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wllurJay February 23, 1968


Marshfield lligh School, Marshfieltl, Missouri

Vol. XV. No. 1I

Beckls CLUB NEWS Charlotte FTA Goes AFS By Deanne Waugh Featured at this month's F uture Teachers meeting was a film on the work of the AFS. Joann Cologna was chosen as chairman for a committee to make suggestions on the making of money for our American Field Service division. If things work out as plannedourMarshfield FTA chapter will help finance the next AFS project. Mr. Lewis was chosen as teacher of the month.


port. Mr. Moore then informed members of the club that the adminisfuation has approvedan application by Pen & Exit to join the National Thespians.He read the roll of charter members in NationalThespians,and explained the requirements for membership. Announcements were also made concernrngthe upcoming Republic speech tournament. The remainder of the meeting was spent in discussing and voting on an amendment to the Pen & Exit constitution concerning the initiation of new members.

HomeGoming Queen

By Marcy Frick A near capacity crowd watched as Victor Burchfield student bodypre sident, crowned lovely Charlotte Beck 1968basqueen. ketball homecoming Charlotte, Senior candidate, was escorted by Lewis Davison, also a Senior this year at MHS. Charlotte is president of FHA, vice president of pep club, and an active member of Pen and Exit and student council this

By Bob Matteson

Shqdesof Sophoclesl ",ffil:t1f,ywiuxl"?T:;:

ruary 14, in the general science room under the sponsorship of Mr. Rich. The meeting was called to order by President Lewis Davison. Aprogram on photography was given by guest speaker Leroy Alexander, whose talk was veryinteresting and educational. After the program, the meeting was adjorned and the club retired to their fourth hour classes.

By Hammam Gameel "Alpha, beta, gamma, delta. . ." No longer will the halls of MHS echo with these weird incantations. No more willcertain individuals appear in classes decked with large badgesinscribed with mysterious symbols. The suspense is ended Pen & Exit initiation has passed! On Monday night, Feb. 5, the aspiring members of Pen

Pen & Exit

or StaqeBand's "'r*3liiffi;?L*items

l"r":f lasistand .Hr"x*"ilin"?H utes were read and approved, the treasurer, Marcy Frick, announced the arrival of club pins and gave a financial re-

By Suthern Fride The Buffalo tourney was the Seniors last whack at playing for a ball game. We played at halves, before, and during the games. Personally I feel a little tearful at the realization ofthis fact. Throqh the years stage bands have sprung up over the entire state. I feel that Marshfield owes quite a bit to Mr. Lewis for starting anddevelopHowareyoufiredlor the ing a fine stage band. I hope fulure? oncoming students will enjoy L ook inf o U . S . S a v i n g s B o n d l a s playing in this organization as a s mart p l a c e f o p u t Y o u r m o n e Y. much as I have.

& Exit assembled in front of the high school gym at precisely 7 o'clock. They were led, trembling, to the ghostly, dimly-lit stage, where they heard the mysterious prophesy of the Oracle at Delphi. Each aspirant was then taken before the Council of the gods, where he was questioned to determine his worthiness. Finally, each applicant was presented before Juno, the terrifying Mother of the gods. While the members of the inner circle of Pen & Exit were discussrng the merits of the applicants, it was discovered that those individuals in question had escaped from their waiting chamber. The errant applicants were discovered in the band hall, brought back before the Council of the gods, and interrogated. Appropriate punishment was meted out to those who deserved it, then the penitant and much chastened aspirants were finally accepted by the established members of the club. As a reward for achieving acceptance, the new members were then allowed to sup with the gods upon numerous delicacies.

year. The Junior class was beautifully represented by Darlena Ward, escorted by Johnny Brooks, also a Junior. Melissa Childress, escorted by Junior, Jack Hartnan, was the charming candidateof the Sophomore class. The Freshmenclasswas wise in choosing Diana Byrd as their lovely candidate.Diana was escorted by Mike Cruise, Senior. After the coronation, Charlotte and her attendantsviewed the varsity ball game from velvet chairs placed on the stage. We all want to say congrafulations to our lovely queenand her attendants.

Wh e n ' T h e y C a m e Ho me f o Mar s h f i e l d By Suthern Fride Success is measured inmany ways. To me success is trying the best one can do and showing good sportsmanship when one fails to meet the goal. Our ball club didn't fail Friday night. I sat on the stage and quietly observed the determination in every eye of each man on the Blue Jay team. The dexterif and skill shown by the team should be recognized andlthink each strdent should personally tell the boys the fine job they did. I can safely say Bolivar hasn't been so shook all season. Charlotte Beck, of the Senior class was crowned as the 1968 home coming queen. The class of 41 was recognized and everybody was up tight. I think that the 41 home coming was very exciting as well as successful.

