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Student Life November 2012



On Wednesday, November 21, 10 districts were sent to the gymnasium to either witness or participate as tributes in the Charter’s first ever, Hunger Games. The “Hunger Games” event was held in recognition and celebration of the more than 5,000 cans and non-perishable food that were raised throughout the school for the Salvation Army’s Broward food pantry. These “districts” were the top ten classes that had brought in the most cans for Key Club’s can drive and were rewarded with some time out of the classroom and into the blood thirsty, all-for-one, cutthroat competition! Key Club members welcomed in: Ms. Vega, Mrs. Wagner, Mrs. Rago, Mr. White, Mrs. Alongi, Mrs. Ferrer, Mr. Velasquez, Mrs. Kelley and Mr. Quigley’s third period classes into the auditorium with the DJ blasting music, and the band patiently waiting to play during the games which they wasted no time starting. Four classes were chosen to compete: Mrs. Wagner, Mrs. Kelley, Mrs. Quigley and Mrs. Ferrer, and it was obvious that this was going to be an intense competition. The first game: the complex egg race! Ten students from each team was required to walk with a fruity colored egg nestled a spoon in hand through a hula hoop and back. If the

Charter volunteers as tribute! egg was dropped, the student would have to start all over again, creating a major setback for their team. The contest was fierce; however the MC’s announced that Mrs. Ferrer’s class won by a hair! The last to finish was Mrs. Wagner and unfortu-

Hunger games: After completing a series of wacky olympics events, Mr. Quigley’s 3rd hour class came out victorious and were named the victors for the first “End the Hunger Games” event. Photo By Carli Stander

nately, that district was eliminated. During the games, Key Club members ran around throwing free shirts out into the crowd. The air was definitely pumped up and ready for the next competition. The next game asked each class to hold hands, and successfully and swiftly get each member of the class to step through

New chills and fashion thrills Chelsi Chang STAFF WRITER

The crisp, cold breeze has been sweeping through Florida as of the last few weeks, with the lows dropping to low 60s and high 50s. This chilly weather has been making a tremendous fashion impact with students at PPCHS. Students have been taking the fashion leaps because the weather has given them the opportunity to dress chicly while staying warm. Using the long out door trek from class to class as an excuse, male and female students alike find their favorite scarf, sweater, and cardigan, and make their fashion statement of the year. “I get extremely excited for the cold weather because of the things you get to wear like sweaters, cardigans, scarves and gloves. It gives you the opportunity to go the extra mile, and you get to dress up,” said senior Ashley Rosa. “People in Charter definitely get onto the bandwagon of wearing cardigans over their uniform or leggings under their shorts,” continues Rosa. This seems to be the time to show your creative side by slipping on those new booties and maybe adding some funky tights to your outfit. It seems that Charter’s divas seem to peak around late October, around the same time the temperature starts the decline. “It’s different from the norm,” said junior Olivia Hamilton, “it’s a change in pace from the year round flip flops and jean shorts. It gives people a chance to express themselves and show their individuality, which is so important from today’s culture which sets us all up to be just alike.” Some would even go as far as to say that winter changes peoples’ whole demure. “I think the nice weather changes people’s perspective and attitude in their normal day. It gives them the excuse to wear certain clothes they could never wear during

Wintery: Finding the right thing to wear to stay warm and in uniform this winter may be hard but if you follow the example of senior Ashley Rosa (above) you’ll be prepared for the cold weather. Photo By Johmi Vargas

off that fabulous jacket collecting dust in the back of your closet just waiting for it chance to shine, and show PPCHS your own definition of winter style!

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As the end of November rolls in, the weather has become a bit chilly, the malls are packed with customers racing from store to store, and all of South Florida is decorated with lights causing all neighborhoods to shine throughout the streets. Holiday season has just begun, the season usually known as the most wonderful time of the year. But to students at Pines Charter the holidays are just not the same anymore; they have lost the holiday spirit they once had as young children. Holidays such as Christmas and Hanukah are well on their way. Students couldn’t be more satisfied. But the thought of these holidays just don’t measure to the feeling of excitement students used to get as young children. “I love the holidays, but it’s just not the same. I miss the excitement of Christmas morning opening presents from Santa, now it’s just almost a regular day,” says senior Shantelle Gloria. The question that is asked is why are the holidays less meaningful? The holidays seem to revolve around more of the corporate world than it does families. The media has this effect. Today holiday commercials are aired worldwide and they are always persuading people that they need this certain product around this time of year or to buy a certain kind of gift. The holidays are lacking their true meaning due to this. “The holidays do not revolve around fam-

ily time anymore, I feel like it’s just not as special as it was in the past,” says senior Camille Anderson. Thanksgiving, the holiday that is all about families and being thankful for them, has suddenly become more about Black Friday sales. This holiday, which was meant to

Cartoon By: Emily Semander

spend time with families, is now spent at malls as soon once the clock strikes midnight. However, students are able to get back their Christmas spirit by helping out in their community. Volunteering throughout the community will provide a feeling of giving and helping others, such as participating in the can food drive here at the school or volunteering at a toy drive. Students should also spend more time with family members. Though students at Pines Charter are older, the holiday can still be meaningful by helping others and giving back to a community and to the people that care most. “The Holidays are for joyful experiences with family. Now that we are older they may not seem as special but we should still appreciate it,” says junior Natasha Chew.

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finished too slow and was eliminated. The third and final last round of the games was an obstacle course; this was to determine it all: Mr. Quigley’s class, or Mrs. Ferrer’s? Ten students from each class had to put a broom on top of their heads, spin five times, and then jump over the broom. After that, they had to jump over, then

under pool noodles and make their way weaving in and out of cones. Finally, the student had to shoot the basketball into the hoop, and sit down so their fellow classmate could begin. At first, the Mr. Quigley’s team took a huge lead, with the boys taking no extra time. They jumped, and shot, and ran as if this really was the Hunger Games! This game made the crowd go wild, when a student would miss a shot at the basketball portion, there would be a unanimous “AWWW!” However, when a student would make a basket right away, the crowd roared. In the end, the winner was Mr. Quigley’s class! They celebrated, paused for a quick photo op and continued to crown Mr. Quigley the Headmaster of the district. Their class won a pizza party and the ultimate title as the first ever winners of the Hunger Games! Afterward, Junior Nico Bastidas said “I had a great time, it was definitely more fun than any of the other school events we’ve had.” His classmates, Andre Blackman and Daniel Zapata, agreed. Key Club member, Caroline Cabeza said, “It was a lot of fun, and was definitely great to partake in such a great event. I think it went even better than we expected it would.” PPCHS’s Hunger Games was unquestionably a huge success, students were raving about how much fun it was, and it encouraged people to help out in a great cause. All that’s left to ask is, who will be tributes next year…

Not so happy holidays

the summer as well as showcasing themselves through their clothes. Plus, people get excited because Florida really doesn’t really get cold, so any drop in temperature makes people happy to change up their look,” said junior Sarah Duque. Diva or not, winter is the time to dust

Nicholas D’Agostino Editor-in-Chief

Melissa Sullivan Web Managing Editor

the hula hoop that was going down the line until each student had made it through. Student spectators cheered on their friends and watched intently to see what team would come out on top. The winner was Mr. Quigley’s class and Mrs. Kelley’s class

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Just how bad is working on Black Friday? 3 Melissa Sullivan STAFF WRITER

Student Life November 2012

This year, approximately 152 million Americans went shopping on Black Friday. The busiest shopping day of the year is also very competitive and can even be dangerous. Black Friday offers high priced items at an extremely affordable price with discounts and special offers that can only be found on that day. To help anxious customers with their savings, employees must be ready at all times. They must work extremely long and grueling hours, doing whatever is necessary on this hectic shopping day. Several PPCHS students are beginning to find jobs as they grow older and struggled to keep up with customer needs on Black Friday. Photos By: Peter Dourvetakis

“I work at Meze’s Greek restaurant; it was surprising to see that people were coming in to eat on Black Friday since we don’t offer specials or discounts. Overall, it got pretty crowded throughout the day and I had to work really hard to keep up with everything. I’m glad I don’t work where employees get trampled or rammed into on Black Friday, like Wal-Mart or Target.” -Junior, Stefano Karagiaouris

“ I work at Rita Marianni at Sawgrass Mills mall; it was extremely busy on Black Friday. I had to go in to work for twelve hours on Friday. What made the day easier was having three of my friends working with me. The next day was worse because there were only two of us working and it was busier than the day before. I would definitely work another Black Friday though.” -Senior, Alexa Moore

The CHAT Editorials:

When is required information too much? Commentary By: Anthony Kelleher STAFF WRITER

It’s that time of year again: seniors are filling out their college applications in hopes of getting accepted to the school of their dreams. On these college applications, private and public universities and colleges alike ask the applicant a variety of ques-

TMI: Katelyn Louis doesn’t believe colleges should ask personal questions. Photo By:Natalia Cevallos

tions in order to get to know the type of student that wants to attend their college. According to the Huffington Post, Elmhurst College in Chicago is now asking their applicants to put their sexuality on the application. It is the first college in the nation to request this very private information. Soon more and more schools will jump on the band wagon and ask this intrusive question also. Junior Katelyn Louis said, “I don’t think it is right to ask someone their sexuality on a college application; it is way too personal and no one really needs to know unless the person wants to put it out there.” Where do we draw the line between important and necessary disclosure of information and downright invasion of an individual’s right to privacy? People have the right to choose their own sexuality, but do colleges really need to know a student’s sexual preference? According to the Huffington Post, Elmhurst College wants to make their college

more LGBT inclusive and that is why they have added this question on their admittance application. The question is optional and there is a “prefer not to say” selection available. Despite this option, I feel that asking a question that personal on an application is stepping over the line of respect and right to privacy. I don’t understand how this type of question would affect a student’s chances of impressing or demonstrating they are worthy of admission at a college or university. I equally stand by the opinion that asking a student to offer information on their religious denomination is as invasive and unnecessary. Colleges should mainly focus on academics and extra-curricular activities, not what gender you prefer. There are many ways that colleges can promote LGBT inclusiveness in a college such as clubs and lectures, but on a college application it should not be mentioned and should not have any bearing on a student’s merit. The only benefit I saw to the addition of the sexuality question was that Elmhurst College was proposing to offer a scholarship for diversity to selected students. Other than that, I don’t see the point of asking a prospective student what their sexual preference is. “I don’t think it is right to ask what your sexuality is. No matter what your sexuality is, you’re in college to learn and sexuality doesn’t have an influence over your learning so why bother?” says senior Paula Medina. A student’s sexuality does not affect their academics or the type of person they are, so why put this line of question on a school application? Students should not be asked their sexual orientation on a college application. It is too personal of a question and I feel most students would feel uncomfortable answering or choosing not to answer that question. Even though Elmhurst College defends its reason for inquiring about a student’s sexuality with claims to wanting and encouraging diversity, there are other ways to achieve this goal. Colleges and universities can achieve diversity through different means, such as promoting and welcoming diversity throughout the school with events and organizations in order to make the school stand out in its own way. Sexuality should be a choice but not a choice on a college application.

