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Homecoming 2016-2017

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Student Life: Spirit Week Day 1 Matching Monday Content Staff: Jordan Alberti, Florencia Azcurra, Sofia Azcurra, Paolo Barrera, Roselle Curiel, Mason Feldman, Matthew Hernandez, Janae McDonnough, Frank Mora, Christopher Nappi, Andres Perez, Amanda Rodriguez, Diego Salazar Layout Staff: Jose Bozo, Tomas Eiletz Bottaro, Sarah Barrocas, Esteban Gangotena Photography Staff: Julian Barcelo, Justin Dourvetakis, Omar Loutfi, Giulia Marcondes

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Matching Monday

Florencia & S

Satff W


ctober 17th officially marked the first day of spirit week for the 2016-2017 school yea Monday students all over campus dressed up their best and went all out! During both A and B lunches the homecoming court nominees played the game “Two Tru the remainder of the week. Spirit week is the only week of the school year that PPCHS students are allowed to go craz stores get the most creative with their costumes as possible. Volleyball player and senior Ka and the rest of the varsity team were prisoners...I loved seeing everyone dressed up!” The v the rest of the girls were the Dalmatians. This year, the captains played the role as a cop wh This will be the last spirit week for the senior class. Senior Juan Ardila and his friends Ryan and Marcos Magella all dressed up as frat boys for matching Monday. They all seemed to th week and have had three years of inspiration from the past seniors and we just like to have While the seniors were enjoying their last Monday of spirit week, the freshman were enjoy matching Monday. “My first day of spirit week was really exciting because it was really coo week as well,” stated freshman Vanessa Angel. Aside from all the giddiness in costumes fro dress up enough or didn't have school spirit. “I really wanted everybody to dress up. For the m Matching Monday at PPCHS was a success and several students really enjoyed the choice next year's themes may bring!

Margret Capello and Natalia Valderama aka (Pebbles and Bam Bam) had a yabba dabba doo time on Matching Monday. Photo By: Julian Barcelo

Senior Vincent Davis took a stand in A lunch as he stood on a tabletop and slamed his powerful hammer. Just seconds after, Davis received a standing ovation from his peers. Photo by: Justin Dourvetakis


The lunchroom was filled with laughter as junior John shepard told his “2 truths and a lie”. Photo by: justin Dourvetakis

Photo By: Omar Loutfi

y Marks Mayhem

Sofia Azcurra


ar! From tweedle dee and tweedle dum to Snow White and her seven dwarves, on Matching

uths and a Lie.” This was the first cafeteria game run by SGA, and many more are set up for

zy with their ideas and costumes. As soon as the themes were released, students rushed to the aetlyn Puldon said, “Spirit week has been great so far! The other captain and me were cops volleyball team does something different every year. Last year the captains were Cruella and hile their teammates were robbers. n Pujols, Nic Petrillo, Jose Hernandez, Chinedu Ezenwa, Jonathan Herbert, Josiah Celestine, hink that their last spirit week will end great. “We really go all out because it’s our last spirit a lot of fun,” says Juan Ardila. ying their first. Vanessa Angel and her friend Tatiana Sosa dressed up as batman onesies for ol to be able to wear anything I wanted with my friends. I’m really excited for the rest of the om most seniors and freshmen, some seniors like Nicole Gomez thought the freshman didn’t most part, a lot of people did, besides a couple of people who did not,” Stated Nicole Gomez. e of themes that SGA came up with for the year. The PPCHS Jags are all looking forward to

Juniors and long time friends Lindsey Adams and Melanie McCleary kept it classy for charter. Photo by: Samuel Eliacin

Photo by: Samuel Eliacin

Photo by: Julian Barcelo

Nicole Fontane, Anabelle Montas, and Emi Gonzalez take a edgy look for Matching Monday. Photo by: Aijah Harper


Student Life

Tropical Tuesday Brings

David Cha-Kim a News Editor


Tropical Tuesday: Sophomores Justin Dourvetakis and Jalen Rodriguez hips don’t lie in an attempt to win the hoola-hoop contest. Photo by: Samuel Eliacin

