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2012-13 CHATTANOOGA BASKETBALL FACILITIES Video Boards (Right) State-of-the-art video boards are stationed in two corners of the McKenzie Arena, providing added atmosphere to Mocs games. Player intros, replays and much more are featured. Pictured are the professional film sessions done in front of green screens to produce the high-level graphics for the player spots during games. Chattem Basketball Practice Facility (Bottom) The Chattem Basketball Practice Facility is located within the Lawson Center. It houses both basketball programs with six baskets and the same professional playing floor as McKenzie Arena. The facility provides a consistent practice presence throughout the year.

New Playing Floor (Left) A new playing floor was installed prior to the 2008-09 season at the McKenzie Arena. The floor was built and installed by Praters Inc. The Mocs floor is not the only championship floor Praters provides, it also produces the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Final Four floors.


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2012-13 Chattanooga Mocs Basketball Guide  
2012-13 Chattanooga Mocs Basketball Guide  

An in-depth publication on the Chattanooga Mocs basketball program. Complete information on this year's team as well as the rich tradition o...