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*elIueiaY4 September22,1967

Marshfieldlligh School,Marshfieltl,Missouri


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me considerably," stated Mr. Ballard. He then went on to explain that those teachers who are in charge of certain outside activities and activities within the school have been most helpful in reminding him of his duties connected with their activities. As far as drastic changes in the school rules or policies are concerned, Mr. Ballard plans none. However - and let this be a warning, students he commented that there are too many people tardy during the day because of trips to their lockers, andif this doesn't stop, there ',might" have to be set times when students can visit their lockers. So relax, everybody. The MIKE CRUISE kansition promises to be a smooth one. By Bob Baldwin Starting right end for the Marshfield Blue Jays this year is Mike Cruise. Mike is a returning senior letterman from last year. Last season when J. C. Jarratt had a sudden appendicitis operation and ( Bette r Kn own A s New Teachers was out for the rest of the ) By Marq McNabb ers on the staff, here is a list season, Mike took his starting The 1967-68 school system of them along with their teach- position at center for the remaining games and did a treis well staffed with a capable ing positions. job. This seasonwe faculty. Of the twenty-seven Mr. William Mistler - In- mendous can expect a lot of action from teachersnow employed,tenare dusbial Arts. him on the offensive line, denew. Thesemen and womenare Miss Eleanor Aldrige fensive line, and as a top pass gomC to help you this year to HomeBconomics. get a better education. Their Mrs. Verna Ohler - Publi- receiver. purpose here is not selfish for they spendmany ertra hours on their own grading papers Mr. William Moore and talking with their students. Mr. Robert Triplett This, of course, applies to all cal E. & Health. the teachers. In case you do

By Debbie Gallion , Amid the hustle and bustle of phone calls, tardy students, and lockers that won't open, it's not always easy to find MarsMield's new high school principal, Mr. George T, Ballard. Mr. Ballard, who is beginning his ninth year here at M.H.S.,was one of our coiches ,:-forfive years and our counselor for the past three. He stated that he enjoyedcounselingvery much, and he is certain that he will be just as happy in his new position as our principal. However, there is a big difference in the two jobs. As Mr. Ballard puts it, "I find it's quite different frori:' corin' seling in the way you deal with the students' problems." "The teachers have helped


.,,*,'t*i* JIM HARTMAN By Bob Baldwin At the starting.left hallback position once again is Jim Hartman. Jim has been an all-conference halfback for the past two years" He led yards, rushug for the Jays last season and played good defense al$o. As defensive halfback he has done a wonderful job in backirg the line and on pass defense. This was proven in the game against Willow Springs when Jim picked off a Bear pass and rana thirty-five lardtouclp down for the Jays. We can expect a lot of action from Jim in the remainder of the season.

."ll?:: %rr,l"fi';,.".*#,1', BIUEJAyS BTASI

@ F . H. A .

By Margie Davis With the whopprngnew membership of one-hundred-fifteen members, the Marshfield Chapter of the Future Homemakers of America held its first meeting on September12,withPres(continuedon page 4)

25-13 T:::::"":::IIBERAT0RS, ^'Hi

medial Reading. Mrs. Jimmie Smith - GuidanceCounselor. Mrs. Mabel Owen- Special Education. The Blue Jay Chatter Staff would like to welcome these new teachers to the Marshfield SchoolSystem.

By David Lea The Jays went all the way in Friday night's clash with Bolivar. Jim Hartnan led the TD tally carrying the ball over the goal line twicefor12points. Bob Winslow broke loose in tlte third quarter for a 51 yard run for a touchdown and then

came back to make the conversion attempt. Rod Vestal also came into his won as he received a pass from John Brooks to make the total 25. Bolivar made their scores in the first and third quarters when McBride, their halfback, (continued on page 4)

ReporterPhotogenic Ihe Roving Seniors By Larry Beckerdite Ouestion: What do You most disiike about high school? Paul Longley- Goolishgreen walls andMrs. Nevergall. Bob Baldwin - Fifth hour strdy hall teacher(Mrs. Nevergall). Duck Davison - I can't wear white Levis. Vic Burchfield - A Spanish flea. Eugene Greer - A two foot Leprechaun that nobody sees but me! Bob Matteson - The brassinessof the teachers(Mrs.Nevergall). Sally Abbott - The water on the floor of the girls locker room. Greg Mottesheard- ThedaYlight rule. John Morris - GollY!TheY're cracking downon us. Ronnie Bates - Theteachers. The whole Jack Hilton works. Tom Burchfield - No sophomore burlesque in the gYm. Mary Ann Ward - All the anynew rules rules - Yat cantt do any-




thing. Jerry Sharp - Mrs. Nevergalls study hall. The students- Mrs. Nevergall. Mrs. Nevergall - The students. Mr. PaulRay - SameasMrs. Nevergall. Mr. Ballard - The days are too short (which is a lie!). Joan Trupp - PeoPle hitting me in the back with chairs in study hall. Bungler - No light in the Publications tlPing room. -MHS-