Tropical Tuesday: Senior Gabrielle Johnston smiles for a picture in class on Tropical Tuesday. Photo By: Julian Barcelo

refreshing ocean breeze and a vibrant explosion of color was flowing through the h out their best tropical outfits, including beach shirts, beach shorts, colorful leis, guayaber very creative on this tropical day and students felt the beachy vibe all throughout the day. One of the most popular looks was making faces look like they were sunburned. Senior burned face, “I used my mom’s red lipstick and blended it all around my face. It surprisin Some students were caught carrying skim boards and boogie boards to add to their surfi snapchat filter each day allowing students to take their best photos and share them around Many students of Caribbean families and descent were also seen sporting clothing and fl During both lunches, there was a hula-hoop contest on the stage. As soon as students wal contest formed a huge line and laughs were spread all throughout the cafeteria. One stude very talented, they had to face different challenges such as putting one arm in the hula-ho Even though everyone is getting into the Halloween mood, carving pumpkins and putting vibes from the summer that every student and teacher still wishes they felt. This was a brand new theme created by SGA this year. SGA member Analeza Newman ( so I feel that more students wanted to participate in it. Overall, it was a success!” she che The second day of 2016’s spirit week was definitely one of the most memorable in Cha serve as inspiration for future spirit weeks. The halls of our school is unlikely to see as m

Tropical Tuesday: Seniors Jordan De La Paz, Anthony Gonzalez, Stephen Tenn, Isaac Gonzalez, and Jordan Cueto chill out on River of Grass steps for Tropical Tuesday. Photo by: Samuel Eliacin

Tropical Tuesday: Seniors Emily Cajigas, Valerie Zamora, Ashley Ramos, and Valeria Valencia ready to get their Tropical festivities on. Photo By: Justin Dourvetakis

Tropical Tuesday: Sophomores Taylor Maginely, Alex Mora, Irina Amaro, and Justin Dourvetakis dress up as tacky tourists. Photo by: Samuel Eliacin


Tropical Tuesday: Seniors Bianca Garrido and Esperanza Padron smile their way through A lunch enjoying the hula hoop contest. Photo by: Giulia Marcondes


Student Life

the Caribbean to Charter

Christine Alayon

Sports Editor

of PPCHS as Tuesday’s spirit week theme, Tropical Tuesday, kicked off. Students pulled flip-flops, hats, sunglasses, and even the twist of life jackets for some. PPCHS showed up

rticipant Emilio Montanez was a crowd favorite as he walked around appearing to have a looked real!” he commented. like outfits. This was proved to be another hit. Along with spirit week’s themes, there is a

s of their countries such as Jamaica, Haiti, Trinidad & Tobego, the Bahamas, etc. d into the cafeteria, they were welcomed by island music and tropical tunes. The hula-hoop would go against another student to see who could hula-hoop the longest. Since some were or balancing on one leg. p ghastly decorations, the clothing, music, and entire overall theme of the day brought back

7) said, “I think this day was a hit for most of the students. It’s something new to everyone, d. r’s history. The cheerful and tropical vibes that were given off the whole day were sure to h color or flowers walking down its paths for a very, very long time.

Tropical Tuesday: SGA member Analeza Newman MC’s the events that took place on Tuesday in the Charter cafeteria. Photo by: Samuel Eliacin

Tropical Tuesday: Sophomores Justin Dourvetakis and Jalen Rodriguez sport their tropical leis and tropical outfits. Photo by: Giulia Marcondes

Tropical Tuesday: Senior Chase Haskin embraces his tropical spirit in class. Photo by: Giulia Marcondes

Tropical Tuesday: Sophomore Alondra Cabella gets her hula hoop on during the contest. Photo by: Giulia Marcondes

Tropical Tuesday: Bryce Davis and Alicia Mercado show off their outstanding outfits on Tropical Tuesday. Photo By: Giulia Marcondes


Student Life

Wacky W

Amanda Rodrig


Lauren Estramera displays her decorative socks

ednesday October 19th was quite an interesting day here at Charter. It was the third wear uniforms due to PSAT testing; however, they were still encouraged to showcase their s clothes Wacky Wednesday would be a big disappointment, but it was actually quite opposi Students showed up to school with a wide variety of crazy socks and crazy hairstyles. It als students were more likely to go all out. PPCHS was filled with students wearing socks dif Some students even took it a step further and wore shoes to match their socks such as, the s Female students mostly wore different types of buns, and braids in their hair and some eve either braids, or buns. Some students even went as far as spray painting their hair, or puttin This theme “Wacky Wednesday” was very new to some of the freshman as it was their fir these different types of socks on students. I was surprised by how creative some people go as it was senior’s last chance to show off their sock style and school spirit. Senior Emilio C school my sexy taste in socks. It was pretty cool to see all my buddies put all their effort in Senior Hunter Riddle was wearing multiple different buns in her hair, as well all unicorn so and I don’t really care how silly I look because I’m showing my school spirit!” SGA stud something that we could do where students could still do something and be creative but wea for students to wear socks and do silly hair styles.” Wacky Wednesday was a definite succe