“I had to work on Black Friday; I recently got a job as a cashier at Aeropostale and had a shift from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Friday. It was very hectic; everyone was impatient during the day and didn’t want to wait their turn in line. It seemed as if everyone was annoyed and just wanted to leave. It’s an experience I never want to relive.” -Junior, Anesia Saunders

“I work at a high end clothing store in Sawgrass Mills mall. Everyone was trampling each other and rushing to get the clothes they wanted before anyone else did. I had to be there from 10 p.m. Thursday night to 6 a.m. Friday morning. I couldn’t believe the number of people that went to Sawgrass that day.” -Junior, Luis Medina

What would you do? Tattoos & piercings on students’ minds Haley Coolidge STAFF WRITER

Aside from the many battles teenagers share with their parents, the issue of tattoos and body piercings often arise. A common question teenagers have for their parent’s refusal is “What’s the big deal?” or “What’s wrong with getting a belly button ring? It’s just a small little circle!” Today there are many restrictions on how old you have to be to get a piercing or a tattoo. The law restricts young teens from getting piercings or tattoos without parental consent or permission from an adult. In Florida, if you are under the age of 18, you must be accompanied by an individual over 18 to get any body Pierced: Recently, students have begun piercing their ears to the expiercing. However, in order treme with more than the common 1 or 2. Photo By: Natalia Cevallos for a minor to get a tattoo, he or she must have a parent or guardian a disease from the needle and the fact that notarized consent form. So the question is, it is permanent and will be there forever. what would you get if your parents had no Some of the positive effects of parents allowing their teens to get a piercing or tattoo say? “If my parents allowed me to, I would are the friendship and relationship between get an additional piercing on my ears, but them. “I would probably get another piercing I would never do it without them because I’m scared of how much trouble I would on my ears because I have always wanted one and my parents have never allowed it,” get into,” said sophomore Jillian Marrero. Although it is clearly simple for any teen stated freshman Jessica Naylor. For piercings, mostly girls are affected to find a friend, cousin, or peer to accompany them to a piercing shop there is an- by the age limit because they always want other factor preventing them from getting more piercings than a male would want. the piercing or tattoo. Perhaps the greatest However the roles are switched when it restriction for teens is their parent’s ada- comes to tattoos. Even though many girls mant refusal and disapproval of a piercing. want a tattoo, under age boy teenagers are This restriction limits many high school usually most likely to follow through with teenagers from fulfilling their wishes for their ideas when they turn 18. For now, underage teenagers will have to wait until more piercings or tattoos. “If there were no age limits on getting a they are of age to get a tattoo or piercing tattoo without a parent content I would’ve because Florida laws are making it harder already gotten a dream catcher tattoo on to even obtain a license for tattooing and piercing. Maybe by waiting some teens my back,” said junior Ashley Zak. Parents of teenagers who want to get a will reconsider if they even want anypiercing or tattoo must consider the nega- thing done to their body. Or their parents tive and positive aspects of allowing this will give in and give them consent to get a to be done to their child’s body. Some of piercing. In the end, teenagers who want to the negative aspects that not only parents get a piercing or tattoo should consider the should consider but so should the teenager negative and positive aspects before they include the health risk of possibly getting make their final decision.


November 2012


Black Thursday: the new Black Friday

Chelsie Ramos STAFF WRITER

There were two routes that could have been taken on Thanksgiving. Choice one: a serene meal with the family all around, joining hands to give thanks for all that they have, and the heaping and appealing meal that was set in front of their salivating mouths. Or choice two: lines that wrapped around the buildings, swarms of people screaming, pushing, and grabbing everything in their paths. These were the two different paths that people could have chosen from on Thanksgiving break, which for some became the new Black Thursday. While the Black Friday tradition has been around for years, this year was one that had taken over the lives of many all over the country. For years, Black Friday has become the official starting day for holiday shopping, says “I love shopping on Black Friday, because to me it officially signifies the beginning of the holiday season and when you should begin shopping for others,” says junior Courtney Merolle. The tradition has continued on, with the stores openings even earlier; however, this year the store hours just got an extension beginning from the day before. Stores started opening the earliest at 8 p.m. on November 22, with lines all around, to allow people to get an early start on their discount shopping. Wal-Mart, Sears, and Toys R Us were the first to open their doors

to eager shoppers, at 8 o’clock Thursday night, while Target opened up an hour later. However, while many people all over the country were just digging into their meals, workers and shoppers alike were at the stores. Juniors Amanda Hernandez and Courtney Merolle both agree that the earlier openings just took away from family time. “Thanksgiving is supposed to be a day for the family, but with the stores opening earlier people could rather just want to go shopping instead of be with their family. It also forces people to work that day too, and it doesn’t let them spend time with their loved ones,” says Hernandez and Merolle. However, the early openings allowed people to get their discount shopping fix done earlier. Junior Victoria Pineda said, “I think it was a good idea since Black Friday is crazy! So the longer that the stores are open, the fewer amounts of people will be in the stores because of the time extension. The people would have been in the stores for a shorter amount of time, in comparison to other Black Fridays.” Black Friday is a day for discount shopping. Thanksgiving is a day for families, but when the retail stores open on the holiday it benefits some more than others. “Black Thursday” became the beginning of the craziness that flowed past midnight and into Friday.

Sandy aftermath: Relief spreads nationwide Andrea Bellorin STAFF WRITER

their official website,, anyone can donate directly to the foundation as well as buy merchandise such as t-shirts and bracelets that will also go towards their fundraising. As a result of Hurricane Sandy’s massive desolation in major cities such as New York, voting on Election Day seemed like mission impossible for many people. State officials in New York finalized a list of “prioritized polling sites”, considering many polling places were either destroyed or damaged. The lack of electricity in many areas played a big role in the difficulty of casting votes on Election Day. Although the ballots were not able to be submitted electronically, they were counted one at a time by hand. The Great Storm of 2012 resulted in an awful array of upheaval. The storms aftermath was consequently very expensive to repair. New York’s governor estimates that repairs will cost around $30 billion as a whole, according to CNN News reports. Houses, schools, hospitals, and hundreds of various buildings were either demolished or critically damaged. After President Obama surveyed several of Hurricane Sandy’s damaged areas, the president promised to rebuild New York and give it the aid it needs. All areas hit by the hurricane such as New York and New Jersey were officially declared national disaster areas, as stated by NY Daily News. Signs of struggle remain as hundreds of thousands of victims try to overcome this unforgettable event. There’s nothing else to do now except to hope that the situation will gradually improve and help in any way possible so in the long run these areas will return to normality.

After disaster struck millions in the East Coast, all sorts of kind-hearted civilians stepped in to volunteer after Hurricane Sandy left a permanent scar. Monster storm Sandy, also known as the “Great Storm of 2012”, left much of the East Coast devastated, homeless, and hungry. Hurricane Sandy certainly left its victims in a rain of chaos with flooded subways in New York and the Atlantic City boardwalk in absolute ruins. “My grandpa’s home was destroyed. He couldn’t imagine that the storm was going to impact him the way it did. He had no heater or power, forcing him to live uncomfortably. Eventually he decided to come down and stay with my family and me until things got better up in New York,” says junior Natasha Chew. The storm hit hard in New York, leaving hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers without power. All across the East, 7.5 million people were left without any electricity. Thousands of airline flights were canceled and many more thousands of people were ordered to evacuate in anticipation to the storm. Overall, the storm’s horrific outcome gave many people nationwide the desire to lend a helping hand. With honorable relief organizations such as the American Red Cross, HSRF (Hurricane Sandy Relief Foundation), and the Salvation Army, victims directly affected by the storm have been enormously helped. The American Red Cross has partnered together with various other organizations such as the Salvation Army to make sure that people in New York and New Jersey have food to feed themselves and their families after super storm Sandy hit. Thousands of disaster workers have been mobilized to help the cause. For those who were left on the streets in complete bewilderment with their house either severely damaged or demolished, the Red Cross provided more than 127,000 shelter stays for the victims. Another reputable organization is the Hurricane Sandy Relief Foundation (HSRF).The HSRF was organized to enhance disaster recovery capabilities and increase reliability HSRF: Hurrican Sandy Relief Foundation aims to help those of the disaster workforce. Through affected by the hurricane. Graphic by: William McKinley

Crazy Lines: Black Thursday shoppers wait outside stores to get the best deals. Some students at Charter even participated in these early openings. Photo by: Gabriela Cabeza

Holiday time: Tis the season to buy a car Nina Salciccioli STAFF WRITER

Good news has arrived to PPCHS students that currently have or are getting their driver’s license: If you have been searching to buy or lease a car within your price range, then you are in luck! Just in time for the holidays, many car dealerships are selling and leasing cars both old and new at a huge discount that you won’t see ever again after the month of December. According to their online websites, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Ford, and Nissan, are all offering Holiday discounts. You never know, your dream car may be on sale and waiting just for you to come pick it up for yourself. Junior Kelly McNamee says, “I’ve had two jobs in the last year and I have been saving a little amount of my paycheck each week, waiting for the right moment to purchase my dream car, the Fiat 500. My parents

Graphic by: Julian Graves

have always pushed back the time that they felt it was right to actually use my hard earned cash to buy the Fiat 500 until this month. The Fiat is so much cheaper this month because of the Holiday Season. I can feel my baby coming very soon!” When selecting your first car, it can be extremely tedious especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Looking at car companies’ websites can assist you in this decision. As a teenager in high school, it is vitally important to stay safe out on the roads. Be sure to look out for the quantity and quality of the airbags installed in the car. Below is a list of some of your favorite cars at their lowest prices this month as according to their makers’ website. Remember to stay safe out there on the roads and have fun car shopping Jags!

5 Pre-Gaming and other dangerous deeds Jordana Cutajar FEATURES EDITOR

Underage drinking and drug use have always been a worry for parents of teenagers. While the expected and typical partying has been known and repeated by generations, teenagers have been concocting new thrilling trends with dangerous consequences. Take pre-gaming for example. When asked, many students thought it was a bonding session among teammates before a big game. However the name pregaming is deceptive; while it hints at some sort of fun, light hearted meeting before a big festivity or game, its true meaning is somewhat darker. Pre-gaming or pre-loading is the title given to teenagers who meet privately, before a party or some other social activity, and get drunk or high on cheap alcohol or drugs ( More common in college, pre-gaming is dangerous due to an increased alcohol intake. After drinking among close friends, many of the pre-gamers attend a party, where they continue to drink. The already intoxicated crowd is at even more risk upon entering the party. All the known dangers that come with underage drinking become possibly even more threatening to college students. Not to mention an increased chance of receiving college referrals for illegal activity. Commercialized by rap lyrics, ‘purple drank’ has become a dangerous and illegal concoction. Made by a harmful mixture of sodas and other liquids, this combination is very dangerous. Some of the side effects include hallucinations and lethargy. Rapper Lil Wayne admitted to his use of purple drank; he as well as many other rappers has idealized the substance causing an increase in popularity among teenagers. Another dangerous and ironically unsanitary trend that has been sweeping the nation is drinking hand sanitizer. With numerous bottles in basically every class-

Pre-gaming: Teenagers have been known to drink alcohol before attending a party. This is extremely dangerous and of course illegal for underaged teens. Photo by: Carli Stander

room it is hard to believe that while we clean our hands using Purell while others consume it. As repulsive as it sounds, some find hand sanitizer appeal because it is a

Hostess’s Twinkies: Gone! David Nabors SPORTS EDITOR

A Bakers Union strike has prompted the pastry and snack giant, Hostess, to liquidate, auction off its popular brands, and shut down its operations around the country. That’s 36 bakeries and 550 distribution centers that will bite the dust, and it means that the more than 18,000 workers employed by Hostess, including the striking bakers, will be out of a job. For the con-

can snack brand in the industry. Over the years, they have derived billions of dollars in revenue, but in January of this year, they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection which will permit reorganization under the bankruptcy laws of the country. The bakers were up in arms about steep pay and benefit cuts by the corporation. Hostess intends to sell the company and liquidate all assets, but before that happens, management is expected to meet with the Union.

