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Pinpoint PR is a public relations agency specializing in fashion and accessories. Based out of Ithaca, NY, Pinpoint consists of a team of inspiring young PR practitioners. We are enthusiastic about creating social media and PR strategies for new and emerging fashion and jewelry designers. Our team is made up of six very bright individuals with different strengths that come together to build the ever so cohesive Pinpoint team. One of our specialties is catering to companies on a budget. We have a great ability to harness inexpensive resources and mold them into a well-rounded campaign. Through innovation, creativity, and collaboration, we are able to come up with unique and specialized plans for each and every one of our clients. Pinpoint PR goes the distance with every last detail. Trust Pinpoint PR for all of your public relations needs.


Executive Summary Faludi G is a uniquely beautiful glass jewelry company based in Hungary. Its founder, Gabriella Faludi, sought to create something from nothing, inspired by everyday beauty and breathtakingly simple design. In Hungary, glass jewelry is in high demand and Faludi G has tremendous appeal. In the United States there are several misconceptions about glass jewelry. Many American consumers believe that glass jewelry is expensive and limited to wear for special occasions. The United States market is fast paced and difficult to penetrate, but we at Pinpoint PR believe Faludi G has a desirable uniqueness that will attract American consumers. With the help of the strategies and tactics explained in this extensive public relations plan, Pinpoint PR believes Faludi G will make its mark as an up-and-coming brand in the United States market within the next year. To accomplish this success, we have addressed a multitude of details and ideas to form Faludi G’s American image. In addition to social media plans, a tagline, and new website, we have proposed events, alternative purchasing options, a media tour, and mockup blog. We believe the ideas presented in this proposal will showcase the beauty and creative appeal of Faludi G. To develop this extensive plan, we at Pinpoint PR conducted both primary and secondary research to get to know American consumers. We will expand upon these findings in further sections of the document. At Pinpoint PR, our job is to act with precision to be sure to address our clients’ needs while implementing our own creative ideas. We aim to find a cohesive balance of objectives and creativity to guarantee client satisfaction and confidence. Pinpoint PR has taken great stride in exemplifying the core image of Faludi G and has made efforts to bring the essence of this image to the United States.


Situation Analysis Who Is Faludi G?

Faludi G has made its mark on the Hungarian jewelry market. Now it is time for Faludi G to expand its reach across the Atlantic to the largest nation of consumers on the planet. The integration of Faludi into the international arena, specifically the American market, is key to its success. With the price of silver and gold on the rise, glass jewelry is an appealing alternative to women of all ages. Faludi needs to raise brand awareness along with awareness of the glass jewelry market. Glass jewelry is not as popular in America as Hungary, requiring Faludi to position glass as trendy, hip, and fashionable. Faludi is reasonably priced and unique, qualities that will be welcomed in the US market. The following is an autobiography of Gabi Faludi, the Hungarian artist who founded Faludi G: In high school, I didn’t know what to do with my life. The only thing I knew for sure was that I found great pleasure and excitement in literature, music and fine arts. If I had been asked what I would do for a living, I’d answer: I would like to be a connoisseur. That led me straight to studying Aesthetics at the University in Hungary. Manual creativity has always been crucial for me. Slowly, I realized that if I can’t make a living out of appreciating art, then I would have to become an artist who enjoys her work. That is how I started working with glass. It happened 10 years ago. My life has changed so much since then, but my motivation has remained the same. My highest priority is to delight people with my art that I truly enjoy creating. Making jewelry is a creative process with unlimited potentials. I have worked with glass for 11 years and started to make glass jewelry seven years ago. Making jewelry is a complex procedure. Sometimes the results are exceptionally beautiful and other times less successful, so you have to master the inner dynamics of the process. As my jewelry is designed primarily for women, women constitute the center element in my art. It is about the woman in search of her identity in a society that is full of continuous uncertain changes. The first station in the creation of jewelry is the planning table. I make sketches on paper. My inspiration can come from anywhere: an experience, music, nature’s wonderful creations, colors, moods, and often from unique designer clothes. After the sketch is complete, I’ll work on the details, do the measurements, work out the ratio and then the actually work can begin.

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Industry Trends As Faludi G is attempting to penetrate the American jewelry industry, it is important to understand the trends of the US fashion world. Pinpoint PR has researched current fashion trends to effectively market Faludi G to American consumers. Current Spring 2012 trends include bold colors such as yellow and lime green. Bold colors are those that pop and draw the eye. Many trends this Spring incorporate bold colors in a segmented fashion, creating block designs that are simple and geometric. Geometric shapes and pastels are commonly found in this season’s jewelry and clothing. This Spring’s trends create an advantage for Faludi G as many of its designs are based upon bold colors and shapes. As Spring 2012 draws to a close, we also looked to Fall 2012 trends for inspiration. Fall 2012 trends include metallics such as grey, silver and gold, and sparkles and flashy pieces. By designing a Fall line that is consistent with these trends, Faludi G has an opportunity to stand out in the jewelry market.


Competitors Competitors that are of most concern to Faludi G are other Hungarian glass jewelers. Because there are currently no prominent Hungarian glass jewelry makers in America, it is important for Faludi to claim its stake in America faster and more effectively than other Hungarian glass jewelers trying to reach American markets.

