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A new  theatre  produc;on  by  Moon  Fool

BOOKING NOW Set  in  a  bunker,  threatened  by  the  storms  of  climate  change,  audiences  take  refuge  with  Moon  Fool's  interna;onal company   of   4   soloists   and   chorus   in   a   powerhouse   of   cu>ng   edge   total   theatre   that   recreates   Shakespeare’s   The Tempest   for  a  contemporary  state  of  mind.  Supported  by  Gre  Badanie  Experimental  choir  from  Poland  audiences  are swept   up   by   original   live   music   and   strong   physicality   on   a   journey   to   encounter   a   changing   world,   evoked   by flickering   visual   landscapes   and   rhythmically   charged   new   wri;ng.   This   stellar   collabora;on   of   mul;-­‐skilled performers   meet   design   and   climate   research   to   conjure   a   white   knuckle   ride   of   cathar;c   immersion,   stunning spectacle  and  breathtaking  beauty. Devised  by  the  company Lead  performers Anirudh  Nair,  Sean  Palmer Chris-­‐Gerard  Heyward Alexandra  Kazazou Directed  by Anna-­‐Helena  McLean Dramaturgical  assistance Rosanna  Lowe Design  by Paddy  Molloy

Praise for  STORM "Rarely  are  we  graced  with  such  skilled  performers  and  creators of  new  work  that  is  equally  dedicated  to  the  text,  the  body,  the voice  and  the  music" Jubilith  Moore,  Director  Theatre  of  Yugen,  San  Francisco "The  commitment  to  the  art  form  of  physical  theatre  is impressive.  A  clear  research  on  energy  and  form  translated  into movement,vocal  resonance  and  musical  contrappunto  at  it's highest  level” Giulio  Perrone,  Ar;s;c  Director  Inferno  Theater  Co,  Berkeley  CA “The  sheer  physical  and  vocal  virtuosity  of  the  performers  is gorgeous  to  witness...  the  visceral  experience  of  the performance  thrilling" Rebecca  Longworth,  Crowded  Fire  Theatre  Company San  Francisco “This  ensemble  piece…  offers  tension  and  release  you  can  cut with  a  knife...  I  look  forward  to  seeing  more  work  from  this exciFng  company" Deborah  Eliezer,  Associate  Ar;s;c  Director,  foolsFURY  Theater San  Francisco “ProvocaFve  and  inspiring,  the  visceral  rush  of  energy  is infecFous  and  enthralling…The  imaginaFve  and  physical  world we  plunge  into  is  highly  charged  with  eroFcism,  sensuality  and  a liberaFng  sense  of  play” Bill  Wright  Voice  Lecturer  Royal  Conservatoire  of  Scotland

Show’s development

Chorus and  choir  rehearsing  with  the  ACT  ensemble. Soundscape,  beat  box,  polyphonic  harmonies  and  solo virtuosity  runs  live  throughout  the  produc;on

ACT ensemble  actor  Anirudh  Nair  leads  chorus  training to  support  his  role  as  Ariel

STORM has   grown   out   of   a   decade   of   training   and   research exploring   eastern   and   western   European   physical   theatre techniques,   archetypes   in   Shakespeare   and   methods   of integra;ng  music,  movement  and  text  equally  to  realise  vital and   contemporary   theatre   art   for   interna;onal   and   diverse audiences.   Direc;ng   prac;;oner   Anna-­‐Helena   has   hand picked   and   trained   in,   one   by   one,   an   unbeatable   team   of collaborators   by   virtue   of   her   Actor   -­‐   Chorus   -­‐   Text   (ACT) system   of   ensemble   training.   She   has   hosted   regular rehearsal   periods   since   Summer   2012   with   produc;on support   from   partners   in   USA,   Malta,   UK   and   funding   from the   Arts   Council   of   England.   The   produc;on   is   accompanied by  ACT  ensemble  workshops  giving  students  everywhere  the opportunity  to  perform  as  chorus  and  choir  members   in  the performance.   Residencies   are   nego;ated   in   one   specific   site where  the  training,  rehearsals  and  performances  can  all  take place   with   accommoda;on   and   catering   managed   in-­‐situ   or within  close  proximity.