Hostess closes down: Twinkies will be among one of the many famous Hostess snacks to stop being sold in stores. Photo by: Carli Stander

sumer, it could possibly mean that some of the most valuable brands that the company has – such as Twinkies and Ding Dongs – may soon cease to exist. “I have always loved Twinkies,” says senior Bryan Villa. “It’s sad that one day, my kids and their kids will not have the opportunity to have the delicious Hostess products that I enjoyed as a kid.” Founded in 1930, the Hostess brand has become perhaps the most notable Ameri-

“I hope that at some point, they can work this out or that at least a good company will buy the best Hostess brands,” says senior George Correa. “It’s sad to see all those people lose their jobs, and it’s also sad that such a great product may not be available anymore.” Hostess may survive, but the future looks bleak at this point. The staple of the American pastry industry is in jeopardy, and it may be too late to save it.

cheap readily available substance, which just so happens to contain 62% ethyl alcohol. Consequently, this cheap treat is also extremely dangerous and likely causes al-

News November 2012

cohol poisoning. Teenagers who had been caught by their parents drinking came up with a new way to consume their favorite vodka without their parents figuring it out. The smell of liquor on a person’s breath is always a good indicator of drinking, and has been known to give away underage teens. Instead of whipping a quick shot into their mouths, there have been many reports telling of teenagers consuming the alcohol through other parts of the body, such as the eye. The consequence of this risky behavior is blindness. If you value your sight, stay clear of this activity. Substance abuse is not the only way teens are endangering themselves. Planking is nothing new to teenagers; the seemingly hilarious and easy trend is assumed to be harmless. How hard can it be? All you have to do is lie flat on a selected surface long enough for a friend to snap a picture. We have all seen shots of our peers planking on desks or tables, but the trend can become risky depending on the selected platform. Many teenagers who have fallen while planking, suffering sometimes severe injuries, and in one case a death was reported, when a teenager attempting to plank fell seven stories off a balcony. Junior Jordan Deleon said, “I used to plank, one time I did it off the top of a basketball hoop, but I’ve never fallen before. I think you do it for the hype and I would probably try other stuff for the same reason.” Senior Paula Medina said, “The teenagers that do this are just looking for something to pass the time are bored, but it’s a waste. If they have free time they should do something more productive like take an AP class.” There are many ways to potentially harm a teenager’s young healthy body. If you were blessed with a healthy body, the wise thing to do is not inflict self-harm.

Is your soft drink eating you? Troy Bottom NEWS EDITOR

It’s that unforgettable taste. After a long It’s that unforgettable taste. After a long day at school you go home, stressed out, tired, hungry, mouth bone dry, and then you come into possession of a Pepsi. The popping of the can echoes all around as it fizzes into your mouth satisfying every last taste bud. The unmistakable taste tingles your body and an automatic sensation of feeling refreshed overwhelms you. The down side to Americans favorite soft drink is the loads of sugar and caffeine that comes with a can of Pepsi. According to H e a l t h l a n d . o r g ,Cartoon by: Emily Semander in Japan, a Pepsi brand fat-fighting soft drink has been released. The drink hit the markets in Japan November 16th and has been selling off the shelves. The name is Pepsi special and it comes in an odd curved shaped bottle. The secret to the innovation is that the soda contains dextrin, a common supplement found in fiber products such as Benefiber. The drink claims to suppress the absorption of fat and can raise the amount of triglycerides after a meal, making it the first ideally healthy soda. “I drink soda all the time and I also play sports so having the possibility of drinking what I love but not packing on the weight sounds great,” says sophomore Adam Pat-

terson. Sadly, like most things, this might be too good to be true. The FDA, Food and Drug Administration, has already frowned upon this new product and discourages the migration of the drink to the U.S. “Studies of humans ingesting dextrin

suggest short-term risks including severe stomach pain, gas, and occasionally nausea,” says Harvard director of Nutrient, Lilian Cheung. “The long term side effects have not been studied.” Sometimes the sad truth is people may just have to grasp the fine line between what is healthy and what is not. Better judgment of moderation must come into play. Sure with developing sciences one day the possibility of a tasty junk food could possibly become reality. But right now in the early stage of food experimentation, a serious health risk could come from “special” products.

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Footprints week:

Generally, November is a time of reflection. We think about what we are thankful for and reflect on how we acted through the past year as it comes to an end. Students at PPCHS have been encouraged, through Footprints week, to think about the past, present, and future and how they may leave their footprint on the world. Several students shone brighter than the rest, earning over 1,000 service hours or donating their time to help underprivileged kids in Latin America. Charter Alumni even paid a visit to the school and stimulated students to really think about their future and what direction they want to steer their life in. Featured this month is a highlight of what Footprints week brought to PPCHS.

Our past impacts who we are Angie Berkowitz and Jordana Cutajar ENTERTAINMENT AND FEATURES EDITORS

day, the “YOLO” mantra all the way. But after a week of reflection and reminiscing, students at PPCHS pondered the past Priceless moments; mischievous smiles, events that shaped their lives and the peoexperimental haircuts, tiny 90’s apparel, ple they’ve become. Throughout the last and hilarious temper tantrums illuminate four years, little freshmen grew into boisterous student leaders and athletes ready to embark on their future endeavors. With the brightest ambitions for the future, students realize that they would never get to where they are going if it were not for the trials and errors of their pasts. While it is important not to dwell too deeply on past moments; the good or the bad, it is still pertinent to remember them. These moments; accomplishments, laughs, failures, and lessons have altered our perception of the world around us, carefully sculpting us as individuals. Junior Stephan Montes said, “Something I’ve always done in the past and continue to do today is that I always try hard in school an aim to achieve perfect grades. It’s something I’ve always strongly believed in that would help me to succeed in my future. In the past, I’ve been involved in basketball and Student Council; two major extracurricular activities that have both impacted my life. While playing basketFrom the past: Our childhood is full of fun memories. Now it is time ball I’ve simply been trying to the community. Photo Donated By: PPCHS Student to get better at my game and worn photo albums as students scavenge within student council I’ve spent a lot of through them in search of the perfect child- time trying to get to know my grade and hood picture to post on Instagram during give back to my school.” the dubbed “Throw Back Thursdays”. For For sophomore Sophia Lalinde, her previa brief moment they nostalgically remind ous experience in student council has led students of the cute, pint-sized versions of her to continue on a path of leadership. themselves until the post is pushed down Only in her second year of high school, the stream and the memory is replaced Lalinde has accomplished so much and with our present thoughts. Other than these currently holds the fundraising chair for rare flashbacks, most teenagers don’t give SGA. Lalinde said, “The past has made me the past much consideration, living for to- realize that school is extremely short and

what you do can impact your entire life, so greatly help me in the future in college and you want to make the time spent memora- with politics after graduation. I honestly ble. Through student council I began to ex- believe that the events in my past are what plore different extracurriculars to see what will get me far in life,” said Levy. path I wanted to take entering high school. Looking back at all the old photo albums In the future I want to have an influence and yearbooks, students recollect past on people at our school and become more achievements. From your kindergarten involved in SGA.” graduation to your eventual senior graduAs a senior getting ready to go off to col- ation more has changed than the exterior. lege, Gail Fletcher reflected on her last four Leading up to the day when you will adorn years. Always equipped with a camera and that maroon cap and gown all of your past memory card, Fletcher is known school- memories help form present and lead into wide for her photography. “I traveled a the future. As Montes said, “Something lot to other places like Alaska and the Caribbean when I was younger and I saw other places and cultures which really opened my eyes. It made me interested in photography which I still love today. I think the past is important because you need to know where you came from and how much you’ve progressed; it’ll inspire your future.” Although Fletcher doesn’t plan to pursue a career in photography she states that it is something she will always be interested in. “I believe your past helps you realize who you are, the mistakes you’ve made, and the friends you’ve acquired,” said junior From the past: Charter students reflect on how their pasts have shaped them. FootFrancesca Levy. prints week focuses on what to do today. Photo by: Johmi Vargas The SGA treasurer has been involved in I always live by and will continue to do leadership throughout middle school and so- treat people with respect and practice onward. Using her leadership skills that to perfect what you’re doing; most imporshe has acquired in the past, Levy hopes tantly, always believe in yourself and your to pursue a career in politics. “My past will future will shine brighter than your past.”

Make your mark yesterday, today, and tomorrow PPCHS’s third cross curricular activity. Our first two activities, Remembering 9/11 Last spring, a group of teachers gathered and Life After Charter, were a huge suctogether at a meeting, cess,” said principal, discussing and brainMr. Bayer. “The stustorming what the dents, teachers, and next school wide focus faculty members reshould be. Eventually, ally came together and the group of teachers made a large impact on came up with the idea the history and future of Footprints: Make of PPCHS. After such your mark yesterday, great events, I had very today, and tomorrow. high expectations for They realized that evFootprints.” eryone has the ability Footprints kicked off to leave behind both on Friday, November positive and negative 16th, with reflective footprints on the world, discussions in students’ but they wanted to help math classes. The folthe students at PPCHS lowing week, the three leave behind positive main days Yesterday, ones. Footprints is the Today, and Tomorperfect approach to row took place. On get students to learn Monday, November from the past, live for 19th, students focused the future, and make a Footprints: Students have begun thinking about on Yesterday. They how they could leave their footprints in the difference in the world world. Photo by: Rebecca Gonzalez watched, reviewed, and today. discussed reflective vidThe weeklong activity has given high eos while the can drive items were collecthopes to the teachers that are involved and ed by Key Club members. After they were are part of the planning committee. collected, the amount of cans in each class “The school wide Footprints event is determined the winning classes who parVictoria Alvarez ENVIRONMENTAL/HEALTH EDITOR

ticipated in Key Club’s “End The Hunger “Every person can make a difference,” Games” on Wednesday the 21st. On Tues- says social studies teacher and Footprints day, November 20th, PPCHS students fo- director Mr. Quigley. “At first, it’s easy to cused on Today. After discussing a popular say that Tomorrow is the most important artist and designer and exploring an inter- point to focus on because we can all learn active website, students were able to con- something from the past. However, I besider a service project for the year. The last lieve that waiting for tomorrow to make day, Wednesday, November 21st, Tomorrow was the focal point of the week. Students were able to pledge acts of kindness for their futures on pawprints that will be posted around the school. 11th and 12th graders were also given the chance on this day to interact in panel discussions with PPCHS alumni who have devoted their lives to service since graduating. In the end, The “Hunger Games” were ended and 5,000 canned goods were loaded into a Salvation Before I die: Outside of Mrs. Coolidge’s wall she has a “Before I die” Army truck for delivery to poster for passerbys to fill in. Photo by: Carli Stander their Broward food pantry. The Footprints event was brought up by the world a better place is like putting it PPCHS to help students make a difference off. So Today, right now, is the most imporin the world today and for the rest of their tant day for students, teachers, and faculty lives. It was all about leaving a positive members to focus on. There are a thousand footprint on the world and helping to make different ways to make the world better; we the world a better place to live. all just need to find one.”

PPCHS gives back

Isenberg brothers hit a home run in Latin America Brianna Cha-Kim STUDENT LIFE EDITOR

Baseball is one of America’s greatest traditions. For centuries, it has been bringing friends, families and communities together as they cheer for their favorite teams. Baseball has also been unifying people in the Central American country of Nicaragua, where it is the national sport. It is common to see Nicaraguan children playing the game with sticks and rolled-up balls because poor economic conditions have made it difficult for many to afford the proper equipment. In 2008, Justin Halladay started Project Béisbol in an effort to give them an opportunity to play and to open the door to cultural exchange. The Weston-based, non- profit organization is dedicated to delivering donated baseball and softball supplies to children in underprivileged communities in Latin America. At the age of eight, PPCHS senior Jacob Isenberg began playing baseball. Ten years later, Jacob has made life altering choices due to his passion for one of the nation’s oldest sports. From the start of his baseball career at West Pines city league, Jacob felt an immediate love for the sport. Jacob played on PPCHS’s Junior Varsity team freshman year, and graduated onto Varsity from the start of his sophomore year. Soon after the start of his second season of high school baseball, Jacob suffered a torn ligament in his right elbow. In February 2010, he underwent ‘Tommy John’ surgery to repair his injured elbow ligament. Jacob said, “I had been in pain for so long. I was extremely happy to be getting surgery so that I could play again. It hurt me to miss out on so much.” Shortly after recovery, Jacob set out to rejoin his team. After one game and a few practices, Jacob

could not believe a new indescribable pain of volunteers set off on their journey. Over he felt along his back. Venturing yet again the course of a week, they traveled to many to another physician, Jacob was heartbro- Nicaraguan small cities which suffer from ken to find he had fractured his back. To extreme poverty. After landing in Manamake matters worse, Jacob was then told gua, they then made their way to Jinotega, the type of back fracture he had was one San Isidro, Grenada, San Francisco, San that rarely ever heals well. Two years later, Juan del Sur, and Rivas. Adam said, “It was mid-senior year, Jacob’s fracture has not an eye-opening experience. I got to see the yet showed signs of recovery and accord- extent of poverty in first person and had the ing to doctors of expertise, it probably never will. After a devastating baseball season his sophomore year, Jacob and his younger brother, freshman Adam Isenberg, decided to seek other alternatives since Jacob’s fracture inhibited his ability to continuing playing the sport he loved. After hours of online research, Adam then discovered the jackpot: Project Béisbol. With an accumulation of years of baseball equipment sitting in their garage, the Isenberg brothers were inspired to donate to those in Giving back: The Isenberg brothers have just come back from a charneed in Latin America. Adam contacted the orga- ity event in Nicaragua. Photo donated by: Jacob Isenberg nization and met with the President, Jus- chance to put a smile on these kids’ faces.” These volunteers brought around 250 tin Halladay. As it was a new organization just beginning, Halladay barely had any gloves, 200 bats, 250 pairs of shoes, 100 volunteers willing to help with the project. helmets, 200 baseballs, and additional Adam and Jacob both agreed to help col- baseball equipment for the young Nilect equipment and make this project pos- caraguan children. While delivering the sible. After meeting weekly with the other equipment, the volunteers also took part in volunteers, Adam and Jacob were then pre- games with the kids and were even offered sented with a once in a lifetime opportu- entrance into the Nicaraguans’ homes for nity. Seven volunteers were granted a full- dinner. Jacob said, “The children were very paid trip to Nicaragua to distribute all the grateful for all we brought. They showed equipment they had collected over the last us great hospitality and were very welcomfew months. On November 15th, the group ing.”