Panyizsuzsi, or Bold Color Glass, its American translation, is a famous Hungarian jewelry designer. Faludi G’s products are similar to Panyi Zsuzsi’s, which make it Faludi’s number one competitor. Like Faludi G, Panyizsuzsi’s jewelry consists of simple geometric shapes. It also has a large advantage to sell over Faludi G due to its American-friendly name. Panyi Zsuzsi also has an interesting umbrella theme of Cinderella’s Glass Slipper claiming, “We can become Cinderella in Panyi Zscuzsi glass jewels” ( Bold Color Glass has capitalized on being a small independent company. It has even showcased its smallscale attic workspace where all its jewelry is produced. While independent companies can be appealing to some, if Faludi wants to become a powerful and respected brand, it can have an advantage over Bold Color Glass by portraying itself as a far reaching company.

Vad Jutka is another Hunagrian glass jewelry designer with strong youth appeal. Vad Jutka collections feature colored patterns and flowers. One of Vad Jutka’s major strengths is in its advertising communications, an area Faludi is struggling with. Vad Jutka, along with Panyi Zsuczsi, has a much stronger website. It is lighter and easier to read. The feel of the website is airy and colorful, chracteristics that match the designer’s jewelry. The content on the website is also well put together. The company’s story and information is all easily accessible to any current or prospective customer.


As far as American competitors, it is difficult to say if any glass jeweler has a prominent presence in the market because glass jewelry is still uncommon in the U.S. One company called 8 Petals, focuses on its jewelry as being art and “art should be worn everyday� (8 Petals). This is an interesting concept as it makes its jewelry seem important and unique. Another advantage of 8 Petals is clearly stated shipping information. Because Faludi G is based in Hungary, it is important for it to include a more clear shipping policy, especially for those buying online in the U.S.

Fortunately for Faludi G, its image is less frilly when compared to these competitors. Faludi G makes glass jewelry look sophisticated and appealing to a variety of ages. It also has far more inventory in a multitude of price ranges. This enables it to reach a wider audience.


Primary Research Survey

To collect primary research from our target audience, we created a survey to see their different opinions of glass jewelry and what plays into their purchasing motives. We surveyed 72 American women, ranging from 18 to 56 years old. Based on their answers to our 10 questions, we have formed the following conclusions about our target audience:

When asked if she currently owns a piece of glass jewelry, more than half said no and the latter responded with yes. With such close margins in the responses to this question on a small sample scale in comparison to the population, we can assume that about half of our target audience as a whole will also own at least one piece of glass jewelry.

We then asked these women to look into their jewelry box and identify what kind of material (gold, silver, glass or other) they saw most of in order to determine what kinds of jewelry these women are currently purchasing or wearing. For this question, participants had an option to skip the question and we received only 69 responses. We found that silver was the popular choice and glass jewelry was the least popular at less than 5%. From this we can infer that not enough people are purchasing and/or wearing glass, but instead, most women chose to fill their jewelry boxes with silver jewelry.


Next, we aimed to identify the purchasing habits of these women by asking them how often they buy new pieces of jewelry. An overwhelming majority of these women said they buy new pieces of jewelry on occasion, while only about a fourth admitted that their jewelry purchases were impulse buys. This showcases the challenge a jewelry designer faces with generating consumer interest.

We also asked these women where they purchase their jewelry and how much they usually spend on an individual piece. Our results showed that most women spend less than $25.00, and travel to a department store or brand name store for their jewelry purchases. We also noticed that if these women are not looking for a cheap deal, a significant percentage of them will spend more than $75.00 on a piece of jewelry. This suggests a sense of pride in the quality of the pieces they purchase and wear, rather than limiting themselves to cheaper, possibly lower quality pieces.


Faludi G produces beautiful glass statement jewelry. Statement pieces are interesting, attractive and relatively eye-catching jewelry that reflect a woman’s personality. They are usually quite bold and unique, and are often the focus of an entire outfit. We also wanted to know to what occasions these women would wear similar statement pieces. Our results showed a prominent partiality for wearing statement jewelry to social events. This question allowed for multiple choices and that led to relatively even results for the other four categories.

In closing, we asked our target demographic what comes to mind when they think of glass jewelry and if they would consider purchasing or gifting a piece in the future. In total, the majority of these women identified glass jewelry as “unique� and about a quarter of them considered glass expensive. Participants could check off more than one answer to the question.

In a separate final question, we then asked about future considerations regarding glass jewelry. The majority of women surveyed said yes to consider purchasing or gifting glass jewelry in the future. These results illustrate a desire to purchase glass jewelry because of its unique, fashionable style, but presently they choose not to because they are unaware of its relatively cheap cost.


S.W.O.T. Analysis Strengths Craftsmanship - hand-crafted Growing market with the economy Competitive pricing European - exotic appeal Detail oriented pieces, bright colors, a few catchy collection names

Weaknesses Unknown - no U.S. presence Website is hard to navigate and understand Translation issues - no English names for the actual products Low awareness of glass jewelry

Low maintenance products - glass doesn’t tarnish



Weak economy steers people away from gold and silver

U.S. and international competitors

Lack of glass jewelry in America leaves room for Faludi to break out

Lack of knowledge of glass jewelry and Faludi G

Faludi G is unknown- our agency can make the brand what we want it to be

Glass jewelry is not popular or wellknown

Handmade crafts, being unique, standing out, different types of styles are all trends on the rise

