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*e eJay }Iu t

FebruarY I 1968

Vol. XV, No. 10

IVlarshfield High School, Marshfield, Missouri

Second Quafier r MeetTheCandidatesHonorStudenls

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iligh Junior fioll Honor 5 E's and 2 S's, Jon Wood. 4 E's and 4 S's, Elizabeth Clemens and Greg Vestal. 3 E's and 5 S's, Gail Kollmeyer and Vicki Capps. 3 E's and 4 S's, Steve Gaddy. 2 E's and 6 S's, Jan Brown, Jim Cologna and Learna Webb. 2 E's and 5 S's, DaleCarrier 2 E's and 5S's,DaleCarrier, Mary Dugan, Robert Gennings, Melinda Seedig. I E and ? S's, Gail Fryer, DeEtfa Hyder, Sherry Young, Melody Rader. I E and 6 S's, Darlena BIGI E and 6 S's, Darlena BISSers, Cindy DeHart and Terisa Wiles.

Left to right: Diana BYrd' Childress, Darlena Melissa Ward and Charlotte Beck. By Janice Atkison Have you heard - RoyaltY's coming to MHS tonight. Vic Burchfield will place a crom on the Homecoming Queen of '68. The four beautiful girls from which the queen will be selected are: Charlotte Beck, Darlena Ward, Melissa Childress and Diana Byrd. Charlotte proudly represents the Senior Class. Her'"likes" include ihapperal," "High pizza, basketball games, and boys. Her dislike is 'put-on' people. She's an activemember in organizations such as Student Council, FHA, Pen & Exit, and Publications. Continued on page 3

MarsHield High SchoolHonor Roll for second quarter 196768: Seven E's: Tom Burchfield. Six E's, OneS:BarshaDavis, Debbie Gallion, Elaine Hunt, Julia Reidelback. Five E's, Three S's: Debby Rodman,DebbySkinner. Five E's, Tfio S's: BobBaldwin, Elaine Greer. Five E's, OneS:MarshaDale Tannihill, Linda Lane, Gerald Dugan,RogerHolestine,Deanne Waugh,Marcia Frick, Charlotte Beck, Tony Richerson, Margaret Frick. Four E's, Three S's: Rhonda Tracy, Shirley Replogle, Betty Smith. Four E's, Two S's: Beverly Rader, CharlotUe Francis, Elena Terzi, Brenda Burney, Vieki Criger, Darlene Price, Gerald Wrieht. Four E's, One S: Randy Hyder, Janet Biggers. Three E's, Five.,S's: Debra Wawh. Three E's, Four Sts: Debbie Bear, Roger Phillips, Sally Lane Abbotl Ed Dierks. Three E's, Three S's:Robert Wood,RonnieHunt, Paul Longley, Pattie Jameson, Teresa Bernhards, Girger Harmon, Ricky Hyder, Joe .Atteberry, ReginaChudomelka,llaye Skidmore. Three E's, Two i;'s: Edittl Parsons, Tom Rost, David Deckard, Linda Burney. Two E's, Five'St:,: Martha Herman, GeneWyssn&nn,John Watters, Susan Beckrrer,Janet Wickstrom. Two E's, Four S't;: Joyce Cologna,JosephineScort,Melba Evans, Fred Replogler,Mary JaneMcCall. Two E's, Three Sts: Jackie Farris, Marceda Burney, Sam Nunn. One E, Six S's: JaniceCook Continuedon page 3 '

Gets Band Stage OneRating By Sally Abbott The Marshfield High School Stage Band received a I rating at the Lebanon Jazz Festival, Saturday, January 28, 1968. Although they were not awarded lst, 2nd, or 3rd place trophys, Mr. Lewis said the Stage Band did as wellorbetter than he expected. ?here were many bands in competition at the festival. Among those receiving tophonors were: Joplin lst, Hickman (Columbia) 2nd, andMonett 3rd. These bands certainly deserved the trophys they received. Their playing was of fine quality, as Continued on Page 3

