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Student Life

November 2012

2 Students blast into another Pep Rally


Upon entrance into a world unlike any other, PPCHS students were brought to a place where twirlers threw batons into the air to the beat of a marching band, where a DJ played the current songs of today and where the numerous sports teams of PPCHS were presented to the observant jaguar population. Making their way through the double doors, music filled the ears of students as they piled into the gym decorated in accordance with the theme of the Homecoming dance: galaxy. The gym was filled with stars and banners encouraging spirit amongst our eager jaguar crowd. After a short introduction with a performance by the school band with the accompaniment of the twirlers, students prepared to embark on a journey like no other on the morning of November 1, 2012. “When it first was mentioned to me that I was in charge of organizing the fall pep rally, I was a bit nervous. However, with the help of the SGA class, the event was an incredible success,” says junior and SGA treasurer Francesca Levy. The Galaxy themed fall pep rally kicked off with the singing of the national anthem along with a presentation by the color

Drumline brings the house down: Juniors Alex Rose holds up Manny Delgado as he plays the tenor drums upside-down. Photo By: Gabriela Cabeza

guard. Two students, who encouraged the made them ringleaders. idea of presenting the flag with the singing After performances by both teams, the of the national anthem in a manner related fall sports teams were presented to the auto color guard, brought something new to dience. The sports teams included Varsity the first pep rally of the year at PPCHS. and JV football, Varsity and JV girls’ volAlong with their presentation, a student leyball, boys’ and girls’ swimming, golf, sang the national anthem and a select and cross country. Following the sports few students from the sign language class teams was the presentation of the Homesigned the anthem. After the presentation coming court. Those presented were Sawof our national song, pep rally was under- yer Hall, Grace-Anne Mcleod-Richards, way when two bold and brazen students and Alexandra Sao for Homecoming Lady began to present the lineup for the spectac- and Colin Gonzalez, Ryan Corona, Jeffery ular show. The MC’s English for Homecomfor all three pep rallies, ing Lord. Samantha sophomore Raul Reyes Melendez, Melanie and junior Laura Smith, Quintero, and Lisabrought with them chamarie Vazquez were risma and excitement presented for Homeas they attempted to coming Duchess while bring pep to the crowd Raul Reyes, Brandon in the stands. McIntosh, Andres VizAfter the anthem and caino were presented introduction of the for Homecoming MCs, the cheerleading Duke. Natalia Cevalteam performed a roulos, Josephine Laue, tine they practicing for and Gabriela Garcia weeks for pep rally and were presented for the half time show at homecoming Princess the Homecoming footwhile Jake Silverberg, ball game. Bringing Jean Dussan, and Nicopep and excitement to las Torres were prethe crowd, the cheersented for Homecomleaders cheered on the ing Prince. At the top football team in prepa- High -Flyers: Senior, Alshley Rosa is thrown of the hierarchy, Dbora up in the air. Photo By: Gabriela Cabeza ration for the HomeLee, Gabrielle Rosario, coming game that evening. “I was really and Jenevy Pena were presented for Homeexcited to perform our routine for the first coming Queen while Jiovanni (Scooby) time at pep rally,” says senior and Varsity Aponte, George Correa, and Sheharyar cheerleader Tavia Brown. “We’ve worked (Paki) Hammad were presented for Homeon the routine for so long during after coming King. school practices and even practices on the After the Homecoming court strutted their weekends, so it was really exciting when stuff, the much anticipated book club made we finally were able to reveal our work to their appearance. Book club members our fellow students,” adds Brown. dressed in garb representing their favorite After the cheerleading performance, pep story book characters and ran around the rally was underway and continued with gym holding posters while simultaneously performances by the step team- The Ladies chanting with the audience “books!” Then of Essence- and the dance team. Composed presentation of the spirit flag then followed of girls from every grade, the step team and to continue the school spirit. Students marthe dance team both performed with great veled at the waving flag as it made its way enthusiasm. The step team’s performance around the gym in the hands of PPCHS was centered on the theme of being Bar- athletes. bie dolls, while the dance team decided As the fall pep rally came to a close, the to showcase the captains of the team and Latin dance team performed to the rhythm

Leaving Footprints at PPCHS Cassidy-Rae Brantley STAFF WRITER

PPCHS has a long history of showing, helping, and touching students and faculty with special events. How can anyone forget September 11th, 2011 last year on campus? The whole school day was dedicated to 10th anniversary of 9/11, commemorating the lives lost and the horrific events that occurred over a decade ago with a week full of activities and reverence. “Life after Charter” week opened up and help out many students last school year on their plans with the future. Once again, thanks to social studies teacher Mr. Quigley, Footprints, the next eye opening school wide event, will have students wanting to do more in the community. Footprints week is about making your mark in the world, making an impression, leaving something to the world that’s positive. Monday November 19th kicks off the movement mission of doing well so we can impact others in a constructive way. Every teacher at PPCHS will focus a lesson based on the theme of the day while also con-

