the broadcasts as they are being performed live at the Met,” says Opera House Executive Director Rick Davis. “And this week’s offering, Manon, is one of the genre’s most popular and enduring operas.” Manon is the story of a country girl with conflicting desires for love and luxury who is drawn into a life of glamorous – but hollow – Parisian sophistication. The production features star soprano Anna Netrebko singing her first Met performances of the title role. Piotr Beczala co-stars as the Chevalier des Grieux, a young nobleman who falls in love with Manon; Paulo Szot sings the role of Lescaut,

Roger Thompson - close up color pencil drawing. (Submitted Photo)

viewing and purchase. Much of the work features a Haudenosaunee flair that focuses on the traditions and beliefs of the culture hence the name “Expressions of Origins and Meanings”. “Haudenosaunee actually means ‘people of the longhouse’,” said Jacobs. “Their beliefs and culture are reflected in their artwork. You’ll see things like our ‘Tree of Peace’ which is the story of how our people came to be. You’ll notice the ‘Tree of Peace’ with our hatchets buried underneath it. Plus, our people come from all four directions so the tree’s four roots represent that. Those kinds of symbols are in a lot of the work we have. So, it’s a good way to explain to other territories why it is significant to us.” The name of the exhibit “Expressions of Origins and Meanings” was chosen based on the Haudenosaunee creation story. The story includes a dome figure that is also featured in much of the artwork. “Expressing the symbols of our creation story in our artwork is important so that we can tell other people about the story,” said Jacobs. The exhibit will be located at the William Seneca Administration building on Route 348 in Irving and will be open from Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. starting on April 10.

“The William Seneca Administration building is a convenient location for us because we’re able to utilize the building and it is a central location for many of the artists,” said Jacobs. “The building is located on the reservation so people come for that but also from other parts of the U.S. for business. We get a lot of traffic here so we figured it would be the perfect venue for our artwork.” The guild also plans on hosting a Weekend Vendor event on Saturday, April 14 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. where the public will have the opportunity to meet the artists and purchase from them. “There are 54 members in the artists guild and we’re hoping they all come to the vendor weekend,” said Jacobs. “Many artists actually get commission work out of being a vendor at the event because people come in and see something they like that they want to have made for themselves.” There will also be an event during the first week of August called the Buffalo Creek Native Festival located at the wharf in downtown Buffalo. Stay tuned for more information on the event as the date gets closer. Or, call the Seneca Nation Tourism Department at 716-549-4900.

Manon’s protective cousin who struggles with temptations of his own; and David Pittsinger sings the Comte des Grieux, who wants his son out of Manon’s arms and into a respectable future. Met Principal Conductor Fabio Luisi leads Massenet’s passionate opera, seen in a stylish new production by Laurent Pelly that was a sensational hit when Manon opened at London’s Covent Garden in 2010. The New York Times hails Netrebko’s performance: “With her rich, gleaming sound and vocal charisma, [Netrebko] was a Manon of rare intensity and emotional depth … Mr. Beczala’s ardent, virile voice sounded wonderful.” The Associated Press also praises the production. “Netrebko’s full-blooded, vocally virtuosic Manon is at first surprising in a role usually sung by lighter, more delicate voices…but the Russian soprano’s supercharged voice is a fine fit for a production that paints a picture of ravishing Paris – with a knife in it.” The broadcast runs four hours, five minutes, notes Davis. “There are two 30-minute intermissions,” he adds, “during which the Opera House

will have snacks, beverages and box lunches available for purchase in the trustees room on the second floor of Village Hall. (No food or beverage is allowed inside the theatre.)” Live at the Met opera broadcasts are made possible by Dr. James M. and Marcia Merrins, who funded the purchase of the satellite transmission and projection equipment used in the series. Additional support comes from Bob and Shirley Coon, Bob and Susan Dilks, Steve and Mary Rees and DFT Communications. Tickets to Manon are $20 ($18 for Opera House and Met members, $15 for students) and are available in advance by visiting or calling the Box Office at 716-679-1891, Tuesday-Friday, 1-5 p.m. They also may be purchased anytime online at Chautauqua County’s only performing arts center presenting its own programming year-round, the 1891 Fredonia Opera House is a member-supported not-forprofit organization located in Village Hall in downtown Fredonia. For a complete schedule of events, visit www.

Rockefeller Arts Center Thanks Travel Series Sponsor With Special Gift Contributed Article Douglas Osborne-Coy

The World Travel Series at SUNY Fredonia’s Rockefeller Arts Center closed out its 28th season recently with the presentation of the film “Around the World – One Man’s Journey” by Doug Jones. To mark the occasion, Rockefeller Arts Center Director Jefferson Westwood presented a special thank you gift to series sponsor Fredonia Place – a new globe for use by residents of the enriched housing facility for senior citizens, located on Howard Street in Fredonia. “This was the fifth consecutive season that Fredonia Place has served as the sponsor of our World Travel Series,” Mr. Westwood said. “We truly value the relationship we have established with them. Fredonia Place is a fantastic facility. I have been there many times to visit friends and attend various functions and meetings. The staff is always very friendly and helpful.” Mr. Jones, the most popular filmmaker in the history of the series, helped make the

Rockefeller Arts Center at SUNY Fredonia closed out its 2011-12 World Travel Series by presenting a gift of a globe to series sponsor Fredonia Place following the March 24 presentation of “Around the World – One Man’s Journey” by Doug Jones. Taking part in the presentation were, from left, Fredonia Place Case Manager/Marketing Director Doug Fenton and Activities Director Brittany Hawkins, Mr. Jones and Rockefeller Arts Center Director Jefferson Westwood.

presentation after the screening of his film in March 24. Accepting the gift on behalf of Fredonia Place were Doug Fenton, case manager/marketing director, and Brittany Hawkins, activities director. “Around the World – One Man’s Journey” was the 10th presentation by Mr. Jones as part of the World Travel Series. More than 5,000 people have attended his presentations at Rockefeller Arts

Center and more than 58,000 people have attended World Travel events since the inception of the series in 1983. The World Travel Series will return for a 29th season in 2012-13 with three films – “Lure of Alaska” by Dale Johnson in September, “Wales: Land of Song” by Monte and Marcia Brown in February and “Burma: Reflections on a Hidden Land” by Sean Cassidy in April.

Recipe and Community Lens


April 5, 2012 Edition – Main Section – A

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Poorman’s Recipebook: Tzatziki Sauce

Eating out can be hard on the wallet. So, to help our loyal readers save their hard earned cash the Chautauqua Star will feature an inexpensive meal in our ‘Poorman’s Recipebook’ each week. Tzatziki Sauce 16 ounces Greek Yogurt 2 cucumbers

2 tbsp. dill weed 1 tbsp. parsley 3 cloves garlic chopped 1/2 lemon 1 tsp. black pepper 1/2 tsp. salt 2 tbsp. olive oil Mix all ingredients into a food processor or blender until

pureed. Pour puree into a large bowl and cover then refrigerate for about an hour to enhance flavor. Submitted by: Dusten Rader Serve with bread, crackers or chips as a dip. Or, add to sandwiches or salads as a dressing. The flavor offers a fresh taste and sweetness from the Greek Yogurt.

If you’d like to submit a recipe for ‘Poorman’s Recipebook,’ email or call 716-3669200. Tell us your recipe, where it came from, and a favorite memory of it!

Do you have a great photo from around the area? SEND IT TO US AT NEWS@MAYTUMCOMPANY.COM or UPLOAD AT STARNEWSDAILY.COM

Statue at The Chrysler Museum in Virginia. (Photo by Dusten Rader)

Antique camera at The Chrysler Museum in Virginia. (Photo by Dusten Rader)

Speed. Convenience. Exceptional Care.

Jamestown’s new, affordable alternative for exceptional, faster medical care. Conveniently located in the Riverwalk Center.

Call 716 - 489-3144 or find us on the web at www.f

© Five Star 2012

“The Torch Bearers” by Anna Hyatt Huntington at The Chrysler Museum in Virginia. (Photo by Dusten Rader)


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Jamestown to Hold Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Contributed Article m66- Jamestown City Parks, Recreation and here Conservation The City Parks, Recreation and Conservation Department has announced the sixty fifth annual Easter Egg Hunt will take place at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, April 7 at Allen Park. The starting point for the hunt will be at the upper level of the park where the playgrounds are located.That area will then divided into three separate age groups: children 9 to 12 years of age, children 5 to 8 years of age and children 4 and under. Over 3,000 eggs will be “hidden” in the Hunt area, including two Gold and two Silver eggs that are sponsored by Mark Hess of Hess Enterprises.Thirty additional prize eggs will be added to the fun. The Easter Bunny will arrive on a fire truck to join in the fun at

TRC Foundation

Parks Commissioner Jason Stronz, Parks Manager John Williams, Hess Enterprises’ Mark Hess, Sertoma’s Tony Raffa, Mayor Sam Teresi, Recreation Coordinator Julia Ciesla-Hanley

the event. Assisting in the sponsorship of the Hunt are the Sertoma Club of Jamestown, Hess Enterprises, Allen Park Women’s Club, Morton Club, Kendall Club, Northwest Savings Bank, Jamestown Babe Ruth League, Jamestown Bowling Company, McDonald’s,

Wendy’s, Burger King, Media One Group, and Linda Crossley at Esquire Cleaners. All children 12 years of age and under are invited to attend. For more information, contact the Parks & Recreation Department at (716)483-7523.

Pulitzer Prize Winner to highlight lecture series

Contributed Article

A Pulitzer Prize winning author will be coming to Chautauqua County this summer to discuss the War of 1812. Dr. Alan Taylor will appear at the Dunkirk Lighthouse on Thursday, June 14 as part of the Chautauqua County Historical Society’s 2012 Speaker Series. Taylor is a noted historian who won the Pulitzer Prize for American History in 1996 for his book on Cooperstown, N.Y. and who’s most recent book deals with the War of 1812. “We are extremely honored to have a speaker of this caliber coming to Chautauqua County as a guest of the historical society,” said James O’Brien, historical society president. “Dr. Taylor is a nationally known historian who brings a wealth of knowledge and information to the table. To have him come here to Chautauqua County during the 200th Anniversary of the War of 1812 is a very exciting occasion for area residents interested in American history.” Taylor will deliver his lecture - entitled “The Civil War of 1812” – at the Dunkirk Lighthouse on the shore of Lake Erie. It is a fitting location because one of the first skirmishes of the war is believed to have taken place less than a mile to the west of the lighthouse, near the mouth of Canadaway Creek. “The society’s board of trustees wanted some of this year’s programming to focus on War of 1812, not only because it is the bicentennial but also because of the war’s connection to our own local history,” explained O’Brien. Taylor’s presentation will focus more on the regional impact of the war. He plans to present a world of conflicting loyalties and overlapping identities in the midst of a war that divided neighbors and relatives on both sides of the Niagara River two hundred years ago. In addition to his appearance, copies of his latest books – “The Civil War of 1812: American Citizens, British Subjects, Irish Rebels, & Indian Allies” – will be made available for purchase and signing by the author. The lecture, which is in collaboration with the Dunkirk Lighthouse and Dunkirk

TRC Foundation Sponsors 2012 Laurel Run Logo Contest


Contributed article

Chautauqua County Historical Society Announces 2012 Event Schedule Chautauqua County Historical Society

April 5, 2012 Edition – Main Section – A

Veterans Park, will be free and open to the public. It will take place rain or shine at the Lighthouse on June 14, starting at 6 p.m. Other 2012 Programs In addition to Dr. Taylor’s appearance, the Chautauqua County Historical Society has nine other events planned for the year. The first event of the year will take place on Saturday, April 21 (11 a.m. – 2 p.m.) in Westfield with the society’s annual meeting and luncheon. The event will feature a lecture from Dr. Thomas Miller from the Erie Maritime Museum. Miller will be on hand to discuss the history of the Brig Niagara, which played a key role in the 1813 Battle of Lake Erie. In addition, he’ll also provide details about the Erie Maritime Museum, located in Erie, Pa. The annual meeting and luncheon will take place in the Westfield Methodist Church with Miller’s presentation set to begin at 1 p.m. A luncheon featuring a stuffed chicken breast dinner and desert will also be available at a cost of $15 per person. If planning to attend the luncheon, attendees are asked to make reservation by Saturday, April 14 by calling (716) 326-2977 or email at No reservations are required if only attending the meeting and/or lecture. On Wednesday, July 11 (6 p.m.), the Historical Society will hold its annual summer picnic at Falconer Park in Falconer, N.Y. The event will feature trustee Jason Sample, who will give a presentation on the early flat boat and keelboat industries of Chautauqua County, which was predominant in the southeastern part of the county during the first half of the 19th century. Attendees are also encouraged to bring a dish to pass and enjoy a pleasant summer evening in the park. On Tuesday, Aug. 21 (6 p.m.), the Historical Society will partner with the Lawson Boat Museum and the Bemus Point Historical Society for a presentation in the museum. Entitled “History of Lawson Boats and Museum,” a lecture will be given by members of the museum and the audience will have an opportunity to see several of the boats and artifacts.

Saturday, Sept. 29 (2 p.m.) will mark the final lecture of the society’s 2012 speaker series. The organization will partner with the 1891 Fredonia Opera House to host a presentation on the History of Natural Gas in Chautauqua County, delivered by Gary Lash. Lash will provide details on how the first commercial use of natural gas took place in Fredonia. Following the lecture, a tour of the historic opera house will also be provided for those in attendance. In addition to the society’s speaker series and related programs, several other events will also take place throughout the year. On Saturday, June 9 (6 p.m.) the Historical Society will hold its annual fundraiser at the McClurg Museum in Westfield. A Civil War Encampment, featuring re-enactors from the 9th Cavalry, will also be taking place throughout the weekend in Westfield’s Moore Park, where the museum is located. The annual Westfield Antique Show, which is coordinated by the Historical Society, will take place July 21 and July 22 at Eason Hall. On Aug. 4, the historical society will host the third annual Westfield Book and Paper Show, also at Eason Hall. And on Sunday, Dec. 9, the historical society will present its annual Holiday Open House at the McClurg Museum. More details of all the historical society’s programs and events can be found online at on the “events” page. Inquiries can also be made by calling (716) 326-2977 or emailing About the Society The Chautauqua County Historical Society was established in 1883 and is the oldest historical society in Chautauqua County, N.Y. Since 1951, the organization has been based out of the historic McClurg Mansion (built in 1818) in Westfield, N.Y. Annual Membership rates start at just $20. All members are given free access to the museum year-round and a subscription to the quarterly “Time Lines” newsletter. For more information, call 716-326-2977 or visit

Area high school students can put their artistic talents to use by participating in the 2012 Laurel Run Logo Contest. The person who designs the winning entry will receive a $100 gift card to a store of his or her choosing. Laurel Run was started in 1997 by Wayne and Elaine Hotelling of Silver Creek. The annual event is named in honor of their oldest daughter, Laurel, who has down’s syndrome. Laurel Run seeks to raise awareness and appreciation about the achievements of persons with disabilities, and the Hotellings have dedicated Laurel Run to Laurel and to all of her friends with disabilities who attend TRC’s Work Center programs in Dunkirk. Money raised through Laurel Run goes to TRC Foundation to fund disability awareness and prevention activities; proceeds also are used to provide employment and work training opportunities for adults with disabilities. The Laurel Run Logo Contest is open to high school students in Chautauqua County. Design entries should not be too intricate, as the winning design must reproduce well on a tee shirt. Artists can use as many colors as they want in their design but should keep in mind that the design used on the shirts probably will feature only one or two colors. Designs must be received by

This winning design from 2011 was created by Katelyn Plecker of Silver Creek High School.

Monday, April 23. Internal voting at The Resource Center and TRC Foundation will identify the finalists, and the public then will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite via the Internet. The person creating the winning design will receive a $100 gift card and a tee shirt featuring the winning design. Designs should be submitted to: Laurel Run Logo Contest, c/o TRC Foundation, 200 Dunham Avenue, Jamestown, NY, 14701. Designs also may be submitted electronically to kayla.bohall@resourcecenter. org. All entries become the property of TRC Foundation.

The sixteenth annual Laurel Run will be held July 20-21. The traditional Jamestownto-Dunkirk relay run will take place Friday, July 20. The following morning, the action shifts to Silver Creek and features an eight kilometer running race, a 5k walk, a 1k fun walk, children’s runs, “Laurel’s Lap” (for anyone with a disability), and a post-race party. In the afternoon there will be a motorcycle dice run that begins and ends in the Silver Creek Village Square. For more information about the logo contest, phone 6614735. For information about Laurel Run, visit

Library Reorganizes Video Collection Contributed Article Prendergast Library

Prendergast Library has rearranged its video collection to make it easier for borrowers to find what they want. All DVDs are now shelved together on the main floor to the left of the Information Desk. Features are arranged alphabetically by title, and

documentaries are grouped by subject, like non-fiction books. VHS tapes can be found farther back in the main reading room on the left near the Washington Street windows. The library has a large collection of features and documentaries for both adults and children. Titles are available for walk-in patrons to browse and

for computer users to reserve in the online catalog, Some are also sent to community agencies such as senior homes as weekly deposit collections. The former back room of the video department, which contained features in both DVD and VHS formats, is being converted to the new home of the Public Computer Center.

4-H to Certify New Tractor Operators Tractor Safety Certification class to be held in April

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Chautauqua County’s 4-H Program will conduct a Tractor and Farm Machinery Safety Certification Course for area youth age 14 and older. Sessions include both classroom- style lessons and hands-on opportunities for all participants. Experiences learned in this course will help prevent injury and save lives. The HOOA (Hazardous Occupations Order in Agriculture) law states, in summation, that all 14-15 year old youth who are seeking employment in the agricultural industry must receive the training as required by the U.S. Department of Labor. The only exemption for youth working on they’re own farm. The HOOA was originally promulgated in January 1968. When youth become 16 years of age, this law no longer applies to their employment; however certification provides valuable knowledge and safety tips for all ages. You can learn more about state regulations by visiting the U.S. Department of Labor’s Youth and Labor: Agricultural employment webpage:

dol/topic/youthlabor/agriculturalemployment Agriculture is a very dangerous industry and at many agricultural worksites there are hazards associated with: -Equipment operation -Crop and livestock production -Agricultural Buildings -Chemical use and storage -Highway transportation Tractor Safety certification Training will prepare a student for dealing with the hazards and risks in agriculture. Certification also provides youth greater opportunity in obtaining employment. Cornell Cooperative Extension’s 4-H Tractor and Farm Machinery Safety Course instructs participants in a safe and welcoming environment that fosters growth, insight and learning. This course not only allows youth to drive a tractor and trailer, but requires that they also learn the correct and safe way to hook-up to farm equipment, back up trailers, and drive farm machinery. Each student will complete their certification requirements,

which include classroom time, homework and 10 hours of driving experience. Driving experiences for this course is annually made possible with the help of the following equipment dealerships Z&M Ag and Turf in Falconer and Clymer; Rammelt & Sons in Westfield; and Hewes BOCES in Ashville. Instructors for this course will be Dennis Wright, Workforce Development Facilitator at Hewes BOCES in Ashville, with driving portions taught by Rodney Ruttenbur of Z & M Ag and Turf in Falconer, Dave Wade of Z & M Ag and Turf in Clymer, and Dan Rammelt of Rammelt & Sons in Westfield. A special thank you to volunteer instructors and coordinators continually help make this years Tractor and Farm Machinery Safety Course opportunity. For more information about educational opportunities available through Cornell Cooperative Extension please call the Chautauqua County Office at 716-664-9502.


This Week in... Our Community April 5, 2012 Edition – Main Section – A

Conservation Education Marks Forty Sixth Year

Cornell Cooperative Extension’s 4-H Program to Conduct Conservation Field Days Contributed Article Cornell Cooperative Extension

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Chautauqua County’s 4-H Program is proud to announce the forty sixth Annual Conservation Fields Days Event, which will be held on Wednesday, May 23 and Thursday, May 24, from 10 a.m. to 1:25 p.m. at Lake Chautauqua Lutheran Center in Bemus Point, NY. Remembered by many as one of the greatest fifth grade field trips in the county, Conservation Field Days provides Chautauqua County youth an opportunity to learn about environmental conservation issues “beyond classroom walls.” Conservation Field Days began in 1966 under the inspiration of James Gould. Mr. Gould was the Cornell Cooperative Extension Director that organized and implemented the very first Conservation Field Days. Conservation Field Days invites all Chautauqua

County fifth grade students to participate in seven sessions concerning conservation. This year 4-H is excited to have returning subject matter experts whom will be teaching lessons related to conservation and the environment. 4-H is also seeking new instructors to teach engaging and interactive twenty minute presentations that relate to conservation. Some current topics include trapping, fishing, recycling, beekeeping, soil and water conservation, grapes, wild flowers, bugs, rabies, baby animals and many more. Conservation Field Days provides a unique opportunity for adults to share their passion, knowledge, and talents with Chautauqua County students. Conservation Field Days is just one of many programs available through the Chautauqua County 4-H Youth Development. Program activities and events are designed to provide children with quality youth development opportunities that otherwise may not

be available or accessible. Cornell Cooperative Extension development programs create a supportive learning environment in which diverse youth and adults reach their fullest potential as capable, competent, and caring citizens. Through 4-H programs youth experience opportunities of positive youth development including independence, belonging, generosity, and mastery. Conservation Field Day attendees are encouraged to interact with colleagues and adult instructors in learning about our environment and conservation. Youth may be asked by instructors to solve problems, work through a scenario, and/ or observe natural occurrences. Youth are encouraged to reflect on their experiences at Conservation Field Days through a county-wide essay contest sponsored in conjunction with Chautauqua County Soil and Water Conservation District.

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Audubon’s Third Flight of Spring Gala Dinner and Auction Slated for Warren Contributed Article Jamestown Audubon Society

Invitations will soon be in the mail for the Audubon Center and Sanctuary’s Third Annual Flight of Spring Gala Dinner and Auction to support Audubon’s mission of raising environmental awareness. As a change of pace, the May 4 event will be held this year at the Conewango Club in downtown Warren, Pennsylvania. “Audubon has a lot of supporters from the Warren area,” noted Jamestown Audubon Society President Ruth Lundin, “and we needed more space.”

Harpist Ellen Paquette will entertain guests as they arrive. The meal will the highly regarded Field to Fork dinner made of local produce, meats, and dessert. Some auction items are posted on Audubon’s web site, http:// Arrangements will be made for bidding by those who are unable to attend the event. Seating is limited for this delightful affair and the deadline for reservations is Monday, April 30. Contact Audubon at (716) 569-2345 or info@ to make reservations, receive a printed invitation or donate your own distinctive item or gift certificate.

Dust Of The Rabbi Returns To Hillcrest Baptist Church Contributed Article Hillcrest Baptist Church

Todd Pullan, Artistic Director, for this Easter experience reports that he is excited with the enthusiasm and passion displayed by this years creative team. “Last year,” Pullan says “we stepped out in faith offerContributed Article ing the general public an opPrendergast Library portunity to walk in the foot prints of Jesus as they experienced the scenes found in the Prendergast Library will offer Easter story. Our attendance activities for children and was unbelievable, exceeding adults during spring break and 650 people. “ Mark Hinman, in observance of National LiWorship Pastor at Hillcrest, brary Week April 9 through 14. advised us that many people First sponsored in 1958, in attendance reported that National Library Week is this experience changed their sponsored annually by the hearts and their personal American Library Association. relationship with Jesus Christ. Thousands of libraries use this Hinman stated, “that was the Xander, Ethan, and Ayla of Jamestown try out some opportunity to promote their goal of our experience... to games during a visit to Prendergast Library with their materials and services. This mother, Ginger Gray, and their grandmother, Pam Andrews. change lives.” year Brad Meltzer, host of the The library will offer games and movies for school-age The Artistic Director acHistory Channel’s “Decoded,” children during spring break and National Library Week, knowledges that it is difficult which coincides with the second week of school vacation is honorary chair, and the to stage an experience like this year. theme is “You Belong @ your this as it is not supposed to library.” Basics is scheduled from 12:30 be a Disney display or an also scheduled five movies to 2:30 p.m. Internet Basics is “Whether they are getting their at the library at 2 p.m. Titles MGM stage show. Each scene offered from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. first library card, learning new are “Hugo,” Monday, April is researched and mostly computer skills, or discovering 2; “Cloudy with a Chance referenced from the Bible and The staff has also organized of Meatballs,” Wednesday, a book they will enjoy, people some inspired from modern a display of reading-related belong at Prendergast Library,” April 4; “Diary of a Wimpy Bible scholars, Bible illustraitems including collectible Kid,” Monday, April 9; “Water according to Director Linda tions; and from religious “librarian action figures” for Horse,” Wednesday, April 11; Mielke. movies such as the Passion visitors’ enjoyment. and “Sleeping Beauty, ” Friday, of the Christ. “Our prayer,” “This would be an excellent All events during National LiApril 13. adds Himan “is that guests time to stop in and see what’s brary Week are free and open will be lead by the Holy Spirit Families are also invited to new,” she said. to the public, but registration to sit with the disciples at the visit the annual exhibit by is requested for the computer To accommodate spring break Lords Table; help the women the Chautauqua County Art classes. from local schools, the Chilin the courtyard wipe up the Teachers on display in the dren’s Room will offer “Game For information or registrablood splattering after Jesus’s library’s art gallery through Days” starting at 2 p.m. on tion, visit Prendergast Library flogging; or carry the cross on April 27. Tuesdays and Thursday, April at 509 Cherry Street, Jamethe road commonly known “There’s a great variety of work stown, or call 484-7135, Ext. 3, April 5, April 10 and April as the via delorsa. I pray that this year, including ceram12. 225. someone will be lead to even “We’ll have a Wii Sports, Man- ics and jewelry,” according to be strapped to the cross as Eff ective Monday, April 2, Anne Plyler, gallery coordinacala, Pictureka, Connect Four, Jesus was crucified.” library hours are 9 a.m. to tor. Dominoes, and Checkers, or 8:30 p.m. Monday through Jan Potter, Assistant ArtisFor adults, staff members will children can bring their own Friday and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on tic Director, elaborates on game,” according to Children’s offer two single-session classes Saturday. staging this event: “it’s hard on Friday, April 13, in the PubLibrarian Valle Blair. lic Computer Center. E-mail The Children’s Room has

Prendergast Sets Spring Break, National Library Week Events

“The Conewango Club seems like the ideal solution!” Club member and active Audubon volunteer Patrick Farrell will be the emcee, and Mike Peterson will return as auctioneer for the evening. The live and silent auctions will feature works donated by the artists who participated in the 2011 Art in the Woods festival as well as other great items. Among these are a guided drift boat trip on the Kinzua Tailwaters offered by NYS DEC licensed fishing guide Jeff Moore, a pet wellness basket, a “Pollinated Dinner” provided by Audubon’s education staff, and tickets to the Great Blue Heron Music Festival.

to remember that we have to depict the scenes according to Bible times, only using elements or representations from that time period. This is hard for some members of our art team.” The creative team has closely evaluated last years experience and has updated a few scenes, deleted some and added a few new scenes with the idea of tugging on the heart strings of their guests. Courtney Johson, Drama Director, identifies the goal of sparking emotion with the passion of each scene. “This experience is not for young children unless parents are confident that their explanation can bridge the graphic nature of some scenes,” states Johnson. “We’ve made some changes in the drama component since last years experience,” said Johnson. “I’m scheduling the drama with the twelve disciples in the upper room seven times, which is six more times than last year.” Pullan chimes in, “I designed that scene anticipating fifty guests in attendance. When two hundred fifty guests arrived I cried tears of joy. This year, more guests will have the opportunity to commune with the disciples. All scenes have a drama component every time the scene is presented, notes Pullan. Hillcrest is very thankful for their church family that has stepped up to service in this experience. One of those faithful persons is Dan Swenson, Scene Artist, who approached Pullan with the energy of passion “this year we need to walk through the empty tomb. People need to get the message. The tomb is empty. He is risen.” Last year a core team of twelve volun-

teers did the work of twenty five. This year, Hillcrest is praying for fifty volunteers as the logistics of moving people through the scenes, and casting all the drama is overwhelming at times. “Even though area churches have loaned costumes in the past, we’re starting to construct our own to be more selfsufficient,” remarks Courtney Johnson. “In the future, Hillcrest looks forward to expanding this experience to include other churches and potentially relocating the experience to a larger community space as the Lord leads”, states Hinman. In conclusion, Todd Pullan, Artistic Director reflects, “our experience last year may have missed the mark. We may have rushed our guests limiting their personal application time as their heart, mind, and soul connected with each scene. This year we will guide our guests as before and offer a lingering bench in each scene for personal contemplation. Guest will reconnect with their party at the conclusion of the experience,” states Pullan. The Dust of the Rabbi - a walk in the footprints of Jesus, an experiential opportunity to connect to the passion events of the Easter story is Good Friday, April 6, and Saturday, April 7, at 6:00, 7:00, and 8:00 pm and Easter Sunday, April 8, at 12:30 pm. The experience will close Easter Sunday, April 8, at 2:00 pm. This is free to the community. More information can be obtained from contacting church office (716) 483-3331 or

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SUNY Fredonia Students Visit Chautauqua Lake Science Fair

Cassadaga Job Corps to Host Tour Contributed Article

Contributed Article

Chautauqua Lake Central School

Cassadaga Job Corp

A tour and informational session will be held at the Cassadaga Job Corps Academy, 8115 Glasgow Rd, Cassadaga NY 14718, on Thursday, April 5 beginning at 10:00AM. Anyone interested in learning more about Job Corps, the programs they offer and about life on campus is welcome to attend. Job Corps provides young people, age 16-24, with career technical training and the education needed to enter a career in a high demand occupation. Applicants must meet federal admissions criteria for income and readiness. All students accepted attend Job Corps on a full scholarship and must remain committed to a rigorous education and training program to remain

Future teachers studying at SUNY Fredonia recently visited the elementary Science Fair at Chautauqua Lake Central School to interview fifth graders about their projects. The college students are learning about science education from teacher Kim Weborg-Benson, who also serves on the school board at Chautauqua Lake. To enrolled. Cassadaga Job better understand what the Corps offers training in the students are capable of, the healthcare and construction SUNY students interviewed industries and enrolls both residential and non-residential fifth grade scientists and viewed the displays. students from throughout Chautauqua County. To Each fifth grader was also confirm attendance or for interviewed by a judge, who more information please asked questions to determine contact Admissions Counselor creative ability, scientific Mike Pietrkiewicz by calling thought, thoroughness, skill (716)595-4298 or by email to and clarity, dramatic value, pietrkiewicz.mike@jobcorps. accomplishment of purpose, org. and presentation.

Johnstone, Three Bands Will Perform at JCC’s JazzFest Contributed Article

Future teachers studying at SUNY Fredonia recently visited the elementary Science Fair at Chautauqua Lake Central School to interview fifth graders about their projects. Here Olivia Anderson demonstrates her earth science experiment, “How Do Different Ground Surfaces Interact with Rainwater?” to SUNY Fredonia student Meghan Reilly.

Award winners were announced in a school assembly.


Bruce Johnstone, director of curricular jazz ensembles at the State University of New York at Fredonia, will perform with three of his top student jazz ensembles during JazzFest at Jamestown Community College’s Jamestown Campus on April 17.

cordionist Phil Tappan, drummer Cory Grant, and bassist/ vocalist Ed Croft. Rounding out the concert will be “Bruce Johnstone with The Carousel Strings,” a group of 10 strings and rhythm section, playing a range of styles from ballads to hard bop to Latin jazz and featuring vocalist Rocio Gosende. According to Johnstone, it’s rare to hear jazz in this context. He has taken the influence of Charlie Parker’s legendary “With Strings” recording and created a vibrant and unique ensemble. Solos by violinist Chelsea Hadden and violist Sarah LaValle will be featured. SUNY Fredonia’s jazz program includes four full-sized big bands, including a Latin jazz big band led by noted percussionist John Bacon, and multiple small jazz groups. Johnstone was a soloist and clinician at the 29th Annual International Saxophone Symposium with the Navy Commodores Jazz Ensemble and at Penn State University’s annual collegiate jazz festival. He has been a featured soloist with the

Erie Chamber Orchestra and Bemus Bay Pops. Johnstone was one of the original instructors for Jamestown’s Infinity Visual and Performing Arts Program and has performed previously at JCC as leader of his own quartets and as a member of Don Menza’s Octet. Johnstone has worked with the Gap Mangione Big Band, performed with the LaBarbera Brothers Reunion Big Band, and has played jazz festivals in western New York and Canada. He was guest ensemble director at the Erie County Music Educators Association jazz festival and appears frequently with the Buffalo Philharmonic Pops and at Chautauqua Institution. He has toured and recorded with the Stan Kenton Alumni Band and was a featured soloist at the Los Angeles Jazz Institute’s 2007 Jazz Festival with the Los Angeles Neophonic Orchestra, the Cal State Long Beach Jazz Ensemble, and the Maynard Ferguson Alumni Band.

The grand prizes went to Shannon McKee’s project,

“The Taste of Color,” and Katherine Schultze for her experiment, “Factors that Affect Plants’ Growth: Colors of Light.” First place winners were Hannah Doughty for “Weathering of Rocks” and Hannah Roush for “Pay for Ray Protection.” Second place went to Abbie Henry’s experiment, “The Conductivity of Vegetables and Other Household Objects” and to Kendra Keyser for her project, “Homemade Hydro Dynamics.” Trey Sauerland earned a third place finish for his project, “Light Bulbs Popcorn.” Science projects by students in Pre-Kindergarten through sixth grade were displayed in the corridors throughout the school. Teacher Shari Tennies coordinates the annual educational event.

JCC Offering Early Childhood Education Degree Contributed Article


Bruce Johnstone, director of curricular jazz ensembles at the State University of New York at Fredonia, will perform with three of his top student jazz ensembles during JazzFest at Jamestown Community College’s Jamestown Campus on April 17. Admission to the 7 p.m. performance in ScharmanTheatre is $5, general public, $3, area students and senior citizens, and $2, JCC Faculty Student Association members. Tickets can be purchased through JCC’s box office, 716-338-1187, or at the theatre door. The performance is sponsored by the college program committee of JCC’s FSA and the arts, humanities, and health sciences division. Johnstone, a jazz baritone saxophonist and composer from New Zealand, came to the U.S. in 1972 after building strong reputations in Australia, England, France, and Denmark. A former featured soloist with big band jazz legends Maynard Ferguson and Woody Herman, and a Down Beat Magazine poll winner, Johnstone has brought professional experience to SUNY Fredonia’s curricular jazz program and the western New York jazz scene. Joining Johnstone at JCC’s Jazz Fest will be the 18-piece “Wednesday Night Big Band,” SUNY Fredonia’s highest ranked jazz ensemble featuring tenor saxophonists Chris Celiz and Joe North, trumpet player Matt Bowman, alto saxophonists Lucy Warmbrodt and Miranda Dube, baritone saxophonist Matt Suprina, and guitarist Drew Azzinaro. The entire trombone section, led by Mike Dorato, will also be featured as soloists. Also performing will be “The Fredonia Hot Club,” a fivepiece tribute group in the style of legendary Belgian Gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt and French violinist Stephan Grappelli. Led by guitarist Matt Downey, the group features jazz violinist Ryan Delaney, ac-


April 5, 2012 Edition – Main Section – A

The Jamestown Community College board of trustees authorized college officials to move forward with a proposed new Associate in Applied Science degree in early childhood education during the board’s March meeting. The proposal, which has already been reviewed by the college’s faculty, now moves on to both the State University of New York and the New York State Education Department for the next stages of approval. According to Mary Kay Szwejbka, associate professor and director of teacher education, the proposed degree is intended as a career-oriented option for students seeking employment in an entry level early care and education setting.

