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The forgiveness A and B are twin. They live with mom when daddy left them when they were 2 years old. They look the same but totally different personality. Their mother passed away when they were 8 years old. B always blames A for the death of mom. She got hit by a car in front of A while crossing the street to pick him up from school since A wanted to stay back to hang out with friend. From that day December 13, 1998, they had to move out to live in an apartment with the auntie. She always had to work and never had time to talk to them. Their personality changed. A always regret for his mom death. B doesn’t talk to A as much as before. The image of a car hit his mom keep flashing over and over, years after years. 11 years later, this is the first year in college. A and B had the same computer class. A and B like this same girl in class but A were too shy to express his feeling to her. One day, A saw B and the girl name C from the far were hugging and he kissed her in the student center. A’s heart is broken into pieces when knowing that B and C are going out. He loves her, he got very jealous but what can he do, he only can keep the pain for himself. The image of his mom still flashing back to him day by day, one night when A was sleeping, he had the dream, the image one more time flash back to him again. It’s like following him for the rest of his life. But this time he looked at the woman face, it’s not his mom, it’s the C. Suddenly, the 9 o’clock alarm woke them up for school, A was so scare and sweaty, he feel like the accident just happened yesterday, he could remember every second detail of it. It was a rainy Tuesday morning, B opened the door and went to school first, A followed after. From the far, A saw C was crossing the street to meet B, the situation were just the same as what he had in his dream. He rushed to C and push her to the sidewalk. A got hit by the car to save C, B was at the scene to see everything. He was running to his brother as he pick up the phone to call 911. A hold B and beg him for the forgiveness. B told A “I forgive you brother, please don’t go, don’t leave me” as A is closing his eyes. The end.

The Forgiveness