necting to their subject. Monday’s theme will be ‘yesterday’: what you have done to make the world better. Then Tuesday will follow as ‘today’: what you can do today to impact others positively. Then to end the week, on Wednesday, ‘tomorrow’: what you can do to impact the future positively. “If we all work and bring everyone together we can create a great wind of change,” senior Socrates Quintana believes. “With an event like this, I hope it shows the little things everyone can do that can make a good difference. Just making someone smile and being nice can cause them to do good.” “I became a teacher because I wanted to make the world better. I love the idea that we’re doing this as an entire school,” says Mr. Quigley. “Students are going to be impacted by these 3 days, full of events.” Every day special activities during SSR having to do with the theme of that day will be carried out and students across the school will aim towards making a pledge on they can help out the world. Changing the world will range from things as little as holding

Troy Bottom News Editor

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of Spanish music as they presented twists, turns, and flips out on the basketball court. Drumline was the finale of the fall performance and had a few tricks up their sleeves as well. Getting the crowd to stand on their feet, drumline and the rhythm of their drums moved PPCHS students as they danced and cheered for the musical geniuses. Drumline performed several amazing tricks including playing the drums upside down and riding on the shoulders of a fellow drum mate while drumming a beat and clashing symbols. The fall pep rally for the 2012-2013 school year was very successful. It presented the diversity showcased at PPCHS amongst the different performing groups and student interests. Much to its success, the fall pep rally promoted school spirit and provided PPCHS with the opportunity to indulge in a bit of school spirit all while showing their support for the football team. “Pep rally was amazing,” says senior and SGA member Katherine Conrad. “The diversity of students and school spirit was palpable amongst the crowd; that’s when you know pep rally was a success which makes all the work leading up to the event well worth it.”

Footprint Week: Mr. Quigley has high hopes for the activities that will happen during this week in efforts to help get students involved with their future. Photo By: Johmi Vargas

The C. H. A. T. Staff

Nicholas D’ Agostino Editor-in-Chief

Alexandra Mangano Web Managing Editor

the door to joining a charity. During the week there will also be school wide acts of kindness portrayed through art, music, and dance. “It sounds like it’s going to be a great week,” says senior Myka Brown. “With everyone getting involved, the possibilities on what we can do for the future will really show.” There will also be PPCHS alumni coming back and sharing what they’ve been up to and how they’ve made an impact. They will also be talking to juniors and seniors about the possibilities they have that can make a difference. “This is good for the whole school,” Mr. Quigley was excited to announce. “What amazing things students are doing and can do? This is a reason why school exists. It helps students to see beyond themselves.” “I was Here,” by Beyoncé will be the theme song, something sure to get stuck in people’s heads that week. Footprints week will occur during the last three days before our Thanksgiving weekend, making it a way to show people what they can or should be thankful for.

Dance Team a hit at Pep Rally: Molly Rivera (‘15) dances the routine with the rest of her team. Photo By: Gabriela Cabeza

Christopher Fernandez Video Editor Emily Semander Cartoonist

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1st week long Spirit Week at PPCHS 3 Melissa Sullivan and Victoria Alvarez STAFF WRITER AND ENVIRONMENTAL/HEALTH EDITOR

Monday, October 29th: Animal Kingdom

Wednesday, October 31st: Off the Silver Screen

On this day, students across campus could be seen dressed as their favorite childhood characters. Whether it was the Powerpuff Girls, superheroes or Disney princesses, students came in full attire to represent their school spirit. Even Mr. Bayer could be seen wandering the campus dressed as the Wizard of Oz, he was accompanied by several seniors who dressed up as Dorothy and other characters from the classic movie. “My friends and I dressed up as our favorite princesses; we wore crowns and tutus so that we represented the characters perfectly. We really like Spirit Week, it’s a great way for everyone to express themselves and try something different,” stated junior Olivia Hamilton.

On Monday, students were told to dress up like their favorite animals. Students all over the school dressed up as cheetahs, cats, dogs, and much more. However, the most dominant themes within students around the campus were the senior “Zookeepers” and the “Juniors of the Jungle”. The class of 2013 got together as a whole and all dressed up as zookeepers, as if to control the animals around them. Wanting to do something of their own, the junior class of 2014 decided to get creative and wear all different types of shirts reading “Juniors of the Jungle, they can’t catch us”, trying their best to represent their class.

Tuesday, October 30th: Fashion Flashback

Whether it was poodle skirts, leather jackets, or high-waisted shorts, students came to school dressed up as people from different generations. Walking around campus, any student or staff member could see the years of the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. However, even with all of the different representations of the generations, the most popular one was the well-known theme of the movie “Grease” based off of the late 1950’s. Groups of girls wore the “Pink Ladies” jackets and many guys wore leather jackets and white t-shirts, just like the main characters from the movie.