“Someone who completes this two-year degree could be eligible for a position as an assistant teacher or lead teacher, depending on the setting,” she said. “This would also be a great opportunity for currently employed early care and education professionals wishing to upgrade their skills and position themselves to move up the ladder.” Dr. Szwejbka distinguished the proposed degree from JCC’s current Associate in Science teacher education transfer degree program in early childhood education which is designed for students intending to transfer to junior level status at a four-year college or university to earn a bachelor’s degree and state teaching credentials. In describing the proposed degree, Eileen Brittain, associate professor of education at JCC’s Cattaraugus County Campus, noted that

the program includes fundamental study in the theories of child development including the environmental influences that impact specific milestone attainment in the biological, cognitive, and social-emotional areas. “Courses emphasize the key foundational influences of the family and the community on the development of the child including the wide diversity of family systems we currently find in society,” Ms. Brittain said. Dr. Zagora explained to the board that while courses that can be applied toward the proposed degree are currently being offered, JCC will be able to admit students into the program when both state level approval processes are complete, most likely in the spring of 2013.

Speakers to Probe Front Lines of Military; Mental Health Services Contributed Article SUNY Fredonia

“Lessons Learned from the Front Lines of Military, Medical Health and Mental Health Services” will serve as the dynamic theme of a series of keynote addresses, classroom talks and panel discussions April 13-14 at SUNY Fredonia. With the U.S. engaged in long-term military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, few topics could be more relevant than the focus of this twoday event, whose subtitle is “Preserving and Promoting Health, Resiliency and Conflict Resolution.” The two keynote speakers, Elizabeth Norman, Ph.D., RN, and professor of the History of the Professions with New York University, and retired Brig. Gen. Wilma Vaught, United States Air Force, and president

of the Women in Service to America Memorial Foundation, will share lessons they gained from their personal and professional experiences in both military and medical worlds. Their addresses will be given Friday, April 13 at 5:15 p.m. in 105 Fenton Hall. A noted historian and awardwinning writer, Dr. Norman relied extensively upon personal interviews to write, “We Band of Angels: The Untold Story of American Nurses Trapped on Bataan by the Japanese.” She is also the author of “Tears in the Darkness: The Story of the Bataan Death March and its Aftermath” and “Women at War: The Story of Fifty Military Nurses Who Served in Vietnam. Following a distinguished 28year career in the Air Force, Gen. Vaught embraced a new mission to lead the effort to build and then operate the Women in Military Service for

America Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery. Accompanying Vaught will be Robin Fee, director of the foundation’s Oral History program; and retired Lt. Col. Marilla Cushman, director of its public relations office. Ms. Fee will be available to collect oral histories from local military women from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Friday, April 13. Interested military women are asked to contact Dr. Bruce Klonsky or Sandra Vedovato, the event coordinators, at 6733892 to schedule an interview. Following an informal meetand-greet on April 13 from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. in room W301 Thompson Hall, Norman and Vaught will give classroom talks and formal panel presentations devoted to lessons learned from military, medical and mental health services from 3 to 4:30 p.m., at 105 Fenton.


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WCA Hospital Orthopedics Opens

Contributed Article WCA Hospital

WCA Hospital is pleased to announce the expansion of orthopedic services in Chautauqua County with the opening of WCA Hospital Orthopedics. Conveniently located on the main campus of WCA Hospital, 207 Foote Avenue, Jamestown, New York, WCA Hospital Orthopedics is an orthopedic medical practice under the care of William Fritz, MD, board-certified orthopedic surgeon. The medical practice provides specialized orthopedics for patients of all ages in need of total joint replacement, sports medicine surgical procedures, and other general orthopedic care. Dr. Fritz specializes in general orthopedics and surgery which includes trauma care, sports medicine surgery, joint replacement, and hand, foot, and ankle care. WCA Hospital Orthopedics is accepting new patients at the office by calling (716) 485-7990. “As the regional health leader, it is our mission to provide compassionate, high quality health care that positively impacts and improves the health and well being of those we serve,” said Betsy T. Wright, WCA Hospital President/ CEO. “Our new orthopedic medical practice provides a full complement of orthopedic services from diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation, and strengthens our commitment to continually offer expert care and services right here, close to home.”

William Fritz, MD, boardcertified orthopedic surgeon at WCA Hospital Orthopedics.

William Fritz, MD, boardcertified in orthopedics, received his medical degree from Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, New York, New York. Dr. Fritz completed his orthopedic residency and fellowship in microvascular surgery/plastic surgery from the University of Pittsburgh, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is certified by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS). A highly-skilled surgeon with over 25 years of experience in orthopedic medicine, Dr. Fritz provides the highest standard of orthopedic care in the diagnosis, treatment and management of a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions. Prior to joining WCA Hospital, Dr. Fritz was in private practice for 28 years serving Venango County and surrounding areas in Pennsylvania. Services at WCA Hospital Orthopedics include total joint

replacement including hip, total knee and partial knee, and shoulder replacement; sports medicine including shoulder and knee arthroscopy, anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACL), rotator cuff repair; and other general orthopedic surgery including fracture care, hand surgery, carpal tunnel, trigger finger, foot and ankle surgery, and treatment of musculoskeletal pain and work-injuries including low back, neck and foot. WCA Hospital Orthopedics also provides inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation care. Services are provided by experienced physical and occupational therapists, provided by the WCA Center For Orthopedics, Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation. Patients at WCA Hospital Orthopedics will have immediate access to the comprehensive programs, services, technology and compassionate care of WCA Hospital. WCA Hospital Orthopedics is accepting new patients. To schedule an appointment, call (716) 485-7990. Most major insurances accepted. For more information regarding the new medical practice, please visit their website at or contact the office, at (716) 485-7990. Dr. Fritz is a key-note speaker of the WCA Hospital Community Speaker’s Bureau. To schedule a speaking engagement, contact WCA Hospital Public Relations at (716) 664-8614.

SUNY Fredonia Technology Incubator Announces New Business Start-Up

State Budget Moves Toward Fiscal Responsibility Written By Todd J. Tranum President & CEO of the Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce & Executive Director of the Manufacturers Association of the Southern Tier

For the second year in a row, New York State is beginning the fiscal year with an on-time budget that controls spending with no new taxes. The budget deal announced by Governor Andrew Cuomo, Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver limits spending growth to 2-percent or below to match the state’s 2-percent Tax Cap. This is a serious move toward improving our state’s economy. The state budget agreement also launches the New York Works Task Force to create jobs and invest billions to rebuild roads, bridges, parks,

and other infrastructure. The Task Force will coordinate capital plans across 45 agencies and authorities, and will oversee investment projects. The budget also authorizes a second round of funding for the state’s Regional Economic Development Councils, including $220-million to implement regional strategic plans in new capital funding and tax credits. One important aspect of the state budget is that it begins to provide mandate relief in Medicaid spending for counties. The package includes a state takeover of growth in the local share of Medicaid costs, and implements a phased takeover of local Medicaid administrative expenses. This is a big step towards easing the unfair financial burden on

county governments for the Medicaid program. The state is also moving to consolidate a number of boards and commissions, and in fact will eliminate 25 boards and commissions that are no longer actives or whose missions have been completed. These, too, are steps in the right direction for streamlining state government and reducing spending. Heather Briccetti, President & CEO of The Business Council of New York State, said, “This sends a strong message to the state’s business community and the rest of the nation that New York has turned the corner and is moving in a direction that will lead to a better economy and an improved employment outlook for millions of New Yorkers.”

Still Time to Save NRG The Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce and Manufacturers Association of the Southern Tier continue to urge all local businesses and residents to make their voice heard to save NRG Energy’s Dunkirk plant. Plans to “mothball” the facility could result in a loss to our region of up to $40-million in tax revenue, high-paying jobs, and locally purchased goods

and services. The New York State Senate has approved legislation which would require the New York Power Authority to conduct an analysis of electric generating facilities in Chautauqua, Erie and Niagara Counties and to enter into power purchase agreements to keep them operating. That bill still needs approval in the State Assembly and must be signed

by Governor Cuomo. There is still an opportunity to complete this legislation before lawmakers take a post-budget break. To lend your voice to this effort, call or email Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver at 518455-3791, speaker@assembly. and Governor Cuomo at

Social Media Partnership to Help Improve Sales The Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce has launched a new initiative to utilize social media to help our members increase sales. Expanding on the success of the ‘buy local’ Shoptauqua initiative and the Chamber’s gift check program we are providing an opportunity to utilize digital and social media to help grow your business. Through a partnership with TexTivia, members of the

Chamber of Commerce will receive a free Facebook page setup. If you currently have a Facebook page, TexTivia will make sure it is set up to effectively drive sales to your business. In addition as part of this offer, TexTivia will provide a free month of its services to get your page up and running successfully. Through traditional means of marketing the Chamber has demonstrated a $1.9 million

impact on the local economy with the gift check program, and through social media we will increase our impact. Consumers throughout Chautauqua County connect everyday through Facebook and by targeting this audience we can attract these consumers to your business. For more information, contact TexTivia at 716-785-4815.

Chamber Membership Drive Underway Ryan Wolf (right), President of Silicon Wolves Computing Society, explains the extraordinary capacities and potential for his company’s prototype, shown in the lowerright corner, at a news conference Tuesday afternoon, while Dunkirk Mayor A.J. Dolce (left) and Incubator Director Robert Fritzinger look on.

Contributed article SUNY Fredonia Technology Incubator

The SUNY Fredonia Technology Incubator announced its newest business, Silicon Wolves Computing Society LLC (SWCS), at an afternoon press conference. SWCS is a consumer-friendly, high-performance computing system developer and manufacturer of the most advanced workstations and computer gaming solutions on the market. The high-tech start up company recently relocated to the Incubator from Anaheim, Calif. “We are thrilled to be in Dunkirk and affiliated with SUNY Fredonia through the Technology Incubator,” said Ryan Wolf, President of SWCS LLC. “This is a great community, and a renowned university, and we are excited about our opportunities for growth.” SWCS is a computing solutions manufacturer and integrator that conducts research and development in highly specialized computer workstations, desktops, laptops and

servers, and in particular, develops and configures dedicated computing solutions for Cloud, Virtualization, High Performance Computing (HPC) and Reconfigurable Computing (RC) environments. Silicon Wolves Computing Society recently celebrated its one year anniversary on March 9, having had a successful year as a new scientific computing solutions company. SWCS works to offer the most advanced computing resources to the academic research, forensic and scientific communities. This is the first manufacturing company to partner with the SUNY Fredonia Technology Incubator. “The Incubator is all about attracting companies which are poised for substantial growth, and helping them through the process while providing them access to the resources that a nearly 6,000-student institution such as SUNY Fredonia can provide,” said Robert Fritzinger, Director of the Technology Incubator. “I see a strong fit between Silicon

Wolves Computing Society, the SUNY Fredonia campus, and the Incubator, and I am anticipating a successful partnership.” The SUNY Fredonia Technology Incubator is a universitysponsored economic development initiative that supports entrepreneurs and business start-ups in the technology sector, and related industries. Officially opened in December of 2009, the Incubator is ahead of its growth projections and currently houses 16 start up companies. According to a recent report by the Rockefeller Institute in Albany, N.Y., the Western New York Region provided 70% of all pure start ups in the entire state, with SUNY Fredonia’s incubator providing nearly half of these, statewide. A recent study by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, shows that start up firms are responsible for all net job growth in the U.S. To learn more, visit www. or contact Ryan at wolf@siliconwolves. net.

Over the next several weeks, volunteers will be reaching out to businesses throughout Chautauqua County encouraging them to join the Chamber of Commerce. There are prize opportunities for new members, but the real reason to join is the focus on working together to improve our economic well-being, to provide better employee benefits packages at cost-savings

to companies, and to bring business people together in our county. There are many benefits of Chamber membership including: tools to increase profits such as Shop Chautauqua County Gift Checks and discounts on services; connections to new customers through networking events, sponsorships, and business promotion opportunities;

representation where it matters through legislative events and advocacy; and information and new ideas including weekly updates, monthly e-newsletters, training and development, and guest speakers. For information, please visit our website at or call one of our offices at 366-6200 or 484-1101.

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April 5, 2012 Edition – Main Section – A

Humane Society Adopt-A-Thon Shatters the 25 Pet Goal Submitted Article Chautauqua County Humane Society

The Chautauqua County Humane Society (CCHS) is thrilled to announce that the Pennies 4 Paws Adopt-a-thon held on March 23 and 24 at the Strunk Road Adoption Center with a simultaneous offsite adoption event at Shults Car Corner in Jamestown was a big success. Committed volunteers, dutiful staff members and the generosity of Shults Auto Group combined in extraor-

dinary fashion and the end result was 46 pets adopted out in just two days. Jeff Lubi, CCHS executive director, states, “During the course of the event all adoption fees were waived in order to make providing a home for a new pet affordable during tough economic times. It helped CCHS by decreasing the number of days each pet stayed at our shelter and opening up a space for a new homeless pet in need.” Every day an animal spends in our shelter adds to the overall cost.”

Dogs are shown during the Chautauqua County Humane Society’s Pennies 4 Paws Adopt-a-thon.

Staff and volunteers extended extreme efforts to prepare

the shelter and all of the available pets in hopes of an

influx of interested people. Promotional advertising for the event was made possible by Shults Auto Group and the car dealership also committed to donating $100 towards Pennies 4 Paws for every car sold during the event to offset the waived adoption fees. The community responded wonderfully by coming out in numbers to view pets and fill out the application for review. The original goal was to adopt out 25 pets and everyone involved was very excited to realize that 46 was the final count. CCHS extends a big thank you to all who helped

in this effort with special accolades to Shults Auto Group for making this possible. The Chautauqua County Humane Society is a nonprofit that is not part of any government organization and its mission to care for animals by promoting adoptions, preventing cruelty and providing education relies solely on public support. For more information call 716-665-2209 or visit


Bearded dragons tops among reptilian pets Q: Are bearded dragons good pets? — via email A: They’re arguably the best pets among reptiles and amphibians, especially for beginners. Affectionately called “beardeds” by their fans, these lizards are not only tame around humans, but many also seem to enjoy the contact. Even better, they’re relatively easy keepers, suitable for almost any pet lover or family situation. The name comes from the display the pet puts on when trying to act tough. The puffed-beard display is only used defensively to scare away potential threats. Along with puffing out, beardeds also flatten out their bellies to look wider, as well as leave their rather large mouths gaping open to intimidate the potential threat. Beardeds need human help to maintain their temperature in captivity, using heat lamps or warming pads. Beardeds do well with options, in tanks where some areas are cooler, some warmer, a range of 85 to 105 degrees by day, dipping down into the 70s at night. You’ll also need special lighting, since these reptiles need UVB rays to properly absorb dietary calcium. A full-spectrum light should be provided 12 to 14 hours a day most of the year, and 10 to 12 hours in the winter. Omnivores by nature, beardeds enjoy both plants and meat in their diet. Juveniles enjoy a carnivorous diet, while adults become primarily herbivores. All food given to a bearded should be shredded into easy-to-swallow, bite-size pieces. Beardeds live to be about 10 years old and will mature at 18 to 24 inches in length, including the tail. — Gina Spadafori Do you have a pet question? Send it to


When snakes become active, it’s time to protect your dog By Gina Spadafori, Universal Uclick


About Pet Connection Pet Connection is produced by a team of pet care experts headed by “Good Morning America” and “The Dr. Oz Show” veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker and award-winning journalist Gina Spadafori. The two are affiliated with and are also the authors of many best-selling pet care books. Dr. Becker can also be found at or on Twitter @DrMartyBecker.

Knowing where to pet can prevent a bite

Stay out of tall vegetation and keep your dog on leash to minimize the risk of a snakebite.

pring hadn’t even clocked in a full week before two dogs belonging to friends of mine were bitten by rattlesnakes. Both dogs survived and will recover fully, but the pain was significant — and so was the cost of treatment. Fortunately, most snakes aren’t all that interested in biting; they prefer to hide or skedaddle when faced with a threat. If they can’t escape, they’ll bite. That’s when dogs typically get bitten: They put their noses where they don’t belong, and instead of letting a snake slither away, they bother the reptile until it strikes. Dr. Tony Johnson, a veterinarian specializing in emergency and critical care, spent part of his career practicing in the dry, brushy foothills of Northern California — prime rattlesnake country. In his experience, terriers tended to be bitten more often than other dogs. “It’s almost always dogs and it’s almost always terriers,” he said. “Cats tend to be more cautious than dogs, and a terrier is more likely to put his nose where it will get him into trouble than many other dogs. And they don’t learn from the experience.” What can you do to protect your dog? Here are some tips: D Keep your dog on leash if at all possible. While that’s not possible for working dogs such as searchand- rescue or hunting dogs, it’s likely the safest strategy for all others. D Work with your dog to ensure he comes when called, so that if you hear or see a snake, you can get your dog away and allow the snake room and time to escape. D Stay on established trails instead of hiking through areas where snakes can hide. D Don’t allow your dog to burrow or otherwise try to tangle with wildlife. If he’s looking for trouble, he may find it. D Consider snake-proofing. Many hunters take their dogs through clinics where professional trainers expose the animals to caged snakes and use electronic shock to establish a negative association. The clinics are controversial, however, because of the use of pain in teaching dogs to fear the reptiles. Balancing risk vs. benefit is an owner’s judgment call. Signs of a bite include puncture wounds from the fangs of the snake, bruising, blood and a rapid swelling as well as severe pain. If you suspect your dog may have been bitten, end your outing and immediately get to a veterinarian — and call ahead, if at all possible, so the veterinary team can prepare. Your pet will need emergency veterinary care to address both the immediate dangerous of swelling and pain as well as the longer-term challenges, such as dead tissue and infection. Most dogs survive a bite, especially with prompt veterinary care. “There’s nothing you can do in the field to help your dog,” said Dr. Johnson, “certainly not cutting the wound or sucking the venom out. Just get to the vet.” It’s worth asking your veterinarian about vaccines that protect dogs from the venom of some snakes. But really, if you’re going to be hiking with your dog in areas that are perfect habitats for snakes, you’ll need luck as well as precaution. And, as always, know where to find a veterinarian when you have to, quickly.

Even the most reactive cats will usually tolerate petting behind the ears. • Some cats don’t like being petted, and may react with teeth and claws. To turn the situation around, work to eliminate the triggers for unwanted behavior while increasing your cat’s tolerance levels for being petted. Some kinds of petting are easier for cats to tolerate than others. For a highly reactive cat, restrict your caresses to behind the ears, under the chin or the base of the tail. Always stop before tail twitching shows that your cat is overstimulated. • Buying in bulk can make petfood budgets go further, a costcutting strategy already popular with many dog lovers. Nearly half of all dog owners buy kibble in either 20- to 40-pound bags or bags larger than 40 pounds, according to the American Pet Products Association. • Cat owners and even veterinarians often find it difficult to recognize when a cat is in pain. Cats are descended from small predators who instinctively know that if they show signs of illness, the hunter becomes the hunted. Subtle changes in a cat’s interactions with the family may be a clue that pain is present. Be on the lookout for unexpected hiding, irritability, lack of appetite or just plain weird(er) behavior. While you should never give human pain meds (even the over-the-counter variety) to your cat — they can be lethal — your veterinarian can help you to ease your pet’s pain with traditional and alternative medicine, as well as with strategies to help manage the cat’s environment to ease the hurt. — Mikkel Becker and Dr. Marty Becker

Chautauqua County Humane Society Pet of the Week

Jelly Bean

This week we are featuring “Jelly Bean”. She is an 8 month old white and tan pit bull mix. She is a bundle of fun that loves to play and run. Jelly Bean would benefit from some training as she is a young dog that is still learning the ropes. She would love a family that has time to play and exercise with, but also likes to cuddle and relax. If you think that you would be the right family for Jelly Bean, come to the Strunk Road Adoption Center and meet her. She is ready for her forever home. Marble is still waiting for the purr-fect family for her!

The Chautauqua County Humane Society’s Pet of the Week is sponsored by The Annual Tom Pawelski Memorial Golf Tournament , held this past summer. The money raised from the 2010 tournament provides discounted adoption rates to Pet of the Week animals. Stop by CCHS and find your new best friend, 2825 Strunk Road Jamestown.

2825 Strunk Road • Jamestown | 716-665-2209 •


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B12 – Week of April 5, 2012 – Section B

Mingo Bay Classic: Johnson Steals Show For Frewsburg By Chris Winkler Star Sports Editor

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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — Leave it up to Thad Johnson to make a bigger name for himself in Frewsburg’s season opener. With a tie score of 3-3 between the Bears and Lake City High School (South Carolina) Monday afternoon, Johnson was called upon in the top of the seventh inning to keep the score level. He obliged. Johnson sat down the Panthers in order to quickly bring the Frewsburg bats back to the plate with a chance to win the game. Then the star senior, who has already committed to play at St. Bonaventure, drilled a walk-off homerun to give the Bears a season opening win. Johnson was 2-for-4 on the day, but came around to score three of the Bears four runs. Brent Johnson, Nick Mitchell, Dalton Peterson and Tage Johnson each had hits for Frewsburg, with Tage Johnson and Peterson’s coming as RBI-singles. But, a lot of credit has to go to the rest of the pitching staff besides Thad Johnson as well, as three others Dalton Peterson and defending Class C Champions Frewsburg are one of three county teams playing down in Myrtle combined with Thad to strike out 12 Beach, S.C. this week. Dunkirk, Westfield and Cassadaga Valley head there next week. (Star file photo) extra innings. Tage Johnson started the game off for but it wasn’t nearly enough to make batters over seven innings. up for their defense. Frewsburg and allowed eight runs, Monday, Jamestown led Pendleton, Senior Connor Grey got it started by but just two of which were earned. who was already playing in their The defending Class C champions striking out eight Lake City hitters in his three innings of work. All runs Frewsburg struggled again defensive- finish of round robin play with South 17th game of the season (10-7), early ly and committed seven errors in the County (Va.) High School Wednes2-0, but lost the lead until a dramatic three runs came in the third, but game, coincidentally costing them comeback late. day before playoff games Thursday were all unearned. seven unearned runs. and Friday. Jacob Gullo was the hero, who’s Mitchell threw a scoreless fourth and pinch-hit single knocked in Nick ToJamestown Starts Mingo Bay Clasfifth behind a pair of strikeouts. Dal- Tage, however, kept up his offensive game by going 2-for-3 with two RBIs. sic 1-1 bias to knot things up and force extra ton Peterson threw a scoreless sixth He’s now reached safely in fi ve of his innings. However, in extra innings, before giving way to Thad. The Red Raiders baseball team first six plate appearance. Thad, on the deadlock finally ended and Jame(2-2, 1-1 ECIC I) got back to winBut, Frewsburg couldn’t keep the mothe other hand went 0-for-2. stown fell 4-3 in the top of the 10th. ning ways Tuesday morning after mentum into Tuesday and fell to Hanna Dalton Peterson also had two hits for dropping a tough game Monday (S.C.) High School by a final of 13-3. the Bears, who clubbed out nine hits, to Pendleton (S.C.) High School in Continued on pg 3

Brennen Extends Hit Streak To 16; Bonnies Lose Series Finale

Contributed Article

St. Bonaventure Sports Information

ST. BONAVENTURE, N.Y. — The St. Bonaventure baseball team (1011, 2-4 Atlantic 10 Conference) lost its A-10 series finale to the Fordham University Rams (11-17, 3-3 A-10) Sunday at Fred Handler Park at McGraw-Jennings Field, 6-3. The Bonnies lost two of three games in this weekend's series. The Bonnies could only muster four hits on the day, all in the 6th inning. Junior shortstop Michael Meredith recorded St. Bonaventure's first hit of the game with a leadoff single. Senior left fielder Nick Brennen extended his hitting streak to 16 games with an RBI single, scoring Meredith. Junior third baseman Billy Urban singled with two outs to score Brennen. Junior first baseman Austin Ingraham's hit at the end of the inning brought home junior second baseman Jason Radwan to tie the game. The Rams took control in the top of the 7th inning on a three-base error in left field that brought a runner home. Fordham added to its lead later in the inning on an RBI single to make the score 5-3. The Rams began the scoring in the top of the 1st inning with on a ground out that scored a runner. The Rams scored a run in the top of the 8th with an RBI single with two outs for the game's final run. Fordham began the 4th with a leadoff double against the wall in left-center field. The Rams added

Senior Nick Brennen extended his hitting streak to 16 games against Fordham and was hitting .390 entering a doubleheader against Buffalo Tuesday. (St. Bonaventure Sports Information photo)

to their total in the top of the 4th with an RBI single on a 2-1 count over the shortstop's head. Fordham added another run with an RBI single on a 0-1 count. Redshirt senior right-hander starter Cael Johnson threw 107 pitches in seven innings on the mound for the Bonnies as he took his third loss of the year. He recorded four strikeouts and allowed nine hits, one walk and only two of his five runs were earned. Radwan pitched one inning, recording a strikeout and allowing one hit, three walks and one earned run. Freshman righty Cameron Carney pitched the top of the 9th and allowed a walk. Fordham starter Joseph Charest pitched a complete game, recording a strikeout and only allowing two

walks, three earned runs and four hits. The Bonnies will face Big 4 rival Buffalo in a home doubleheader on Tuesday, April 3 beginning at 2 p.m. ST. BONAVENTURE, N.Y. – The St. Bonaventure baseball team (10-10, 2-3 in Atlantic 10 play) lost to the Fordham University Rams (10-17, 2-3 in Atlantic 10 play) 5-3 in 12 innings today in the second of a three-game Atlantic 10 Conference series at Fred Handler Park at McGraw-Jennings Field. The Rams began the scoring in the top of the third inning with two runs on a RBI double. The Bonnies took the lead in the bottom of the fourth on a three-run home run by junior first baseman

Austin Ingraham. It was his first homer of the season. Fordham tied the game at three with a solo home run in the top of the fifth. The Rams regained the lead with a two-RBI single in the top of the 12th. Ingraham lead the Brown and White at the plate, going two for four with a home run, a single and three RBI. Senior left fielder Nick Brennen extended his hitting streak to 15 games with a single in the bottom of the fourth. Urban failed to pick up a hit in four plate appearances, ending his 14-game hitting streak. Senior right-hander Jordan Crane threw 105 pitches in five innings, recording six strikeouts while allowing three walks, seven hits and three earned runs and hit one batter. This was the St. Bonaventure's first loss in a Crane start. Sophomore righty Asa Johnson picked up the loss. He threw 78 pitches in six and one-thirds innings recording two strikeouts. Johnson allowed two walks and two hits and hit one batter. Eleven of his 19 outs were fly outs. Junior Jason Radwan recorded one out and allowed one hit and two earned runs in the top of the 12th. Junior righty Billy Urban walked the only batter he faced in the top of the 12th. Fordham's starting pitcher Chris Pike pitched for 10+ innings, only allowing runs on Ingraham's home run.

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Chautauqua Sports Hall of Fame an American League pennant. In the World Series, Hugh threw a complete game to defeat Hall-of-Famer Christy Matthewson in the pivotal fifth game and pitched seven innings in the decisive final game that secured the 1912 World Series Championship for Boston. To honor the legacy of Hugh Bedient, the Chautauqua Sports Hall of Fame, the Village of Falconer, and the Falconer Central Schools are cooperating in a year-long celebration. Details will be announced in next month’s newsletter.

Contributed Article Chautauqua Sports HOF

Injury Was Blessing For Adamczak

Sometimes an injury can be a blessing in disguise and that certainly can pertain to the career of Jim Adamczak. Adamczak, a Jamestown High School graduate, was playing for Sugar Grove of the Chautauqua County Baseball Association when he suffered an injury in 1957 that ultimately led to a fabulous softball career. He was batting when he caught his spikes on a corner of the plate, resulting in torn ligaments in his knee. That injury was so serious that he had to take six months off of work at Proto Tool. After recovering, Adamczak and his friends started playing softball in a neighborhood warehouse during the winter months. In the spring of 1958, Adamczak joined the New-Way Restaurant of the Rec Softball League as a pitcher and was very wild with an average of 14 walks per game. But Adamczak worked out daily during the winter to correct the control problem. Without a doubt, he mastered the problem quite well for the rest of his distinguished career. Known for his riser, which was in the neighborhood of 100 miles per hour, Adamczak averaged more than 17 strikeouts over a 10-year span in the 1950s and 1960s. He averaged 35 wins and only four losses while having numerous nohitters. He also batted at a .350 clip. Adamczak recorded his first no-hitter in 1959 when he pitched New-Way Hotel to a 14-3 verdict over the Lakewood Merchants. He fanned 18 and walked 11 in the nine-inning game. He first set an Industrial League nine-inning record with 25 strikeouts for IAM 1791 in 1963 and accomplished that feat again in 1964. In 1962, Adamczak hurled six wins in one day to win the Most Valuable Player award for Betts at the Duquesne Open in Warren. One of his top performances was having 47 strikeouts in two consecutive days with 25 against Chautauqua Hardware and 22 versus Green Brothers. Additionally, he came on in relief in a St. Mary's Tournament and fanned 17 of 20 batters. Another high was in the 1963 Great Lakes Tournament when he led Erie's Fulton Club with a 4-0 record with 15 strikeouts a game. That perfect record was the first time any team had gone through the event unbeaten. Speaking of perfection, it was in 1959 when Adamczak hurled his first perfect game against Wellsville while fanning 16 in a 3-0 win. He went

Movie Nights

on to hurl at least four perfect games. Adamczak led Skippy's Grill to the Rec Open League title in 1959 and then over the next three years he pitched National Worsted Club to three titles. He also led the Jamestown Merchants to a championship in 1963 and Stravato's Grill to another crown in 1964. Adamczak hurled the Jamestown All-Stars to a runner-up finish in the New York State championship against host Niagara Falls. He lost a heart-breaking 1-0, onehitter before 2,000 fans. Perhaps his most memorable performance was when the well-known pitcher Eddie Feigner of the King & His Court visited College Stadium in 1967 and Adamczak led the Jamestown AllStars to a stunning 1-0 win. Adamczak allowed the four-man team only two hits while fanning 17 and that win ended a long winning streak for the King & His Court. Feigner, meanwhile, whiffed 15. The tall right-hander played through 1975 and had more than 25 no-hitters over a 17-year career that covered more than 1,200 games while pitching for teams in Westem New York and in Pennsylvania. Some of the most memorable games of the early 1970s were when Adamczak pitched for Stravato's Grill and Ron Frederes hurled for See-Zurh House in the Social League. Those games had so much interest that they would draw hundreds of spectators to see the two elite pitchers and teams battle it out. A back injury ended the pitching career of Adamczak, but his fantastic accomplishments

certainly won't be forgotten. Jim Adamczak was inducted into the Chautauqua Sports Hall of Fame in 2005. He died March 5, 2012.

Website Report

Webmaster of the CSHOF website, Doug Hoisington (Earth Spark, Jamestown) recently made his annual report at the March meeting of the CSHOF Board of Directors. Hoisington reported on the usage of the site during the past year as well as the upgrades that have been made. The following table summarizes website activity over the past four years. The number of unique views increased 12 percent in 2011 and 350 percent since 2008. Page views rose 5 percent in 2011 and 415 percent over the four-year period. Hoisington reported that three dozen pages and 7 albums were added to the site in the past year. The inductee pages with the greatest number of viewers in ’11 were Shane Conlan, Julian Buesink, Don Reinhoudt, Hugh Bedient, and Bill Bergey.

Hugh Bedient

This year will be 100th anniversary of Falconer native Hugh Bedient’s outstanding 1912 season that thrust the 22-year-old rookie pitcher for the Boston Red Sox into the headlines on sports pages across America. Bedient compiled a 20-10 record for the Sox who christened their newly constructed Fenway Park with

Sports Bulletin as possible in advance of the date needed.

Compiled Report Star Staff

Amateur Sports Development Fund Accepting Applications

The Board of Directors of the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame is announcing that applications are now being accepted for funding from its Amateur Sports Development Fund. Deadline to submit an application for funding is April 20. An application may be found at The fund has been assisting Western New York amateur athletic groups since 1993. It was originally set-up to assist the World University Games, however over the past 18 years, nearly 90 organizations have benefitted from the fund. Money is awarded to amateur athletes, teams and organizations seeking financial assistance to foster the pursuit of a higher level of athletic achievement. For additional information, please e-mail committee chair Mike Buczkowski at The criteria for the selection of athletes, teams and organizations to be considered for funding from the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame Amateur Sports Development Fund are listed below. To qualify for funds: 1. The athlete, team or organization must be amateur in nature and must be from the Greater Buffalo region. 2. The athlete, team or organi-

Cassadaga Youth Soccer Sign-Ups

zation may apply for a specific need or piece of equipment if it will serve to improve performance levels in a competitive event (example: new skis for a downhill racer who will represent Buffalo in a national competition). 3. The athlete, team or organization may also apply for funding of a capital project to improve their facilities (example: money to help build a concession stand or new field/ court). 4. If seeking funds for travel to an event, competition must be national or international in nature and selection to compete in the event must have been achieved via some qualifying

process as opposed to subjective selection or invitation by a coach or committee. 5. Requests other that those highlighted in numbers 2, 3, and 4 above will be given "non-priority" consideration. 6. The committee will only grant monies for purposes OTHER THAN supplementing an organization's normal operating budget. 7. Awards can be granted for repeat applications from athletes, teams or organizations provided the purpose for the request is NOT THE SAME AS THE PRIOR AWARD. 8. The application must be complete and received as far


Thanks to eagle-eyed Chautauqua Sports Hall of Fame member Bill Schroeder of Fredonia who spotted an error in our March newsletter. In the listing of persons who have been nominated for possible induction into the CSHOF, Schroeder noticed the names of Al Short, Dent Thorpe, Walt Thurnau, Kristen Treni, and Mike Tramuta had been inadvertently omitted. The complete list can be viewed at www. Click on the “nominate” tab.

Gray Named A-10 Co-Pitcher Of The Week Contributed Article

St. Bonaventure Sports Information

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — St. Bonaventure redshirt junior Eddie Gray was named the Atlantic 10 Co-Pitcher of the Week on Monday following a weekend in which he tossed seven shutout innings as part of a 12-0 win over Fordham last Friday afternoon. Gray limited the visiting Rams to just two hits — the fewest allowed by the Pulaski, N.Y., native in his career when pitching at least seven innings. Gray struck out seven Fordham batters, including a stretch of five straight spanHollyloft/Alfies ning the 1st and 2nd innings Cycling Team Opens to set the tone for the rest of Season the afternoon. The Hollyloft/Alfies Cycling Team kicked off the season The southpaw faced three with a first and second place batters over the minimum and finish in the A race and many needed just 92 pitches to get other good finishes at the through his seven innings as Presque Isle Cycling Club he earned his team-leading season opener. third win of the season (3-1) Bob Dahl and Eric Przepierski and lowered his team-best ERA to 2.95. finished first and second, respectively, in the A race, while Gray, Bonaventure's No. 1 Joe Gustafson (B) and Sandra Leary (women’s) led the team in their respective races. Full Results: A Race — Bob Dahl 1st, Eric Przepierski 2nd. B Race — Joe Gustafson 5th, Chaz Ormond 7th, Rob Colburn, Gene Emborsky and Alex Ivanic. Women Race — Sandra Leary 2nd, Debbie Mizikowski 3rd and Bonnie Symes 4th. Cassadaga Valley Youth Soccer sign-ups will be held on April 19 at the Sinclairville Elementary from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Cassadaga Elementary on April 19 from 6:308:30 p.m. Also, signups are April 24 at the Cassadaga Valley Middle/ High School from 6:30-8:30 p.m. All children ages 4 -15 are encouraged to play. Please visit our website for more details.

Bob Dahl and Eric Przepierski

The final two selections for the CSHOF Movie Nights have been announced by chairman Scott Kindberg: Rudy will be shown Wednesday, April 4th and Field of Dreams will be shown on Wednesday, April 18th. The films will be shown free of charge at the Robert H. Jackson Center (Jamestown) at 7:00 pm. Rudy is the true story of Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger who was always told that he was too small to play college football. But he was determined to overcome the odds and fulfill his dream of playing for Notre Dame. WJTN radio personality and Notre Dame football fan, Jim Roselle will introduce the film. Field of Dreams is the fictional tale of Iowa farmer Ray Kinsella who hears a voice in his corn field tell him, "If you build it, he will come." He interprets this message as an instruction to build a baseball field on his farm, upon which appear the ghosts of Shoeless Joe Jackson and the other seven Chicago Black Sox players banned from the game for throwing the 1919 World Series. When the voices continue, Ray seeks out a reclusive author to help him understand the meaning of the messages and the purpose for his field. The movie will be presented by Tim Kindberg who visited the Iowa filming location and will share his remembrances of his trip.

