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Student Life February 2014


Looghermine Claude LIFESTYLE EDITOR

One day in 2009, a thirteen-year-old girl began a story that would change her life forever. That story began with a Nikon D3000 first used to take pictures of friends. When she first snapped these photos, this girl never knew that this camera could lead to trips around the world, a budding career in photography, or a chance to be known around the nation. Here is the rising action of junior Isabella Bobadilla’s story, a story full of travel, language, and of course photography.

A snapshot into the life of Isabella Bobadilla To this date, Isabella has taken almost five thousand photos. She loves to take pictures of landscapes and scenery when she travels, but locally, her favorite pictures are candid ones that she takes when people are being natural and not posing for a photo. She now owns a Canon T4i and three different lenses that she uses to take photos for pleasure as well as the school’s yearbook. Saying Isabella Bobadilla isn't an international girl is saying water isn't wet. Just look at the repertoire of places she's been to: Central America, South America, Canada, Europe, and North Africa. This summer she plans on going to Dubai, United Arab Emirates and taking photos of all the modern architecture in the city. That's not all. Bobadilla understands French and Spanish the most, but she is in the process of teaching herself Italian and plans on learning Japanese, German, Portuguese and more.

An eye for winning photography: As soon as Bobadilla set eyes on the susnet, she knew it was worthy of a beautiful photo. Photo donated by: Isabella Bobadilla

“My favorite place and language has to be Italy and Italian,” says Bobadilla. “The language just sounds so beautiful, and all the houses and the architecture in the country are breathtaking. There are a lot of plants and flowers that I got beautiful photos of, and I stayed by the coast, so I was able to see wonderful views of the water.” Last year, Isabella’s mom asked her if she wanted to enter some vacation pictures from Italy, Germany, and Switzerland to an American Express calendar contest. Bobadilla didn't think her pictures were good enough, so she didn't place them in. However, without her knowing, Bobadilla's mom sent in some pictures to the competition. A few weeks ago during lunch, Bobadilla received an email from American Express saying that she was one of the fourteen winners. This means that her picture will be featured in American Express’s official 2014 calendar with her name. Not only does she get this huge recognition in a calendar distributed nationwide, Bobadilla also got a $500 American Express gift card which she plans on saving until she has enough money for a new lens. “I was in Venice when I took the picture. The sun was going down and all the gondolas were lined up along the canal. In my

shot, there was also a church in the background,” says Bobadilla. “When I first saw the view, I had to stop and take it all then. Then, as the sunset was happening, I decided that it was the perfect time to take the picture. With a love of photography and languages stronger than anything else, Isabella plans on majoring in something that involves her language skills or photography when she goes off to college. Traveling seems to be Bobadilla’s nature, so it’s only natural that she would want to go to schools like San Francisco Art Institute, School of the Art Institute in Chicago, or the School of Visual Arts in New York and participate in their study abroad program to test her photography skills in more locations around the world. When she gets back from vacationing in Dubai this summer, Isabella plans on entering some more contests now that she is more confident in her photography skills. With talent in photography as well as a love for everything international, Bobadilla’s dream life will encompass her passion for both. Whether we see her pictures on the front page of a newspaper, or displayed New York museums, Isabella Bobadilla seems destined for greatness.

“Make the effort”:A teacher’s guide to long term friendships Chelsi Chang ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR

As acceptance letters come out, deposits for college are put down, and serious talks about majors become more and more frequent in seniors’ households. They realize that this is the last home stretch. It’s almost over. And as the graduation count down gradually proceeds from two digit numbers to one digit numbers, everything starts to become real. Seniors, many of which have been going to Pembroke Pines Charter School since before they could even spell their name, gear up for life. But one heart wrenching ghoul haunts every party, every get together and every simple giggle among friends. It looms over every senior’s head and while everyone feels its darkening presence, no one has the heart to look it straight in the eye. It’s only around graduation and prom that seniors are forced to look their biggest fear in the eye—losing the people that have become their family. Soon, the friends these seniors have shared laughs, tears and memories with will be going off in different directions finding their own path in life. However, while many stories about high

