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How does my media product represent particular social groups? Chau Nguyen

The main conventions of my magazine that represent particular social groups is the dominant images that are contained in my magazine front cover and double page spread. They are mainly represented as White-British, young and judging from the appearance it is most likely something to do with music genre, rock.


Front Cover

Here is the dominant image for my magazine front cover showing a teenager with a jacket with a grey scale colour scheme. He is holding onto his jacket to give the cold air of the underground, as well as to give attention to what clothes he is wearing, which is practically casual clothing that represents working class to middle class. It is also a mid-shot of the model showing his top torso to at least show the face and the clothes he is wearing. The communication that this image is giving is the sense of being constrained in the underground and the serious look of him making his debut since my magazine cover is featuring cover lines about new bands making their debut. The language –on the other hand - I used on the front cover itself is towards my target audience and the use of words are more casual and normal so the style of the magazine can easily be recognised and the language can be understood more easier. The communication is not entirely clear to what the magazine is going to be about, this dominant image makes it seems as though it is fashion magazine due to the model clinging onto his clothes as if he finds them really special, however it is not supposed to be represented that way, though the disadvantage from this dominant image is that it does seem as though it promotes fashion.

This dominant image from my double page spread used for one side of the page. The misc-en-scene of this dominant image shows a variety of ethnic groups in a band, this is a positive representation of the band as it equally different ethnic groups with 2 people who are White-British and 2 people who are Black-British. This is because I wanted to represent the ethnics groups equally to give as much spotlight as each other to mainly represent them as a whole band rather than individuals. I also added more contrast to the image to make the light in the background even brighter to give the band a ‘spotlight’ as a ‘new horizon’ for this whole new band. Moreover, the room with an office/education like hallway gives a representation of a working-class group, with green carpet floor, plain white walls and papers being hung on the wall which gives that educational environment to represent the working-class group. Camera shot of this image is a long-shot showing the whole body of the band members with them posing in a working-class hallway, this use of language is aimed towards a working-class audience and the target audience is also predominantly young, approximately aged 15-20.

Double Page Spread

Contents Page

These are the images I have used for the contents page, edited using photoshop to make them stand out and to also make them individual from each other with different camera angles, contrast and brightness. The camera angles for each one are different, there are variations of mid-shots, high-angle & close-up shot and close-up shots. They are mainly close-ups to mid-shots because I wanted to give the facial detail and recognition to the models I have used for my contents page. The use of language on my contents page are mainly aimed towards an niche audience with names of the bands that are more notable in the indie field of music, the language I used are casual and easy to read, easy enough to be read by anyone. The whole genre of my magazine is after all, aimed towards an audience that is interested in alternative rock/hip-hop.

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Evaluation Question 2  

presentation of evaluation question 2