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SEPT 2012 - AUG 2013

The Power of We

A Letter from CEO & Founder CHAT is not a program. CHAT is a ‘we’. As you look through this annual report, you might be overwhelmed by all that we are doing. I know that I am. We have an abundance of activities. In our community, you can’t throw a rock and not hit someone doing something with CHAT. This is why we teach the kids to not throw rocks. But if all that you see is what we ‘do’, you are missing the real power of ‘we’. You may see a picture of a fifth grader reading the ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ with a tutor. I see a young man who has an ever-growing authentic relationship with an adult he probably never would have met otherwise. You see some teenager sitting in a classroom working on pre-Calculus. I see a student who chose to press deeper into study because someone cared to challenge them, have faith in them, and stand alongside them. Relationship changes everything. We understand that if you take any kid and surround them with a supportive community, you can see the impossible. Thank you for being in relationship with us. Every time you give, you pray, you volunteer, or you invite others to get involved, you make our ‘we’ stronger.

The Power of We CHAT is fueled by relationships. It started between neighbors, and soon volunteers, staff, community members, friends and family from around the country joined in. Over the years, the web has grown wider and stronger, becoming a safety net for the kids and families in our community, but more importantly, a springboard to a brighter future. And none of it could have happened without the simple person-to-person strength of relationships. We call it the power of WE, and we see it at work every day.

CHAT Staff 2012-2013 Administrative Staff

After-School Staff

Academy Staff

Board of Directors

Percy Strickland, CEO * Caitlin Barnes, Communications and Development Director Listwella Donaldson, Finance Director Mackenzie Mumey, Intern and Service Groups Director Chris Whiting, Operations Director *

Murray Withrow, After-School Director Kathi Picton, Little Tykes Director Amy Keltner, Little Tykes Director Dabney Bell, Site Leader, High School Mix Emiline Schroeder, Site Leader, Little Tykes Daniel Payne, Site Leader, Twenty Spot Jeff Varljen, Site Leader, Oakwood

Gina Maio, Head of School * Doug Clementson, Principal for Character Development Lisa Cunningham, Director of Specialized Learning Kathy Anderson, Volunteer Administrative Coordinator Cheleah Jackson, Career Counselor Amy Callaway, Teacher Dan Fisher, Teacher Aaron Goodman, Teacher Gordon Meader, Teacher Nathaniel Lyle, Volunteer Teacher Alex Martin, Volunteer Teacher

Rob Cox, Nicole Boyce, Kathie Cox, Lisa Hampson, Rich Hart, Ben Hester, Brandon Miles, Penn Pendleton, Douglas Rucker, Angie Strickland, Stephen Weir


Yearlong Interns Meg Anderson, Zack Boyce, Jayme Caldwell, Alicia Garcia, & Charles Gentry *also on the Board of Directors

CHAT Programs After School Tutoring

Tiny Tykes

Held on Mondays and Tuesdays in six different Church Hill locations, these two-hour tutoring sessions are led by Site Leaders, assisted by Street Leaders and volunteers. They work one-to-one with students from Church Hill, ages 5-18, on homework, reading and recreation.

A preschool program for Church Hill that is committed to fostering a love of learning through a gospel-centered, creative, community-focused education.

Church Hill Academy

Wacky Wednesdays

Started in 2007, our private, faith-based high school for at-risk students focuses on significant academic improvement and character development.

We take good, wholesome fun seriously at our entertaining and instructive life skills programs, where we use disciplines such as woodworking, cooking, dancing, sewing, and farming to teach lifelong tools for productive living.

Youth Fellowship Groups

Street Leaders

Young men and women meet in YMA (Young Men’s Academy) or LOVE (Ladies of Virtue and Excellence) on Thursday and Friday afternoons for conversation, community activities and spiritual development.

Highly motivated and engaged neighborhood students are selected and hired to become Street Leaders who assist in tutoring and summer camp programs.


Summer Day Camp

Throughout the year and/or summer, teams of high school students develop and run small businesses for profit. Businesses vary from woodworking, screen printing to farming.

An eight-week summer program that includes recreation, life-skills classes, field trips, Bible study and the opportunity to attend a week-long overnight camp.


CHAT Phantoms

Summer and year-long internships are available to college students and graduates. They’ve come from 31 colleges and four countries to work with CHAT youth, study urban community development and racial reconciliation, and live in the community they serve.

Our first offical team, the Phantoms play basketball against other regional varsity and junior varsity teams.


2012-2013 Highlights CHAT opened its 6th tutoring site, the Beach House, on 22nd St. CHAT launched a new pre-school program, Tiny Tykes, to serve 2 ½ to 4 ½ year old students in the community.

Volunteer & Youth Averages

5 seniors graduated from Church Hill Academy. 100% are employed or enrolled in college. CHAT came in 2nd place in the 2012 Amazing Raise, raising $115,000 for CHAT’s Resurrection House. CHAT’s 28 staff members raised $380,679 by reaching out to friends and family, and asking them to support their work in the community. CHAT received a $45,000 grant from the Brookfield Foundation to expand two Entreprenurships, Nehemiah’s Workshop and Screen Printing.