Eddie Gray

starter, is allowing opposing batters to hit just .274 against him and has tossed a teamleading 42.2 innings so far this season in six starts. The A-10 honor is the fourth in Gray's career and first this season. He was named A-10 Rookie of the Week twice in 2010 and earned one Pitcher of the Week citation last year. The Bonnies return to the field on Tuesday when they host Big 4 rival University at Buffalo in a doubleheader at Fred Handler Park. First pitch is set for 2 p.m., and the games will be two, seven-inning contests.

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Calipari Finally Crowned


s in 2

of e s

Chris Winkler COMMENTARY

Case. Closed. vie For weeks I had been saying s- the Kentucky Wildcats were undoubtedly the best in the country — OK, so were a lot of H. other people. But rarely in this knockout tournament, where you have to win six in a row or ti- go home, does the best team in ll to the country claim the title. to ay- Well, the best team certainly y won the championship. And l to be honest, their really wasn’t much doubt except for a few somewhat anxious moments down the stretch. But, s I’m not sure a five-point game qualifies as anxious. In fact, Kentucky pushed the lead to m, five points a mere six minutes oe into the game and Kansas never came closer. wBut what’s particularly stuno ning is just how easy Kentucky es- makes it look. I’ve watched vie bits and pieces of them roughted ly 25 times this year. There have been stretches of games where you scratch your head wondering how this team can be stopped. The amazing thing is, I think I only saw that one all time (middle 10 minutes of a first half) during the entire er. Final Four. mi- Regardless, even without lookF, ing their best, just about every ent single person watching was still salivating over how un- beatable they looked. A friend w. texted me midway through the he second half wondering how in the world Kentucky had lost this year. I laughed thinking about it, because they weren’t even playing that good, but he had a point. Then I thought about it. A buzzer-beating three against Indiana on the road in midDecember gave UK their first lost. Then, months later, a loss in the SEC Championship to red-hot, senior-led Vanderbilt in Kentucky’s third game in third days. Sure, it was Vandy’s third game in three days too, but they do play with a little more depth. But, that’s beside the point. The point is that was it. Two losses. What teams come to mind when you think best team g in the last 20 years? Florida nst 2007? Five losses. Duke 2001? - Four losses. North Carolina this 2009? Four losses. The only other team to finish th the year with two losses since is 1997 was a fairly underrated 0 Connecticut team in 1999. n But even that squad only had er one NBA player in Richard ar. Hamilton. field But, as I’ve been saying for weeks now, is this Kentucky f- team is super special and red Monday was their coronation. set It was a coronation for coach will John Calipari, too. Cal has sts. taken a lot of heat lately for

simply putting together a glorified AAU team, which was widely thought to not be able to win a national title. He got Massachusetts and Memphis into the Final 4 before getting Kentucky their last year to become just the second coach to take three teams to the national semifinals. But Cal really needed this one. He needed it to cement his legacy, primarily because a loss was just so particularly damaging. Kentucky was the best team all season long and frankly with that amount of talent, not winning the national title would be a somewhat of a failure. Admittedly, I’m not much of a Cal guy — or a Kentucky guy. But, I am a huge basketball guy if you haven’t noticed. Go ask any high school coach, if you want to learn how to play defense, save this game tape. There’s no doubt that having a 6-foot-10 Davis, with a wingspan that goes well past seven feet, anchoring the middle helps. But, Davis plays so smart and puts himself in position to block shots so easily. And a lot of that credit has to go to Calipari. As does his teams’ overall defensive style. Go ask any coach again about how many teenagers want to play defense. This team didn’t just want to play defense, they preferred it. My old high school coach always preached that taking breathers were for the offensive side of the game. And this team seemed to epitomize that with how easy it looks for them to score on offense and just how hard the played on defense. But to me, the credit all goes to Calipari, because this team won the title on defense and as all his players say, “you don’t get to play unless you play defense.” But, of course, what worries many of you out there is what Kentucky could become. There’s actually a shot that everybody goes to the NBA, although I think Doron Lamb and/or Marquis Teague stick around for another year. But, they also might get the top two high school players in the country, Shabazz Muhammad and Nerlens Noel. Plus, they’ve already got Archie Goodwin and Alex Poythress signed, both are top 20 players in their own right. I’ll try not to get ahead of myself, but Noel and Muhammad are 2013 NBA lottery picks. Trust me, I’ve seen them. I can already hear the groans from everyone reading this. But, that’s the thing I like about Calipari, though — he acknowledges the mandatory one-year rule is garbage. But, what can he do about it? Not recruit the best players in the country? The rule needs changing, but that’s for another entire article. What we do know, though, is it’s finally Calipari’s crowing moment. Similar to his players, what more does Calipari have to accomplish in college? His team will bolt for the NBA, but here’s the question, will he follow them?

Gowanda APA League Standings as of April 1, 2012

1. 8 Ball Assassins 2. Ball Busters 3. Simply Wicked Pool 4. Da Wicked Skibbies 5. Ronnies Crazy 8’s 6. Jamestown Street Tavern Top Gun

Gary Oehler is first in the Purple Tier. IDK is first in the Red Tier. Steve Gimbrone is first in the Yellow Tier. Mister “$” is first in the Blue Tier. For more information contact David Covert Division Rep at 698-2291.



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Greg Johnson Opens 2012 UEMS Racing Season With Win By Chris Zuver Contributing Writer

The 2012 United Emod Series kicked off their fifth season of action last night at Mercer Raceway Park in Mercer, Pa. Twenty-nine E-mods entered the first event of the year and it was Greg Johnson of Busti, capturing his second career UEMS win and found himself on top of the 2012 UEMS point chase after the early season event. Shawn Shingledecker and Alan Dellinger were the front row starters for the 25-lap main event. The field rolled down into turn one and as they exited turn two, the first yellow flag was thrown for a multi car crash at the exit of turn two that had the cars of Michael McGee, Brent Rhebergen, John Boardman, Vic Vena and Russ Dunn involved. Dunn was finished for the night. On the restart, Dellinger trailed Shingledecker into turn one at the start, but he emerged with the lead, as Shingledecker jumped the cushion and lost multiple spots. The second yellow came out on lap two for Mike Kinney and Rich Michael Jr. The field restarted and by lap five it was Dellinger still in front with first time Mercer visitor, Butch Southwell up to second followed by Johnson, Dan Davies and Mike Eschrich when the third yellow was thrown for Chad Carlson who came to a stop on the front stretch after collecting the wall. Dellinger restarted the event again and again powered away as the race was on for second on back with Johnson, Davies, Southwell, Carl McKinney and Eschrich. Lap 10 saw defending UEMS champion, Joel Watson, quickly going to the pits and the yellow came back out one lap later as Justin Carlson looped it in turn four and collected Shingledecker,

Eschrich and Gary Eicher. One lap later, the yellow came out again for Rich Michael Jr. as he spun in turn four by apparent contact from Ben Asel. Green flag racing consisted of the next eight laps and it was apparent that Dellinger was the car to beat and was well on his way to winning his first ever UEMS feature. The fight behind him was hot with Johnson, McKinney, Jack Young, Rhebergen, Shane Crotty, Southwell, Davies and Dixon all in tight battles. Yellow came out for debris on lap 19 and tightened up the field. Just as the field was rolling into turn three to take the green, Dellinger dove into the pits and relinquished the lead making it an impromptu double file restart with Johnson shooting past McKinney into the lead. Johnson had to deal with three more yellows including a last lap shootout when Jack Young’s machine broke a left rear wheel assembly. The green-checker restart saw McKinney dive under Johnson into turn one, but Johnson shot away to capture the 2012 UEMS Emod Series opener over McKinney, Brent Rhebergen, Steve Dixon and 21st-starting Shane Crotty was fifth. Mike Kinney was able to hold on for sixth over 22nd-starting Ben Asel, Shingledecker, Michael and McGee rounded out the top 10. Heat race winners were Davies, Southwell, Dellinger and Johnson while Crotty won

Hayastan Grappling Challenge

Back Row: Jacob Harvey-3rd, Jake Wilkins-2nd, Tristan Moldenhauer-4th Front Row: Michael Benedict-1st, Albert Chapa-1st Not Pictured: Braden Wilkins-1st

Norman Yonkers’ Karate Connection MMA Academy’s Grappling Team traveled to Charlotte, NC on March 17th for the Hayastan Grappling Challenge.

The team competed in their various age and weight groups in the No-Gi Tournament. The grappling team trains in Gokor Chivichyan’s Hayastan Grappling System under Norman Yonkers.

Accidents • Social Security Disability Workers’ Compensation

Fessenden, Laumer & DeAngelo

81 Forest Avenue, Jamestown, New York 14701

(716) 484-1010

Representing Injured People and Their Families

the B-main. Drivers who had problems during the night were Bud Watson, Justin Chaddock, Rich Michael and Dellinger who all reported having motor problems. Watson and Chaddock were not able to start the consolations, Michael ran both of his cars in the hot lap session with the new Larry Shaw chassis being very fast but an apparent broken cam shaft parked that machine for the evening. It was reported that Dellinger had some sort of engine trouble resulting in his quick departure from leading the event under yellow on lap 19. It’s Johnson’s second win in his UEMS career after capturing his first win last Labor Day weekend at Stateline Speedway. The 2011 Stateline Speedway champion wasn’t originally planning on running for the title but after starting the season with a win, things may change. Johnson’s 20th year anniversary E-mod is sponsored by Affordable Tree Service, Accurate Painting, Pine Ridge Whitetails, Busti Victorian Hall, RMS Services, Stuart Tool & Die, Tack Metal Roofing, Stewarts Custom Bodies, Boomerang Café and Magnum Grafix. American Racer Tires put the Johnson Race Engines horsepower on the ground for the No. 05 machine. Carl McKinney currently finds himself on top of the Hoosier HTMA — Precise Racing Hoosier Tire Driver Rewards Program point

chase after the first of many point shows that will count all weekly events at Sharon, Roaring Knob, Raceway 7, Eriez Speedway, Little Valley, McKean County Raceway and all UEMS events. The UEMS Emod Series will sit idle now until May 19 and 20th when they kick the I-86 tour — with $1,000 to win — with visits to Stateline Speedway in Busti, N.Y. and Eriez Speedway in Hammett, Pa. The Jay’s Auto Wrecking UEMS Rookie of the Year chase will start at Stateline Speedway event. UEMS track partners, Sharon Speedway opens on April 7, McKean County Raceway opens on April 28, Stateline opens their 2012 season on May 5, while Eriez Speedway opens their 2012 season on May 6. Final Results: Greg Johnson, Carl McKinney, Brent Rhebergen, Steve Dixon, Shane Crotty, Mike Kinney, Ben Asel, Shawn Shingledecker, Rich Michael, Mike McGee, John Boardman, Jim Plance, Gary Eicher, Jack Young, Dan Davies, Nathan Hill, Butch Southwell, Alan Dellinger, Justin Carlson, Mike Eschrich, Joel Watson, Chad Carlson, Vic Vena, Russ Dunn DNQ — Andy Buckley, Josh Cramer, Chris Myers, Bud Watson, Justin Chaddock Awards: Genesis Shocks — Greg Johnson ($75 certificate) R2C Performance — Greg Johnson ($50 certificate) Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic — Carl McKinney (free tire) Lias Tire – American Race Tire — Greg Johnson ($40 certificate) AERO Wheels — Michael McGee ($40 certificate) Close Racing Supply — Shane Crotty ($50 certificate, Hard Charger 16 spots)

MINGO BAY continued from pg 1

The Red Raiders rebounded with a 4-1 win over South Charleston (W.Va.) High School (West Virginia) Tuesday. Jamestown — like all other teams at the Mingo Bay Classic — finished their round robin play Wednesday against Virginia High School. They will also play two more games after that against opponents decided Wednesday before returning back home. Around the Classic It was a tough start for the Southwestern Trojans who lost to Williamsport (Pa.) High School Monday. Then, they lost to Bamberg-Ehrhardt 5-0 Tuesday. Southwestern finished off pool play with University Wednesday. Dunkirk will open at Mingo Bay next week, starting April 9 against Washington (W. Va.)

High School before playing Wilson (S.C.) Tuesday and Westhill (Syracuse, N.Y.) Wednesday. Westfield and Cassadaga Valley will also play in the tournament next week and be paired in the same section of the Tournament, hosted by Socastee High School. Westfield opens with Bluefield (W.Va.) High School Monday. Then Pennfield Tuesday and Socastee Wednesday. Cassadaga Valley will play Paul VI on Monday, western New York foe Kenmore East Tuesday and Pleasure Ridge Park to finish off pool play Wednesday. The Mingo Bay Classic has 32 high schools competing from across the country this week and another 68 high schools next week.




April 5, 2012 Edition – Sports Section – B

| • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)



Race: Samsung Mobile 500 Where: Texas Motor Speedway When: April 14, 7:00 p.m. (ET) TV: FOX 2011 Winner: Matt Kenseth (right)

Race: O’Reilly Auto Parts 300 Where: Texas Motor Speedway When: April 13, 8:00 p.m. (ET) TV: ESPN2 2011 Winner: Carl Edwards


Race: Good Sam Roadside Assist. 200 Where: Rockingham Speedway When: April 15, 12:30 p.m. (ET) TV: SPEED No 2011 race

By RICK MINTER / Universal Uclick NOTEBOOK

Crash clears way for Newman

The NASCAR tire test at Rockingham Speedway on March 6. (NASCAR Photo)

Return to ‘The Rock’

Storied North Carolina track reopens to NASCAR racing


ajor-league NASCAR racing returns to Rockingham, N.C., in two weeks, as the Camping World Truck Series runs the Good Sam Road Assistance Carolina 200 at Rockingham Speedway, the track that hosted 78 races for NASCAR’s elite Cup division but was shuttered after its race dates were moved elsewhere. From Curtis Turner’s comeback win after a long suspension in the track’s first Cup race in 1965 to Matt Kenseth’s thrilling victory over then-rookie Kasey Kahne in the final one in February of 2004, the one-mile track was known for its exciting and competitive races. The track usually had two or three grooves, and its rough racing surface meant tire wear was often a factor. Unfortunately, in the end, it also struggled to draw fans. Many attributed the empty seats to the track’s race dates, which often saw cold, crowd-killing temperatures. But the track has new life, thanks to current owner Andy Hillenburg, a former driver who made his first career Cup start at the track he now owns. Ironically, Rockingham’s final Cup race was considered by many to be about as good as NASCAR racing gets. It produced the kind of drama that puts spring in the step of racing promoters and fans. In the 2004 Subway 400, Matt Kenseth led as the laps wound down. His closest challenger was Kahne, running in Cup for just the second time and driving the No. 9 Dodge that Bill Elliott had driven to victory at Rockingham the previous fall, beating Jimmie Johnson for his 44th career victory. Elliott, who began his Cup career at the Rock and now runs a partial schedule, has not won again in Cup. The late-race drama ratcheted up a few notches with 40 laps to go. Kenseth and

Kahne pulled onto pit road only to see the caution flag fly for a spin by Robby Gordon. Although it appeared that the leaders would be caught a lap down, under NASCAR’s thennew scoring system that froze the field when the caution was displayed, they retained their spots, over the vocal objections of third-running Jamie McMurray and his team. Then, when the green flag was displayed, Kenseth sprinted away, while Kahne and McMurray had to race the lapped car driven by Kenseth’s teammate at the time, Mark Martin. Kahne finally cleared Martin and chased down Kenseth. As the two drove off Turn Four for the final time at Rockingham, they were side-by-side in a virtual dead heat, and the crowd was on its feet. Kahne was closing fast, but Kenseth prevailed by a mere .01 seconds. “I was holding on for dear life,” Kenseth said that day. It was another great Rockingham moment for the driver, who also got his first career Nationwide victory at Rockingham in 1998 via a last-lap bump-and-run pass of Tony Stewart and clinched his Cup championship there in 2003. “There have been a lot of really cool things that have happened for us at Rockingham,” Kenseth said in an interview session at Martinsville Speedway last week. “It’s a great track … It was a fun track, and one of the first tracks I actually went to and watched a Nationwide race. “It looks so high-banked and fast, but it would get really slick like a little short track, and it was really a fun and challenging track to drive.” Jeff Burton, who has both a Cup and Nationwide victory at Rockingham, said he considered entering the truck race, but decided against it. Still, he predicts fans will get a

Initial success eludes Kahne

Rockingham owner, and former driver, Andy Hillenburg. (NASCAR photo) taste of old-style Rockingham racing. “They will leave Rockingham loving it,” he said. “It’s one of the coolest race tracks we ever ran on. It was hard, and it was really, really tough … “You would take off and have new tires on and you would feel like Richard Petty, and a few laps later you would feel like you had never been on a race track before in your life. You would change lines and you would be on top of the track, you would be on the bottom, and it was a lot of fun when things were going well … “There will be a lot more fans once they leave there.” And those fans will get to see if Kahne can make up for that defeat back in 2004. He plans to fly in from the Saturday night Cup race at Texas and take over a Turner Motorsports truck that will be qualified by Brad Sweet. “I have always liked racing at Rockingham,” he said. “I’ve always enjoyed sliding around at that track. I’m pretty excited to be able to go back there and race.”

Drivers lament need to repave old asphalt tracks When Atlanta Motor Speedway president Ed Clark talks to Sprint Cup drivers, it’s a common occurrence for those drivers to implore him to leave his track as is. Although the pavement at AMS is 20 years old, abrasive and bumpy, the drivers say that’s the way they like it. But those drivers will have to deal with plenty of new pavement this year as Kansas Speedway, Michigan International Speedway and Pocono Raceway will be repaved, and there apparently will be changes made to the track at Bristol Motor Speedway. Denny Hamlin told reporters at Martinsville that he’d like to see some dialogue between track owners and drivers before the paving crews go to work. “I don’t know who they talk to, honestly,” Hamlin said of the track owners planning to repave. “I don’t know of any driver in my opinion that would choose to repave any race track that we have over the old surface, even Phoenix.” He said the racing eventually will be better on Phoenix’s new pavement, but only after the racing surface ages. “Phoenix is going to be a great race track down the road, and in five years it’s going to have great racing,” he said. “You’re going to have twowide and three-wide racing, it’s

going to be great.” Hamlin and most of his peers say old asphalt gives drivers and teams more options. “Drivers have more in their hands when it’s an old surface; you can make up more,” he said. “It’s not about track position.”

Jeff Gordon crosses the finish line at AMS on September 6, 2011. (NASCAR photo) He said new pavement forces Goodyear to provide a harder tire, and that means lots of speed but little passing. “The tires that we have to run on a new surface are so hard that it’s all about track position,” he said. “It’s all about who stays out [during caution periods] and gets the track position ... just takes off because he’s got the clean air. “Nobody can pass him because everyone just chatters tires right behind him because he has no air … “Really, I don’t know who ever would want to repave any track at

Those NASCAR fans who have been waiting for a slam-bang finish to a Sprint Cup race got their wish at Martinsville Speedway on Sunday. In the closing laps, Jeff Gordon had passed his teammate Jimmie Johnson for the lead and was poised to deliver car owner Rick Hendrick his 200th Cup win. But just as Gordon took the lead, the caution flag flew for David Reutimann, whose No. 10 Chevrolet had stalled on the track. On the restart, Clint Bowyer made it threewide with Gordon and Johnson going into Turn One, setting off a crash that took all three of them out of contention for the win and opening the door for Ryan Newman, who had taken two fresh tires during the final caution period, to get the victory. It capped a big comeback for Newman, who fell a lap behind early in the race because of a penalty for speeding on pit road. “We were not a dominant race car today, but we put ourselves in contention,” Newman said. “The way the strategy and everything worked out, coming in for two tires and Clint [Bowyer] kind of clearing out Turn One for us, we were fortunate to be in the right place at the right time.” Newman’s crew chief Tony Gibson said he wasn’t surprised to see his driver bolt into the lead when it counted. “He drove a great race all day long, never gave up,” Gibson said. “Like I told you a million times, you put him somewhere near the front with 10 [laps] to go, look out, he’s going to have a shot to win it.” Reutimann came under fire from several drivers for stopping on the track, but he said he was simply trying to get as many points as possible. His car is the same one driven by Danica Patrick, and one of his goals is to keep the car in the top 35 in car owner points and thereby guaranteed a starting spot for upcoming races. Despite his efforts, the No. 10 is now 36th in the car owner standings, one point away from a guaranteed berth.

any time. Unless it’s absolutely falling apart should you ever repave a track.” He said the repave at Pocono could produce some really high speeds. “Whether it’s a softer tire or whether it’s a harder tire, ultimately, how fast you get through Turn Three is how fast you’re going to go down the front straightaway. “If it’s a grippy tire, we could be running 215 [miles per hour] going into [Turn One].” On the subject of paving, Matt Kenseth suggested that to get back to really old-school racing at Bristol, as fans have demanded, the racing surface should be put back to asphalt, like it was before it was changed to concrete, because of the loads placed on the surface by the high corner speeds. “It seemed like way back in the old days everybody used to run the top there, and some guys would be on the bottom, and it seemed like it would make multiple grooves,” he said. “We certainly have multiple grooves right now, although the preferred groove is on the top, but there are certainly multiple grooves that we never used to have, but I always thought the old pictures, and all that stuff from a blacktop Bristol, was pretty cool.”

When Kasey Kahne and his longtime crew chief Kenny Francis took over the No. 5 Chevrolet team at Hendrick Motorsports, many garage insiders expected immediate success. But as the Sprint Cup Series enters the Easter break, Kahne is off to a frustratingly bad start, with driver mistakes and mechanical gremlins relegating him to the 31st position in the points standings and a best finish of 14th at Auto Club Speedway. His cars have been fast in practice and qualifying. At Martinsville, he started on the pole and ran strong, but his engine blew on Lap 256, leaving him with a 38th-place finish. “I am upset that we haven’t run great this year, but we are great on Friday and Saturday,” Kahne said. “We were fast again today, and we have the speed, so when it’s our time we will be ready to take advantage of it.”

Townley addresses DUI charge Camping World Truck Series driver John Wes Townley was back on the track at Martinsville for the first time since his arrest for DUI. He met with members of the media before practice and took full responsibility for his actions. “It reflected poorly upon my team, on my sponsors and everyone else and I want to sincerely apologize,” he said. “It’s up to me moving forward to put this behind me and to make better decisions in the future and to really learn from this. I know that a lot of these words are real easily spoken, but it’s actions in the future that I’m going to be judged by.”

SPRINT CUP POINTS 1. Greg Biffle 226; Leader 2. Dale Earnhardt Jr. 220; behind -6 3. Tony Stewart 214; behind -12 4. Matt Kenseth 214; behind -12 5. Kevin Harvick 214; behind -12 6. Martin Truex Jr. 214; behind -12 7. Denny Hamlin 210; behind -16 8. Ryan Newman 202; behind -24 9. Clint Bowyer 192; behind -34 10. Jimmie Johnson 189; behind -37

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Sprint Cup victories by Jimmie Johnson in the past 34 races


Laps led by Carl Edwards in Sprint Cup races this season


Sprint Cup points separating Jeff Gordon, 21st in the standings, and Jimmie Johnson, in 10th place


Drivers within five points of Camping World Truck Series points leader John King (Timothy Peters -1, Justin Lofton -1, Ty Dillon -4) • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)


April 5, 2012 Edition – Sports Section – B

2011-12 Final NAHL Standings Central Division




(Through Mar. 20) y- Clinched Division Title • x- Clinched Playoff Spot

y- Bismarck x- Alexandria x- Austin x- Aberdeen Minot

60 60 60 60 60

45 40 36 29 7

13 15 18 24 49

2 5 6 7 4

Midwest Division



South Division OTL PTS z- Amarillo

y- St. Louis x- Janesville x- Springfield x- Coulee Region Chicago

60 60 60 60 60

42 37 31 18 13

15 18 27 35 42

3 5 2 7 5

92 85 78 65 18

87 79 64 43 31


60 60 60 60 60 60 60

x- Topeka x- Texas x- Odessa Corpus Christi Wichita Falls New Mexico

46 38 36 27 26 20 18


7 18 16 28 29 35 39


7 4 8 5 5 5 3

2012 NAHL Playoffs

99 80 80 59 57 45 39

North Division

1) Bismarck Bobcats vs. 4) Aberdeen Wings

2) Alexandria Blizzard vs. 3) Austin Bruins

Midwest Division

South Division

2) Janesville Jets vs. 3) Springfield Jr. Blues


60 60 60 60 60

38 37 34 23 19

19 19 20 32 36

3 4 6 5 5

West Division




y- Fairbanks x- Wenatchee x- Alaska x- Kenai River Fresno Dawson Creek

60 60 60 60 60 60

39 36 35 31 27 12

13 17 19 25 23 44

8 7 6 4 10 4

79 78 74 51 43

86 79 76 66 64 28

North Division

1) Port Huron Fighting Falcons vs. 4) Michigan Warriors

All playoff series are best-of-five and start April 6 * The Texas Tornado, host of the Robertson Cup, are automatically invited ** Series starts April 5 in Wenatchee

1) St. Louis Bandits vs. 4) Coulee Region Chill


y- Port Huron x- Kalamazoo x- Traverse City x- Michigan Jamestown

Each divisional playoff champion advances to Robertson Cup

Central Division


2) Kalamazoo Jr. K-Wings vs. 3) Traverse City North Stars

West Division

1) Fairbanks Ice Dogs vs. 4) Kenai River Brown Bears 1) Amarillo Bulls vs. 4) Odessa Jackalopes

2) Topeka Roadrunners vs. 3) Texas Tornado*

2) Wenatchee Wild vs. 3) Alaska Avalanche**

Ironmen End Season With Loss To North Stars By David Olesky Jamestown Ironmen

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. — The Jamestown Ironmen completed their first season in Jamestown with a 6-1 loss to the Traverse City North Stars on Sunday afternoon. The Ironmen started fast but a Blake Kelley goal that gave them an early 1-0 lead was the only offense they would get all afternoon. The Kelley goal came only 3:17 into the first period and the lead stood up until Will Badner tied the

game at one with his first goal of the game. Badner continued his offensive onslaught with two more goals before the second period

ended to give the North Stars a 3-1 lead after two periods. The North Stars scored early in the third period to take a 4-1 lead and completely

eliminate the opportunity for a Jamestown comeback. Traverse City scored twice and went on to a 6-1 victory to end the Ironmen season on

a sour note. The Ironmen were swept in all three games this weekend in Traverse City as they played out the rest of the season after

the disappointment of being eliminated from the playoffs last weekend. Joe Gladnick stopped 19-of-25 shots in the loss for Jamestown, who were outshot 25-20 by the North Stars. The Ironmen were 0-for-5 on the power play and Traverse City was 1-for-7 with the man advantage. The Ironmen will take a short break before they start preparing for the 2012-2013 season. The Ironmen will have three tryouts in June and July. Please check for more information.

College Sports


April 5, 2012 Edition – Sports Section – B

| • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)

Devils Lacrosse Waxes New Paltz Behind 21-Goal Barrage Contributed Article Fredonia Sports Information

NEW PALTZ, N.Y. — The Fredonia State women's lacrosse team opened up the conference portion of its schedule with a 21-point assualt on host New Paltz on Saturday. The Devils (7-2 overall, 1-0 SUNYAC) claimed a 21-12 victory over the Hawks (4-4, 0-1 SUNYAC). The Hawks matched the Blue Devils shot-for-shot in the first half and even held two leads in the late minutes of the first stanza, but could not keep pace with Fredonia's overwhelming attack in the second period. Fredonia State's Amy Simon earned 10 points, scoring nine goals and dishing out one assist. Katie Kleine registered seven points in her threegoal, four-assist performance while also causing a game-high five turnovers. Morgan McNamara and Shelby Depew each netted three markers, with all three of Depew's scores coming on free position attempts. Freshman Carissa Citro led the New Paltz attack with four goals and a team-high seven ground balls. Citro added four draw controls and two caused turnovers to her overall line. Senior Samantha DelGaudio matched Citro's four-point effort with one of

Erin Edson and the Fredonia Blue Devils moved to 7-2 on the season and are 1-0 in SUNYAC play. (Fredonia Sports Information submitted photo)

her own, courtesy of her one goal and three assists on the afternoon. The Blue Devils opened play with two goals in the first three minutes of action, before New Paltz returned serve with two goals of its own by Citro and Sam Tornatore tying the game at 2-all with 23:36 remaining in the first period. Simon would net her second goal of

the afternoon soon after, but Tornatore matched her at the 18:37 mark to keep the game tied, now at 3-all. Simon scored two more Blue Devil goals in rapid succession, yet New Paltz again answered right back with goals by freshman midfielder Lianne Valdivia and Citro to keep pace with Fredonia. Depew's first free-position shot for the Blue Devils gave them a 6-5 lead at the 11:39 mark in the first half.

Fredonia Softball Drops Three Over Long Weekend Contributed Article Fredonia Sports Information

FREDONIA, N.Y. — Fredonia State's long day ended with a 1-0 SUNYAC loss to Potsdam in the completion of a game suspended Friday. Carissa Cornwell's single to left scored Brittany Pawlowski in the first extra inning as the Bears ended their day with a loss — after two losses earlier in the day at Buffalo State — while the Blue Devils (7-8-1) ended their with their third loss. The were defeated by Plattsburgh in a doubleheader earlier in the day by identical 9-3 scores. Danielle Shelp was the hardluck loser to Potsdam. She scattered seven hits and struck out nine. Potsdam's Ashley Thayer was the winning pitcher. She tossed a completegame five-hitter. Katie Bartkowiak had two hits and stole two bases for the Blue Devils. Jessica Lauck cracked a double. The first four innings of the game were played Friday before it was suspended because of rain and lightning.

Earlier Saturday, the Blue Devils led early in the first game of the SUNYAC doubleheader with Plattsburgh before the Cardinals got on a roll with their first 9-3 win. The roll continued into the second game for the second 9-3 win. In the opener, the Devils scored the game's first run in the bottom of the first. Anne Wasik led off the inning with a double. She advanced to third on a wild pitch and came around to score on a groundout by Bartkowiak. Fredonia State made it 3-0 in the bottom of the fourth. A walk, error and hit batter loaded the bases. Rachael Burrows singled to plate the first run. The second run was forced in when Wasik walked. A flyout and groundout thwarted the rally. Plattsburgh mounted it comeback in the top of the fifth. A lead-off homer from Erin Florkiewicz made it 3-1. Following an error, Plattsburgh's Megan Price doubled. Brittany Marshall followed with a two-run single to tie the game at 3-all. With two outs, Plattsburgh recorded three straight hits to load the bases. Starting pitcher

Ashley LaPorta was then removed in favor of Shelp, who forced in the go-ahead run with a bases-loaded walk before inducing a pop out to right field. The Devils fought back in the bottom of the fifth. A walk to Lauren Larson, an infield single by Michelle Lattner, and a bunt single by Hannah Vesneske loaded the bases. Plattsburgh pitcher Ashley Marshall, who came on in relief to start the inning, struck out the next three Devils to end the threat. Plattsburgh continued with the momentum with four more in the top of the sixth and one in the seventh to make it 9-3. Marshall was back in the circle for Game 2. Her teammates staked her to an 8-0 lead before the Blue Devils scored all three of their runs in the third. Singles by Brittany Lis and Burrows but runners on first and third. Tina Schwartzmeyer followed with an RBI single and Bartkowiak with a two-run double. The Blue Devils are back in action Thursday when PittBradford visits Blue Devil Field for a non-conference doubleheader.

Six Qualify For SUNYAC’s At Washington And Jefferson Contributed Article Fredonia Sports Information

WASHINGTON, Pa. — Six Fredonia State women track and field athletes recorded SUNYAC-qualifying entries at the Washington and Jefferson College Invitational on Saturday. Anna Hourihan turned in a time of 19:49.38 in the 5000 meter, good enough for fifteenth on the day. Alyssa O'Connor was ninth in the long jump with a leap of 4.80 meters. In the 800 meter run, Kateri Walsh finished seventh

in 2:25.58. Kim Foltz was ninth at 2:26.58. Becca List was 12th in the 1500 meter at 5:10.62. Amanda Solly was fifth in the 3000 meter steeplechase at 12:31.33. In addition to the SUNYAC qualifiers, the team saw several top ten finishes on the day. Leslie Beaton was ninth in the 400 meter dash (1:05.06). In the 10,000 meter, Lindsay Rynders was ninth in 45:34.86. Melissa Cummiskey was sixth in the long jump with 4.88 meters. Laura Hess was ninth in the 400 meter hurdles in a time of 1:19.93.

Contributed Article

St. Bonaventure Sports Information

ST. BONAVENTURE, N.Y. — The St. Bonaventure men's tennis team dropped all three of its road matches this weekend, falling to Xavier (7-0) on Friday, Notre Dame (7-0) on Saturday and IPFW (5-2) on

Sunday. The Bonnies were able to end the weekend on a relative bright note against IPFW (Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne) as they claimed two singles victories — their first of the weekend — as part of a 5-2 setback to the Mastodons.

Bonnies Lacrosse Falls To La Salle

Sophomore Lauren Michaels scored three goals for the Bonnies, but St. Bonaventure fell apart late to drop their second A-10 game in a row. (Submitted photo).

Contributed Article

St. Bonaventure Sports Information

PHILADELPHIA — La Salle (9-2, 2-0 Atlantic 10) scored four goals in 1:44 to break an 8-8 tie, spoiling a three-goal outing from Lauren Michaels in a 14-10 St. Bonaventure (2-4, 0-2) loss at McCarthy Stadium on Sunday. The Explorers led 3-1 before Michaels netted her second career hat trick, scoring three straight Bona goals to bridge the halftime break and tie the

Contributed Article

ST. BONAVENTURE, N.Y. — The St. Bonaventure softball team (12-12, 2-2 Atlantic 10) dropped a pair of games against Saint Louis (16-18, 3-3) in a doubleheader at McGraw-Jennings Field on Sunday. SBU had won three of four coming in, but had its record evened with a 5-1 loss in the opener and a 4-1, five inning setback to conclude the day. The Bonnies stranded seven runners through the first three innings of the opener and Saint Louis broke the game

Tennis Report

Junior Luis Guevara earned a hard-fought three-set match out of the No. 2 singles slot. After winning the first set, 6-3, Guevara dropped the second, 2-6, before rallying in the third, 6-3, for the victory. Sophomore Javier Ortiz claimed the other SBU victory Continued on pg 7

game at four. Jenna Barber converted a free position shot to give the Bonnies a 5-4 cushion, but Jackie Roebuck dished one of her game-best three assists for the tying goal and Melanie Sarcinello went to goal alone twice to cap a string of three unanswered goals. Sarcinello totaled five goals for the game, while Roebuck tallied five points on three assists and a pair of scores. The Bonnies rallied once again to tie though, this time

on goals just 57 seconds apart from Amanda Cizenski and Marybeth Madia. Madia added her second goal off a feed from Danielle Drabin to even it up at 8-all, before La Salle sent the Bonnies to their fourth straight loss with four goals in just 1:44 to gain separation. Sara Schlagenhauf turned aside a career-high 12 shots in the loss. St. Bonaventure returns to action on Thursday, as the Bonnies visit Duquesne in another A-10 Conference tilt.

Bonnies Softball Drops Doubleheader To Saint Louis St. Bonaventure Sports Information

The 4x100 meter relay of Melissa Cummiskey, Alexis Perez, Kalish and Erin Parker was third in 52.03 seconds. In the pole vault, Kelci Yousett cleared 9 feet, 8 inches for fifth place. Emily Cummiskey was fourth in the triple jump with 10.33 meters. Nicole Desens was fourth in the discus with a toss of 36.35 meters. Kathleen Goodberlet was fourth in the hammer throw with 42.23 meters. Desens finished ninth with a fling of 37.50 meters. The team is back in action at the University of Rochester meet next weekend.

