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SUMMARY: The band still have not released their



debut album yet but they do many many live conerts and it is just crazy. We are simply looking forward for their upcoming album.


The lead singer’s photoshoot to make it to the front.

Their gruop photgraph taken after their live concert in Birmingham

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THE BLOCK THE NEW KIDS IN ing to say for us. let us These newcomers got someth t. hear them ou NAME - The drummer of the band, explosive drumming skills and a nice contrast from his upbeat drums to his tranquil rhythms of the music. NAME - The lead guitarist, amazing talent and creative riffs. The hooks are simply awesome.




NAME - The lead vocals and

guitarist. Talented voice unique and great choruses and verses.

NAME - The guitarist that

brings out the shine of their music and it is pretty much incredible how he does the job of making their songs sound catchy and unique.

ur very first interview of this newly formed We later asked them another question of how the band is progressing; the band looked at each other band, it must be fate where the two of us (U.G. magazine and The Movement) have just made our with confused facial expression and the band then own business...but not together though. But let us looked at us and responded with a very vague answer as if they weren’t really sure what they were doing. just say that this band is pretty impressive, they got talent and they have a unique taste in music as well (now that’s what we’re talking about), so we “Erm...Well...To be honest I’ve got no idea what hope them a good luck to become big one day. We we’re doing really, we’re just practising some covers asked a few questions to The Movement so please from some bands especially some good ole’ bluesy rock stuff. Oh! We also did a cover of one of Bob check it out on the next paragraph. Dylan’s song, Subterranean Homesick Blues, popular The interview was quite short as they hardly have song back in the old days and we loved it back then anything to say but they are a bright group of trio but there were a bunch of other bands like Red Hot and they do deserve some exposure to the people. Chilli Peppers that did a cover of the song so we We asked them how they came up with the name, didn’t bother doing the cover live...maybe we will though. But we’re progressing quite well I guess, as there were laughing and jokes around the quesa band of course and we’re just getting used to some tion, of course we could tell they love to mess around with small things and they have a humorous new genres that we haven’t heard before like electro and we really got inspired (laughs).” And the drumside to their personalities, the lead singer of the alt rock band answered: “Well...We just thought of mer jokingly said “’s not like we just love a name that is somewhat related to art since music electro we do love a bit of folk music.” And the lead is an art as well and we wanted to just...reflect on singer happily responded “Well we’re all a bunch of that on how we could express ourselves with mu- hipsters I guess.” and they all started laughing and sic. As an art of course...So we came up with the giggling about, we were very impressed how humorname The Movement (laughs), it’s the best name ous these guys are, which shows that ths unique alt we could come up with really.” As we thought the rock band are a happy bunch of people. band responded very brightly and jokingly, which Who knows what’s next for this unique indie/alt rock we thought was a great thing. band and we hope the best of them to become famous one day and from what we can tell and heard “We wanted to just...reflect on from their sound of music so far is that they are going to be big. that on how we could express

ourselves with music. As an art of course.”

Outdoor live concert ready to be released where indie bands are able to spread out their wings out the crowd. Date: 05/05/2011 Where: NY, California, Manchester, Paris. More information: http//

Cage The Elephant ready to rock out in the Garage in the UK. Date: TBA Where: TBA More information: http//

What do we think? : Well this band is pretty amazing with it’s

unique mix of alternative rock, electro and garage punk. This is one of those kind of bands to look for when you are truly trying to find new music.

***** Awesome!


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