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By the Grade March 2014


Melissa Sullivan EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

Whether it’s a sport or a unique hobby, most high school students participate in activities that they enjoy and love doing. Sophomore Alexander Feria, like most students his age enjoys the great outdoors and the activities that come with being outside. His weekends often include fishing and mudding with friends. Uniquely, Feria has a large passion for surfing and enjoys this exceptional hobby several times a year. A

Feria hits the water hard sible. When given the opportunity he hits the waters, plops down his board and rides the crashing ocean waves for as long as possible, rain or shine. Since a very

surfboards along the time to go is early in the morning when way. there’s few people out on the water and it’s “I feel so peaceful not so hot outside,” said Feria. and free when I’m Currently, Feria hits the waves about surfing out on the twice a month but hopes to continue imwater. It’s a feeling proving his skills as he grows older and that I don’t get with surf as frequently as possible. With a pasanything else that I sion for the water, Feria hopes to move on do. Any chance that to join the United States Marine Corps or I get, I pack up the Navy and put his talent and passion to use truck and head out to for thhe greater good of others. the beach for the entire day. The bigger the waves, the better,” said Feria. Feria has enjoyed surfing on beaches across southern and central Florida including Hollywood, Dania, Cocoa, New Smyrna and Hit the waves: Sophomore Alexander Feria spends Naples beaches. most of his free time surfing. Photo donated by: His favorite spot Alexander Feria continues to be young age, Feria has en- Dania Beach located locally in sunny joyed visiting the beach, South Florida. just as every Native Flo“I love going out to Dania and heading Hang ten: Feria looks to surf as nuch as possible in the coming year. ridian does. With a natu- out right next to the pier whenever I get Photo donated by: Alexander Feria ral love for the water, his the chance to. It’s not far from where hobby that started as a simple fascination parents saw it fitting to purchase his first I live and there’s rarely many surfers for the beach later grew into a full grown surfboard when he was just six years old. crowding the water. The scenery is so passion and love for being in the water and Since then, Feria has grown to love surfing beautiful and the waves are always the Alexander Feria: Sophomore Alexander Feria is deterto improve on his favorite hobby. Photo donated by: getting as close to a marine life as pos- more and more and has collected over six best in all of South Florida. The best mined Alexander Feria

Taylor tops them all David Cha-Kim STAFF WRITER

The teachers and staff of PPCHS are often recognized for their hard work and dedication to our school, but a high percentage of students, including underclassmen, also sacrifice so much of their time and energy for the benefit of their fellow classmates. So many of the students at Charter are energetically active in so many different school related activities and clubs, and sophomore Taylor Horan is no exception.

there is always an enjoyable and interactive activity for the members each time the club meets. She is also part of the team that prepares the PPCHS book club for the “Battle of the Books”, which is a national competition that brings the book clubs of different schools together to engage in a competition testing students’ abilities and knowledge on the books they have read.

Dreess Drive: Taylor Horan helped fundraise with the PPCHS SGA for the annual Dress Drive. Photo donated by: Nikki scort

Taylor is the President of the PPCHS Book Club, a member of SGA, Sophomore Senator, and the Student Coordinator of antibullying week, all of which she does while still maintaining an impressive GPA. As President of Book Club, Taylor is responsible for coordinating every event and meeting for the club and has to ensure that

“I love being a part of book club because reading is something that is something very important to me,” says Horan. “I cherish reading and it’s great to spread the love of reading throughout the student body.” The responsibilities that Taylor has as SGA Sophomore Senator are also very important to our school. She represents

all four hundred twenty students in the sophomore class (‘16) and relays any information on the 10th grade to the rest of the senators, leaders and members of SGA. As senator, Taylor also serves on the sophomore class board and helps with the planning and organization for the many events that SGA takes part in on a regular basis. “It’s great being the Sophomore Senator for SGA because I can always know what’s going on in the school and am able to share that information with the rest of the sophomore student class,” says Horan. The third week of February was Anti-bullying week and it was the first time that the students had a voice in choosing the activities. In previous years, the teachers Taylor Horan: Sophomore Taylor Horan has proven herself as an individual and staff would choose, who is involved in her community. Photo by: Juan Tellez plan, and organize the events but this year the students were able to share their input on what the school been in the past. should do in honor for anti-bullying week. “I love being a part of Charter because “I was a victim of bullying in elementary there are so many great opportunities,” school so I find it really important to get says Taylor. “I feel as if I went to anoththe message of bullying out,” said Taylor er local high school, I wouldn’t have the Taylor was student coordinator in Febru- amazing opportunities and have met the ary’s anti-bullying week and made sure incredible people that I have here.” that all of the events were as interactive Horan’s work ethic could take her to sucand engaging to the students as possible. cess in several different careers, but one She was able to help the students choose that she has her eyes set on the most is beevents for students instead of administra- coming a politician. Our nation could defition choosing for the students like it has nitely use people like her in the future.

The chat newspaper march 2014 year 14 issue #9  

The official Newspaper of the Pembroke Pines Charter High School. A CHC Production – Sponsored by the Communications & Technology Department...

The chat newspaper march 2014 year 14 issue #9  

The official Newspaper of the Pembroke Pines Charter High School. A CHC Production – Sponsored by the Communications & Technology Department...