Men Suffer Weekend Sweep On The Road

New Paltz claimed its first lead of the game after an unassisted Citro marker and a strike from freshman midfielder Julia Johnson gave the Hawks a 7-6 edge with 8:32 remaining in the period. Depew's second free-position goal knotted the game with 4:43 left in the first, but the Hawks Juli Rehain countered just a minute later to stake the Hawks to a 8-7 lead. Simon im-

mediately evened the score after the ensuing draw, sending both teams to halftime tied at 8-all. The Hawks struggled to get out of the box in the second half, allowing five straight Blue Devil goals before scoring with 20:30 remaining. Faced with a 13-9 deficit, the New Paltz defense was pressured and could not come up with stops, allowing an 8-0 Fredonia State run that stretched for more than 10 minutes. Three Hawk scores in the last 10 minutes brought the final score to a 21-12 ending. Fredonia State's Casey Chiesa earned her seventh victory of the year, stopping nine Hawk shots in 60 minutes of play. Hawks's goalkeeper Stefanie Mignone was charged with the loss after minding the net for nearly 47 minutes, amassing four saves. She was relieved by freshman Jackie Ulanoff, who saved one shot in 13:03 between the pipes. Despite outshooting the Blue Devils by a 19-17 margin in the first half, the Hawks finished the game with 27 shots compared to Fredonia's 31. New Paltz did win the ground ball battle, 21-20, as well as winning the aforementioned draw control battle. Fredonia was successful in 11 of its 14 clear attempts, while New Paltz cleared 10-of-13 chances.

open in the fourth. The Billikens plated five runs on five hits, taking control for good as Hannah Huebbe worked a complete-game three hitter that included eight strikeouts. Lindsay Stowell finished the game 2-for-3 with a walk, with Ashley Snider's single up the middle in the bottom half of the fourth bringing Kelli Rohan around for the Bonnies' only run. The Billikens maintained momentum in the second game, scoring a lone run in the top of the first. SBU capitalized on a pair of outfield errors to plate its only run of the contest three innings later, as

Brooke Frey scored from first following a centerfield fielding miscue and errant throw home. After the game was knotted, 1-1, Saint Louis answered with another barrage of runs to build a 4-1 lead through five innings. The Billikens — led by a three-run home run from Rachel Faletto — led 8-1 with one out in the sixth before the game was called due to rain and reverted back to five full innings. The Bonnies host Rhode Island Friday and Saturday before UMass visits McGrawJennings Field on Easter Sunday for a doubleheader.

Women’s Winning Streak Snapped

Contributed Article

St. Bonaventure Sports Information

The St. Bonaventure women's tennis team had its fourmatch winning streak snapped this weekend on the road as the Bonnies dropped a pair of matches to Atlantic 10 Conference foe Xavier on Friday

and IPFW on Sunday. Against IPFW (Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne), freshman Fatya Amiri and junior Amanda Pallikunnel earned victories in a 5-2 loss. Playing at No. 2 singles, Amiri disposed of Marcy Huck in straight sets, 6-0, 6-4. Pallikunnel picked up her win out of the No. 4

position in a three-set match, 3-6, 6-2, 6-0. Unfortunately for the Brown and White, IPFW claimed the other four singles victories and all three doubles matches for the win. On Friday against Xavier, Bonaventure failed to get Continued on pg 7

he s to

f ng re ced • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)

art d


Jordan Leopold (middle) celebrates scoring the game-tying goal late in the third period, eventually forcing overtime. The Sabres won 6-5 to move into a tie for the eighth and final playoff spot. (AP Photo)

back from a 4-3 loss at Toronto on Saturday. Tyler Bozak had two goals and an assist, Phil Kessel had three assists and Matt Frattin had a goal and assist for a Maple Leafs team that's playing out the string in missing the playoffs for a seventh straight year. Roy's decisive goal came on the power-play during a scramble in front, after goalie Ben Scrivens stopped Thomas Vanek from jamming the puck in at the left post. The puck squirted into the slot where Roy snapped it over Scrivens' left shoulder. "Today was one of those days where

we could've found ourselves losing that game 5-0," Leopold said. "It didn't work out that way, because we decided to dig in and push it all the way." Digging in might have been the operative word because the Sabres wouldn't have been in a position to win if not for Leopold's selfdescribed "pitchfork goal" that came during a mad scramble in front to force overtime with 1:53 left. Scrivens made the initial stop on Marcus Foligno, but was unable to control the rebound. That resulted in a tangle of bodies crushing around the crease. Scrivens dropped

Average Paid Attendance At An All-Time High For Sabres In 2011-12

Mike Weber #6 and Tyler Ennis #63 celebrate Ennis' goal to tie the game in the second period against the Montreal Canadiens on March 12, 2012. (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

ally blown away by their dedication.” Through February’s NHL schedule, Buffalo’s total number of tickets purchased in fullseason ticket packages ranked fourth in the league, and the team’s total average paid attendance ranked sixth. The team’s total of 747,485 tickets distributed this season comes within 2,000 tickets of the franchise’s total paid attendance record of 749,133. The team reached this mark despite having one fewer home game on the schedule after playing their first “home” game in Helsinki, Finland to open the season.

Sabres Agree To Terms With Catenacci, Knapp Buffalo Sabres Press Release

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Buffalo Sabres General Manw- ager Darcy Regier announced that the team has agreed to terms with forward Dan Catenacci on . a three-year entry level contract and goaltender Connor Knapp on a two-year entry-level contract. Both contracts will take effect next season and both players will join the Rochester Americans tonight on amateur tryouts. Catenacci, selected by Buffalo in the third ch, round (No. 77t overall) of the 2011 NHL Entry Draft, ranked second on the Owen Sound Attack (OHL) with 72 points in 67 games in wn 2011-12. Catenacci added a goal and three asthe sists in five playoff games for the Attack.

In 199 career OHL games with Owen Sound and Sault Ste. Marie, the native of New Market, Ont. totaled 173 points and 299 penalty minutes. Knapp recently completed a four-year collegiate career at the University of Miami (Ohio). During his senior season, Knapp appeared in a career-high 24 games, starting 22 and compiling career-best numbers in every category, including a 15-8-0 record, a 1.69 goals against average, a .933 save percentage and five shutouts. The York, N.Y. native appeared in 84 games during his collegiate career, posting a 46-22-11 record with a 1.94 goals against average and a .918 save percentage. Knapp was selected by the Sabres in the sixth round (No. 164 overall) of the 2009 NHL Entry Draft.

SBU WOMENS TENNIS continued from pg 6

anything going against the Musketeers, who were picked to finish third in the A-10 in preseason voting. Xavier

swept all six singles matches and all three doubles matches en route to a 7-0 triumph.

The Bonnies return to action on Thursday, April 5, in a home conference match against La Salle.

his stick, and had several teammates lying in front as Foligno, flat on his back, Tyler Ennis and Leopold took turns at jamming at the puck. With referee Mike Hasenfratz standing to the left of the net, keeping his eye on the puck, Leopold finally got his stick free and somehow poked it in. "That's not how you draw them up, but it was a hell of a way to win it," coach Lindy Ruff said. "That game had everything." The Maple Leafs had a different view of the outcome. "Gut-wrenching," coach Randy

Carlyle said. "Everything went our way early, and then everything went against us late in the hockey game." In fear of being disciplined by the NHL for criticizing officials, Carlyle sidestepped a question as to whether he thought the play should've been whistled dead. "If I say what I wanted to say, we'd be reading about a nominal fine for the coach of the Maple Leafs," Carlyle said. "I have no comment on what happened out there." What happened is the Maple Leafs somehow squandered a three-goal lead for the second time this season, after blowing a 4-1 third-period lead in a 5-4 shootout loss to Pittsburgh on Jan. 31. Buffalo, by comparison, rallied to win after trailing by three goals for the first time since a 4-3 overtime win over Atlanta on Jan. 1, 2010 After a sloppy first period, the Sabres mustered a response with a dominating second period, in which they cut the lead to 3-2 on goals by Ennis and Sulzer, while outshooting the Leafs 19-6. Toronto appeared to regain the momentum to start the third period, when former Sabres player Clarke MacArthur converted Joey Crabb's centering pass 1:28 in. Roy responded by scoring 56 seconds later, but the Leafs regained a two-goal edge on rookie defenseman Jake Gardiner's goal with 9:21 left. "It's one win, but it gives us some momentum," Leopold said. "It was one of those games where I think everybody in the stands and media was waiting for that one to turn out worse than it ended up being. For us, we pulled together and found a way to win."

2011-12 NHL Playoff Standings Through March 19

Contributed Article

Buffalo Sabres Press Release e o ith BUFFALO, N.Y. — With Tuesday night’s soldin out game vs. Toronto, the Buffalo Sabres have surpassed the franchise record for average paid attendance per game this season, topping the pres in vious record by more than 450 tickets per game. The Sabres sold 18,687 tickets per game this ac- season, topping the previous team record of on- 18,272 per game, set in 2009-10. The team sold ther out 39 of their 40 home games at First Niagara Center this season. The only non-sellout of the season was the Nov. 2 game against the Philadelphia Flyers, which was only 391 tickets shy of a sellout. Since Terry Pegula purchased the team on Feb. 22, 2011, the Sabres have sold out 51 of 52 regular season games and each of their three playoff games. rst d- “Even though Buffalo is the smallest U.S. marw ket in the NHL, the volume of ticket sales this season further demonstrates that the Sabres have a big following,” said Buffalo Sabres Presid, dent Ted Black. “Passionate fans are a pillar of withany great sports franchise and we’re thankful that we have such a tremendous fan base here ve in the Niagara region. Their enthusiasm this d season has been exceptional and we’re continurom ith the n Contributed Article ull


April 5, 2012 Edition – Sports Section – B

Sabres Keep Playoff Hopes Firmly Alive With Miraculous Comeback

not Contributed Article 8-0 Associated Press for wk ght BUFFALO, N.Y. — It's never safe to count out the Buffalo Sabres. ned In a season in which they've already op- mounted a remarkable second-half tes surge to climb back into playoff contention, the Sabres showed yet one another frantic flare for dramatics d- by overcoming a three-goal deficit to beat the Toronto Maple Leafs 6-5 ed in overtime on Tuesday night. ved Derek Roy sealed the win by s. scoring his second goal 3:29 into vils overtime after Alexander Sulzer , and Jordan Leopold scored in the h final 5:03 of regulation as the Sabres 31. twice rallied from two-goal thirdl period deficits in a game they never he led until the final score. tle. Rather than inching closer to ts being eliminated, Buffalo (39z 31-10) snapped a two-game skid and pulled even with eighth-place Washington in the Eastern Conference. Both teams have two games left, though the Capitals hold the tiebreaker edge. "This means a lot. It means we didn't roll over and die," Roy said. "Our will was better than theirs I thought." Trailing 3-0 and booed off the ice after the first period, and in their home finale no less, this wasn't the first time the Sabres have been counted out this year. They were regarded as one of the NHL's biggest flops in January, before mounting what's now become a 20-7-5 run over their past 32 games. Sulzer had two goals and an assist and Tyler Ennis had a goal and assist for Buffalo, which bounced



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

z - NY Rangers y - Boston Florida x - Pittsburgh x - Philadelphia x - New Jersey x - Ottawa Washington Buffalo e - Winnipeg e - Tampa Bay e - Carolina e - Toronto e - NY Islanders e - Montreal

GP 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 79 80 80 80 79

W 51 47 37 49 46 46 41 40 39 37 37 32 34 33 29

y - Vancouver y - St. Louis Los Angeles x - Nashville x - Detroit x - Chicago San Jose Phoenix Dallas Colorado e - Calgary e - Minnesota e - Anaheim e - Edmonton e - Columbus

GP 79 79 80 80 79 80 80 79 80 80 80 80 79 80 79

W 49 48 40 46 47 44 41 39 42 41 35 34 33 32 27

Eastern Conference L 22 29 25 25 25 28 29 32 31 34 35 32 36 36 35

OTL 7 4 18 6 9 6 10 8 10 9 7 16 10 11 15

PTS 109 98 92 104 101 98 92 88 88 83 81 80 78 77 73

Western Conference L 21 21 27 26 27 26 29 27 33 33 29 35 35 39 45

OTL 9 10 13 8 5 10 10 13 5 6 16 11 11 9 7

PTS 107 106 93 100 99 98 92 91 89 88 86 79 77 73 61

ROW 47 39 31 40 42 34 35 36 32 33 34 32 30 26 24

L10 7-3-0 7-2-1 3-2-5 5-4-1 5-3-2 6-3-1 5-4-1 4-4-2 6-2-2 4-5-1 5-5-0 6-3-1 4-4-2 5-5-0 2-3-5

STRK Won 1 Lost 1 Lost 4 Won 1 Lost 1 Won 4 Lost 1 Lost 1 Won 1 Won 1 Won 2 Won 1 Lost 1 Lost 3 Lost 4

ROW 42 44 34 41 39 38 33 33 35 32 32 24 30 27 23

L10 7-2-1 4-3-3 7-2-1 5-5-0 3-5-2 7-1-2 6-4-0 5-2-3 3-7-0 5-3-2 2-4-4 5-4-1 4-5-1 5-3-2 5-5-0

STRK Won 6 Lost 2 Won 1 Won 1 Won 1 Lost 1 Won 2 Won 2 Lost 3 Won 1 Lost 3 Lost 1 Lost 2 Lost 1 Won 3

z - Clinched Best Record in Conference • y - Clinched Division Title • x - Clinched Playoff Berth • e - Eliminated from Playoff Contention

SBU MENS TENNIS continued from pg 6

by playing out of the No. 5 position, and he did so in similar fashion as Guevara. After winning the first set, 6-3, Guevara was blanked in the second, 0-6, but responded in the third and deciding set, 6-4,

for the win. Those were the lone Bonaventure wins of the weekend as against No. 41 Irish on Saturday they were shut out, 7-0, and in an Atlantic 10 Conference match at Xavier

on Friday were also blanked, 7-0. St. Bonaventure returns to the court looking to get back in the winning column with a home league match against La Salle on Thursday.

National Sports

8 1) New York Yankees 2011: 97-65, 1st place (lost to Detroit in division series). Manager: Joe Girardi (4th season). Projected Lineup: SS Derek Jeter, CF Curtis Granderson, 2B Robinson Cano, 3B Alex Rodriguez, 1B Mark Teixeira, DH Raul Ibanez or Andruw Jones, C Russell Martin, RF Nick Swisher, LF Brett Gardner. Rotation: CC Sabathia, Hiroki Kuroda, Freddy Garcia, Phil Hughes, Ivan Nova, Andy Pettitte. Key Relievers: Mariano Rivera, David Robertson, Rafael Soriano, Boone Logan. Outlook: Especially with the possibility the third-place team in the AL East can go to the playoffs, the Yankees are well positioned for their 17th postseason berth in 18 years. But with the pinstripes, anything less than first place is not acceptable, especially since wild cards meet in a one-game knockout round. With a clubhouse filled with older players, health will be a key. New York is looking for Jeter, ARod and Mark Teixeira to rebound offensively, for Granderson to come close to his career-best season of last year and for Ibanez to produce as a platoon DH.

1) Detroit Tigers 2011: 95-67, 1st place (lost to Texas in ALCS). Manager: Jim Leyland (7th season). Projected Lineup: CF Austin Jackson, RF Brennan Boesch, 3B Miguel Cabrera, 1B Prince Fielder, DH Delmon Young, C Alex Avila, SS Jhonny Peralta, LF Andy Dirks, 2B Ryan Raburn. Rotation: Justin Verlander, Doug Fister, Max Scherzer, Rick Porcello Key Relievers: Jose Valverde, Joaquin Benoit, Octavio Dotel, Phil Coke, Al Alburquerque. Outlook: With Verlander, Cabrera and Fielder, the Tigers have three MVP candidates in their primes, and after winning the AL Central by 15 games last season, Detroit feels its window of opportunity is now to make a World Series push. After losing Victor Martinez to a severe knee injury, the Tigers signed Fielder to a $214 million, nine-year contract in January. Beyond the front-line stars, Avila and Peralta were among the game's best hitters at their positions in 2011, and Valverde and Benoit were tough to beat late in games. There are some concerns — defense and team speed among them — but there's been an unmistakable buzz surrounding the Tigers ever since Fielder showed up in Motown.

April 5, 2012 Edition – Sports Section – B

| • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)

AL East

2) Tampa Bay Rays 2011: 91-71, 2nd place, AL wild card (lost to Texas in division series). Manager: Joe Maddon (7th season). Projected Lineup: LF Desmond Jennings, CF B.J. Upton, 2B Ben Zobrist, 3B Evan Longoria, 1B Carlos Pena, DH Luke Scott, RF Matt Joyce, C Jose Molina, SS Sean Rodriguez. Rotation: James Shields, David Price, Jeremy Hellickson, Matt Moore, Jeff Niemann. Key Relievers: Kyle Farnsworth, Joel Peralta, J.P. Howell, Burke Badenhop, Fernando Rodney, Jake McGee, Wade Davis. Outlook: Surprisingly, the Rays were able to address their biggest offseason priorities without giving up anyone from one of baseball's youngest and deepest starting pitching rotations. Executive vice president Andrew Friedman bolstered the offense this winter with the acquisition of free agent sluggers Pena and Scott, who'll add power to the lineup without costing the Rays defensively. Badenhop and Rodney were added to an already solid bullpen that flourished after being rebuilt a year ago, when Tampa Bay lost six relievers to free agency. The offseason moves didn't create splashy headlines, but Maddon and Friedman are confident they will help the budget-minded Rays remain competitive with the bigspending Yankees and Boston Red Sox in the rugged AL East.

3) Boston Red Sox 2011: 90-72, 3rd place. Manager: Bobby Valentine (1st season). Projected Lineup: CF Jacoby Ellsbury, 2B Dustin Pedroia, 1B Adrian Gonzalez, 3B Kevin Youkilis, DH David Ortiz, C Jarrod Saltalamacchia, LF Cody Ross, RF Ryan Sweeney, SS Mike Aviles. Rotation: Jon Lester, Josh Beckett, Clay Buchholz, Daniel Bard, Felix Doubront. Key Relievers: Andrew Bailey, Mark Melancon, Alfredo Aceves, Franklin Morales. Outlook: Valentine's energetic style contrasts with the more laid-back approach of former manager Terry Francona. But will players chafe at Valentine's tendency to criticize them publicly? He's brought a new atmosphere after Boston went 7-20 in September and missed the playoffs on the final day of the regular season. He's banned alcohol in the clubhouse but has praised players' attitudes after reports that starting pitchers drank beer and ate fried chicken in the clubhouse. He also jabbed the Yankees in spring training — we'll see what's next in the rivalry. New GM Ben Cherington stayed away from big-money signings and added depth with second-tier players. That may not be enough in an improved AL East with the Yankees and Rays.

2) Cleveland Indians 2011: 80-82, 2nd place. Manager: Manny Acta (3rd season). Projected Lineup: CF Michael Brantley, SS Asdrubal Cabrera, RF ShinSoo Choo, C Carlos Santana, DH Travis Hafner, 1B Casey Kotchman, 2B Jason Kipnis, Shelley Duncan, 3B Jack Hannahan. Rotation: Ubaldo Jimenez, Justin Masterson, Josh Tomlin, Derek Lowe, Jeanmar Gomez. Key Relievers: Chris Perez, Joe Smith, Vinnie Pestano, Rafael Perez, Dan Wheeler. Outlook: A shocking start in 2011 was followed by an equally unexpected collapse. The Indians were a feel-good story for most of the season. They were still within 5 1/2 games of first on Aug. 1 when it all came crashing down, mostly because of injuries. The club used the disabled list 22 times and only had Hafner, Choo, Cabrera and Grady Sizemore — Cleveland's four most established hitters — in the same lineup for 17 games. Acta has his players believing they can not only contend again this season, but run down Detroit and win the AL Central. To do that, they'll have to stay healthy and youngsters like Brantley (filling in for the oft-injured Sizemore), Kipnis and Lonnie Chisenhall have to take it up a notch. Of the teams who could benefit most from the expanded playoff format, the Indians are near the top of the list.

3) Kansas City Royals 2011: 71-91, 4th place. Manager: Ned Yost (3rd season). Projected Lineup: LF Alex Gordon, 2B Johnny Giavotella, 1B Eric Hosmer, DH Billy Butler, 3B Mike Moustakas, RF Jeff Francoeur, C Salvador Perez, CF Lorenzo Cain, SS Alcides Escobar. Rotation: Bruce Chen, Luke Hochevar, Jonathan Sanchez, Felipe Paulino, Luis Mendoza, Danny Duffy. Key Relievers: Aaron Crow, Jonathan Broxton, Greg Holland, Louis Coleman, Tim Collins, Jose Mijares, Everett Teaford. Outlook: The Royals return virtually the entire roster they had at the end of last season, when the average age on some nights was 24 years old. They dealt Cabrera for Sanchez in an attempt to improve a mediocre pitching staff, but they also believe that Cain can become a star in the outfield. He was part of the trade that sent Zack Greinke to Milwaukee a couple years ago. If the pitching holds up and a young nucleus of Hosmer, Moustakas and Escobar can fulfill massive expectations, the Royals might have what it takes to make a playoff run for the first time since winning the 1985 World Series. Even being in the race at the break — Kansas City hosts the All-Star game this year — would be a vast improvement.

1) Texas Rangers 2011: 96-66, AL champions (lost to St. Louis in World Series). Manager: Ron Washington (6th season). Projected Lineup: 2B Ian Kinsler, SS Elvis Andrus, CF Josh Hamilton, 3B Adrian Beltre, DH Michael Young, RF Nelson Cruz, C Mike Napoli, LF David Murphy, 1B Mitch Moreland. Rotation: Colby Lewis, Derek Holland, Yu Darvish, Neftali Feliz, Matt Harrison or Scott Feldman. Key Relievers: Joe Nathan, Mike Adams, Alexi Ogando, Mark Lowe, Yoshinori Tateyama, Michael Kirkman. Outlook: For the second year in a row, the Rangers lost their No. 1 pitcher in free agency after losing in the World Series. Wilson had moved up in the rotation when fellow lefty Cliff Lee departed after 2010, but then last December took a five-year deal from the AL West rival Los Angeles Angels. The Rangers countered by signing Darvish, Japan's top pitcher, to a six-year contract that cost them more than $107 million. The 6-foot-5 right-hander had a 1.99 ERA over the past seven seasons in the Pacific League, and he's only 25. The top-hitting lineup in the majors is basically unchanged, though Hamilton is going into the final season of his contract. After facing Albert Pujols in last year's World Series, Texas will have to get by him this year to win another AL West title.

2) Los Angeles Angels

AL Central

AL West

2011: 86-76, 2nd place. Manager: Mike Scioscia (13th season). Projected Lineup: SS Erick Aybar, DH Bobby Abreu, 1B Albert Pujols, RF Torii Hunter, 2B Howie Kendrick, 3B Alberto Callaspo, LF Vernon Wells, C Chris Iannetta, CF Peter Bourjos. Rotation: Jered Weaver, Dan Haren, C.J. Wilson, Ervin Santana, Jerome Williams. Key Relievers: Jordan Walden, LaTroy Hawkins, Hisanori Takahashi, Scott Downs, Jason Isringhausen. Outlook: The Angels might have the AL's best rotation led by Cy Young runner-up Weaver, and their lineup looks good around Pujols, arguably the game's best hitter, a three-time NL MVP and last fall's World Series slugger. Anything less than a good playoff run will be a major disappointment in Orange County, and the Angels' veteran core isn't shying away from expectations. Scioscia is quietly confident Los Angeles has all the ingredients of a championship ballclub that can knock two-time league champion Texas off its perch atop the AL West — and new right-hander Wilson added fuel to the rivalry this month when he tweeted Rangers C Mike Napoli's phone number. The Angels are ready to roll into the most anticipated season in franchise history.

4) Toronto Blue Jays 2011: 81-81, 4th place. Manager: John Farrell (2nd season). Projected Lineup: SS Yunel Escobar, 2B Kelly Johnson, RF Jose Bautista, 1B Adam Lind, DH Edwin Encarnacion, 3B Brett Lawrie, CF Colby Rasmus, C J.P. Arencibia, LF Travis Snider. Rotation: Ricky Romero, Brandon Morrow, Brett Cecil, Henderson Alvarez, Dustin McGowan. Key Relievers: Sergio Santos, Francisco Cordero, Darren Oliver, Casey Janssen. Outlook: They're sporting a new look this season, a throwback to Toronto's glory years of back-toback World Series titles in 1992 and `93. But it'll take more than updated uniforms to get the Blue Jays back in the playoffs for the first time in almost two decades, even with an expanded postseason format. Toronto needs consistency from its starting rotation, dependability from its rebuilt bullpen and advancement from young stars such as Arencibia and Lawrie if it hopes to contend for a wild-card berth in the competitive AL East. Another power-packed season from Bautista wouldn't hurt, either.

5) Baltimore Orioles 2011: 69-93, 5th place. Manager: Buck Showalter (2nd full season). Projected Lineup: LF Nolan Reimold, SS J.J. Hardy, RF Nick Markakis, CF Adam Jones, C Matt Wieters, 3B Mark Reynolds, 1B Chris Davis, DH Wilson Betemit, 2B Robert Andino. Rotation: Jake Arrieta, Wei-Yin Chen, Tommy Hunter, Jason Hammel, Brian Matusz. Key Relievers: Jim Johnson, Kevin Gregg, Matt Lindstrom, Tsuyoshi Wada, Dana Eveland. Outlook: Between Hardy, Jones, Reynolds and Wieters, the Orioles have enough power to compete with the big boys in the AL East. The problem is the pitching, again a huge question mark. If newcomers Chen, Wada and Hammel hold their own in a new league, and if Arrieta and Matusz bounce back from injury-troubled seasons, Baltimore's starting rotation will survive the loss of workhorse Jeremy Guthrie. New executive vice president of baseball operations Dan Duquette and the Orioles won't be a contender in 2012 as they celebrate the 20th anniversary of Camden Yards, but if they can avoid injuries and get some decent pitching they could snap an embarrassing streak of 14 consecutive losing seasons.

4) Chicago White Sox 2011: 79-83, 3rd place. Manager: Robin Ventura (1st season). Projected Lineup: CF Alejandro De Aza, C A.J. Pierzynski, RF Alex Rios, 1B Paul Konerko, DH Adam Dunn, SS Alexei Ramirez, LF Dayan Viciedo, 3B Brent Morel, 2B Gordon Beckham. Rotation: John Danks, Jake Peavy, Gavin Floyd, Chris Sale, Phil Humber. Key Relievers: Matt Thornton, Jesse Crain, Will Ohman, Zach Stewart, Addison Reed. Outlook: With Detroit adding Prince Fielder, the White Sox will be hardpressed to win the AL Central, especially if Dunn doesn't get straightened out. Viciedo will finally get his chance to be an everyday player in the majors and counted on to make up for the run production of the departed Quentin. Danks got a new contract to be the ace but must avoid his slow start — 0-8 — of a year ago when he didn't win for the first two months. Ventura's personality couldn't be more different from the man he replaced, Ozzie Guillen. His laid-back personality and his approach were greeted favorably in spring training, but he takes over a team that lost its ace (Buehrle) and closer (Santos). Konerko, at age 36, will be entering his 14th season with Chicago and is coming off a stellar year, one the White Sox will need again.

5) Minnesota Twins 2011: 63-99, 5th place. Manager: Ron Gardenhire (11th season). Projected lineup: CF Denard Span, SS Jamey Carroll, C Joe Mauer, 1B Justin Morneau, RF Josh Willingham, DH Ryan Doumit or Trevor Plouffe, 3B Danny Valencia, LF Ben Revere, 2B Alexi Casilla. Rotation: Carl Pavano, Francisco Liriano, Scott Baker, Nick Blackburn, Jason Marquis. Key relievers: Matt Capps, Glen Perkins, Brian Duensing, Anthony Swarzak. Outlook: Well, the Twins can't fare much worse than last year. That's the upside to 2012. Mauer and Morneau have been full participants in spring training, so that's progress so far, too. Prospects like Joe Benson and Chris Parmelee are hanging around, waiting for their opportunity to be major league regulars. Willingham will be asked to replace Cuddyer at the plate and in the field, but Cuddyer's lost leadership will leave a void. General manager Terry Ryan's return to his old role has helped restore some optimism. The division is better than it used to be, though, so the Twins have a lot of improvements to make even if they stay healthy to be the annual contenders they were over the last decade.

3) Oakland Athletics 2011: 74-88, 3rd place. Manager: Bob Melvin (2nd season). Projected Lineup: 2B Jemile Weeks, SS Cliff Pennington, LF Coco Crisp, CF Yoenis Cespedes, DH Seth Smith, C Kurt Suzuki, RF Josh Reddick, 1B Brandon Allen, 3B Josh Donaldson. Rotation: Brandon McCarthy, Bartolo Colon, Tom Milone, Tyson Ross, Graham Godfrey or Brad Peacock. Key Relievers: Grant Balfour, Brian Fuentes, Joey Devine, Fautino De Los Santos. Outlook: After trading away top starters Gonzalez and Cahill and closer Bailey in the offseason, it looked as if there would be little excitement surrounding the A's until they found out whether they could move to San Jose. Then general manager Billy Beane signed Cuban defector Cespedes to a $36 million, four-year contract that immediately injected some life into the team — Cespedes hit his first big league homer in Tokyo on Thursday. Beane also signed Manny Ramirez, who must sit out the first 50 games for a second violation of baseball's drug policy. The mostly unproven rotation could get a boost when Dallas Braden (shoulder) and Brett Anderson (elbow) return from injuries. But the good news the A's really want to get is for Major League Baseball to allow them to move to San Jose, where a new stadium will help them compete with big spenders in their division.

4) Seattle Mariners 2011: 67-95, 4th place. Manager: Eric Wedge (2nd season). Projected Lineup: 3B Chone Figgins, 2B Dustin Ackley, RF Ichiro Suzuki, Justin Smoak, DH Jesus Montero, LF Mike Carp, C Miguel Olivo, CF Michael Saunders, SS Brendan Ryan. Rotation: Felix Hernandez, Jason Vargas, Blake Beavan, Charlie Furbush, Hisashi Iwakuma. Key Relievers: Brandon League, George Sherrill, Shawn Kelley. Outlook: Wedge admittedly was tightlipped with criticism as some of his youngsters struggled through his first season. But after a year of learning the organization, Wedge says he now has a baseline for expectations and will be more likely to call out his players when they're not performing. Seattle was unable to solve its offensive problems in free agency, so it's clear its future will be built around Montero, Smoak, Ackley and Carp in the hopes that foursome can anchor Seattle's batting order for years to come. Hernandez again leads the pitching staff, but what has Seattle excited is the prospects of pairing the former AL Cy Young winner with a foursome of young arms — Danny Hultzen, James Paxton, Taijuan Walker and Erasmo Ramirez — that are all likely a year away. With Texas and the Angels both making huge offseason moves, Seattle's ceiling is probably third place in this division, but it needs to be progressive improvement from a year ago if the expectation of contending in `13 and `14 is to remain realistic.

National Sports • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)

1) Philadelphia Phillies 2011: 102-60, 1st place (lost to St. Louis ll in division series). Manager: Charlie Manuel (8th season). Projected Lineup: LF Juan Pierre, 3B ka- Placido Polanco, SS Jimmy Rollins, RF ers, Hunter Pence, CF Shane Victorino, 1B is, Ty Wigginton or Jim Thome, C Carlos Ruiz, 2B Freddy Galvis. Rotation: Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, Vance Worley, Joe Blanton. m- Key Relievers: Jonathan Papelbon, Antonio Bastardo, Michael Stutes, Chad n Qualls, Jose Contreras. Outlook: Anything less than a World Series title is unacceptable in Philadelphia. The Phillies have set the bar very high by s winning five straight NL East titles and the World Series in 2008. They finished with the most wins in the majors the n a last two seasons, including a franchises best 102 victories last year. But they've heir regressed each of the last three seasons, losing the World Series in 2009, losing in m the NLCS in 2010 and getting knocked re's out in the first round last year. With three aces in their rotation and a dominant . closer, the Phillies have enough pitching to overcome age, injuries and other e deficiencies on offense. der 2) Miami Marlins t if 2011: 72-90, 5th place. me Manager: Ozzie Guillen (1st season). n u-

Projected Lineup: SS Jose Reyes, CF Emilio Bonifacio, 3B Hanley Ramirez, RF Giancarlo Stanton, 1B Gaby Sanchez, LF Logan Morrison, 2B Omar Infante, C John Buck. Rotation: Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle, Ricky Nolasco, Anibal Sanchez, Carlos Zambrano. Key Relievers: Heath Bell, Edward Mujica, Ryan Webb, Mike Dunn, Randy Choate, Steve Cishek. Outlook: The Marlins have a new name, new uniforms, a new ballpark and four newcomers who have been All-Stars, which gives the franchise a new outlook. A team that finished last in the NL in attendance the past seven years expects big crowds to start the season, and they won't be coming just to see the ballpark. An offseason spending binge made national headlines, and the addition of such personalities as Guillen, Zambrano and Bell almost guarantees the team will stay in the news. But to keep fans coming, the Marlins probably need to win. It has been nine years since they reached the playoffs, but with a balanced team and proven manager, they expect to challenge the Phillies and Braves for the NL East title. 3) Atlanta Braves 2011: 89-73, 2nd place. Manager: Fredi Gonzalez (2nd season). Projected Lineup: CF Michael Bourn, LF

1) Milwaukee Brewers 2011: 96-66, 1st place (lost to St. Louis in NLCS). Manager: Ron Roenicke (2nd season). Projected Lineup: 2B Rickie Weeks, CF Nyjer Morgan, LF Ryan Braun, n, 3B Aramis Ramirez, RF Corey Hart, B 1B Mat Gamel, SS Alex Gonzalez, C Jonathan Lucroy. Rotation: Zack Greinke, Yovani Galen lardo, Shaun Marcum, Randy Wolf, Chris Narveson. Key Relievers: John Axford, Franurn, cisco Rodriguez, Kameron Loe. Outlook: The Brewers' chances got a huge boost when Braun was able y to get his 50-game suspension for a positive drug test overturned, e although he has struggled mightily the in spring training and is likely to get eau some grief from opposing fans when ng he hits the road in the regular seatoo.son. The Brewers might not score as ris many runs without Fielder, but they it- can rely on a strong starting rotaajor tion and what should be a rock-solid be back end of the bullpen. Assuming late Braun is back to MVP form and the t Brewers stay healthy, they should ral be contenders. Significant question: is Will the defense be better?