Praise for  other  Moon  Fool  produc;ons “A  magical  hour  –  almost  fairy  Fme...  jazz  re-­‐working  of an  old  standard,  where  the  melody  lingers  as  a  shadow... a  surreal  re-­‐imagining  of  Shakespeare’s  Dream...  And  it’s over  all  too  soon  –  swiOer  than  the  wind,  swiOer  than  the wandering  moon” ****  The  Public  Reviews “Slightly  sinister  and  wholly  elfish...  the  sounds  are  as haunFng  as  the  words  and  gestures” ****  whatsonstage “A  passion  and  depth  that  is  rarely,  if  ever,  uncovered  in  a full  producFon  of  the  Dream” The  Stage “Reconfiguring  of  Shakespeare  plays  like  jazz  variaFons, beauFfully  orchestrated” The  Observer “Very  entertaining...  dark,  sexy  piece  …” The  Oxford  Times “...  work  that  whilst  deeply  rooted  in  the  Polish  influences named,  is  both  innovaFve  and  authenFcally  their  own…” Dee  Evans  The  Mercury,  Colchester

About the  company  and  training Moon  Fool  plays  host  to  ongoing  interna;onal  theatre  and  music  exchange  including  Actor  –  Chorus  –  Text  (ACT)  ensemble  training,  ACT Youth  for  Educa;on,  Day  &  Night  music  collec;ve  and  cri;cally  acclaimed  produc;ons  ill  met  by  moonlight  with  Christopher  Sivertsen  (Song of  the  Goat,  Awake  Projects),  Peter  Swaffer  Reynolds  (NoFit  State)  and  Ian  Morgan  (Song  of  the  Goat)  and  solo  cabaret,  TItania.  Founded  by Anna-­‐Helena  McLean,  formerly  of  world-­‐renowned  Polish  physical  theatre  company,  Gardzienice,  the  company  is  renowned  for  its  unique style   combining   Eastern   and   Western   European   theatre   prac;ces   to   devise   original   music,   movement   and   text   based   performance   and prac;ce.

“Moon Fool’s  Actor  -­‐  Chorus  -­‐  Text  training  is  stunning  and  unique,  and  it  makes  a  profound  contribuFon  to  the  Grotowski-­‐based  and Polish  theater  training  lineages...  I  felt  as  though  I  was  able  to  tap  into  the  mystery  and  power  of  the  work  in  a  way  that  was  made accessible  even  in  a  short  workshop  period.  The  internaFonal  company  incorporate  methods  and  exercises  from  all  over  the  world  and from  many  different  forms  of  theater,  the  training  is  uncompromising…  This,  in  my  opinion,  is  an  example  of  the  ulFmate  in  theatrical training” Thom  Pasculli  Director  at  Links  Hall,  Steppenwolff  and  VOX,  Chicago “Moon  Fool’s  ability  to  inspire  students  to  take  greater  risks  and  make  big  discoveries  about  themselves  helps  to  produce  a  bold,  brave and  fearless  performer,  to  push  the  boundaries  of  physical  theatre  to  the  limit  and  beyond” Bill  Wright  Voice  Lecturer  Royal  Conservatoire  of  Scotland "Anna  Helena's  ACT  training  method  combines  music,  song  gesture  work,  partner  acrobaFcs  and  and  text  with  high-­‐energy,  rigorous professionalism.  I  enjoyed  how  Anna's  posiFve,  passionate  approach  help  transform  every  student  be  they  professional  or  novice.  She offers  a  set  of  tools  and  then,  almost  effortlessly  integrates  the  techniques  seamlessly  to  produce  magical  moments  of  theater  with  every parFcipant.  I  was  repeatedly  taken  by  surprise.  The  training  encourages  the  group  to  approach  their  own  precipice,  embrace  the unknowing,  and  fly” Deborah  Eliezer,  Associate  Ar;s;c  Director,  foolsFURY  Theater,  San  Francisco

Company Bios

         Actor  (Ariel)  -­‐  Lead  ACT  trainer Anirudh  Nair  is  a  theatre  prac;;oner  based  in  New  Delhi.  He  is an  alumnus  of  the  University  Of  Exeter,  UK,  where  he  completed an   MA   in   Theatre   Prac;ce   under   the   guidance   of   Professor Phillip   Zarrilli.   The   program   involved   the   use   of   mar;al  and medita;onal   arts   to   train   the   contemporary   theatre   actor.    He now  works  as  a  professional  actor  and  director  in  India.  He  is  the founder  of  WIDE  AISLE  PRODUCTIONS  (WAP)  and  the  Director  of Meet   Will   -­‐     A   widely   successful   project   designed  to  make Shakespeare   accessible   to   school-­‐going   children   through performance.   Core   ACT   member   since   2007,   producing   two tours   in   India   in   associa;on   with   Na;onal   School   of   Delhi   and the   Bri;sh   Council.   WAP   recently   staged   a   site   specific produc;on   of   Shakespeare’s   The   Winter’s   Tale   in   Delhi   to packed   houses   with   rave   reviews   from   audiences   and   cri;cs alike.