Student Life November 2012

Thursday, November 1st: Pep Rally

Unfortunately, students were required to wear their school uniform shorts on the day of pep rally. However, students were still able to enjoy the day by showing off their spirit shirts and school spirit at the first pep rally of the year. Several sports teams, including the cheerleaders were present at the event to entertain and excite students for the Homecoming game that evening. “I really love performing for everyone during pep rallies. It makes me happy seeing everyone have fun and get excited,” said Varsity cheerleader, Katlyn Vasallo. Following the cheerleaders was the dance team and drum line. Both succeeded in exciting students and raising them out of their seats to get motivated for the big game.

Friday, November 2nd: Partners in Time

Even though it was the last day of the beloved spirit week, students went all out on Friday. Partners such as Mario and Luigi, and Jessie and Woody were seen roaming throughout the campus to show off their creativity and school spirit. Even the President and his first lady were at PPCHS on Friday and were available for photo-ops throughout the day. Photos By Gabriela Cabeza

To Charter and Beyond: a night that was out of this world Gabriela Garcia STAFF WRITER

On November 2nd, 2012, Signature Grand shook with the vibrations of hiphop, house and electronic music. Neon LED lights caused the intricate chandeliers to twinkle, and the room glowed to match the moods of excitement and anticipation. The crowd moved in sync to the beat as an aspiring house and electronic DJ sensation unleashed his powers on the turntables. It was a night like no other, one that will definitely go down in Pines Charter history: the one, the only, the “To Charter and Beyond” homecoming night. Showing off their freshest slacks and their highest heels, the Charter Jaguars came dolled up and ready for the occasion. The night started off like all others, with a sophisticated feast where everyone dug in hungrily. After plates were licked and tables were cleared, the atmosphere shifted into what junior Nick Torres describes as “a riveting dance experience. It felt almost like a dream.” Torres is right: the decorations at Signature Grande were completely out of this world. Flashing beams of light dazzled up the dance floor, echoed by the blinking bright centerpieces. The mystifying aura given off from infinite glow sticks rico-

cheted off of the filmy, glittering drapes hanging form the ceiling. Overall, when stepping through the “To Charter and Beyond” doors, you felt as if you had stepped into a whole new galaxy. “We worked so hard to pull off this year’s challenging ‘galaxy’ theme,” says SGA Decorations Committee leader, Allison Tomey. “We spent so long trying to come up with just the perfect decorations for what we hoped to be a perfect night. We owe it all to Mrs. Rotunno, our party planner, who kept us on the right track and helped us brainstorm.” Let’s not forget one of the most contributing factors to the dance’s kaleidoscopic ambience: the hardcore music. DJ Crespo, a very well-known and commonly favorite DJ in Florida, blew everyone away with his talents through the speakers. Booking gigs at huge events such as Dayglow and Ultra, DJ Crespo is known for his techno tunes and feel-good party music. “Even though I’m not really into the whole house music craze, DJ Crespo was impressive,” says junior Micah Baxter. “He really knew how to get the crowd going, he was so much fun.” Towards the middle of the night, the music was cut and the crowd became impatient. The announcing of the Homecoming King

and Queen has been a tradition for years, one that brings butterflies to the stomach and smiles to many faces. This year, we are proud to announce Sheharyar (Paki) Hammad and Gabrielle Rosario as our 2012 Homecoming King and Queen. “It all happened so fast. When they called my name as the Homecoming queen, I didn’t even have time to be shocked!” says senior Gabby Rosario. “But of course I’m flattered and just so excited, this only added to the list of unforgettable memories from that night.” The rest of the night was spent dancing like there was no tomorrow, and chowing down on the bottomless candy supply. At the end of the night, students chanted for DJ Crespo to play another one of his new sets, but like all good things, the night had to come to an end. “I am beyond ecstatic about how our 2012 homecoming dance turned out,” shares SGA President Sasha Abrishami. “A lot of people doubted [SGA] and our ability to pull off such a spectacular night, and I’m really glad we were able to do it in the end. I’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback from those who attended. I think it’s safe to say that this was the best homecoming dance that Pines Charter has seen in all of its years.”


November 2012

4 Obama wins reelection in close


A valiant effort for the White House by Republican challenger Mitt Romney made 2012’s election very close, but it was not enough to unseat incumbent President Barack Obama. Americans heard the news late Tuesday night, but it took until the wee hours of Wednesday morning for Governor Romney to officially concede from his perch in Boston. The popular vote was decided by less than a two percent margin, but the vast majority of the Electoral College went to the president, as he is projected to earn more than 300 electoral votes out of the 270 needed to win. After the victory, he spoke to a crowd of his supporters in his hometown of Chicago. “We are an American family and we rise and fall together as one nation,” proclaimed President Obama in his speech. “Our economy is recovering. A decade of war is ending. A long campaign is now over.” The 2012 presidential race might be described as divisive, record-setting, historic, and expensive. More than $2 billion was spent between the two campaigns and super PACs (Political Action Committees), a new record. The Obama campaign largely succeeded in their get-out-to-vote effort, as the president’s base came out to support him in huge numbers that rivaled historic 2008 levels. Romney overwhelmingly won the Caucasian vote, but changing deJournalism class' predictions mographics in voter turnout allowed the