Cincinnati Reds 2011: 79-83, 3rd place. Manager: Dusty Baker (4th season). Projected Lineup: CF Drew Stubbs, 2B Brandon Phillips, 1B Joey Votto, 3B Scott Rolen, RF Jay Bruce, SS Zack Cozart, LF Chris Heisey, C Ryan Hanigan. Rotation: Johnny Cueto, Mat Latos, Bronson Arroyo, RH Homer Bailey, Mike Leake. Key Relievers: Ryan Madson (out for season), Sean Marshall, Nick Masset, Bill Bray, Jose Arredondo. Outlook: The Reds won the NL Central in 2010, when several players had career years. They kept the core of the team intact and made few changes the following offseason, and paid for it, falling back to third place. The bullpen is already in trouble, with Madson out for the year and Masset starting the season on the DL. Jocketty gave up a pair of former No. 1 draft picks and starter Edinson Volquez as part of a package to get Latos, who gives the Reds a solid 1-2 combination at the top of the rotation. With St. Louis and Milwaukee losing their top sluggers, the Reds are in position to contend for a second division title in three years. If they fail, Baker's

han 6) Houston Astros s ke 2011: 56-106, 6th place. an- Manager: Brad Mills (3rd season). he Projected Lineup: CF Jordan Schafer, SS Jed Lowrie, RF Brian Bogusevic, C Jason Castro, 2B Jose Altuve, 1B

Carlos Lee, 3B Jimmy Paredes, LF J.D. Martinez. Rotation: Wandy Rodriguez, Bud Norris, J.A. Happ, Kyle Weiland, Livan Hernandez or Jordan Lyles. Key Relievers: Brett Myers, Wilton

1) San Francisco Giants 2011: 86-76, 2nd place. Manager: Bruce Bochy (6th season). oak, Projected Lineup: CF Angel Pagan, 2B l Freddy Sanchez, 3B Pablo Sandoval, yan. C Buster Posey, LF Melky Cabrera, 1B Aubrey Huff, RF Nate Schierholtz, SS ake Brandon Crawford. . Rotation: Tim Lincecum, Madison r- Bumgarner, Matt Cain, Barry Zito, Ryan Vogelsong. th Key Relievers: Brian Wilson, Javier Lopez, Sergio Romo, Jeremy Affeldt. nOutlook: The Giants' quest for a repeat y to came crashing to a halt when star catcher g. Posey tore three ligaments in his left ms ankle and fractured a bone in his lower leg in a frightening home plate collision he with Florida's Scott Cousins on May 25. g The Giants are counting on a healthy Posey and Sanchez, whose season was s cut short by shoulder surgery, to spark ng the offense and give enough support to ny one of the game's best pitching staffs. The window for that stellar staff could be ay. closing as Cain is in the final year of his contract and eligible for free agency after ird the season. sive 2) Arizona Diamondbacks n of 2011: 94-68, 1st place (lost to Milwaukee . in division series).

Manager: Kirk Gibson (2nd season) Projected Lineup: SS Willie Bloomquist, 2B Aaron Hill, RF Justin Upton, C Miguel Montero, 1B Paul Goldschmidt, LF Jason Kubel, CF Chris Young, 3B Ryan Roberts. Rotation: Ian Kennedy, Daniel Hudson, Trevor Cahill, Josh Collmenter, Joe Saunders. Key Relievers: J.J. Putz, David Hernandez, Bryan Shaw, Brad Zeigler, Craig Breslow, Joe Paterson, Takashi Saito. Outlook: A whole lot different than it was a year ago, when they were expected to be headed for the cellar again but instead succeeded behind strong young pitching, a vastly improved bullpen and timely hitting. The team only tinkered with the roster. The addition of Cahill from Oakland could further strengthen the rotation, and Breslow, who also came from the A's, puts another lefty in the bullpen. Arizona, in a somewhat curious move, signed Kubel, a free agent left fielder. Gibson, the NL manager of the year, successfully instilled a winning culture in the desert. The challenge is to keep it there. 3) Colorado Rockies 2011: 73-89, 4th place. Manager: Jim Tracy (fourth season). Projected Lineup: CF Dexter Fowler, 2B


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NL East

Martin Prado, 3B Chipper Jones, 2B Dan Uggla, C Brian McCann, 1B Freddie Freeman, RF Jason Heyward, SS Tyler Pastornicky. Rotation: Jair Jurrjens, Tommy Hanson, Brandon Beachy, Mike Minor, Tim Hudson (will miss first month), Randall Delgado. Key Relievers: Craig Kimbrel, Jonny Venters, Eric O'Flaherty, Kris Medlen. Outlook: Fredi Gonzalez's first season as Atlanta's manager was sailing along smoothly — until September. The Braves went into a terrible slump, winning just nine of their last 27 games, and the St. Louis Cardinals rallied to capture the wild card by a single game. The memories of that historic collapse still sit with the Braves like a bad hangover, making it vital they get off to a good start this season. GM Frank Wren made no major moves over the winter, believing he's got a solid team that just had one awful month. Indeed, the Braves have one of baseball's best pitching staffs and should again be a playoff contender, especially if several players who had off years (McCann, Heyward, Prado) bounce back. Atlanta would surely like to send Jones into retirement with a second championship. 4) Washington Nationals 2011: 80-81, 3rd place. Manager: Davey Johnson (1st full season with Washington).


Projected Lineup: SS Ian Desmond, 2B Danny Espinosa, 3B Ryan Zimmerman, LF Michael Morse, 1B Adam LaRoche, RF Jayson Werth, C Wilson Ramos, CF Rick Ankiel. Rotation: Stephen Strasburg, Gio Gonzalez, Jordan Zimmermann, Edwin Jackson, Chien-Ming Wang or John Lannan. Key Relievers: Drew Storen, Tyler Clippard, Henry Rodriguez, Brad Lidge, Sean Burnett. Outlook: For a franchise that's never finished above .500, there sure has been a lot of talk about the playoffs and contending. Coming off an 80-81 record — the team's best since moving from Montreal — the Nationals think they finally can be a factor and play meaningful games in September. A big reason for optimism is the pitching staff, with a rotation led by Strasburg and bolstered by Jackson, a free-agent signing, and Gonzalez, acquired in a trade. The bullpen is strong, too, thanks mainly to Storen and Clippard, who made the All-Star team as a setup man last year. But Storen will start the season on the DL because of trouble in his right elbow. Lidge and Henry Rodriguez could share the closer duties until Storen returns. Now it's up to the lineup, which didn't get any additions in the offseason, to improve if the Nationals and Johnson — at 69, the oldest manager in the majors — are going to be as good as they say they should be.

5) New York Mets 2011: 77-85, 4th place. Manager: Terry Collins (2nd season). Projected Lineup: CF Andres Torres, 2B Daniel Murphy, 3B David Wright, 1B Ike Davis, LF Jason Bay, RF Lucas Duda, C Josh Thole, SS Ruben Tejada. Rotation: Johan Santana, R.A. Dickey, Jonathon Niese, Mike Pelfrey, Dillon Gee. Key Relievers: Frank Francisco, Ramon Ramirez, Jon Rauch, Manny Acosta, Bobby Parnell, Pedro Beato, Tim Byrdak, D.J. Carrasco. Outlook: Not long ago, the Mets spent their winters landing big-name prizes like Santana, Francisco Rodriguez and Carlos Beltran. Now they hunt for bargains — if they even shop at all. But the Mets got some good news during spring training when owners Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz reached an agreement in court with the trustee for Bernard Madoff 's fraud victims. So with the Madoff issue settled, the team can finally shift most of its focus back onto the field. One positive has been Santana, who looks healthy after missing all of last season. The two-time Cy Young Award winner will pitch the opener April 5 at home against Atlanta as the Mets celebrate their 50th birthday. This looks like a last-place team in the powerful NL East, where everyone else has been loading up.

job will be in jeopardy. 3) St. Louis Cardinals 2011: 90-72, 2nd place, NL wild card (World Series champions). Manager: Mike Matheny (1st season). Projected Lineup: SS Rafael Furcal, RF Carlos Beltran, LF Matt Holliday, 1B Lance Berkman, 3B David Freese, C Yadier Molina, CF Jon Jay, 2B Tyler Greene. Rotation: Chris Carpenter, Adam Wainwright, Jaime Garcia, Kyle Lohse, Jake Westbrook. Key Relievers: Jason Motte, Fernando Salas, Marc Rzepczynski, Mitchell Bogs, Kyle McClellan, Eduardo Sanchez, J.C. Romero. Outlook: There's a lot of change at the top, with manager Tony La Russa retired, pitching coach Dave Duncan on extended leave and not expected back and Albert Pujols bolting for the Los Angeles Angels. The post-Pujols lineup appears to be deeper, with Allen Craig a dangerous wild-card bat whenever he recovers from offseason kneecap surgery, which should make things easier on new manager Mike Matheny. Wainwright's return fortifies a rotation that'll likely have to survive without postseason horse Carpenter

for a lengthy period. Health could be a season-long concern. The clock is ticking on Carpenter, who'll be 37 in April, Berkman (36), Romero (35) and Furcal, Beltran and Westbrook, all 34. 4) Pittsburgh Pirates 2011: 72-90, 4th place Manager: Clint Hurdle (2nd season) Projected Lineup: LF Alex Presley or Nate McLouth, RF Jose Tabata, CF Andrew McCutchen, 2B Neil Walker, 3B Pedro Alvarez or Casey McGehee, 1B Garrett Jones, C Rod Barajas, SS Clint Barmes. Rotation: A.J. Burnett, Erik Bedard, Kevin Correia, James McDonald, Jeff Karstens. Key Relievers: Joel Hanrahan, Daniel McCutchen, Chris Resop, Evan Meek, Jason Grilli. Outlook: The Pirates enter 2012 with heightened expectations following a 15-game improvement last season. They led the division in late July but ran out of steam when the pitching staff couldn't overcome one of baseball's weakest offenses. The Pirates hope a revitalized and healthy Alvarez can provide the power they sorely lack while hoping there are third acts for Barmes and Barajas. The team continued to invest in the future by

signing All-Star McCutchen to a contract extension and he's the set piece the rest of the clue will revolve around. 5) Chicago Cubs 2011: 71-91, 5th place. Manager: Dale Sveum (1st season). Projected lineup: RF David DeJesus, 2B Darwin Barney, SS Starlin Castro, Bryan LaHair, LF Alfonso Soriano, CF Marlon Byrd, 3B Ian Stewart, Geovany Soto. Rotation: Ryan Dempster Matt Garza, Jeff Samardzija, Chris Volstad, Paul Maholm. Key Relievers: Carlos Marmol, Kerry Wood, Travis Wood, Rodrigo Lopez, Andy Sonnanstine, James Russell, Trever Miller. Outlook: Theo-mania still bubbles on the North Side. Can he be on the one to end an unfathomable World Series title drought — one that could reach 104 years this season — much like he did for the Red Sox? Owner Tom Ricketts is counting on it. Epstein fired Quade and brought in Sveum and also jettisoned the problematic Carlos Zambrano. A .500 season would seem to be a remarkable accomplishment in this first year of Theo Epstein.

Lopez, Enerio Del Rosario, Sergio Escalona. Outlook: The Astros have a new owner in Jim Crane and a new general manager in Jeff Luhnow, but it's hard to see this team being much different from

last year's squad without any significant offseason moves. The Astros hope the return of Castro, a first-round pick in 2008, from a knee injury will give the offense and defense a boost. Lee is back for the last season of a $100 million contract he signed in 2007 and as

virtually the only veteran non-pitcher on the roster, he'll need to lead this young team as it plays its final season in the National League before next year's move to the American League.

Manager: Don Mattingly (2nd season). Projected Lineup: CF Matt Kemp, SS Dee Gordon, RF Andre Ethier, C A.J. Ellis, 2B Mark Ellis, 1B James Loney, 3B Juan Uribe, LF Juan Rivera. Rotation: Clayton Kershaw, Chad Billingsley, Ted Lilly, Aaron Harang, Chris Capuano. Key Relievers: Javy Guerra, Kenley Jansen, Matt Guerrier, Scott Elbert, Josh Lindblom, Ramon Troncoso, Todd Coffey, Mike MacDougal. Outlook: Maybe the magic will be back for the Dodgers now that an investment group including Lakers great Magic Johnson was picked by current owner Frank McCourt to buy the team for $2 billion, just five hours after Major League Baseball approved three finalists in a bankruptcy auction. The sale is due to be closed on April 30. Colletti had a limited budget in the offseason, and signed Capuano and Harang with the money he saved by letting Kuroda go. NL Cy Young Award winner Kershaw and NL MVP runner-up Kemp are arguably the best pitcher and position player in the league. They led the team to a third-place finish last year and will try to keep the club in contention until new money arrives. 5) San Diego Padres 2011: 71-91, 5th place.

Manager: Bud Black (6th season). Projected Lineup: CF Cameron Maybin, 2B Orlando Hudson, 1B Yonder Alonso, LF Carlos Quentin, C Nick Hundley, 3B Chase Headley, RF Will Venable, Jason Bartlett. Rotation: Tim Stauffer, Cory Luebke, Edinson Volquez, Clayton Richard, Dustin Moseley. Key Relievers: Huston Street, Andrew Cashner, Luke Gregerson, Ernesto Frieri, Joe Thatcher, Micah Owings, Anthony Bass. Outlook: While the Padres aren't expected to be serious contenders for the division crown, they should at least be better than last year thanks to three big trades by new general manager Josh Byrnes in late December and early January. Byrnes traded Mat Latos to Cincinnati for four players, including starter Volquez and two top prospects, Alonso and catcher Yasmani Grandal. Byrnes acquired Quentin from the Chicago White Sox two weeks later, and then dealt slugger Anthony Rizzo to the Chicago Cubs for Cashner. He also traded for Street after allowing All-Star closer Heath Bell to leave as a free agent. Maybin was given a $25 million, five-year contract during spring training. Still, the Padres have a lot to prove offensively and their rotation, while solid, isn't dazzling.

NL Central

NL West

Marco Scutaro, LF Carlos Gonzalez, SS Troy Tulowitzki, 1B Todd Helton, RF Michael Cuddyer, 3B Chris Nelson, Ramon Hernandez. Starting rotation: Jeremy Guthrie, Jhoulys Chacin, Drew Pomeranz, Juan Nicasio, Guillermo Moscoso, Jamie Moyer. Key Relievers: Rafael Betancourt, Matt Belisle, Rex Brothers. Outlook: As one of the favorites to win the NL West last season, the Rockies faltered under the pressure. They started out well, only to tumble back to the pack. This season, the spotlight isn't shining as brightly on them — and that just may be for the better. Still, the Rockies could be a sleeper team, especially after GM Dan O'Dowd brought in more veterans to help with leadership inside the clubhouse. Cuddyer, Guthrie, Hernandez and Scutaro will all be voices the team listens to, along with Tulowitzki and Helton. The lineup will be — surprise, surprise — centered on Gonzalez and Tulowitzki. The rotation is definitely deep, led by innings eater Guthrie. If Chacin, Pomeranz and Nicasio can take the next step in their development, it could be a solid assembly of arms. The bullpen will be led by Betancourt, who will step in again as the closer. 4) Los Angeles Dodgers 2011: 82-79, 3rd place.

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Lake Erie Fishing Hotline Contributed Article

Department of Environmental Conservation

Cattaraugus Creek has been fishing well this week, despite higher than ideal flows. Currently the creek is running at about 550 cubic feet per second and is in excellent shape. Steelhead are spread throughout the creek, however the better catches have been in the mid to upper sections. Suckers and bass have moved into the creek also and there have been bass catches as far upstream as Versailles. All other streams are in decent shape with lower and clear conditions. There are still some steelheads in those streams, but most have spawned and are heading out. Anglers can use a variety of baits for spring steelhead, such as egg sacs, egg pattern flies, trout beads, jigs with grubs, stonefly imitations, streamers, minnows and nightcrawlers. When fishing clear conditions, downsize your baits and use small hooks and light tippet to fool finicky steelhead. Some steelhead are actively spawning. Anglers should avoid active spawners and take care not to disturb redds (gravel nests) as natural reproduction adds to the steelhead fishery. Lake Erie and Harbors

Anglers continue to report good perch catches at sites off Cattaraugus Creek, Sturgeon Point and even Buffalo. Out of Buffalo, some boaters have located decent perch schools in 45-55 feet of water along the international line. Off Sturgeon Point, consistent catches of sizeable perch have come from 50-60 feet of water. Similar depths have produced straight out of Cattaraugus Creek and to the northeast. With the spawn approaching, don't overlook 40-foot depths for schooling perch. Emerald shiners fished at or within 2 feet of the bottom are the ticket for perch. Sturgeon Point boat launch is currently closed for dredging. Perch anglers can launch from Small Boat Harbor in Buffalo or the Town of Hanover and DEC launches at the mouth of Cattaraugus Creek. The trout bite has cooled in Dunkirk Harbor. Anglers are catching the occasional brown trout from the pier and fishing platform on minnows, spoons and spinners. The bullhead bite in Dunkirk Harbor cooled when the weather cooled back down. Look for the action to pick up at night with warming weather. The best bite is usually behind the Clarion. Chautauqua Lake Crappie catches have been more con-

Mar. 30 to Apr. 6

sistent in the canals and in the south basin. Crappie catches have also been reported off Mayville. Anglers are catching mostly sub-legal crappie with a handful of keepers. Minnows or a small jig (1/32 oz.) tipped with a minnow have worked well. Crappie anglers are also catching many bluegill and yellow perch. Fishing the canals or from shore at night is a good bet for bullhead. Worms, leeches or chicken livers fished on the bottom work well for bullhead. Upper Niagara River Yellow perch, crappie and bluegill are moving into the harbors, bays and inlets along Grand Island and east side of the river. These areas warm quicker than the main river channel, attracting both bait and sunfish. Also look for crappie schooling in the backwater areas of Tonawanda Creek, below the confluence with the Erie Canal, down to the Niagara River. Emerald shiner are the top bait for perch and sunfish, but other small minnows and worms will work too. Anglers usually catch rainbow trout at this time of year from Bird Island Pier, Broderick Park and the northern tip of Squaw Island. Anglers can target trout by drifting egg sacs and minnows or by casting spoons. Inland Trout Streams When the traditional trout season kicks off on Sunday, anglers will not

have to deal with the frigid water temperatures or high water levels that usually suppress the bite. Trout streams are currently in good shape throughout the region. Actually, fly hatches have been happening early and already have some trout feeding at the surface. Stoneflies and blue-winged olives account for the majority of the surface action, however fly anglers see better action on nymphs and small streamers or buggers. Productive offerings for spinning anglers include worms, salted minnows and small inline spinners. If you are a catch and release anglers and use spinners, it is a good idea to outfit your spinners with a single hook rather than a treble hook. Western New York anglers have a variety of Wild Trout Streams and Stocked Trout Streams to choose from. In addition Public Fishing Rights Maps are available for many of the area's best trout streams. Spring Trout Stocking The following waters will be stocked before April 1: Allegany County: Dodge Creek (Clarksville), Little Genesee Creek (Bolivar), Genesee River (Amity, Wellsville). Dyke Creek (Andover), Cryder Creek (Independance), Allen Lake (Allen), Black Creek (West Al-

mond), Canaseraga Creek (Burns). Cattaraugus County: Great Valley Creek (Great Valley, Ellicottville), Forks Creek (Great Valley), Wrights Creek (Humphrey), S. Branch Cattaraugus Creek (East Otto), Mansfield Creek (Mansfield), Connoisarauley Creek (Ashford), Beaver Meadow Creek (Ellicottville), Crandall Pond (Ashford), Bone Run (South Valley), N. Branch Sawmill Run (South Valley), Guernsey Run (South Valley), Little Conewango Creek (Conewango), Paisley Park Pond (Randolph), Bay State Brook (Red House), Science Lake (Red House). Harwood Lake (Farmersville), Case Lake (Franklinville), Birch Run Pond (Allegany), Rice Brook (Carrollton), Ischua Creek (Franklinville), Franklinville Retention Pond (Franklinville), Quaker Lake (Elko), Quaker Run (Cold Spring), New Albion Lake (New Albion), County Ponds A&B (Randolph). Chautauqua County: Clay Pond (Poland), Goose Creek (N. Harmony, Harmony). Erie County: E. Branch Cazenovia Creek (Emery Park, Aurora Town Park), Little Buffalo Creek (Lancaster, Marilla), Eighteenmile Creek (Boston Town Park), Cattaraugus Creek (Yorkshire). Sprague Brook Park Ponds (Concord).

Plenty Of Perch By Steve Peacock Star Outdoors Writer

Opening day of trout season was last Sunday and the fishing was good for those not scared off by the weather. Several friends of mine were out on Sunday and they all caught fish. It’s pretty good

timing for the season to open since some of the other fishing has slowed down a bit. The steelheads are starting to be a little harder to find. They may be all done running the creeks for the year. Every time I mention that the spring run may end sooner than normal, someone shows

me pictures of fish that prove me wrong. They had started pulling some catfish out of the Cattaraugus Creek when the weather was warm. Now it seems that the more seasonable temperatures we have had, has slowed this down as well. I do expect that the catfish action will pick back up as the

water warms up a little. The peek time for catfish around here is usually near the end of May or early June. That is when they come in to the creek to spawn. The ones that are around now are coming in to feed on the minnows. All of the tributaries that I have checked out are packed

with minnows right now. The fishing at Chautauqua Lake should be pretty good, but none of the people I know have gone there in a few days. The best opportunity I know of right now is the Lake Erie perch. Despite the gloomy weather last weekend, plenty of boats were out perch fish-

ing. I hear that most of them caught fish and several guys caught their limit. The boat that I get to fish on will probably be in storage until the end of April, but even that is earlier than we normally get it out. But as is the case with this year, everything is early.

). y

hts ttaeld ey



d e). se ond n), nkl-

er Lake B


a n



m s


is ry-

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Insider By T.J. TOMASI


The golf swing is built on balance

No matter how good (or bad) your golf swing is, balance is the organizing principle. There is nothing you do well that doesn’t require good balance, including lying on the couch, and when you study the wide variety of swings used by tour players, you’ll see that all the different swing parts self-organize around the principle of balance. The good news is that balance can be cultivated, so with a little effort, you can put its powers to work. To better understand the concept of balance, I make a distinction between “street” balance and “golf” balance. Evolution has given you a balance system that keeps you safe from falling. Your brain receives a continuous flow of information about the position of your body and gives orders to your muscles to regain your balance whenever your body is in danger of taking a tumble. This unconscious self-preservation system is what I call street balance, and while it can save your life, it can also ruin your golf swing. Because of the importance of remaining upright, your brain attaches a great deal of significance to any message that says, “This container is falling over.” When your brain receives such a message, it automatically acts to recover, and there’s nothing you can do about it. This reflex is called the “righting instinct,” and its power to control your body is supreme. The contorted arrangements involved in hitting a golf ball (spine tilted, body bowed, left side straight, right side flexed, head back, lead hip high) create an unnatural position. These golf positions are on the edge of the line where the righting instinct kicks in, ready to save your body but ruin your shot. Thus, your golf swing is in balance only when your street balance and your golf balance work together. Here’s how you make the two match: First, check your weight distribution at address. Bad golf balance often begins with the weight forward on the toes. It should be distributed from the balls of the feet backward to the heels. Second, focus on your tempo and make a smooth, unhurried swing with no leaps or lurches — first with your practice swing, then with your actual swing. Think of your swing as being long and lazy vs. short and fast. Remember, balance is a learned skill, so hold your pose at the finish to make sure you’re in equilibrium.

Match elbow and hip for solid contact The quality of your impact position is determined by the relationship between two body parts: your trail elbow and hip. The trail elbow determines the path of the clubhead to the ball, so if your elbow matches up evenly with your hip, as in the first photo below, your hands can get back in front of your body in time for impact. However, if your elbow is trapped behind your hip, as the second golfer’s is below, you’ll have an awful time squaring the face correctly. Here are two cures for a hip/elbow package that is out of sync: 1. A long elbow swing: If your elbow must travel a long distance from the top of your backswing to impact, then your hips need to wait a bit as they make their turn so your elbow can catch up. You can keep the long backswing, but you need to slow down your hip turn. 2. A short elbow swing: It’s just the opposite if your trail elbow doesn’t

swing long ABOUT THE WRITER enough at Dr. T.J. the end of Tomasi is a teaching the backprofessional swing. Since in Port St. the elbow Lucie, Fla. Visit his has a short website at journey to impact, it runs the risk of arriving too early, well ahead of the hip. In this case, you can lengthen your backswing or, if you like your short swing, simply speed up your hip turn. Either way, you’re back in match. Slow hips and fast elbows are mismatched unless you like to pull the ball way to the left. The fast hips/ slow elbow duo isn’t any better because your clubhead will be late for impact, sending the ball to the right of the target. To swing your best, you need to coordinate your elbows and hips so they match, slow with slow, or fast with fast.

Athletes of today

Jack Nicklaus describes his contemporaries: “In those days, most of those guys were club pros. Their usual thing was, after a round, to come in and have a drink and socialize. They did that when they played tournaments. “I always felt drinking did not do well with nerves. The guys today don’t do that. I never did that. … Guys take the game today as more athletes, and I took it that way.” Insider Take: Announcer Roger Maltbie, once a fine player, said the reason he stopped jogging was that the ice cubes kept falling out of his Scotch glass. And Maltbie was no exception; outside of Gary Player and Frank Stranahan, in Nicklaus’ day, hardly anyone took care of their bodies like they do now.

Still conscious His win at the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill last week ended Tiger Woods’ long drought, but he still has a “not quite” profile. This is not a criticism of his wonderful performance, just an observation. Woods is consciously trying very hard to make his new swing every time, and when he does, he hits it great, but when he doesn’t, it’s so far off that he hits a trick shot. It happened on Friday when he hit the out-of-bounds fence with a vicious hook, and twice on Saturday when he hit it 30 yards OB on one shot and a high flare way to the right with a 7-iron on another terrible swing. When a player is not quite sure, he exaggerates the move, and that’s when you see the trick shot. Does Tiger have it yet? Not quite, but he’s close! QUOTE OF THE WEEK

“I would rather be broke

and not have a penny to my name before I violate the code of player-teacher confidentiality.” This golfer’s elbow lines up evenly and is not blocked by her hip.


Over-clubbing (1) Using a club that will hit the ball farther than necessary. (2) Going to one too many nightclubs the evening before the big match. Both are unnecessary excesses that can adversely affect your game.


A handy workout



An important part of your body’s warning system is pain, and most of the time when something hurts, you stop using it because the pain warning says “stay away.” But according to doctors at the University of Washington School of Medicine, the pain of arthritis can be handled differently, especially in your hands, which are the only contact you have with your golf club. It’s a vicious cycle: Pain causes decreased use, and this inactivity causes the joints of your fingers to become rigid, with limited motion and greatly reduced squeezing power. While it might hurt initially to get your inelastic joints moving again, in the long run, regular exercise can help improve both their flexibility and strength. Here are two exercises that will help. Check with your doctor to make sure they are right for you. Open-and-Close Drill First, use the thumb and index finger of one hand to massage the other hand. Switch hands back and forth and cover all the joints at least twice. Next, slowly open and stretch your hand, then close it, working each joint as you make a fist. Do this as often as you can, especially when you wake up in the morning. Tennis Ball Squeeze Keep a soft rubber ball by your TV chair and desk and squeeze it every chance you get, alternating hands. Hold pressure for five seconds, then release, and do 10 reps. Even better, in my experience, is Play-Doh because you can run it through your fingers and squeeze it at odd angles to maximize your range of motion.

This golfer is trapped — her elbow is blocked by her hip, making it very difficult to square the face at impact.

— Rick Smith, a golf teacher, to, regarding Hank Haney’s tell-all book about Tiger Woods.


Grip pressure varies depending on the shot Q: You’ve written about fading and drawing the ball, but I’ve tried to do it the way you described and it doesn’t work from me. Is there another way? — Rob S. A: Simply changing your setup is the best way, but there’s another. Think of it this way: Your hands control the clubface, and how tightly you hold the club determines which hand has control. When you need a slice, tighten your hold in both hands, but increase it the most in your lead hand so you can pull your club through impact butt-first. Any time you start your downswing by pulling toward the target with your lead hand, you’ll leave the clubface open, causing your ball to spin from left to right.

On a scale of 1 to 10, if your normal pressure is a 3, ratchet your fade pressure up to a 4 in your trail hand and a 6 in your lead. The increased firmness in your hands discourages wrist action, and the more stiff-wristed your swing, the more likely you are to produce a fade. To draw the ball, gear back to a 2 on your grip pressure and loosen your lead hand grip down to 1. This will loosen your wrists, giving them the flexibility to work the clubface into a slightly closed position through the hitting zone, resulting in a draw that moves away from the trouble. (To Ask the Pro a question about golf, email him at:


Don’t change horses, or your swing, in midstream Would you rather land 12 feet or 60 feet from the hole? Of course 12 is the better number, but even good golfers ruin their chances of getting close to the hole by changing the swing that made them successful in the first place. Case in point is Sang-moon Bae at this year’s Transitions Championship. He had a good chance to win in regulation with only a wedge to No. 18 on Sunday, but he got too cute and tried to hit a sawedoff punch shot. All day his swing was full and flowing, and then suddenly, he changes to a swing that requires

completely different timing and swing mechanics. The result was a weak, off-center hit and a 60-foot putt to tie. The four-man playoff started on the same hole Bae just played, and he drove it about 2 feet to the right of the divot from his prior wedge. With exactly the same distance to the hole, he chose the same club, but this time hit a normal-swing wedge to 12 feet. He missed the putt and lost the playoff, but he learned a lesson that can help all golfers: Under pressure, stick with the swing that got you there.


Could bad golf actually be contagious? We know that colds are catching and so are measles, but is obesity contagious? And if so, what else could be passed around — bad putting, perhaps? Two researchers have concluded that certain behaviors can be literally contagious, passed from person to person. Dr. Nicholas Christakis, from Harvard, and James Fowler, at the University of California, San Diego, report that a network of friends who hung out together exhibited similar levels of obesity, whereas neighbors who were not friends of the group did not. How could this be? According to the doctors, three factors are at work: (1) Members of the same milieu are shaped

in the same way. (2) People tend to choose friends like themselves, hence the extension of “I like you” is “I like you because you are like me.” And (3), the most controversial factor is contagion, defined by the Free Dictionary as “The spread of a behavior pattern, attitude or emotion from person to person or group to group through suggestion, propaganda, rumor or imitation.” While there are some dissenters in the academic community who argue the research is not valid, I do know this about contagion: “Have dinner with a good putter.” Harvey Penick’s advice to someone who wants to be a good putter works!

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April 5, 2012 Edition – Classifieds Section – B


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April 5, 2012 Edition – Classifieds Section – B

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CARPET ONE Floor & Home

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Storers Container 2 x 2”

For the week of April 6 - 12, 2012

Gleeks rejoice

Hit Fox series returns with new episodes By Kyla Brewer TV Media


nbridled enthusiasm is rare these days, especially in teenagers. But Fox breathes new life into prime time with clean-cut youngsters who are ready to sing. Get ready for the return of “Glee,” Tuesday, April 10. The students and staff of McKinley High continue the drama, comedy and, most importantly, music with brand new episodes from the show’s third season. “Glee” has broken new ground, thanks to its blend of melodramatic teen angst, comedy and cheesy musical numbers that range from classic show tunes to contemporary pop songs. The show has become a powerhouse for Fox, even spawning a wildly popular concert tour and seemingly endless merchandise. Hopelessly devoted Gleeks can enjoy not only the DVD and Blu-ray releases, but also a young-adult book series, iPad apps, video games and much more. It’s been a long winter for “Glee” fans -- aka Gleeks -- who are dying to know what’s happening with the McKinley High crew since the show’s winter finale on Feb. 21. Putting such a popular show on hiatus for more than a month might seem like an unusual move, but splitting up the season

Darren Criss stars in “Glee” this way appears to follow a new prime-time trend. In fact, another Fox hit, “Bones,” returned to the schedule on April 2, following a hiatus that began on Jan. 12. Matthew Morrison leads the cast as Will Schuester, a dedicated teacher who takes over the school’s New Directions glee club and tries to inspire his young charges to believe in themselves and reach for the stars. Breakout star Lea Michele, who was on Broadway before being cast in “Glee,” plays ambitious pitch-perfect singer Rachel. Canuck Cory Monteith (rumored reallife boyfriend to Michele) portrays cool quarterback Finn, while Chris Colfer plays gay teen Kurt. Also, Kevin McHale’s Artie doesn’t let his wheelchair hold him back. Other glee club standouts include Amber Riley as powerhouse

JJ Guns 2 x 2”

vocalist Mercedes, Jenna Ushkowitz as Goth chick Tina and Harry Shum as dancer Mike. Dianna Agron portrays cheerleaderturned-glee-club member Quinn, alongside fellow cheerleaders Heather Morris as Brittany and Naya Rivera as Santana. Of course, every show needs a villain, and Jane Lynch fills that role to a T as conniving cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester. “Glee’s” buzz-worthy spring premiere has the blogosphere heating up with speculation as to which songs the show will be covering. In the past, the cast has performed songs by everyone from Michael Jackson and Madonna to Barbra Streisand and John Lennon. With pipes that rival some of today’s hottest stars, the show isn’t afraid to tackle musical theater either, having performed numbers from “Guys and Dolls,” “Les Misérables” and “Grease.” The music from the series may be more popular than the series itself. Shortly after the winter finale, Fox announced that the show had earned yet another groovy distinction: Soundscan ranked the show’s performances at No. 8 among the Top 10-selling digital U.S. artists of all time. It might surprise nonGleeks to know that the cast rivals such hugely popular acts as Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and the Black Eyed Peas.

Frederickson 2 x 2”

Laser Center 2 x 2”

Gugino's Plumbing 2 x 2”

Spacc Chevrolet 3 x 2”

2 • April 6 - 12, 2012

Featurestory Meet the people who cover up secrets in ‘Scandal’

By Dee Wright TV Media

  



housands of people are employed with companies that dig up the scandals and secrets of public figures. But what about the people whose jobs revolve around hiding the secrets? They can’t all be bad. ABC’s new series, “Scandal,” follows the life of a crisis management firm as it struggles to help its clients hide anything they don’t want exposed. Olivia Pope and Associates consists of six communications specialists who are the best of the best at keeping their clients happy while maintaining a flawless public image. Unfortunately, the team members themselves can barely control their own lives. The series premiered last week, and it airs Thursdays, on ABC. It is loosely based on the career of former press aide Judy Smith, who worked with President H.W. Bush and helped put out fires all over Washington. Smith acts as a consultant for the series, providing advice and insight to what would have really happened in certain situations, which gives the series a flair of authenticity. For this new drama, ABC has turned to its tried-and-true creator, Shonda Rhimes. Rhimes is the brains and head writer for several of ABC’s other big series, most notably “Off the Map,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice.” “Scandal” has a bit of a different angle than her typical medical dramedies do. While “Grey’s” and “Practice” also focus on a tightknit group of coworkers, the main characters are often just as vulnerable as the other members of the group. In “Scandal,” however, team

Copy Boy

Let Our Staff of Trained Professionals Assist 2 x Copy 2” or Print Job. You With Your Next



The cast of “Scandal” leader Olivia Pope seems to be the only person who has her head above water -- and the others are pulling her down. “I don’t think my shows are necessarily medical shows or political shows or fixer shows,” Rhimes said in an interview with the Television Critic’s Association. “The show is about strong, smart women and a lot of flawed, interesting people.” Pope used to work in the White House as a senior communications director, but she left that role to start her own firm. Now, even though she has resigned from her official work with the president, her successor -- and the President himself -- is close at hand to ask for help. In the premiere episode that aired last week, the President was accused of having an affair with a White House intern and Pope had to step in to protect the leader’s reputation. Pope is played by Kerry Washington, who has very little experience in television at all. She’s starred in a few episodes here and there of “Boston Legal,” as well as

a five-episode arc on “100 Centre Street” on A&E, but her biggest presence has been on the silver screen. She starred as Patrick Wilson’s wife in “Lakeview Terrace” (2008) and Ray Charles’s wife in “Ray” (2004). She won several notable awards for the latter role, including a Teen Choice Award and a Satellite Award. The film was also up for Best Picture, but it had little chance up against the box-office powerhouses “Million Dollar Baby” and “The Aviator.” Pope’s right-hand man is Stephen Finch, played by Henry Ian Cusick. Finch was a ladies’ man before he realized that he wants to settle down and start a family with some lucky lady. Unfortunately, his reputation precedes him, and few women will go near him anymore. One woman who does want to be with Finch is Abby Whelan, the team’s investigator. Whelan is so intent on getting Finch to notice her that she lets her job slide, and Pope ends up giving her several warnings about her performance. Harrison Wright is the firm’s le-

Absolute Care 5 x 2”

Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9. Solution on page 5 gal whiz. He protects his clients’ interests to the best of his ability -finding loopholes, ambiguous wording and general negligence on anyone’s part. He follows every letter of the law, and he expects others to do so as well -- or he will make them look foolish. Computer hacker Huck (Guillermo Diaz) knows his way around any password and firewall that can be created. He decides to “use his powers for good,” and he is any-

thing but modest about his abilities. His past work with the CIA gives him an insight to problems that many of his competitors can’t even fathom. The newest hire is Quinn Perkins, who is played by Katie Lowes. Perkins is amazed by the work of the firm and she’s willing to do everything she can to help, but even Pope herself is hesitant about Perkins’s ability to handle the pressure.