Faludi G statement pieces do not complement everyone’s style

Rebranding opportunity - slogans, logo, website, social media



Faludi G jewelry has many strengths. One of its major benefits is that everything is hand crafted and completely original. Since the jewelry is not mass produced, each and every piece is valuable and has a trusted quality about it. Each piece is also guaranteed a unique style that makes Faludi G one of a kind. Another strength of Faludi G is its ability to provide quality products at a reasonable price. With money being tight in the States, women are not able to spend as much as they would like on fine gold, silver jewelry, diamonds, and gems. Therefore, to satisfy their fashion and jewelry needs they turn to the glass jewelry industry. The upkeep for glass jewlery is another plus. Gold and silver jewelry needs to be cleaned often because it tarnishes after excessive use. Glass jewelry on the other hand has virtually no maintenance requirements. These factors are increasing the demand for glass jewelry, and it will continue to increase. Another appeal of Faludi is its roots. Based on our perceptions, European goods are currently in style. There is something about international goods that attracts consumers. It almost makes consumers feel superior to others to have a piece of rare European glass jewelry hanging from their necks because, at this point, this jewelry is not attainable to the American woman. Therefore, the low awareness increases the appeal of Faludi G pieces because it makes the jewelry “one of a kind.” These pieces are not mass produced. Faludi G pieces are also visually appealing. Faludi G utilizes bright colors and the jewelry is detail oriented. Some of the collection names like the “Praline” and “Cosmos” collections are catchy and recognizable.


Just as the low awareness and European characteristsics of this brand were strengths, they are also weaknesses. There is exotic appeal in Faludi, which is a strength but its lack of U.S. presence is a major downfall for the company. Because of this lack of presence in America, awareness about Faludi G is extremely low. Faludi G cannot expect Americans to find out about the brand if the company does not expand here. Faludi G has an operating website with vivid images but it has major translation issues. Half of the website is written in Hungarian and half is written in English. This is not only confusing and an issue that would directly affect sales, but it makes Faludi G look unfocused on communicating clearly with American audiences. The website would also benefit from having an easier navigation layout as well.


Opportunities One of Faludi G’s major opportunities is the weak economy. It is steering Americans away from gold and silver jewelry and into alternatives like glass jewelry. The lack of glass jewelry vendors in the U.S. is another positive opportunity. Faludi G can break out into the American glass jewelry industry and has a chance of dominating. Because the name Faludi G is barely known, we can reinvent the brand. An unknown brand has an easier time of changing branding strategies to help the company gain brand recognition. We can make a slogan for Faludi G and redesign its logo and website. We can also connect consumers to Faludi G through social media and make a very significant rebranding effort. Another opportunity for Faludi G is its uniqueness. In addition to the fashion trends mentioned on the previous pages, cultural and societal trends like “standing out” and “being different” are very popular. Thousands of young people are now shopping at thrift stores and want vintage clothing and accessories so they can stand apart from the rest. Faludi G is different; its jewelry is unlike most out there and it should capitalize on that.

Threats Like any company, Faludi G’s major threats are its competitors. It has European competitors such as Panyi Szuzsi and Vad Jutka, as well as American competitors such as 8 Petals who are marketing in the U.S. Those companies are increasing their brand awareness while Faludi has yet to explore the American jewelry market and connect with consumers to establish brand loyalty. The lack of knowledge about glass jewelry itself is another threat. It is not selling because most Americans don’t know about Faludi G or glass jewelry at all. Glass jewelry pieces are also thought to be expensive and inaccessible to women buying on a budget, which is a huge misconception. Essentially, glass jewelry is not a household name like gold or silver and that is hurting glass jewelry vendors like Faludi G. One threat that is specific to Faludi G is its jewelry style. The bright colors are very in fashion but they may not neccessarily appeal to the “average woman”. The brand also has several larger statement pieces that do not suit all women’s jewelry needs.


Objectives 1. Increase awareness and appeal of Faludi G

Faludi G is a glass jewelry maker from Hungary. It has a website but the jewelry company is not well known in America. Since glass jewelry is also not popular as in Europe, we hope to generate more awareness of this growing industry and establish Faludi G as the primary leader in the glass jewelry industry. We hope to make the brand appealing so consumers will want to purchase Faludi G jewelry.

2. Increase Faludi G’s presence throughout the Northeast region

To bring a brand across seas and launch it in the entire country at one time is extremely difficult. To begin nationwide exposure of Faludi G, Pinpoint PR will first launch the brand exclusively in the Northeast. We will tackle major cities like New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia. This regional exposure is an effective way to get the Faludi G name out in the market and make it a recognizable brand. If people in the Northeast respond positively to Faludi G it will eventually create demand for stores in the South or on the West Coast. In most situations, a brand will establish its presence in one part of a country, then if opportunity and budget allows, it will continue to expand to other regions.

3. Establish Faludi G as the industry leader for international glass jewelry Essentially, we want to differentiate Faludi G from its competitors such as Panyizsuzsi and Vad Jutka. Faludi G has the most to offer and that is the information we want to convey. By increasing brand awareness and expanding into the Northeast region, Faludi G will speak for itself and become the go-to retailer/manufacturer for glass jewelry.

4. Bring business to Faludi G and increase revenue

An overarching objective is to increase the revenue for Faludi G. We have not set actual monetary goals because our strategies will be focusing more on the three objectives listed above. However, this fourth objective is one that will naturally occur as Faludi G gains awareness and business. This objective will help us measure the success of our campaign.