popular vote, electoral landslide

president to defeat Romney decisively among single women, minorities, and young people. “I didn’t really prefer one candidate or the other, but I expected Obama to win,” said senior Dbora Lee, who isn’t eligible to vote but worked at the Senior Folk Center on Election Day. “I’m looking forward to voting in the next presidential election, but I’m just glad I got to experience this one firsthand. I feel like it’s one of the first elections that will actually affect me in a big way.” That sentiment would likely be echoed across the campus. When the previous presidential election took place, nearly the entire student body at Charter was in middle school and was no more than 13 or 14 years old, hardly mature enough to understand how a race for the White House could mean so much. “I was hoping for the president to win,” said senior Daniel Kalter, who voted for the president. “I know things have been tough, but I’m hopeful that under him the future will be better.” Republicans lost the race for the presidency and could not gain a seat in the Senate, but they did obtain an even more decisive majority in the House of Representatives. During the “lame duck” session of Congress after the election, legislators will have to work quickly to come to a comfor whoas will wincliffthe election promise, the fiscal known as “Tax-

Journalism class' predictions for who will win the election

Romney 20.5% Obama 79.5%

Official results of electoral votes

Romney 20.5% Obama 79.5%

Official results of electoral votes Romney 206 Obama 332

President again: After the November 6, 2012 elections, President Obama was predicted to win re-election and serve another term as commander-in-chief. Graphic By Julian Graves

mageddon” is set to go into effect at the beginning of next year. It is an automatic budget sequestration and tax increase that economists say could thrust our country’s economy back into recession unless it is avoided. It was originally set as a deadline to provide an incentive for Congress to cooperate and get things done, but little progress has been made thus far. Also, the federal government in Washington has to deal with other urgent issues, such as the struggling economy, the staggering national debt, and the growing worry in the Middle East that Iran is getting closer to

Romney vs. Obama: Winner Takes All Jacob Isenberg STAFF WRITER

In light of Election Day, students in Ms. Hyacinth’s and Mr. Quigley’s classes participated in their own presidential debate. After long weeks of preparation for the contest, students finally had the opportunity to show off their knowledge and debate skills last Monday. Two tables were set up in the River of Grass auditorium with five students sitting at each. On the left side, five students made the case for Obama to have a second term, and on the right, five students made the case to elect Romney as the 45th president of the United States. Students, teachers, and parents filled the seats in the auditorium, producing a completely full house. For over an hour, students on both Team Romney and Team Obama argued back and forth about different issues affecting our country, and in the end, both teachers agreed that everyone involved was a winner. “This debate went amazingly well. Public speaking is so difficult, and what these students did, speaking in front of hundreds of their peers, is truly amazing,” said Mr. Quigley, the coach for Team Romney. “I think both sides won, because both sides participated actively.” Ms. Hyacinth, the coach for Team Obama, had a similar view on the debate. “Both

sides prepared very well. Everyone did a great job giving the correct point of view, and I am very proud of everyone.” As to who won the debate, the responses from students watching varied greatly. “Both sides did a great job, but I think Team Obama made some really good points,” said senior Melissa Duran. “I would have to give the edge to the Obama side.” However, not everyone agreed with Duran’s decision. “I loved the way Team Romney attacked the other side, and made the case for how he would be a great president for the future,” said senior Julian Graves. One of the participants of the debate, sophomore Demitri Garcia, reflected on his experience. “Before this debate, I didn’t know much about politics. This debate has been amazing for me, as both a learning experience, and as a way to develop my speaking skills.” The students in the debate and the students asking questions to the debaters did an excellent job of presenting the positions of each side. Viewers could tell that both sides had researched their topics thoroughly, and everyone did a wonderful job of expressing this view in a debate format. Overall, this was not a win for merely Team Obama or Team Romney; instead, it was a win for the students involved.

Party, had conflicting views on the results. Kegley believes Romney was the man for the job and that Obama had his chance but did not deliver. Klapper stands proud of Obama for his victory and believes he fought well and deserved a second term as President. Another senior, Cheyenne Willeford, commented, “I am very happy President

Obama will serve a second term. He is more willing to help young adults with college funds and tuition. I worry about my generation’s future. Obama will help us.” The opinions of PPCHS’ students vary tremendously, mirroring the nation’s political diversity. With President Obama re-elected, everyone, political parties aside, hope for a successful next four years.

