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Joey Levy- from PPCHS to Columbia


As the fourth quarter rolls in, PPCHS seniors are quickly realizing just how short of a ride remains before their high school careers come to a bittersweet end. While many still struggle with their admissions decision and career choice, one very unique student, Joey Levy, has a clear image in mind of his future. When Levy transferred from Cooper City High School to Charter as a sophomore, he took every opportunity to make his long-term goal of becoming a successful businessman and lawyer more attainable. Full of determination, ambition, and fantastic work ethic, Levy worked very

Alumni Justin Spears Cycles for others

hard throughout his high school career. Standing as #2 in the class of 2013, Levy has proved to be a well-rounded and highly intellectual student. Demonstrating leadership qualities as the captain of the Quiz Bowl Team, National Honor’s Society’s brain brawl, and History Bowl team, Levy has shared his talents with a wide variety of PPCHS teams. Aside from leading these three prestigious teams, Levy is also the treasurer for the math honors society, Mu Alpha Theta. Furthermore, Levy has branched out to even create clubs at Pines Charter that express his aspirations for the future. In his junior year, he created a unique club

called iClub which promoted entrepreneurship. As co-founder and former vice president of iClub, Levy was thrilled about the formation of his organization at school. Levy said “I enjoyed forming my own club and being able to host meetings where we would discuss the different dreams and plans we all have.” After applying to many schools of prestige, Levy has been offered admission to some of the most prominent universities in state and even out of the realm of Florida. While his acceptances to NYU’s Stern School of Business, NYU in Shanghai, China, and the University of Florida were all great schools that Levy ex-

Course planning leads to success

pressed interest in attending, they stood no comparison to when Columbia University revealed their acceptance status. Levy’s acceptance to NYU Shanghai is very uncommon and significant for students at Pines Charter and in all of South Florida. However, Levy has made his decision and his selection does not include the NYU experience in China. He will be attending Columbia in the fall to begin his journey towards achieving his JD/MBA, which refers to both a law degree and a business degree. “The prestige of Ivy League and Columbia’s location in NYC is something hard to overlook,” Levy said.

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Graduating grads gear up for Grad Bash

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Levy’s main reasoning for applying to these universities was to ensure his chance of concentrating on the study of business while still obtaining a high-level liberal arts education. Levy said, “Columbia University would allow me to earn both.” A.P. Euro History Mrs. Hughes said, “I have had Joey as a student for two years now. He is one of the most phenomenal students I have had the honor of teaching. Not only is he intelligent, but also he has an incredible ability to intellectually think and


Plan for Success: Students picked their classes for next school year. Photo by: J.P. Dussan

intimidated to start high school. They are not allowed to take Advanced Placement (AP) classes at PPCHS, depending on the student, freshmen should take some honors classes in the subjects of their strength. Another suggestion would be to take some of the required electives to graduate such as Fine Arts and HOPE to ease into a more demanding schedule. Freshmen should also take part in the many clubs and sports offered at PPCHS. As for sophomore year, students are accustomed to the way high school runs and so they should step up their course load by

Alumnus cycles cross-country for others Alexys Nowak STAFF WRITER

pared for this journey in hopes of making a difference. On June 1st, he and his team Every single time we hold a conversa- will make their way to Seattle, WA to begin tion, walk down the hallway or hop on a their 71 day journey to Washington, DC. bike to go for a ride, we are doing things Along the way, he and his team have made that people all over the world could only it their obligation to visit people with and without disabilities. wish to take part in. “I love the idea of More than 54 million riding for those who Americans are afcan’t,” Spears said. “I fected with disabilihave realized there is no ties that do not allow greater joy than making them to perform tasks friends and hanging out that most of the world with people who get the takes for granted. biggest smile on their Many individuals go face when they are able out of their way to to interact with you.” raise money and supThis past year has conport people suffering sisted of preparation from these disabilifor the upcoming chalties. Charter alumnus lenge. Justin has been Justin Spears, who training to handle the graduated in 2011, 7-mile-a-day journey. has joined a move“I have been cycling ment by becoming 20-60 miles a week as part of a non-profit well as lifting weights organization called “Push America.” Make an impact: PPCHS Alumnus Justin Spears and cross training while running and swimSince 1977, Push (left) participates in Push America and will be America has been riding his bike across the country. Photo donated ming,” he explained. From a PPCHS stuserving and reach- by: Olivia Wilson. ing out to people with disabilities while dent to a current FSU Seminole, Justin also taking on the challenge of changing Spears has grown to be a great inspiration. the way society views people who are dis- As June 1st approaches, he continues to raise money and awareness for people who abled. One of the many events that Push America are disabled. With his eyes set on the prize holds is the “Journey of Hope.” This cross -- leaving a lasting impression on the councountry bicycle trek has attracted thou- try -- Spears believes, “this will be a lifesands of people since 1987. Justin Spears changing experience for me and everyone I is one of the many individuals who has pre- come into contact with.” Jake Dreilinger News Editor

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The prestige of Ivy “League and Columbia’s location in NYC is something hard to overlook

- Joey Levy (‘13)

Graphic By: Nick D’Agostino

taking more honors classes and/or try an AP course such as AP World History or AP Biology. Some courses now require an End of Course Exam (EOC) so students should be aware of this requirement prior to signing up for these courses. “I am excited to be a sophomore next year and I think you should challenge yourself and try a course that you would never think you would take before,” says freshman Joey Levy. Both junior and senior year are equally important for a student’s high school career. Juniors and seniors should try to take as many APs and Honors courses as they can handle successfully, without putting a burden on themselves. Senior guidance counselor Mr. Greenbaum says that “Two AP courses are a good number that students should take. Depending on the type of student they are, they could take more than two. You have to keep in mind that there is a big difference from challenging yourself and overwhelming yourself.” This will help to make themselves marketable for colleges in the future. Upcoming juniors must also consider dual enrollment at Broward College as an option. Dual enrollment allows a student to take four or five

classes at PPCHS and one or two classes at any of Broward College’s various campus locations throughout the county. Early Admissions which is available to the upcoming seniors is when a student enrolls for all of their courses at Broward College but are considered a PPCHS student and are able to attend school events and participate in clubs and sports at school. In order to participate in either of those programs, a student needs a 3.0 un-weighted GPA, 11 high school credits, and a minimum score specified on either the SAT, ACT, or PERT respectively. Overall, each course you take in high school will prepare you for success in college. No matter what courses a student takes, they are creating their own unique path to victory. All students can always talk to their guidance counselor for advice on course selections. Whether a student is taking all APs and honors courses or simply taking the basic college preparatory curriculum, PPCHS will prepare every student for success in high school and beyond. Watch out for those blue cards -- they are the beginning of a successful academic journey.

Graduating seniors gear up for Grad Bash Angelique Berkowitz ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR

With only weeks away from a much anticipated event for the senior class, students are waiting to board tour buses on April 27th for a trip to Orlando. This event, held at Universal, commonly known as Grad Bash, occurs every year and is exclusive to the senior class graduating that year in May. In the previous graduating years, PPCHS has participated in Grad Nite which took place at the Disney World theme parks. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the Disney graduation event was cancelled because the increase in theme park attendance in the spring has made scheduling the after hour’s event for high school seniors increasingly difficult. The new tradition of attending Universal’s Grad Bash began last year and is just around the corner for this year’s graduating seniors. In preparation for Grad Bash, each senior who was eligible to attend the trip turned in $150 covering the cost of food, the bus ride and the theme park ticket. Students also had to turn in paperwork which included medical forms, a field trip permission form as well as a student contract. Once all money and forms were collected, seniors were able to choose the bus they wanted to ride on out of a total of seven buses. The final bus lists were then posted outside of room D114 where students were able to check to make sure they were on the right bus and see which of their fellow peers they would share the journey with. “I can’t believe Grad Bash is already here,” says senior Bryan Villa. “My brother graduated last year and went Grad Bash

and I’ve heard nothing but great things. I’m looking forward to spending time with my closest friends before we graduate in less than two months.” Seniors are to arrive at the bus loop around 2 p.m. on April 27th to board buses by 2:30 pm. The buses will then depart and make their way to Orlando while making a quick stop for students to use the restroom and grab a snack. Once arriving at Universal, the seniors will receive their passes and are to embark on their journey of fun. Students have the choice of hopping in between both parks- Universal Studios and Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Seniors all have the option of attending a live concert where international music sensation, Pitbull will be the musical guest. The seniors are also provided with meal passes where they are to choose from a list of restaurants to eat at. After a long night of riding all the theme park attractions, the grad event ends at around 2:00 am where the buses will depart back to PPCHS arriving at around 7 or 8 in the morning. Students were informed of the dress code as well as the rules and regulations in a brief senior assembly that took place weeks before the event. They are to follow all the rules or will be penalized and taken off the trip. “I’m really excited to experience Grad Bash,” says senior Kimberly Audette. “I’ve heard about Grad Nite which my brother attended his graduating year and it sounded like an amazing experience. I’m glad that we’re changing it up a bit and are attending different theme parks and am excited to spend time with my friends.”

The C. H. A. T. Staff

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Melissa Sullivan Web Managing Editor

April 2013

respond to a variety of issues, history, and life in general. He is mature and not just an amazing student, but an amazing young man as well. I adore him and I would clone him if I could.” While high school has been a very successful and motivating chapter of Levy’s life, he is ready to take on the challenges, responsibilities, and adventures university life will bring. As he works towards making his dreams come true, Levy will leave Pines Charter behind and look towards all that is to come.

Course planning leads to success As the school year comes to a close, freshman, sophomores, and juniors are all issued the large blue cards for course selections. These cards provide a student with an array of courses to pick from for the next school year. With so many options, students had two weeks to figure out a schedule that is academically rigorous and enjoyable at the same time. Students here at PPCHS want a college preparatory curriculum, but also want a class or two that they can personally enjoy. “I think it should be a balance between rigorous classes and rudimentary classes. You shouldn’t overload yourself because it is not good for you physically and mentally.” says junior Nicole Corrales. As the years go on, students seem to realize that colleges are becoming more competitive as students increase their course load, extracurricular activities, and SAT or ACT scores. For freshmen, they face a big change from middle to high school. With a larger campus, more challenging courses, and higher standards, freshmen may be a little

3 Student Life

Christopher Fernandez Video Editor Emily Semander Cartoonist

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Also in Features: The Case for the Traditional Family T.V. shows reflect nation’s changing opinions The Case for SameSex Marriage

Growing Bigger and Better with the GSA Cassidy-Rae Brantley STAFF WRITER

Since 2009, PPCHS has been privileged to have a club where anyone can go to in times of need and just be themselves. A club where no one is judged for how they are or what they choose to believe in; a safe place to go where you can be around accepting people, with no harassment for how you look or talk, a club that does more than focus on equality for people by bringing them together. The Gay/Straight Alliance club at PPCHS is more than just a place for lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transsexual teens (LGBT) to go and be with friends without fear of the outside world. The club was brought about by a group of students who wanted to have a GSA at the school to be a part of. In a desperate search for a sponsor to help them out, Media specialist Ms. Oltmans came to the rescue and got them going. After sponsoring the GSA for 4 years, she is proud of its great progress. “When it first started,” says Ms. Oltmans, “I had read a lot of research that GSA’s made schools safer for students who were homosexual and that just knowing the club was there, made them feel safe”. “I don’t remember what my expectations were for the club at first,” says senior and GSA historian Brianna Bauman. “But I just know that there were people there that shared the same beliefs when it comes to equality and forming an alliance between Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Straight

friends.” Thanks to Ms. Oltman’s guidance and dedication to the club, she has allowed the club to cover all its purposes and connect with other GSA’s around to work efficiently. “I’d like to see everyone have the same

One of the events that GSA does is the day of silence to honor the LGBT community. Photo By: Gaby Cabeza

rights and believe students should have somewhere where they can come and be

comfortable.” One way the club lets students get comfortable is with special group discussion meetings, where students, and sometimes even teachers have come to discuss their thoughts and feelings freely on whatever topic happens to come up that day. She also sees the club as an outlet for information to educate students on equal rights and on the LGBT community. With today’s recent news on the Gay Marriage rights and bill going around and catching people’s attention, members of GSA are optimistic. “I think it’s important to let our representatives know how we feel about the bill issues,” says Ms. Oltmans, who suggests that people who really care about what’s going on should write to our representatives and get their voice heard. “I’m hoping that it does get approved”, says GSA president Annelyn Martinez, “If gay marriage gets approved it would have a huge impact on society, especially the LGBT community because it has been a long wait for that to happen”. “A gay couple has just as much of a right to marriage as any heterosexual couple, because they love their partners just as much,” member Brianna believes. “Honestly, it should be just another one of those things that happens every day; it shouldn’t have an impact on your own life if you decide not to marry someone of the same sex!” Our GSA has participated in the Ft. Lauderdale GSA’s Diversity Day, a day where

5 Features

April 2013

all the GSA’s in the district come together, the Day of Silence, and the annual GSA leadership summits to help improve the club. They’re to thank for hosting the Valentine’s Day Dance for the past two years at the school, and for raising money for the AID’s foundation. A few times this school year, special guests have come to PPCHS. Just this past April 8th, HIV/AIDs educator Marc Paige paid a visit, lecturing on the importance of being aware of what’s going with STDs and how ones actions in their life if they’re not careful can lead to misfortunes such as contracting HIV/AIDS, the way he did. One of their events, coming up on April 19th, is Day of Silence, in which the club will be sponsoring and handing out materials to anyone who would like to participate. Day of Silence commemorates and remembers teens who have committed suicide from bullying and mistreatment because of their sexual orientation. “Everyone is invited to take part,” says Ms. Oltmans. Ms. Oltmans is thankful for all the school’s support in being able to do such activities, especially since some schools don’t even have a GSA. GSA President Annelyn is proud of the club’s progress. “My favorite part of GSA is the family that we’ve created in the club and how anyone can come into the club and feel welcomed.” The hope that the club remains giving that feeling is strong.

Geography Club hits the globe Chelsi Chang & Chelsie Ramos ENTERTAINMENT AND STUDENT LIFE EDITORS

It seems like students today have been making progressive strides towards addressing controversial topics. Recently, our very own Charter alumni, Gary and Edmund Entin, wrote and directed their own adaptation of the book, The Geography Club by Brent Hartinger. The film follows narrator Russell Middlebrook, a high school student that is struggling with a secret. While walking around with his life-changing secret, he encounters people in similar situations. Kevin is a not-so-typical high school football player, Min and Terese are abnormally close, and

your sexual orientation in high school in a good way. But I think that after watching the trailer, they have really transformed the story into something really good. They told me that they changed a lot but they want to wait until the premiere for me to see what changes they made. I am just very proud of everything that they have accomplished,” says Mrs. Thomas. Produced by Huffington Pictures, the movie has an all-star cast, including Megan Jette Martin (Camp Rock), Nikki Blonsky (Hairspray), and Alex Newell (Glee). The movie also features up and coming stars Cameron Deane Stewart, Andrew Caldwell, and Justin Deeley. The film was also shot in and around the Los

Photo By: Joshua Alleman

Ike is having trouble finding out who he is. What do all these kids have in common? They are all concealing their true sexuality. In fear of everyone finding out their secrets, they form The Geography Club, which is really a support group for homosexual teens. When word gets out that the club doesn’t actually find a particular interest in geography, Russell faces the issue of letting the world know who he really is. “We are very, very excited about this movie because it’s based on a book, which I read. Once they told me they were going to be writing a screen play on it, I read the book, and I thought it was okay. But there really aren’t many novels out there that depict what it’s like to deal with

Angeles area. “I think that it’s really cool that they were able to get too become such big and main stars that have an influence. It just makes me believe that I can do anything,” says junior, Adriana D’meza. The movie will be featured at the Miami Gay and Lesbian film festival. The movie is also set to be released later this year. Lucky for Charter, Gary and Edmund Entin are willing to allow PPCHS’s Gay Straight Alliance club to have a private screening of the movie. Charter has had a lot of students walk out of these doors into success. On behalf of PPCHS, we congratulate the Entin brothers on their continuous success! Maybe one day, similar stories will be told about you!