After School Tutoring



Wacky Wednesdays



Youth Fellowship Groups



Church Hill Academy



Tiny Tykes



Summer Day Camp



Service Groups





The Power of


Shawn Boyer, Snag A Job When Shawn Boyer, CEO of SnagAJob, read an article in the Richmond Times Dispatch about CHAT, he was immediately interested in our mission and signed up to tutor. Working one-on-one with students, he was inspired by their potential but disheartened by the unique challenges they faced. A half an hour of encouragement helped one of his students go from saying he couldn’t multiply to whizzing through multiplication tables. But giving another student a ride home opened Shawn’s eyes to realities and uncertainties of life outside of school for many of the kids at tutoring that he wasn’t affecting. He felt he – and his company – could do more. SnagAJob began its friendship with CHAT offering a few hours of “interviewing tips” for students looking for summer jobs and internships. Since seeing the effect of minimum coaching the program has grown considerably; now it’s multiple days of comprehensive job search preparation and mock interviews. While recognizing that our students benefit from the lessons SnagAJob teaches, Shawn believes that SnagAJob staff gets as much, if not more, out of the relationship. His team’s work with CHAT has helped them to be better at what they do, while giving them a common passion and commitment to share: changing kids’ futures for the better.

He felt he – and his company – could offer more. 6

The Power of


Sophonie Jean & Briana Cary Sophonie tutored for CHAT as a college student, then moved to Church Hill after graduating. Briana started CHAT in the eighth grade, curious about the tutoring program neighborhood kids talked about. The two met when Sophonie led Briana’s LOVE fellowship group, so when Briana entered Church Hill Academy and needed a mentor, she immediately thought of Sophonie. For this duo, mentorship has meant everything from cooking, eating out, meeting friends, and shopping to going on a mission trip to Haiti, where Sophonie also taught Briana about her culture. While these were significant experiences, the ability to be authentic has proven most valuable. “I feel like with Soph, I can tell her anything and she can tell me the truth,” Briana says. Sometimes the truth challenged her, and made her think about things she didn’t want to, but through that, “I come to realize the right thing to do,” she explained. Sophonie agreed. As they grew closer Briana saw many sides of her as well: “Briana knows my personality… I think it really has made both of us more open about everything just being in each others’ lives.” As a community, this is what we strive toward: intentional and organic relationships that become a part of everyday life, while over time exposing, challenging and uplifting all involved.

“I feel like with Soph, I can tell her anything...”


The Power of

Community Kathi Picton

Kathi always dreamed of retiring to the beach. But when she learned about CHAT and visited the Twenty Spot tutoring site, seeing the students’ needs and the care with which site homeowners Murray and Lauren Withrow met them struck a lasting chord with her. “I just really felt like I wanted to be a part of what was going on here,” she said. At that time she lived in the suburbs of Chesterfield and wasn’t as actively engaged with her immediate community. “I don’t know that I actually thought about intentional relationships and being an intentional neighbor before,” she recalls. Now Kathi has opened her life to her new community. She has developed close relationships with neighbors, welcomed CHAT interns and participants to live with her, and is the director of the Little Tykes branch of our After School Tutoring program. “CHAT becomes your life, it’s how you live,” she explained. Kathi did not foresee retiring to Church Hill. But when she opened up her home as CHAT’s sixth tutoring site, she named it the Beach House.

“I just really felt like I wanted to be a part of what was going on here.” 10

Individual Donors James & Meredith May Michael Abatzis Tosin Abayomi Mohamed Aboulatta Gregory & Jeannine Adams Tiffany Adams Claudia & Holland Addison Theresa Alder Barbara Alenik Lee Alford Gail Allen Herman & Elsie Allen Herman & Lu Ann Allen Janice Allen Jeffrey & Linda Allen Mary Allen Wayne & Marilyn Alley Terri & Patrick Alley Jeffrey Amster Randall & Bonita Anderson William & Kathy Anderson William & Alice Anderson Alicia Andrews Joey Andrews Michael & Deborah Andrews William & Wanda Andrews Pat & Harold Ano Catherine Anthony Dolores Anthony James & Anne Anthony Bryan Appel Gina Apperson Michael & Laura Archer Nicholas & Lisa Archer Amy Armenia Douglas Arms Richetta Armstead Charles Arrington Hugh & Christine Arthur Kendrick & Andrea Arthur James & Suzanne Ashmore Bilal Ashraf Garrett & Bekah Augustine Robert Avramescu Nancy Ayscue-Moody Stacy Baas Ann Bailey Sallie Bailey

Susan Bailey Joseph & Gloria Baillargeon Charles & Louise Baker Walter & Grace Baker Georgiana Ball Shedrick & Mary Barber John Barclay Duane & Teresa Barnes Lauren Barnes Clint Barnes Clinton Barnes Allison Barton Hallel Basco Lauren Bass Jared Batte Larry & Rebecca Batton Stephen & Colleen Baybutt Michael Beabout Margueritte Beck Hernan & Martha Bedoya Wiliam Behl Jack & Adella Bell Lewis & Ruth Bell Charlotte Benevento John & Mary Bennett Alice Benson Graziella Benson Kimberly Benson Margery Benson Miriam Benson Elke Bergin Steven & Susan Bergin Thomas & Ann Berry Frank Besosa Eric & Marlene Bessette Brian & Elizabeth Betz Glen & Jennifer Biely Reynaldo & Juvy Binag Shannon Birk Clayton & Winifred Bishop Mark & Temperance Bissette Ben & Sarah Blackmer Jeffrey & Lori Blair Alice Blalock Lee Blanton Thomas & Jane Blanton William & Tamea Bock David & Ann Boelnzer