The not-so-far future: Charter alumni make a comeback Victoria Alvarez and Gabriela Garcia ENVIROMENTAL/HEALTH EDITOR AND STAFF WRITER

“I hope that these activities opened the students up to trying to see the world as a place that they would want to change for the better,” – PPCHS history and government teacher, Mr. Quigley Footprints: Make your mark yesterday, today and tomorrow impacted students in many different ways. However, one of the most powerful impacts took place on the third day, Tomorrow, when PPCHS alumni spoke with the classes of 2013 and 2014. Many alumni came to speak to the students about their careers and college years, hoping to shed a light on the students’ futures. From law school graduates to Ivy League attendees, the alumni came from colleges all over the country. Though all of their stories differed, they all came with the same purpose; to help guide students in the right direction. Spread out among the school in different classrooms, the alumni formed a panel and answered any questions that the students, and even faculty had. As Mr. Quigley, a Footprints committee member, shot questions at the panelists, their responses only

grew in impact. Subjects touched upon included fond high school memories, their current college experiences, and advice on how to make their futures brighter. “I was blown away with what some of the alumni had to say,” says senior Paula Lugo. “I feel like they helped to prepare me for my graduation and even upcoming college years. There’s no better advice than from someone who has already experienced it all.” The Footprints committee members included this activity into the weeklong event to help show students what their futures can look like if they set their minds to their dreams. They wanted to show them that there are so many different ways to impact the world. They hoped that the alumni would inspire the future graduating classes to make their mark on the world and leave a footprint behind when they find themselves in their shoes. Junior Daniela Contreras agrees that the meeting with the alumni left a mark on her future. “Speaking to the alumni and seeing how far all of them have come since they’ve left Charter really made me rethink my career choices. It was a real eye opener for what is to come in my near future.”

Alumni: PPCHS graduates from FSU, Duke, UCF, Nova, and other colleges visited the campus to talk to juniors and seniors about how they can help out in their communities. Photo by: Carli Stander


Features November 2012

President of Project Béisbol, Justin Halladay, said, “It was great that the younger volunteers had a chance to see where all the equipment they collected is going. This was the first time I opened up the opportunity to high school volunteers to accompany me in the distribution of equipment in Latin America. It was a true success and I appreciate all their hard work and compassion.” Nicaragua stands as the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Despite improvements in the nation’s economy and the implementation of government programs, almost half of the population lives in poverty ( Stepping out of the comfort zone of South Florida and venturing to foreign countries not only allows for greater understanding of others but also makes you appreciate how fortunate you are. “Seeing poverty in pictures and on T.V. is nothing like actually seeing it with your own eyes. The trip has motivated me to continue giving to charity and doing all that I can to help underprivileged kids around the world,” said Jacob. Daily, Pines Charter encourages care and concern for the community. Through its constant fundraising, drives, and service to others, PPCHS students are exposed to the true definition of what it means to be a good citizen. Although everyone is not lucky enough to share the same opportunity as the Isenbergs, there are many ways to give back to the community. Everyone can make a change through their own way. As the famed Babe Ruth once said - “Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”

Charter spotlight: Most service hours and counting Andrea Bellorin STAFF WRITER

teered at two different day cares, United Way of Miami and the Temple Beth ShaMohammed Ali once said, “Service to lom. Also, I volunteer very often at the others is the payment you make for your library and have participated in the Storyspace here on earth.” Community service book Festival,” said Martinez. is a term used to describe the act of volWith the most community service hours unteering one’s self in order to provide school wide, senior Brashae Madry has a services and help benefit the community. grand total of 1,979 service hours. Many Through community service, high school may ask themselves how a student is able students contribute their time and efforts to gain so many volunteer hours. “Towards to reach their goal of however hours they the end of middle school I started my plan on receiving. In order to graduate, community service. I began by filing pastudents need a minimum of 40 volunteer pers, making lunches, and working in the hours. There are a few students roaming office. Then these past four years in high the halls of Pembroke school, mostly durPines Charter High that ing the summer, deserve to be acknowlI have worked in edged for their exceedafter school proing amount of volungrams and helped teer hours. with field trips,” Freshman Hasina says senior Brashae Dorcely has exceeded Madry. “I am exthe amount of volunteer tremely proud that I hours for your average got this far with my freshman. “During the hours.” summer, I went to a There are numersummer camp that gave ous activities and me hours for watchorganizations a stuing children as a camp dent can be a part counselor. Through of to gain hundreds this, I received 318 Graphic by: Nick Lee Yee of hours. By simhours and got a differply joining Hands ent experience of volunteering.” on Broward through their official website Surprisingly, sophomore twin brothers (, you Justin and Brandon Ortiz are tied with 387 can join organizations to reach your goal volunteer hours, having the most commu- of however many hours you wish to obtain nity service hours in their grade. Every by the time graduation comes along. Hands past summer, both have been camp coun- on Broward inspires, equips and mobilizes selors at CB Smith Park’s Mackey Sports people to take action to positively change Summer Camp. “Nine hours a day, Mon- the Broward County community. They day through Friday, we watched over kids connect individuals and groups to meanparticipate in athletic training activities. It ingful hands-on service opportunities at was really fun and I’m definitely doing it over 600 nonprofit organizations in all of again next summer,” says Justin Ortiz. Broward County, Florida. Remember jags, School wide, junior Annelyn Martinez volunteer hours are extremely important comes in second place with the most hours. and can greatly improve your college apWith 921 volunteer hours, Martinez has plication. Helping out in your community surpassed the Bright Futures Scholarship will greatly benefit those around you and and Silver Cord requirements combined. make you feel more involved. “Over the past few years I have volun-

Environmental November 2012

8 Helping yourself while helping others: The benefits of volunteering


Many students volunteer around their community for different reasons. Whether it is for a cause that they strongly support or for the required amount of service hours needed for graduation, students make differences in their communities through their hard work and dedication. However, volunteering does not only impact the community for the better, but for the actual participant as well. Planting a tree with the local ecosystem committee or aiding nurses in the hospital may sound more beneficial for the community but in truth it is almost, if not more, beneficial to the volunteers’ bodies. Volunteering can affect students in many health related ways. Affecting both the mind and the body, volunteering affects all of those who participate. One of the great things that volunteering can do for a teenager is providing a boost in self-confidence. After doing good deeds for others and the community, people are given a natural sense of accomplishment. Knowing that they have impacted others, teens will ultimately feel better about themselves knowing that they are helping those around them. “When I volunteer at the hospital, I always leave feeling good about myself,” said junior and Memorial Hospital West volunteer Stephan Montes. “Sure, after a long night I might feel tired or even stressed out, but there’s something about helping the patients and busy nurses that really makes me feel better, like I actually did something right.” Because volunteering keeps you constantly interacting with people, it can also

help combat depression. A key risk factor from being diagnosed with depression. for depression is social isolation; some- The volunteers around them begin to get thing that volunteering can keep teenagers to know the teen, and eventually the group away from. In many organizations, vol- becomes open with their problems, seekunteers are kept busy with activities like aiding people at a help booth or helping take care of children or animals. No matter where teenagers are, when they are volunteering, they are never alone. Many students claim to have made friends when they volunteered at various charities and causes. Senior Rendell Almeria has experienced this firsthand. “When working so close to each other, it’s impossible to not talk and make friends Benefits of Volunteering: Kimberly Champagne (‘14) and Stephan Montes (‘14) are with the people two of the many students at Charter that volunteer and get something positive out of you volunteer it. Photo By: Alex Monge with. They’re always such great and kind- ing advice from their group while going hearted people that are easy talk to,” said through troubled times. However, mental Almeria. health isn’t the only beneficial affect that Making friends with those around them, volunteering can have on a person. not only are their social skills beginning to Even though the students are not getdevelop, but they also begin to develop a ting paid for their work, they are instead support system, an important factor to help rewarded with service hours, volunteer-

ing can really advance their future careers. The acts of volunteering can provide many teens with a true career experience. It offers them the chance to watch those in certain careers and learn from them, without making a long-term commitment. If their interests happen to change, a student can volunteer for a different organization that better suit their needs. For example, if a student is interested in becoming a nurse that aids patients who are children, he or she can volunteer at the local hospital and ask to help participate in that wing of the hospital. However, if they begin to realize that they would rather work for an organization that helps support those patients, he or she can go volunteer at the local walks for the organization. No matter what students choose to do, they will learn helpful job skills that will be vital in their future careers. “Volunteering can really help prepare you for future jobs,” said junior Kimberly Champagne. “In my own personal experiences, volunteering helped me to work alongside people without getting annoyed, angry, or even awkward. After a while, you get used to working around strangers, who later become friends, and then it’s not so hard anymore. It made my job so much easier to handle, considering that I deal with customers each day.” Volunteering does more for a student than just help them graduate or help them to look good on college applications; it affects them in many different beneficial ways. Whether it is helping improve their minds or their futures, students can expect to be affected by participating in charity events or volunteering at different companies and organizations. It doesn’t just help the community, it helps the teens as well.

Diet without dying: Meatless Mondays: How to lose weight the right way Los Angeles goes vegeterian Melissa Sullivan STAFF WRITER

someone wishes to shed should be based on several factors such as Body Mass InAs teenagers, students at PPCHS are dex (BMI), the measure of someone’s constantly aiming to look their best with weight in relation to their height, and how the most popular fashion and weight loss many calories someone needs in their diet. trends. Unfortunately, many of these trends • Cut the Quantity- Following a healthier are not beneficial to losing weight and can diet will ultimately lead to a better lifestyle even be damaging to one’s health. When that will almost positively provide weight loss results. The human body relies on food for energy, any excess energy intake is then stored as fat. If someone were to cut their calorie intake they would avoid storing these unhealthy, fats that ultimately affect health and cause weight gain. “A lot of people think they can lose weight by working out, it takes much more than that. You have to be committed in every part of your life and try your best at all times,” stated Junior Stefano Karagiaouris. • Exercise regularly- Regular activity in a person’s routine, combined with a healthy diet, is the key to weight loss results. Even if someone isn’t the type to go to the gym and lift weights or complete some intense cardio, they can easily lose weight through light exercise. It’s best Diet without dying: Students at PPCHS keep track of their body’s condi- that people participate in tion by weighing themselves in order to get on track to a healthier lifestyle. activities they enjoy, keep Photo By: Rebecca Gonzalez things fun and exciting, looking to diet or lose weight it is impor- and make it a hobby, not a chore. tant to keep in mind not only the physical By following this diet plan, anyone can benefits, but the health ones as well. Stay lead a healthy lifestyle, and ultimately, lose clear of faulty gimmicks and follow these the weight they so desperately want to rid tips when striving to lose weight. themselves of. The key to losing weight is • Check it Out- The first step to starting the to be healthy, don’t give into gimmicks and journey to losing weight the right way is to tricks that advertisements put out. determine just how much someone wants to lose. Determining the number of pounds