4 more years: Hope or fear for PPCHS? Brianna Cha-Kim STUDENT LIFE EDITOR

The presidential election has sparked many people’s passionate political beliefs. Throughout the country, citizens have campaigned and supported their favorite candidate. The greatest message both President Obama and Governor Romney portrayed in this 2012 election was that everyone’s voice matters. Both candidates encouraged all eligible voters to come out and vote, allowing their voice to be heard and make a difference. Many PPCHS students stayed up past their bedtimes, eager and anxious to watch the election results pour in. By 11 P.M. on election night, November 6th 2012, it was announced President Barack Obama would be re-elected as president. When the concluding results were announced, many students descended to their bedrooms, missing out on Romney’s concession speech and Obama’s victory speech. A great amount of PPCHS’s seniors also contributed for their very first time in this

election. Senior Alexandra Restrepo said, “I participated in early voting. The lines weren’t as long as they were on Election Day and I can say I had a pretty enjoyable experience as a first time voter. I believed Romney should have won, though, because I don’t agree with basically anything Obama says.” Restrepo is also a student who differs from her parents’ political beliefs, furthering utilizing her individual rights as a citizen. Younger PPCHS students also formed opinions about the 2012 presidential election. Freshman Madison Messa said, “I wanted Romney to win. He is the better candidate to ensure young people’s futures. Too many people are graduating from universities and are unable to find a job. I am afraid that will happen to me when I am the one who is graduating from college.” Couples sometimes differ in political beliefs. A couple at PPCHS, Senior John Kegley, a strong supporter of the Republican Party, and Senior Ashley Klapper, who shares beliefs with the Democratic

obtaining nuclear capability. However, more immediate concerns about the election’s impact take place at Charter. Students here are concerned about paying for college, and getting a career that pays well after graduation. Doing either has become increasingly difficult, and the students at our school, as well as the young people across the country, will have to wait and see if it gets any better as the country’s political divide dwindles and our leaders head back to the capitol to deal with the issues.

Romney 206

Obama 332

Politics and relationships: Senior couple John Kegley and Ashley Klapper both had different reactions to the 2012 presidential elections. Photo By Johmi Vargas

Midyear Sports Round-Up Jacob Isenberg and Troy Bottom STAFF WRITER/NEWS EDITOR

Football The football team’s past season has been the worst recorded in Charter history. With a surplus of underclassman required to play varsity, it was a struggling year. But as schools across Broward County will be saying goodbye to tons of graduating seniors, the Jags will only be losing a select few. With many returning players the team will be one of the most powerful forces in their district. This 1-9 record may show defeat all over, but the coaches and players saw one positive, you can only go up from here. The year taught many players experience and lessons that they can now implement into next season. “It wasn’t our best year but it was a rebuilding process and was necessary. Next year we will come out strong and I expect the defense to step up,” Sophomore Tanner Redding said. Bright spots of this year were junior quarterback John Jablonka and Junior Jordan De Leon. Other impact players returning are sophomore Damien Charles and Junior Flavio Hernandez. Hopefully behind a big and now experienced line consisting of two big guards, Samuel Clausman and Sebastian Cubillos, who next year will be juniors, the team can reenergize the schools rushing attack, which has led the team’s offense for so many years. Soccer The Jaguars have officially kicked off the season with a win over South Plantation High School. With many returning players and some new talent, the team hopes to surpass last year’s success and finally defeat their last year rival, American Heritage. A big game in the future is the always good Cypress Bay Lightning which should really give the team an early glimpse of what kind of talent the Jags have on their 2012 team. “I think we are going to do well and see a lot of wins coming our way,” says only freshman to make the squad, midfielder Joshua Franco. “I know I have been training since December to make the team and guys on the team have been training even longer so I know [Coach Lemmon] took the preparation to become successful this season.” With hopes high, the team is going to continue to compete toward a state ring. Each year they have been so close, but hopefully in 2012, they can take it far.

Redskins Rule Broken for Second Time in Three Elections

November 2013

Boys Basketball On the hard wood, the varsity basketball team has finally earned their time to shine. On November 19th, the team starts the year against the always competitive St. Thomas Aquinas high school. The Jaguars are expected to do big things this year following their past year district and regional appearance. Last year the Jags fell short in the Regional semi-finals. “It was a tough lost for us last year and I think that fueled us to go that much harder in the offseason conditioning and lifting. I know for me that bad taste was left in my mouth after last year, it made me want to fight harder and achieve greater success this year,” senior varsity basketball player Wade Meade commented. But with dedication, sweat, and pure work ethic, the team has put itself in place to contend for states. Star studded talent plays on our courts, from highly recruited Justin Satchell to #1 in the class of 2015, guard Haanif Cheatham, and even the strong 3 point threat, senior David Nabors. With so much expectation, all eyes will be on the team as the players’ eyes remain focused on that state ring. Cross Country They’ve been running by Broward County competition and leaving it in the dust. “The guys have been doing real great this year and their work paid off. Carlos Penaranda and his twin brother Daniel really impressed me. I can’t wait for my team and myself in regionals and hopefully states,” stated PPCHS cross country star Andy Iglesias. Senior Tim Taylor and sophomores Carlos Penaranda, Daniel Penaranda, Alejandro Adarve, and Kristin McNair all qualified individually and as a team for regionals. They have high hopes that after winning the school’s first district title, they will be able to repeat their success in Stuart. Photos By Gabriela Cabeza The girls’ team, led by senior Jessica Davis and freshman Kali Hazera, will also be in action Saturday morning. The team, made up of seniors Catherine Nethersole, Morgan Vyas, Jessica Davis, and freshmen Kali Hazera and Vanessa Astacio, will be competing for a chance to win and move on to states. On an individual level, Davis and Hazera will be looking to win and advance to compete for a state title.