Mark & Penny Bogert Linda Boice Dennis & Ann Marie Boike Tania Bolden B.D. & Martha Boltz Herbert & Melba Bomberger Charles & Eleanor Bone Tara Borchers Bill & Martha Boswell Keith & Renee Boswell James & Helen Bottoms Ruth Bowie Hannah Bowles Stephen & Nicole Boyce Beth Ann Boyd Dwight & Sandra Boyd Daniel & Susan Boyer Laura Boyer David & Susan Bradley Michael Brady Penn & Erin Brafford Marvene Braithwaite Ernest Alfred Brandon Yvonne Brandon Nicole Bregler Terry & Marg Brennan Marion Brigham Ronald & Anne Britt Brian Broadway Steve Brokob Margaret Brooke A. D. & Melaine Brooks Gordon & Sarah Brooks Ray & Anne Brooks Briana Brown Bruce & Jennie Brown Charles Brown Glen & Veronica Brown Gilpin & Pam Brown Matt & Maria Brown Richard & Luanne Brown Tim & Mary Lou Brown Charlyne Bryant Larry Groves & Debra Bryant Michael & Cindy Bryant Margaret Bullitt Ron & Elizabeth Butler Brenda & Andy Burgess


William & Alison Burleson Noel Burmeister Melanie Burnette Gloria Burrell Michael & Cynthia Burton Robert & Jill Bush Howard & Jane Busse Paula Butz Lee & Dorothy Byrd Malcolm & Janice Caldwell Dawson Callaway Nathan & Amy Callaway Drew & Regina Campbell J.S. & Sarah Campbell Linda Campbell Patti Campbell Ross Campbell Harry & Floride Canter Martha Canter Hall Canter Claire Cantrell Kevin & Meghan Capehart Cynthia Cargeor Sarah Carreras John & Dolores Carroll George & Anne Carter Thomas Carter Andrew & Shelley Case Dawn Cater Paul & Hilary Cauchon Jane Chaffin Mike & Laurel Chalifoux Jonathan Chan Mike & Dorothy Chesney Thomas & Nancy Chewning Judson & Laura Childress Joseph Chinn Mark & Sally Chinn Leslie Chlebowski Felix & Sandra Christian Felix & Shirley Christian Andrew Chrzanowski Bruce & Elizabeth Ciccone Jennifer Cies Scott & Bernice Cilley Sandra Clark David & Pam Clarke P.R. & A.D. Cleary

Samuel & Dolores Clement Forrest & Patricia Clift Allen & Ramona Clinton Charles & Judith Clough Jennifer Cobb Deidre Cogdell Nickolas & Linda Coile Stephen Cole Donald & Florence Coleman Catherine Collins Grace Collins Kelly Collins Micheal & Toni Collins Paul & Betty Collins Russell & Margaret Collins Vincent & Penelope Combs Ashley Cone Charles & Clementine Cone William & Helen Conkle G. & A.M. Conte David & Joan Coogan Bruce Cook Donna Cook Michelle Whitehurst Cook James & Angeline Cooke Robert Cool Lechelle Cooper Celeste Corey Kent & Kelli Cost Karen Costello Melissa Cothran Van & Renee Cottom Steven Covey Tierra Covey Abby Cox Constance Cox Robert & Kathie Cox Jeffrey & Melanie Cox Lauren Cox Scott & Elaine Cox Forrest & Dorothy Coyle Boyd Coyner Christina Craig G.W. Crane James & Kelly Crawley Donald Creech Marvin Creech Meegan Creech

Victor & Virginia Creech Michael Crittendon Steven & Ellen Cross Brian Crouch Derek Crouch Roberta Crowell Richard & Aggie Scott & Kathy Culley Becky Currier Audrey Curtis Shelly Dahlstrand Thomas & Martha Daily Martha Van Dale John & Edna Daley Mario Dance Betsy Daniel Kent & Garlene Daniel Robert & Marilee Daniel Genie & Pierre Dansereau Marilyn Dargitz John & Dianne Davidsen Barbara Davis Billy Davis Damon & Monica Davis Grant & Rachel Davis John & Allison Davis Melinda Davis Reed & Lynn Davis Zachary Davis Erin Dayhoff Philip & Christine De Jong Shirley De Roco Thomas & Dolores Deadmore Eric & Sarah DeBoer Cristie DeCarmo George & Jeanette Deebo Peyton & Jane DeHart Sarah Dehart Bonnie DeHaven Garry & Mary Beth Del Conte Virginia Delappe Mark Jones & Tammy Delene Alan & Karen Denison Robert & Elizabeth Denison Bryan Der Ingrid DeRoo Thomas & Margaret Devita Harinder Dhindsa