IIENTAL up Grcw DOREMIFAS.OTATIDO IIEALTI{ Smiling By Hammam Gameel Saturday is a day of rest, relaxation, and freedom from school and anything connected with it, right? WRONG!!! Just ask the members of band and chorus who spent last Saturday at Evangel College for the All Disbict HonorsBandandChoir. students Eighteen MHS boarded a bus at eight o'clock Saturdaymorning, prepared for a day of WORK (you see, most of ttrem have been to one of these affairs before). Upon arriving at Evangel, it was found that no one knew just exactly where the rehearsal halls were. One of the band members, a truly heroic soul, venturedoutside the bus, asked the directions, and guided them safelY

event because Mr. Lewis is directing the band.The students will attend another session on Saturday,February 17, andwill present a concert at Evangel tltat night. Band students attending this year are: Sally Abbott, Regina Chudomelka, Charlotte Beck, Pat Keltrer, Elaine Greer, Lewis Davison,Mike West,EugeneGreer, andBobbyBaldwin. Representing the chorus were: Susan Beckner, Linda Rost, Martha Herman, Kathy WYssman, Debbie Gallion, Wayne Garrison, Jack Weston, Steve Cantrell, and Dennis Kittrell. Mrs. Harpold, armed with a baseball bat, kept order on the bus. -MHS-

Step H: Another *:S"i''ii':T,x'is"".fri:

Risht lnThe g]';5:#fff:f,ffiffiliT, !r. Direction Ith,1"*:qiifii$lii:iini$ hearsals were beginning to resemble music. Shortly after four, the music ceasedand all the tired musicians boarded busses and started home. Don't get the idea that all this isn't fun. Even thowhthe practices are long and hard, ihe sounds that finally come out right are enoughto make it all iorth while. Ifs an honor to be chosen to attend the All District HonorsBandandChoir, and it's really great to work with students from other high schools - not only becausethe music sounds wonderful, but also becauseyou have a chance to get acquiinted with other students wlio are interested in the samethings you are. This year ,Marshfield is esnecially concerned with this




distine istinguished title (maYbe Philbert lrt R. I Green, IV?), or your nickna ickname ("Bone"?). The size you: name also hasabearing ofI your n the print and size of the on ca rrd you select. Thursday,

name cards' With so many Patronize the Advertisers!! lovely styles of both cards and lettering, it's veryhardtomake a choice. Somecompromise by MARSHFIELD ordering two styles. Anotler BEAUTYSHOP difficulty connectedwithselecting cardsliesindecidingwhethAlynne Brown er to put your full name on Joyce Genetti' PatsY Brown the card (all 32 letters?)' a

^fi; 25cg JtM'scLEANERS E = This 25c couPon ls Good On AnY DrY CleoningOrder


scHool KIDcHEcK

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CouPonPer Order One c"itt brders onlY

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pl a memory or,r not to purchase other extras rook and various va book the announcev displayed tisplayed with By Hammam Gameel the orders were Fina nents. Finally, With one semester of their ments. all we have to It illed out. Now Senior year gone, the Class filled lo is wait - and SAVE our of '68 is looking forward to do noney!!! that great day - GRADUATION! money!!! we Seniors have thot Thepastfewweekshavebrought Even thoqh our cards and select leen selecting more preparations forTheDay' been rnnouncements, it still seems in the form of selection of announceme rard to believe that in about personal cards and graduation hard four bur months we'll be using them. announcements. Me're e' t steadily moving toward During study halls Seniors W rur goal of graduation - maYbe have been flocking (would you our rve'll make it yet! believe slowly sauntering?) to we'l -MHSthe prineipal's office to select


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i the cafeteria rnet in Seniors eniors rnet t style of our on the and nd voted voted on graduation from annc raduation announcements rree styles styles selected bY an three of Seniors. committ elite lite committee on a very dec After fter we we decided andisl distinguished elegant, legant, th main Problem nouncement, ouncement, the dt eemed to to be bedecidinghowmany seemed aruIouncements rurouncements to order. Murmurs rurs of "There's Aunt MarY, Incle Bill, Cousin SidneY Unclt that't hat's fifty-six!" couldbe heard the cafeteria. There all ,ll over o i the question of whether rryas rrasalso