Graphs By: William McKinley


April 2013


It’s not just Barbie

Same-Sex Marriage goes to the Supreme Court Haley Coolidge STAFF WRITER

All around the world many people fight for their rights and equality. One fight that has been making headlines in the news lately is the right to marry within the same sex. Supporters have lined the streets of various countries such as France, South Africa and Canada with signs protesting on what they think is right. Not only have protesters gone to the streets, supporters and opponents have taken human rights topic and spread it through the technology world. With posts on various social media networks such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, supporters of gay marriage are making their voices heard. The numbers of supporters have also jumped in the senate. Just last year, only 15 senators backed gay marriage and now it’s up to 50 ( “People should be allowed to marry whoever they choose; there shouldn’t be any judgment towards them. Everyone should be allowed to be happy,” says Student 1. Although there are opposing views on the matter, the government still has the final say. The topic was formally introduced to the public during the last Presidential election. With one candidate against these laws and the other for it, people were put to the test on choosing a side based on their beliefs. The portion of the voters that were for gay marriage shifted more towards Obama’s side instead of Romney’s. Obama’s view on gay marriage is equality and marriage rights being decided by the states. Romney’s differing views were based on the constitution’s amendments; he also thought that the laws of marriage shouldn’t be left up to the federal governments ( “I disagree with the same sex marriage laws that are trying to be passed. I don’t agree with the law because it contradicts with the constitution rights and all laws made in the United States aren’t supposed to change the Constitutions Amendments,” says Student 2. The election wasn’t the only time that same sex marriage had been announced to the government world. This past March the Supreme Court informed the media that they would hear a case on same sex marriage. The Supreme Court Justices began to hear the case on the morning of March 27 and are still hearing it until a final decision is made ( As the days pass, the court

1973 Maryland became the first state to define marriage as the union between a man and a woman, making gay marriage illegal. Later, thirty states would pass constitutional amendments regarding gay marriage.

1973 Prior to and throughout the 20th century, homosexuality was seen as a mental disorder that failed to bring up solid evidence of how it affected the brain. From the 1970’s on, the general opinion was that homosexuality was a normal dissimilarity of human sexual orientation. In 1973, homosexuality was no longer listed as a mental disorder by the American Psychiatric Association.

seems to be going back to one issue; the law. In 1996 a law was made about who should be allowed to be married and who shouldn’t. The law was called “The Defense of Marriage Act” and it recognizes only the marriage of opposite sex couples for more than 1,000 federal laws and programs (nytimes. com). The Defense of Marriage Act was used in all states except Hawaii. Some of the Justices are for the idea of same sex marriage, while others are worried about the consequences of changing the laws and if this case in particular has a constitutional leg to stand on. Such as Justice Kennedy who said, “You are at real risk with running in conflict with what has always been thought to be the essence of state power, which he said was to regulate marriage, divorce and custody” ( Before the Supreme Court decided to hear this case, nine states and the District of Columbia had already passed laws at the federal level allowing same sex marriages (upi. com). After certain states passed these laws, same sex couples wishing to get married either moved to those states or started to protest for the same rights in their state ( “Same sex marriage should be accepted and allowed in all states, and this shouldn’t be up to one person to decide. I also think that people should be able to live their life freely,” says Student 3. After this case is decided, the United States will be faced with the final decision of the Justices. Their final decision could bring change or set a precedent in the U.S., fulfilling some dreams or turning down others.

The Glee for gays in the Modern F Victoria Alvarez LIFESTYLE EDITOR

As families gather around their televisions, plop down on their couches, and bring out the popcorn to watch their favorite primetime series, there seems to be a reccurring theme of happy couples in the shows. However, today’s society has taken a new twist: happy homosexual couples. On television shows such as Glee, Modern Family, and New Normal, main characters on the show play a vital role in representing the homosexual community. Many shows and movies have made a move on a bold choice, straying from the classical look of a male and female together to a look of two males or two females in love. Characters such as teenagers Kurt, Blaine, and Santana on the hit TV show Glee on Fox have shown relationships of true depth and love, no matter what the gender. Whether it’s Blaine professing his love for Kurt through a slow song while playing the piano, or Santana performing a dance number in hopes of getting her girlfriend back, Brittany, the show depicts the love lives of different teenage couples in high school and college. “I absolutely love Glee. I’ve been watching the show since it first aired, and I can proudly say that my favorite couple on the show has always been Kurt and Blaine,” expressed Female Student 1. “The love that they have for each other is so real, and I feel like there are a lot of homosexual couples that can relate to them and their relationship. It’s a beautiful thing that those two characters share.” In the Glee 3D Concert Movie, many “Gleeks” were interviewed to share their stories and love for the series. One of the interviewees was a male who wanted to share his life’s obstacles with all of his fellow Glee lovers. After telling of the torture and trouble he endured while in school after coming out with his sexuality, he explained that his favorite character on the show was Kurt. Not only had Kurt endured bullying, but he also embraced who he was as a person, something that the interviewee had greatly admired. Many people across the world are inspired by the Glee characters and their words and actions throughout each

obstacle that they overcome. However, in today’s social media, Glee is not the only show that advocates gay equality through homosexual relationships between characters. Modern Family, a TV show on ABC that is loved nationwide, does not the share stories of love triangles between high school and college students, but instead the life of two male partners who have adopted a daughter. Although there are many characters in the show, Mitchell and Cameron show many viewers what a partnership between two people is really like. Both men balance each other out in the best ways, showing that they fit perfectly together. While Mitchell is uptight and overprotective, Cameron is bubbly

and completely care free – but opposites do attract. Both Mitchell and Cameron have a strong bond and passionate love for another. This affection led them to adopting a Vietnamese baby girl named Lily, the daughter that they are now raising together. While the show Glee shows the presence of homosexuality in teenagers, Modern Family gives viewers a look of what an actual life for gay couples can be like. The show depicts a happy gay couple who have settle down and

1978 Advancements were made that allowed homosexuals to become biological parents. This process entails the fertilization of an egg outside the body. The first successful birth done this way was Louise Brown. The physiologist Robert G. Edwards was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for his medical genius.

1979 On October 14, between 75,000 and 125,000 homosexual and homosexual supporters rallied in the streets of Washington demanding equal civil rights. These protesters demanded a repeal on all anti-gay laws, and asked for laws to be put in place that prohibited discrimination of sexual orientation. The march began on Fourth Street, passed the White House and ended around the Reflecting Pool.

e and Ken anymore

Family becomes the New Normal made a life with one another. “My mother and I started watching Modern Family together and we’re definitely addicted to it. One of our favorite storylines on the show is the relationship between Mitchell and Cameron,” shared Male Student 1. “No matter what the gender, love is love and it’s nice to see someone put that on TV for the entire world to see.” The new television show, New Normal, has also touched the hearts of millions of viewers as it airs on NBC. The two main characters, Bryan and David are a happy gay couple who have successful careers and a nice life ahead of them. However, they were missing one thing: a baby. Later in the series, another

main character, Goldie, decides to become the couple’s gestational surrogate and give them the baby that they’ve been longing for. New Normal comments on sensitive issues like surrogacy and gay marriage. “I think that the show New Normal gives people a very realistic view on gay couples in today’s society,” said Female Teacher 1. “There are many couples out there today that have either used a surrogate, or are planning to use one in the future. Homosexual or not,

many couples are embracing the gift of life and doing all in their power to bring a bundle of joy into their homes as well.” According to the Huffingtonpost, shows such as Glee, Modern Family, and New Normal are having a “direct impact on audiences’ stances on the LGBT community,” because of a new poll that was conducted. As the Hollywood Reporter is reporting, “27 percent of viewers surveyed said that gay TV made them more in favor of gay marriage, while 12 percent said they felt more opposed.” This finding shows that the presence of gay couples in TV shows and movies is beginning to effect society and their views on gay marriage. The results also showed an interesting split along party lines, too: Obama voters are twice as likely to watch Modern Family as Romney voters are, twice as likely to watch Glee, and three times more likely to watch The New Normal. This political finding is most likely due to the fact that President Obama openly stated his support for same-sex marriage to the public back in May of 2012. During an interview with ABC News Obama stated, “At a certain point I’ve just concluded that for me, personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married.” According to ABC News, Obama had once opposed same-sex marriage but had then stated his views were “evolving.” He stated that his thinking shifted when he witness committed same-sex couples. Many critics are starting to believe that that is how many people’s opinions are changing now. Seeing the committed and totally-in-love same-sex couples on television, especially after getting to know the character is the reason why many audiences have been changing their views on gay marriage. As more episodes air and more audiences tune in, views on same-sex marriage may continue to be influenced day by day. After getting to know characters in shows, many viewers may begin to change their minds on classical couples, turning to the new twist of the oh-so-happy homosexual couple.

1981 An AIDS outbreak scared many. Most of the victims that suffered from AIDS were gay men. In one year alone, AIDS took the lives of almost 100,000 people. At first, AIDS was labeled as a Gay Related Immune Deficiency, however scientists soon found out that AIDS was prevalent all over the world.

1993 U.S. military enacts the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy within the army. Officially put into place on December 21, 1993, this policy was placed into power regarding gays in the military. It basically stated that military applicants should not disclose their sexual orientation if they were not straight. The act also called for the discharge of a solider if they mentioned their orientation.

CHAT Editorials:

7 Features

April 2013

An equal education for all? Looghermine Claude STAFF WRITER

‘College, Citizenship, Community’. Words Pines Charter students hear every day and recognize as their school motto. In there you find the word ‘community’. A community is a group of people living together, one that practices common ownership. Common ownership entails that all members of the community join together to do things like fix the local environment, better the living spaces, and raise children. In the Pines Charter community and those around the world, people are bonding together to improve the lives of children and allow them to grow up to be mature and accomplished adults. However, there is a problem with the work in other communities. Today in other schools across America, teen members of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) group are being harassed and bullied in schools, even to the point of suicide. A school is supposed to be a safe learning environment for all students, but many LGBT students don’t feel that way. Their sexual orientation makes them susceptible to bullying from others who don’t like those who are not heterosexual. Gay students may undergo verbal and physical harassment everyday affecting their self-esteem. This causes a permanent change in the person’s view of themselves, life, and school. “Students who also fall into the gay, bisexual, lesbian or transgendered identity groups report being five times as more likely to miss school because they feel unsafe after being bullied due to their sexual orientation. About 28 percent out of those groups feel forced to drop out of school altogether.” ( “I have felt like I have been bullied at school for being gay,” says Male Student 1. “My friends and dancing help me get through the tough times.” According to, “…gay and lesbian teens are two to three times as more likely to commit teen suicide than other youth…[and] 30 percent of all completed suicides have been related to sexual identity crisis.” Even one glance online showing results of ‘teen suicides committed by gays’ pulls up a torrent of news articles telling the tragic story of a teen bullied into committing suicide because of their sexuality. This is not a political problem, or even a religious

problem, but an ethical and human rights problem. The average life span for a person in the United States is about 78 years, but about 450 teens commit suicide yearly and only live a fifth of their lifetime because of their sexuality. Students have the right to live through their high school career and beyond and have a happy, healthy, and long life. It’s discrimination when students are bullied into taking their own life. Luckily, there are places where teens can turn to for guidance and for support. There are GSA groups in schools around the nation who are bonding together with LGBT students and non LGBT students to promote the well-being, safety, and support of those who are searching for a safe zone. On May 1, the Pines Charter GSA and other GSA’s in the community will be joining up for a Diversity Day. Diversity Day is when all the groups come together to celebrate who they are no matter what sexual orientation, race, or gender they are. “It gets better, you won’t even see the people in a few years,” says Female Student 1. When students at PPCHS and all around think of school, they should image a safe haven for them no matter who they are. Students should not be afraid to enter their high school every morning because they feel like they will be judged or bullied. Communities need to come together and practice common ownership by not only having gay students live through high school but teaching others to accept and respect teens of the LGBT community. It’s time for gay students to gain the same respect as their straight peers and finally get the equal life opportunities and education that they should.

1993 Hawaii took a second look at their state law banning same sex marriage with claims that it may be unconstitutional. Instead of striking down the ban, the State Supreme Court sent it back to court for review.

1996 On September 21, 1996, Bill Clinton enacted the Defense of Marriage Act, which defined marriage as a union of one man and one woman. DOMA was created to let the public know that the United States would not recognize marriages that were not between one man and one woman.


April 2013



The Case for the Traditional Family STAFF WRITER

Make no mistake: the ongoing deliberation over gay marriage in our country is an essential one. We have heard already and will continue to hear gay marriage advocates supporting “marriage equality” and the “freedom to marry.” We will hear their opponents attacked as out-of-touch with fundamental minority rights and unconcerned with the welfare of America’s gay and lesbian communities. They will make marriage between a man and a woman into a discrimination issue and note that same-sex couples are not entitled to the federal benefits of the tax code that heterosexual couples are. They will then cite the need for an upheaval of American society’s outlook on marriage. And they, with all due respect, will be wrong. In the United States, there exists no right of a person to marry more than one spouse, even if they love more than one person. Likewise, a 23-year-old and a 17-year-old have no unabridged right to be married, regardless of an existing romantic connection. And nontraditional families who enter into a civil union as a means of practicality rather than as a means of being sexual partners are also not entitled to the federal tax benefits enjoyed by married couples. Are these restrictions on marriage also unjust? Do not these laws infringe on an individual’s so-called “freedom to marry?” Common sense says of course not. But the gay marriage movement has gained traction in this era of social politics not because of a moral awakening but because of the more relaxed attitude toward what used to be family values. In recent decades, as Americans have embraced full-blown consumerism, become less and less religious, become entrenched in social networking and adopted more hedonistic lifestyle philosophies (as indicated especially by high divorce and out-of-wedlock birth rates), the perfect storm has been created for the nonreligious left to push their social programs. They champion a movement that has capitalized on cultural decay. Contrary to their beliefs, however, the argument over what makes up a marriage was never a civil rights debate. Take, for example, when Barack Obama (who has come to support gay marriage in his presidency after changing his mind on the issue several times throughout his political career) in a closed-

2000 Vermont was the first state to introduce civil unions and to legalize it. The introduction of same sex marriage came from the court case Baker vs. Vermont in which Baker accused that not allowing gay marriage was a violation of rights. This decision sparked anger and the slogan ‘Take Back Vermont’ became ever-present within the state. Posters and car stickers with the slogan were sold at five dollars apiece.

2000 The Netherlands became the first country in the world to legalize same sex marriage. Local governments are required to perform same sex marriage weddings. Within the first 6 months, gay marriage increased by 3.6%

door meeting in San Francisco said that, “It’s not surprising then that they get bitter. They cling to guns or religion,” referring to antigun control backers and religious southerners. When the president of the United States and the face of modern secular progressivism himself asserts such elitist intellectual superiority over the Bible belt conservatives with whom he disagrees, it portrays clearly the attitude of secular forces in the marriage debate. It was never about civil rights because it was always about imposing the secular agenda on political opponents. Such negative attitudes toward the role of religion as a vital component of worldview and the nonchalant approach toward what can constitute a marriage would hurt American society much more than help it. Progressives who trample on the American family by interpreting the social foundation of the country as a shameful discriminatory practice often allude to the Constitution in their misguided effort. But does anyone really think that the founders of the republic would have supported an idea like gay marriage? “Avarice, ambition, revenge, and licentiousness,” wrote John Adams, “would break the strongest cords of our Constitution, as a whale goes through a net. Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Throughout the course of human history, there has not been a civilization that has come close to achieving what our country has without a durable family structure as its cornerstone. And in the secular liberal program a sheer ignorance of such history is plainly exposed; for how could social ex-

perimentation with what was formerly the world’s most exceptional culture bode well for a better future? “The union of a man and a woman is privileged and recognized by society as ‘mar-

riage’ for a reason, and it’s not because the government has a vested interest in celebrating the love between two people,” wrote Harvard-educated Baltimore Ravens center Matt Birk in a commentary piece for the StarTribune. “With good reason, government recognizes marriages and gives them certain legal benefits so they can provide a stable, nurturing environment for the next generation of citizens: our kids.” Consider the following elements of the federal tax code: • If a child is the dependent of taxpayers, up

to $3,800 of their income is exempt from federal taxes. • Taxpayers with dependent children under age 13 can get a tax credit for up to two children. • Taxpayers can get up to a $1,000 per child tax credit for dependent children under age 17. • Taxpayers can get an education tax credit for dependent children going to college. • Taxpayers can deduct student loan interest paid for their dependent children’s postsecondary education. Do such parts of the tax code discriminate against same sex couples or against couples with no children? The answer is yes, and it is for good reason. Our society recognizes that raising a child can be exhausting financially. We also understand, by virtue of nearly every study done on the subject, that children who have their two biological parents present in the household enjoy more success than does any other subgroup of children. As well as being the institution by which a man and woman are forever bound to one another, traditional marriage is more than a contract; it is the ideal establishment for the welfare of the future generations of American citizens. It is the primary agent of harmony, structure, and peace. Marriage is the legal recognition of the most special, natural, and exclusive relationship inherent in the human race. Civil unions are the answer for gay Americans, and for the sake of being the best America we can be, rebuilding traditional marriage, not redefining it, is the antidote to today’s social ills. Turning Western society’s chief social stronghold into a civil rights injustice would only accelerate the cultural degradation that many traditionalists now see as irreversible. It would give life to a socially progressive undertaking bent on uprooting the JudeoChristian philosophy that the country was founded on and has served the Western world so well for so long. An institution that has endured for thousands of years and withstood the test of time is likely an integral part of a prosperous and superior nation and it is not to be tampered with. It is time to take a step back and comprehend how much marriage means to us, and it is imperative that America’s greatest vehicle for social stability and a brighter future be preserved.