Sterling & Forrestiner Dickerson John & Krysta Diehl Craig & Heather Di Sesa Joy Dodd James & Susan Dodwell Peter & Kathleen Dodwell Kelling Donald Dennis & Jennifer Doran Alvis & Katherine Dowell Warren & Kathy Downs Mark Drawbaugh George & Susan Drumwright Cassandra Dunbar Rhonda Dunbar Joseph & Carolyn Durrett Eric Duvon Pearl Dwyer Philip & Robyn Eaton Thomas & Mary Josh & Sarah Eckhardt Charles & Patricia Edge Sterling & Nancy Edmunds Paul Edmunds Glenn & Robin Edwards William & Rebekah Edwards Gwendolyn Eggleston Juliette Ehlers John & Lulu Elam Greg & Denise Ellen David & Melissa Eller John Elliot Sharon Ellis Charles & Melissa Ellison Michael Embrey Lakita Epps Dan Eres Dan & Nancy Erhard Richard & Kathleen Essex Mary Ann Evans Robert Faircloth Shelby Faircloth Farnaz Farkish John & Julie Farmer Tommy & Carolyn Farmer C.B. & Sherri Farnsworth Michael & Susan Farrell Georgia Willis Fauber Neil & Laura Fedders

Janet Fenner Brandon Ferguson Jay & Ashley Ferguson Robert & Geraldine Ferguson Ronald & Lori Ferguson Albertina Fernandes Edward & Peggy Fernandes Teresa Fernandes Madeline Fetzko Daniel & Joan Filkins Kelly Finley Scott & Denise Finney Jeffrey & Patricia Fisher Warren & Sandra Fisher Susie Flowers George & Katheryn Fohl Amy Foley Gloria Jordan-Ford James & Elyse Ford Loretta Forman Benjamin Foster Patrice Foster Anne Fowler Stanley & Jacqueline Francis Stanley & Joyce Francis Johnny & Elizabeth Franklin Ryan Frei Kurt & Gwyneth Froelich Richard & Margaret Frothingham Rick & Nancy Frutuozo Earl & Nancy Fyke Mildred Gaines Erin Gallagher Pete & Betsy Gallagher Charles & Elizabeth Gallaher Cynthia Garcia Victorino Garcia Greg & Vicki Garman Blaine & Janet Garrett Robert & Jacquelyn Gartner Willie & Loretto Garvie Daniel Garvin Forrest & Bertha Garvin Thomas & Susan Gayner Dan & Liz Gecker Daniel & Shirley Gentry Jim & Debbie Gentry Dwight & Pam Gerding


Kelis, 9 belayed by Blue Sky Fund volunteer Andrea at Wacky Wednesday Outdoors class.

Pradip Ghosh-Dastidar Martha Gibson Ian Giles Paul Gill Megan Gillespie Alfred & Alice Gillette Christopher & Chanin Gilman George & Wilhelmina Gilmer Stephen & Sharon Ginn Frances Goldman Raymond & Emma Dominey Jeffrey Gomola Harold & Norma Good Martine Good Steve Good Andrew Goodfellow Danielle Goodman Tom & Mary Goodrich Patrick & Cynthia Gottschalk Cindy Gouldman Michael Gracik Angus & Caroline Graham Paul Granger Raymond & Mary Greeley Helen Green Norma Green Robert Green Christopher Greene George & Ginny Greene Lancing & Debbie Grice Donna Grier Brandon Griffin Keenya Griffin Kenneth & Virginia Grigg David & Sharilou Grim John & Sylvina Gutierrez Susan Gunn Frank & Sue Gupton John & Mary Rose Gupton Jerry & Elizabeth Guthrie William & Joan Hager Andrea Hague William Hahn Katherine Haley William & Ashley Hall Christine Hallett Darlene Hamady Robert Hammann Lisa Hampson Ashley Hamstra Kimberly Hanauer

Thomas & Jennifer Hanrahan Sarah Jean Hanson Richard & Melissa Harden Judy Harding Shannon Hardy Woody & Donna Hardy Tom & Sue Harkins Bobby & Anne Harrell Brandon & Nanct Harrell Parker & Adele Harrell Antonio Harris Byron & Marie Harris Wacus & Angela Harrison Kenneth & Peggy Hart Kip & Betsy Hart Richard & Elizabeth Hart Richard & Reva Hart Aaron Hartman Steven & Susan Hartman Tiffany Hartmann Cynthia Harvey Jack & Krystal Harvey Jack & Mary Harvey James & Georgia Hayden Ronald Haynes Kayvan Hazrati Darrell Headrick Adella Heard Elizabeth Heath Joanne Heath Robert Heath Gayle Hefty Jenna Heichue Nanci Hellmich James & Elizabeth Helms Gerald & Lori Hemphill Reagan Henderson Barbara Hennig-Loomis James & Dee Henson Ben & Mary Kate Hester Jamie & Carolyn Hewitt Nancy Hewitt Amber Heyward Keith & Sarah Hill Patrick Hiltz Hunter & Shelby Hindman Terrell Hindman Edward Hipp William Hipschman Dennis & Judith Hogberg Harry & Kathy Hoke