Cassidy-Rae Brantley STAFF WRITER

ronment as well. According to the Meatless Mondays website, the meat industry is responsible for at least one-fifth of the greenhouse gases emissions that are man-

The war on Trans fats and fast food chains continues into the new battle field of Los Angeles, California. The city council of Los Angeles has endorsed the deployment of “Meatless Mondays,” a resolution to push Angelenos towards simply pledging to not consume meat on Mondays. Meatless Mondays is a resolution to make citizens healthier and reduce harmful effects on the environment caused by meat consumption and processing. The drive to live a longer and healthier life is the main reason for this new meatless movement. The pledge will have influence on new fast food restaurants in the Los Angeles area. It won’t be an act that law officials will Meatless Mondays: Sarah Garcia (‘13) participates in meatless Mondays by choosing a healthy, leafy salad over the chicken tenders sold in the cafeteria. have to get involved with Photo By: Rebecca Gonzalez penalizing for, but more of a community revolution. Everyone will made and contributed to the global climate be invited to participate in the movement change, so reducing the carbon footprint for the greater good. Giving up the carniv- comes out of it. Minimizing the 1,800 to orous lifestyle has shown health benefits. 2,500 gallons of water that goes into a One day a week as a vegetarian will have single pound of beef and the great demand an effect on people’s health and the envi- of fossil fuels the U.S. puts into moderatronment. ing meat consumption, is another benefit as According to the Meatless Mondays web- well. site, there are many benefits as to why Senior Grace Cheung thinks of Meatless going a day without meeting your carniv- Mondays as a neat idea that’s “convenient orous needs is a great plan. Limiting can- for everyone. It’s something everyone can cer risks, reducing heart disease, fighting do.” Over the last few years, cities all over diabetes, curbing obesity, improving your the U.S., including Washington D.C., Durdiet, and just plain out living longer are ham Raleigh, and San Francisco have also some of those benefits that can come out of pledged to Meatless Mondays. It seems just skipping a day of chicken, bacon, and more shall be following suit. Los Angeles other meaty goods. is the largest city so far to make the pledge The benefits are shown to not just bet- (Fox News). ter peoples’ bodies but to help the envi-

Heart worries? Runners lap it up Nicholas D’Agostino EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

The constant thumping on the ground, heavy breathing, wind blowing gently, and suddenly… you’re running. The feeling is so ordinary yet not experienced enough. This action, one foot after another, one arm swings then the other, recalls a younger time when time flew by so quickly. Running isn’t just a tool for punishment when athletes make a mistake; it isn’t a grueling diet or exhaustive workout, just a simple task, movement from point A to point B. Despite its apparent lack of difficulty, most people choose to skip it, a grave mistake because running is one of the healthiest activities one can participate in that yields many benefits and doesn’t require much to start doing. The idea of running isn’t appealing to many for obvious reasons. It tires people quickly who haven’t developed a habit and can cause more discouragement than inspiration to living healthier. There are those however who hear the call to running and ignore the common conceptions. Take for example sophomore Alejandro Adarve, a varsity cross country runner. He says he fell in love with running since the day he started and can’t stop now. “At first it can be real tough on your body but then you get used to it and it’s so much fun after,” said Adarve. Running brings the risk of injury, like many outdoor activities, but these injuries can be easily avoided if precautions are taken. Wearing proper shoes and footwear to accommodate to your specific foot type (normal, flat, high arches) is very crucial. Besides that, you’re all set and ready to hit the road or treadmill. But why choose running over another method? A study done by the Medical College of Wisconsin and the VA Medical Center found that running on a treadmill at a “hard” level burned an average of 705-865 calories in an hour. Meanwhile, others like the stair-stepper (637-746), rower (606-739), cross-country ski machine (595-678) and stationary bike

Runners Crossing: Charter students run during their P.E. periods to do cardio and get many benefits out of it. Photo By: Rebecca Gonzalez

(498-604) were all found to burn lower amounts. This high level of calories burned leads to weight loss which can lead to a reduced risk of osteoarthritis- the most common joint disorder which is due to aging and wear and tear on the joints. A National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found that weight was the other great factor, besides age, that contributes to osteoarthritis. Obese women had nearly four times the risk of it in the knee than non-obese women; for men, it was five times the risk. Running comes into play here because runners are more likely to be average or lower weight, decreasing their risk of encountering this problem, contrary to the belief that running wears down the joints. After accustoming to the activity, joints can actually be strengthened, not destroyed. And the list of benefits that comes with running doesn’t end there. Women’s Health Magazine found that running can strengthen the heart because the increased

flow of blood, when running, makes the heart work more and working cardio muscles leads to a stronger, healthier heart. Lower blood pressure and increased good cholesterol reduces chance of encountering heart disease, stroke, and diabetes and a boosted immunity to foreign viruses all prove to be commendable benefits. A team at the Stanford University School of Medicine studied a group of runners and a group of non-runners for 21 years to observe the ability to complete tasks and the life expectancy of each subject. At the end of the study, disability levels were significantly lower for runners versus non-runners and the runners lived longer than non-runners (85% vs. 66%). So what happens after you decide to run? There are two types of runners: competition and casual. Both can vary in distance lengths from 1 mile to a marathon (26 miles), the only difference is that one is for racing while the other is mostly for leisure,


Environmental November 2012

whether it be to exercise and lose weight or enjoy the weather. Adarve added, “I love the competition when running, especially at races. Everyone is trying to be the best and it drives everyone to do better.” Some people even run for fundraiser events and awareness walks for various diseases. There are many ways you can participate in the various types of events in the local area: • Hollywood Half Marathon & 5K / 10K o Sunday, December 2, 2012 ; $90 ; 510 N. Broadwalk Hollywood, Florida • Live Ultimate South Beach Quarter Marathon/5K Run/Walk o Saturday, December 15, 2012 @8:15 am ; $30 ; Nikki Beach Club 1 Ocean Drive Miami Beach, Fl • The Dan Marino Foundation WalkAbout Autism o Saturday, January 26, 2013 from 9am-1pm ; Suggested donations from $10 to $25 ; Sun Life Stadium 347 Don Shula Drive Miami Gardens, Florida 33056 • 6th Annual I Care I Cure...I Run 5K and Family Fun Day o Sunday, February 10, 2013 @ 7:30 am ; $25 ; BB&T Center 1 Panther Parkway Sunrise, Fl The holiday season brings lavish meals of varieties of food; running can help recover from the added pounds that may follow. Remember to take the right precautions if you decide to run and don’t overdo it if you are just starting. Running for long lengths without preparation can lead to serious injury. For some people, running has helped them reach their ideal weight without having to change their diet. Also, running can be for anyone, fast or slow. Senior Dbora Lee agreed saying, “I was never the fastest runner but I got into running because I loved to be healthy. It feels so great after a good jog.” So if you miss the feeling of running as a child and are thinking about taking up a healthier lifestyle, take a stroll through memory lane and lace up your shoes for the next stride.

Charter says goodbye to our forest Chelsi Chang and Chelsie Ramos STAFF WRITERS

What used to be a small dense forest that provided a mystifying and rather interesting mood across the street of PPCHS is now just a patch of dirt. Many of students saw this little lush forest as one of the many tiny trademarks of Charter, as they made their way down Sheridan Street. Jaguar Way no longer has a pleasant barrier from the sun as it creeps up upon us during the progression of the day. One couldn’t help but have a certain fondness grow for this area across the street from our school. The little forest that some animals called home is currently being cut down by H&J Construction Company. The company has torn down the forest and has already begun to build rental apartment buildings. As many people know, trees provide oxygen that we, as humankind, need to survive. The trees that resided in this forest were Melaleuca trees, trees which have inhabited Florida and assisted the state in keeping the ecosystem balanced. They stabilize soil in swampy areas and draw up water from wetlands, as stated. Additionally, trees lower air temperature by evaporating water temperature in their leaves; they also trap particles of soot and dust, which can be harmful to the lungs. According to, they improve water quality by slowing and filtering rain water. “I think it’s sad that they’re destroying the environment, especially considering how many trees have already been cut down in Florida. Florida has such a unique climate and [cutting down trees] only detracts from that,” said junior Nikki Brito. Numerous students have been voicing the same opinion on this topic. “I don’t like

Goodbye Forest: The once dense forest that used to reside in front of Charter is now getting cut down and the ground is being paved for new rental apartment buildings to come. Photo By: JP Dussan

this construction at all,” says junior Amanda Hernandez. “They’re essentially cutting down the trees that give us air. We need trees, and cutting all of those trees down just releases more carbon dioxide into the air. Also, it’s not going to look nice. Before we had the trees to look at, and it was pretty, now it’s just going to be buildings.” The destruction of this little forest, and creation of apartments means one more thing: there will be more people in a smaller area, on the small road that holds the main entrance into PPCHS. For the apartment homes to be built on that patch of land, the entrance to the community will most likely end up at the intersection of Sheridan Street and Jaguar Way.

Zoology teacher Mr. Kapela voiced his concerns with the potential overflow of traffic, “It’s going to create one heck of a traffic jam in the mornings by Jaguar Way because I can only assume that that will be one of the main entrances. For the congestion alone in traffic, I am so against this construction.” Junior Shelby Watson isn’t too thrilled about the building of these news apartments either. “I didn’t really think they could build anything on that small patch of land, because the location seems so random,” says Watson. “However, when I saw that it was going to be apartments I automatically knew that the traffic would only get worse because of it being in front

of such a small intersection.” It seems that everyone sees the imminent driving pain that is associated with these new homes. It is only natural to except more students arriving to school late, and even more accidents. The little forest that once stood in front of PPCHS and greeted students on their way to school has been removed and in its place, apartment buildings will sprawl up. This will definitely change the lives of Charter students and the future tenants. The forest that once brought character to our school will now only add more traffic and air pollution to an already congested area.

Sports November 2012


The CHAT Editorials:

Really, Marlins? Graphic By: Armando Urena

Charter’s Most Dominant


Pines Charter’s gradual emergence as an athletic powerhouse has prompted the CHAT to take a retrospective look at some of the best teams the school has had to offer over the years. Below is a countdown of the top five most dominant teams in Pines Charter athletics history.


2011-2012 Boys’ Basketball

The first district championship basketball team in Charter history was also one of the most personified and spontaneous teams that the school has had. Several key transfers – Bryant “Rook” Willis (’12), Justin Satchell (’13), and Kelsley Wilkinson (’12) – were instrumental in the success of a team that went undefeated in district play, compiled an overall record of 20-4, and lost to eventual state champion Miami Norland in overtime in the regional semifinal. The team was known for its coining of the acronym “PCB” (Pines Charter Basketball), and also for outstanding plays such as alley-oop passes, long three-pointers, and fast break dunks. They came together late and became perhaps the most exciting team in school history. the cross country season that has just concluded, eight #4: Inrunners participated in the State Championship 5k race. As

2012-2013 Cross Country

a unit, the boys qualified to run in the race while PPCHS’s top finisher, sophomore Carlos Penaranda, qualified individually. He was 1 of 6 underclassmen to come in the top 30, placing in 29th. The other six runners for the boys team were sophomore Daniel Penaranda, senior Timothy Taylor, sophomore Kristin McNair, sophomore Alejandro Adarve, senior Juan Arango, and sophomore Daniel Arango. Daniel Arango (‘10) took the place for absent team members, sophmore John Medina and senior Nicholas D’Agostino, who were initially scheduled to go but encountered scheduling problems. As a team, they placed 19th in Florida out of the 24 that qualified for the race. For the girls, freshman Kali Hazera qualified for the state race individually and has three more years to bring more banners to the Pines Charter cross country program.