2010 Modern Family features a gay couple with a baby as one of the main characters of the show. Since, then the show has been a top-rated show, receiving many awards such as American Television Critics Association. Mitt and Ann Romney have admitted to loving to watch the show together.

2009 Popularly known as Proposition 8, government of California legalized gay marriage by court decision and then banned the ballot by measure. After this ruling, many same-sex couples filed lawsuits against the government of California.


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April 2013

The Case for Same-Sex Marriage STAFF WRITER

“The freedom to marry has long been recognized as one of the vital personal rights essential to the orderly pursuit of happiness by free men.” -- Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren The time has come to end the discrimination against gay and lesbian citizens. It has been too long that gay and lesbian couples have had to take a back seat to heterosexual couples, and I believe it to be the civil rights issue of our time. Since President Obama announced his support for same-sex marriage three years ago, many people have begun to change their views on this highly emotional issue. Even before this announcement, support for same-sex marriage was on the rise for the better part of the last decade. Recent polls show as high as 58% of people who now support gay marriage, which is up considerably from just four years ago. This overwhelming support comes a lot from young people--69% of adults under the age of thirty support gay marriage as well. This support has also come from many of our politicians. A majority of senators now support gay marriage, as do the President and the Vice President. There are many reasons to support gay marriage. For one, same sex couples do not have access to many of the rights that married couples enjoy. There are over 1,000 legal rights married couples have access to, including many tax credits and exemptions that can save a lot of money. Examples include over fifty distinct income tax deductions, credits, and exemptions, and the right to receive spousal support and equitable division of property and alimony in the case of divorce. Currently, doctors can prevent people in a same-sex relationship from even seeing their sick or dying partner while in the hospital. This happened in a real case when Holly Gunner was, by law, not entitled to see her dying partner of fifteen years while she was dying in the hospital (Arguing Equality). With all the progress we have made in civil rights, it is sad to see that we still treat gays as second class citizens in this regard. One of the most ridiculous arguments used by same-sex marriage opponents is the slippery slope argument that if gays are allowed to marry, legislators will never be able to

draw the line. I mean, if same-sex marriage is legal, what’s going to stop a man from marrying a horse, right? Or having 5 wives? Or marrying the toaster he is so in love with? Using the logic of same-sex marriage oppo-

nents, the world might just end if same-sex marriage is made legal. The point is, the argument of, “where do we draw the line,” can be used to justify virtually anything, and is an almost laughable point for the other side. Another argument same-sex opponents make is that marriage revolves around the ability to procreate. I guess since this is true, all people over the age of 50 should not be allowed to get married, because they obviously are not procreating. Also, if you are unable to have children, you should be forced to get a divorce, according to this twisted logic.

2012 President Obama becomes the first president to openly support gay marriage and has, since then, done many things to further the gay agenda. He has continuously tried to overturn all gay marriage bans. He has also hosted a Gay Pride Reception at the White House.

2011 After 18 years of silence, “Don’t ask, don’t tell” ends. Famously, a gay service member came out to his father via YouTube. This video went viral and the phrase “areyousurprised” became popular on Facebook and Twitter in reference to the video.

I believe the most compelling argument in favor same-sex marriage revolves around the children. Children who were adopted by same-sex parents want to see their parents married, because with marriage comes respect in the community. We owe it to the nearly 200,000 children living with gay parents to allow same-sex marriage. A study done by the American Academy of Pediatrics confirmed this notion, stating that allowing gay couples to marry is in the best interest of their children. In a statement, the AAP concluded that, “More than 30 years of social science research tells us that the children [raised by openly gay and lesbian parents] have the same outcomes, the same positive outcomes, as children raised by opposite-sex couples.” While critics say this will lead to more gay adoptions, they fail to realize that these children who are not adopted will end up in orphanages or foster-care (Bloomberg). Also, gay marriage increased the money that can become available to their children. Because, as we discussed earlier, married couples are entitled to economic benefits such as spousal insurance eligibility and financial continuity if a spouse dies or is disabled, the children are better protected from economic catastrophe. Many opponents of same-sex marriage will say that we do not have the right to change the traditional definition of marriage between a man and a woman, the way it is written about in the Bible. But since the beginning of our country, the Founding Fathers made it clear that there would be a separation between Church and State, and therefore the religious aspects of marriage should be left out of the conversation. No matter

how much my opponent may talk about marriage and its traditional definition from the Bible, marriage and religion are unrelated in America. While the Constitution does grant us the right to freely practice the religion of our choice, it also prohibits us from forcing our own beliefs on others (Ted Olson). Some opponents also add that same-sex marriage would hurt marriage between heterosexual couples, and the sanctity of marriage needs to be protected at all costs. In fact, over 50% of marriages end in divorce, and the number of children born out of wedlock is at an all-time high--so I would argue that the sanctity of marriage has already been significantly weakened. Also, one in four children in this country are raised by single parents (CBS News). People on both sides of this debate agree that it is better for children to be raised with two parents in the home, which is what would happen if samesex marriage were allowed. Furthermore, in no way would allowing homosexual couples to marry stop heterosexual couples from wanting to marry. It is an argument that has no validity and frankly makes no sense. Opponents of gay marriage will suggest a civil union to solve this problem: but this is not enough. Civil unions give a couple many benefits enjoyed by those of heterosexual couples, but it does not provide them with the equality they deserve. Although couples in civil unions would have access to federal benefits, these rights would not be recognized in every state. By limiting same-sex couples to civil unions, we are sending the message that they do not deserve the recognition of marriage like everyone else, and therefore their relationships are second class. Gays cannot choose to be homosexual any more than the rest of us choose to be heterosexual. If we do not allow same-sex marriage, then we are discouraging homosexuals from creating relationships that we encourage for others and cherish as a society. We are belittling their relationships--saying they are not worthy to those of heterosexuals. We cannot move forward as a nation if we continue to demean the homosexual members of our communities by not allowing them the opportunity to marry the people they love. This is not a Democrat or Republican issue, this is an American issue. And we have the power to change it--by supporting same-sex marriage.

2013 President Obama historically mentioned his support for gay rights in his Inaugural Address. Obama became the first president to ever mention gays, let alone call them “our gay brothers and sisters.”

2013 The Supreme Court opens its ears towards argument on Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act. Plaintiff Kris Perry plans to attend and speak on behalf of the homosexual community.

Not so “fun in the sun”


The skin is the largest organ of the human body. It completely covers and protects a person, serving as a shield for damaging germs and harmful environments. However, no matter how much skin protects humans,

many people are forgetting to return the favor. Skin cancer is the most common of all cancers. Each year, millions of Americans are diagnosed with different types of the disease. This is the result of neglect, unawareness,

and forgetfulness while spending long amounts of time in the sun. As summer rolls around the corner, it’s important that teenagers take care of their skin while spending their days at the beach and pool.

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Give it a rest, and let go of the stress

There’s a shark in the water!

In Florida, it’s no secret that the sun is always shining. The heat casts itself over the state and sits on the poolside chairs and lies on the grainy sand along the beach.

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Vaccines, Autism have little connection

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April 2013

Not so “fun in the sun” Continued From Page 10... The sun rays that cause the heat, although invisible, can also cause short-term or long-term effects to a person’s skin. The short-term effects that sun damage can cause are sunburns, painful reddening and burning of the skin, a burn that requires a topical cream to help cool the skin down. When the burn begins to go away after a few days, the skin will begin to peel, and eventually the skin will return to normal. “I’m almost always at the beach. I love to lay in the sand with my friends and just enjoy the sun and the water, but I hate when sunburn ruins the fun. It’s painful,” said junior Katlyn Vasallo. “I hate having to go home, apply cream, and take cold showers. Lately I’ve been trying to apply more sunscreen so that I can leave the beach or the pool in safe and healthy skin.” Although sunburns are the most common effect that people experience from too much sunlight, it is more harmful than many may think. According to, one of the leading causes of skin cancer is severe sunburns from a person’s past. Other causes include unprotected/and or excessive exposure to Ultraviolet radiation (tanning booths) or pale skin that is easily burned. Basking in the sun and lying in the sand may be the best way to spend one’s summer, it’s important to remember that protection and health comes first. Being tan may be the most important thing to every teen in South Florida, but being tan isn’t going to matter when you’re in the hospital with melanoma. There are many ways that people, especially Floridians, can have fun in the sun while staying healthy and burnfree.

• Slip! Slop! Slap! Rules: It’s important to slip on a shirt; clothing can protect your skin very effectively and is one of the best ways to practice sun safety. Slopping on some sunscreen and lip balm with extensive protection (sun protection factor, SPF 30 or higher, but not higher than 90) 30 minutes before an outdoor activity can ensure good protection of the skin as well. During the activities, it’s also important to reapply the sunblock about every two hours, especially if you are placed in direct sunlight. Slap on a hat! Placing a hat on your head is a great way to protect your face from damaging sun rays. The skin on your face tends to be very sensitive, so it’s vital that you take all the necessary precautions to protect it.

Sunscreen: Always apply suncreen correctly, according to the directions printed on the bottle. Photo by: Gaby Cabeza

• The shadow rule: Although it may sound silly at first, if your shadow is shorter than you are, the sun rays are at their strongest. When this happens, it’s important to either take a break from the sun or reapply sun block and other skin protecting objects and/or clothing. “I’ve known about the shadow rule since I was a little girl, every time I notice that my shadow is shorter than I am, I make sure to go put on a hat and reapply some sunscreen. I try to protect my skin as much as possible,” said junior Melanie Almonte.

• Avoid artificial tanning: Sources of UV light such as tanning beds and sun lamps are extremely dangerous. The UV lights are strong and can cause your skin to go through much damage.

Protecting your skin: Always protect your skin when engaging in outdoor activities, no matter what the weather is. Photo by: Gaby Cabeza

Spray tans: Spray thans are dangerous, so be sure to be safe when tanning. Photo by: Gaby Cabeza

Following those steps, provided by the American Cancer Society (ACS), can lower the risks and even prevent people from being diagnosed with skin cancer. Basal and squamous cell skin cancers, which are cancers found at the base of the outer layer of the skin develop on sun exposed areas of the skin, mostly around the facial area (neck, ears, lips, etc.) Although they can be cured if detected and treated early, basal or squamous skin cancer can be prevented by proper protecting from the sun and other UV light rays. The American Cancer Society is taking three important steps to ensure the safety of all Americans when it comes to the sun, UV rays, and skin cancers. Through education, advocacy, and service ACS is trying to reach out to all people to help them realize the importance of sun safety. As summer comes around and the sun settles in, there’s no better time to bring out the sun screen, hats, and t-shirts, and enjoy a warm, and healthy, season.

There’s a shark in the water! Joshua Alleman MANAGING EDITOR-LAYOUT

The Atlantic Ocean has been painted black by the huge masses of sharks that have been migrating recently; tens of thousands of sharks of all species are moving in their annual migration to the north. Shark sightings on South Florida beaches are not uncommon, but the number of sightings has skyrocketed due to the sharks passing by. The reason that this migration has caught people by shock is because it usually takes place earlier in the year and ends sooner. Sharks can be found in as little as a few feet of water, making it very dangerous for beach-goers to swim in the waters. Because of this, many beaches have been temporarily shut down or have restricted areas to lower the risk of a shark attack. There have been numerous shark incidents in the past, but as the years have gone by, many people

have learned that violent creait is always best to tures; they stay out of the water will not go out when a shark is spotof their way ted. Although they to attack you are only doing what unless they they have to survive, are provoked. sharks are deadly Sharks kill when they feel less people a threatened, causing year than hipthem to react in viopos do,” said lent ways. junior David In 2012, Florida had Dienemann. the most unprovoked This shark shark attacks in its migration is history; a total of 25, nothing to but none were fatal. worry about; Shark sightings: PPCHS reminds its students to be careful “Everyone gives when on the beach. Photo by: Carli Stander it is a natural sharks a bad rap, but event that octhey are some of the most majestic animals curs each year. The sharks simply want in the world. The way they can swallow to follow their food sources and travel to their prey whole is unrivaled in the animal warm waters. Blacktip, spinner, hammerrealm and is amazing, but they are not just head, bull, lemon, and tiger sharks are of-

ten found in the migration; they will make their way back down in the winter months because the waters around the equator are warmer. “During the annual migration, they hang onto the coast and follow the baitfish, which makes them super-easy to see, especially when they get brought together in a tight group, says Shari Tellman, a researcher at Florida Atlantic University's Elasmo branch Research Laboratory, or ‘the shark lab.’" ( ) “Sharks are amazing creatures and we don’t need to fear them; they are just moving in their natural pattern and then they will leave so we should just let them migrate and not mess with them. I think this will all blow over quickly. If people stay out of the water and pay attention to their surroundings, I do not think there will be any shark accidents this year,” said junior Junaid Khan. Next time you go to the beach, look for the signs and stay safe in the waters.

Autism Awareness takes a jump start Andrea Bellorin STAFF WRITER

To highlight the growing need for concern and awareness about autism, the Autism Society has been celebrating National Autism Awareness Month every April since the 1970s, according to the Autism Society website. The United States recognizes the month as a special opportunity for everyone to educate themselves about autism and issues within the autism community. Autism is a developmental disorder that appears in the first three years of life of a child and affects the brain’s normal development of social and communication skills. Autism is defined by a certain set of behaviors and is a “spectrum disorder” that affects individuals differently and to varying degrees. Although there is no known single cause of autism, increased aware-

ness and funding has helped many families all across the nation. “Everyone should be aware of the National Autism Awareness month. It is important to take note of these special months and help fund families that have a child suffering from Autism,” said junior Hunter Morales. According to the Autism Society, in March 2012, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued their Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) Autism prevalence report. The report concluded that the prevalence of Autism had risen to 1 in every 88 births in the United States and almost 1 in 54 boys. The spotlight shown on Autism as a result of the occurrence increase opens opportunities for the nation to consider how to serve these families that have been affected by Autism.

Now is the time to get involved in the Autism community. You can visit the Autism Society’s Event Calendar and see what’s going on locally in your area through www.autism-society. org. You can also reach out to your local affiliate and sign up for Autism Society’s Free E-Newsletter with the latest updates on news, advocacy, research, education, conferences, and resources. Join the Autism Society in getting involved with the autism community this April and help

make a positive change for many families. What better time to volunteer and get involved than Autism Awareness Month?