Grant & Erin Holbrook Florence Holland John & Ann-Corol Holley Lewis & Barbara Holley Michaux & Randolph Holmes Crystal Holt Sunny Hong Gene Hott Gladys Houle John & Kathy Houlihan Frances Householder David & Treva Houser William & Alice Houser Deborah Howard Gilbert & Tameika Howard Kenneth & Jeannette Howard Anne Howdershell Rosebud Howren James Hoy Nancy Hoy Monica Hoyos Del & Jennifer Hoyt Paul Huber Jack & Sheila Huddle Dale Huff John & Ann Huffer Joshua Huffines Bryce Humphrey Donna Hunt Anna Hurley Hank & Patricia Hutcherson Oscar & Evelyn Hutcherson Reginald & Mary Alice Hutcherson Stella Hutchinson Mike & Mary Ickes Debra Ireland Morgan & Chaunte Irving Lelia Jackson Brown Jackson Carta & Martha Jacobs Eric & Elizabeth Jacobsen Judith Jacobsen Mark & Debbie Jacobsen Charles & Kaye James Greg & Heather Jastrzemski James & Shirley Jewell Darius Johnson Arlene Johnson Frankie & Mike Johnson Joseph & Nancy Johnston Kelly Johnston


Albert & Melanie Jones Donna Jones Herbert Jones Kevin & Krista Jones Mark & Lori Ann Jones Miles & Karen Jones Paul Jones Wilson & Emily Jones Frederick & Karen Jordan Keith & Judy Josey Judy Joyce Elizabeth Joynes Deborah Judy John & Leona Jurewicz Kristi Jurewicz Brian & Michaelle Justice Peter Kain Nancy Kauffman Bruce & Janet Kay Ellen Keith John & Linda Keith Jesse & Elizabeth Kell Thomas Kemner Kenneth Miller & Susan Kendler Charles Kennington & Nikita Patel Early & Betty Kent Janice Kent Justin & Jamie Kent Ronald & Claire Kent Wesley & Cynthia Kent John & Ann Marie Kent Dale & Sharlene Kessler Morris & Sara Kimble Karen Kirby Crystal Kirton James Kiser Sarah Klein Dan & Dana Kleinschuster Fritz & Val Kling Richard & Dianne Kling Barbara Knapp Daniel & Linda Knopp Yoon Ko Betty Koenigsberg Michael Kolbe Leslie Kolmer Christopher & Cheryl Komline David & Han-Luen Komline Jean Komline Judith Komline Carol Koogler

Mark & Joyce Koontz Arthur & Janet Kopicky Bryan Kornblau Anna Kozusko Adele Kraft Stephen & Ann Kramer Melissa Krenzer Kronaus Family Wayne & Catherine Kruithoff Keith Kruithoff Anton & Linda Kuzel Kendra Lahue Anna Lake Hannah Lambert Michael & Carin Lamberty Kenneth Lambiotte Jill LaMotte Lauren Land Sam & Leila Lane Anca Lapos Dan Laramore Daniel & Virginia Laramore Hope Laramore Kevan & Sheryll Larson Linette Laso John Laura Mary Laurenzano Terry Lautzenheiser Wayne & Angela Lawrence Cindy & Jerry Lawson Joel Lawson Phil & Sandy Lawson Gregory & Mary Leach Alyson Leach Randy & Elaine Leander Patricia Leaven Doyle & Hellon Ledbetter Faith Lee Josh Lee Scott & Leisa Lee Christophe & Jessica Leffler Dale Leidich Hilario & Julie Lelis Joanne Lenci Grace Leonard Stacey Leonatti John Licata Michael Lico Lynn Liles Kathy Linaugh Robert & Laura Lindstrom

Volunteer Russ Sterling leads CHAT students in warm-up for Wacky Wednesday Squash class at James River City YMCA. Cheryl Lint Leah Lipscomb Robert & Nancy Little Claire Livesay Thomas Loftus James & Jane Londrey Sarah Londrey Henry & Brenda Long Rebecca Lopdrup Elysha Lopez Andrew & Socorro Lopo Teri Lovelace Fletcher Lowe Rashad & Jasmine Lowery Lawrence & Nancy Loyd Allie Ludeman Daniel & Susan Ludeman Kurt & Katherine Ludwig Henry & Jean Lush Andrew Lyell Daniel & Shaye Lyell David & Meredith Anne Lyell Matthew & Emiline Lyell George & Debra Lyle Nathaniel Lyle Lisa MacDowell Christopher & Angela Mackay Bill & Linda MacKillop Douglas & Carol Macomber Irvin MacQuarrie Christyn Magill

Shawn & Sara Maida Matt & Gina Maio Jean Mallory Michael & Denise Malone Robert & Laura Mapstead Harry & Barbara Markland Joe & Anne Maroon John Marquardt & Marcia Johansson Nadia Marsden Philip Steward Marstiller Mary Marth James & Patricia Martin Karen Martin Francis & Rebecca Martino Emily Masloff Martha Mason Patricia Mass Blaire & Randee Massey Jeff Matthis James & Louise Maude Tim Mauney Kirk & Mary Mayer Heather Mayhew Thea Mayne William McAllister Christopher & Allison McCabe Robert & Susan McConnell C. McCormick Arthur & Elizabeth McCray Matt & Renee McCrory