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of anangements for football hornecoming, selection of the most courteous students, having locker clean ups, fire and storm drills, safeWassemblies and many other happeningsof the school. As you know, StudentCouncil has sold ribbons for ballgames in years past. They have also sold sweat shirts, buttons, and wrapping paper to mention onlY a few. This year StudentCouncil will be selling ribbons for all the home games and for some tournament games. We are very pleasedwithyourparticipation in our derby sale, but there are derbys left to sell. If youhaven'tboughtyours, StudentCouncil is asking youto PLEASE do so. We are also coinc to sell great big basketball buttons. We hope the sale on theseboostsour team, school spirit, andStudentCouncil.Support your organization andmake these plannedsales big successes. You may also wonder what this money goes for. Last year our profits from selling wrapping paper went to the American Field Service to help supp,ort our foreign exchangeproject. Remainingmoney was donated to the Schoolof Hopeand also went to YOU for school projects. Our plans for profits this year are the same asthose just mentioned. Please support StudentCouncil. It's YOUR organization. _MHS-

Take A lookAt Council Student Activities By Charlotte Francis Do you wonder what Sfudent Council is and does, or do You even care? If you don't, we wish you did. We hoPe Youdon't think Student Council is just a group of kids that get out of class one hour everytwo weeks, because it's NOT. Student Council is in charge t rlt I ill!rr t r lil lr tt!ttl t l l! lll | | t l' I t t t t t r ' l llllll I i ir ll I lllll l l l l l i l l r l l l l l '

(unlllappiness ls trltiiIIIt

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By RamonaVinyard Whenyou cheer forthewrong team at the wrong time at a pep assembly. When a bus runs over a dog at the end of Your leash. When you have the same answers as your classmates and they are all wrong. When you fall throwh the bleachers at a football game. Whenyou skip schoolbecause of a test and find the test has beenpostponed. When you accidently enter the wrong rest room. When your Security Blanket is full of fleas. Whenyou type through a timed writing and discover your ribbon wasn't workirg. (!ren your history teacher wakes you up in class after everyoneelse has left. When you drop your steadY's rurg out of the third floor window. Whenyou sit on a park bench and the "Wet Paint" sign sticks to you. When you get caught writing your own excuse. When you fall in the'waste basket. When you are the first in the lunch line and discover you have been pick-pocketed. Whenyour bunking Partygets raided. When sorneone steals your shoes and you're on a dark, lonely road. When you come to school on teacher's meeting day. When you cut your dress out on the wrong grain of the material. When you get caught kicking the coke machinc.

THE YERY COM'MONCO;L'D By Artiur K. It has been noticed bY almost everyone the cold germ has "flu south, north, etc." and the bug has spread over the whole continental United States. ManY remedies and patent medicines have been developed to fight this troublesome ailment. But how many actually work? And even if they do work, how many take quick enough action? I have discovered throqh reexsearch and personal periences that many of these medicines, as well as the disease, cause much Personaldiscomfort. True, having to exPlain to your steady how Yqu got "mono" is pretty difficult if you haven't dated her in two weeks, but some troubles with medicines and cures are also interesting. Suppose you got a defective cold capsule. Have you ever had 500 tinY time pills go off in your mouth at

once?I've also found that some medicines are too strong. Not long ago I took an Excedrin and sure enough, 30 minutes later, I had an Excedrin headache. I know of one poor chap who was instructed to drink two glasses of orange juice after a bath. He sure was mad after he had drunk half the bath and found that he was supposed to take it, not drink it. Another one of my not-so-brightfriends swallowed a whole Alkaseltzer. He produced enowh bubblesto accompanyLawrence Welk. Some of the common cures are not sohelpful, either.