Cartoon by: Emily Semander


April 2013


Give it a rest, and let go of the stress Troy Bottom SPORTS EDITOR

Wake up, freshen up, take a shower, eat, go to school, go to practice, babysit, do your homework, study for a test, and that is just Tuesday. A typical student’s schedule can consume a whole day and this can correlate to tons of stress. The competition for top spots in athletics, academics, and extracurricular is at a level never seen before. On top of excelling in something specific in life, one must still be able to balance grades, family time, and a social life. Some students’ chaotic schedules can create loads of stress. In fact, five times as many students suffer from unrealistic optimism, depression, and stress than students

Graphic by: Armando Urena

did in the 70’s and 80’s (USA today). In response to this new national epidemic, the month of April has been adopted as Stress Awareness month. So what is wrong with students now? Has society changed this drastically in a span of 20 years to seriously alter stress levels in adolescents this much? A study done by the NY times believes test taking and the increase in student competition for scholarships and college acceptance could be the cause. “I know balancing between football and school and still trying to have a social life is difficult for me,” said sophomore Tanner Redding. “I just try not to stress that much and try to get my priorities in check.” With more and more teens being clinically diagnosed with depression, people have been taking notice, and as a result have made the month of April, Stress Awareness month. Starting over ten years ago, health care professionals and health promotion experts have been trying to inform the public of this new epidemic and ways to lower stress levels. Here are some tips to help all stressed out students lower stress levels, given by www.

• Get a hobby: Get your mind off of your everyday life and find a hobby you truly love that can distract you from everyday struggles. A hobby can also give you the ability to vent and let that stress and pain flow from you and onto a canvas or in the way of a song. • Exercise and get active: Exercise has been proven to change people’s moods, attitudes, and personality. After a workout you feel energized and more alert and it has been proven by nutrient experts and scientists that exercise makes people genuinely happier. •Help someone else: Lend a hand to anyone around you. The feeling of giving and sacrifice is a feeling unmatched and as you help one less fortunate or who is hurting, you may realize your situation isn’t so bad. •Organize your world: Keep everything in a certain place and organize your priorities in your life. When things are clustered all over such as school work or a busy schedule, your mind mimics it and also becomes clustered.

“Students today stress about things they cannot control, they

have to understand that they can control what they eat, exercise, and sleep, and if students manage those things and not worry about the inevitable, their lives will be less stressful.”

- Guidance Director, Mrs. Thomas

Vaccines, Autism have little connection Gabriela Garcia FEATURES EDITOR

It all began many years ago, when the rumor spread like wildfire. Frantic and flabbergasted doctors made claims that linked the well-known MMR vaccine to the developmental disorder of the disease all parents fear: Autism. After years of dispute, countless court cases, criticized doctors and scientists, and endless frustrations, the truth has been elucidated. Doctors from all parts of the world are more than happy to say that the MMR vaccine takes no responsibility for and holds no ties to Autism. MMR is a simple acronym for a crucial vaccine, one that is supposed to prevent measles, mumps and rubella for a lifetime. This magic potion is given to babies between the ages of 12-15 months. How terrifying it is then to know that the first signs of Autism in a child surface around the age of 5-18 months! Concerns arose and theories were formed, but all of the scares have been taken care of. The closeness of these dates are simply coincidental and just

so happen to be very creepy; it’s traits like these that set all loving parents and curious doctors into a hectic commotion for the truth. A small British study conducted in 1998 accused the MMR vaccine of triggering the early stages of Autism in a child. However, According to Medline Plus, a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine, it turns out that both children with and without Autism have had the same exposure to vaccine antigens. It is evident that the child’s possession of the disease remains independent of the injection of the vaccine. Across the world, there are many who are determined to negate this. Italy’s court has found proof of the link between MMR and the disease, and has determined their stance on the issue to be immutable. The majority of their proof rests on one judicial case concerning Valentino Bocca and his parents claiming that MMR is responsible for his being autistic. The judge, Judge Lucio Ardigo said that it was “conclusively

established” that Valentino was the victim hold strong evidence against the claim. of an “autistic disorder associated with The important thing to know is such: the medium cognitive delay”… all thanks to majority of the world’s scientists have assured that MMR is harmless and has faithMMR. “It’s crazy to think that our world is split fully only served its purpose. Don’t let the on such a crucial issue. This can deter- measles, mumps and rubella scare you off. mine our future and can be a huge breakthrough,” says junior Janine Legaspi. “However, I do believe the matter requires more research.” This court case has opened the floodgates to controversial commotion. Italy remains steadfast in their decision while other areas like the United States and the Vaccines: Despite the controversy, vaccines have proven to have no connection to United Kingdom Autism. Photo by: Alex Monge

Heart disease on the rise According to USA Today, about 600,000 people die of heart disease in the United Did you know that heart disease is the States every year. That’s one in every four leading cause of death in the United States? deaths. One of the main causes of heart disease is the poor eating habits Americans develop and the lack of exercise that they practice daily. Also, every year about 715,000 Americans suffer a heart attack. Of these, 525,000 are victims for the first time to a heart attack and 190,000 happen in people who have already one. This is a clear problem in today’s society and people must take action. From generation to Heart disease is increasing: PPCHS urges its students to take care of themselves to avoid becoming a victim of this new pandemic. generation, heart disBrett Alayon STAFF WRITER

Photo by:Johmi Vargas

ease rates have only sky-rocketed, showing the people of the U.S. that it’s time to take action before it’s too late. Sophomore Andrea Agudelo said, “It’s quite sad that with all the technology and intelligence our society has advanced, people don’t understand the importance of the health and fitness that our bodies require.” Lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol will reduce your risk of dying from a heart disease. There are some tips to protect your heart. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the first and most important is to follow your doctor’s instructions and stay on any doctor-prescribed medications. Eating a healthy diet that is low in salt, low in total fat, low in saturated fat, and low in cholesterol will help lower your risk along with a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. Two other tips include taking a brisk 10-minute walk, 3 times a day, 5 days a week. Regular exercise can help your body fit and healthy.

There are several major warning signs and symptoms for heart disease. These include chest pain or discomfort, upper body pain or discomfort in the arms, back, neck, jaw, or upper stomach, shortness of breath and nausea, lightheadedness, or cold sweats. If you begin to experience any of these symptoms, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. Senior Brandon Rosen stated, “Everyone should eat more nutritious food and take in more vitamins. Our generation is becoming the obese generation – that’s not how we want to be remembered.” Following the helpful tips listed and being aware of any signs or symptoms will, without question, aid the U.S. in decreasing the high heart disease rates in this generation. Stopping the presence of heart disease and obesity now will benefit the nation and save thousands upon thousands of lives.

Lifting the debate of performance enhancing drugs: Pros and Cons of taking Supplements Troy Bottom and Brett Alayon SPORTS EDITOR AND STAFF WRITER

Are you one to take a protein powdered drink after a workout, or the one to do two extra sets of lifts? A buzzing topic in the fitness world, talked about for over 20 years, is if an athlete should take performance enhancing

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drugs to improve their status in their sport. While every athlete’s goal is to improve their overall strength and power, many people disagree how one should get there. On one side you have the people that believe if you want

‘A coach should be someone an athlete can trust’

to excel past the competition, you do it the old fashioned way, with extra sweat and extra time in the gym. The other side believes in using modern technology and science and using any legal substances you can to pro-

mote better strength. Both sides offer strong points to represent their argument. However, only an athlete can decide how they want to play. The following are editorials from our Sports staff on the subject.

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Charter sports spring forward

Ware the heart is


April 2013

14 Lifting the debate of performance enhancing drugs:

Cons: Troy Bottom


Around every gym across the nation you’ll see the same thing, people pushing themselves to the limit while following up with a protein shake or some supplement. There are hundreds of pills and powders that guarantee those “body builder” sculpted arms and abs, but what exactly are you taking? And is it worth it? Performance enhancing substances were first introduced in the 1930’s by the Germany Weight Lifting Olympic team. Since then, steroids and other supplements have boosted the skills of athletes for decades, whether it is legal or not. At the beginning of the steroid era, there were not many known side effects. But now being able to see the long term effects of steroids, which are heart failures, bone density issues, and glaucoma, who’s not to say these new powders and substances won’t affect one’s body the same way? The human bodies have a limit, and have a certain amount of chemicals and vitamins in your body for a reason. “It’s very simple. There is nothing that the human body needs for nutrition that it can’t get from food. Our bodies are designed to process naturally occurring nutrients, not science experiments,” said strength and conditioning coach, Lyndon Bell. Another issue is how powerful and fast should the human get? With materials like creatine and muscle milk, a person is ca-

Pros and cons of taking supplements pable of meeting their maximum muscle capacity, but many believe that is not what is supposed to happen. In hockey, football, and other contact sports, concussions have been at an all-time high. With professional teams having access to the most expensive and protective equipment, and still suffering various concussions, many turn to the fact that humans aren’t meant to be this strong. If you compare the speed, power, and strength of today’s top athletes to athletes in per say the early 80’s or 70’s, you would see a drastic difference. Today’s athlete’s quest to fully improve themselves past natural substances can definitely correlate into this era’s concussion crisis. “If athletes eat well balanced, nutritious meals and exercise regularly they will not need to supplement their diet with anything else,” said Head Athletic trainer, Benji Sloan. “Their bodies will have everything they need to function and compete at the highest level an athlete could desire to compete at.” Sure supplements will do what they say and one can expect to get bigger and stronger but it’s not worth the toll and long term effects that can come with them. These substances truly have been out too short of a time to analyze the long term effects. Sure you may be able to out-lift your fellow high school peers now, but you may not be able to lift yourself up from bed as you age.



Should high school athletes take supplements? Many people are hesitant to say yes but there is no question, the answer is simple- just do it. What exactly are these legal substances? Sports supplements are products used to enhance athletic performance. These may include vitamins, minerals, amino acids — or any concentration, extract, or combination of these. The products are generally available over the counter without a prescription. The fact that thousands of college and professional athletes do take these on a daily basis should make it no different for student-athletes in high school to take them. The hard work high school athletes put in is complimented by taking these supplements; they won’t hurt them whatsoever. Junior Anthony Phonessa is on the varsity football team and has been playing the sport for years. Just months ago, Anthony took several supplements to boost his overall performance out on the field. As a wide receiver and linebacker, Anthony is always in the gym working to get better at the sport he loves most. The supplements he took when he was in season were Kre aklyin, test boosters, pro hormones, human growth hormones (high) and protein shakes. On whether or not high school athletes should take supplements, Anthony stated, “I definitely don’t think taking supplements is an

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issue at all. As long as you careful about it and don’t overuse it, it will only enhance your athletic ability.” Incorporating a healthy diet, getting proper sleep and, of course, hard work and perseverance are key factors that go into having a healthy life, but also are keys to making successful athletes. In addition, athletes can also look to improve their overall health by incorporating dietary supplements into their wellness routine. A multivitamin offers nutritional insurance to ensure that daily requirements for vitamins and minerals are met. Numerous national surveys have shown that young people fall short in important nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D. These nutrients in the supplements are not only important for the physical demands of being an athlete, but are important for mental performance, energy, and immune function. Sophomore offensive guard Sebastian Cubillos said, “I don’t take any supplements personally but I feel that supplements, if taken correctly and not abused do help out with the process of getting “fit.” Although nature intends to get big without these supplements, they can only help you.” Whether you take supplements or not, you must realize they can only aid your athletic performance out on the field. Trust meThe pros do it – why shouldn’t we?

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the CHC staff and any administrators.

The Chat Editorials: Charter Football under construction Troy Bottom SPORTS EDITOR

Redemption is classified as an act of atoning for a fault or mistake. After a dismal 1-9 record in last year’s season, to say the PPCHS football team’s year was a disappointment is an understatement. The returning players from last year are ready to redeem the fiasco that took place. Crippled by many season ending injuries and having one of the youngest rosters in Broward County, the team accounted for one of the worst seasons in school history. But even with a season like last year, there are still many positives that came out of it. While many teams wave goodbye to the seniors who took up the majority of their team last year, the Jaguars say goodbye to only about a handful. This means all the junior, sophomore, and even freshman that started for the varsity team last year are coming back hungry and with a chip on their shoulders. While schools across the country traditionally have their freshman and sophomore play on a JV team their first two years, PPCHS coaches started their underclassmen on the varsity team, exposing them to a very different game much earlier than usual. So while upcoming juniors in other schools are forced to adapt to the new fast paced varsity game, PPCHS underclassman are already going to have that year of experience and understand the speed and culture of playing on Friday nights. “I learned a lot from last year and got to understand the game a lot better. I learned that size doesn’t really matter and really what you put into the season, that’s what

you get out,” said last years starting freshman linebacker Ricardo Rosario. As the rankings and polls come out for next year’s powerhouse schools, the Jag-

with the team and learn the plays so we’re clicking as a unit when the season starts.” The quest for improvement will not come easy for this squad. Broward County re-

the west coast of Florida, Palmetto Ridge high school for their spring game, and Gulf Coast high for their season opener. In 2011 the team lost 26 seniors, so this past year’s difficulties was expected to be a step in the rebuilding process. With now experienced talent returning back this year, the team looks forward to showing off how what they have been trying to build. Since the season ended the team continued their work in the weight room while other schools entered their off season phase. Starting the first week of April, the Jags started conditionProwling Jaguars: The Jaguar football team gears up for next year’s season with tough workouts and long hours. Photo by: JP Dussan ing on top of their uars will be at the bottom of the list, right leased each team’s new district and sched- daily weight lifting sessions in preparation where they want to be. When teams look ule for next year and the Jags will have to for their upcoming spring practices which on their schedule and see they’re sched- fight hard to show that last year will not begin in May. All the pieces are falling into uled to play Pines Charter, they may think repeat itself. Pines Charter has been placed place for this team and things can only go nothing of it, and that’s how the Jags will in the same district as Hallandale, Dillard, up from here. As the stadium is being conprefer it. Boyton Beach, Coconut Creek, Stranahan, structed, the 2013 football team is under “I’m ready to hit the field and see if a year Archbishop McCarthy, and Suncoast. On construction as well, and hopefully both under our belts, will translate to more wins top of those tough district games, the Jags will be ready to go for the first game of the on the football field,” said junior quarter- have difficult non-district games such as season. back John Jablonka. “I’m excited to return Belen Jesuit high school and Doral acadewith my guys for spring and build a bond my. The team also has two games played on

‘A coach should be someone an athlete can trust’ Alexys NOWAK STAFF WRITER

Pushups, sit-ups and extra laps at practice all have one thing in common in sports: they are used as a form of punishment. At young ages, players go home to their parents complaining about how unfair their coach is, making a simple five pushups seem like the end of the world. Recently, there has been an incident at Rutgers University that has parents, athletes and even coaches in disbelief. Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice took the word “punishment” to a new level with his abusive coaching style. In December, Rice was suspended without pay and fined for his actions. He not only

verbally, but physically abused his players by calling them inappropriate names and even hurling basketballs at them from point blank range. According to ESPN. com, Rice took account for all his actions and made it known that his ways would change. In early April, he was fired from his head coach position at Rutgers University. Reactions all over are very similar: how could something like this go on for so long? At some point, there has to be a line crossed from coaching, to abusing. In PPCHS alone, word spread quickly about Coach Rice being fired. Everyone was shocked about just how he could get away with his style of coaching for such a long period of time. Pines Charter bas-

ketball player and junior Stephan Montes has very strong feeling towards the matter. As an athlete, he has been exposed to tough coaching in order to be successful, but even he believes that Coach Rice went overboard. “Any sort of physical abuse is crossing the line for sure. As for verbal abuse, that’s part of the sport. Coach Rice took it to the extreme, but as an athlete you should be able to handle that,” stated Montes. He also believes that this issue could have been prevented or resolved sooner if a director of athletics monitored practices more often just to ensure everything was running smoothly. Freshman Katherinne Lieby, who does

Judo at a national level, has had her share of coaches throughout the years. “A coach should be someone an athlete can trust and feel comfortable with. Yes, the coach should push their athletes to be their best, but abusing them is not the way to go. There should be equal respect between the two, and a player should be able to thank the coach for their success, not be happy to be done with them,” explained Lieby. The situation with Coach Rice is shocking to say the least. Attitude should not change so drastically just because it is a collegiate sport. Most people’s opinions on the matter prove that there is definitely a difference between being intense, and being abusive.