Renee McCroy Amanda & Kester McCullough Bill McDermott Frank McFee John McKenna Carl McNeil Stephen & Lisa McNerney Kenneth McNinch Pamela McWaters Suzanne McWilliams Thomas Mead Edith Medlock Monique Meeks Thomas Meeks James & Thelma Meeks Charlotte Mehan Alex & Ashley Mejias Mark & Katherine Mendez Thomas Meriwether Robert Merryman Bobbie & Barbara Messenger Julie Messick Donald & Charlotte Messmer Heidi Metcalf Robert & Elaine Metcalf Aminda Miceli Samuel Mickle Charles Mike Brandon & Morenike Miles Virginia Miley Adam Miller


Jaclyn Miller William & Linda Miller Jeanne Minetree Martin & Michelle Minnaugh Ellen Mitchell Robert & Sally Mitchell Catherine Moffett Richard & Carolyn Moncure Nina Mondelli Charles Moody Leah Nelson Moon Daniel & Patricia Mooney Andrew Moore Boyd & Leslie Moore Christine Moore Justin & Mel Moore Katherine Claire Moore Nancy Moore Gene & Jan Morabito Steven & Alicia Morales Thomas & Lynne Morancy Justin & Amanda Morgan Lisa Morris Timothy Morris Mark & Beth Mortonson Terri Mosby Craig & Caroline Moses Seth Moulton Glenn & Mary Mounger Deane Mountcastle Frank Mountcastle

Chandra Moyer Priscilla Mpasi Madeleine MtCastle Brian Muffly Jackson & Sara Mumey Mike & Missy Murchie Helen Murphy Richard Musick Justin & Kathryn Myers Mitch & Miller Myers Duffy & Concepcion Myrtetus Richard & Frannie Nance Eunice Naylor Marjorie Naylor Leon & Mary Neal Mickey Neeley Mark & Dianne Nemitz Cassandra Nevins Charles Newcomb Paul & Beverly Newell Jeff Newhouse Duffin & Heidi Newman Erin Newman Tracey Newman Leslie News Beth Nichols Glenn San Nicolas Kurt & Sandra Nielsen Sean Nielsen James & Gerry Nixon Faith Alejandro & Chris Nixon

KaMaya, 17 and Tysha, 11 at After School Tutoring. Arin Noble Erin Noble Chris Nott Daniel Nuckols Steven Nuckols Cameron & Emily O’Brion Mike & Gina O’Connell Jane O’Laughlin David O’ Neal Albert Oldham Beth Olker Dale & Paige Oostdyk Robin Ore Albert & Jacquelyn Orgain Barbara Ort Galen Osby Christopher Ouellette Patty Owens Wanda Pace Brian & Cheryl Pacious Don & Elizabeth Padgett Michael & Linda Pagel Megan Palko Kevin & Dana Palmer Susan Palmer Joseph & Teresa Panzer

Lovedy Papproth Douglas & Gayle Park Gayle Park George Parker Todd & Janel Parks Billy & Jackie Parrot Richard & Bernice Parrott Steve & Barbi Partlow Mario & Liz Parziale Scottie Pate Robert & Stephanie Patterson William & Deborah Pauley Christopher Paulson Daniel Payne Emily Payne Harris & JoAnne Payne James & Christine Payne John & Kenna Payne Rachel Payne Will & Amanda Payne Andrea Peeks Carolyn Peel Hallie Frank Pegram Kristin Pelinka Lee & Sarah Pemberton Penn & Lynn Pendleton

Sara Perkins Kerry Perry Joan Peterson Mike & Emilie Phillips Walter & Beverly Pickart William & Lee Ann Pickering Tracy Pickett Dean & Bebe Picton Kathryn Picton Kenneth Picton Marianio & Claudia Piedra Stephen & Candace Piepgrass Kyle Pinckard Godfrey Pinn Kevin & Kelly Pious Vernon & Gay Plack Charles Plumley Scott & Lora Poepping Henry & Elizabeth Pollard Amy Pompelia Jason Popham Peter & Ann Popovich Stephen & Amy Popovich Denis & Patricia Popp Mike & Melissa Porter Robert & Leslie Potter Drew Powell Michael & Denise Powers J.A. & Jeanne Prewitt Andrew Price Matthew & Denise Price Terry Price Rachel Pricer Kathryn Priddy Whitney Prusek Kenneth Qiu Justin Quattrini Janice Quick Ryan Raddin Randle & Noel Raggio Billie Raines Dorothy Ralston Rinu Ramesh Robert & Sandy Ramos John & Conni Ramsey Grace Ramus Jimmie & Carlene Randle Karen Randolph Harold & Janis Rankin Dan Rapp Kate Rasmussen


William & Lisa Rattner Mark & Cynthia Rauschert Edward & Susan Rawls Margaret Ray Brian & Andrea Redmond Alan and Susan Reed Kristin Reed Marisa Reed Philip Reens Brian & Joan Regrut Mark & Marcie Reimer Portia Reimer Marion Reinken Jo Reiter Robert Reitz Everett Reveley Jessica Reveley Aracely Reyna Anna Reynolds Charles & Virginia Reynolds Jimmy & Teresa Rich John & Maria Rich Bedelia Richards Bradley Ridlehoover Leslie Rinaldi Cullen & Faye Rivers Edward & Charlotte Robbins Falconer Robbins Matthew Roberson Caitlin Roberts John & Fran Robertson Isabel Robins Clark Robins Nina Robinson Thelma Robinson Barbara Roche Thomas Rolf Daniel & Jennifer Rosenthal Chris & Mkay Roth Eleanor Rouse John & Karen Rowlingson Charles & Susan Rucker Douglas Rucker Cleone Rudisill Gerard Ruel Kevin Ruel Nancy Ruel Jo Anne Ruffa Luis & Aline Ruiz Lillian Runnion Christopher & Anne Rusbuldt