Target Audiences Primary Audience: Women ages 20-35 who live in Northeast urban areas Our PR campaign aims to reach women between 20 and 35 years old, since we believe the various styles and vibrant colors of Faludi G’s products will definitely attract this specific demographic. Moreover, the simple, elegant fashion and the fine craftsmanship of Faludi G’s products convey a high-end look, which we believe is more suitable for women who live in the urban areas, especially business women seeking a professional look. We can break down our target audience into three groups as below:

College students are more likely to be attracted to Faludi G’s brighter, more colorful collections such as Concept, Marrakesh or Konfetti. We want to emphasize the young, color-block fashion style that these products convey, which make the students stand out when they wear these jewelry to school or to a social event. The price range for these products is fairly inexpensive ($18-$80) which makes them more suitable for college students. Another section of this demographic we are targeting are students who are looking for a professional look in internships or jobs interview. A jewelry piece from the Moment or Praline collection can complement their simple, one-colored suit and help them show more personality without being over-the-top. Since these pieces of jewelry are simple and colorful, students can use them in different settings as well.


As mentioned before, Faludi G jewelry carries the classy, more elegant fashion that most business women look for. Therefore, we target women who work in a professional setting, such as corporate office, newspaper/magazine, television and media. These women wish to break out of their simple, solid look of the suits but still want to look professional and appropriate. A piece of jewelry from the Mirage, Cosmos or Oriental collection with unique patterns and subtle colors can help them accomplish that. The price range for these products is affordable to working women ($48-$55).

Faludi G jewelry stands out because of its unique design and vibrant color. Fashionistas are constantly evolving their style and seeking jewelry to match their outfits. Because glass jewelry is uncommon in the United States, wearing glass pieces can bring excitement and exclusivity to those who own it. Since Faludi G is an European brand, introducing American fashionistas to the line will boost their interest in glass jewelry and ultimately influence their purchasing decisions.


Secondary Audience: People who buy jewelry as gifts According to our survey, around 40% of women said they mostly receive jewelry as gifts from others and over 80% said they would consider buying glass jewelry either for themselves or as gifts for others. Glass jewelry is a unique and affordable gift, which is why our secondary target audiences are people who buy jewelry as gifts for others. In this demographic, we are targeting male audiences who would buy jewelry for their partners as well as friends and families. We are also targeting older women who would gift a Faludi G piece to one of their daughters, granddaughters, nieces, coworkers, or friends. Since Faludi G’s collections can be worn on different occasions and they have a sophisticated appeal, any piece from the collection would be a perfect gift. Faludi G jewelry is relatively inexpensive, which creates a competitive edge over silver/gold products, in addition to its uniqueness.


Strategies In order to achieve our stated objectives, Pinpoint PR has developed the following strategies:

Increase media coverage

In order for Faludi G to have a strong presence in the Northeast, we will focus on generating media coverage in this area. We hope to create a strong appearance of Faludi G in various traditional media outlets as well as social media. We will increase social media activity and establish an online following while also utilizing traditional media appearances to increase brand recognition. The use of traditional and online media will assist Faludi G in reaching a wide audience across the Northeast region.

Create a habit of wearing Faludi G jewelry daily

Since few Americans are familiar with glass jewelry or wear it consistently, our next strategy is to make glass jewelry a staple of every outfit. We will specifically convey that Faludi G is a Hungarian-based glass jewelry company providing customers with a variety of unique pieces that will enhance their everyday wear. We will also emphasize the relatively inexpensive price range of Faludi G pieces to enforce their attainability. By wearing Faludi G, women can “Renew Their Fashion Everyday.�


Rebrand Faludi G to make it appealing and cohesive

In order to make Faludi G appealing to American consumers, we will rebrand Faludi G as a unique, fashionable and sophisticated jewelry designer whose collections make women feel confident and trendy. Since Faludi G is virtually unknown in the American market, Pinpoint PR can create an entirely unique first impression. It is impossible to successfully bring an international brand to the U.S. without making changes and we plan to make those alterations to develop Faludi G as an international brand.

Simplify American purchasing of Faludi G collections

In an effort to increase traffic to Faludi G online and increase revenue, we plan to create an exclusively English website for Faludi G USA. When visiting, users will be prompted to enter either an American or Hungarian site. This will increase the appeal of Faludi G online for American consumers because its webpage will include U.S pricing and all English text. Once Faludi G has established its presence in the Northeast region, we will expand to the rest of the U.S. The website will be Faludi G’s main outlet for consumer purchase.


Faludi G USA


Establishing Faludi G USA is our major rebranding effort for Faludi G. Through this tactic we hope to increase sales and achieve recognition in the U.S. It is difficult for a small international company to enter a rapidly changing market such as the U.S. With our rebranding initiative, we will make this transition to the U.S. as smooth as possible for Faludi G. This action will insure that Faludi G breaks into the U.S. market with a strong presence and a solid reputation. The first step to this rebranding effort is the distinction of the brand. Faludi G is a Hungarian brand and effectively caters to its Hungarian audience. To be equally successful in the U.S., Faludi G needs to focus on the USA audience apart from Hungary. We suggest Faludi G have a separate branch for the U.S. called Faludi G USA. It is the same brand, the same exact products and purchasing process. However, Faludi G USA caters strictly to the needs of U.S. consumers with English information, American pricing, and other commonly utilized strategies in the U.S. Faludi G has no translatable English slogan. Pinpoint PR has come up with a slogan that will be used as the overarching theme throughout the campaign. The slogan we developed is “Renew Your Fashion Everyday”. We created this slogan after seeing how our survey participants reacted to glass jewelry. Most saw it as expensive and inaccessible – something that would only be bought or worn for special occasions. Faludi G will attract more American consumers by establishing itself as an everyday brand rather than as one women wear exclusively for special occasions. “Renew Your Fashion Everyday” means women can be fashionable wearing Faludi G pieces on a daily basis no matter what situation they are in. We believe the best way to entice American audiences is to modify Faludi G’s current logo and revamp the existing website where purchases are made. We want the logo/website/brand to be seen as fresh and colorful as it reflects Faludi G’s vibrant pieces rather than the earth tone color scheme of the current website.