"I'LL BE GLAD Council Student WHEN I gET -'-theServantOUTOF SCHiOOL''

By Margie Davis Many people don't realize the importance StudentCouncil plays in the activities of t}te school year. The Council does more than just get members out of class twice a month. Student Council is in charge of all assemblies and I think, a year without an occasional assembly could be a terrific bore. In November 1967 we had a Football Rally DaY. How would it have been without SUrdent Council? Fir st of all there would have been no bonfire, car. smash, snake dance, and no sock hop. The crowning of the queenwouldn't have takenplace because there would have been no crowl and no student bodY president to crown the queen. The queenand candidateswould have had no flowers. There would, in fact, have been no Rally Day at all because Sttdent Council sponsorsthat. In December, without a Strdent Council, there would be no Christnas AssemblYor Caroling in the halls. Now in January, we in Sfudent Council, are planning for more assembliesand for basketball homecoming.This isn't all your Student Council does; make it your business to find out the rest of their activities. -MHS.

By ConnieYates This is it seniors, your very last year. For twelve longyears your daily routine has included getting up early and going to school, but soon that will be all over. How many times inthe past twelveyears haveyousaid ',I'll be glad when I get out of school." No doubt you have said it many times, but how many of you really mean it? How many seniors this Year are looking forward to graduation? Probably most everYone, but did anyone stop to think about what you are going to be leaving? You're going to be on your own. MommY and Daddy aren't going to be around. No longer will youhave the securiF of the school. Now that we brought it up, howmanY of you ever thoughtaboutschool being security? In school You have a set pattern to follow. There are not a lot of decisions to be made, excePt whether you will shtdy or not. What will you do when school is finished? Will you get a job or will you go on to college?

small ensembles. There are groups sf woodwinds, brass, and woodwindand brass comblned. We certainlY couldn't leave out the drum ensemble. They are just as important as the others. Becauseof all the extrawork put in on these groups, MarshEnsemblesAre field always seemsto come out with their share of ones almost Geffing UnderwoY equaling, if not exceeding,the surroundingarea schools. This Sally Abbott By -Most litelY, if You drive bY certainly couldn't be done if the Music Hall on a week night they weren't under the excelfrom now until around the lent leadershipof Mr. Lewis. Let's try to make a small middle of MaY, You'll seelights burning and hear hornsPlaYing. effort to fully appreciate ow Band members are Preparing music departnent. After all, the band brings great recogfor contest. Various groups of instru- nition to the Marshfield High ments combine to form these School.Ask Lebanon.



Woyne Mefqls

Oh, you haven't made up yow mind yet; well, my friend, now is the time to decide. You have a little over four months to make your decision, and be sure you make the right one. Don't let the past twelve years be wasted. You have received an excellent education at good old MHS, so plan your life to be a rich and happy one. As for the graduating class



this year, enjoy school and get as much out of it as you can. Just think, some of the kids you will say good-bye to on graduation night, you willnever see again in your life. It's hard to imagine, but it's true. So make your last few months of high school a time to remember, and make the class of'68, one that will not be forgotten for a long, long time.


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sPoRrS JAYS FALI T.O TIGERS.42-58 By Bob Matteson The Republic Tigers downed the Marshfield Blue Jays in a conference and final game of the regular schedules season Iast Friday, FebruarY 16. The Tigers led all the way through the game and Terry Greene was high for the Tigers with 14 markers. Scoring for the Jays is as follows: Matteson 9, Case 10, Davison 10, Nunn 3, and Jim Hartman 10. -MHS-

JAYS EAT BEAR MEAT By Bob Matteson The Marshfield Blue JaYs defeated the Conway Bears 5142 T[esday, February 13, at Conway. The Jays led all the way throwh the game and the Bears attempts to catch uP were all in vain. The first half score was the Jays 20 and the Bears 15. Davis was high scorer for Conway with 16 and Davison was high for MarsMield with 19. The Jays out-rebounded the Bears 41-21 and out-percentaged them from the field in shooting. Scoring and rebounding for the Jays are as follows: Matteson 12 points and 6 rebounds, Case 5 and 5, Davison 19 and 15, Nunn t2 and 9, Jack Hartman 1 and 1, and Hook Hartman 2 and 5. -MHS-


overtime game at Marshfield. The winning bucket for Bolivar in the second overtime was tossed in by Adams, which left the final score 55-53 in favor of the Liberators. The Jays led all the way through the game until Joe Gritts put in t}te tieing bucket in regular game play. The Jays hit 5l% from the field and Bolivar hit 38%. Free throws were the determining factor in the game as Bolivar hit 19 throws to 9 of MarsMield's. Scoring and rebounding for the Jays are as follows: Matteson 6 points and 4 rebounds, Snake Case 3 and 2, Davison 23 and 6, Nunn 11 and 2, Jack Harfunan 6 and 1, and Hook Hartnan 4 and 3. -MHS-