Ware the heart is

aside from the Louisville players and fans fast track to recovery and I hope it makes that could not hold back tears. Several of athletes everywhere think about playing not The Georgia Dome erupted as the Louis- Ware’s teammates collapsed on the court at only well, but safely.” ville student section went wild in celebra- the sight of the injury, and head coach Rick After the win, a photo of Ware in the hostion of their school’s first national title game Pitino was visibly shaken and could not help pital bed holding the regional championship berth since 1986. After the buzzer went off, head coach Rick Pitino shook Wichita State head coach Gregg Marshall’s hand and the CBS camera took to the far corner of the court to show perhaps the biggest story of the night for the kid wearing the number five Cardinals jersey. The kid, Kevin Ware, buried his head into the shoulder of a man wearing a New York Yankees baseball cap. That man was Kevin Ware Sr., Ware’s father. Ware Sr., who lives in the Bronx, had not seen Ware for over a year. He leaped over the barrier to share the special moment with his son. The televised hug was a telling moment in the midst of the most tragic, horrific, heartfelt, gut-wrenching, and ultimately triumphant story of the college basketball season. Just six days earlier in the regional final against Duke, the entire world stood aghast Devastating: Basketball star Kevin Ware recovers from a brutal leg injury. Graphic by: Julian Graves as Ware leaped to block a three-point shot and landed in gruesome fashion on his right but shed a few tears when shown on camtrophy went viral. He would appear on The leg. Ware’s shin bone snapped and protrud- era. In the moment, Ware’s teammate Luke Late Show with David Letterman later in the ed several inches through his leg in what se- Hancock approached the distressed Ware and week. In a two-hour surgery, Ware’s broken nior Jordan Holsendolph called “the craziest said a prayer for him. Before Ware was taken tibia was straightened and a rod was inserted injury I have ever seen. I will never forget in a stretcher off of the court after the nine into it. He will be out several months, and how it happened and when it happened.” minute delay, he told his teammates, “Don’t the true sophomore has every intention of The injury prompted many to call Ware “the worry about me. Just win the game.” playing basketball again as soon as he can. modern-day Joe Theismann” (Theismann “It was the most gruesome injury in basket“I was going to help him up, and then all was an NFL quarterback for the Washing- ball ever, in my opinion,” said senior Omari of a sudden I saw what it was,” said Pitino, ton Redskins who broke his leg in similar White, who saw it live. “Watching somereacting to the injury in a press conference. fashion in one of the worst injuries in league thing like that as it happened was truly trau“And I literally almost threw up. It was a history.) As he laid on the floor in agonizing matizing; I can’t imagine what it was like to gruesome sight, nothing like I’ve ever witshock, the arena had gone virtually silent actually be there. I’m glad he’s back on the nessed before throughout my life or in a basDavid Nabors STAFF WRITER

15 Sports

April 2013

ketball game.” During the course of the national semifinal against Wichita State, Ware was sitting right next to the bench with the camera frequently showing the 20-year-old cheering on his team and nervously following every bounce of the ball. Louisville students and fans came to the game wearing shirts and holding up posters that read “Win for Ware”. After the Duke game, a photo went up on the Internet showing Ware’s teammates holding up his jersey in celebration of the win. Until the final buzzer of the national championship the next Monday night, Ware, seated at his perch near the bench, lived and died with his teammates through every possession, just like he had never left the lineup. His faith and resolve was soon rewarded when he got to rejoice with the Louisville faithful as they clinched their first national title in almost three decades with the 82-76 win over Michigan. When he went down against Duke, Kevin Ware became entrenched as the focal point in what was the scariest moment of the college basketball season. Eight days and countless memorable moments later, he would on his crutches hobble toward midcourt into a monsoon of confetti pouring down from the rafters. The young man who just a short time ago was worried he might not walk again was on the path to a speedy recovery and had become the prime inspiration to a historic title team. And in that moment, the whole world knew Kevin Ware no more as the kid with the nightmarish broken leg; he would be known as a national champion.

Miami teams in action

Tiger roars into the Masters



“I’m excited to see what they will be able to accomplish this season.” An offseason full of trades has left the The Miami Heat caught fire in the month of March, finishing 17-1 and ending a 27 Marlins with players unfamiliar to many. game winning streak with a loss to the Chi- Although it will be tough to replace supercago Bulls. Seventeen wins is a record for stars like Hanley Ramirez, Jose Reyes, Josh wins in a single month, and the 27 game Johnson, and Mark Burehle, the Marlins win streak is second only to the 33 game have young prospects that look to make an win streak set by the Los Angeles Lakers in impact on this young team. They dropped the 1971-1972 season. Overall, the Heat as- their first three games against the National serted their dominance, beating top teams League East favorite Washington Nationlike the Knicks, Celtics, Spurs, Grizzlies, als, but got their first win against the New Pacers, and Thunder. The Heat have locked York Mets by a score of 7-5. Currently, the up the top seed in the Eastern conference, team is 2-11, and will face the Braves at home first the and currentfirst time this ly lead the year. Oklahoma The Florida City ThunPanthers have der for the continued best record their struggles, in the league. with a record If they finish of 13-20-6. the season Although winstrong, it ning four of will be the their last five first time in games, they Heat hisare still last in tory that they their division. have finished Pro Teams: Miami teams surprise fans in the best and worst A bright spot with the best Local ways. Graphic By: Armando Urena on this Panrecord in the thers team has been their rookie Jonathan league. “The Heat have me really excited for the Huberdeau, who leads the team in points postseason,” said sophomore Mollie Bay- with 27 and is considered by most to be the er. “They have been playing outstanding, front-runner for rookie of the year honors. If the Panthers want to make the playoffs, and I think they have a really good shot of they are going to need improve their 30th winning it all.” The Heat have been led by superstar LeB- ranked defense. Hopefully, with the return ron James, who won his fifth consecutive of key players Stephen Weiss and Mike Eastern conference player of the month Weaver, the Panthers will be able to make award. He has played at an MVP level a run for the playoffs. Even though the Miami Dolphins have even before the playoffs, and was especially sensational during the win streak. All of not been playing games, they have been the Heat players have played well as the extremely busy. They have made many postseason quickly approaches. There’s no free agent acquisitions, including signing doubt the Heat will be the overwhelming pro bowl receiver Mike Wallace. Wallace, who played with the Steelers last year, favorites to reach the NBA finals. signed a five year contract worth sixty The Miami Marlins opened up their sea- million dollars. He looks to improve a son April 1st against the Washington Na- critical weakness of the Dolphins last year, tionals. Although experts don’t predict the which was at the wide receiver position. Marlins to win the division or even make The Dolphins also signed tight end Dustin the playoffs, many students at PPCHS Keller, and linebackers Philip Wheeler and Dannell Ellerbe. These free agent pickups, won’t stop cheering them on. “The Marlins may not have the big name along with a developing quarterback in guys, but I think they have a lot of young Ryan Tannehill, have Dolphin fans excited talent,” said sophomore Patrick Mitchell. for next season.

been any higher as all of America had their eyes on each of the 72-holes he played. Is Tiger Woods back to his championship The hole that had the most speculation form? It has been almost five whole years definitely had to be the 15th hole on Friday since golf’s most well-known player has afternoon. After hitting his 2nd shot on the won a major championship and at 37 years oar 5 in the water, Tiger dropped the ball old, Tiger Woods seeks to get back on 2 yards away from the original spot. Just track. In 2009, Woods was involved in a car hours later, Woods received a two-stroke crash, in which he drove straight into a tree, penalty because he dropped the ball in an was found guilty of cheating on his wife illegal spot. According to the golf rules, on multiple occasions, and eventually di- you must drop the ball as close as possible vorced his wife and separated from his two to the original position. The social sphere children. Also, just last year, Nike agreed exploded with opinions after the announceto stop sponsoring Woods and moved on ment. Users complained, accepted, and even called for to rising golf further punishstar Rory Mcment, such as Ilroy. Nowadisqualificadays, Woods tion. In the end, appears to be Woods got the out of his enorwrong end of mous slump the club and it out on the golf ruined his mocourse and is mentum headprepared to fix ing into the up his love life weekend. with skiing star Australian Lindsay Vonn. Adam Scott Despite not ended winning winning the in Augusta to Masters, the capture his first 2013 year has ever major in certainly treathis career. Scott ed Woods well became the first as he has won 3 out of the PGA: 2013 has proven to be the year to come back for professional ever Australian to win at the 5 events he’s golfer, Tiger Woods. Graphic by: Armando Urena Masters after played in collecting almost 4 million dollars. With these beating out veteran golfer Angel Cabrera in recent victories, Woods is back to #1 in the a two-hole playoff. Their certainly wasn’t rankings for the first time since 2010. Let’s a lack of tension and excitement at the not jump ahead and say Tiger is on top of Masters and it’s definitely disappointing the world, but it may soon be in the con- for sport fans to have to wait a whole other versation. His long drives and outstanding year for this tournament to come around putting skills have intrigued not only golf again. Whenever you watch Woods play, he fans, but sports fans across the world ever makes it hard to root against him, which since he joined the PGA tour in 1997. Current freshman golfer at PPCHS Nich- is part of the reason why he’s one of the olas Sacramento commented, “Woods has sport’s favorite players. Tiger will surely his head back into the game. He’s got over need everyone rooting for him in the rest all his previous issues and I’m definitely of his majors as he attempts to pass Jack expecting him to do well in the upcoming Nicklaus’ record of 18 recorded major wins. For now, Woods is still at 14. In an majors.” From April 11th to the 14th, Woods was in interview with ESPN he said, “I don’t want action at the one and only Masters Tourna- to lie. I absolutely want to get the record.” ment in Augusta, Georgia. He has won this Although he didn’t capture #15 on April major four times and with the last one com- 14th, the confidence within Woods will ing in 2005. The stakes truly couldn’t have never go away.


April 2013


Charter sports spring forward Reported by: SPORTS STAFF

Softball The PPCHS softball team is the reigning state champs. In the season after their amazing championship run, the lady jags started out undefeated. Now they are 12-3, still an amazing record. “We are playing really well,” said sophomore Kayla Borges. “We hope to continue playing like this into Districts.” The team is led by senior Victoria Gonzalez, who leads the team to multiple victories. A team with great pitching, fielding, and hitting defines the team this year that can possibly get another state championship. They are playing to defend their title.

Boys Water Polo The boys’ water polo team has maintained their perfection. Finishing the season a perfect 11-0, the boys hope to perform just as well in the District tournament next Friday. “We have to win Districts,” said sophomore Stefano Dioguardi. “I think we have a great chance of winning because our team is so good.” A nice run in the postseason would define the amazing season the boys’ water polo team has accomplished.

Track The track team is also having a wonderful season, especially the distance team. Tying previous records and setting a name for them, the 4x800 team dominates the game, finishing at a little over 8:00 each time; they finish in the top of every track meet the team attends. At the BCAA Championship, the boys 4x800 team finished first with a time of 8:09.32. “The team is performing better than I expected,” said track runner Danny Penaranda. “We have a shot at winning states in the 4x8 because the runners in that event are really good.” Sophomore Carlos Penaranda ran 4:22 on the mile, an impressive feat of athletic ability. Freshman Kali Hazera and Junior Mya Goodman dominate in the girls’ 1600 meter run for the girls on the track team. They both represented PPCHS at the BCAA Championship, with Mya finishing 15th with a time of 5:55.88 and Kali finishing 16th with a time of 5:57.12. In the BCAA Championship, Neil Morrison finished 13 in Shot Put with a seed mark of 41-2.50. As the season comes to the end, the track team remains strong as the venture into the postseason.

Girls Water Polo Although not perfect, the girls’ water polo team has also played well. With a 9-4 record, the girls are first in their District. The Districts next Friday will take place here at PPCHS for both the boys and girls. “We are playing very well this year,” said sophomore Mollie Bayer. “We need to continue playing on this level.” Both teams have had an amazing season, locking up the number one seed in the district. The district meet will be held at the PPCHS pool, and will start during the school day and finish after school. All students are encouraged to attend the meet afterschool to root on our teams as they try to reach regionals.

Lacrosse A team that is struggling is the lacrosse team. Starting out with a 1-5 record, the team has a few games left in the season with hopes to finish with a few more wins. Danny Bermudez leads the team with 8 goals and Danny Moran in close second with 7 goals. Sophomore Danny Moran said, “We need a lot of work and although the team is struggling now, if we get better we can be good next year.”

Baseball The once 0-4 Jaguars baseball team has come a long way from the shaky start. After getting a few wins and minimizing their losses, the team is now 10-9. Junior Alejandro Kan has pitched two complete games, tying the school’s record. This team has come a long way since their 0-4 record at the start of the season. Senior Kevin Ellengoben and junior Derick Garcia lead the team in batting average and on-base percentage. “We just went over .500,” said Kan. “This past Friday was a huge day even though we barely lost to McCarthy. Now we have Ft. Lauderdale to take care of this week.” The pitching has certainly stood out this year as the baseball team will surely need shutdown innings come playoff time. The team’s final regular season game is Thursday, April 18th at Nova and the week after will begin districts. Rivals Ft. Lauderdale and Archbishop McCarthy will be their toughest completion in districts. Despite their tough competition, there’s no doubt the Jags are confident to claim their first ever district title.

New tension in the Korean Peninsula

Cartoon By: Emily Semander

Jake Dreilinger NEWS EDITOR

Retired basketball star Dennis Rodman went to North Korea not too long ago as a United States diplomat. As one of the first Americans to ever see KimJong Un in person, Dennis was hoping to make peace with the North Korean Dictator. Rodman returned to America, telling people that Kim-Jong Un wanted peace with America. That was short lived. North Korea recently stated that it will end the cease fire between North and South Korea, which

Graphic By: Julian Graves

Pay more attention to the ‘reality’

can cause another war between the two sides. Then, North Korea released another statement, saying they will fire missiles to the United States and any Pacific bases. North Korea even stated they will bomb other countries that support the United Sates. To back that up, North Korea opened up nuclear facilities that have been closed for 70 years to produce uranium, which can be used to make these nuclear weapons. The nuclear missiles that were already made were moved to North Korea’s east coast. Ever since the armistice that ended the

Korean War in the 1950’s, the border between the North and the South is heavily guarded by soldiers of both sides to ensure that no side can invade the other. The Korean War was a war fought between Republic of Korea (South Korea) and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea). The American’s sided with South Korea because they were a democracy, although not as democratic as the United States. North Korea was a communist country. The United States entered the war to stop the spread of communism,

Graphic By: Julian Graves

Fatality is foiled in attempted UCF shooting

which was a huge threat back in the 1900’s. In the face of war, one must wonder why North Korea is doing all of this. First, they say they want peace. Then, they prepare for war against multiple countries. “I feel that if North Korea has the guts to attack South Korea or the United States, World War III will occur,” said sophomore Noah Levy. “We will bomb North Korea along with other countries, but China might side with North Korea.”

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Graphic By: Nicholas Lee Yee

Guns in School is a Poor Shot at Safety


April 2013


The CHAT Editorials:

New Tension in the Korean Peninsula Continued From Page 17...