April 6 - 12, 2012 • 3

StarsonScreen By Sheila Busteed TV Media SHIP OF DREAMS: On Satur-

wealthy passengers who snuck or swindled their way onto some of the few lifeboats, leaving so many others to suffer a terrifying death. Viewers will recognize the show’s host, Goodman, as one of the judges on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.” The British professional dancer is actually loosely con-

day, April 14, the world will mark the 100th anniversary of the infamous sinking of the RMS Titanic, which struck an iceberg that day in 1912 just before midnight and quickly sank before it could reach American shores. Solid statistics are hard to come by, but according to, there were more than 2,200 passengers and crew members on board, and just over 700 of them survived the maritime disaster. As the world mourns those who were lost on the centenary, the memory of that fateful day is being kept alive, in part, by two specials scheduled to air on PBS. On Tuesday, April 10, the network will premiere “The Titanic With Len Goodman,” a new story that introduces history aficionados to some of the men who helped build the ship but died when it sank. It’ll also reveal the tales of some of the disasLen Goodman hosts the ter’s survivors, spePBS special “The Titanic cifically the descenWith Len Goodman” dants of some of the

nected to the tragedy: he previously worked as a welder for Harland and Wolff, the company that built the ship in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and is still in operation there today. PBS will air multiple encore presentations of this special later in the week. Check your local listings. On Wednesday, April 18, the network will debut a new “Nova” segment titled “Why Ships Sink,” which examines exactly how safe it is on a cruise liner, even in modern times with improved building procedures and on-board safety regulations. Considering the centenary of Titanic’s sinking and the recent sinking of the Costa Concordia this January, this is a very timely investigation. BRAINS ARE COOL: “Revenge of the Nerds” may have been a hit film back in 1984, but recent trends suggest that the true revenge has only recently begun, in what has been dubbed “the age of the nerd.” Look no further than the popularity of CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory” and the success of comic-book franchises as proof of this reality. TBS is hopping on the spaceship-shaped bandwagon by announcing that it has commissioned a new reality-competition series celebrating the geekdom, called “King of the Nerds.” What’s more, the series will be hosted by “Revenge of the

Jedwards Insurance 2 x 2”

KCR Enterprises 2 x 2”

Nerds” stars Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong. So far, the cabler has ordered eight episodes of the series, which will nicely complement its reruns of “The Big Bang Theory,” for which the network recently required the syndication rights. “It’s been said we’re living in the ‘Age of the Nerd,’ and if so, what better way to acknowledge that than to have a competition to crown the ‘King of the Nerds,’” said TBS’s Michael Wright. “’King of the Nerds’ is a lot of fun, and it not only celebrates nerd culture but also illuminates it. We believe ‘King of the Nerds’ is an ideal fit with ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ and

we look forward to having it on the network.” The competition will welcome nerds from all walks of life to see who among them possesses the greatest intellect, skills, ingenuity and pop-culture knowledge. They will start the contest by working in teams, which will eventually be split up so that each contestant stands alone for more challenges. In addition to “Revenge of the Nerds,” Carradine is also known for his roles in the “Lizzie Maguire” series and its 2003 big-screen spinoff. Armstrong starred in “Akeelah and the Bee” (2006), “Ray” (2004) and “Risky Business” (1983).

Television Crossword

ACROSS 1 New ABC comedy debuting Wednesday, April 11, 2012: “__ 23” 4 “The Client __”, new drama series on Lifetime 8 “Shannen __” (Actress Shannen Doherty plans her wedding on this new WEtv show) 12 __ Islands, Indonesia 13 “The Lake __ of Innisfree” (1888 W.B. Yeats poem) 14 Earthen stewing pot 15 “WKRP in Cincinnati” star Howard 17 Diminutive suffixes 18 Subj. at business school 19 When to have a cucumber sandwich 21 Fair-hiring letters 22 __-A-Sketch 23 Bridge builders, briefly 25 Ms. Roberts of “Charlie’s Angels” who played Julie Rogers on the show’s final season 29 Chop __ 30 Computer adventure game set on an island 31 Common people, for short 33 Singer/songwriter Fiona 34 Rock ‘n’ what?

37 38 41 43 44 47 48 49 50 51 52

Flower delivery co. “The West Wing” actress, Janel __ Actor/director Mr. Reiner’s Film director Mr. Petri John C. __, Dr. Perry Cox on 2001 to 2010 series “Scrubs” “Newlyweds: __ & Jessica” (Old MTV reality series) __. _ (Mom on “Happy Days”, coolstyle) Mr. Grosbard, director of 1999’s “The Deep End of the Ocean” starring Michelle Pfeiffer Ms. Huber of tennis 1972 album by The Allman Brothers Band: “__ _ Peach” Deer family member

DOWN 1 Ooh and __ 2 First in rank, for short 3 Lionel Richie’s brand new album of country duets, named for his birthplace in Alabama 4 Feudal lords 5 ‘Federal’ suffix 6 Fred Flintstone’s boss, Mr. __ 7 Principle

8 April 10, 1912: The Titanic set sail from here onto her fateful maiden voyage 9 U2 song: “__ _ Want Is You” 10 Original matter, in cosmology 11 Mailing encl. 16 Sleepy town on ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” 20 Perform under spotlights 23 Clairvoyance, commonly 24 Void, in Paris 26 Crime drama of 1993 to 2005: acronym + wd. 27 Couture monogram 28 Downed a danish 32 “__ of the Mask” (2005) 33 Locale of the “Survivor” which Ethan Zohn won 35 “__ at ‘em!” 36 Aerobics-wear material 38 “American Beauty” (1999) actress Ms. Suvari 39 Ken of 1987 to 1991 drama “thirtysomething” 40 “Lizard __ Towing” on truTV 42 Hawk 45 Prime meridian std. 46 Laughing sound

Solution on page 5

4 • April 6 - 12, 2012

Cookingthisweek FRIDAY

‘Chopped All-Stars’ returns with more big names competing TV Media


s the saying goes: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. When the first “Chopped All-Stars” premiered in March of last year, the ratings went through the roof as it became the most-watched cable show that night. It wasn’t just the premiere, either -- the entire five-week run helped deliver big numbers for the network. So, it comes as no surprise that the Food Network should roll out the red carpet for a second edition, which gets underway this Sunday, April 8. Sixteen famous faces have signed on to battle it out in the kitchen – against each other and against the clock – as they race to create top-quality dishes from mystery ingredients. First up: famous faces from another top-rated Food series, “Iron Chef,” step out of Kitchen Stadium and head into the “Chopped” kitchen. Although Cat Cora, Marc Forgione, Jose Garces and Michael Symon might be used to working under pressure, they’ll be dealing with more than one mystery ingredient in this competition, and they won’t be getting any help from assistants. Other rounds include a “Prime Time vs. Day Time” battle between Food and Cooking Channel’s talent, with Keegan Gerhard (“Food Network Challenge”), Jeffrey Saad (“United Tastes of America”), Aarti Sequeira (“Aarti Party”) and Marcela Valladolid (“Mexican Made Easy”). The following week features a “Food Network Star” battle between Justin Balmes, Penny Davidi, Vic “Vegas” Moea and Chris Nirschel. But it’s the “Chopped” judges-

10:00 a.m. (65) FOOD Challenge (1h) 12:00 p.m. (65) FOOD Paula’s Home Cooking ‘Easter/ Spring’ (30m) 2:00 p.m. (65) FOOD Secrets of a Restaurant Chef (30m) 2:30 p.m. (65) FOOD 30 Minute Meals ‘Dialed In’ (30m) 3:30 p.m. (65) FOOD Giada at Home ‘Happy Trails’ (30m) 4:30 p.m. (65) FOOD Barefoot Contessa ‘Sweet Home Supper’ (30m) 5:00 p.m. (65) FOOD Paula’s Best Dishes ‘Sibling Supper’ (30m)


Iron Chef Michael Symon competes in “Chopped All-Stars”

9:00 a.m. (65) FOOD Down Home With the Neelys ‘Spring Fling!’ (30m) 9:30 a.m. (65) FOOD 30 Minute Meals ‘Spanish Surf And Turf’ (30m) 10:00 a.m. (65) FOOD Pioneer Woman ‘Pw To Go’ (30m) 10:30 a.m. (7.1) (7) WKBW Food for Thought With Claire Thomas (30m) (65) FOOD Paula’s Best Dishes (30m) 11:00 a.m. (6) CBLT Surprise! It’s Edible Incredible! (30m)

Had A Little Lamb’ (30m) 11:00 a.m. (65) FOOD Sandwich King ‘Classics With A Twist’ (30m) 11:30 a.m. (65) FOOD Best Thing I Ever Made ‘Party Food’ (30m) 12:00 p.m. (65) FOOD Paula’s Best Dishes ‘Southern Touch’ (30m) 12:30 p.m. (65) FOOD Not My Mama’s Meals ‘Manly Meals Made Light’ (30m) 8:00 p.m. (65) FOOD Cupcake Wars (1h) 9:00 p.m. (65) FOOD Chopped (1h)

MONDAY 11:30 a.m. (60) HALL Martha Bakes (30m) 2:00 p.m. (2.1) (2) WGRZ The Rachael Ray Show (1h)

TUESDAY 10:00 a.m. (65) FOOD Down Home With the Neely’s ‘Picnic Time’ (30m) 11:00 a.m. (65) FOOD Good Eats (30m) 11:30 a.m. (65) FOOD Unwrapped (30m) 2:00 p.m. (2.1) (2) WGRZ The Rachael Ray Show (1h) (65) FOOD Secrets of a Restaurant Chef (30m) 2:30 p.m. (65) FOOD 30 Minute Meals ‘Out to Sea’ (30m) 3:00 p.m. (6) CBLT Best Recipes Ever ‘Weeknight Seafood Dinner’ (30m) 5:00 p.m. (65) FOOD Paula’s Best Dishes ‘Long Lost Recipes’ (30m)

WEDNESDAY 9:30 a.m. (65) FOOD Throwdown With Bobby Flay ‘Quiche’ (30m) 11:00 a.m. (65) FOOD Good Eats (30m) 11:30 a.m. (65) FOOD Unwrapped (30m) 1:00 p.m. (65) FOOD Sandra’s Money Saving Meals ‘Cuban’ (30m) 2:00 p.m. (2.1) (2) WGRZ The Rachael Ray Show (1h) (65) FOOD Secrets of a Restaurant Chef ‘The Secret to Fish in Cartoccio’ (30m) 2:30 p.m. (65) FOOD 30 Minute Meals ‘Boarding Pass Vienna’ (30m) 3:00 p.m. (6) CBLT Best Recipes Ever (30m) 4:30 p.m. (65) FOOD Barefoot Contessa ‘Happy Anniversary’ (30m) 5:00 p.m. (65) FOOD Paula’s Best Dishes ‘Restaurant Review’ (30m)

Bella Casa 3 x 3”

turned-contestants that fans love to watch. After watching them critique contestants week after week, it seems only fair to see how they perform under the same pressure. The April 29 episode pits Alex Guarnaschelli, Marc Murphy, Marcus Samuelsson and Chris Santos against each other to see who can live up to their own standards. As entertaining as it can be to

Jamestown Mattress 3 x 2”

watch these renowned chefs and culinary stars, they might not want to hear that reputations and past laurels don’t necessarily mean much in this type of competition. It’s a chef’s creativity and adaptability that really shine through when they’re struggling to incorporate hotdogs into a dessert or combine canned haggis and teething biscuits to make an appealing appetizer.

11:30 a.m. (65) FOOD Giada at Home ‘Jade Turns 3’ (30m) 12:00 p.m. (17.1) (3) WNED Essential Pepin ‘Cozy Carbs’ (30m) 1:00 p.m. (17.1) (3) WNED America’s Test Kitchen From Cook’s Illustrated ‘Pasta, Please’ (30m) 7:00 p.m. (2.1) (2) WGRZ Spiel the Wine (30m)

SUNDAY 9:00 a.m. (65) FOOD Rachael’s Week In A Day ‘2 For 1’ (1h) 10:30 a.m. (65) FOOD Guy’s Big Bite ‘Guy

THURSDAY 9:30 a.m. (65) FOOD Throwdown With Bobby Flay ‘Mini Cup Cakes’ (30m) 11:00 a.m. (65) FOOD Good Eats (30m) 2:00 p.m. (2.1) (2) WGRZ The Rachael Ray Show (1h) (65) FOOD Secrets of a Restaurant Chef ‘The Secret to Seared Rack of Lamb’ (30m) 3:00 p.m. (6) CBLT Best Recipes Ever ‘More Show Stopping Mains’ (30m) Chautauqua Star and Bulletin Board: Food Apr 6, 2012 to Apr 12, 2012

Westfield Memorial Hospital 2 x 2”

April 6 - 12, 2012 • 5

Dunkirk Moose 5 x 1”

Sportsthisweek FRIDAY 9:00 a.m.

(62) NBCSN NHL Overtime (0:30)

9:30 a.m.

(62) NBCSN NHL Overtime (0:30)

12:30 p.m. (62) NBCSN Hank Parker’s Outdoor Magazine (0:30) 3:00 p.m. (38) ESPN Golf Masters Tournament -Round 2. (Live) (4:30) 7:00 p.m. (62) NBCSN NHL Live! (Live) (0:30) 7:30 p.m. (62) NBCSN NHL Hockey Phoenix Coyotes vs. St. Louis Blues. (Live) (2:30) 10:00 p.m. (59) FX UFC -- Chiesa vs. Larsen. (Live) (1:00) (62) NBCSN NHL Live! (Live) (0:30) 11:30 p.m. (62) NBCSN NHL Live! (0:30) 11:35 p.m. (4.1) (4) WIVB (35.1) (17) WSEE Masters Highlights (0:15) 1:00 a.m. (62) NBCSN Darts (1:00) 2:00 a.m. (62) NBCSN NHL Live! (0:30)

SATURDAY 8:30 a.m.

(62) NBCSN Hank Parker’s Outdoor

Magazine (0:30) 12:30 p.m. (29.1) (5) WUTV Raceline (0:30) (39) SNY Mets Pre-game (Live) (0:30) 1:00 p.m. (2.1) (2) WGRZ NHL Hockey Chicago Blackhawks vs. Detroit Red Wings. (Live) (2:30) (38) ESPN NCAA Lacrosse Virginia vs. North Carolina. (Live) (2:00) (39) SNY MLB Baseball Atlanta Braves vs. New York Mets. (Live) (3:00) 2:00 p.m. (6) CBLT Hockey Night in Canada on CBC (1:00) 2:30 p.m. (4.1) (4) WIVB (35.1) (17) WSEE CBS Sports Spectacular (1:00) 3:00 p.m. (6) CBLT NHL Hockey Ottawa Senators vs. New Jersey Devils. (Live) (3:00) (54) MSG MLS Soccer New York Red Bulls vs. Columbus Crew. (Live) (2:00)

Crossword Solution

3:30 p.m.

12:30 p.m.

(2.1) (2) WGRZ USSA Snowboarding

(38) ESPN Baseball Tonight (Live)

(4.1) (4) WIVB (35.1) (17) WSEE

(39) SNY Mets Pre-game (Live) (0:30)

-- Alpine Championship. (1:00)

Golf Masters Tournament -- Round 3. (Live) (3:30) (29.1) (5) WUTV MLB Baseball Boston Red Sox vs. Detroit Tigers. (Live) (3:30) (62) NBCSN NHL Live! (Live) (0:30) 4:00 p.m. (7.1) (7) WKBW ESPN Sports Saturday (2:00) (38) ESPN MLS Soccer Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Sporting Kansas City. (Live) (2:00) (62) NBCSN NHL Hockey Philadelphia Flyers vs. Pittsburgh Penguins. (Live) (2:30) 6:30 p.m. (6) CBLT Hockey Night in Canada: Scotiabank Hockey Tonight (0:30) (62) NBCSN NHL Hockey Washington Capitals vs. New York Rangers. (Live) (2:30) 7:00 p.m. (6) CBLT NHL Hockey Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Montréal Canadiens. (Live) (3:00) 8:00 p.m. (38) ESPN NBA Basketball Orlando Magic vs. Philadelphia 76ers. (Live) (2:30) 9:00 p.m. (62) NBCSN NHL Live! (Live) (0:30) 9:30 p.m. (62) NBCSN NHL Overtime (1:00) 10:00 p.m. (6) CBLT NHL Hockey Edmonton Oilers vs. Vancouver Canucks. (Live) (2:40) 10:30 p.m. (38) ESPN NBA Basketball Denver Nuggets vs. Golden State Warriors. (Live) (2:30) 12:40 a.m. (6) CBLT Hockey Night in Canada: After Hours (0:50)

SUNDAY 8:30 a.m. (62) NBCSN Hank Parker’s Outdoor Magazine (0:30) 9:00 a.m. (62) NBCSN UCI Cycling Paris-Roubaix (2:00) 9:30 a.m. (38) ESPN The Sports Reporters (0:30)

Sudoku Solution


1:00 p.m.

(7.1) (7) WKBW NBA Basketball

Chicago Bulls vs. New York Knicks. (Live) (2:30) (38) ESPN PBA Bowling Elite Players Championship (1:30) (39) SNY MLB Baseball Atlanta Braves vs. New York Mets. (Live) (3:00) 1:30 p.m. (30) TBS MLB Baseball New York Yankees vs. Tampa Bay Rays. (Live) (3:00) 2:00 p.m. (4.1) (4) WIVB (35.1) (17) WSEE Golf Masters Tournament -- Final Round. (Live) (5:00) 3:00 p.m. (2.1) (2) WGRZ ISU Figure Skating World Championship (3:00) 7:00 p.m. (38) ESPN Baseball Tonight (Live) (1:00) 8:00 p.m. (38) ESPN MLB Baseball Chicago White Sox vs. Texas Rangers. (Live) (3:00) 11:00 p.m. (29.1) (5) WUTV Wrestling Ring of Honor (1:00) 3:30 a.m. (38) ESPN NBA Basketball Chicago Bulls vs. New York Knicks. (2:00)

MONDAY 3:00 p.m.

(62) NBCSN UCI Cycling Paris-Roubaix


3:30 p.m.

(38) ESPN College Football Live

(Live) (0:30)

4:00 p.m.

(38) ESPN NFL Live (Live) (1:00)

6:30 p.m.

(39) SNY Mets Pre-game (Live) (0:30)

7:00 p.m.

(38) ESPN MLB Baseball Milwaukee

Brewers vs. Chicago Cubs. (Live) (3:00)

(39) SNY MLB Baseball Washington

Nationals vs. New York Mets. (Live) (3:00) 9:00 p.m. (62) NBCSN Boxing NBC Fight Night -Judah vs. Paris. (2:00) (51) USA WWE Monday Night Raw (1:00) 10:00 p.m. (38) ESPN Baseball Tonight (Live) (1:00) (51) USA WWE Monday Night Raw (1:05) 1:30 a.m. (62) NBCSN Darts (1:00) 2:30 a.m. (38) ESPN College Football Live (0:30)

TUESDAY 3:30 p.m.

(38) ESPN College Football Live

(Live) (0:30)

4:00 p.m.

(38) ESPN NFL Live (Live) (1:00)


Nashville strong in Western Conference

By Joel Duplessis TV Media


fter a long and punishing regular season, 16 teams have qualified to compete in the NHL’s two-month quest for the Stanley Cup. The puck drops on hockey’s “second” season, on Wednesday, April 11, and the Nashville Predators are trending as a potential dark horse to emerge from the Western Conference fray. Nashville took a big step forward in last year’s playoffs when they knocked off the Anaheim Ducks in Round 1 – the franchise’s first post-season series victory. Although they would lose out in the conference semi-finals to the Vancouver Canucks, the Predators had established themselves as an emerging young team on the verge of Cup contention. In the eve of this year’s playoff run, Preds fans are giddy with anticipation as their team is wellequipped with the tools needed to make a deep run in the post(62) NBCSN Red Bull Signature

Series Supernatural (2:00) 6:30 p.m. (39) SNY Mets Pre-game (Live) (0:30) 7:00 p.m. (38) ESPN NBA Basketball Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat. (Live) (2:30) (39) SNY MLB Baseball Washington Nationals vs. New York Mets. (Live)

season tournament. Optimism in Nashville is credited to the work of GM David Poile, who has bolstered his lineup with weapons that make this team dangerous. First, the acquisition of 6-foot-7 defensive guru Hal Gill (from the Montreal Canadiens) gives the Preds more size in the back end, and his prowess on the penalty kill is priceless this time of year. In another deal with Montreal, Nashville acquired skilled winger Andrei Kostitsyn who was reunited with his brother Sergei, after having played together with the Canadiens. The Kostitsyns have shown chemistry together in the past and both have thrived since leaving Montreal. The addition that puts the Preds over the top is superstar Alexander Radulov. A star in Russia, Radulov was originally drafted by Nashville but chose to play in the KHL, where he’s the league’s career scoring leader – earning the reputation as the best player not in the NHL. (3:00) 8:00 p.m. (6) CBLT Hockey Night in Canada on

CBC (1:00)

9:00 p.m. (54) MSG Knicks Pre-game (Live)


Continued on page 6

Main Wine & Spirits 2 x 2”

6 • April 6 - 12, 2012

Sportsthisweek Sports (3:00)

Valvo's 2 x 2”

9:30 p.m.


(38) ESPN (54) MSG NBA

Basketball New York Knicks vs. Chicago Bulls. (Live) (2:30) 12:00 a.m. (54) MSG Knicks Post-Game (Live) (0:30) (62) NBCSN Red Bull Signature Series Dumont Cup (1:00) 2:00 a.m. (62) NBCSN Darts (1:00)

12:00 p.m.

(62) NBCSN Hank Parker’s Outdoor

Magazine (0:30) 12:30 p.m. (39) SNY Mets Pre-game (Live) (0:30) 1:00 p.m. (39) SNY MLB Baseball Washington Nationals vs. New York Mets. (Live)

3:30 p.m. (38) ESPN College Football Live (Live) (0:30) 4:00 p.m. (38) ESPN NFL Live (Live) (1:00) 6:30 p.m. (62) NBCSN NHL Live! (Live) (0:30) 7:00 p.m. (6) CBLT (62) NBCSN NHL Hockey Stanley Cup Playoffs Teams TBA. (Live) (3:00) 7:30 p.m. (54) MSG Knicks Pre-game (Live) (0:30) 8:00 p.m. (38) ESPN (54) MSG NBA Basketball New York Knicks vs. Milwaukee Bucks. (Live) (2:30) 9:30 p.m. (62) NBCSN NHL Hockey Stanley Cup Playoffs -- Conference Quarter-final. Teams TBA. (Live) (2:30) 10:30 p.m. (38) ESPN NBA Basketball Golden State Warriors vs. Portland Trail Blazers. (Live) (2:30)

(54) MSG Knicks Post-Game (Live)



(2.1) (2) (17.1) (3) (4.1) (4) (29.1) (5)


(7:00) Today Show



Today Show II

Paid Paid Program Program Super WHY! ThereYet / (:40) News Live! With Kelly Live! With Kelly

The Dr. Oz Show (23.1) Winging It! Buffalo (11) Style (35.1) (7:00) CBS This Morning Live! With Kelly (17) (20) (28) (40) (49) (55) (44) (23) (38) (46) (65) (59) (60) (29) (64) (50) (54) (62) (45) (35) (39) (43) (31) (30) (34) (52) (58) (56) (48) (51) (42)



8:00 p.m.

(52) TNT NBA Basketball Miami Heat

1:30 a.m.

(62) NBCSN Darts (1:00)

THURSDAY 6:00 a.m.

(62) NBCSN NHL Live! (0:30)

6:30 a.m.

(62) NBCSN NHL Live! (0:30)

9:00 a.m.

(62) NBCSN NHL Live! (0:30)

9:30 a.m.

(62) NBCSN NHL Live! (0:30)

3:30 p.m.

(38) ESPN College Football Live

(Live) (0:30)

4:00 p.m.

(38) ESPN NFL Live (Live) (1:00)

6:30 p.m.

(62) NBCSN NHL Live! (Live) (0:30)

7:00 p.m.

(6) CBLT (62) NBCSN NHL Hockey

Stanley Cup Playoffs Teams TBA. (Live) (3:00)

vs. Chicago Bulls -- Chicago, Ill. (Live) (2:30) 9:30 p.m. (62) NBCSN NHL Hockey Stanley Cup Playoffs -- Conference Quarter-final. Teams TBA. (Live) (2:30) 10:00 p.m. (38) ESPN Baseball Tonight (Live) (1:00) 10:30 p.m. (52) TNT NBA Basketball Dallas Mavericks vs. Golden State Warriors. (Live) (2:30) 12:00 a.m. (62) NBCSN NHL Live! (Live) (0:30) 1:00 a.m. (52) TNT Inside the NBA (Live) (1:00) 1:30 a.m. (62) NBCSN Darts (1:00) Chautauqua Star and Bulletin Board: Sports Apr 6, 2012 to Apr 12, 2012

APRIL 6, 2012 TO APRIL 12, 2012 9 AM

Curious The Cat in Super WHY! Dinosaur George the Hat Train (7:00) CBS This Morning The 700 Club

Paid Paid Program Program Bo on the Busytown (6) Go! Mysteries (7.1) (7:00) Good Morning (7) America (7:00) Canada AM

12:00 a.m.

(62) NBCSN NHL Live! (Live) (0:30)


7:30 p.m.

(38) ESPN NFL Live (Live) (1:00)

Through Various the Bible Bounty M Th Bounty Criminal Minds (6:00) Paid Program Various Movie The Crocodile Hunter Omaha's Wild Kingdom Paid Paid Entourage Daily Show Paid Paid Various Mickey M. Jake Mickey M. Mickey M. SportsCenter SportsCenter Like You Like You Full House 700 Club (5:00) Paid Program Various M Movie Various M Girls i G. Girls G. Girls G. Girls G. Various Various Various Various Various PawnSt. Various PawnSt. W&Grace W&Grace W&Grace W&Grace (6:00) Boomer & Carton SportTlk F First Word Various Overtime Max Franklin Umizoomi MikeThe Dr. Phil The New Detectives SportsNite SportsNite Paid Paid Paid Paid Gangland Auction Various BeHuman/ Eureka/ Ghost Fresh P. Fresh P. Payne Payne Baby Story Baby Story Baby Story Baby's First Charmed Charmed Pokemon Johnny Test Johnny Test NinjaGo Various F Movie Movie Various M i M i F B. Legal / MurderWrote Beaver Beaver Various M House/Tu SVU/W Psych Tu VH1 Top 20 Videos Tu VH1 Top 20 Videos

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April 6 - 12, 2012 • 7

Fridayhighlights Who Do You Think You Are? (2.1) (2) WGRZ

Valley Motorsports 2 x 2”

8:00 p.m.

Edie Falco invites viewers to share her journey to find out more about her ancestry. The actress rose to fame in the HBO drama “The Sopranos,” and she is one of a few actresses to win an Emmy, SAG and Golden Undercover Boss Globe in the same year.

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta

(4.1) (4) WIVB (10) CFTO (35.1)

The Finder

(17) WSEE

8:00 p.m.

8:00 p.m.

(34) TLC

A TaylorMade Golf Company “Bones” star David Boreanaz executive is in for an eye-opensteps behind the camera to di- ing experience when he goes rect this new episode. Curtis undercover at the largest manJackson (aka 50 Cent) stars as a ufacturer of golf equipment and music rep who seeks justice for apparel in the world. Cameras a newly deceased client, whose follow high-ranking execs as music has gone viral. they work at low positions. (29.1) (5) WUTV

Mark King as seen in “Undercover Boss”


(2.1) (2) (17.1) (3) (4.1) (4) (29.1) (5) (6) (7.1) (7) (10) (23.1) (11) (35.1) (17) (20) (28) (40) (49) (55) (44) (23) (38) (46) (65) (59) (60) (29) (64) (50) (54) (62) (45) (35) (39) (43) (31) (30) (34) (52) (58) (56) (48) (51) (42)


Ellen DeGeneres Jason Biggs, Colbie Caillat TVPG Scully the T. Smiley World TVG TVPG Dr. Oz "Dr. Oz Takes On Rosie O'Donnell" TVPG Maury (N) TV14

9:00 p.m.

A bride is on an unusual quest as she searches for the perfect dress for the day she meets her husband for the first time. Also, a former pageant queen has high hopes for her dream gown. Later, Lori shares her top tips for finding the perfect gown.

APRIL 6, 2012 5 PM


Channel 2 2 News News ~ TVG Charlie Rose TVPG

6 PM


7 PM

Channel 2 NBC News ET TVPG News ~ TVG TVG News TVPG PBS NewsHour TVG


8 PM


9 PM


10 PM


11 PM


The Insider Think You Are "Edie Grimm "The Thing With Dateline NBC TVPG Channel 2 Jay Leno TVPG Falco" (N) TVPG Feathers" (N) TV14 News ~ TVG (N) TVPG  Summer Washingto Need to   The Great Train Robbery ('79) Sean Connery. Business Austin City TVG TVPG  Wine TVG n Week TVG Know TVG TVPG News 4 at 5 p.m. ~ TVG News 4 at 6 CBSNews Inside Ed. Access H. Undercover Boss CSI: NY "Kill Screen" (N) Blue Bloods "Some Kind News 4 at Masters/:50 TVG TVPG TVPG "Taylormade" (N) TV14 TV14 p.m. of Hero" (N) TV14 11 ~ TVG LateS TVPG  The Jeremy Kyle Show Big Bang Judge Judy Judge Judy Two and The Finder "Life After Fringe "Everything in Seinfeld Two and TheSimp- Seinfeld TV14 TV14 Theory TV14 TV14 Half TVPG Death" (N) TV14 Its Right Place" (N) TV14 TVPG Half TV14 sons TVPG TVPG Rick Mercer Wheel TVPG News News reports from CBC News Coronation Coronation Jeopardy! Marketplace "The the fifth estate CBC News: The National (:55) CBC News TVG TVY TVG TVG /(:05) George S. (N) TV14 CBC bureaus. ~ TVG Street Street Busted Edition" (SF) (N) "Kidnapped" (SF) (N) The Doctors (N) TVPG Eyewitness News at 5 News at 6 ABC World Wheel TVPG Jeopardy! Shark Tank TVPG Primetime: What Would 20/20 TVPG Eyewitness Nightline TVG  p.m. ~ TVG p.m. TVG News TVPG You Do? TVG News ~ TVG TVG Dr. Oz "Dr. Oz Takes On Anderson TVG CTV News ~ TVG eTalk (N) The Big Undercover Boss Grimm "The Thing With Blue Bloods "Some Kind CTV News ~ CTV News ~ TVG TVG  Rosie O'Donnell" TVPG TVG Bang TVPG "Taylormade" (N) TV14 Feathers" (N) TV14 of Hero" (N) TV14 The Wendy Williams The Nate Berkus Show America's Funniest The Office The Office Nikita "Rogue" TV14 Supernatural "Shut Up, 10 O'Clock TMZ TV14 Cops TVPG Cops TV14 Show TVPG TVPG Home Videos TVPG TVPG TV14 Dr. Phil" (N) TV14 News ~ TVG Anderson TVG Dr. Phil "Road to Newswatch CBSNews Wheel TVPG Jeopardy! Undercover Boss CSI: NY "Kill Screen" (N) Blue Bloods "Some Kind Newswatch Masters / Recovery" (N) TV14 of Hero" (N) TV14 ~ TVG TVG TVG "Taylormade" (N) TV14 TV14 ~ TVG :50 LateS  (3:00)   Analyze Cold Case "Blank Cold Case "Yo, Adrian" Cold Case "Time to Cold Case "Revolution" Cold Case "Wishing" Cold Case "Revenge" Flashpoint "Business as This Robert De Niro. TV14 Generation" TVPG TV14 TVPG TV14 Crime" TV14 TV14 Usual" TVPG The First 48 TV14 The First 48 TV14 The First 48 TV14 Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage  (3:00)   Escape From L.A. TVMA   The Chronicles of Riddick ('04) Vin Diesel. TV14   Halloween H2O: Twenty Years Later TV14   Halloween H2O: Twenty Years Later TV14 Infested! TVPG Hillbilly Handfishin TVPG RivMon Unhooked TVPG O. Wild O. Wild North Woods Law TVPG North Woods Law (N) Rattlesnake Rep TVPG North Woods Law (:55) Futura Tosh.O Sunny South Park Daily Show Colbert Tosh.O Tosh.O Sunny Sunny South Park South Park Katt Williams TVMA A Bernie Mac Tribute American Chopper TVPG To Be Announced ~ Monsters in Alaska TVPG Deadliest Catch TV14 Deadliest Catch "Best of Season 7" TVPG Deadliest Catch TVPG  A.N.T. Farm Austin/ Ally Austin/ Ally Austin/ Ally Shake It Up GoodLuck A.N.T. Farm Jessie Lab Rats Snap! Phineas Jessie Austin/ Ally GoodLuck Austin/ Ally Austin/ Ally (3:00) Golf Masters Tournament Round 2 Site: Augusta National Golf Club (L) ~ TVG SportsCent. Golf Masters Tournament Round 2 Site: Augusta National Golf Club ~ TVG SportsCenter TVG Movie   Practical Magic ('98) Nicole Kidman. TVPG   Bewitched ('05) Nicole Kidman. TV14   Nanny McPhee ('05) Emma Thompson. TVG The 700 Club TVPG Barefoot Barefoot Paula Paula Diners Diners BestAte BestAte Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners M-Mother Met-Mother Two 1/2... Two 1/2... Two 1/2... Two 1/2...   Live Free or Die Hard ('07) Bruce Willis. TV14 UFC (L) TV14 UFCPrime Movie The Waltons TVG The Waltons TVG L. House "Castoffs" TVG Little House Prairie TVG L. House "My Ellen" TVG Little House Prairie TVG Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Income Income Property Property House House House House House House House House HouseH House House House Marvels "Wine" TVPG Marvels "Cheese" TVPG Modern Marvels TVPG Modern Marvels TVPG American Pickers TVPG The Real Face of Jesus? TVPG Decoding Past TVPG  M-Mother Reba Reba Reba I Survived... I Survived... I Survived... Most Wanted TV14 Most Wanted TV14 Most Wanted TV14  (3:00) Basketball NBA New York vs Orlando TVG Game 365 Game 365 MSG Vault Spring of '94 MSG Vault Boomer & Carton MSG Vault Costas Tonight TVPG NBC Sports Talk NHL Live! Hockey NHL Phoenix Coyotes vs. St. Louis Blues (L) ~ TVG NHL Live! NBC Sports Talk NHL Live! Ninjas SpongeBob SpongeBob Kung Fu Big Time R. iCarly Victorious Victorious FREDShow SpongeBob G. Lopez G. Lopez '70s Show '70s Show Friends Friends Who Marry Who Marry Who Marry Who Marry Who Marry Who Marry Voices Voices Voices Voices Voices Voices Voices Voices Voices Voices (2:00) Baseball MLB TVPG Daily News Wheel Loud Jets Nation Beer Baseball Classics MLB Chicago Cubs vs. New York Mets March 30, 2000 TVG SportsNite SportsNite SportsNite Gangland TV14 Gangland TV14 Gangland TV14 Gangland TV14   Crank 2: High Voltage Jason Statham. TVMA Ultimate Fighter 9 Ultimate Fighter 9  Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus Jaleel White. TV14  Malibu Shark Attack ('09) Heather Wilson. TV14 WWE Smackdown! (N) TV14 Monster Man TVPG Being Human TV14 Friends Friends Friends Friends Queens Queens Seinfeld Seinfeld Payne Payne Payne Payne   Mean Girls ('04) Lindsay Lohan. TV14  Say Yes to Say Yes to Say Yes to Say Yes to Say Yes to Say Yes to Say Yes to Say Yes to Say Yes to Say Yes to Say Yes to Say Yes to Gypsy Wedding TVPG Say Yes to Say Yes to Law & Order TV14 Law & Order TV14 Law & Order TV14 Law & Order TV14 Law & Order TV14   Rush Hour 3 ('07) Chris Tucker. TV14  Patricia Cornwell's ...  NinjaGo Johnny Test Johnny Test Regular Level Up Gumball Adv.Time NinjaGo Best of CN King of Hill King of Hill Amer. Dad Amer. Dad Family Guy Family Guy 3:45  The Last Gangst... :15  The Amazing Doctor Clitterh... (:45)   The Big Leaguer TVG   Love Me or Leave Me ('55) Doris Day. TVPG (:15)   Young Man With a Horn TVPG  Bonanza TVPG Bonanza TVPG M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H Home Imp Home Imp Queens Queens Queens Queens Queens Queens Law:CI "Frame" TV14 SVU "Streetwise" TV14 SVU "Trade" TV14 SVU "Confession" TV14 SVU "Unstable" TV14 Fairly Legal (N) TV14 In Plain Sight (N) TVPG Suits "Bail Out" TV14 Sat. Night Live TV14 Sat. Night Live TV14 Consign. Behind Music "Aaliyah"   Barbershop 2: Back in Business ('04) Ice Cube. TVPG   Coming to America Eddie Murphy. TVMA 

8 • April 6 - 12, 2012


Friday (60) HALL

12:00 p.m.