Commentary By: Brett Alayon STAFF WRITER

Just weeks after a horrendous 2012 season, the Miami Marlins were part of a mega trade with the Toronto Blue Jays. Star shortstop Jose Reyes and pitchers Josh Johnson and Mark Buehrle were involved in this deal along with catcher John Buck and outfielder Emilio Bonifacio. The Marlins, on the other hand, received veteran shortstop Yunel Escobar, right-hander Henderson Alvarez, catcher Jeff Mathis, and 4 prospects. Marlins’ fans reactions (including mine) certainly haven’t been pretty as the fans know matters are just going to get worse. “I am truly in shock. I’ve been a Marlins fan all my life and now, I have no idea what direction they are headed in,” junior Austin Heim said. Personally, I have been a diehard marlins fan for years and I can see myself attending possibly just 2 games this year. It wasn’t only the fans that were in shock. Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton’s reaction on Twitter was, “Alright, I’m pissed off!!! Plain & Simple.” Josh Johnson, who was part of the trade, told reporters, “I’m in shock, but really excited to start a new chapter in my life.” Owner Jeffrey Loria and anyone else involved in making this deal has got to go. What in the world was he thinking getting rid of these stars? The problem is these guys don’t understand that they sell tickets because of the players, NOT the attractions. Yes the stadium is beautiful, but no one will go see a horrendous team all year long. Remember when the Marlins acquired all these new players and it seemed as if they were headed in the right direction? Since July, Miami has traded eleven key players because they were on the team at the start of the 2012 season. What about the brand new stadium? Fans were filled with joy to go to one of nicest ballparks in all of the MLB and now, it might just be a waste of time to go there. The problem is these guys don’t understand that they sell tickets because of the players, NOT the attractions; no one will go see a horrendous team all year long. Sophomore Trent Herzog said, “My family has had season tickets for over 10 years and I’m starting to question whether or not we will purchase them for the 2013 season.” In a recent ESPN poll that asked which team got the better end of the mega trade, 88% was in favor of the Blue Jays. Surprise, surprise, huh? In just a matter of minutes, Toronto automatically went from ‘pretenders’ to ‘contenders’ in the American League. Meanwhile, the Marlins remained ‘pretenders’. With the firing of head coach Ozzie Guillen and the trading of stars, the Marlins are forced to start over once again. A couple words to describe this team would probably be “a disaster” or just “laughable”. Here we go again, another bad team with turmoil in the decisionmaking office. The fan base in Miami has certainly decreased over the past couple weeks as we all know what the future holds and really all Miami fans can hope for is, well…a miracle.


2010-2011 Boys’ Soccer

The number three most dominant team on the list is also one of the biggest mysteries. The soccer team enjoyed a regular season and district playoffs of unprecedented success. Ranked #17 nationally by ESPN, they cruised through the year undefeated with one tie against Cardinal Gibbons, and continued on to the regional semifinal against Belen Jesuit, where they suffered a heartbreaking 1-0 loss in overtime. Just one season removed from nearly clinching a berth in the state title game, the Jaguars’ historic season came to an abrupt end against the Catholic private school from Dade. Key players that year included forward Dwight Lodge (’11), forward Alloy Buckle (’11), and goalkeeper Marlon Mendez (’12). Although the team was full of talent across the board and was probably one of the deepest teams that Broward County soccer has ever seen, they could not reach the State Finals, but their playoff run will never be forgotten.



2011-2012 Softball

Last season’s girls’ softball team will be remembered as much for their stellar season as they will be for their gut-wrenching state title win. The first state championship team in school history (in any sport) did not even earn the distinction of district champion, but after the district title loss to Archbishop McCarthy, the Lady Jags later avenged that fourth and final loss of the season en route to Lakeland. All season, they were carried by Cristina Sacramento’s (’12) right arm, and in the state title game against Niceville, one run of offense, a solo home run by Victoria Gonzalez (’13), was more than enough to bring home a banner. Sacramento took a no-hit bid into the final inning, when a bloop single by the opposing catcher broke it up. Sacramento struck out 18 of the 23 batters she faced in the contest, and was mobbed by her teammates in celebration immediately after she struck out the last one.

2007-2008 Softball

Though unable to win the state title game, the 2008 girls’ softball team undoubtedly earned the distinction of being regarded as the best team in Charter history. Ranked #1 in the United States by ESPN Rise, the team featured six players who would go on to play Division I college softball. They won the Nike Faster to First Classic in California, despite the fact that they were the only squad in the 26-team field east of Texas. During that tournament, they beat four of the top 40 teams in the nation, including the No. 4 team Sheldon (Sacramento, California) in the final. Though their season ended with an upset in the state final, the team’s success forever put a stamp on the national softball scene and secured Pines Charter softball as a powerful force on any level. Notable alumni from the team include Division I signees Britanie Block (Infield, University of North Florida, class of ‘08), Audrey Broyles (Pitcher, University of South Carolina, class of ‘08), Shayla Jackson (Outfield, Florida State University, class of ‘08), Kandyce Redondo (Infield, University of South Carolina, class of ‘08), Alicia Sisco (Outfield, University of Florida, class of ‘08), and Lauren Sewell (Pitcher, University of Alabama, class of ‘09). Both Sisco and Broyles made the SEC academic honor roll and Jackson was a selected to the 2011 All-ACC team. Sewell is entering her final year for Alabama after a successful junior season cut short by injury. The best team in Charter history continues to make the school and the community proud with commendable achievements both inside the white lines and out. Photo’s Donated By: The Yearbook Staff

Pines Charter Soccer’s Most Promising Nico Souberville, Senior


Sports November 2012

Paula Lugo, Senior

With a high-powered boys’ soccer team, senior Nico Souberville is one of the most talented athletes PPCHS has to offer. As a senior, Nico is ready to take a leadership role and impress Broward County. “It’s my job to teach the underclassmen and lead them towards the best success they can have,” he said. Nico’s love for soccer has never failed as he has been playing the sport for over 7 years. Now, as he’s months away from college, Nico knows he must make a decision for where he wants to play. He stated, “I have had offers from FIU, FAU, and Jacksonville University so I have tough decision ahead.” Before he graduates, Nico has some work to do and he knows what’s at stake for the Jags varsity team. Last year, they had an extremely tough exit after a close loss to rivals American Heritage. Nico mentioned it’s his time to man up and score more goals to guide his team in close matches. With the help of Nico on the team, the future is certainly bright for the soccer team.

The Jags would not be doing as well as they are right now without the stellar play from senior center-mid Paula Lugo. Lugo, one of the team’s captains, is described by her teammates as a fierce competitor. Whether it is practice or game, she is always looking to improve on her skills and help the team to get better. “My goal this season is to score a lot of goals, make a lot of assists, and continue to lead my team to victory,” said Lugo. “As a team, I expect us to win districts, and I think we have a great chance of going to regionals and states.” Lugo, like the rest of her teammates, also reiterated one special goal: to beat Archbishop McCarthy. McCarthy is the best team in the district, and has given the Jags trouble in the past. But Lugo is confident that this is the season that fortunes can change, and that the Jags will be state champions.

Kayla Faulkner, Senior

She’s been on the team for 4 years now, she is currently leading the varsity girls’ soccer team in goals this season and she is one of the captains of the squad. Her name: Kayla Faulkner. Kayla Faulkner, a forward on the team, is leading the girls’ team in goals. Her contribution to the team in goals is apparent to their success with a, so far, winning season. Kayla, in her senior year, has had a great experience with the team. She says they “are like family, so close and together.” This unity and experience from all the players makes her believes the team has a chance to meet her goal this year: make it to state championships. Already a start to a great season, the team looks to be on that path. Despite the results of the end of the season, Kayla’s future looks bright. She has been accepted into Florida Atlantic University and has committed to attending there following her graduation this May. During college she wishes to continue playing soccer, her passion.

Andre Blackman, Junior

Cristina Gonzalez, Senior

Cristina Gonzalez, senior captain of our undefeated girls’ soccer team, is ready to end her high school career with a state championship. Cristina plays right midfield and plays a vital role to the success of this undefeated team. She is one of Charter’s most promising soccer players. The biggest goal for her team is to make it to states. This team has the talent to make it to a state championship, and Christina is ready to lead her team there. “I think this is our best team yet,” said Gonzales. The girls’ team, she says, also wants to beat rivals Archbishop and Heritage. “I think we can go very far, especially if we can beat our rivals,” says Gonzalez. For her own personal goals, Cristina wants to score her first goal of the season and keep the team moving forward. “I haven’t decided what college I want to go to yet, but I want to go to either UCF or FSU,” says Gonzalez. No matter where she goes, a college will get a star in Cristina Gonzalez.

Being a captain of an undefeated soccer team is a big deal. Being a captain of that undefeated soccer team as a junior is an even bigger deal. Making the under 17 team for Barbados is huge. It was once a dream for Andre Blackman, but now it is a reality. Andre’s story starts at the age of 5, when he first started playing soccer. His granddad motivated him to play soccer then, and he motivated Andre to send a highlight reel to Barbados. “The team called me about a year ago, and they told me to try out,” said Blackman. “The team has good chemistry, but we could use some work.” Andre wants to play pro soccer, and feels that he can make it. His biggest goal is to at least make it semi pro. If he makes it to the pros, he wants to play in an African or Barclays European league. Making the U17 Barbados team is a huge step toward this goal, but Andre still has a long way to go before he can go pro. “I think we can make it to the World Cup,” says Blackman. “We have the talent to do so.” Photo's By: JP Dussan

Parada represents Charter in State’s PCB hopes to make it big Troy Bottom NEWS EDITOR

This is a story of a Jaguar that can swim. Not just swim, but jet past you in a blink of an eye as he performs one flawless stroke after another. There is an old quote that goes “speed cannot be taught, just perfected.” And if one were to watch state swimmer Ivan Parada in action, they’ll understand the true meaning of the saying. Slicing through the water so fast and ferocious has earned Ivan the respect as a feared competitor and athlete. His determination to be the best has also got him looked at by many prestigious athletic institutions. Ivan was tossed into the pool at the age of 7. From there he embarked on a journey to make his future from the pool. Parada says his brother was the one that got him into swimming and kept him on the right track. Ivan says encouragement from his brother and the thought of success in the future really is what pushed his work ethic to a whole new level. “My ultimate goal of course is to swim at the new level. I love competing against the best and it really makes me want to push that much harder,” Parada added. Usually common among swimmers, they would look up to greats such as Olympic gold medal winner Michael Phelps or Ryan Lochte, but Ivan has many different role models.

“We haven’t stopped training,” says senior Chris Gardner. “Day and night, we’ve In their past 2011-2012 season, Pembroke been weight training with Coach Bell and Pines Charter High’s boys basketball team practicing since even before the summer learned what it felt like to be on top. Their started.” constant winning streak and passion for Whether it’s running a handful of 120’s or the game earned them a simply putting up some school-wide fandom, and shots, our boys basketthey quickly became one ball team always makes of the most popular and sure to break a sweat. successful sports teams “We never stop,” says at PPCHS. junior Stephan Montes. This season, the boys “With rivals like Mistrive for nothing less. ami Norland High, and With the departure of dreams of getting to a some of their best seState Championship, we nior players, came an never will stop.” influx of great potential What these boys all and talent. Decked out seem to have in common in their complimentary is a love for the game, Nike gear, these boys and a desire to win. Pines have managed to rack Charter Basketball not up sponsors almost as only expects to rival last quickly as they gained season’s stellar success, fans. And of course, who but also expects a large could forget the new and crowd supporting them improved gym floors and on their way to it. With equipment they’ve been their season just starting, provided with? However, make sure to go out and if you look past the mawatch the spectacle of terialistic factors, you’ll our great team and supOff the Backboard: Senior Chris Gardfind PCB’s real recipe for ner, takes a jump shot during the warmup port our Jaguars on the success. court. before the game. Photo By: Alex Monge Gabriela Garcia STAFF WRITER

Swimming Star: Ivan Parada swims the backstroke. Photo By: Gabriela Cabeza

“Any person that rubs off a positive vibe and helps me see a better way to be successful is someone I look to as a role model,” the senior Parada added. In his last year of high school competition, Ivan Parada made it all the way to states, where he finished in 8th place in the 100 freestyle in a stealthy time of 48.4 seconds. Although his high school career has come to a conclusion, the future looks bright for Parada as he looks to represent the Jags at the collegiate level.