We developed a new logo for Faludi G USA. The logo incorporates the USA element and showcases more color than the current logo. To keep the integrity of Faludi G we simply modified the logo’s current typeface which is the designer’s signature. We also added Faludi G’s new slogan “Renew Your Fashion Everyday”, the key element in our rebranding plan.



While the current Faludi G website is visually advanced, its basic black color layout (see below) does not match what we envision Faludi G glass jewelry to represent. To match the company’s collections, we suggest creating a website that is more colorful and fun. This is another part of our rebranding effort and will be incorporated into all other promotional material for Faludi G. Here, we used the modified logo displayed on the previous page as a basis for the website design. In addition to the different look, we also made some conceptual changes. One of the major weaknesses we found with the existing website was its mixed audience reach. We believe it would be wise to create a site entirely dedicated to the American market. This would solve the current website’s translation issues and avoid having a site that is in half Hungarian, half English. We have constructed a mock-up of a suggested homepage design (on facing page) that would enhance the company and its sales. It includes a bright color scheme and a clear indication of whether it is on the Hungarian or English version. In this site, we have included a section titled “Why Do Women Wear Faludi G?” on the homepage to immediately entice viewers to be interested in the company and its products. We kept the Facebook and Twitter icons on the homepage while adding Pinterest and YouTube icons as well for easy access to all of Faludi G’s social media sites.



Faludi G NYC Launch Event/Fundraiser

We will be celebrating the launch of Faludi G in the USA in the fashion capital of the country, New York City. Key fashion influencers, press, socialites, celebrities, and jewelry consumers will be invited to this exciting launch party for Faludi G. At the launch, all women who enter the event will be presented with a piece of Faludi G jewelry on loan for the night. This will showcase the variety of Faludi G’s products as well as their versatility and style. The event will be located at The Angel Orensanz Foundation in the Lower East Side. The Angel Orensanz Foundation is known for its collaboration with celebrated New York museums and artists from across the globe. Along with celebrating the launch of Faludi G in the USA, the event will also raise funds for The Angel Orensanz foundation supporting the arts. The foundation’s location and mission make it the ideal host for Faludi G’s NYC Launch Party. The party will increase exposure of the brand as well as spark interest in glass jewelry. The launch in New York City will create press for the brand that will generate interest nationwide. We are anticipating around 100 guests and planning the event for August. The foundation building is rather large so we will be just be using the balcony space that surrounds the main ballroom. The Angel Orensanz Foundation is the ideal space to host this cocktail-style event. The balcony area is 3500 sq. feet and there will be ample room for people to mingle, view the collections, learn more about Faludi G and the Foundation, and network with others.


Grand Central Holiday Fair

Pinpoint PR agrees that Faludi G jewelry would be successful if sold in a craft-fair setting. However, most craft fairs showcase products of lesser value and detail. Faludi G is a higher-end product and we want to market it to the right people. It must be presented in the right place. We chose the Grand Central Holiday Fair as the proper platform because it is unique to New York City and is an annual event that’s been organized for the past 13 years. As an indoor fair right in Grand Central Station, with a lot of foot traffic, Faludi G would gain exposure. The Fair attracts a broad demographic of local New Yorkers, commuters, and tourists. The Fair runs from November 12th to December 26th. The only possible downside of the fair is the very expensive booth rental. It will cost Faludi G $14,500 to rent a booth for the span of the fair. This is a steep rental fee but no other holiday fair produces better results for companies that participate. According to the Holiday Fair website, the average vendor makes $103,000 over the almost two-month period. Faludi G would benefit greatly by partaking in this exclusive event.


The Fair is marketed on a broad basis. This includes: • GCT internal media - website - e-blasts - Facebook - Twitter - posters throughout the Terminal - signage on 42nd Street - printed promotional piece at all I Love NY booths In addition, Goodman Media, a top New York City PR Agency pitches stories to the press throughout the Fair. In 2011, the Holiday Fair received over 100 placements.


New York City and Tri-State residents, area business workers, foreign visitors and US visitors. Many of our Holiday Fair visitors are professionals from the Fashion Industry who have offered vendors many opportunities (wholesale orders, magazine editorials, etc).

750,000 VISITORS a day. In a SeTTIng ThaT InSpIReS Them TO STay. 2012 Holiday Fair


Press Kit

We suggest developing a press kit to send to various media outlets. The press kit could contain a company overview, mission statement, and origins, including a biography of Faludi G’s jewelry designers, to present Faludi G in a personal way. This will let journalists know more about the company. It can also include any frequently asked questions, recent news coverage, and of course, a photo catalog of the jewelry. Attached to this catalog could be a fact sheet of Faludi and its product lines. This kit will also contain descriptions of how Faludi jewelry is made, and the creative energy behind the design process and selection. The press kit will be available on the website and in a hard copy package displayed here.

We suggest that these press kits be sent to: > Style Special on The Style Network > The Today Show > Good Morning America- Robin Roberts’ segment > The Wendy Williams Show We picked these television programs because they are conversation based and will expose Faludi G to our target audiences through a combination of media. A “Faludi G Special Segment” featuring the products, facts, figures, background would be appropriate on any of these programs.