Photo by: Giulia Marcondes

All silly smiles for Sammy and Hanan. Photo by: Giulia Marcondes

Styling in their superb socks. Photo by: Justin Dourvetakis

Photo by: Aijah Harper





Student Life


week here and the theme was “Wacky Wednesday”. Students were required to Many thought that because students could not dress down fully in out of school

hree days that the students didn't have to wear uniform all the more fun, because superhero themed with capes on them to knee high with different neon colors. but in two different colors, or colorful unique shoes such as colorful sneakers. . Boys even got into the spirit. There were some boys with hair long enough for e water bottles and pencils intertwined with their hair. k. Freshman Santiago Barceló said, “It was actually pretty hilarious seeing all cks!” This Wacky Wednesday theme was not only special for freshman though definitely went all out for this Wednesday as it was my last chance to show the r socks so unique.” nk and purple makeup. She said, “This is my last year so I wanted to go all out, ior Stephanie Rodriguez also stated, “Due to PSAT testing, we had to think of rm as well. We also needed to get it approved so I think that it was a perfect idea n only hope the rest of the week will be as amazing as it was! Photo by: Giulia Marcondes

A terrific Trio Photo by: Giulia Marcondes

Uniquness shown between friends and their socks. Photo by: Justin Dourvetakis

In light of wacky wednesday, many students displayed their individuality through their accessories Photo by: Justin Dourvetakis

Goofy girls get excited

to show off their crazy socks.

Photo by: Justin Dourvetakis


Student Life

Throwing it Back and

Matthew Hernand

Staff W

Throwback Thursday: Ahmad Hamid dressing up as a senior citizen Photo by: Justin Dourvetakis

Throwback Thursday: Elizabeth Garcia showing off her style Photo by: Justin Dourvetakis

This day of spirit week gave students a chance to show their true characters through time greasers and pink ladies, the students of PPCHS transformed their wardrobe with a flashbac Here at PPCHS, students went all out with their costumes and were able to display them costumes for Time Travel Thursday. It was the type of ambiance that either made you feel as you were had flashed to the pa hallway to celebrate one of the last days of spirit week. A few baseball jags joined in the fun Steve murphy, Junior Nick Martinez was El Limon, Senior Julian Barcelo was Pablo Escob thought about it and thought it would be funny to do for Spirit week,” the group said. “I e with a school activity like is pretty cool.” Another popular decade for Juniors was the 80’s. Junior Gaby Perez, Morgan Robertson sweatshirts, and scrunchies. “I felt like everyone dressed up pretty nicely today and it was v way to end this week of us dressing down,” said Gaby. Many students of the students flashe money suits to represent the joys of the past and the successes of the future. This year was especially emotional for the graduating Class of 2017, as they united to repr so everyone thought it would be cute to honor that and dress up with 90s fashion. It was so Everyone was in such a good mood and looked so good! It felt like the class of 2017 really ca Loads of denim, eyeliner, and more vintage wear stood tribute to the 90’s. This was an ext Week, and it was beautiful for them to represent when they were born before they go off in Thousands of pictures were snapped as all of the PPCHS Jags went all out. Although stude and see their smiling faces and detailed outfits. Time Travel Thursday was a perfect way for admire. Students did a great job of expressing themselves and showing school spirit.

Photo by: Justin Dourvetakis

Photo by: Justin Dourvetakis


Photo by: Samuel Eliacin

d Flashing it Forward


Student Life

& Andres Perez


periods in which they found most interesting. From the disco decade and baby boomers to ck or flash forward. m during lunch. At both lunches, students could go up on stage and show off their amazing

ast or back to the future. Dinosaurs, cavewoman, babies, aliens, and grandparents filled the n dressed up as characters from the Netflix original series “Narcos”. Junior Kyle Heim was bar, Junior Jorge Herrera was La Quiqa, and Senior Lendford Powell was Blackie. “We just everyone really went all out today and stuff like that is cool because everybody is involved

n, Ashlyn Correa, and Lauren Othon got physical throughout the hallways with neon tights, very creative. Everyone showed a lot of school spirit this week and Thursday was a perfect ed back to the 80’s; however other costumes included tie dye t-shirts, onesies, canes, or even

resent their position as the last generation to be born in the 90’s. “We are the last 90s babies, o nice to see the whole class come together. The vibe at school that day was indescribable. ame together and bonded. It's a memory we'll cherish forever,” said Senior Camille Acevedo. tremely emotional day for the seniors. It would be the last time they can dress up for Spirit nto the world as adults. ents traveled to both the future and the past, one day these students will be able to look back r students at Charter to show who they want to be in the future or an icon from the past they