The threats the North Korea has been issuing started with the UN sanctions on North Korea’s nuclear testing in February. The initial threats were nuclear attacks on the United States, Japan, and South Korea. North Korea is also mad about the military exercises the United States and South Korea are performing ( If this war escalates to an even higher degree, World War III can occur. There has always been a degree of tension between North and South Korea, especially with United States soldiers in the South. As another possible war is heating up, the presence of the United States is increasing, and North Korea could possibly be threatened by this. The South is a democratic country, which is backed up by other democratic countries. The North is a communist dictatorship. Even other communist countries are saying that North Korea needs to calm down. Fidel Castro, Cuba’s former dictator, made a statement saying that North Korea doesn’t need to fire missiles or start nuclear warfare. The White House released a statement saying that they can defend themselves from a nuclear missile attack from North Korea. Neighboring country Japan has set up missile defenses to shoot down any missiles that enter Japanese Airspace. In all the events that have followed, some

celebrities have released statements via Twitter on the situation in North Korea. Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson said “North Korea is tripping hard right now. Chill out with the nuke talk.” Later he posted, “War is nothing to be played with. I apologize North Korea.” To further increase this tension, North Korea’s Twitter and Flickr accounts were hacked by the hacking group Anonymous. Some of the photos posted were photos making fun of Kim-Jong Un. One photo was of the leader with a pig snout and pig ears instead of a nose and human ears, and picture of Mickey Mouse on his chest. In writing, it says, “Wanted: Kim-Jong Un”. As the threats of nuclear war increase, so does the possibility of all-out war. North Korea released a statement on Tuesday April 16th saying “Our retaliatory action will start without any notice from now on” ( The new threats sneak attacks by North Korea means that South Korea will need to always be on alert. South Korea has started to heavily monitor any North Korean movement in fear of these sneak attacks. As North Korea keeps on promising to start nuclear war with multiple countries, the United States, South Korea, and Japan are a few of the many countries that are preparing for the worst.

Fatality is foiled in attempted UCF shooting Angelique Berkowitz ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR

In the recent weeks, one Florida college was casted into the limelight when a 30 year old student had plotted to harm his fellow peers using handmade bombs and a handgun. Turmoil and utter despair would’ve struck the University of Central Florida campus had it not been for the roommate of the student who wanted to end the lives of those living in his building. Student James Oliver Seevakumaran was the man behind the madness who ended only his life rather than those of several surrounding students. The fire alarms sounded 12:20 a.m. on a Monday. Lights were flashing and those living in Tower 1 of UCF on campus housing were to evacuate to the nearby arena for their safety. Little did they know that the evacuation route was all part of Seevakumaran’s plan to kill the students. The only one who knew about his fatal plan as it was in action was his roommate, Arabo Babakhani, who had a gun pointed towards him by the tormentor. “The only time that he made solid eye contact with me was when he was pulling the gun on me,” the roommate said according to a report made by At that moment Babakhani ran into his room from the hallway and went to hide in the bathroom. He then called 911 to report that his roommate had possession of a gun and revealed his intentions. Within minutes campus UCF: A photo of the beautiful campus of the University of security and law enforcement re- Central Florida in Orlando. Photo By: Gaby Cabeza sponded, saving the lives of many. It was Orlando and pulling a fire alarm so about said that Seevakumaran heard the sounds 500 students in Tower 1 on the University of sirens and just ended his own life with of Central Florida campus rush outside tohis handgun. Many saw him as a quiet man gether, Seevakumaran didn’t get to execute who kept to himself and none of his ac- his plan. The last item on the list read “give tions could’ve possibly foreshadowed the them hell”; words that were meant to be incident that he created. deadly, but fell short when the evil plan While these incidents rarely occur, stu- was foiled. For some seniors heading off dents should always be wary of their sur- to college, this was a wakeup call. They’ve roundings. For seniors approaching college learned to take precautions on a college campuses in the summer and fall, incidents campus as well as knowing when to rewith weapons are rare in their lifetime port suspicious activity. “What happened coming from such sheltered schools. “Af- at UCF was really scary but luckily ended ter hearing about the incident that occurred well despite the intentions of the shooter,” at UCF I was a little hesitant knowing that says senior Kayline Sagan-Maraj. “I’m goUCF will be my new home come summer,” ing off to UCF in the summer but hearing says senior George Correa. “However, about this didn’t worry me, it only taught situations such as the one that occurred at me a lesson for when I’m on the college UCF can happen on any college campus campus. I now know that I have to be careand the important thing is to be prepared ful but I can depend on the campus police and cautious of your surroundings.” and security system to always have my With a check list that included throw- best interest at heart.” ing drinks down at The Mad Hatter bar in

Guns in School is a Poor Shot at Safety Jordana Cutajar FEATURES EDITOR

A schools primary intention is to provide a nurturing and safe environment for the growth and development of the young mind. High school is the pedestal on which the individuals of the future stand before taking those fateful steps into the future. But with recent tragedies like the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting many parents and teachers abroad have been wondering just how safe school is for their children. Unfortunately, the nation has witness heart gripping violent shootings before, most notoriously taking place in a high school setting, in which the shooters were students pointing their weapons at unsuspecting peers and administrators. It is sad enough that it takes a child massacre to shake the nation into actually doing something, but what’s worse is the wrong direction legislation has been recently aiming towards. The Florida House K-12 Education subcommittee excitedly passed HB1097. This bill does nothing to eliminate guns in the school setting but rather welcomes them with outstretched arms. What is the purpose of a gun? Lethality varies depending on the choice of weapon; however, guns are intended to create some form of harm. The bill, which is obviously backed by the NRA, proposes supplying select teachers with guns… The idea is that these teachers will be trained to use a weapon, and then will be able to carry a concealed weapon on campus. Supposedly, the principal is allowed to select “responsible” teachers for training. As a high school student I personally believe this idea is ludicrous. The idea of having any of my teachers carry a concealed weapon and be within two feet of me is very unsettling! Even though these guns are concealed it will be apparent that the weapon is still in the room creating a level of uneasiness amongst students. I’m not saying it is inappropriate for teachers to own guns and go to shooting ranges on the weekend; that is an entirely different matter concerning their private life. Having my English teacher equipped with a gun on her person does nothing to make me feel safer in my classroom. I do not associate any of my teachers with weapons but by equipping teachers with guns it makes the threat of violence a constant reminder and fear. And what about younger students? Suddenly six and seven year olds are going to grow up with guns becoming a part of their everyday lives? Most kids don’t understand what a gun is or what it can do; introducing weapons into the school setting will create a learned passivity towards guns. What happens when those children grow up and go to college? How are they

going to feel when their professors are unarmed and unprepared to shoot any possible offenders? Arming teachers creates a false sense of safety for students in school. Teachers who have much more important things to do will suddenly be bombarded with a new, possibly fatal responsibility. Guns create new dangerous situations. It is possible that the gun can go off in the classroom, creating a panic, and unnecessary injuries or even fatalities that should have never occurred in the first place. Guns in the classroom can also provide students with new opportunities for violence. Typically when a student decides to shoot people at school they are frustrated with the current system and have time to go home and plot their revenge. But with a gun already in the classroom it becomes much simpler for a current frustration to quickly morph into a spontaneous act of violence. All it takes is over-powering the teacher. The possibilities for new confrontations are endless. Not only that but it creates liability. What happens if a teacher accidently shoots a student? Or mistakenly shoots another innocent person? Parents will certainly and rightfully bring lawsuits to the school. Either way you look at it the message is negative. Teachers went to school to learn how to educate their students. That is their job. Suddenly they are to become the experimental security system for schools? It’s inane to give such tremendous responsibility to principals and teachers who have never been trained to deal with such matters. What are the criteria to evaluate a teachers potential to become a safe shooter? What can AP scores, grades, or organizational skills say about a teacher’s ability to defend their students? Guns in any setting create an unstable environment. This violence while typically unthinkable has been a reoccurring problem in the United States. The unpredictability and the lethality of the situations guns can create is something school administrators must take into consideration. However, arming teachers does not create a sense of security, it simply encourages more bloodshed. Who is to say that the events at Sandy Hook could have been prevented had the teachers been carrying concealed weapons? Those teachers gave their lives to defend their students and did everything they could to protect them. A gun, like most other weapons, is something that can be used against teachers and create more bloodshed. Safety should be a concern but pitting guns against guns is not the answer. Gun control and other safety measures can certainly help to diminish the problem and the Florida legislation needs to push for stricter gun control laws.

Pay more attention to the ‘reality’ Melissa Sullivan WEB MANAGING EDITOR

In today’s society, people are so wrapped up in television and reality shows that they often forget what is happening in the ‘real world’. People become so obsessed with these television hits that they often lack necessary perspective and interest in more important, worldly news that may have more direct influences on their lives. People are too occupied watching the drunken antics of underage ‘stars’. On April 1st, 2013, Michael Cable, an American soldier, was killed when an Afghan soldier stabbed him in the neck. This tragedy, which should have been an attention grabber to most Americans, was overlooked and almost completely unnoticed. Rather than mourning the loss of the 26 year old hero and soldier, many Americans paid tribute to Shain Gandee from Buckwild. “I would have never known about the soldier [Michael Cable] if it were not for Instagram and other social networking sites. More people were more concerned about Shain Gandee than a national war hero and soldier. All over the internet, people were paying tribute to him but no one bothered to pay tribute to Cable,” said sophomore Chris Ansbaugh. Buckwild, the new hit reality series on the MTV network, featured young adults from West Virginia participating in several wild antics and several other outlandish

on-screen moments that have caught the attention of several million viewers across the United States. On April 1st, fans across the country were shocked to hear the news that star of Buckwild, Shain Gandee had passed away at the age of 21 due to carbon monoxide poisoning that resulted from a motor vehicle accident. Due to the recent death of Gandee, MTV has decided to cancel the show halfway during production of the second season. “I wasn’t surprised to hear that [Shain Gandee] had died. Everyone on that show was always doing things that could get them hurt and in trouble,” said junior Danny Rasmussen. Instead of paying tribute to Cable, websites, newspapers and TV news channels focused on the death of Gandee. This is proof that Americans are more concerned or focused on alternate realities such as 16 and Pregnant, Buckwild, Duck Dynasty and Keeping up with Kardashians than the life and death of a national hero in a war that has lasted more than a decade. The bad decisions and choices that these so called ‘stars’ are making, will ultimately affect the youth in society if large television networks continue to televise their antics to the world. Americans need to leave their couches, and start paying attention to the real reality around them.

April play raises autism awareness


The stage is a magical place, where one person’s thoughts on paper are painted into existence by props, set design and actors. When they come together they create a living, breathing, moving piece of art for the world to enjoy. Luckily for the students here at PPCHS, the drama department always has a spring show for the community to enjoy. Each show brings about new ideas, songs or topics for discussion. This year’s production explores autism. Written by Ariadne Blayde, The Other Room focuses on a high school student named Austin, who has struggled with autism his whole life. This ever present battle makes

it hard for him to make friends, until Lily comes along. After careful communication, the two find they have more in common than they would have ever realized. The story is both light hearted and heartbreaking. “I love the storyline more than anything, it really conveys what autism does to a person and how much it affects them,” says junior Adriana D’meza, who was lucky enough to be cast in the play. “I chose this play because it’s beautifully written and allows us to peek into a brilliant but misunderstood mind of an autistic teen and I felt that it needed to be done,” says director, Mrs. Kidd. To the drama students, the show was more than just a play; it was a journey. Before any major acting

took place, all of the main characters of the play went to the Pembroke Pines Charter Elementary FSU campus after school to observe the autistic children in the school. “It really opened my mind to the different ways autism can affect a person. There are some children that like to talk, some that don’t talk at all, some that like to smile, and some that just pretend that you’re not there. Going there made me realize how fortunate [the character,] Austin is because he can have a pretty normal conversation,” says senior Ashley Rosa who plays Lily. “I think it gave a new face to the stigma of people with autism for me. It changed my bias and perspective on who they are and how

they live, which only strengthened my character and me- really, as a person,” says senior Jibri Durant. All the actors can agree that this piece is definitely one of the hardest pieces that they have ever worked on. “Normally, [in a play] I would just think my character’s thoughts to get into character, but now I have four people in my brain thinking for me. It’s very complex, and the hardest part for me was making my brain not work. I did a lot of research, read articles, and watched videos to sort of, tap into the autistic side of my character—and I had to do it justice, to keep from offending anyone. I had to let Austin become me, so I could become him,” says lead Demetri Narace.

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Comebacks in Music

Reel out the next one!

Going Bad or Growing Up?

Entertainment April 2013


“It takes you a while to learn about your character and your relationships with the others, but after being together for so long, you kind of learn your place. I think Mrs. Kidd did a good job with casting because I kind of see why she picked who she did for each character; we all have certain qualities that match our characters, both good and bad,” laughs Adriana D’meza. Doing this play became more than just an activity; it became an eye opening experience for many of the performers. “To be honest, before this play, I didn’t really know too much about autism, except for the fact that it was a mental disability. However, in reading and being in this play, I’ve learned so much more,” says Durant. “Yeah,” agrees senior, Randall Collins, “I learned through the script that some autistic children can’t read or understand facial expressions very well—it’s hard for them.” The drama department knew that if they were going to be doing a play about

April play raises autism awareness Continued from Page 19...

autism, the best thing they could do was spread awareness and try to fundraise some money for the cause. So, they partnered up with Pembroke Pines Charter Central Campus to sell autism awareness bracelets, with all the proceeds going towards more

funding for the autistic program at our very own FSU campus. “I think picking FSU was a great idea because we are helping a cause within our own community, Autism Awareness is one of the most underfunded associations out there, with one in eight kids have it,” says senior dramaturgy, Katherine Aristizabal. In addition, the drama department made a huge puzzle piece—the symbol for Autism Awareness— with other clubs such as GSA and Book Club, that was put up for display the night of the show. The play was also conveniently opened in April, which is Autism Awareness Month. Pratice makes perfect: After many after school practices, the drama class At the end of the show, put on an amazing play. It was an emotional ride for the audience but in the end they enjoyed it. Photo By: Johmi Vargas the drama department

hosted a talk back, in which audience members asked questions to any of the esteemed panel members. This panel included the cast of the play, a representative for Autism Awareness, a PPCHS guidance counselor, a close friend of Mrs. Kidd, whose son struggles with autism and many more. The whole point of the show was to walk out with a whole new outlook on how we view the people around us, and maybe even how we view ourselves. There was a beautiful lesson that was learned during this play. Compassion, understanding, acceptance and tolerance are virtues Mrs. Kidd wanted students to walk away with. “I think it’s a really creative way to shed a new light on the underdogs of society. It’s gives people who have autism a chance to have their story told in a new and artistic way, with an amazing lesson to walk away with,” says Durant.

dazzles Austin with her contagious smile and open-minded perspective. Narace does a stunning job of embodying Austin, an innocent autistic teenage boy who struggles to deal with a combination of his overwhelming thoughts and the outside world. Inside of the previously mentioned cage stand four figures- students Jibri Durant, Adriana D’Meza, Randall Collins and Chelsi Chang- who represent the inside of Austin’s mind. Wellington Harris (’13) makes a stormy appearance as an ignorant and furious high school boy who is ready to beat Austin after a misunderstanding. The amount of effort, time and dedication in having the audience connect with Austin and his autistic features was evident throughout the entire play. The actors playing the characters inside of Austin’s

mental breakdown accurately without offending anyone or breaking character. His act was so convincing that I could almost see the entire audience getting up and personally handing their hearts over to Narace (’13) in honor of his character Austin. Overall, the drama department and Mrs. Kidd did an excellent job of putting together a smooth and friendly evening. The open discussion following the play involved the audience and closed the night with a golden clasp. The roaring applause and praise never seemed to end as students, teachers, parents of autistic children, and autistic children themselves clapped their hands together in honor of such an inspiring evening. The stage lights may have dimmed and the curtain may have closed but the audience left nothing short of enlightened.