Newspaper Editorials

To touch upon the print industry, Pinpoint PR would like to secure editorial stories and interest pieces about Faludi G in prominent newspapers in New York City, Philadelphia, and Boston. We are taking on the Northeast region and plan to get these stories published in prominent newspapers such as The Boston Globe, The New York Times, and The Philadelphia Inquirerer. We will also be pitching stories to other publications in these areas such as The Daily News, The Philly Tribune, and The New York Post. The Faludi G stories will be featured in the fashion/style sections of these newspapers. We also seek to gain exposure for Faludi G in American fashion magazines. We have picked a few magazines that are read heavily by our target audience. In addition to the newspapers listed above, we will be sending pitch letters out to Elle, Glamour, Vogue, and InStyle. All of these magazines are ideal platforms for a “New Designer” feature piece or a “How To Wear Faludi G Jewelry Everyday” spread. It will create effective exposure for Faludi G and these publications will showcase the uniqueness and affordibility of Faludi G.


Currently in America, Faludi G pieces are available for purchase exclusively through the official website. We seek to present consumers with an additional purchasing outlet. To increase revenue and brand awareness, we suggest sale of Faludi G collections through This site offers brand-name goods to consumers at discount prices. Each day there are new events and new brands posted to the site. A typical brand is for sale on Hautelook for 48 hours and then removed. Hautelook allows companies to post on their site for free and requests 10% of all profits made during the event. To introduce the brand, our first event with Hautelook will be the “Faludi G Blowout”, featuring a majority of Faludi G inventory. All the collections as well as different pieces may be featured. After the first event we will begin a contract with Hautelook to be featured once a month for a six-month period. The events will feature some or all of the collections and be tagged under “Faludi G Jewelry” and “Statement Jewelry”. This is an ideal way to reach the high-end target audience Faludi G seeks to appeal to. Hautelook shoppers are price savvy, stylish, and unique. The site also has an active social media following and advertises its current brands frequently throughout the day. This is an effective way for Faludi G to associate with a well-established American company and its consumer base.


Faludi G Blog - “Intern Diaries”

The blog will be the next step in our rebranding initiative. It will carry out Faludi G’s new slogan and the overall theme of “Renew Your Fashion Everyday”. The blog will be an additional section of the US website created specifically to reach our target audience of young American women. Titled “Intern Diaries”, the blog follows the day-to-day experiences of Faludi G’s newest American team member, a marketing intern named Erika Miller. Erika represents the face of Faludi G to American consumers. She provides readers with emerging fashion trends, offering tips and suggestions to enhance their look. Most importantly, she discusses how readers can add a piece of Faludi G jewelry to their everyday outfits. Readers can share their own fashion tips through the comments feature and interact with other customers to discuss Faludi G collections and the latest styles. We seek to use Erika’s image to create a relatable brand and enforce the idea that Faludi G can be worn everyday. Women can see themselves in Erika as she discusses her daily life. She writes about important presentations, going out with colleagues, and shopping with friends; all familiar situations for every woman. Erika’s tips will be practical, helpful, and reference heavy wear of Faludi G pieces. We aim to create the persona of Erika as a fun, social, and fashionable girl who will become a role model for young women. We suggest Faludi G hire a college-age female to fill the marketing intern position. This intern will assist in updating all social media sites and maintain the Intern Diaries blog. Her consistent voice and persona will appeal to young American women who can relate to this intern.


Social Media

At the present moment, Faludi G’s online presence includes a Facebook Timeline and a Twitter page, both of which are exclusively in Hungarian. To appeal to the American audience, Faludi G should create new Facebook and Twitter pages as well as develop a Pinterest board and YouTube Channel. In addition, all four sites should reference the brand as “Faludi G USA” and post all content in English. Studies conducted using Expion, a social media management software, show that there are only two ways to increase the number of newsfeed impressions an account generates: post more and invoke more fan actions. In order to make those impressions and expand brand awareness, (and eventually increase sales), Faludi G should post content on a daily (or weekly depending on the media) basis. While all four of these social media sites are effective in gaining impressions, the information Faludi G chooses to share must be communicated differently to fit the specific medium. Despite the differences in media content, every social media post or video upload should be planned at least two weeks in advance through a carefully constructed Microsoft Excel document outlining what will be posted each day. For example, specially tailored posts should be drafted for American holidays that involve gift giving such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or Thanksgiving. This outline (shown below) will be drafted by the social media intern, and then forwarded to higher management to be approved before any posts are made public. This intern will also be responsible for interacting with fan comments of praise or concerns. These interactions will make Faludi G seem more relatable as a brand and also manage crisis communications.

February 10th-­‐16th,  2013

Sun 2/10/2013



Mon 2/11/2013 Valen&ne's  day  is  just   around  the  corner!  Have   you  found  the  perfect  gi:   for  that  special  someone?   Browse  our  collec&on  of   necklaces  at  

Tues 2/12/2013

"Piece of  the  Week:   Moment.  This  red  hot   necklace  is  stunning   fused  glass  and  is  the   perfect  gi:  for   #Valen&nesDay   hOp://"

"Wearing our  jewels   are  fashionable,  but  we   want  more:  we  want  it   to  be  a  sensa&on,  a   special  feeling."