Martha and Friends: Martha’s Magnificent Egg

A mischievous Easter egg thief swipes all of Martha’s awardwinning egg designs, but she resorts to her off-the-cuff design ideas to make new ones in time. The winning designs get to participate in the White House Easter Egg Roll.

Saturday (46) FAM

7:00 p.m.

A Bug’s Life

Members of an ant colony

struggle to gather a huge amount of food for the grasshoppers who torment them in this stunning computer-animated film. In an effort to save his friends, worker-ant Flik rallies other misfit insects to help him.

Sunday (60) HALL

6:00 p.m.

Love’s Everlasting Courage

(23) DISN

men’s team, is determined to whip the girls into shape.

7:00 p.m.

Austin and Ally

A silly joke turns into a disaster when Miss Suzy’s business starts to go downhill. Ally tries to make things up to her friend by getting her friends together to help, but things will never be back to normal.

Monday (46) FAM

A father struggles to raise his beloved daughter in this heartwrenching drama. After farmer Clark Davis loses his wife to scarlet fever, he turns to his parents for help as he tries to save his farm.

9:00 p.m.

Make It or Break It

Tuesday (46) FAM

5:00 p.m.

Dennis the Menace

The classic comic strip character comes to life in this live-action film starring Mason Gamble and Walter Matthau. Dennis is a mischievous young boy who torments his neighbor with his antics. However, when a robber strikes, it’s Dennis to the rescue.

The heat is on with six weeks to go until the Olympics. UnfortuThursday nately, the women’s gymnastics team is looking less and less like (45) NICK 11:00 a.m. Bubble Guppies a cohesive team. Coach Mac, who was once head of the Gil, Molly and their pals explore


(2.1) (2) (17.1) (3) (4.1) (4) (29.1) (5) (6) (7.1) (7) (10) (23.1) (11) (35.1) (17) (20) (28) (40) (49) (55) (44) (23) (38) (46) (65) (59) (60) (29) (64) (50) (54) (62) (45) (35) (39) (43) (31) (30) (34) (52) (58) (56) (48) (51) (42)


9 AM

Laura Marano in “Austin and Ally”

their world in a playful and silly way in this vibrant CGI series. Set in an aquarium-inspired underwater classroom, the show features energetic kids with fish tails who sing, dance, tell jokes and play games.

APRIL 7, 2012 9:30

10 AM


11 AM


12 PM


1 PM


2 PM


3 PM


(7:00) Today Guest(s): The Daybreak Saturday Morning ~ TVG Living Jane & Babar TVY Willa's Wild Pearlie TVY Hockey NHL Chicago Blackhawks vs. Detroit Red Wings Site: Joe Snowboard USSA TVG  Scotto Family (N) TVG Toronto Drag. TVY7 Life TVY Louis Arena Detroit, Mich. (L) ~ TVG Cyberchase Bob the The Saddle DragonfGarden The Victory Mexico One Cooking Essential Favorite TestK TVG Simply Lidia's Italy Ciao Italia Burt Wolf: R Maxa's TVY Builder TVY Club TVY lyTV TVG Smart TVG Garden TVG Plate TVG TVG Pepin TVPG Foods TVG Ming TVG TVG Travels TVG World TVG TVG TheDood- TheDood- Busytown Busytown Danger R. Horseland Kids News Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG CBS Sports Spectacular Golf TVG  lebops TVY lebops TVY Myst. TVY Myst. TVY TVY TVY7 TVG "Seve!" (N) TVG Kitchen Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Weekend Marketplace ~ TVG According Raceline   The Mexican ('01) Julia Roberts. TV14 MLB Player Baseball World TVG to Jim TVPG TVG Poll (N) TVG MLB TVPG  Animal/:15 Super WHY! Doodlebops Goldfish Is Artzooka Hamilton Edible MagiWinning America Geologic Journey II Hockey Night Canada Hockey NHL Ottawa vs Pirates TVY TVY Incred. TVG Nation TVY New Jersey (L) TVG /:20 Pirates Evil TVY TVG TVG "Tectonic Europe" "Game Day" TVG  Good Morning America Born to Everyday Everyday Food for Th Metro Local Proud Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Superfest "Spring Jam Ball Boys Ball Boys Saturday TVPG Explore TVG Health TVG Health TVG TVG Showcase 2012" ~ TVG (N) TVPG TVPG Little Hobo The Littlest Corner Gas Corner Gas Children's ~ Sick Kids It Is Car/ SportsC All the news from Canada's Worst Driver Worst Handyman The Marilyn Denis Show "Heritage" Hobo TVY TVPG TVPG "Uphill Battle" TVPG "Curtain Call" TVPG TVG TVPG Written Business ~ the world of sports. TVG Sonic X Sonic X Yu-Gi-Oh Yu-Gi-Oh! Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Tai Chi (N) Yu-Gi-Oh! Wake Up ~ TVG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG TVY7 TVY7 Zex (N) TVY7 TVY7 Z Kai TVY7 Z Kai TVY7 TVY7 TVY7 Morning Saturday A discussion of current events and TheDood- TheDood- Busytown Busytown Awesome Real Green Paid ~ TVPG Mother's Day Gospel CBS Sports Spectacular Golf TVG  a variety of topics that affect our world today. ~ TVG lebops TVY lebops TVY Myst. TVY Myst. TVY Adv. TVG TVPG "Seve!" (N) TVG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Miracles Healthmaster ~ TVG NutriSy  Something to Talk About ('95) Julia Roberts.   A Few Good Men TVG TVPG ('92) Tom Cruise. TV14  stem Flip This House TVPG Flip "Flip 101" TVPG Flip This House TVPG Flip This House TVPG Flip This House TVPG Flip This House TVPG Ship Wars Ship Wars Ship Wars Ship Wars Rifleman Rifleman Rifleman Rifleman Rifleman   The Man From Snowy River ('82) Kirk Douglas. TVPG   Joe Kidd ('72) Clint Eastwood. TV14  High Plains Drifter...  Hillbilly Hand TVPG Dogs 101 TVG Dogs Out Funny A. Swamp Wars TVPG Swamp Wars TVPG Swamp Wars TVPG Swamp Wars TVPG Swamp Wars TVPG Futurama Futurama   Superstar ('99) Molly Shannon. TVPG 30 Rock 30 Rock Sunny Sunny Sunny Sunny South Park   Let's Go to Prison TV14  Paid Paid Myth "Fire vs. Ice" TVPG American Chopper TVPG Deadliest Catch TV14 Deadliest Catch TV14 Deadliest Catch TV14 Deadliest Catch TV14 Deadliest Catch TV14 Mickey M. Mickey M. Phineas Phineas Phineas Disney's A.N.T. Farm A.N.T. Farm Wizards Wizards GoodLuck GoodLuck Shake It Up Shake It Up A.N.T. Farm A.N.T. Farm SportsCenter TVG SportsCenter TVG SportsCenter The day's news in the world of sports. ~ TVG Lacrosse NCAA Virginia vs. North Carolina (L) ~ TVG Year of the Quarterback (7:30)   This Time Around TVG   Mamma Mia! ('08) Meryl Streep. TVPG   The Sound of Music ('65) Julie Andrews. TVPG Chef Cooking DownH. 30 Mins Pioneer Paula Barefoot Giada Chopped TVG Cupcake Wars TVG WorstCooks TVG Sweet Genius TVG 7:  Drop Dead Gorge... Met-Mother Met-Mother Met-Mother 2½Men 1/2 2½Men 2/2 Two 1/2... Two 1/2...   Live Free or Die Hard ('07) Bruce Willis. TV14 Movie G. Girls G. Girls G. Girls 1/2 G. Girls 2/2 Little House Prairie TVG Little House Prairie TVG Little House Prairie TVG Little House Prairie TVG Little House Prairie TVPG Little House Prairie TVG Income Cousins Property Property Crashers Crashers Crashers Crashers Crashers Crashers Room Cr Homes Homes Showhouse Bang Buck High Low Bible Battles TVPG GodSatan Take a tour of the final days on Earth. TVPG Anit.. A look at the enigma of the Antichrist. TVPG Banned From the Bible TVG Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Christine Christine   Murder on Pleasant Drive Adam Arkin. TV14   Cradle of Lies ('06) Debra Messing. TV14 (6:00) Paid Program ~ TVPG MSG Vault Best of Boomer TVPG Game 365 Game 365 MSG Vault Game 365 Red Bulls Soccer MLS (L) TVG  Bass Battle Outdoor Fish Roland Bill Dance AnglEdge Bass 2 Salt.Fishing Saltwater Into Blue Hunt/ Fish Saltwater No Offense Hunt/ Fish Saltwater First Word NHL Live! SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob Kung Fu T.U.F.F. SpongeBob Power SpongeBob KCA Kung Fu Kung Fu iCarly iCarly iCarly Dr. Phil TVPG Home Simple TVPG Tent City U.S.A. TVPG   Driving Miss Daisy ('89) Jessica Tandy. TVPG Ambush C Sweetie Pie's TVPG SportsNite SportsNite Paid Paid Paid Paid SportsNite SportsNite SportsNite Pre-game Baseball MLB Atlanta Braves vs. New York Mets Site: Citi Field (L) ~ TVPG Paid Paid Digger Digger Xtreme 4x4 Horsep. Trucks! MuscleCar Repo Game   The Replacements ('00) Keanu Reeves. TV14  The Fugitive TV14  Paid Paid   9 Christopher Plummer. TVPG   Serenity ('05) Nathan Fillion. TV14   Dawn of the Dead ('04) Sarah Polley. TVM Movie Name Earl Name Earl Accord.Jim Yes, Dear Yes, Dear Yes, Dear Yes, Dear Yes, Dear   Shrek 2 ('04) Mike Myers. TVPG (:55)   Shrek the Third ('07) Mike Myers. TVPG Paid Paid Property Ladder TVG Property Ladder TVG Property Ladder TVG Property Ladder TVG Undercover Boss TVPG Boss "UniFirst" TVPG Undercover Boss TVPG LawOrder "B*tch" TV14 Law & Order TV14 Rizzoli & Isles TV14 The Closer TV14 Law & Order TV14  Patricia Cornwell's Hornet's Nest TV14  The Mummy Return...  Beyblade Pokemon Ben 10 ThundCat Green Justice MAD Level Up Johnny Johnny Johnny Adv.Time Adv.Time   Planet 51 TVPG  7:30  The Bugle Sou... (:15)   The Invisible Man TVPG :45  Boston Blackie Goes Hollywo...  The New Adventure ... (:15)   Larceny, Inc. Edward G. Robinson. TVPG  The Great Escape ...  7:30 3's Co. The Nanny The Nanny The Nanny The Nanny HappilyDiv. Makeover: Home TVPG Makeover: Home TVPG Makeover: Home TVPG   About Last Night ('86) Rob Lowe. TVM  Paid Program ~ TVPG Psych "True Grits" TVPG   Bee Movie ('07) Jerry Seinfeld. TVPG   Hairspray ('07) Nikki Blonsky. TVPG   The Wedding Planner Jennifer Lopez. TVPG (6:00) Jump Start TVPG VH1 Top 20 Videos TVPG VH1 Top 20 Videos TVPG   National Lampoon's Vacation TVMA   Coming to America ('88) Eddie Murphy. TVMA La La's Full

April 6 - 12, 2012 • 9

Saturdayhighlights Masters Tournament (4.1) (4) WIVB (35.1) (17) WSEE

Maddenford Spring & Auto 2 x 2”

3:30 p.m.

The PGA’s biggest event kicks off as players compete for the green jacket. Legends such as Phil Mickelson, Jim Furyk and Tiger Woods have been invited to this year’s tournament, held at Augusta National Golf Club.

The Ten Commandments (7.1) (7) WKBW

7:00 p.m.

Valvo's 2 x 2”

Charlton Heston stars as Moses in one of the greatest films ever made. The film was based on the Holy Scriptures and follows Moses’ life from his birth to receiving the Ten Commandments on Mt. Sinai and beyond.

A scene from “The Ten Commandments”


(2.1) (2) (17.1) (3) (4.1) (4) (29.1) (5) (6) (7.1) (7) (10) (23.1) (11) (35.1) (17) (20) (28) (40) (49) (55) (44) (23) (38) (46) (65) (59) (60) (29) (64) (50) (54) (62) (45) (35) (39) (43) (31) (30) (34) (52) (58) (56) (48) (51) (42)


5 PM

APRIL 7, 2012 5:30

6 PM


7 PM


8 PM


9 PM


10 PM


11 PM


3:30 Road to the Kentucky Derby A Channel 2 NBC News Spiel the Paid ~ TVPG Escape Routes (N) TVPG The Firm TV14 Law & Order: S.V.U. Channel 2 Sat. Night "Spiraling Down" TV14 News ~ TVG (N) TV14  Snowboard Kentucky Derby preview. (N) ~ TVG News ~ TVG TVG Wine Steves' Motorweek Woodwork Hometime This Old Ask-Old Robin Hood "The Angel Doc Martin New Tricks "The Fourth Garrow's Law TVPG Masterpiece "Great Europe TVG TVG TVG TVG House TVG House TVG of Death" ~ Expectations" 1/2 TVPG "Aromatherapy" TVPG Man" TVPG (3:30) Golf Masters Tournament Round 3 Site: Augusta National Golf Club Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG M-Mother Mike & Crim. Minds "There's No 48 Hours Mystery TVG News 4 at Universe Augusta, Ga. (L) ~ TVG Molly TVPG Place Like Home" TV14 11 ~ TVG TV14 TVPG  (3:30) Baseball MLB Boston Red Sox vs. Detroit Tigers Site: Comerica Park Detroit, The Big The Big Cops (N) Cops TVPG Bones "The Twist in the The Big The Big Q'Viva! The Chosen (SF)  Mich. (L) ~ TVPG Bang TVPG Bang TV14 TVPG Twister" TV14 Bang TVPG Bang TVPG (N) TVPG (3:00) Hockey NHL Ottawa Senators vs. New Jersey CBC News: Hockey Hockey NHL Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Montréal Canadiens Site: Bell Centre Hockey NHL Edmonton Oilers vs. Vancouver Canucks Devils Site: Prudential Center Newark, N.J. (L) ~ TVG Toronto Ton. ~ TVG Montreal, Que. (L) ~ TVG Site: Rogers Arena Vancouver, B.C. (L) ~ TVG  Sports A mix of sports highlights, including a review Eyewitness ABC World   The Ten Commandments (1956,Epic) The story of Moses, the son of slaves, who was destined to lead his people (:45) News of the week and a look at upcoming events. ~ TVG News ~ TVG News TVPG out of Egypt. Yul Brynner, Anne Baxter, Charlton Heston. ~ TVPG ~ TVG  Specials App Central Movie eTalk TVG CTV News ~ TVG W5 TVPG Flashpoint "Collateral Crim. Minds "There's No The Listener "Vanished" National CTV News ~  TVG Night TV14 Damage" TV14 Place Like Home" TV14 TV14 News TVPG TVG Access Hollywood TMZ TV14 News 4 Weekend ~ TVG Stargate Universe Law & Order "Night and Law & Order "Promises 10 O'Clock Criminal Minds Numb3rs Weekend TVPG "Hope" TV14 Fog" TV14 to Keep" TV14 News ~ TVG "Limelight" TV14 TVPG  (3:30) Golf Masters Tournament Round 3 Site: Augusta National Golf Club FortuneW- Jeopardy! M-Mother Mike & Crim. Minds "There's No 48 Hours Mystery TVG Newswatch Grey's A. Augusta, Ga. (L) ~ TVG eekend TVG TVG TV14 Molly TVPG Place Like Home" TV14 ~ TVG TV14  (3:00)   A Few Good Men ('92) Tom Cruise. Psych "Shawn (and Gus) Psych "Ghosts" ~ TVPG Psych TVPG Psych "Daredevils!" ~ Psych TVPG Psych "Disco Didn't Die. TV14 TVPG of the Dead" TVPG It Was Murdered!" TVPG Parking Parking Parking Parking Parking Parking Storage Storage Storage Storage Parking Parking Parking Parking Parking Parking  (3:00)   High Plains Drifter TVM   Jeremiah Johnson ('72) Robert Redford. TV14   One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest ('75) Jack Nicholson. TVM  One Flew Over the...  Swamp Wars TVPG Swamp Wars TVPG Swamp Wars TVPG My Cat From Hell TVPG Must Love Cats TVPG Tanked! TVPG Tanked: Unfiltered TVPG Tanked! TVPG Movie   A Night at the Roxbury ('98) Will Ferrell. TV14   Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby TV14   Semi-Pro ('08) Will Ferrell. TV14  The 40-Year-Old Vir...  Deadliest Catch TV14 Deadliest Catch TV14 Deadliest Catch TVPG Deadliest Catch TV14 Deadliest Catch TVPG Deadliest Catch TVPG Deadliest Catch TV14 Deadliest Catch TVPG A.N.T. Farm A.N.T. Farm GoodLuck Jessie Austin/ Ally Shake It Up Shake It Up TVG A.N.T. Farm Shake It Up Austin/ Ally A.N.T. Farm A.N.T. Farm Jessie Austin/ Ally Shake It Up Soccer MLS Los Angeles vs Sporting KC (L) TVG QB Camp QB Camp SportsCenter TVG Basketball NBA Orlando Magic vs. Philadelphia 76ers (L) ~ TVG Basketball NBA Den./G.S. (L) TVG    Mary Poppins ('64) Nanny takes over household. Julie Andrews. ~ TVG   A Bug's Life ('98) Dave Foley. TVG   Cars ('06) Owen Wilson. TVG Movie Diners Diners Iron Chef America TVPG Chopped TVG Chopped TVG Chopped TVG Chopped TVG Chopped TVG Iron Chef America TVG 3:30  What Happens in Vegas TVPG   The Bounty Hunter ('10) Jennifer Aniston. TV14   Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen ('09) Shia LaBeouf. TV14 Archer Little House Prairie TVPG Little House Prairie TVPG Little House Prairie TVG Little House Prairie TVG Little House Prairie TVG Little House Prairie TVPG Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Desp.Land. Desp.Land. Curb: Block Curb: Block House House HouseH House Candice Genevieve C. Splash Interiors HouseH House HouseH House Bible What didn't make it into the Christian Bible. Angels "Good or Evil" Restoration Restoration Restoration Restoration Restoration Restoration Restoration Restore   And Baby Will Fall ('11) Anastasia Griffith. TVPG  Home Invasion ('11) Haylie Duff.  Adopting Terror ('11) Sean Astin.  Stolen Child ('11) Emmanuelle Vaugier.  (3:00) Soccer MLS (L) TVG Post-game Soccer MLS New York vs Columbus TVG Ranger # Ranger # Spring of '94 Hockey Night (L) ~ TVG Bench Soccer MLS NY/Clb TVG  Hockey NHL Philadelphia Flyers vs. Pittsburgh Penguins (L) ~ TVG Hockey NHL Washington Capitals vs. New York Rangers (L) ~ TVG NHL Live! NHL Overtime Costas Tonight TVPG  iCarly Big Time R. Big Time R. Big Time R. Victorious Victorious Victorious Victorious iCarly ToRock G. Lopez G. Lopez '70s Show '70s Show Friends Friends Sweetie Pie's TVPG Sweetie Pie's TVPG Sweetie Pie's TVPG Sweetie Pie's TVPG Sweetie Pie's TVPG Sweetie Pie's TVPG Beverly's House TVPG Sweetie Pie's TVPG Post-Game Jets Nation Boxing Broadway Card TBA ~ TVMA Big East Baseball MLB Atlanta Braves vs. New York Mets Site: Citi Field ~ TVPG SportsNite SportsNite SportsNite (3:00)   The Fugitive ('93) Harrison Ford. TV14   A Bronx Tale ('93) Robert De Niro. TVM   Ocean's Twelve ('04) George Clooney. TVPG (3:30)   End of Days TVM   The Matrix Reloaded ('03) Keanu Reeves. TVM   The Matrix Revolutions ('03) Keanu Reeves. TV14 Queens Queens Friends Friends Friends Friends Seinfeld Seinfeld BigBang BigBang BigBang BigBang   Shrek 2 ('04) Mike Myers. TVPG Undercover Boss TVPG Undercover Boss TVPG Undercover Boss TVPG Boss "Belfor" TVPG Undercover Boss TVPG Undercover Boss TVPG Undercover (N) TVPG Undercover Boss TVPG (3:00)  The Mummy Returns TV14   The Matrix ('99) Keanu Reeves. TV14   Van Helsing ('04) Hugh Jackman. TV14 (:45) Leverage TVPG :45 Lever  Movie NinjaGo NinjaGo NinjaGo   Transformers ('07) Shia LeBoeuf. TV14 King of Hill Childrens Loiter Family Guy Boondocks AquaTeen (3:00)   The Great Escape TVPG   4 for Texas ('63) Frank Sinatra. TVPG   Gilda ('46) Rita Hayworth. TVPG   Lady From Shanghai TVG Movie Movie M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H Home Imp Home Imp Home Imp Home Imp Queens Queens Queens Queens Queens Queens   Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins TV14 NCIS TV14 NCIS TV14   To Kill a Mockingbird Gregory Peck. TVPG  Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End TV14  Basketball Wives TV14 Stevie TV Consign. Mob Wives TV14 Mob Wives TV14 Therapy "Opening Up" Couples Therapy   National Lampoon's Vacation TVMA

10 • April 6 - 12, 2012


By Adam Thomlison TV Media Q: Do people on reality shows such as “America’s Next Top Model” or “Top Chef” get paid? A: Producers are, understandably, hesitant to talk about who gets paid what on reality TV shows. There’s enough bitterness between contestants already, without giving them a chance to compare paychecks in public. However, under the constant media gaze, information has come out that most do, indeed, get something. Unfortunately, the two shows you cite specifically, “America’s Next Top Model” and “Top Chef,” are among the more secretive ones. No information has been released about what, if anything, they give their contestants, aside

from a shot at fame in their given fields. Other shows have been a little more open about their compensation, and, according to the experts, the amount depends on the type of show. Shows with big prizes, such as “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race,” tend to give a descending amount of the purse to every contestant. In 2005, “Today Show” reality-TV expert Andy Dehnart reported that the winning team on “The Amazing Race” takes home $1 million, while the first team to get the boot gets $1,500 for their trouble. However, some shows also offer cash stipends for their contestants. In 2007, Dehnart reported that “Big Brother” house guests get about $750 per week (though he said that the check for the all-star

season reportedly went up to $4,000 per week), and that “Real World” roommates get something, too, though they won’t say how much. “I used to say it was enough to buy a used car,” executive producer Jonathan Murray told “USA Today.” “Now it’s probably not quite as big a used car.” “American Idol,” the biggest reality show on the block, is a more complex setup. According to “USA Today,” the would-be pop stars don’t get anything unless they reach the final 12, at which point they must join the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists union, and they begin receiving a proper paycheck of at least $921 per episode. Union membership means they also get royalty checks for reruns and DVD sales of the episodes in which they appear.

Q: Can you think of any spinoff series that lasted longer than the original? A: Surprisingly, there are plenty. “Happy Days” is a good example. The legendary, family-friendly hit ran for 11 seasons on ABC from 1974 to 1984, surpassing its parent show, “Love, American Style” by six seasons. “Happy Days” debuted as a segment on “Love, American Style,” which was an anthology series that featured two or three stories per episode. Another ABC sitcom, “Family Matters,” ran for nine seasons -one season longer than its predecessor, “Perfect Strangers.” (“Family Matters” matriarch Harriet Winslow originated as an elevator operator at the newspaper office on “Perfect Strangers.”) NBC’s “Frasier” also tied its parent series, “Cheers,” at 11 seasons.


(2.1) (2) (17.1) (3) (4.1) (4) (29.1) (5) (6) (7.1) (7) (10) (23.1) (11) (35.1) (17) (20) (28) (40) (49) (55) (44) (23) (38) (46) (65) (59) (60) (29) (64) (50) (54) (62) (45) (35) (39) (43) (31) (30) (34) (52) (58) (56) (48) (51) (42)


In the reality-TV genre (and again on ABC, which has done well in the spinoff business), the critically acclaimed and popular “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” which just wrapped its ninth and final season, far outlasted its four-season parent, “Extreme Makeover.” Other examples include the Robert Guillaume sitcom “Benson” (a spinoff of “Soap”), the Dick Van Dyke mystery series “Diagnosis Murder” (which spun off from an episode of “Jake and the Fatman”), and, for the geeks, “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” which more than doubled the run of the surprisingly short-lived original.

Have a question? E-mail us at Please include your name and town. Personal replies will not be provided.

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Sun. Today Jenna's dad Meet the Press TVG Joel Osteen Paid ~ TVPG Zula Patrol Shelldon Easter Celebrating Christ's Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Figure Skating ISU World gets a mancave. (N) TVG resurrection. ~ TVG Championship TVG TVPG TVY TVY  Thomas & SciGirls TVG Asia Biz ~ New York McLaughlin BBC News ~ Moyers and Company Wshingtn European To Contrary Religion L. Welk "The Norma Lincoln "Renee Fleming TVPG TVG Friends TVY TVG Now ~ TVG Group TVPG TVG Journal TVG TVG News TVG Zimmer Show" TVG at the Penthouse" TVG  Weekend Wake Up ~ Sun. Morning An informative morning Face the Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Jim Nantz "The 1987 Golf Masters Tournament Final Round Site: Augusta TVG program covering many topics. ~ TVG Nation TVG Masters" (N) TVG National Golf Club Augusta, Ga. (L) ~ TVG  The Ernest Angley Hour Fox News Sunday TVG Key of Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Two and Two and   Summer School ('87) Mark Harmon. TVPG   Her Best Move ~ TVG ('07) Leah Pipes. TVG  David TVG Half TV14 Half TV14 Coronation Coronation Coronation Coronation Coronation Coronation Coronation Coronation Land and Mansbrid- Q With Jian Ghomeshi Steven and Chris Dragons' Den Street Street Street Street Street Street Street Street Sea ge One TVG "Q At The Junos" (N) Good Morning America In Touch Ministries ~ This Week With George Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Countdown Basketball NBA Chicago Bulls vs. New York Knicks Site: Madison Paid ~ TVPG Sunday TVG TVG Stephanopoulos TVPG (L) TVG Square Garden New York City, N.Y. (L) ~ TVG The Littlest Sunday PLAN Canada TVG Living Truth TVG Question Period Candid   The Ten Commandments (1956,Epic) The story of Moses, the son of slaves, who was destined to  Hobo TVY Mass ~ TVG political discussion. ~ TVG lead his people out of Egypt. Yul Brynner, Anne Baxter, Charlton Heston. ~ TVPG Eco Co. TVG Jack Hanna: Animal Dog Tales Animal Pets.TV TVG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Wake Up ~ TVG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Brothers & Sisters "Run Wild TVY7 Atlas TVG TVG Rescue TVG Baby Run" TVPG Outdoor- Insider ~ Sun. Morning An informative morning FaceNat. Interviews with Sports Blitz Cinderella on Ice ~ TVY Jim Nantz "The 1987 Golf Masters Tournament Final Round Site: Augusta sman TVG TVG program covering many topics. ~ TVG top newsmakers. ~ TVG Masters" (N) TVG National Golf Club Augusta, Ga. (L) ~ TVG ~ TVG  In Touch With Dr. Fellowship Catholic Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Camp Meeting David and Barbara Cerullo share God's George   Someone Like You ('01) Ashley Judd. TVPG  Someth...  Charles Stanley TVG TVG Mass ~ TVG blessing in this worshiping special. TVG Lopez TVPG Breakout Kings TV14 The Sopranos TV14 The Sopranos TV14 Bounty Bounty Bounty Hunter TVPG Bounty Hunter TVPG Bounty Hunter TVPG Bounty Hunter TVPG Mad Men Mad Men TVPG (:05) The Killing (:05) The Killing (:05)   The Perfect Storm ('00) George Clooney. TV14  Backdraft TVMA  Untamed&Uncut TV14 Dogs 101 TVPG Dogs 101 TVPG Wild Kingdom TVPG Wild Kingdom TVPG North Woods Law TVPG North Woods Law TVPG North Woods Law TVPG Comedy   Caddyshack ('80) Chevy Chase. TV14 (:45)   Let's Go to Prison ('06) Will Arnett. TV14 (:45) Futura (:15) Futura (:45) Futura (:15)   American Pie ('99) Chris Klein. TV14  Paid Paid Deadliest Catch Sp. TV14 Deadliest Catch Sp. TV14 Deadliest Catch TV14 Deadliest Catch TV14 Deadliest Catch Deadliest Catch TV14 Deadliest Catch TV14 Mickey M. Jake Phineas Phineas Phineas Phineas Jessie Jessie Disney's SoRandom Shake It Up Austin/ Ally Jessie Jessie A.N.T. Farm A.N.T. Farm SportsCenter TVG Out. Lines Sports Rep. SportsCenter The day's news in the world of sports. ~ TVG Baseball T. Bowling PBA TVG SportsC. 30 for 30 TVG Boy-World   The Sound of Music ('65) Julie Andrews. TVPG   Mary Poppins ('64) Nanny takes over household. Julie Andrews. ~ TVG Movie Meals Hungry Girl Rachael's Week (N) TVG 10$ Dinners Big Bite Sandwich Best Thing Paula Ma/ Meal Restaurant TVG Chopped TVG Chopped TVG   Made of Honor ('08) Patrick Dempsey. TV14   When in Rome ('10) Kristen Bell. TV14   What Happens in Vegas TVPG   The Bounty Hunter Jennifer Aniston. TV14  G. Girls G. Girls G. Girls G. Girls   Love's Abiding Joy Logan Bartholomew. TVPG   Love's Unending Legacy Erin Cottrell. TVPG  Love Finds a Home ('09) TVPG Home Income Property Brothers Disaster Disaster Crashers Room Cr Love It or List It TVPG My Place My Place Property Property Property Property The Real Face of Jesus? TVPG Ten Commandments TVPG Decoding the Past TVPG Modern Marvels TVPG Marvels "Eggs" TVPG American Pickers TVPG The Hour of Power TVG Joel Osteen Paid Army Wives "Viral" TV14  Everything She Ever Wanted ('09) Gina Gershon. TV14  The Hunt for the I-5...  (6:00) Paid ~ TVPG Soccer MLS New York vs Columbus TVG Hockey Night ~ TVG MSG Vault Tennis BNP Paribas Showdown TVG Tennis BNP Paribas Showdown TVG H.Outdoors Outdoor Cycling UCI Paris-Roubaix ~ TVG Winkelman Fisherman Bass Pros Bill Dance FLW Outdoors TVG Alaska Hot Shots Real Hunt. Quest For SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob Kung Fu Kung Fu T.U.F.F. Penguins iCarly Big Time R. Victorious iCarly Big Time R. Big Time R. Dr. Phil TVPG Dr. Phil TVPG Dr. Phil TVPG Soul Sun "Earth Love" A family gives up modern conveniences for a year. TVPG Beverly's House TVPG Beverly's House TVPG SportsNite SportsNite Paid Paid Paid Paid Mets Fast Forward SportsNite Pre-game Baseball MLB Atlanta Braves vs. New York Mets Site: Citi Field (L) ~ TVPG Paid Paid Auction Auction Xtreme 4x4 Horsep. Trucks! MuscleCar   The Fugitive ('93) Harrison Ford. TV14  A Bronx Tale TVM  Paid Paid Twilight Twilight Twilight   The Brothers Grimm ('05) Matt Damon. TVPG   The Matrix Reloaded ('03) Keanu Reeves. TVM Friends Friends Friends   She's the Man ('06) Amanda Bynes. TV14   RV ('06) Robin Williams. TVPG Baseball MLB New York Yankees vs. Tampa Bay Rays (L) ~ TVPG  Paid Paid Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Leave It to Leave It to Untold Stories TV14 Untold Stories TV14 Law & Order TV14 LawOrder "Pledge" TV14 Law & Order TV14 Law & Order TV14 Law & Order TV14   Total Recall ('90) Arnold Schwarzenegger. TVM Movie Beyblade Pokemon Ben 10 ThundCat Green Justice MAD Level Up Johnny Johnny Johnny   Planet 51 Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. TVPG NinjaGo (7:15)  Godspell TVG (:15)   Saint Joan ('57) Jean Seberg. TVPG (:15)   The Song of Bernadette ('43) Jennifer Jones. TVG   The Silver Chalice ('54) Virginia Mayo. TVG  The Nanny The Nanny Hot/ Cleve. Hot/ Cleve. Hot/ Cleve. Hot/ Cleve. Makeover: Home TVPG Makeover: Home TVPG Makeover: Home TVPG Murder, She Wrote TVG Murder, She Wrote TVG Paid Program ~ TVPG Fairly Legal TV14 In Plain Sight TVPG NCIS "Vanished" ~ TVPG NCIS "SWAK" TVPG NCIS TVPG NCIS "Frame-Up" TVPG NCIS TVPG VH1 Top 20 Videos TVPG VH1 Top 20 Videos TVPG Consign. Mob Wives TV14 La La's Full Couples Therapy   8 Mile ('02) Eminem. TVM Behind 

April 6 - 12, 2012 • 11

Sundayhighlights CSI: Miami (4.1) (4) WIVB (35.1) (17) WSEE

Maddenford Spring & Auto 2 x 2”

10:00 p.m.

Horatio must figure out which one of his own team members could be responsible for the murder of an enemy in the 10th season finale. English actor Malcolm McDowell reprises his role as attorney Darren Vogel.

Breakout Kings (28) A&E

10:00 p.m.

Shortly after a female inmate attacks a prison volunteer, she escapes. The fugitive shows up at the volunteer’s home and stabs the husband, but the mystery deepens when the team learns the attacker and the volunteer worked together.