             Director  and  leading  pracDDoner With  a  BA  Hons  in  Music  and  Drama  from  RHUL,  Anna-­‐Helena  McLean became   a   principal   member   of   the   physical   theatre   company Gardzienice   in   Poland,   2000.   She   toured   as   the   ;tle   role   in   Electra (LaMama   ETC   05,   Barbican   BITE   06),   musical   Leader   in Metamorphoses  and  led  company  training  across  the  globe.  Founded her   own   prac;ce   called   Actor   -   Chorus   -   Text   (ACT)   in   2008   with which  she  has  now  set  up  an  interna;onal  team  of  workshop  leaders for   adults   and   youth   (ACT   Youth).   She   was   inaugural   member   of Awake   Projects   between   2006   and   2012   and   performed   in   the premiere   of   AWAKE.   As   Ar;s;c   Director   of   Moon   Fool   she   has developed  5  stage  adapta;ons  of  Shakespeare,  only  two  released  for touring.   Host   for   Day   &   Night   (folk   music   collec;ve)   concerts   bi-­‐ annually   with   lead   spoken   word   and   folk   ar;sts   in   London.   Anna-­‐ Helena   is   a   guest   director   at   the   Royal   Conservatoire   of   Scotland   since 2004.  Teaches  part  ;me  at  Uni's,  Circus  and  Drama  schools  across  UK and   abroad.   Voice   coached   on   the   new   NTS   Musical,   Glasgow   Girls (Strajord   East   Feb   2013).   Produced   and   toured   her   solo   cabaret, Titania   in   Europe   and   USA   before   representa;on   by

Dramaturge and  Writer Rosanna  Lowe  is  a  writer,  director  and  performer.  She  studied  at  Cambridge  University and   Lecoq.   She   adapted   and   directed   The   Jungle   Book   (Northampton   Royal,   Oxford Playhouse,  Warwick  Arts  Centre,  West  Yorkshire  Playhouse  Christmas  2013,  with  Liam Steel   direc;ng)   and   Madame   Bovary   (Northampton   Royal).   Playwri;ng   includes   The Bacchae   (London   2012   Cultural   Olympiad,   directed   by   Laurie   Sansom)   Elektra (Cambridge   Arts   Theatre),   Pinocchio   (MAC),   Making   The   Sunlight   (Queen   Elizabeth Hall),  Before  We  Remember  (The  Junc;on),  The  Emperor’s  New  Clothes  and  The  Pied Piper  (Wellingborough  Castle),  Hansel  and  Gretel  (Winchester  Arts  Centre),  Hairy  Tales and   Furry   Stories   (tour),   Medea   (Quakers   Friars),   Seaside   (French   tour).   Direc;ng includes   A   Midsummer   Night’s   Dream   (Northampton   Royal),   20,000   Leagues   Under the   Sea   (Walk   The   Plank),   A   Long   Time   Ago   (Northampton   Royal   TIE)   and Hummingbirds   (Pleasance   Edinburgh,   Young   Vic)   –   a   devised   show,   nominated   for   a Total  Theatre  Award.  She  has  won  The  Times  Young  Travel  Writer’s  Award  and  Radio  4 Young  Sci-­‐Fi  Writer’s  Award  and  wrioen  for  three  series  of  the  BAFTA  award-­‐winning children’s  T.V.  series  Horrible  Histories.

Gre Badanie  Experimental  Choir  from  Poland  -­‐  Directed  by  Sean  Palmer Ania  Banas,  Nela  Brzezynska,  Ewa  Kalamat,  Jacek  Skrzypek,  Dominika  Jarosz,  Mateusz Jaworski,  Hania  Jurczak,  Magda  Koniecznie,  Monika  Lada-­‐Bienkowska,  Monika Sadkowska,  David  Sypniewski,  Kasia  Tekielska

Design and  projecDon  art  work Paddy   Molloy   is   an   image-­‐maker   and designer   based   in   London.   Selected projec;on   design   for   theatre   credits include   The   Secret   Agent  (Theatre   O/Young Vic),   Qudz   (the   Yard),   The   Snow   Queen (Polka),   And   Then   The   Room   Fell   Silent (MAP/Barrbican),   Origins   (Pentabus), image   and   performance   workshops (Na;onal   Theatre   Studio),   A   History   of Falling   Things   (Theatr   Clwyd)   and   Delirium (Theatre   O/Barbican   Bite/Abbey   Theatre). Selected   print   based   illustra;on   clients include   The   Guardian,   New   York   Times (US),   Globe   and   Mail   (Canada),   Time   Out, BBC   Worldwide,   Delta   Airlines   (US), Hermitage   (Russia),   HHMI   (US)   and Random   House.   He   is   currently   senior lecture  in  Illustra;on  Anima;on  at  Kingston University.