All of the Above: Obama’s approach to energy independence

David nabors sports editor


In a country where polls such as Gallup, Rasmussen, and other university studies and news organizations strive feverishly to accurately predict the outcome of elections, one sports related phenomenon has outdone them all since the middle of the last century. What has come to be known as the “Redskins Rule” has been spot on in predicting the next president in 17 out of the last 19 elections, a staggering 89.4% accuracy rate. The rule is defined as follows: If the Washington Redskins win their last home game before the election, the incumbent party retains the White House. If they lose, the opposing party wins. Last Sunday, the rule boded well for Republican nominee Mitt Romney, when the Redskins lost to the Carolina Panthers by a score of 21-13. The rule did not hold true, however. Romney was defeated by President Obama on Election Day, and it was the only other time besides former President George W. Bush’s 2004 reelection bid that the rule was not proven correct. “I heard about the rule and hoped it would prove true but in the end it’s just a small coincidence. Sometimes these are just chance, like the octopus predicting the world cup, but it’s fun to see these predictions through sports,” commented sophomore Alejandro Adarve. Does the capitol city’s football team really have a stake in predicting election outcomes? The true answer is that it probably doesn’t but it is sheer, stunning coincidences like these that make the impact of sports all the more intriguing.

“As long as I’m president, we will not walk away from the promise of clean energy,” – 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama. Now that he has been re-elected, President Barack Obama plans to spring forth his All of the Above energy plan. His visions for this strategy are that it will take control of the United States’ energy future and reduce the American dependence on foreign oil – an approach to developing energy resources. His main goal is to reduce America’s foreign oil imports by half by the year 2020. Barack Obama’s plan for the energy future will hopefully bring a cleaner and safer earth to the upcoming generations. President Obama’s All of the Above plan is a seven part approach to American energy independence. The first part, oil, is already being repaired by this plan. American oil production is at an eight-year high, meaning that the United States is beginning to depend less on foreign oil. Looking back at the last 16 years of American oil production, it is clear that the nation’s reliance on foreign oil is decreasing at a steady speed. Barrels of oil are produced and needed each and every day, making it difficult to pay and keep up with the expensive importation of oil from other countries. However, since he was inaugurated in 2008, Obama has been able to increase the domestic crude oil production by 720,000 barrels per day. Such an increase in the “homemade” oil caused a huge drop in oil and petroleum imports – 1.5 million barrels les per day. However, when it comes to the environment, Barack Obama isn’t just focused on oil. Another important part of his plan toward energy independence is natural gas. With this part of the approach, Obama has planned to gain safe and responsible support to the development of natural gas. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the price of natural gas hit a 10-year low in March 2012. Using clean, domestic natural gas, now cheaper, will enhance the economy. Since it is produced in the United States, the higher gas demand will create more jobs for Americans. “Hydraulic fracturing, the process of injecting water, sand and chemicals under-

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ground to free gas trapped in rock, could bled. Along with wind generated electricity create more than 600,000 jobs by the end comes solar generated electricity, which has of the decade,” stated Obama in January. also doubled since President Obama was The third step in Obama’s plan first inaugurated in 2008. toward energy indepenDoing everything they dence is the investcan to speed up the ment in clean coal. process of gainAccording to his ing cleaner enwebsite, www. ergy for the nabarackobama. tion, the Obama com, Re-electAdministration ed President has also apObama has set proved the construcup a 10-year tion of 16 utility-scale goal to develop solar energy projects, and deploy cost including the first-ever effective clean on public lands. These coal technology. projects are expected to Because burning create nearly 12,500 new coal is so harmful jobs and will produce enough to the environment, energy to power 1.3 million Cartoon By Emily Semander Obama is seeking ways to American homes. The Administrafind a safer and better way to use tion’s movement toward cleaner energy is coal for energy. Not wanting to further not all benefitting the environment, but also harm the environment, he wants to find a the Americans in need of jobs. cleaner approach to fix the coal industry. The seventh, and final, step to Obamas President Obama’s fourth piece of this All of the Above plan is the expansion of approach to cleaner energy is to increase nuclear energy. Though a nuclear power the use of biofuels in the United States. A plant has not been seen in decades, Obama biofuel is a type of fuel whose energy is and his Administration are supporting the derived from biological carbon fixation. construction of one in progress right now. President Obama has created an Admin- This nuclear power plant is expected to istration-wide commitment to increasing provide clean electricity for nearly 1.4 milbiofuel research and development for the lion American people. The importance of a benefit of both the environment and the na- nuclear power plant is not only measured by tion. The Obama Administration has begun the amount of people that it can service, but to promote different ways to use cleaner also by the way that it can reduce the need fuels in everyday objects. According to of ozone-depleting fossil fuels. The absence his website, the Administration has imple- of such fossil fuels will better both the enmented a new Renewable Fuel Standard vironment and future generations of Amerithat will save nearly 14 billion gallons of can people. Along with the building of the petroleum-based gasoline in 2022. nuclear power plant, the Administration The Obama Administration has also has also invested in grants at more than 70 turned their attention over to harnessing universities for research and development wind energy, the fifth part of Obama’s plan of nuclear technologies to improve reactor to gain energy independence. They ap- design and safety. proved the nation’s first-ever offshore wind Now that his first term is over, President project, and are now supporting the devel- Barack Obama is ready to take a new apopment of the world’s largest wind farm proach toward clean energy. With All of in Oregon. Obama and his Administration the Above, his seven-part plan, the United are moving forward toward clean energy States is getting closer to energy indepenin many different ways. Under Obama’s dence. This plan will not only better the leadership, the country has invested in environment and American lifestyle, but it over 15,000 clean energy projects across will also bring jobs for those in need of one the nation. Since his first term, electricity and a healthy nation to future generations. generation from wind has more than dou-