John & Gloria Russell Bob & Dianne Ruthazer Mark Ryan Tammy Ryan Ben Rybolt Thomas & Ann Rybolt Jonathan & Megan Saia Anthony & Michelle Saladino John & Judy Sanders Sidney & Gladys Sandridge Edward Satterfield Barry & Betty Saunders Victoria Saunders William & Lynne Savoy Linda Sawyers Jennifer Sayre Samuel & Susan Sayre Sobenia Scales Mike & Amy Schad Jan & Martha Schilthius Robert & Ann Schindler Gary & Lois Schmidt Francis & Marta Schmitt Diana Schmitz Joyce Scholl Abby Schreiner Hugo & Evelyn Schroeder Hugo Schroeder Judith Schultz Paul & Terri Schultz Ken & Jane Schutz Betty Schwarten Thomas & Lynn Schwartz John & Sharon Schwarzamnn Jacob Scott Michael & Juliana Scott David Seibert William Sellers Renee Serrao Gary & Carolyn Setterberg Michael & Patricia Shaffer Dwight & Bev Shamblee Carol Sharp Edward Sherrier Byron & Jane Shives Hunter & Courtney Shomo Elizabeth Shultz Austin & Doris Shumate Domenic & Jennifer Sica Nan Silkunas Richard & Annie Simms

Kevin & Gail Sinnott Robert & Leslie Sinyard James & Sheila Skiles Darryl & Arlene Skinner David & Judy Skove Annette Slade Marion Slater Michael & Ronilee Small Brittany Smith Bruce Smith Charles Smith James & Carolyn Smith Jasmine Smith John & Aundriette Smith Josh Smith Linda Smith Mark & Bonnie Smith Mark Smith Mike & Ashley Smith Edward & Martha Smith Robert & Terri Smith Sandra Smith Steven & Mary Smith Wally & Yvonne Smith Susan Snyder Wayne & Renee Snyder Tina Song William & Adrienne Spellman Nancy Spencer Eric Spitzer Michael & Alexandra Spitzer Robert & Susan Springer Barbara St. John David Steadman Eric & Mary Stewart Geoffrey & Carolyn Stiff Meredith Stiff Betty Stone Alison Storey Nathaniel Story Keith Strand Anthony & Julie Strange Grayson Street Stewart Street Parker & Lori Strickland Percy & Angie Strickland Thomas & Carol Strickland Thomas & Marie Strickland Alice Sudlow William & Janis Sumpter Sudie Sutter

Matthew Sutton Michael & Jacqueline Swain Dewayne & Alison Swaney Katti Swanson Anne Tabb Randy & Pat Tabb Frank & Patricia Tallman Andrew & Michelle Tapscott Robert & Karen Tatti Marina Tawfik Kim Teff Benjamin Telsey Mitchell & Laurie Telsey Janet Tenaglia Leonard Tenaglia Christian & Cynthia Terry Virginia Terry William & Jane Thesing Andrea Thoermer Jana Thomas Michael & Linda Thomas Dan Thompson Lantz & Tara Thompson Fred Thompson Tommy & Weezie Thompson Eddie & Ann Tindall James & Lana Toole Timothy & Mary Towery Stewart Travis Cory & Angela Nicole Tribble Paul & Rosemary Trible Craig & Annhorner Truitt Benjamin Tucker Stanley & Sandra Tucker Thomas & Cathryn Tullidge John & Doreen Turk Mark & Phyllis Turk Matthew Turk Raymond & Kathy Turk Ronald & Lauren Turk Sarah Turner Sam Tuttle Chris Tyler Steve & Margaret Tyler Stewart & Talmage Tyler Taffy Tyler Jeff & Nicole Ukrop Gary & Joyce Underwood Alok & Elizabeth Upadhyaya Dave & Margaret Vachet Megan Vadl

Grace Valentine Michael & Sheryl Van Scoy Matthew & Sarah Van Wie James & Marie Van Wyk Jed & Ann Vanichkachorn Frank & Helen Varljen Carl & Carla Varner Walter & Janet Varvel Juan Vasquez Paula Vaught David & Ellen Verhaagen Raynell Vesselles Michael Villalobos John & Cindy Vogel Todd & Melissa Vogelsinger John & Lyn Voige David Wade Kelly & Susan Waffle Kelly Waffle Scott & Kiyoko Waffle Mathew & Susanna Walker Matt & Renee Walker Tyler & Laura Ware Charles & Wanda Washington Elaine Washington Herbert & Gail Washington Eric & Kelly Waters Noelle Watters Donald & Hazel Weaver Scott & Deborah Weaver Anna Weichel Steve & Phyllis Weigel Jeffrey & Dorcas Weir Charles & Lori Welander Steve & Donna Wellman Paul & Dorothy Werkmeister Stephen Wesner Rob & Lynn Westermann Almeta Wheeling Doug & Carolyn Wheeling Marie Wheeling Yvonne Whetsell Louise Whipple Toby Whitby Carol White Dwayne White Jean White Michael & Daniella White Randall & Kathy White Wilson & Elizabeth Whitehurst Chris & Beth Whiting