Wed 2/13/2013

Thurs 2/14/2013

Repost HauteLook's   ar&cle  on  Valen&ne's  Day    "Happy  Valen&nes  Day!   last  minute  gi:  ideas   Like  if  you  got  a  lovely   that  includes  a  piece  on   gi:  from  someone  you   Faludi  G  jewelry love!" "Happy  V-­‐Day  from   @Faludi_GUSA!  Show   your  passion  with  a   garland  bracelet  from   our  collec&on.   #GlassGi:s   hOp://  

Red3.jpg "Moment   Red4.jpg  "Basic  Kör   Nyaklánc  Négyzet  Piros   Nyaklánc  Par.piros   Necklace" Necklace"

"Considering new   op&ons  for  our  retail   loca&ons  in  the  US,   any  ideas?  #reply"

Red7.jpg "Basic   Red5.jpg  "Guirland   Red6.jpg  "Concepcion   Gyűrű  Négyzet   Karkötő  Piros  Bracelet" Lanc  Bordó  Necklace" Par.piros  Ring"

Approved (ini&als) FG FG FG FG FG Note  to  Intern:  Remember  to  keep  up  on  customer  feedback  and  reponses.  If  you  come  across  any  interes&ng  ar&cles,  pictures,  stories,  or  videos,  post  the  links  here:  


Sat 2/16/2013

Upload weekly  Faluidi   G  Friday  video  (filmed   by  Faludi)

Upload 15-­‐sec  clip  on  all  red   collec&on  pieces.

YouTube Pinterest (All  photo  uploads  this   week  are  from  the  Red  Piece  shoot,   Red1.jpg  "Arwen  Gyűrű   Red2.jpg  "Basic  Füli   upload  one  per  day.)     Korall  Ring" Par.piros  Earrings"

Fri 2/15/2013



Faludi G on Facebook Faludi G should update this page to highlight pieces of its own collection and post intriguing questions to interact with its fans and gain likes. The jewelry company should also repost current news stories and articles on fashion trends related to glass jewelry.


Faludi G on YouTube Pinpoint PR proposes the creation of a YouTube channel for fans to view short videos about designing Faludi G collections as well as the glass jewelry making process. These behind-thescenes videos will be posted at least once a week. We suggest every Friday be “Faludi Friday” where a personal video made by Gabriella Faludi herself is uploaded to the channel each week. These videos address Faludi’s latest designs and ideas as well as exciting news about the brand. The channel will give consumers an inside look at the brand and make Faludi G relatable while raising impressions and awareness.


Faludi G on Twitter Pinpoint PR also proposes the creation of an additional Twitter page for Faludi G. This will be an American Twitter account, named FaludiG_USA in order to appeal to its English speaking audience. Tweets should be posted at least once every two days, but secondary content put out by others should be retweeted daily. This content includes all current news, fashion/jewelry trends, and other material that relates to the Faludi G brand. To maintain both accounts, we recommend using a website such as HootSuite or TweetDeck.


Faludi G on Pinterest We at Pinpoint PR propose Faludi G create a Pinterest board for fans of the brand and glass jewelry in general to browse and pin jewelry pieces. Pinning is a form of “liking� on this new social media site. Pictures of individual jewelry pieces and full collections should be posted either once a day or once every other day to maintain consistency. Followers of the Faludi G Pinterest board will be able to save the pieces they like and be directed to the official site to complete a purchase if they so desire.


Evaluation & Measurement

In order to evaluate the success of our public relations campaign, we will be monitoring the results of the desired objectives and implemented tactics over the course of the year. We will use various evaluation metrics to measure results of each medium. In addition, we will evaluate the attitudinal shift towards Faludi G. We will also continue to chart the accomplishments following the conclusion of the campaign.

Media Coverage We will collect and keep press clippings from any news editorials mentioning Faludi G. We will observe the amount of media coverage ranging from the beginning of the campaign through the end of the campaign as well as the time following the conclusion of the campaign. We will also keep record of any mention of Faludi G from talk shows to whom we send press kits. We hope to generate more than 50 million media impressions. Website - Intern Blog We will be monitoring the amount of website traffic after launching the English version of the Faludi G website, and the amount of people who engage in the “Intern Diaries” blog. We hope to increase website traffic to more than 500 page views per day. Social Media We will be checking the number of people who follow the brand-new Faludi G USA’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. We hope to establish more than 1,000 followers on each site after the campaign and increase the number of followers by 10% each month. Participation at NYC Launch Event/Fundraiser We hope to attract more than 100 women to this event as well as influential media writers and generate substantial media coverage. Since this is also a fundraising event, we hope to raise more than $5,000 to support the museum’s work of preserving art and remaining an outlet for artists. After this event, we hope Faludi G will leave a positive impression on people and open the door to the American jewelry market. Grand Central Holiday Fair From the holiday fair, we can see how much profit Faludi G can potentially make by keeping track of how many customers buy from the booth. This will be a great way to get a firsthand look at how American consumers react to Faludi G when given the opportunity to purchase the jewelry.


Budget Faludi G is an international company with limited means of financing major events and traditional promotions. Pinpoint PR plans to utilize social media and redesign Faludi G’s official website, which only incurs labor expense. We planned our public relations proposal around a budget of $20,000 to hold two events: a New York City Launch Party and participation in the Grand Central Holiday Fair.


Press Kit printing costs


Pitch Letters The New York Times $0.00 Philadelphia Inquirerer $0.00 Boston Globe $0.00 Philadelphia Tribune $0.00 The Daily News $0.00 Elle $0.00 InStyle $0.00 Glamour $0.00 Vogue $0.00

$0.00 10% of profits

Social Media $0.00 Intern Expenses



Faludi G NYC Launch Party /Fundraiser space rental cost $1,500.00 food/service $1,000.00 Grand Central Holiday Fair booth rental



0% 3%   3%   14%  


Press Kit  Prin0ng

Pitch Le=ers  

Social Media  

Faludi G  USA  Launch  Party   Grand  Central  Holiday  Fair   Intern  Expenses  

Budget: $20,000.00 Plan Costs: $18,100.00 Surplus for Faludi G: $1,900.00



Our timetable represents Faludi G’s 2012-2013 year starting in May 2012. We have divided up each of our tactics to make up a busy and extremely effective, long-lasting campaign that will bring customers and revenue in for the entire year.