MHS Fqlls To Liberqtors, 7l-54 By Bob Matterson The Marshfield Blue Jays fell to the Bolivar Liberators last Monday, February 19, in the first round of the class M regional held at Buffalo. The Liberators hit 65% to the Blue Jays 44% for the over all game percentages. Marshfield was led by Bolivar all the way throryh the game and never did get the chance to see daylight in the scoring column. Reynolds was high point man for Bolivar with 19 markers and Matterson was high for Marshfield with 15. Scoring and rebounding for the Blue Jays are as follows: Matteson 15 points and 5 rebounds, Case 8 and 1, Davison 9 and 7, Nunn 14 and 4, Jack Hartnan 2 and 0, Jim Hartnan 4 and 3, and Roffers 2 and 2, -MHS-

The Bolivar Liberators outPatronize the Advertisers' lastedthe Marshfield BlueJays Friday, February 9, in adouble they makethe Chatterpossible.

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ARE SENIORS By Ramona Vinyard SENIORS ARE THE ONES who seem to have a look of knowing what's going on. Who can make a freshman turn .r gr eâ‚Ź

Who can fake illness right before an English test he didn't study for. Who alreadyhavetheirdriver's

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licenses and won't have to wait. Who can wander in the halls and not get caught. Who c-. fell you where to hide to skip biology. Who can lell the best jokes. Who can laugh the loudest at freshmen. Who get all the priviledges. Who, college-bound, will be freshmen next year!!!


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(-^^-h Panl^el JDEEf,.II LUIIIC)I vvtrr Itf

By Sally Abbott Under the UNIQUE leadership of Mr. William Moore, a few of the Marshfield High School students will be attending speech contest tomorrow. They have been working for about the last 3 or 4 weeks on their material. Let's take a look at what will be presented. Two duets will be going,Possibly three, to the contest tomorrow. Eugene Greer, Linda Harmon, Debbie Gallion' Ted Johnson, Charlotte Beck, and Diane Woodswill be the entries in this catagory. Also Ewene Greer and RamonaVinyard will be entering the catagory of radio speaking. Both Eugene and Ramonashowgreat Promise in this field. A one act play, interpretation, and a demonstration speech are being Prepared but not forthisparticular contest. They will be given, along with the three duets and flre radio speaking,at the District Contest at SMSsometime in March. The tournament tomorrow will be held in Republic. We certainly wish all the contestants and Mr. Moore good luck! -MHS-

rr Don'l Seniors

Now Sfop By Sally Abbott It seems that during the last semester of the school year, students, especially seniors, become lax in their studying. They seem to think they finally have it made. Seniors want to believe that nomatter howbadly they do they will still pull throwh. This certainly isn't an attifude to have. The last semester of the year is just as important, if not more so, as the first semester. Manytimes, as inEnglish IV, the biggest and most important assignments are

glven. Also many times you are given a taste of what to expect from college professors in the line of lectures,.tests, etc. Invaluable informationmay be had that might prove to be a great helpmate in beginning colIege. As you can see, easing off during the last half of the Year certainly can't be afforded bY those with higher education as their goal. If you're Planning to sluff off assignments during these last two quarters, good luck! You'll certainly need it! Why not get in there and st'"tdy! You'll be glad you did.

the functions of the studentbody is the election of the representatives to carry their ideas before the entire council. This is their method of bringing their ideas in and, therfore, it is an important thing for officers to be chosenwith extreme care. Next is their participation in the actual work of the studentbody. Promotion of safety, posters for the information of the students,participation in activities, cleanup committees, performing commoncour:tesies. andthelike make up just a small per cent of the responsibilities of the student. With full cooperation betweenthe studentcouncil and the student body there is no limit to the goals which can be obtained. Communicationis a vital part in the functioning of the two groups ( the Student Council and the student body). This is an expressedgoalofthe Student Council of Marshfield High Schooland plans arebeing made to carry out these objectives. With the help of you, the strdents, these objectives can be swiftly carried out.

of 0biectives Council Student SeymourZ. Bocks By 'The objectives of the Student Council cannot be carried out without the full cooperation of the student body as a whole. This cooperation consistes of various functions in which the students must Participate in order to successfullYcarrY out the goals, ideas, and activities of the governing body of the school. The most important of

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February 23, 1968. Marshfield High School, Marshfield, MO