Lowery's Service Stotion ond Gorboge Con Cofe

The doctor says "two asPirins' drink plenty of liquids, and stay in bed." IIow many PeoPIe can stay in bed after drinking plenty of liquids? All in all, most cures are not too effective, so forget the cures, Pretend to be well, and go out in the world and spread Your misery. -MHSThe firstbifocal glas seswere made for Benjamin Franklin at his suggestionabout 1760. The first successful contact lenies were Producedattheend of the 19th cenhrrY.

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Hazards 0f Smoking llealth Many adults whosmokebegan smoking before its effects on health were Imown. Teenagers today can base their decision to smoke or not to smoke on reliable information regarding the risks smoking will incur. A selected ten-man team of U.S. scientists madea 14-month study of all the evidence on smoking andhealth accumulatBd

DEAR MAGGIE Dear Maggie, My older brother has hairs under his arms. We call him H.U.A. (which stands for HairY Under Arms). Now I'm gettirg them, is it catching? What shouldI do? -H.U.A. the second Dear H.U.A., Listen, Toots, this is a verY contagiousdesease.You should ,â‚Źonsult your family doctor immediately,. I hope it's not too late. Dear Maggle, How does a Person' who has taken Spanish once, get to take Lover it again? -Spanish Dear Retardo, Keep up those stupid questions, Honey, and it won't be too hard. Dear Readers, I know you won't believethis, but now Maggie has a problem. It has been said that dogs are man's best friends, but Maggie disagrees. I have been growled at, barked at, and biten by our canine friends. Could any of you make suggestions as to how I could get dogs to like me. Please submit all suggestions to Maggie's Box in study hall. Your help will be appreciated.

in the United States and other countries. In 1964 they Prepared "Smoking and Health" (Report of the Advisory Committee to the Surgeon General of the Public Health Service.) probably report and probably It'ss a long report many rny of you have not read it. rre are a few of the concluHere sions rns which are significant: 1. For coronary artery disofdeati ease, se, the leading cause ofdeattr in this country, the death rate is 70 percent higher for cigarette tte smokers. 2. The risk ofdevelopinglung ofdevelopinglune dura' ,ncer increases with the duracancer tion rn of smoking and the number of cigarettes smoked per day, and rd is diminished by discontinuing ruing smoking smoking. 3. Cigarette smoking is the chroni< most nost important causeof chronic in' bronchitis rronchitis in the U.S. and infron creases :reases the risk of dying from chronic :hronic bronchitis. associatedwitl 4. Smokingis associatedwith dyingfron an rn increased risk of dyingfrom pulmonary rulmonary emphysema. t 5. Heavy smokers have a twict frequency lrequencyof peptic ulcers twice nevet that lhat of those who have never smoked. smoked. 6. Cigarette smoking is a sur significant factor in the causation lion of cancer of the larynx in in the tl male. 7. Heavy smokers report 75 percer percent more sinusitus than people peoplewho have never smoked. 8. Smokingis associatedwith acc accidental deaths from fire in ttte the home. The report leaves littledoubJ ttrat that cigar cig and pipe smokeis do ,qur as significantly innot not ,tun creased creased a risk of lung cancer as as do do cigarette smokers, probably ably because most pipe and cigar cigar smokers do not inhale. For pipe and cigar smokers, however,there is theincreased risk of several diseases other than lurg cancer. If you smoke, why quit? If you have a smoker's cough, you'll likely lose it. You'll probably enjoy your foodmore. Most ably people feel better in general. When you stop smoking, Your prospects for living longer in-

crease. Onceyou stop smoking, sents a review of more than most of the damage done by 2,000 research studies Pubsmoking is repaired by the lished since the 1964 rePort. body itself - the damagedcells These additional sutdies conare replaced and harmful ef- firm and strengthentheconclufects on the heart and circulasion of the Surgeon General's tion diminish. You will also Advisory Committee: "Cr8arette smoking is a health save money. The 1967 Surgeon General's hazard of sufficient imPortance report, ',The Health Conse- in the United States to warrant quences of Smoking," repreappropriate remedial action."




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j. Blue Jay Chatter Vol. XV, #10  
j. Blue Jay Chatter Vol. XV, #10  

February 9, 1968. Marshfield High School, Marshfield, MO