school friendships are dominated by past tense verbs, one teacher here at PPCHS has defied all odds and found that one special group of friends that may really be with her for life. “I met my group of five friends in the ninth and tenth grade. And we’ve been friends since 1978,” says AP U.S. History and Government teacher Mrs. Emily Rodriguez. Mrs. Rodriguez, beaming and eyes sparkling as she reminisced on the days of her youth with high school best friends that would last far longer than high school, said that after graduation all her friends attended different schools scattered across Florida. “Well there wasn’t cell phones or internet back then, God that ages me,” she laughs, “but we would write letters, call each other on the phone or [we would] visit each other or go on vacation together.” Even after college this quintuple still couldn’t seem to let go of each other. Mrs. Rodriguez calling it a “special connection” that they just seemed to treasure far too much to ever let go. A treasure and love, as more than just friends that met in high school, but as an integrated family. Baby

showers, vacations, birthday parties and and movies, but she has proved it to be weddings never stopped these ladies from possible. With a little love and effort from spending time with the women that had friends, Mrs. Rodriguez shows us that anyseen them grow, change and mature the most. “It’s amazing—every time we sit around a table and we look at each other and we all have a little more wrinkles and we’ve all aged, obviously, but we look around and we are amazed. We always toast, say a prayer or thank our lucky stars that we have each other because we know how easy it would have been to just let it go.” Mrs. Rodriguez advices students who are trying to keep their valued friendships alive to “make the effort.” She says that you have to schedule the time to be with and appreciate the people you love. With a friendship that has lasted 35 Never underestimate friendship: Mrs. Rodriguez poses with her long years and counting, seniors time friends from high school. Photos donated by: Mrs. Rodriguez should really take a page out of Mrs. Rodriguez’s book. Her friendship thing is possible if you’re willing to go the is something that we only see in stories distance.

Snow bowl strikes again Tyra Green STAFF WRITER

Eighteen large white snowflakes hung on the wall, announcing the eighteen teams that would compete in this year’s dodge ball tournament. The court was divided into two sides and cones holding balls sat ready for each team to knock out their opponents. As the crowd filed in and the referees got their whistles in place, the PPCHS 2014 Snow Bowl game began. This tournament is an annual tradition here at PPCHS and a staple event in the Charter community. Teams of five players sign up to compete against each other. Each year, sports teams like the soccer and football teams join in to take a little focus off of their difficult season and have a little fun playing a good old fashion game of dodge ball. Not only did the students play, but a group of teachers who traditionally reign under name of “Team Educationers,” stepped up to the line, with high hopes of taking a win over all of their students. The group of social studies teachers came into the game with courage and excitement, and showed no mercy. “The whole day

SnowBowl: Senior Blake Kelley participates in SnowBowl. Photo by: Rebecca Gonzalez

my students were teasing me saying that we weren’t going to win, I just wanted to prove them wrong,” said US history teacher Mrs. Torres. Although they gave it their all, they didn’t match up to the quickness of the “Bayerns” who defeated “Team Educationers” in the second round.

Each round consisted of two teams going against one another. As each team approached the battlefield and the whistle sounded, the time start to tick the fight for balls began. Balls flew around the gym as players jumped and dodged, trying to escape the intensity the pelting “snow balls”.

After 4 intense rounds the final round came down to ‘Average Blows’ and PCF. The football players (PCF) are used to throwing balls, catching passes and dodging tackles and undoubtedly used those skills in the game. Those useful tactics proved be a huge advantage in the final plays of the game, as time trickled down all five team members of ‘Average Blows’ were knocked out. In unison, the crowd and team PCF erupted into celebration, PCF took the title and were named Snow Bowl 2014 champions. At the end, the winning team was awarded with shirts that gives them the chance to brag about their newly acclaimed win. “I had fun, it was a good experience. I think if PCB played this year they would’ve gone against PCF which would’ve been a good match up. I’m glad the football team won though,” said junior Camille Perez. The Snow Bowl tournament has been a success throughout the years and has proved to be a sign of school spirit that rocks our campus each year. The tradition of the childhood game of dodge ball holds true to be a special event.

The chat newspaper march 2014 year 14 issue #9  

The official Newspaper of the Pembroke Pines Charter High School. A CHC Production – Sponsored by the Communications & Technology Department...

The chat newspaper march 2014 year 14 issue #9  

The official Newspaper of the Pembroke Pines Charter High School. A CHC Production – Sponsored by the Communications & Technology Department...