Attention 0nes Troubled By: Maggie Do you have Problems? No one to talk to? Are You lonelY? Do you sometimes feel like the whole world is against You? Well, my friend, there is someone who cares. At last, Maggie has come to Your aid. AnY strdent (or teacher) who is


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September 13th and 14th marked a big stepping stone in the senior Year as everY senior made his journey to have his mug, shots taken. pressed and troubled, needs -to call upon Maggie for help. You may wonder who or what is a Maggie. Maggie is a Public servant. Maggie is Your friend. Maggie wants to help You. Now you are ProbablY wondering - "How do I get in touch with Maggie?" To receive Maggie's services, simply write down Your foblgry inA arop it in the "Trouble box" which is now available in the studY hall. The answer to ,your problem will appear in the Chatter. Don't be ashamed. EverYone has problems. If for some reason, our answers fail to bring you haPPiness,just remember - even Ann Landers makes mistakes. -MHF B eat GR E E N W OOD I

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Equally as important was Monday, September18th, whenthey were shaken to realitY as they discovered their true identitY. Prelnration for the Pictures was somewhattedious andoften frustrating. Perhaps You have vour hair donethe night before bictures are taken. The next morning, to Your surPrise, Yorr find that several sPrigs of hair stick straight out. What do You do? Panic, of course! Preparation doesn't end at home. It requires much work after arriving at school. After hours in the dressing room, you finallY have everY hair arranged in Place, Your draPe is on straight, and Your tie has a Perfect knot. But iust before you go out, You must take one last look in the mirror and most important of all, practice your smile. Finally You'vemade it under the bright lights. To Please vour fan club out front' You ho vour most dramatic Poses. cuak. click. click, click. That's all there was to it until Monday afternoon when new discoveries were made. The diligent PreParation Paid off and the seniors found themselves to be verY Photogenic.

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Bravo, Gals! tsy Debbie Gallion Friday night's gamewith Bolivar was exciting, stupendous, and superlative - not only because our team played a great game, but because of the unparalleled enthusiasm of our pep club, cheerleaders,and all other Marshfield supporters! The rousing spirit shownby

our cheerleadersand pepsquad was the best I have eyer seenor shouldI sayheard. Throughout the game our gals kept up a steady stream of encouragement which not only showed that we were proud of our team, but also spurred our players on. Excitement and enthusiasm were at a high pitch even on t}te pep club bus before the game. By the time we arrived at Bolivar, the girlswereready for anything. As soon as the game started, it was evident that our team was ready, too. Throughout the exciting game, the cheering section and the team seemed to give each other energy and drive. We shouted encouragement to the boys, and they dug in. At the results of their efforts, we cheeredevenmore. Students at our football games have often been chided about their lack of schoolspirit. But never have I seen such support for our football team. -MH9

loMHS Welcome New Seniors

By Margie Davis This year the seniors of Marshfield want to welcome our four new class members. The two new girls are Sheila Austin from El Paso, Texas, and Elena Terzi, our foreign exchange student from ltaly. The new boys are Steve Maynard, who hails from Fresno, California, and Ray Riley, formerly of Bakersfield, Missouri. We hope the students of Also we have three girls returnir8 to finish here. They M.H.S. are as proud of their are Patti Jameson,Pat Moore, band as the band is of its new uniforms. and Linda Buttram.


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Classes Are Band ' All 0rganized Black andBlue

By Janice Atkison _The MarsMield, marching, Blue Jay band members will be stepping even higher this year in their new white spats. Yes, after all the measuring, designing, and waiting, the new band uniforms have arrived. And none to soon, for our next home game is Friday, September 22, During the half time of this game, the band will perIgrq in all its glory wearing black tuxedo pants and coat, powder blue and white overlays, and white dome-shaped hats with powder blue plumes. SENIOR: President - Larry Beeker- The "tuxs" will be worn by the boys for the formal condite. Vice president- DebbieGal- cert in the spring. lion. SOPHOMORE: Secretary - Hoover Case. President - Steve Canbell, Treasurer - Mike Cruise. Vice president- Jerry Rich. FRESHMAN: JUNIOR: President Mary Jane President - David Thomas. McCall. Vice president - Dale HartVice president - Charlie well. Johnson. Secretary - Elaine Gennings. Secretary - Ginger Harmon. Treasurer - Barsha Davis. T?easurer - Diana Byrd. By Marcy Frick -The first class meeiings of the school year were held on September 11 during the third hour. Thesemeetingswereheld to elect class officers. Sophomore, junior, and senior presidents and vice presidentswere elected last spring; but the freshmen still had to elect all their officers. Due to a tie, the sophomoresfailed to elect a secretary and a treasurer. Class officers electedso far are as follows:


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BlastBolivar Blue lays (continuedfrom Page1) broke loose first on the ground then to receive a pass from Adams, quarterback, to make their total 12. He then carried across the second extra poiht attempt for the total of 13. Top ondefensefor the Marshfield Blue Jays was Rodney Vestal with 11 tackles and one fumble recovery. Lonnie Wilson was high on thetackleehart with 10and2 fumble recoverios. Also with an interception each were Lester NunnandJim Hartman. Gary Wilson, also,racked up a fumblerecovery, John Wheeler, starting tackle for Bolivar, stated, 3,Wedidn't think we would have an''thinC to worry about before thegame, but you fellows were t'up" for the game and hit harder than anyone.wetve comeupagainst." Marsffield had a roughbreak when Bob Winslow pulled the ligaments in his left knee. Bob, fullback, will be out for 2 to 3 weeks. To adjust to this loss Lester Nurur will start at offensive ri.ght halfbackandDavid Lea will move to the fullback slot. -MHg

BLUESOAP TRIUMPHS By David Lea The Annual soap sprirnmage got underway promptly at 8:00 p.ffi., August 25. This Preseasonlook at the Jays ended in a blue team victory. Bob Winslow, blue fullback and Ateam fullback, scored the winning touchdown to make the evening total of 8 to 0. The remaining 2 Points were scored on a safety by the blue team four. Immediately after the ice and a lechrre by CoachesGentry and Triplett at the half, then it became an A-team against Bteam controlled scrimmage.

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0pener Dnop

By Lester Nunn MHS opened its seasonSeptember 8, without assistance from star tackle Bob Matteson. The result was a 13-6 defeat to the Willow Springs Bears. The Jays scored first on a 35 yard return of an interrupted pass by Jim Hartman, senior halfback. The Jay's lead stood until the third quarter, when the Bears scored on a 5 yard plunge by fullback Bill Cooch. Then, minutes later, defensive back Steve Steele intercepted a pass on the Jay's 20-yard line and ran it back to pay dirt. The try for the exka point rryas also good, which broughtthe final score to 13-6. Jim Hartnan, all conference running back who slightiy injured his elbow in the final minutes of the game, will be back in good form after a couple of days lay-off.Hartnan led the offensive attack for the Jays with 84 yards rushing in 19 carries. Mike Cruise was tops on defense with 6 tackles and 3 assists.

Beckner, Rhonda Chudomelka, and Janice Cook led the chap(continued from page 1) ter in several songs and reident, Charlotte Beck, presidlaxers. The meeting was then hg. Elaine Gennings, second adjourned. vice president, gave the devo-MHT tion. The program of work for the year 1967-68 was read by F.F.A. the first vice president, Marcy By Marcy Frick Standing .committees Frick. The MarsMield Chapter of were appointed by their rethe Future Farmers of Amerispective chairmans. The chap- ca met the first period on ter also decided to sell Stan- Septembertrl, in room 15, with ley products again this year pre sident, Tom Rost, pre siding. for its rnoney making project. For the program at the first Iniatiation of new memberswas meeting, Jack Lilley, conservation agent, showed one filrn @ on gun safety. He also talked RETTIRNINGLETTERMEN to the boys about Wildlife BunBy Bob Matteson Seven seniors and four jun- dles. Mr. Lilley discussedthe where iors head the lettermen list types of bundles and picked up. of the Jay gridders this year. the bwdles could be The meeting was then adThe senior lettermen are as journed. follows: Jim Hartnan 160 F.F.A. officers for the compounds,hb; David Lea 170,hb; year are president, Tom ing Robert Matteson 195, t; Rodpresident, Jim ney Vestal 160, e; LonnieWil- Rost; 1st vice son 190, t; Tom Young180,g; Gallion; secretary, DeanF elin; and Mike Cruise 180, e. The asst. secretary, GeraldWright; junior lettermen are Jim Hen- treasurer, Tom Young; asst. treasurer, David Young; reson 160,g; BobWinslowl90,fb; porter, John Brooks 140, qb; andLewis porter, Mark Tirrner; asst. reJohn Sees; sentinel, Childress 195, t. Childress is Steve Buckner; asst. sentinel, fromGera transfer letterman Donald Hartwell. many.

During the course of the game, both Jim Hartman(21)andDavid Lea (30) broke through the defense to score on long runs in excessof 50 yards. According to Coach Genby, the scrimmage was tlte hardest hitting and most evenlymatched one that Marshfield has ever had. He stated, "We were quite satisfied." It was reported tlnt the amount of soap received exceeded that of anY Previous year. We add here, too, that there was only one bar oflava. _MHSPatronize the advertisers. They makethe Chatter possible.



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a. Blue Jay Chatter Vol XV, #1  
a. Blue Jay Chatter Vol XV, #1  

September 22, 1967. Marshfield High School, Marshfield, Missouri.