Launch Party Grand Central Television Programs Hautelook Editorials Intern Diaries Facebook Twitter Twtter Pinterest YouTube












Meet Our Team Alina Szuch is a sophomore Integrated Marketing Communications major and Environmental Studies minor at Ithaca College. She is a member of Park AdVenue, E-Communications Chair of IC After Dark, and Co-President of Slow Food Ithaca College.  A social media nerd and Twitter fiend, Alina has a passion for new and emerging media and hopes to work at an advertising agency doing non-profit work. Alina’s favorite collection from Faludi G is Concepcion.

Chau Nguyen is a sophomore Business/Marketing with a minor in Integrated Marketing Communications. Being an international student from Vietnam, she loves travelling and exploring cultures, especially cuisines from different countries. She is currently involved with the International Club, Asian American Alliance and International Business Association. She is passionate to learn more about global issues from her studying abroad experience, as well as making friends from all over the world. She hopes to work for a global corporation or non-profit organization in the future. Her favorite collection is Moment.

Jordana Filippi is a freshman with a major in Integrated Marketing Communications. She is an environmentally friendly individual and hopes to one day work for a non-profit organization that works towards saving the environment. Jordana is also interested in the French language and culture. In her spare time, Jordana enjoys listening to and discovering new music. Her favorite collection is Basic.


Rachel Gropper is a sophomore Integrated Marketing Communications Major with minors in Communication Management & Design and Web Programming. As Vice President of Communications for the Ithaca College Chapter of the American Marketing Association, Rachel manages the chapter’s social media accounts and website. Rachel is currently a Brand Ambassador Intern for the nationwide, online food delivery website, and is spending the summer as a Social Media Marketing Intern at Likeable Media in New York City. Her favorite collection is Konfetti.

Zachary Millon is a second year Television-Radio major at the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College with a minor in Integrated Marketing Communications. Hailing from East Meadow, NY on Long Island, he does not take too kindly to the winters of upstate New York. In his spare time he likes to take long walks on the beach, go rock climbing, and read a good book. His dream is to move to New York City and work for Saturday Night Live on NBC Universal at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. He would consider gifting any of Faludi G’s collections.

Chelsea Russo is a sophomore Communication Management and Design major. She is also pursuing a double minor in IMC and Theater. Coming from the Bronx, a city girl, Chelsea came to Ithaca to find out what she wanted to do with her life and found herself in Park. Here she got involved right away and discovered her love for layout and graphic design. Chelsea is a designer for Park Design House, a member of AAF & WIC, a layout designer for Buzzsaw Magazine, and does publicity for ICTV’s Newswatch 16. She hopes to return to the city after graduation in a creative position for a company. Her dream job is to be the Art Director of Brides Magazine. Her favorite collection is Praline.


Sample Pitch Letter


April 22, 2012 Mr. Trip Gabriel Style Editor The New York Times New York, NY 10018 Dear Mr. Gabriel, Hello, I am Jordana Filippi, a representative of Pinpoint PR on behalf of Faludi G, a European glass jewelry company. Our research has found that Americans associate glass jewelry with being expensive. This may or may not be the reason why the glass jewelry market has not yet exploded in America. We believe that the introduction of Faludi G to the U.S. holds the potential to start a new glass jewelry trend in America’s northeastern cities. Here at Faludi G, we hand-make reasonably priced glass jewelry that still maintains elegance and beauty. The designer, Faludi Gabriella, is a self-made woman who has been pursuing her dream of creating art in the form of glass jewelry. The pieces Faludi create are nothing short of incredible, and we believe your readers will think so too. We hope you agree. The New York Times could be the first to feature this European designer in America and introduce the glass jewelry market to your readers. I’ll be in touch for a possible interview. If you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to call. Sincerely, Jordana Filippi Pinpoint PR



Faludi G Survey

Targeted Demographic: Women

1. What is your age?

2. Do you currently own a piece of glass jewelry? q Yes q No 3. If you were to look into your jewelry box, what do you see most of? q q q q

Gold Silver Glass Other:

4. How often do you buy new pieces of jewelry? q q q q q

I buy new pieces of jewelry on occasion. My jewelry purchases are usually impulse buys. I buy new pieces of jewelry every time I shop. I only buy new pieces of jewelry as a gift for someone else. I never buy jewelry for myself.

5. Did you buy the majority of your jewelry for yourself? q Yes q No, most of my jewelry purchases are gifted to others q No, most of my jewelry purchases are gifted from others

6. Where was the majority of your jewelry purchased? q q q q q

Online Department Store Brand Name Store Craft Fair Homemade


7. How much do you usually spend on a piece of jewelry? q q q q

Less than $25.00 $25.00 to $49.99 $50.00 to $74.99 More than $75.00

8. Which occasion do you wear statement jewelry? q q q q q

Work or Class Professional Setting Social Event I wear statement jewelry everyday. I do not wear statement jewelry

9. What comes to mind when you think of glass jewelry? q q q q

Clean Expensive Unique Young Old

10.Would you consider purchasing or gifting a piece of glass jewelry? q Yes q No Why did you choose your answer?

Thank you for your time in taking this survey. To learn more about this brand, visit


Thank You For Your Time! Sincerely, The Pinpoint PR Team


Public Relations Plan Book for "Faludi G"  
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