Entertainment November 2012

12 Holidays bring concert season


As the holiday season approaches, concerts and events are on the rise. PPCHS bubbles with excitement while anticipating the arrival of these upcoming musical dates. On December 8th, Y-100 will host its annual Jingleball concert. This concert consists of many popular artists that have been heard through radios throughout the year via Y-100. The 2012 Jingleball performances include Flo Rida, Karmin, Psy, Ke$ha, Enrique Iglesias, Ed Sheeran, One Republic, Cher Lloyd, Neon Trees, Fun., Afrojack, Austin Mahone, Megan & Liz, and Zedd. Justin Bieber is set to be the co-host of this fun-spirited event. Over the past few years, Jingleball has been widely advertised by Y-100 and has appealed to a vast majority of the PPCHS student body. Senior Ashley Klapper recalls, “Since seventh grade I have gone to the Jingleball concert. Although I have skipped a year or two, it remains one of the special memories from my childhood. I look forward to it at the end of every year.” Shortly after Christmas, DayGlow -otherwise known as ‘Life in Color’- will be returning to Miami for a second time in 2012. DayGlow is an electronic music show that bills itself as the world’s largest paint party. What started as a college campus phenomenon in 2006 has become a worldwide affair. Since Dayglow’s last local bash at the Bank United Center, the Committee has toured the world from London to Melbourne. The first event of the year was in June at the Miami Beach Convention Center. This December, the music show will also be hosted at the same location. Performers Benny Benassi, Diplo, and R3hab have vowed to make the December experience much greater than the previous one at the beginning of the summer. Junior

Natasha Chew said, “I wasn’t able to attend DayGlow in the summer; now that it’s back, I am beyond excited to go and have my first experience!” All attendees are encouraged to dress in all white attire due to the surplus amount of neon paint thrown around the arena. As the music blasts and people dance to the beat, paint is dispensed onto the crowd and by the end of the night everyone is completely submerged in colors. On Dec. 31st, Kaskade is hosting a New Year’s Eve concert! Originating from San Francisco, California, Kaskade has revolutionized dance floors across the country and has truly made a name for himself in the electronic dance music industry. Story NightClub (formerly Amnesia Miami) in South Beach, Miami, will be hosting the event. The event is for all ages therefore anyone is able to purchase a ticket; however, the quantity is limited. Kaskade presents Miami a spectacular option to ring in the New Year of 2013. Shortly after PPCHS students welcome in the New Year, many anticipate the Chili Cook Off on January 27th. Located at C.B. Smith Park, the outdoor event has proven to be a big hit year after year. Senior Cheyenne Willeford said, “I went to the Chili Cook off last year and I had so much fun. I can’t wait for next January to roll around!” The first couple months of 2013 are highly dedicated to the entertainment and music industry, leaving no time for a break. Three very popular artists are coming to Miami and all entertainers will be performing at the Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise, Florida. On March 29th, Maroon 5 will hold their very own concert. Then on April 10th, Taylor Swift will make her entrance into South Florida and ten days later, Rhianna will be pumping up the crowd at the very same arena. Senior Jazmine Valentin said, “There are so many artists making

Graphic By: Julian Graves

their way here! I would love to attend every event or concert; realistically I know I will have to make a tough decision on who to see in these next couple of months.” It is the festival always talked about. It is the festival high school students anxiously await the arrival for. It is Ultra Music Festival! On October 15th tickets went on sale for this music extravaganza. Ultra will hold the 15th edition of its gargantuan event over two three-day weekends March 15, 16 & 17 and March 22, 23 and 24, 2013. This marks the first time ever for a major electronic dance music festival to do so anywhere. Senior Alexander Metallides said, “This Christmas I know what I’m putting on my list: Ultra tickets! It’s going to be amazing.” Ultra tickets are very pricy. People pay up to $1500 dollars for VIP tickets which grant them closer access to the front where the performers are located. Russell Faibisch, Co-Founder, Executive Producer, President & CEO of the 15-year event said, “After an extremely successful 2012 edi-

tion of Ultra in Miami, and the continuous overwhelming demand by disappointed fans that were unable to attend because of the early sell out, we’ve decided to do what Ultra has always consistently done throughout the years, pioneer, and push the EDM movement forward. So we are adding a second weekend of Ultra. This is a unique concept from anything ever done before in our space, as it will be 2 Weekends… 2 Unique Experiences. There are A LOT of incredible plans and surprises lined up for everyone attending our 15th Year Anniversary!” As Ultra Music Festival makes history as the first global major festival to expand to two weekends, PPCHS house-music lovers grow excitedly as the date approaches. As 2012 rounds to an end, the year 2013 will open up with an incredible variety of entertaining events. Many PPCHS students await these dates with great anticipation and the joy of knowing they will soon become a big part of the music scene.

“I remember listening to this song when it was first released. All of her videos portrayed a relationship that seemed idyllic to my friends and I. Taylor Swift is flawless and she keeps producing marvelous records,” explains sophomore Phoebe Mishler. After producing and selling many love songs, Taylor has a way with taking break ups, and turning them into record breaking series. With this platform, she is setting herself up to become the top-selling female artist of all time. Swiftly moving into first place, Taylor Swift will be surpassing the artists that follow: Ke$ha, Mumford & Sons, Backstreet Boys, Emi-

nem, N-Sync, Lady Gaga, 50 Cent, and Aretha Franklin, according to the Week. com. Her infectious songs have had many viewers and listeners tune in to her uncountable performances. Taylor will be performing on April 10, 2013 at the Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise, Florida. “I cannot wait to see Taylor this spring; her new album RED is amazing. Since I went last year to her concert, I’m anxious to see what this year’s theme will be,” states senior Alexa Quintana. “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together” has set the stage for Swift’s upcoming year. This new single that arrived late August rocked the charts. The constant life experiences and break up’s have been the money making motive for Swift. The glittery pedestal that most of her audiences find her standing on during performances, is now shinning brighter than ever.

Turning Break Up’s into a Record Breaking Track Alexandra Mangano MANAGING EDITOR OF WEB

The fearless country pop star has impressed us yet again. With her new album RED released on October 22, 2012, Taylor Swift is right on track to become the first female performer to have two albums selling 1 million copies within their first week of being presented. The relatable, magical, perfect, and flawless country pop star that most teens idolize is now on her way to exceed the expectations of all fans. With constant break ups and make ups, Taylor Swift is a love icon for girls around the world. Since releasing her lead single in 2006 titled “Tim McGraw”, Taylor has been quite prevalent on the Billboard charts. Most of Swift’s songs highlight high school relationships, and the experiences teens face; the teen pop star became an inspiration for many young girls. Her fairy tale-like videos portrayed the ideal relationship.

Graphic By: Armando Ureña

Pandora Law encourages equal rights for the music industry Anthony Kelleher STAFF WRITER

Pandora is a free internet radio music service that allows users to create their own radio stations based on their music preference. With Pandora, one can explore a vast trove of music just by typing in the name of a favorite song, genre or even artist. Pandora will quickly scan its entire world of analyzed music to find songs with interesting musical similarities to the imputed choice. Recently, Pandora has tried to get a law passed called the Internet Radio Fairness Act of 2012, introduced to Congress in September of 2012. The Internet Radio Fairness Act would grant Internet radio stations fair licensing agreements equal to those of satellite radio stations. According to Pandora, the reason for proposing this law is that Pandora pays 50 percent of their revenue to music licensing fees while other radios such as Sirius

XM pay approximately 10 percent. Pandora wants to create a technology neutral standard. Junior Nicholas Bastidas says, “I think the Pandora Law will be a good thing because I think it will attract more users to Pandora and it will make Pandora greater than it already is.” This proposed law is already supported by Representatives Jason Chaffetz, Jared Polis and Senator Ron Wyden. “This bill puts internet radio on an even plane with its competitors, and allows the music ‘marketplace’ to evolve and to expand, which ultimately will benefit artists and the internet economy,” says Senator Wyden. Pandora wants users to contact their local Representative and Senator to promote the Internet Radio Fairness Act so that the proposal can be made into law. Not everyone agrees with Pandora’s Internet Radio Fairness Act. Many musicians are against this act because they claim it

attempts to lower the amount artists are paid when Pandora and other internet radio plays their music. Some of the opposing artists include Sheryl Crow, Maroon 5, Katy Perry and Billy Joel. Those who are against the Internet Radio Fairness Act believe there is nothing fair about pampering Pandora at the expense of music creators. Overall, Pandora feels this act will help both the artist and the user. Senior Wade Meade said “I think it is a good idea so maybe Pandora’s costs will become lower. They might become more innovative and allow more skips to songs or remove the skip limit. Who knows?” Pandora has an audience of over 150 million users. Pandora is counting on its customer’s support and assistance with passing the Internet Radio Fairness Act through legislators. To contact your local Representative or Senator please visit and voice your opinion.

Unlock your inner gamer with new video adventures


Entertainment November 2012

Jake Dreilinger STAFF WRITER

When deep in thought about the month of November, many people think of Thanksgiving, spending time with family, shopping during the crazy sales, and the vacation days that come along with the holidays. Aside from sales and family bonding, November is the month when top new video games are released. New games are making their appearance to the video game scene every week, and much of PPCHS is excited to see what’s in store for these new games and ready to grasp their controllers tight within their hands. The first of the big games to be released is Assassins Creed III. Join Desmond Miles and his new assassin descendants, Haytham and his son Connor in a game unlike any other. Discover an ancient secret during the American Revolution, and fight on the side of George Washington while protecting a village in this new thrilling video game sequel. Fight against the evil Templars while attempting to assassinate Washington, and discover the secret location of the key to the Temple. Campaign features all new weather, such as fog, snow, and rain as well as Female Assassins that were brought back to the game. “Graphics-wise the game is very stunning; the way a game should be,” said sophomore Matthew Yejo. “Campaign-wise it is awesome. Multiplayer-wise too; the game is amazing.” Along with Assassins Creed III, the next big game release was the highly anticipated Halo 4. Join Spartan John-117, aka Master Chief, right where he left off floating in the ship, “Forward unto Dawn”, toward a mysterious new planet. It has been four years since the events of its predecessor, Halo 3, took place. Gamers are thrown into a world beyond imagination. Wake up as Master Chief to an ongoing Covenant invasion, something fans will remember from previ-

ous Halo games. As a new maker of the Halo games, 343 Industries has a lot riding on their shoulders. Gamers are put into the armor of the Master Chief and are sent out to explore the new and mysterious planet of Requiem. One thing the player doesn’t know is that Requiem is home to an ancient evil that threatens the human race. Race through this mysterious planet while facing new enemies: the Prometheans. A new feature in Halo 4 is Spartan Ops. Play as a member of the Crimson team and complete missions that further enhance the mystery behind New Releases: Many students at PPCHS are playing new games, like Halo 4 and Call of Duty Black Ops 2. These games can get Requiem and the Cov- Top really expensive especially if you buy every new release. Each range from $50 to $60 for each console. Photo By: Natalia Cevallos enant. All new matchmaking games, now called War Games, Mason in his mission to save the world the matchmaking system gives players a bring new excitement with all new maps, from a cyber-warfare attack from a ter- whole new multiplayer experience. With vehicles, and the ability to make your own rorist, and find out what happened to his all new exciting maps, gamers know why custom classes. Even the ranking system dad, Alex Mason, from the original Black Black Ops 2 is a must have game. is new where instead of getting a military Ops. Alternate between present and past, “It’s the best of the Call of Duty installrank, players get Spartan ranks. With new father and son, in new exciting missions ments,” said sophomore Preston Hibbert. Spartan ranks, gamers can unlock new that will have gamers wanting more. Play- “The multiplayer is great, and I love playweapons and armor abilities. ers have the opportunity to control all new ing it.” “Halo 4 is awesome,” said junior Kurt powerful robotic military machines, and These games are big hits for those wantDavis. “Campaign is amazing and the way pilot all new vehicles. Find out what hap- ing adventure in their gaming lives. Look 343 Industries made this game is beyond pens to Alex Mason after the events of for these games and more at local video my expectations and imagination.” Black Ops during the Cold War. Activison game stores; grab your controller and see One of the most prominent games to brought back the famous “Zombie” mode, where the video game world will take you enter the video game scene, Call of Duty where gamers are placed in a town during next. Black Ops 2, is also the rage. Join David a zombie apocalypse. A major upgrade to