Paxson, 4 and Jazmine, 5 at Tiny Tykes. Richard & Debra Whiting Preston & Joyce Whitlock Karen Whitten Glynn & Patricia Whitten John Whitworth Kathleen Whitworth Greg & Rebekah Widener Charles & Chaney Widmer Corey & Sarah Widmer Jonathan Wight Romesh & Lawson Wijesooriya Trip & Amberleigh Wilhelm Christine Williams Dustin Williams Henry Williams Jean Williams Kim Williams Brian & Sharon Williamson Bradford & Traci Williamson Glenn & Gayle Williamson Richard & Janet Wills John & Mary Willmer John & Bonnie Wilson Kenneth & Shirley Wilson Melinda Wilson Mickey Wilson Robert Wilson Barbara Wing David & Cheryl Winston Jeremiah & Taylor Winters Robert & Lynn Winters Jay & Jessie Wise Robert & Sylvia Wissler Barbara Withrow

Patricia Withrow Ryan & Leigh Ann Withrow Cindy Wofford David Wofford Ralph & Allison Woodruff Cynthia Wright John & Trula Wright Paul & Grace Wygal Erica Yamamoto Charles & Patricia Yeager Mable Clair Young Kenneth & Cynthia Zablonty David & Sheryl Zahler Joanne Zahler Rose Zahler Thomas & Jodine Zahler Steven & Kathleen Zannoni Carl & Christine Zatkulak Kevin & Becky Zeegler Adam Zisa •••

We also want to extend our deepest gratitude to the more than 800 individuals who gave to the 2012 Amazing Raise on CHAT’s behalf.

Churches Blackstone Presbyterian Church Calvary Revival Church of Chesapeake Christ Church Episcopal Church at Charlotte Church in the Home Church in Restoration Corinth Baptist Church Corinth FWB Church Crestwood Presbyterian Church

Gayton Baptist Church Gordon Street Christian Church Grace Baptist Church Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church Leigh Street Baptist Church Mechanicsville Christian Center Mechanicsville Presbyterian Church New Canaan Baptist Church New Hanover Presbyterian Church

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The Power of


Urban Farming The vacant lot home to CHAT’s Urban Garden was dry and inhospitable at first, riddled with rocks and bricks. That changed when young gardeners such as CHAT student Chris Wilson, Church Hill Academy teacher Charles Gentry, and others spent the summer removing debris, loosening the dirt, and preparing for a harvest of tomatoes, peppers and potatoes. The Urban Garden has become a part of CHAT’s summer programming, employing two students to tend the garden assisted by volunteers. “A lot of hard work comes from things that are really tough to do… but they need to be done,” says Charles. The key to their success, according to Chris, was working together as a team, showing up each day and persevering. Work in the garden teaches valuable skills of endurance and stewardship, and illustrates the business and discipline of healthy food production. But the real beauty of our garden is its ability to help unite our community. Chris explains, “People in the community come over to the garden, pick some plants, pick some tomatoes or any varieties of things here…We love that.”

The real beauty of our garden is its ability to help unite our community. 20


September 1, 2012 - August 31, 2013 (audited) Program Fees & Tuition, Corporate, 7.4% 1.8%

Income $1,402,560* * includes $285,802 in restricted funds

Churches, 8.3%

Grants & Foundations, 16.0%

Entrepreneurship Programs, 2.7%

Individuals, 66.5%

Tiny Tykes Programs, 2.2%

Fundraising, 8.7%

Operational & Administrative, 16.6%

After School Programs, 30.2%

Expenses $1,077,966


Church Hill Academy, 39.7%

Operating Budget

2012-2013 Actuals

2013-2014 Budget

Cash Support and Revenue* In-Kind Contributions





Total Income



Staff Salaries & Benefits






Operational & Administrative



Development & Fundraising



Total Expenses



YOY Growth



* Unrestricted funds

Capital Campaign, Resurrection House 2012-2013 Actual Income


Total Raised as of 8.31.13


INCOME/EXPENSE NOTES: CHAT is forecasting more growth during the 2013-2014 year due to the expansion of our preschool program, the growth of existing programs, and increased number of students being served. IN-KIND INCOME: Includes donated labor from non-paid staff, donated furniture, and donated rent. CAPITAL CAMPAIGN: Please see insert for more information on CHAT’s campaign goals. The majority of CHAT’s income is generated by charitable donations from individuals who believe in our mission. Everyone on CHAT’s staff is responsible for participating in fund development to help raise the money needed to resource our ministry. CHAT is a tax-exempt 501c3 nonprofit corporation.


Kelis, 12 and Kamari, 14 during the Summer Day Camp Virginia Beach trip.

Core purpose

We equip and serve the youth of Church Hill to make transformative decisions.

Core values Faith Hope & Love

CHAT Annual Report, 2012-2013

601 N. 31st St., Richmond, VA 23223 • • 804-236-4964

CHAT Annual Report Sept 2012 - Aug 2013  
CHAT Annual Report Sept 2012 - Aug 2013  

The annual report for Church Hill Activities & Tutoring for the financial period of September 2012 to August 2013.