Jonathan Togo as seen in “CSI: Miami”

Shevlin's 2 x 2”


(2.1) (2) (17.1) (3) (4.1) (4) (29.1) (5) (6) (7.1) (7) (10) (23.1) (11) (35.1) (17) (20) (28) (40) (49) (55) (44) (23) (38) (46) (65) (59) (60) (29) (64) (50) (54) (62) (45) (35) (39) (43) (31) (30) (34) (52) (58) (56) (48) (51) (42)


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(3:00) Figure Skating ISU World Championship Nice, Channel 2 NBC News Dateline NBC TVPG Harry's Law "The Lying The Celebrity Apprentice "Ad Hawk" (N) TVG Channel 2 The Closer  France TVG News ~ TVG TVG Game" (N) ~ TV14 News ~ TVG TV14 (3:00) TwoFeet/- Globe Trekker "MidAntiques Roadshow "El The Lawrence Welk Finding Your Roots (N) Masterpiece Classic "Great Expectations" 2/2 from Independent Lens TVPG Lincoln TVG Audience Atlantic States" TVG Paso (Hour Two)" TVG Show "Easter" TVG TVPG April 1 (N) TVPG (2:00) Golf Masters Tournament Final Round Site: Augusta National Golf Club 60 Minutes TVG The Amazing Race (N) The Good Wife "The CSI: Miami "Habeas News 4 at Criminal Augusta, Ga. (L) ~ TVG TVPG Death Zone" TV14 Corpse" (SF) (N) TV14 11 ~ TVG Mind TV14  (3:00)   Her Best   Iron Monkey ('93) Donnie Yen. TV14 TheSimp- Cleveland TheSimp- Bob Burger Family Guy American Seinf. "The Seinfeld Wrestling Ring of Honor Move Leah Pipes. TVG TV14 ~ TVG sons TVPG Show TV14 sons TVPG TVPG Dad TV14 Dog" TVPG TVPG Jeopardy! FortuneW- Peter Cottontail Peter tries to become For Laughs: N.Things "Polar Bears: A  Breakaway ('11) Vinay Virmani. TVPG CBC News: The National (:55) CBC Toronto /(:05) TVG eekend TVG chief Easter Bunny. ~ TVG Gags TV14 Summer Odyssey" (N) TVG the fifth estate TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG News 9 at 6 ABC World America's Funniest Once Upon a Time "7:15 GCB "Turn the Other GCB "Sex Is Divine" (N) Eyewitness Playground p.m. TVG News TVPG Home Videos TVPG a.m." TVPG Cheek" (N) TVPG TVPG News ~ TVG TVPG (12:00)   The Ten In Fashion Fashion TV CTV News ~ TVG Once Upon a Time "7:15 The Amazing Race (N) GCB "Turn the Other GCB "Sex Is Divine" (N) National CTV News ~ Commandments TVPG  TV14 TV14 a.m." TVPG TVPG Cheek" (N) TVPG TVPG News TVPG TVG Brothers & Sisters "The True Hollywood Story News 4 Weekend ~ TVG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG   Fly Away Home ('96) Jeff Daniels. TVPG 10 O'Clock Paid ~ TVPG The Office The Office TVPG TVPG Pasadena Primary" TVPG TVPG News ~ TVG (2:00) Golf Masters Tournament Final Round Site: Augusta National Golf Club 60 Minutes TVG The Amazing Race (N) The Good Wife "The CSI: Miami "Habeas Newswatch Grey's A. ~ TVG TV14  Augusta, Ga. (L) ~ TVG TVPG Death Zone" TV14 Corpse" (SF) (N) TV14 (3:30)   Something to Talk   Space Cowboys ('00) One-time hotshot pilots are recruited by NASA to   The Visitor ('07) A widowed college professor discovers a   Rebound ('05) Martin About ('95) Julia Roberts. TVPG repair a damaged Russian satellite. Tommy Lee Jones, Clint Eastwood. ~ TV14 pair of illegal aliens living in his NY apartment. Richard Jenkins. TV14 Lawrence. TVPG  Bounty Bounty Bounty Bounty Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Breakout Kings TV14 Breakout Kings TV14  (3:00)   Backdraft ('91) Kurt Russell. TVMA   U.S. Marshals ('98) Wesley Snipes. TV14 The Killing "Numb" (N) Mad Men (N) TVPG (:05) The Pitch (N)  North Woods Law TVPG Wildlife Troop TVPG River Monst. TVPG RiverMonsters Go TVPG River Monsters: American Killers River Monsters TVPG River Monsters TVPG  Movie :45  Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobb... (:45)   The 40-Year-Old Virgin ('05) Steve Carell. TVMA   Semi-Pro ('08) Will Ferrell. TV14 Tosh.O South Park Deadliest Catch TV14 Deadliest Catch TVPG Deadliest Catch TV14 Planet "Winter" TVPG Frozen Planet TVPG MythBusters TVPG Unchained Rea. TVPG Frozen Planet TVPG  Lemonade Mouth ('11) Bridgit Mendler. TVG SoRandom Disney's Austin/ Ally Austin/ Ally Jessie Jessie Shake It Up Shake It Up Jessie Jessie Shake It Up SoRandom 30 for 30 "The U" TVG SportsCenter TVG Baseball Tonight (L) TVG Baseball MLB Chicago White Sox vs. Texas Rangers (L) ~ TVPG SportsCenter TVG  (3:30)   Nanny McPhee TVG   A Bug's Life ('98) Dave Foley. TVG   Cars ('06) Owen Wilson. TVG Pixar Films Featuring 20 of Disney-Pixar's short films. Chopped TVG Chopped TVG Chopped TVG WorstCooks TVG Cupcake Wars (N) TVG Chopped (N) TVG Iron Chef USA (N) TVPG Stakeout TVG Movie   Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen ('09) Shia LaBeouf. TV14   I, Robot ('04) Will Smith. TV14   I, Robot ('04) Will Smith. TV14   Love Begins ('11) Wes Brown. TVPG  Love's Everlasting Courage Wes Brown. TVPG   Love Comes Softly Katherine Heigl. TVPG Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier HouseH House For Rent For Rent HouseH House Holmes on Homes TVPG Holmes on Homes TVG Holmes Inspection TVPG Holmes Inspection TVPG Holmes on Homes TVPG American Pickers TVPG Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Ax Men TVPG Ax Men TVPG Ax Men TVPG MetalJousting (N) TVPG MetalJousting TVPG  3:  The Hunt for the I...   Too Late to Say Goodbye Lauren Holly. TV14  Drew Peterson: Untouchable ('12) Rob Lowe. Army Wives TV14 The Client List TV14  Drew Peterson: Unt...  Vault "Classic Rangers" Hockey Night ~ TVG 10 to One Countdown MSG Countdown in 60 Countdown MSG Countdown in 60 Countdown MSG Countdown in 60 Spring of '94 IndyCar 36 World Challenge Motorsport Hour ~ TVG Cycling UCI Paris-Roubaix France ~ TVG Costas Tonight TVPG iCarly iCarly Victorious Victorious SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob '70s Show '70s Show Wife Kids Wife Kids G. Lopez G. Lopez Friends Friends Sweetie Pie's TVPG Sweetie Pie's TVPG Oprah's Lifeclass: Tour Next Chapter TVPG Next Chapter TVPG Sweetie Pie's TVPG Next Chapter TVPG Post-Game Kids Club. Yearbook Yearbook Meet Wk Big East Beer Beer Boxing Broadway Card TBA ~ TVMA Jets Nation SportsNite SportsNite SportsNite (3:00)   A Bronx Tale Robert De Niro. TVM   Ocean's Twelve ('04) George Clooney. TVPG   Payback ('99) Mel Gibson. TVMA Movie   The Matrix Revolutions ('03) Keanu Reeves. TV14   Elektra ('05) Jennifer Garner. TV14   Blade II ('02) Wesley Snipes. TVM Movie 1:30 Baseb   Just Friends Ryan Reynolds. TV14 (:15)   The House Bunny ('08) Anna Faris. TV14   17 Again ('09) Zac Efron. TVPG (:05)   17 Again ('09) Zac Efron. TVPG  Untold Stories TV14 Untold Stories TV14 Untold "Crushed" TV14 Untold Stories TV14 Long Island Long Island Long Island Long Island Leave It to Leave It to Long Island Long Island 3:30  Men in Black II ... (:15)   Van Helsing ('04) Hugh Jackman. TV14   300 ('06) Gerard Butler. TVMA   Men in Black II TV14  NinjaGo NinjaGo   Transformers ('07) Shia LeBoeuf. TV14 Level Up Level Up King of Hill King of Hill Robot Family Guy Family Guy Loiter Movie   Barabbas ('61) Anthony Quinn. TVPG   Easter Parade ('48) Judy Garland. TVPG   King of Kings ('62) Epic retelling of Christ's life. Jeffrey Hunter. ~ TVG Murder, She Wrote TVG M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H Queens Queens Queens Queens Queens Queens NCIS "Bait" TVPG NCIS "Shalom" TV14 NCIS "Escaped" TVPG NCIS "Blowback" TVPG NCIS TVPG NCIS "In the Dark" TVPG NCIS "Chimera" TV14  Indiana Jones & the...  3:30 Behind Behind Music "Aaliyah" Basketball Wives TV14 Basketball Wives TV14 Basketball Wives TV14   8 Mile ('02) Eminem. TVM Stevie TV Therapy 

12 • April 6 - 12, 2012

Mondayhighlights Two and a Half Men (4.1) (4) WIVB (35.1) (17) WSEE

9:00 p.m.

The comedy continues in this new episode as Walden tells Zoey he’s going to go into business with his ex-wife. At the same time, Alan and Lyndsey struggle to come to terms with their moms’ new relationship.

American Pickers (64) HIST

9:00 p.m.

After a marathon of “Pawn Stars,” viewers are in for a treat with a new episode of “American Pickers.” A man from Tennessee is a reformed hoarder, but his new obsession with auctions threatens his new way of life.

Ashton Kutcher stars in “Two and a Half Men”

Precision Transport 2 x 2”


Lost Girl

(2.1) (2) WGRZ

10:00 p.m.

(31) SYFY

Uma Thurman guest stars as Rebecca Duvall, an actress tapped to take the lead in the musical. When she gets stuck in Cuba, Derek pulls Karen in as an understudy. Tom and Julia celebrate their anniversary.

In an effort to protect Bo, Dyson visits an ancient Norn and makes a drastic sacrifice. His actions could ruin his relationship with Bo. Also, Bo practices for what could be her final faceoff with her deadly mother.


(2.1) (2) (17.1) (3) (4.1) (4) (29.1) (5) (6) (7.1) (7) (10) (23.1) (11) (35.1) (17) (20) (28) (40) (49) (55) (44) (23) (38) (46) (65) (59) (60) (29) (64) (50) (54) (62) (45) (35) (39) (43) (31) (30) (34) (52) (58) (56) (48) (51) (42)


The Ellen DeGeneres Show TVPG WealthTT. Smiley rack TVG TVPG The Dr. Oz Show TVPG

10:00 p.m.

APRIL 9, 2012 5 PM


Channel 2 2 News News ~ TVG Charlie Rose TVPG

6 PM


7 PM

Channel 2 NBC News ET TVPG News ~ TVG TVG News TVPG PBS NewsHour TVG

7:30 The Insider TVPG Time Goes By TVPG Access H. TVPG Two and Half TV14 Jeopardy! TVG Jeopardy! TVG The Big Bang TV14 Office "Hot Girl" TV14 Jeopardy! TVG

8 PM


9 PM


The Voice "Live Performance, Week 2" (N) TVPG

10 PM


Smash "Understudy" (N) TVPG Antiques Rd. "El Paso Independent Lens "Being Elmo: A Yellowston (Hour Three)" 3/3 (N) TVG Puppeteer's Journey" TVPG e: Land TVG M-Mother Broke Girls Two 1/2... M&M (N) Hawaii Five-0 "Ha'alele" (N) TV14 TV14 (N) TVPG (N) TV14 (N) TVPG Bones "The Bump in the House "Gut Check" (N) Seinf. "The Two and Road" (N) TV14 TV14 Pen" TVPG Half TV14 Little Little Love Lies Bleeding (N) CBC News: The National Mosque Mosque TVG Dancing With the Stars (N) ~ TVPG Castle "Kill Shot" TVPG

11 PM


Channel 2 Jay Leno News ~ TVG (N) TVPG  Business  The TVG Great Tr...  News 4 at 5 p.m. ~ TVG News 4 at 6 CBSNews Inside Ed. News 4 at (:35) LateS p.m. 11 ~ TVG TVG TVPG (N) ~ TVPG  Maury TV14 The Jeremy Kyle Show Big Bang Judge Judy Judge Judy TheSimp- Seinfeld TV14 TV14 Theory TV14 TV14 sons TVPG TVPG Rick Mercer Wheel TVPG CBC News Now News reports from CBC Coronation Coronation (:55) CBC News TVG TV14 bureaus. ~ TVG Street Street /(:05) George S. (N) The Doctors TVPG Eyewitness News at 5 News at 6 ABC World Wheel TVPG Eyewitness Nightline p.m. ~ TVG p.m. TVG News TVPG News ~ TVG TVG  The Dr. Oz Show TVPG Anderson TVG CTV News ~ TVG eTalk TVPG The Voice "Live Performance, Week 2" (N) TVPG Castle "Kill Shot" TVPG CTV News ~ CTV News ~ TVG TVG  The Wendy Williams The Nate Berkus Show America's Funniest The Office Gossip Girl "It Girl, Hart of Dixie "Heart to 10 O'Clock TMZ TV14 Cops TVPG Cops TV14 Show TVPG TVPG Home Videos TVPG TV14 Interrupted" (N) TV14 Hart" (N) TVPG News ~ TVG Anderson TVG Dr. Phil TVPG Newswatch CBSNews Wheel TVPG M-Mother Broke Girls Two 1/2... M&M (N) Hawaii Five-0 "Ha'alele" Newswatch Letterman ~ TVG TVG (N) TVPG (N) TV14 (N) TV14 TV14 (N) TVPG ~ TVG (N) ~ TVPG  (3:00)   Barbershop   Rebound ('05) Martin Lawrence. TVPG Cold Case Cold Case "Ravaged" Cold Case "Strange Criminal Minds Criminal Minds ('02) Ice Cube. TV14 "Schadenfreude" TVPG TV14 "Minimal Loss" TV14 "Paradise" TV14 Fruit" TV14 The First 48 TV14 The First 48 TV14 The First 48 TV14 The First 48 TV14 The First 48 TV14 The First 48 TV14 Scared Straight TV14 Scared Straight TV14  2:  U.S. Marshals TV14 CSI: Miami TV14 CSI "Innocent" TV14 CSI "Lost Son" TV14 CSI "Pro Per" TV14 CSI: Miami TV14 The Killing "Numb" Mad Men TVPG  Infested! TVPG Hillbilly Handfishin TVPG RivMon Unhooked TVPG Swamp Wars TVPG Gator Boys TVPG River Monsters TVPG RivMon Unhooked TVPG Gator Boys TVPG (:55) Futura Tosh.O Sunny Sunny Daily Show Colbert   Semi-Pro ('08) Will Ferrell. TV14 Sunny Sunny Sunny 1/2 Sunny 2/2 Daily Show Colbert  Sons of Guns TV14 American Chopper Build Off TVPG Am.Chop/Build TVPG American Chopper TVPG Am. Chopper ~ TVPG Jesse James Am. Chopper ~ TVPG Shake It Up Shake It Up A.N.T. Farm A.N.T. Farm Shake It Up GoodLuck Shake It Up SoRandom Austin/ Ally  Frenemies ('12) Bella Thorne. TVG (:10) A.N.T. (:35) Austin A.N.T. Farm GoodLuck NFL Live (L) TVG Horn Interrupt SportsCenter TVG Baseball MLB Milwaukee Brewers vs. Chicago Cubs Site: Wrigley Field (L) ~ TVPG Baseball Tonight (L) TVG SportsCenter TVG  Teen Spirit ('11) Cassie Scerbo. TVPG Make or "It Takes Two" American Teen TV14 American Teen (N) TV14 Make It or Break It (N) American Teen TV14 The 700 Club TVPG Barefoot Barefoot Paula Paula Diners Diners Diners Diners Unwrapped TVG Diners Diners Diners Diners Meat Men Diners 2:30  Save the Last ... Met-Mother Met-Mother Two 1/2... Two 1/2...   Armageddon ('98) Bruce Willis. TV14   Armageddon Bruce Willis. TV14  The Waltons TVG The Waltons TVG Little House Prairie TVG Little House Prairie TVG Little House Prairie TVG Little House Prairie TVG Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Income Income Income Income Income Income Love It or List It TVPG Love It or List It (N) TVPG HouseH HouseH HouseH House Love It or List It TVPG Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pickers (N) TVPG Pawn Stars Pawn Stars American Pickers TVPG  M-Mother Reba Medium "Coded" TV14 Medium TV14 Medium TV14  Drew Peterson: Untouchable ('12) Rob Lowe.   Too Late to Say Goodbye Lauren Holly. TV14  3:30 Count 10 to One MSG Vault 10 to One Countdown MSG Countdown in 60 MSG Vault MSG Vault Boomer & Carton MSG Vault (3:00) Cycling UCI Paris-Roubaix ~ TVG NBC Sports Talk Boxing NBC Fight Night Jennings vs. Byram ~ TVMA Boxing NBC Fight Night Judah vs. Paris ~ TVMA NBC Sports Talk iCarly iCarly iCarly iCarly iCarly iCarly SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob '70s Show '70s Show G. Lopez G. Lopez Friends Friends Solved TV14 Solved TV14 Solved TV14 Dr. Phil Oprah's Lifeclass: Tour Breakthrough TVPG Oprah's Lifeclass: Tour  (2:00) Baseball MLB TVPG Daily News Wheel Loud Pre-game Baseball MLB Washington Nationals vs. New York Mets Site: Citi Field (L) ~ TVPG Post-Game SportsNite SportsNite SportsNite CSI: Crime "Ellie" TV14   Payback ('99) Mel Gibson. TVMA   Walking Tall TV14   Walking Tall TV14 WaysD Being Human TV14 Being Human TV14 Being Human TV14 Being Human TV14 Being Human TV14 Being Human (N) TV14 Lost Girl (N) TV14 Being Human TV14 Friends 1/2 Friends 2/2 Friends Friends Queens Queens Seinfeld Seinfeld Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy Conan (N) TV14 Untold Stories TV14 Untold Stories TV14 Untold Stories TV14 Undercover Boss TVPG Undercover Boss TVPG Boss "Pizza Pizza" TVPG Mama's B Mama's B Undercover Boss TVPG Law & Order TV14 Law & Order TV14 Law & Order TV14 Law & Order TV14 Mental. "Redline" TV14 The Mentalist TV14 The Closer TV14 Rizzoli & Isles TV14 Johnny Johnny Test Johnny Test Regular MAD Gumball Adv.Time Adv.Time Regular MAD King of Hill King of Hill Amer. Dad Amer. Dad Family Guy Family Guy Movie (:45)   Muss 'Em Up TVG   Santa Fe Trail ('40) Errol Flynn. TVPG   Charley's Aunt Jack Benny. TVG   Son of Frankenstein TVPG :15  Together Again ...  Bonanza TVPG Bonanza TVPG M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H Home Imp Home Imp Loves Ray (:35) Ray (:10) Ray :50 Queens (:25) King-Queens TVPG NCIS TV14 NCIS TVPG NCIS TVPG NCIS: LA "Killshot" TV14 NCIS "Pop Life" ~ TVPG WWE Raw ~ TVPG WWE Raw ~ TVPG (:05) Psych TVPG  Tough Love TV14 Tough Love TVPG Basketball Wives TV14 Basketball Wives TV14 Bball Wives (N) TV14 La La's Full StyledJune Basketball Wives TV14 La La's Full StyledJune

April 6 - 12, 2012 • 13

Tuesdayhighlights Fashion Star (2.1) (2) WGRZ

10:00 p.m.

This week’s challenge requires the designers to use models to create a window display to showcase their clothes. After their windows come to life on the stage, the retailers weigh in, and those who don’t get bids will face elimination.


Valley Motorsports NXT® 2 x 4”

Dream Machines (31) SYFY

A scene from “Raising Hope”

Raising Hope (29.1) (5) WUTV

episode. Grace conducts interviews with the friends and family of Hope’s mother, Lucy, and tries to get to the bottom of Lucy’s murderous tendencies.

9:30 p.m.

Real-life broadcaster and legal whiz Nancy Grace guest stars in this special mockumentary


10:00 p.m.

Brothers Marc and Shannon Parker create some of the most amazing vehicles ever seen. In this new series, they’ll use movies and TV shows for inspiration as they attempt to build “The Dark Knight’s” Bat Pod and “Tron’s” Light Cycle.

See dealer for details

Valley Motorsports & Service 6974 Charlotte Center Rd Sinclairville, NY 14782 (716) 962-3150


(2.1) (2) (17.1) (3) (4.1) (4) (29.1) (5) (6) (7.1) (7) (10) (23.1) (11) (35.1) (17) (20) (28) (40) (49) (55) (44) (23) (38) (46) (65) (59) (60) (29) (64) (50) (54) (62) (45) (35) (39) (43) (31) (30) (34) (52) (58) (56) (48) (51) (42)


The Ellen DeGeneres Show TVPG Ideas/AcT. Smiley tion ~ TVG TVPG The Dr. Oz Show TVPG

APRIL 10, 2012 5 PM


Channel 2 2 News News ~ TVG Charlie Rose TVPG

6 PM


7 PM

Channel 2 NBC News ET TVPG News ~ TVG TVG News TVPG PBS NewsHour TVG


8 PM


9 PM


10 PM


11 PM


The Insider The Biggest Loser (N) The Voice "Live Fashion Star (N) TVPG Channel 2 Jay Leno TVPG TVPG Eleminations" (N) TVPG News ~ TVG (N) TVPG  Black The Titanic With Len Saving the Titanic TVPG Frontline "Nuclear Business Nature TVG Books TV14 Goodman (N) TVG Aftershocks" TVPG TVG  News 4 at 5 p.m. ~ TVG News 4 at 6 CBSNews Inside Ed. Access H. NCIS "The Missionary NCIS: Los Angeles Unforgettable "You Are News 4 at (:35) LateS p.m. Position" (N) TV14 11 ~ TVG TVG TVPG TVPG "Patriot Acts" (N) TVPG Here" (N) TV14 (N) ~ TVPG  Maury TV14 The Jeremy Kyle Show Big Bang Judge Judy Judge Judy Two and Glee "Big Brother" (N) New Girl Raising (N) Seinfeld Two and TheSimp- Seinfeld TV14 (N) TV14 TVPG TV14 Theory TV14 TV14 Half TV14 TV14 TVPG Half TV14 sons TVPG TVPG Rick Mercer Wheel TVPG CBC News Coverage of the day's top Coronation Coronation Jeopardy! Hockey Night "Stanley Just for Laughs (N) TVPG CBC News: The National (:55) CBC News TVG TV14 local news events. ~ TVY Street Street Cup Countdown" TVG TVG TVG /(:05) George S. (N) The Doctors TVPG Eyewitness News at 5 News at 6 ABC World Wheel TVPG Jeopardy! Last Man Standing TVPG Dancing With the Stars: Body of Proof "Mind Eyewitness Nightline p.m. ~ TVG p.m. TVG News TVPG TVG The Results (N) ~ TVPG Games" (SF) (N) TVPG News ~ TVG TVG  The Dr. Oz Show TVPG Anderson TVG CTV News ~ TVG eTalk TVPG The Big Missing "The Three The Voice "Live Unforgettable "You Are CTV News ~ CTV News ~ TVG TVG  Bang TV14 Bears" (N) TV14 Eleminations" (N) TVPG Here" (N) TV14 The Wendy Williams The Nate Berkus Show America's Funniest The Office The Office 90210 "Babes in Ringer (N) TV14 10 O'Clock TMZ TV14 Cops TV14 Cops TV14 Show TVPG TVPG Home Videos TVPG TV14 TV14 Toyland" TV14 News ~ TVG Anderson TVG Dr. Phil TVPG Newswatch CBSNews Wheel TVPG Jeopardy! NCIS "The Missionary NCIS: Los Angeles Unforgettable "You Are Newswatch Letterman ~ TVG TVG TVG Position" (N) TV14 "Patriot Acts" (N) TVPG Here" (N) TV14 ~ TVG (N) ~ TVPG  Criminal Minds "The Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds "52 Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Flashpoint "Clean Flashpoint "Aisle 13" "Memoriam" TV14 "Masterpiece" TV14 "Brothers in Arms" TV14 "Normal" TV14 TVPG Instincts" TV14 Pickup" TV14 Hands" TV14 The First 48 TV14 The First 48 TV14 Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage  2:30  Around the W... CSI: Miami TV14 CSI: Miami "Legal" TV14 CSI "Hell Night" TV14   The Birdcage ('96) Robin Williams. TV14   The Birdcage TV14  Infested! TVPG Hillbilly Handfishin TVPG RivMon Unhooked TV14 I, Predator TVPG Blue Planet TVG B. Planet "Coasts" TVG Blue Planet TVG Blue Planet TVG (:55) Futura Tosh.O Sunny South Park Daily Show Colbert 30 Rock 30 Rock South Park South Park Tosh.O Tosh.O Tosh.O Tosh.O Daily Show Colbert  Deadliest Catch TVPG Deadliest Catch TVPG Deadliest Catch TV14 Deadliest Catch "Best of Season 7" TVPG Deadliest Catch TVPG Deadliest Catch Deadliest Catch TVPG Austin/ Ally Austin/ Ally Austin/ Ally Austin/ Ally Shake It Up GoodLuck Shake It Up Snap! Austin/ Ally Shake It Up Jessie SoRandom A.N.T. Farm Jessie A.N.T. Farm GoodLuck NFL Live (L) TVG Horn Interrupt SportsCenter TVG Basketball NBA Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat (L) ~ TVG Basketball NBA New York Knicks vs. Chicago Bulls (L) ~ TVG '70s Show '70s Show   Dennis the Menace Walter Matthau. TVPG   Casper ('95) Christina Ricci. TVPG   Matilda ('96) Mara Wilson. TVPG The 700 Club TVPG Barefoot Barefoot Paula Home Cook Chopped TVG Cupcake "Wicked" TVG Cupcake Wars TVG Chopped TVG Chopped (N) TVG Chopped TVG M-Mother Met-Mother Met-Mother Two 1/2... Two 1/2...   2012 ('09) John Cusack. TV14 Justified (N) TVMA Justified TVMA The Waltons TVG The Waltons TVG Little House Prairie TVG Little House Prairie TVG Little House Prairie TVG Little House Prairie TVG Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Property Property Property Property Property Property House HouseH Million Dollar Rooms (N) Property Property HouseH House Million Dollar Rooms Modern Marvels TVPG Marvels "Heavy Metals" Sniper "Inside the Crosshairs" Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Swamp People TVPG Top Shot (N) TVPG Top Shot TVPG  M-Mother Reba Reba Reba Reba Reba Reba Reba DanceMomM. TVPG DanceMomM. TVPG Love for Sail (N) TV14 The Client List TV14  3:30 Count 10 to One MSG Vault Countdown MSG Countdown in 60 MSG Vault TVG Countdown Pre-game Basketball NBA New York Knicks vs. Chicago Bulls (L) ~ TVG Red Bull Signature Series Supernatural NBC Sports Talk Costas Tonight TVPG NHL Draft NHL 36 Costas Tonight TVPG NBC Sports Talk Victorious Victorious Victorious Victorious Victorious Victorious SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob '70s Show '70s Show G. Lopez G. Lopez Friends Friends Sins and Secrets TV14 Sins "Knoxville" TV14 Sins "Nantucket" TV14 Primetime: You Do? TVG Primetime: You Do? TVG Primetime: You Do? TVG B. Belief "Near Death" Primetime: You Do? TVG (2:00) Baseball MLB TVPG Daily News Wheel Loud Pre-game Baseball MLB Washington Nationals vs. New York Mets Site: Citi Field (L) ~ TVPG Post-Game SportsNite SportsNite SportsNite Jail Jail Jail Jail Jail Jail Jail Jail Jail Jail Jail Jail Big Easy Big Easy Big Easy Big Easy Eureka TVPG Eureka TVPG   Elektra ('05) Jennifer Garner. TV14 WWE Smackdown! (L) TV14 Dream Machines (N) Fact or Faked TVPG Friends Friends Friends Friends Queens Queens Seinfeld Seinfeld BigBang BigBang BigBang BigBang BigBang BigBang Conan (N) TV14 Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Mama's B Mama's B Leave It to Leave It to Long Island Long Island Little C. Little C. Leave It to Leave It to Bones TV14 Bones TV14 Bones TV14 Bones TV14 Bones TV14 Bones TV14   The Librarian: Quest for the Spear TVPG Johnny Johnny Test Regular Regular Regular Adv.Time Adv.Time Gumball Level Up Adv.Time King of Hill King of Hill Amer. Dad Amer. Dad Family Guy Family Guy   Sabotage Agent ('43) Robert Donat. TVPG   Without Love ('45) Spencer Tracy. TVPG   The Searchers ('56) John Wayne. TVPG (:15)   Eyes Without a Face TV14 Bonanza TVPG Bonanza TVPG M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H Home Imp Home Imp Loves Ray Loves Ray Loves Ray HappilyDiv. Hot/ Cleve. Queens Law & Order: S.V.U. TV14 SVU "Pretend" TV14 SVU "Screwed" TV14 SVU "Ballerina" TV14 Law&O.:SVU "Hell" TV14 SVU "Selfish" TV14 SVU "Zebras" TV14 CSI: Crime Scene TV14 Consign. Consign. Champs of Cute TVPG Champs of Cute TVPG Basketball Wives TV14 StyledJune La La's Full Mob Wives TV14 Mob Wives TV14 Basketball Wives TV14

14 • April 6 - 12, 2012

Wednesdayhighlights The Middle (7.1) (7) WKBW

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

8:00 p.m.

A new pastor’s sermon compels Frankie to make sure her loved ones fulfill their destinies. While Mike sets out to thank his father for all he’s done, Sue starts up a babysitting service, but Frankie can’t figure out what to do with her life.

Best Friends Forever (2.1) (2) WGRZ

8:30 p.m.

Jessica accidentally dials her estranged husband Peter just days before what would have been their three-year anniversary. In an effort to cheer up their friend, Lennon and Joe scheme to get Jessica a gig cooking at Rav’s bar.

Patricia Heaton stars in “The Middle”

(2.1) (2) WGRZ

Psych (51) USA


(2.1) (2) (17.1) (3) (4.1) (4) (29.1) (5) (6) (7.1) (7) (10) (23.1) (11) (35.1) (17) (20) (28) (40) (49) (55) (44) (23) (38) (46) (65) (59) (60) (29) (64) (50) (54) (62) (45) (35) (39) (43) (31) (30) (34) (52) (58) (56) (48) (51) (42)


The Ellen DeGeneres Show TVPG Inside E T. Smiley Street TVG TVPG The Dr. Oz Show TVPG

5 PM

10:00 p.m.

Shawn tackles another case as the sixth season wraps up in this finale. James Roday stars as a police consultant whose keen observational skills help him solve crimes others cannot. He’s convinced the police and others that he’s a psychic.


10:00 p.m.

Harry Connick Jr. continues his guest arc in this new episode. Benson’s past comes back to haunt her when a rape victim’s story matches a case she thought she’d solved years ago.

APRIL 11, 2012 5:30

Channel 2 2 News News ~ TVG Charlie Rose TVPG

6 PM


7 PM

Channel 2 NBC News ET TVPG News ~ TVG TVG News TVPG PBS NewsHour TVG


8 PM


9 PM


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April 6 - 12, 2012 • 15

Thursdayhighlights Dateline: Real Life Mysteries

Awake (2.1) (2) WGRZ

TLC offers viewers an evening of real-life mystery with backto-back new episodes. First, police recount how it took 20 years to solve one case. Later, a young detective fights against the odds to solve a case.

Cpt. Harper (guest star Laura Innes) is concerned when Det. Britten looks into a case he was investigating before the accident. While Hannah makes plans to move to Oregon, Dr. Lee provides Britten with the key to solving one of his cases.

Rules of Engagement

The First 48

(4.1) (4) WIVB (35.1) (17) WSEE

(28) A&E

8:30 p.m.

In this update special, find out what happened in the 2008 murder case of Mohamed Abdelrahman, who was shot and killed in his Louisville store. Det. Rick Arnold charged three suspects with the murder, and one of them turned on the others.

(34) TLC

8:00 p.m.

After Russell and Timmy cast Adam in their commercial for a soup spoon, Russell brings Amber in to see the set. A conversation with Adam makes Jeff realize that Audrey is using sex to get what she wants.

Adhir Kalyan stars in “Rules of Engagement”


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5 PM

10:00 p.m.

10:00 p.m.

APRIL 12, 2012 5:30

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7 PM

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The Big Rules (N) The Big 2 Broke Person of Interest Newswatch Letterman ~ TVG TVG TVG Bang TVPG TV14 Bang TV14 Girls TV14 "Number Crunch" TV14 ~ TVG TV14  Ghost "Birthday Ghost Whisperer "See Ghost Whisperer "'Til Cold Case "The Woods" Cold Case "Family" TV14 Cold Case "The Criminal Minds "Zoe's Criminal Mind "Pleasure Presence" TV14 No Evil" TVPG Death Do Us Start" TVPG TV14 Promise" TV14 Reprise" TV14 Is My Business" TV14 The First 48 TV14 The First 48 TV14 The First 48 TV14 The First 48 TV14 The First 48 TV14 The First 48 TV14 The First 48 TV14 The First 48 TV14  2:30  Kindergarten ... CSI "Addiction" TV14 CSI "Shootout" TV14 CSI "Cop Killer" TV14   Overboard ('87) Goldie Hawn. TVPG   Overboard TVPG  Infested! TVPG Hillbilly Handfishin TVPG RivMon Unhooked TVPG Blue Planet TVG Blue Planet TVG On Thin Ice: Into the Arctic TVPG Blue Planet TVG (:55) Futura Tosh.O Sunny South Park Daily Show Colbert 30 Rock 30 Rock Futurama Futurama Futurama Futurama South Park Tosh.O Daily Show Colbert  (9:00) To Be Announced ~ The Resurrection Tomb (N) Shake It Up Shake It Up Austin/ Ally Austin/ Ally Shake It Up GoodLuck Shake It Up Phineas Shake It Up  16 Wishes ('10) Kendall Cross. TVG (:10) Jessie (:35) Jessie A.N.T. Farm GoodLuck NFL Live (L) TVG Horn Interrupt SportsCenter TVG NFL Live (L) TVG SportsCenter "On the Clock" Baseball Tonight (L) TVG SportsCenter   Down to You ('99) Freddie Prinze Jr. TV14   The Prince and Me ('04) Julia Stiles. TV14   A Walk to Remember ('02) Mandy Moore. TVPG The 700 Club TVPG Basics Barefoot Paula Home Cook Chopped TVG Chopped TVG Chopped TVG Chopped TVG Sweet Genius (N) TVG Sweet Genius TVG   Zombieland ('09) Woody Harrelson. TVMA Met-Mother M-Mother Two 1/2... Two 1/2...   Pineapple Express ('08) Seth Rogen. TVMA   Pineapple Express TVMA  The Waltons TVG The Waltons TVG Little House Prairie TVG Little House Prairie TVPG Little House Prairie TVG Little House Prairie TVG Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier House House House House House House House HouseH Selling NY Selling NY Selling LA Selling NY HouseH House HouseH House Swamp People TVPG Swamp "Avenged" TVPG Swamp People TVPG Swamp People TVPG Swamp People TVPG Swamp People (N) TVPG Sold! Sold! Modern Marvels TVPG  M-Mother Reba Reba Reba Wife Swap TVPG Wife Swap TVPG   Selena ('97) Jennifer Lopez. TVPG The Client List TV14 Reba  (2:00) Basketb. NBA TVG Knicks NBA N.Y./Mil. TVG Bench 10 to One Countdown MSG Countdown in 60 Countdown MSG Countdown in 60 Boomer & Carton MSG Countdown in 60 Red Bull Dumont Cup Motorsport Hour ~ TVG SportsTalk NHL Live! 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TV14 Movie Friends Friends Friends Friends Queens Queens Seinfeld Seinfeld Family Guy Family Guy BigBang BigBang BigBang BigBang Conan (N) TV14 48 Hours: Evidence TV14 48 Hours: Evidence TV14 48 Hours: Evidence TV14 Real Life TV14 Real Life TV14 Real Life TV14 Real Life TV14 Real Life TV14 Law & Order TV14 Law & Order TV14 Bones TV14 Bones TV14 Basketball NBA Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls (L) ~ TVG Basketball NBA Dal./G.S. (L) TVG  NinjaGo Johnny Test Level Up Regular MAD Gumball Adv.Time Adv.Time MAD Regular King of Hill King of Hill Amer. Dad Amer. Dad Family Guy Family Guy Movie (:45)   Pat and Mike ('52) Spencer Tracy. TVG   Father's Little Dividend TVG   Arthur ('81) Dudley Moore. TVPG Private Screenings TVG  New York, New Yor...  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April 5, 2012 Chautauqua Star  

The April 5, 2012 of the Chautauqua Star