Part two: the never ending movie sequels Jordana Cutajar FEATURES EDITOR

Whenever we leave the movie theater satisfied with a feature film, our mind begins to wander. Powerful scenes seem to be set on repeat playing over and over. For every good film we see there is a part of us that longs for it to never end. The attachment to the characters, the endless possibilities for a cliff hanger all make a sequel sound like a good idea. It would be the perfect fix, tempting us with nostalgic characters and a chance to reconnect with the powerful film. Take a moment to recall what have been named some of the worst sequels of all time including Indian Jones: The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, The Hangover Part II, and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. That is not the kind of sequel you were hoping for, was it? Not all sequels are horrible, but it takes a really special film to re-captivate fans, let alone surpass original expectations. This holiday season has numerous upcoming sequels for fans starting with Breaking Dawn Part 2 and Skyfall. The second Breaking Dawn marks the end of the Twilight Saga

and the vampire mania that has ensued for the past five years. Many students attended the midnight premiere on November 15th. Senior Amanda Pazos said, “I thought it was a good ending to the series. The best part was the fighting scene and the twist at the end was really great. I don’t like it when movie series have four or five sequels; it’s too much. I think they could have ended Breaking Dawn in one movie.” In 2011, Hollywood released 27 sequels, breaking the record for most sequels released in a year, according to slashfilm. com. Looking back at all the sequels already released this year, some include the Wrath of the Titans, Men in Black 3, Ice Age: Continental Drift, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Expendables 2. It seems quite likely that the year 2012 could break last year’s record. And 2013 will follow suit with a long line up of highly anticipated sequels like Iron Man 3, Superman: The Man of Steel, Monsters University (Monsters Inc. 2), Despicable Me 2, and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. When is it enough? As writer Brandon Gray for Box Office Mojo cleverly put it, “Hol-

lywood is dipping into the well of past glory more than ever. It’s truly unfortunate that story is held in such little regard, when that’s what sells the picture more than any other element.” While there truly are some great sequels out there, nothing compares to the original. And as excited as we may be for Despicable Me 2 or 3 to come out, it will be nothing like the first one. Junior Alden Diaz said, “It becomes too much when the sequels are being made just for the money, like the Transformers movies. It started with an okay story line and was just downhill from there. I think sequels are necessary when you are trying to faithfully portray a book series. But not all are bad, Dark Knight Rises was the perfect sequel; it pulled elements from the original, but had a drastically different story line, which is what a sequel needs to be successful.” New Sequels: New sequels to old movies are being released, making PPCHS eager to watch them. Donated By: Chelsie Ramos

Technology November 2012

14 Technology consumes the inner IQ


In a world consumed by technology, it’s not a difficult task to find a technological advancement close within your reach. On a daily basis, in the palms of several hands always lies a piece of technology, most likely the newest to date. Living in the 21st century, for some civilians it is physically impossible to be separated from their handheld cellular device; for many, their lives reside on a single object that can search the web, house their agenda and make phone calls to those around the world. With the touch of a button, a voice-commonly referred to as Siri, responds to your questions, searching the web at rapid speeds without having to do any work yourself other than giving the technological device a voice command. Computers are being used among this generation at a larger level than ever before. Schools are promoting learning through online programs that require students to use and become familiar with the computer and its components. Living in this era, it can be said that technology has come a long way; however, technological advancements help us in many ways, but does anyone truly wake up and listen to the ringtone to witness the negative aspects that technology may pose to our well-being? In a study conducted by Patricia Greenfield- a distinguished professor of psychology at UCLA- research has found that as technology has taken upon a more preva-

lent role within our lives, our skills in critical thinking and analysis have declined, while our visual skills have improved. “Reading for pleasure, which has declined among young people in recent decades, enhances thinking and engages the imagination in a way that visual media such as video games and television do not,” Greenfield said ( Due to the recent decline in reading for pleasure, students today have more visual literacy as opposed to print literacy as a result of the rapid growth in technology. Studies show that reading develops imagination, induction, reflection and critical thinking, as well as vocabulary. “Reading is the key to developing these skills,” Greenfield said ( “Hearing the results of this study, I’m shocked that the use of technology is the cause for the declination of our intelligence levels today,” says junior Karinna Rodriguez. “We are all surrounded by technology every day so I feel as if it would be impossible for technology not to have an impact on our lives whether it is negative or positive.” Among the studies which Greenfield analyzed was a classroom study showing that students who were given access to the Internet during class and were encouraged to use it during lectures did not process what the speaker said as well as students who did not have internet access ( It is quite evident that with the use of technology ones attention span shrinks due to the

lack of concentration upon a single task. When the students were tested after the lectures, those who did not have Internet access performed better than those who did. The rapid decline in intelligence levels as a result of technology can also be attributed to the substance that technology processes. Typically on television screens today, mindless TV shows fascinate the minds of children. For the most part, these shows on television do not encourage the development of active, mindful, and critical thinking, which puts several children at risk beginning at a young age. As technology increases, the importance of higher-order thinking skills decreases and the importance of lower-order and more routinized ones becomes predominant (ait. Differences in Study Habits; Differences in Grades. Technology has captured this generation’s study habits. net). Graphic By Nick Lee Yee “I’ve always heard that technology was a cause of the decline in intelligence abilities that continue to grow throughout level, which is why I often try to include our lives ( Technology an hour of reading for pleasure into my has clearly taken over the world as it fills schedule each day,” says senior Chizoba our surroundings. It consumes our everyEzenwa. “I like to supplement reading for day lives and leaves us helpless and withwatching TV which is often relaxing and out hope when in fails to work. Regardless good for the brain.” of the positive role that technology plays While human intelligence is both difficult when providing aid in our lives, technolto measure and define, it is believed that ogy can be fatal to our intelligence level. Is our intelligence is simply a combination the need for technology truly beneficial, or of our knowledge, our skills, our ability to is it just simply consuming our inner IQ? understand and reason, and our cognitive

Who is Steven Sinofsky?

Apple Rumors:Invisible Keyboard

WWWD: What Would Walt Do?

pansions will do great at attracting all Disney lovers. Since it includes more of the well-known Disney characters, it should only add on to the Disney magic generation after generation.” This form of animation (the audio-animatronics) is not new to Disney- it’s been around since 1967 and is used in many of the parks’ rides- and the imagineers have been up to something new: Touché. According to, scientists at Disney Research have developed a proprietary touch-sensing technology called Touché, which could effectively give everyday objects and substances- like doorknobs, walls, or even liquid- advanced touchscreen controls, the basic version of which you typically find on smartphones and tablets. Essentially, by tapping, squeezing or pinching a doorknob, you will be able to open the door. While it isn’t specified that the researchers

forced to work through a few bugs to keep the system running and popular with the The head of the Windows department of masses. Sinofsky has played a large role Microsoft, Steven Sinofsky, has left the in working out the kinks and completely company. There is a debate as to whether redeveloping the system in the newest rehe quit or was fired, but this is a question- lease of Windows: Windows 8. Sinofsky able move for Microsoft. Although most leaving or being forced to leave the compapeople would not know who Sinofsky is by ny came as a shock to most because he has name, his picture is been in the comquite recognizable pany since 1989, and the products he when he joined as helped develop are a software design very well known. engineer. Sinofsky Windows is one was considered to of the biggest and be ‘Microsoft’s most successful CEO-in-waiting’ operating systems and ‘Microsoft’s that are known Steve Jobs,’ which in the computer is why it is a big world along with deal to the Microthe Mac OS and Windows 8. Sinofsky’s last project before leaving Micro- soft Corporation to soft was the new OS. Graphic by Amando Ureña Linux systems. lose him. “Windows 8 looks really cool and differSteven Sinofsky’s not being with Microent; I like some of the new features like the soft anymore will not influence them much live tiles on the dashboard and the picture in the present because the new Windows 8 passwords. I think it will be great for touch has already been released so it will most screens and tablets because it is so touch- likely not undergo any drastic changes unoriented; I have always used the Windows til the next generation of Windows. In the operating system and Microsoft has al- future, however, Windows may be comways made quality products. Hopefully, pletely different and the start button may that doesn’t change once the whole firing even come back; only time will tell what or quitting event blows over,” says junior this event will mean for the future of the Gabriel Perez. Windows division and the Microsoft CorWindows like all major developments poration as a whole. has made some bad decisions and has been Joshua Alleman MANAGING EDITOR-LAYOUT


Walt Disney World is known across the globe as the place where dreams come true, where anyone- no matter the age- can indulge their inner child. For years, the Orlando theme park has stuck with its originality, resisting any major renovations; however, 2012 is a year of change. While Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, and Hollywood Studios have undergone minor changes, Magic Kingdom is about to face the largest addition to Fantasyland since its opening in 1971 ( New Fantasyland is opening in phases for the largest expansion in the history of Magic Kingdom Park, offering more immersive enchantment and interactive experiences. The expansion presents more Disney characters and stories—in rich detail—in two new themed areas: Enchanted Forest and Storybook Circus. Storybook Circus, featuring Dumbo rides and The Barnstormer has been up and running for a few weeks

while the Enchanted Forest will officially open December 6, 2012. Here you’ll be immersed in the popular Disney films The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, venturing through lush landscapes, discovering roaring waterfalls and royal castles along the way. Disney’s team of imagineers has been utilizing technology to enhance guest’s experiences on rides and throughout the park. This can be seen in the new ride, Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid, where audio-animatronics steal the show. Guests now embark on a dry journey “under the sea” through special effects, winding up faceto-face with Ariel, Sebastian, Flounder, and that diabolical villain Ursula, brought to life on a massive scale as an impressively believable audio-animatronics figure. Junior Davin Miret says, “I think the ex-

Haley Coolidge STAFF WRITER

I’m perfectly content with my visible keyboard” said Sophomore Alexis Tolentino. Lately, Apple has been releasing new prodA price on this new invention has not ucts -one after the other. When the cre- been said. Apple hasn’t yet announced this ator of Apple, Steve Jobs passed away the product, however many rumors and ideas company definitely took an emotional toll. are floating around. When this product is However his passing hasn’t stopped the released, it will take some time getting idea and product used to. Users will flow from Apple. have to learn the Recently, rumors location of the keys of an invisible vibrations on a flat keyboard have surface because been spreadthere is no keying around the board to guide you. company. This Another complicainvisible keytion might be the board is said to vibrations not being be used on a flat picked up on whatsurface by using ever surface you are the vibrations of Mock: How the invisible keyboard might look and work. trying to type on. your finger tips Photo By Gabriela Cabeza Even though this to type on the invisible keyboard screen of your I-Phone or I-Pad. Howev- from Apple has its faults there are perks er, until these rumors are said to be true, to it as well. Some of the things this keyApple employees must find a way to make board could help with could be if someone the I-Phone or I-Pad read these vibrations couldn’t type on touch screen phones this on any surface ( By adding product spreads the keys out to a normal an invisible keyboard to their product list keyboard size. Another perk for this invisiApple will grow as a company even more. ble keyboard would be the advancement of However some may question if these new technology in the 21st century. This goes gadgets are worth it and needed. to show an invisible keyboard from Apple “Apple continues to amaze me with the would be a great way to further technolnew, innovative ideas they come up with. ogy as no company has ever been successI think the idea of an invisible key board ful with their plans for a product similar to is pretty cool, but is it really necessary? this. will implement Touché in Disney theme parks, it can only be assumed that it will be sometime in the near future. With all of this fresh technology and renovations to Magic Kingdom, one has to wonder if the Disney spirit will still be kept alive. Will these new changes bring excitement and eagerness from park-goers? Or sorrow and nostalgia for the “good ol’ days”? Many Disney travel blogs have been criticizing the new additions, crying out, “This is not what Walt would have wanted or have done!” PPCHS senior Dbora Lee agrees, saying, “The more technology there is, the more developed Disney is going to be, meaning they’ll create more types of Disney movies. This crafts more attention towards the newer Disney creations rather than acknowledging the great movies that were made in the past.” Sophomore Caroline Cabeza thinks differently, saying, “I think that the entire Disney atmosphere is magical and as long as they stay true to everything they have there, they will maintain that magical feeling.”

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