Review: A successful first step to understanding Gabriela Garcia FEATURES EDITOR

As the curtain was withdrawn, every breath in the auditorium was held. A simple yet confounding setup lay before the audience: a high school boy sitting alone in a classroom, and to his left, a cage containing four interestingly contrasting characters whose intense energy rattled the metal bars. Oblivious to the figurative caged scene taking place, a bubbly teenage girl comes in in search of a book bag and nothing more- as the plot unfolds we learn that there is so much more to discover. Seniors Demetri Narace and Ashley Rosa blow the audience away with impressive performances playing two extremely relatable high school students. Rosa plays the typical teenage girl, Lily, who instantly

“caged” mind gave off powerful energy that set the mood for the entire scene, enabling it to range from light and humorous to grave and serious. They gave the commotion inside of Austin’s head a voice and a face, a feat that made the viewers entirely empathize with the main character. Rosa (’13) and Harris (’13) do an excellent job of portraying the typical teenager in today’s society and connected well with the youth in the audience. Their performances forced the audience to question themselves individually and reevaluate their actions, evoking guilt and remorse in the audience as the play peaks. Lastly, I believe Narace’s performance struck every emotion, nerve and tear duct, in that vast theatre. It was beyond impressive to see someone able of acting a fit or

A new generation of comebacks Anthony Kelleher TECHNOLOGY EDITOR

Many artists, actors, and actresses from earlier years are making comebacks into the music and entertainment business. Most of these transformations are being made by those in the music industry. These once popular musicians are trying to change their style, sound, and appearance in order to create a new and updated image to once again ignite their fan’s interest. For the most part, the majority of fans have mixed reviews of these changes in their once favorite artists. Some examples of these comeback artists include Justin Timberlake and the Jonas Brothers. Freshman Leah Salciccioli says, “I have listened to them in the past and what they have done and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them in the future.” Justin Timberlake is best known for being one of the members of the hottest 90s boy band NSYNC. After NSYNC broke

up, Timberlake went into a solo career releasing two albums and then seemed to become more focused on an acting career. Timberlake’s latest album, the 20/20 Experience, is a mix of pop and old soul music that comes together to create a 10 song album that is creating a fan frenzy. The album was released this March 15th by RCA records. It has been the top album on iTunes and it is the number one album on the Billboard 200. Justin Timberlake is also doing a tour with Jay Z over the summer. The tour is coming to Miami on August 16th at Sun Life Stadium. Another music group that is making its comeback is the Jonas Brothers, who first got their fame from the Disney Channel. Since then they have released many great hits such as Year 3000 and SOS. They have appeared in many tours, movies and even have their own TV shows. The reality TV show Married to Jonas, already in its second season, premieres on April 21st on

the E! Network. The Jonas Brothers new single Pom Poms, was recently released on iTunes and has become a big hit with both their new fans and old fans alike. There is no official word on when their next album will be released, but it is known that it will be released sometime in 2013. The Jonas Brothers are scheduled for a new summer tour that will be coming to South Florida on August 16th at the Cruzan Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach. Tickets are not on sale yet, but they will be on presale on April 9th for fan club members. Tickets for the general public will be on sale on April 13th. “I am excited for the new Jonas Brothers album because I want to see if they changed their sound or not like other artists,” says junior Sarah Jarema. It seems as though these artists are coming back with new bags of tricks. Their new songs have gained much popularity from their fans and they will be going on summer tours to revive their popularity and

Upcoming Concerts to hit SoFlo

fan base. These artists are recreating themselves and starting a new era within their music careers. Whether they came from a boy band, group or a solo act, these artists will always be remembered from their beginning careers to their defining moments now. Most faithful fans will remain true to their favorite celebrities, no matter what their transformation.

Graphic By: Julian Graves

Cassidy-Rae Brantley STAFF WRITER

Attention all music lovers! Or anyone just hoping and looking to enjoy their favorite artists more up close and personal! The chances for that happening are more realistic right now with some special concert events taking place soon. “I’m really excited to see Justin make his comeback and I’m going with my whole family to see him.” - Melissa Duran (‘13) “Once the tickets for the Maroon 5 tour went out I got them right away. I’ll be in college then but I’m going to take a break and see them perform; I can’t wait!” - Alexa Moore (‘13) Thankfully some of the hottest artist out now will be heading down south for fans to enjoy over the next few months. Here are some upcoming concerts to help with planning and keeping in the know on the latest artists tours:

Graphic By: Armando Urena

The Chat Editorials: Going bad or growing up? Chelsie Ramos STUDENT LIFE EDITOR

Paparazzi’s follow their every move. People all over the world want to know where they are at every moment of the day and who they are with. These elite groups of people who are watched at every moment of their day are young Hollywood stars. Stars like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber populate this select group of starlets who have been living their lives for the past few years under the microscope of the rest of the world. Every bump in the road in their lives and slip up is documented in videos and pictures and is scrutinized by the media and the public. However, as these stars live their lives in the public eye the question becomes: are they just going down a bad path, or growing up and acting like the typical teenager? Most child stars that have the majority of their teenager years and early 20’s in the public eye are criticized at some point for going off the rail. They get caught up in trying to prove to people that they are maturing adults, but do stunts that cause more harm than good. These acts are shocking to many because when the public sometimes picture these stars they imagine the little girl or boy they used to be. For instance, musician and actress Miley Cyrus spent all of her teenage years growing up and making a few mistakes in front of the entire world. The sweet little Disney Darling from Hannah Montana made some daring choices many times in her career. With the stunt in Vanity Fair Magazine in 2008, posing in nothing but a bed sheet at the age of 15, to her dance on an ice cream cart pole at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards, Cyrus is no stranger to bad publicity stunts. In recent months, the star has chopped off her long locks for a new edgier look, with boy length blond hair, and the multiple alleged instances of smoking illegal substances. This news has shocked many fans and raised many eyebrows. People like junior Amanda Hernandez think that this behavior is beyond just growing up. “I understand that [Miley Cyrus] is a 20 year old woman who is going to make mistakes, but at the same time she has to realize that all of the things that she does can affect so many people. She and other teen stars need to remember that they have a big fan base, and that they are role models to many younger kids. Their crazy behavior can be harmful, and can make younger fans that it is ok to do things like, smoking,” states Hernandez. Another tween singing sensation that has ‘gone bad’ to some is Justin Bieber. At the raw age of 14, the young Canadian got signed to Island Records (, and from then on the pop star kept a wholesome image. Bieber had kept up the clean cut image until the recent string of multiple alleged reports claiming that has been with altercations with the paparazzi and other run-ins with law. Reports have been circulating that the singer supposedly has been seen smoking illegal substances and throwing crazy parities in

his L.A. home, along with having multiple speeding violations. These reports may or may not be valid, but they still have made people speculate if Mr. Bieber is still the same 14 year old “One Time” singer that the world has come to love. “I think Justin Bieber may be headed in the wrong direction by smoking and getting into trouble a lot with the press, but I think the media is also putting too much stress on him and exaggerating his behavior to just get a good story. They need to give him space and maybe we’ll see a change in him,” says

Graphic By: Julian Graves

sophomore Amanda Duran. Other teen stars have decided to participate in more risqué films than audiences are used to prove to the world that they are maturing. Ex-Disney darlings Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens recently stared in the new R-rated movie Spring Breakers. Both starlets let go of their innocent Disney appearances being in the bikini clad movie that pushed many boundaries. Selena Gomez has kept up a clean image, but clearly has shown the world that she is maturing, just in a more extreme way than expected. “I was at first surprised that Selena Gomez was in a movie that extreme [Spring Breakers], but it surprised me more seeing how little amount of time she was actually in the movie. Also, her character didn’t do anything bad in it to make me think any different in her. I think she and other past Disney stars are just trying to break free from the Disney image,” says junior Valery Cloutier. On the other hand, Selena Gomez’s costar, Vanessa Hudgens, shed her ‘innocent image’ look a few years back when risqué photos leaked into the public. However, the movie still shocks some with how far Hudgens has come talent-wise as an actress. Teen actors and musicians from every generation have had trouble going from ‘innocent teen star’ to an adult in the Hollywood industry. However, some been known to just act up to let go of the image, while others make mistakes because they are learning and acting like any kid. The media goes to extremes to try and make it seem that these child stars are going on a downward spiral, but the truth of the matter is only time will tell what path these child stars will take in the future.

21 Entertainment April 2013

Reel out the next one! Looghermine Claude STAFF WRITER

Hollywood just might be running out of new ideas. Major film companies have been churning out movies nonstop to appease to a newly visual audience in this technological age; however, corporations aren’t producing new and innovative flicks. Revived, revamped, and redone reels are the new trend on the big screen. Quickly running out of options, the movie business has turned to old favorites—especially ones that made up a teenager’s childhood. “I have never forgotten my childhood movies,” says sophomore Raul Reyes. “I just hope that Pixar can do just as good a job on the future movies as they did in the past.” One of the leading animation studios, Pixar, is jumping on the bandwagon for adding prequels and sequels to some of their fan favorites. Pixar is known for their loved and popular sequels. Fan ratings show how the company appeals to viewers with the sequels Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3. Back in April 2010, Pixar announced that they were making a prequel to the hit Monsters, Inc. called Monsters University. The story is said to go over Mike and Sully’s journey to becoming a ‘scarer’ at the university and comes out in theatres on June 21. Additionally, just recently, Ellen DeGeneres, the voice of popular character Dory from Finding Nemo, announced that the studio is releasing a sequel to Finding Nemo called Finding Dory. There is very little known about this film being released in 2015 other than its going to focus more on Dory’s story than the other characters and will be set off the coast of California. Fans seem hopeful that Monsters University and Finding Dory are going to be as good as the first. 12,702 fans have clicked the “I’m in!” button on Fandango showing their anticipation for Monsters University, and Dory already has a new parody twitter account (@GoFindDory) with 74,860 followers. Students here at PPCHS are also excited about the movies. “I’m really happy that they’re making a sequel to Finding Nemo because it was my favorite Pixar movie,” says freshman Joimichael Martin. “I know that Pixar will do just as good this time.” Disney itself is looking for ways to keep up with the 3 R’s trend. The company releases popular movies from its ‘Disney vault’ for special occasions like a 50th anniversary or with the coming of a new Blu-ray edition of the movie. Peter Pan was released from the vault on February 5, and upcoming titles include The Little

Graphic By: Julian Graves

Mermaid, Aladdin, Mulan, and Sleeping Beauty. Disney has also made sequels to those movies and some others, but those have been noticeably not as popular and not as well received as the original movies or Pixar’s sequels. Disney’s sequel flops include Aladdin 2: The Return of Jafar, The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea, and The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride. Another childhood favorite that got a prequel this year is The Wizard of Oz. Oz: The Great and Powerful starring James Franco and Mila Kunis has been out for 5 weeks and hits number seven on the box office charts. The movie shows viewers how The Wizard of Oz came to be in power in the land of Oz. On average the movie receives a 6/10 rating on Rotten Tomatoes, while the original Wizard of Oz starring Judy Garland received a 9.2/10. These statistics fit into the norm that prequels are never as good as the original. There are some pros and cons in making prequels and sequels. Consumers get a chance to view a continued story and see their favorite characters come back to life on the big screen, however, viewers might say that the studio is making prequels and sequels just to get money and not for the people. It has also been said that prequels and sequels ruin the original magic of the movie by changing the story because it is as never good as the first. As audiences wait in anticipation for the return of their childhood favorites, they will always have the original movie in their hearts. The movie business will continue to toss out new twists on old movies as long as the appeal is still there. No matter if the movie is new or old, in the end, all that matters, is the story.

Coachella reaches Pembroke Pines Nina Salciccioli STAFF WRITER

The season for music festivals is finally here. After two fun weekends in Miami at Ultra, the next huge Music festival called Coachella takes you to Empire Polo Field, Indio, California. Coachella is an annual three day music and art festival where an estimated 100,000 people attend each year. This year, there are now two weekends and the dates for this festival are April 12th14th and April 19th-21st. This huge event features a large variety of music genres including alternative rock, electronic, and hip hop. There are over 25 artists that are going to be performing in California and some of these artists include 2 Chainz, Benny Benassi, Hardwell, Knife Party, Passion Pit, Of Monsters and Men, Nicky Romero, Phoenix, the XX, and Vampire Weekend. Students at PPCHS have been constantly talking about this event. Many are trying

to make plans to attend this amazing music and art festival next year, while some PPCHS students are lucky enough to be going this year! Sophomore Jasmine Hoang says, “I heard about this music festival recently, and it sounds amazing. I can’t believe I didn’t know about it sooner or I would have made plans to go.” Junior Gaby Duarte will be attending Coachella both weekends. “I am going with my sister and my boyfriend the first weekend of Coachella, and my sister and her friends the second weekend. I am really excited to go because I want to experience he atmosphere of the festival and I love the fact that we will be surrounded by mountains and the desert. Listening to all the music and bands that are going to be at the festival will make it even more fun,” says Duarte. If you are planning on going in the future, make sure to buy your tickets in advance because they sell out quickly!

Coachella 2013: Music lovers make way to Indio, California in order to attend Coachella music festival and dance to their favorite artists under the desert sun. Photo Donated By: Gaby Duarte

Can Taxes on Video Games Save Lives?


Going to school, participating in sports, and hanging out with friends are all a part of daily routines for most kids. However, for more than 80 percent of the population of children between the ages of 8 and 16, playing violent video games is often included throughout the day. According to, kids spend an average of 13 hours a week playing video games that have a mature content rating. Recent shooting massacres such as the ones in Colum-

bine, Aurora and Newtown have brought up a common theory: violent video games impact behavior in children as they enter adult hood. Many people find that yes; video games do affect people mentally and socially, and could possibly influence them to do things they would otherwise never imagine. An article in the Atlantic brought up a possible solution along with controversial views on the matter. There has now been talk on placing taxes on video games that have a rating of “M”, intended for consumers 17 and above. While the matter is

still being researched, opinions on taxing violent video games have already sprung. This bill came about in different states around the country including Connecticut; where the elementary school shooting incident occurred. State Representative Debralee Hovey, who has part of Newtown included in her district, feels as if taxing these video games will not make a difference in the long run. Her main goal is to “ramp up awareness of how realistic the content is.” In PPCHS, many students enjoy playing video games in their spare

time. One freshman, Alex Feria makes a similar point as the Connecticut State Representative. He believes that “putting taxes on video games is not right because they are something that a lot of people love, but may not be willing to pay so much extra for. They should be allowed to choose what they can handle. There should obviously be a warning label on the game to ensure parents know the dangers of it, but other than that I don’t think taxing the games is necessary.”

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Can Taxes on Video Games Save Lives? Continued From Page 22... While raising awareness is the main concern for some, others believe that this bill will still pass because facts back it up. Currently the Connecticut bill includes public health and education components. According to the Atlantic, William Shughart, the third co-author of the working paper and a professor at Utah State University, “violent video games must be taxed under some claim that they harm the people playing them. We are told that those harms are spilling over onto the rest of us who don’t play these games.” With this factual evidence, there is still fear that at some point that the public health part will be dropped from the bill, leaving

this as just another way to collect taxes and going against the initial statement. There is no solid evidence that making video games more expensive will in turn protect kids from gun violence or prevent another school shooting. “I don’t think the bill will make people stop buying video games at all. If they want to play them, they will be willing to pay the price,” said junior Austin Hartman. As taxing video games continues to be researched, more controversial opinions will present themselves. This bill could be successful, as it will prevent underage children from being exposed to such violence, but it could also go down the drain. Sophomore

Samantha Melendez is one who believes this bill is a lost cause. “I don’t think taxing the games is necessary at all. Most people won’t understand why and will play the video games anyway whether it is at their own house or with some friends,” explained Melendez. If the health aspect ends up being dropped, there will be no substantial reason to tax these games. Over time, the issue will be resolved. Violent video games may be taxed, but as of now, this does not ensure safety for society in the future years to come.


they like, whether it is an iPhone case or even parts for another 3D printer,” said Tommy Power, an owner of a 3D printer. Recently, the 3D printer has gone through some amazing technological advances; biotechnology id one of the fields that 3D

is expanded at .In the future, researchers will attempt to use a patient’s own cells in the process in the future and that they will try to do more complex organs and tissues. “When I first saw what the 3D printer was capable of, even though it was just making tiny hand-sized sculptures, I knew it was going to be a huge step forward for technology. Over the couple of years that they’ve been around they have evolved from making little plastic molds to actually replicating human flesh. If the process keeps growing like it is now, it won’t be long until we can artificially create organs for transplant patients and maybe even coming close to eradicating some of the world’s major diseases,” said junior Tony London. One of the biggest controversies regarding 3D printers is the creation of guns and synthetic drugs through the process of 3D printing. This debate of gun production has blown up on the internet and the solution seems to be that the government may have to monitor all CAD files that are sent to the printers to make sure that they don’t contain illegal blueprints to see whether any laws are being broken. This thought was immediately attacked because some believe that it would break the rights which are so reinforced and are held so dear. “I think that 3D printers are definitely going to change the future; think about how much easier it’ll be for people to get tools for work, toys for their kids, and other objects of everyday life. Essentially, it’s