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Did you check the Internet? Obama Won!

During this past election, 21st century technological innovations have definitely played a prominent role. With technology being the most advanced it’s ever been, both candidates benefited from this in the 2012 elections. Wherever you looked, news stories were being plastered on every social media site and constant updates of the election were being sent to local citizen’s phones. Senior Julia Lozada exclaims, “I believe technology brought a positive insight on the candidates. It gave you a personal connection with them; there was also an abundance of talk on Twitter.” According to, “There are a total of 132,771 tweets mentioning Obama and 120,637 mentioning Romney, giving Obama only 52.4% of the total (and Romney 47.6%).” With this data it has been concluded that this has been one of the most- if not the most- popular subjects ever discussed via Twitter. Along with Twitter, different apps such as Instagram, Cinemagram, and Facebook have been essential to the election as well. Junior Carla Flyte states, “Every single time I refreshed my news feed, I saw a photo of either Obama or Romney. It was crazy!”

Now that everyone has access to some curate information, but they can also be technological device, votes have become places of controversy.” Even though there more accurate and personal. In earlier times is a candidate that one individual might during elections people voted based on favor more, the internet is just the place their peers or whoever was more popular. where people feel it’s necessary to voice Now we can say that majority of the Amer- their opinion- as well as discriminate. This icans who voted this 2012 election had factor of technology contributing to the knowledge behind their vote. They chose election has definitely become a negative thing. With both with a purpose. candidates trying All credited to the to win the election, use of technology; they can’t afford a constant circulato look bad, espetion of knowledge cially in the media; flowing through however, everytoday’s society. thing and anything Sophomore can be seen, heard, Samuel Clausman and read. With explains, “I am technology flourvery tech savvy, ishing and new and I have come inventions being to the realization created, there is no that everyone has stopping where the an opinion; it can future can lead us. be voiced through As of now we have technology. Somehad a prosperous times websites are helpful because Most tweeted about event in history: Election day 2012 economy and electhey provide ac- had the most tweets in history. Graphic By: Nick Lee Yee tion because of it;

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The A-list Celebrities choose their A-list politicians Anthony Kelleher Staff Writer