Actor (Prospero)  -­‐  Conductor  of  Gre  Badanie  choir Sean  Palmer  is  a  graduate  of  Theatre  and  Art  from  MMU  (1999).  He  has lived  and  worked  in  Poland  since  1999,  beginning  as  a  lecturer  of  Theatre at   Łodż   University   English   Philology   Dept.   He   has   been   working professionally   as   an   vocalist   and   actor   since   2001   Theatre   Chorea (Łodż,PL)  performing  with  them  interna;onally  including  the  Meyerhold Centre,   Moscow.   In   2004   he   co-­‐founded   'Equaldoubt   -­‐   Physical   and Visual   Theatre'   in   Wales   (laureat  06   Malta   Fes;val   'Debiut'   category   with ‘Suffoca;on’).   Since   2009   he   has   been   performing   in   both   Polish ‘ins;tu;onal’  and  ‘independent’  theatres  –  including  the  Polish  Na;onal Actor  (Caliban)  -­‐  ACT  trainer Opera,   Teatr   Dramatyczny   and   Teatr   Remus.   Sean   is   the   creator, composer   and   conductor   of   Gre   Badanie   -­‐   Experimental   Community CALARTS   graduate   Chris-­‐Gerard   Heyward   is   a   professional   actor, Choir   (based   in   Warsaw)   which   is   currently   touring   their   latest   work   ‘The musician,  writer,  and  dancer.     Also  a  founding  member  of  the  Poor Dog   Group,   an   LA   based   theatre   company.     He   began   working  on Fairytale  of  the  Eared  Glade’  na;onally  and  abroad. archetypes   through   movement   at   the   Royal   Sco>sh   Academy   of Actor  (Miranda)  -­‐  ACT  trainer Music   and   Drama   with   Anna-­‐Helena   Mclean.     Soon   aver  Chris moved  to  Croa;a  to  play  Romeo  in  Ulysses  Teater's  Romeo  i  Julia Alexandra  Kazazou  was  born  in  Wrocław,  Poland.  She  is  half  Greek, half  Polish.  She  studied  ac;ng  at  the  Aristotle  University  of '68   where   he   also   founded   and   led   the   band   LISN   on   their   Love Thessaloniki,  worked  as  an  actor  in  the  North  Na;onal  Theater,  and Revolu;on   tour.     Aver   two   years   of   composing   and  performing co-­‐founded  Asypka,  a  theatrical  group  based  in  Athens.  She  did  the music  for  theatre  in  NYC,  Chris-­‐Gerard  aoended  the  Moon  Fool  at MA  in  ac;ng  with  the  Song  of  the  Goat  Theatre,  Wrocław,  Poland,  in the   Quadrangle   workshop   of   Romeo   and   Juliet   in   Kent,   UK   the collabora;on  with  the  Manchester  Metropolitan  University  School  of Summer   of   2012   playing   the   part   of   Mercu;o.     Chris   is  currently working  as  a  private  ac;ng  coach  on  a  new  FOX  TV  pilot. Theatre.  She  has  a  diploma  in  Ashtanga  Yoga. Actor  (Chorus  &  Caliban)  -­‐  ACT  Youth  leader

Alexandra is  a  member  of  Studio  Matejka  and  of  the  Odra  Ensemble in  collabora;on  with  Song  of  the  Goat  Theatre,  and  is  a  co-­‐ini;ator  of Jubilo  Project.  She  teaches  ancient  Greek  tragedy  at  the  University  of Wroclaw.  Her  main  research  interest  is  the  chorus  func;on  of  Greek tragedy  and  how  it  is  connected  with  the  every  day  chorus  of  life  and the   ensemble   work.   A   big   inspira;on   and   a   life   experience   was   her expedi;on  in  Cuba  towards  the  Guantanamo  base.

Graduate from  Rose  Bruford  College  of  Theatre and   Performance   in   2012   with   a   degree   in European   Theatre   Arts.   Since   gradua;ng,   he has   been   working   with   interna;onal   ar;sts including   Andrzej   and   Teresa   Welminski   from Cricot   2   and   the   award   winning   puppetry company   Smoking   Apples.   He   is   a   founding member  of  the  absurdist  comedy  company  The Same,   But   Different,   George   also   runs   ACT Youth  as  well  as  training  with  ACT.

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