3D printing: The future is today In the last few years, technology has vastly changed and many inventions have gone unnoticed. One of the more interesting and practical machines that not many people know about is the 3D printer. This contraption does exactly what the name implies; it prints 3D real, inanimate objects. Through the process of reading a CAD (Computeraided design) file, the printer can internally create a 3D image of that file and can then mold the image into a real object through many thin layers of plastic built up in a certain shape to match the CAD file’s specifications. These revolutionary machines are able to print everything from tools to bikes to complex models and will be developing more uses in the years to come. The average price for these printers has dropped from about $2,000 to roughly $1,200. “Essentially, a 3D CAD model is sent from a computer to the printer and the printer constructs the object with a series of thin plastic layers, generating a complete and functional object. Virtually any object can be printed from a digital model. I first came across 3D printing about 2 years ago in an article I read online, though it wasn’t until this February when I actually became involved. I truly believe that 3D printing should be promoted despite the controversy about its potential danger. The 3D printing community revolves around its open source nature, meaning people can freely modify anyone’s work and print anything

3D Printing: The newly developed 3D printer is leading the way into the future of technology. Photo donated by: Tommy Power

printers can develop greatly. An example of how this can work is an experiment done at Cornell University. Researchers at the university managed to create an ear with a 3D printer and inject it with living cells (cartilage from a cow) so that cartilage can grow and the ear can be made of real tissue. This process of high fidelity tissue engineering

Free TV: No money, no problem

XM Satellite Radio and companies all over the world. Americans pockets will now be a little It is believed that this new invention will happier and heavier due to the recent news sweep people of their feet and will bring of free television provided by the company great competition to other Satellite televiCompTek. This is a new invention known sion, cable companies such as a popular as Clear-Cast. This provides an abundance company known as Comcast. Instead of of networks and channels to watch with having to pay monthly bills and spending no cost. This invention Digital was devel- a great amount of money on television and oped utilizing the same sophisticated elec- subjects such as HDTV, Clear-Cast allows tromagnetic simulation software, network the ability of receiving free high definition analyzers and test equipment used by the digital broadcasts over-the-air using an anU.S. military and space missions. tenna connected to their television. Americans will be saving a great amount of their money. “ I think this new invention is fantastic, though I do not have to worry about the bills in my household I’m glad that this is free and my family would be willing to try this” says senior Stephanie Martinez. Customers usually think that the only way to watch television is through a company and paying monthly bills for prices that are through the roof. According to CompTek the current generaFree TV: CompTek will now be providing an abundance of networks and channels for no cost. Graphic by: Julian Graves tion is in the dark to the vast array of free national and local broadcasts The free TV channels are accomplished that they could be receiving with a digital due to an invention known as Clear-Cast. HDTV antenna. “I think this new antenna Clear-Cast is a micro antenna device which is very interesting, I think it’s a great way links directly to pull in the free TV signals to save money and I never knew that this that are shown in the area. Everyone can could even be possible” says senior Gabrireceive these signals over-the-air for free ela Hill. Residents who are interested in with no monthly bills. The Clear-Cast Dig- this product and new stepping stone into ital Antenna was created by a scientist who technology should call this number 1-877holds 22 U.S. patents and is in the NASA 287-4230 which is their toll free hotline Space Technology Hall of Fame. The past number. Those who call are eligible to re20 years he has devoted his life in develop- ceive the free TV channels with no monthing antenna systems for NASA, Motorola, ly bills and crystal clear digital picture. Jessica-Lynn Carvajal STAFF WRITER

23 Technology April 2013

Cartoon by: Emily Semander

something straight out of science fiction; the possibilities seem endless. The scientific benefits that 3D printers may offer—like the creation of artificial ears and such— could cause immense changes in the lives of millions, but we also have to consider the fact that weapons manufacturing will be easier than ever. This will make it easier for those with bad intentions to get their weapons; 3D printing capabilities could easily fall into the wrong hands. Despite this, I think that the positives outweigh the negatives. As long as 3D printing is regulated, then we can keep things aimed toward medical advancement and practical use,” said junior Alden Diaz. So far, there is not so much evidence that 3D printers can be used for crime because the claims made about guns have either not been completely true or haven’t been tested. Some experiments regarding the printing of guns or gun parts have shown us that the pieces can be unstable or may be warped during the printing process, rendering the gun useless. Of course, in the future this will be fixed and it will become a more serious issue, but for now they are safe. Regarding the government getting involved in monitoring everything we print, it doesn’t seem very practical and might not be of any use because there are ways to hide what is done on the computer and the government cannot look at everything all the time. There is still much to learn about what these printers are capable of and if they pose any real threat.

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app. This lets communication flow through the phone without disrupting the user. Sophomore Noah Levy said, “This is a good idea because it is great for multi-taskers. A person can continue doing whatever they were doing and talk to people through Facebook at the same time. It is great for getting things done faster.” As cool as Facebook is making the Facebook Home app sound, only 1/3 of Facebook users say they would use the app. “It is an app,” junior Kurt Davis said. “It isn’t mind blowing or anything different. The technological world is changing so fast, the Facebook Home app would be considered old in a few weeks. A top of the line computer’s power compared to the app in a year will be like trying to compare the iPhone 1 to an iPhone 5.” With the mixed emotions on the new Facebook Home app, many are still wondering what the new app will look like on the phone. The official release date of the Facebook Home app is Friday, April 12th.

Almost everybody has heard the rumors of a new “Facebook Phone.” However, Mark Zuckerburg, Facebook CEO, had a different idea for Facebook’s new product. On Thursday, April 4th, a stage was set for Facebook to change the technology world with what was supposed to be the first ever Facebook phone. But when Zuckerburg revealed the product, it wasn’t a new phone; it was an app, more specifically, a Facebook “Home” app for Android phones and HTC phones. That includes Androids for AT&T, Orange, Qualcomm, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, EE, ZTE, Lenovo, and Alcatel. The Facebook Home app will come pre-installed on the HTC First phone for AT&T. This new app will completely change the phone’s interface. The home screen focuses on the Cover Feed, which shows new posts and pictures on a constant screen. All you have to do is watch the screen, no scrolling down the screen or swiping to get to another page. Home also allows the user to use a new notification system that allows them to view multiple notifications at once. When a friend messages you, Home brings up Facebook Chat. A user can tap on the icon of the friend’s profile picture to open up the Chat without closing the app the user was currently on. This takes away the choice between responding to the Facebook Phone: What was originally supposed to be a phone, was inmessage and continuing the stead introduced as an app called “home”. Graphic by: Armando Urena


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Boston Marathon ends in terror Attack on marathon shocks America Boston blast impacts sporting world David Nabors STAFF WRITER

The blissful northeastern day was supposed to end how it did every year: the jubilance of the city’s citizens in full display as they celebrated the genuine patriotism that is the hallmark of Bostonian pride. For eight-year-old Martin Richard, it was supposed to end with a family outing after he congratulated his father at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. That plan, however, went down in flames as did the morale of the millions of Americans who witnessed the most serious terrorist attack on U.S. soil since September 11th, 2001. Two bombs, one next to the finish line, one about 100 yards away, sent one of America’s oldest and greatest cities into a smoky haze. The horrific bombing killed at least three -- including Richard – and injured more than 150. It also left a whole lot of unanswered questions. “As I watched it on TV, I was just in complete shock. It was surreal,” said Mrs. Laffin, who grew up in Boston and has family in the city. “I knew my sister Linda was at Fenway Park so I called her later in the afternoon. She said, ‘Thank God the Red Sox were doing well,’ because if they hadn’t been, my sister and her family would have left to go watch the rest of the marathon like they do every year.” In the aftermath of the explosion Mrs. Laffin’s sister-in-law’s nephew was missing for several hours. The man, named Bobby Bibbo, had been watching the marathon that his girlfriend was running in. Bibbo had fled the scene after the bombs went off, and because cell phone signal was cut off after the explosion, he could not be contacted. Hours later, Bobby’s dad would find his girlfriend at a hotel that the police had herded the runners to, and Bobby would turn up at home to ease the family’s fears. Mrs. Laffin was visibly shaken as she recounted eight-year-old Martin Richard’s death, as she is from the same section of the city as the little boy. “I just pray that everyone will be okay,” Mrs. Laffin said. “I’m feeling really sad today but I’m happy that my family members are okay.” This Charter teacher’s story is indicative

of the general sentiment of people around the country with ties to Boston. Mrs. Laffin’s story, however, is one with a relatively happy ending. Many were not so fortunate. In addition to the loss of young Martin, Richard’s sister lost her leg and his mother underwent surgery for a brain injury. Bostonian mother Liz Norden had to be informed later in the afternoon that both of her sons had lost a leg in the attack. About a dozen others have had to have limbs amputated. These stories were just a few of the many heartbreaking tales of the day. “The American people will pray for Boston tonight,” said President Obama in addressing the nation after the event. He also vowed that those responsible would “feel the full weight of justice”. While he referred to the event as a “tragedy” rather than an “attack”, a senior White House official acknowledged that it was indeed an act of terrorism. “If anything good can come out of such a horrible event as today, maybe it will be a wakeup call,” said Rep. Peter King (R-NY) of the attack that night on the cable news program, the O’Reilly Factor. “We have enemies out to destroy us. They never let up and in many ways they are more treacherous than they were before. Since September 11th because they metastasized they’ve morphed. And they are -- and many are under the radar screen. And that’s why we have to be so aggressive.” The city of Boston, the state of Massachusetts, and lawmakers in Washington has assured the public that everything that can be done about the situation is being done. The Pakistani Taliban so far have denied any role in the bombings despite their threatening of the United States before. The FBI reportedly has “a lot of leads” and “a lot of work to do.” While Boston takes some time off to grieve for the victims, the FBI and other law enforcement officials are hard at work. Though it may seem like nothing good can come from such an incident, such an event may bring scores of people around America closer together to mourn and figure out how to combat such attacks in the future. Perhaps at some point the devastation endured on Monday will give way to newfound hope.

Jacob Isenberg STAFF WRITER

Patriot’s Day is a holiday in Massachusetts. Every year, on the third Monday of April, businesses and schools close to commemorate the opening battle of American Revolution, which took place at Lexington and Concord. Since 1897, sports have been a major part of this holiday. The Boston Marathon is one of the most famous marathons in the world, attracting roughly 30,000 runners and over 500,000 spectators. It is a day when people flood the streets in celebration of the runners and the holiday. Since 1959, the Boston Red Sox have played a home game on this day at 11 AM. The early start to the game is designed so that people exiting the game will head through Kenmore Square, where runners are completing their final mile. But on April 15th, 2013, everything changed. Two bombs, in short succession, exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three people and injuring over a hundred. The number of injured was still increasing at the time of this release. “I saw the news a few minutes after I got home from school, and it was devastating,” said senior Brian Sokol. “It’s so shocking to see something like that happen.” What was supposed to be a festive and cheerful finish to a marathon turned into a scene of chaos. At the time of the bomb, one third of the runners had not finished the race yet. Runners that had not finished were redirected by police officers to change their route from the finish line. The blast, which was a few feet off of the finish line, knocked runners off of their feet from the impact of the bomb. Some runners, who had just finished running over 26 miles, could even be seen carrying injured people away from the scene so they could receive help. After authorities confirmed that the attack was a bombing, the Boston area sporting events for the night were cancelled. The Celtics vs. Pacers game will not be made up, since the game would not have affected the seeding of the playoffs anyway. However, the Bruins vs. Senators game will be made up at a later date.

The bomb that shook us all Gabriela Garcia FEATURES EDITOR

The Boston Marathon runners would’ve never imagined themselves running away from the finish line rather than towards it. At 2:49 p.m. on Monday, April 15th, the Bostonians were not the only ones who felt the heavy concussion as two bombs went off on Boylston Street. Families all over the world, even at PPCHS, with relatives and friends in Boston immediately called to check on their loved ones. Junior Sarah Duque froze as an incoming text message came in with news that no one would want to hear. “I immediately called my sister five times, and it went straight to voicemail,” she recalls, “I texted her not only to learn that the phone lines in Boston were cut off, but to my relief, that my sister was okay.” Sarah’s sister goes to school at Northeastern University in Boston and originally had plans to go watch the Boston Marathon with her friend. “My sister’s friend ended up running late and thankfully, they never ended up going to the marathon.” Currently, Sarah’s sister is perfectly safe and calm and is going about her daily routine.

Junior Adriana about the schools D’Meza’s second cousthere, but it sucks in works as a security that people had to be guard at a nearby unifrightened and have versity in the city of to keep their guards Boston and was actuup higher in such a ally a couple of blocks great city.” away from the exploStudents aren’t the sion. “He actually left only ones who are the scene fifteen minheavily affected by utes before the bombs this tragedy. PPCHS went off,” says AdriEnglish teacher Mr. ana. “We’re so happy Lawrence is a Unihe wasn’t majorly afversity of Massafected by the bombs, chusetts graduate. “I but the past couple of grew up in a small days have been crazy town about an hour for him. Even amongst away from Boston,” all of the suspicious Boston attacks: Flags were flown at half mast he says, “I do have reports and investiga- from the white house to PPCHS in Florida to friends who I grew tion, he’s keeping us honor those who passed away in Boston. Photo up with who were all updated through By: JP Dussan there, including Facebook.” Adriana is really upset at the friends who were spectators and one friend increase of tragedy in the world lately and who actually ran the race.” Despite his inithe lack of action, especially in a place tial worries of his friends being in danger, she values so much. “I was actually look- Mr. Lawrence assures that his loved ones ing to go to school in Boston,” she said. are okay. “When I got home, I quickly “It won’t entirely change my perspective went online and was relieved to find that

Around the country, security was heightened at sporting events as a precautionary measure. Bomb-sniffing dogs checked for explosive devices in an NHL game in Nashville, and many other stadiums increased the number of police officers and security guards on staff. Even at a Marlin’s home game, a police officer could be seen in front of the stadium with a German shepherd, and a Marlin’s spokesperson confirmed that they had increased security. “It was definitely a different atmosphere at the game,” said senior Colton McKinney, who attended the Marlins game last night. “It seemed like there were more security guards, and there was a moment of silence before the game.” In addition, a moment of silence was taken before each game as a tribute to the victims and their families. Athletes like Ben Revere of the Philadelphia Phillies made tribute to the Boston victims on their equipment. Revere wrote “PRAY for Boston” on his glove, and expressed his deepest condolences for the victims after the game. With the glove he was wearing, he made one of the most incredible catches of the year. Keith Yandle of the Phoenix Coyotes wrote the same statement on his skate. Lebron James, Tom Daley, Andy Roddick, Victoria Azarenka, among others, tweeted their condolences to the horrific event. Increased security is expected for large sporting events in the near future. The Kentucky Derby and Indianapolis 500 both expect hundreds of thousands of spectators, and both are expected to have increased security precautions after the attacks in Boston (NBC Sports). While sports may seem miniscule in the wake of such a terrible attack, sports have the ability to bring communities together. In the event of tragedy, fans from all different teams put aside their differences to grieve together. Long time Boston Red Sox’s rival, the New York Yankees, had a sign just outside their stadium with the words “United We Stand” and the logo of both teams. This may be just what our country needs to overcome this horrific tragedy.

all of my friends were safe and sound.” He also hopes that this doesn’t alter anyone’s view on the beautiful city that fell victim to this attack. “I do think that this was a very isolated incident that could’ve easily happened in any other major city. I can hope that this wouldn’t keep anyone away from the great city of Boston. It’s not only one of the greatest cities of America, but also of the world.” Fellow University of Massachusetts graduate and PPCHS teacher Mrs. Laffin is shaken up at how close to home this incident hit. “I grew up extremely close to where two of the lost victims, and I even went to the same high school and university that the young lady who passed away went to,” she said. “I’ve been in shock and just depressed that this had to be somewhere where most of my family and a lot of my friends live.” “I used to go and watch this great event and it makes me so sad that such an event had to be marred by something so ugly,” Mrs. Laffin says gravely. “The one thing I want to know is who is behind all of this. At the end of the day it’s senseless and just innocent people dying.”

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