pearance at the Florida Obama rally that took place on November 4th at McArthur Celebrities have been playing an impor- High School. Pitbull briefly spoke about tant role in political elections for years, but his family background which included the there has never been as strong of a celeb- reasoning behind his support for the demority representation than in this year’s 2012 cratic candidate. The popular Miami music presidential election. Celebrities’ jobs are artist explained the ways that Obama fights to play different roles in movies and on for a better country and provides for all of television screens, but when it comes to en- the U.S. citizens. He told his story of how dorsing a political party, they use their fa- his family traveled from Cuba by boat with mous status to persuade the American voter the hopes of finding a better life in Amerito support their individual preferred can- ca which tied into the Obama campaign of didate without requiring payment. Junior moving forward. Catalina Villegas says, “I feel that celebriFormer Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt ties have the right to have their opinions, Romney also has many celebrity endorsbut people should know the facts before ers such as Clint Eastwood, Chuck Norris, choosing a candidate rather than choosing Gene Simmons, Jeff Foxworthy, and Donwho their favorite celebrity likes.” Some ald Trump. Recently, in the news, Donald say that celebrities’ political support comes Trump publicly offered President Obama with a personal agenda; however, others $5,000,000 to the charity of his choice, if disagree and believe that celebrities use Obama would release proof of personal their status to help bring what they con- documentation such as records of his citisider to be the best zenship and school candidate into office transcripts to the pubfor the better of our lic. Trump used his country. Celebrities celebrity status to chalhave many reasons lenge the President’s for their preferred motives and legitimacy chosen candidate as a leader of our counas every other voter try, further questioning does. Most AmeriObama’s integrity and cans vote based on instilling doubt into their political party, the American people. some vote based on Also, Donald Trump the economy and othmade a $2,500 donaers simply vote based tion to the Mitt Romon religious beliefs ney campaign showing and cultural upbringhis support, which is ing. Celebrities, simithe legal limit on the Graphic By: Nick Lee Yee lar to all other voters, amount a supporter can have their own views donate to a campaign and preferences as to who they believe for the presidency. In addition to that, should lead our country. Chuck Norris wrote a column for townhall. Running for a second term in office, Pres- com supporting Mitt Romney and saying ident Barack Obama is the democratic can- that “Mitt has the skills” to win according didate who is popular among many celeb- to rities. He is favored and endorsed by well Overall, celebrities have the medium to known celebrities such as Mariah Carey, announce their political views and the abilEllen Degeneres, Eva Longoria, Natalie ity to become some of the biggest endorsPortman, and Ricky Martin. Eva Longoria ers for a candidate. The celebrity endorser is actually one of President Obama’s big- can reach out to millions of people and gest contributors, reports She persuade voters to support the candidate has raised almost $500,000 for his cam- of their choice. Movie stars, musicians, paign, she is one of his campaign’s na- famous comedians, and popular athletes tional co-chairs, and is in one of President have a podium through which they can be Obama’s campaign videos to encouraging easily heard. Just like the rich and famous, Latino voters to vote and reelect the current the average American voter can be heard president. In addition, Natalie Portman has and counted through the right and priviendorsed President Obama assuring to gain lege of their vote. “Celebrities, like other more female votes, she is known to be a voters, should be able to speak their mind big supporter of women’s rights. As well about politics, and they should be able to as famous actors, singer Pitbull is an avid help influence people but for all the right Obama supporter. He recently made an ap- reasons,” says freshman Dylan Carter.

however one glitch this election faced was the process of counting votes. The process to vote includes receiving a ballot, waiting in line for a booth to vote, voting, then placing your vote into a machine which scans and counts the vote. Currently the state of Florida is still counting their votes, and seeks ways to identity and fix the problem for future elections. According to The New York Times “As Florida Vote Count Drags On, G.O.P. Says It Looks Good for Obama”. Although technology continues to prosper and advance daily, the technological aspect of voting is in a stagnant position. Imagine not being able to see the election results come in on NBC news, or not being able to hear about it on the radio, or even not being able to read it online! It may not be noticeable, but technology has influenced American society and the elections tremendously. It provided us with a winner November 6 at 11pm. After many calculations Mr. Obama was predicted to be reelected as the President of the United States. How did we find out this information so quickly? Pure technology.

Entertaining us to the Polls Jordana Cutajar Features editor

The election has become inescapable, when you turn on the TV and political propaganda filled the screen via commercials and shows. Newspapers wrote numerous articles, books were published and put on display at Barnes and Nobles, bumper stickers and flyers were plastered everywhere. Even coming to our school, the lawn was littered in red, white, and blue signs urging citizens to vote for a particular candidate. In the highly publicized world we live in, the recent election found its way into our lives through many facets; Facebook, Twitter, commercial broadcasts, night time television, and YouTube. Every debate, comment, or question made by the politicians was easily circulated and exaggerated, sometimes for comical purposes. “I think the videos and spoofs are funny, but I don’t get my actual information from them, for that I got to CNN or someplace reputable,” said junior Juan Saldana. During the debates and newscasts Twitter and Facebook became sites of bickering, belittling, praising, and satire. It seems that almost everyone has an opinion. Both candidates even have their own Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, so our newsfeed was always being bombarded with political propaganda and criticism. Believe it or not these posts sway shaky undecided voters creating alliances or enemies among their “friends” and “followers”. It isn’t a rare occurrence to see our peers and others lash out in response to opposing statements starting their own he said, she said social networking battles. For seniors, first quarter assignments in

their government and economics classes revolved around the election, and teachers showed debates and comical interpretations in class. Saturday Night Live is

known for it its hilarious political skits, poking fun at the debates and politicians. However, the jokes didn’t stop there; online there are even more videos. In a recent rap video on Youtube, Epic Rap Battles of History pitted Romney against Obama. Actors that sounded similar to and resembled the candidates presented clever and funny raps, pointing out each candidate’s flaws. Although these seemingly mindless videos are entertaining, they are also informative and effect voting decisions. Senior Arturo Cruz said, “I think the Epic Rap Battle is so funny. I read somewhere that people who watch shows covering the debates and YouTube videos tend to be more informed.” Now that the election is over the arguments are beginning to stifle even though the night of the election was mixed with cheers, cries, hopes, and worries. While we can sit back and laugh at the politics in our country, they still are important and carry enough weight to change our lives. As President Obama said in his acceptance speech; referring to the election: “It’s not small, it’s big. It’s important. Democracy in a nation of 300 million can be noisy and messy and complicated. We have our own opinions […] That won’t change after tonight, and it shouldn’t. These arguments we have are a mark of our liberty.”

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