Throwback Thursday: The class of 2016 coming together to celebrate the 90s Photo by: Samuel Eliacin

Photo by: Samuel Eliacin

Photo by: Justin Dourvetakis

Throwback Thursday: Vincent Davis showing off his unique suit Photo by: Giulia Marcondes

Throwback Thursday: Robert Roquebert with a historic look Photo by: Justin Dourvetakis

Photo by: Giulia Marcondes


Student Life

Pep R

Roselle Curiel &

This year’s Spirit Week ended on Friday with the 2016-2017 Fall P proceeds went towards the Stefano Dioguardi Memorial Scholarship f

Staff W

The cheerleaders blew away the peprally crowd with their exceptional performance. Photo by: Justin Dourvetakis


Kahlil Jacques takes the spotlight while dancing with the football team. Photo by: Justin Dourvetakis

and half by all the acts to come. Let’s recap what went down. The rally, hosted by seniors Mincheska Felipe and newspaper’s very to a classical, but upbeat rendition of “Confidence” by Demi Lovato. the way from U building! It sounded really fun,” said sophomore Bria senior Nicole Gomez accompanied by ASL signers. Gomez got a stan Next came the beloved Majorette Team. The majorettes shined w by Justin Timberlake. “It was cute and they looked as if they were ha followed with a unique and hilarious skit about Charter through the y rambe, the Petty Song, and even our good-old Kahoot. Of course, how can a pep rally be a pep rally with no cheerleaders? O the classic high kicks, air splits, and extreme stunts. After the performa They had to make it to the finish line, sit on chairs, try to pop balloons, the Jaguar football players took the win. Six members from different sp just a roll of toilet paper in a quick matter of time! Seniors and varsity against the Cross Country runners and Swim Team members. Afterwards, the sports teams of Charter received their well-deserved included Boy’s and Girl’s Cross Country, Swim Team, Girl’s JV and audience on the bleachers “turnt up” as senior Khalil Jacques started d “This is so cheesy, but it made me happy to see everyone from all the Usually, you only hear about the football team and their big games an spotlight,” said junior Sabrina Perez. Following this was the fashion club’s production of an extravagant wore very fashionable clothes all colored to fit the theme. It was most a pinch of creativity to the outfits, each model came out holding long Saavedra, Caitlyn Fraga, Lindsey Litton, and of course, Vincent Davis, This time though, he brought out a brown suit to fit the forest theme, a “Vincent killed it. He came out with his suit and the crowd went crazy ing for him. It was actually so beautiful to witness,” said twirler Mayr The presentations from our Jaguar entertainment groups kept comin number. Thirty seconds into their performance, and the crowd could b moves to a remix of “Into You”, which transitioned from Grande’s bo stantly morphing after every transition, but the audience’s volume only “Cut It” started playing, the team took a dramatic pause in sync with their peers performing. After the Dance Team took the stage, it was time for Felipe and Da crown of vines were soon replaced, as Charter celebrity, Vincent Dav their week of notable apparel. For the grand finale, all eyes were on the Pines Charter drumline. Th and enthusiasm, with the rest of the percussion followed. As the 2:00 came in, and anticipation for the upcoming homecoming game was at


Student Life

& Paolo Barrera


Pep Rally. Tickets for the highly anticipated event were $3, and all the und. Hundreds of students piled into the gym to be amazed for an hour

own Nadira Danticat, first started off with the band members jamming . “I didn’t even go to Pep Rally, and I could hear the band playing all nna Ward. Then came the traditional singing of the national anthem by ding ovation as she perfectly belted out the last few notes. ith their energetic performance to the song “Can’t Stop the Feeling” aving lots of fun together,” said junior Margaret Copello. Drama club ears, bringing back popular Twitter memes we remember, such as Ha-

Our Charter Cheerleading Team performed their pep rally routine with ance four cheerleaders, along with 4 football players, partook in a race. , and whoever finished fastest won! Unfortunately for the cheerleaders, ports also played a game where they had to mummify their partner with y volleyball players Kaetlyn Puldon and Alexa Aguiar came out on top

recognition, as they all strode with their banners and team shirts. This d Varsity volleyball, and many more! The football team even got the dancing in the middle. teams seem so excited to be up there and represent their sport or hobby. nd all, so I’m not surprised they were enjoying themselves being in the

The majorettes posing after an ecstatic show Photo by: Justin Dourvetakis

fashion show based off an interesting enchanted forest theme. “They tly a lot of beige and mint green,” said sophomore Maney Wu. To add branches to Kanye West’s “Wolves.”Among the models were Franky , who always steals the show sporting his trademark blazers and slacks. as well as a crown of vines upon his head. y. Some people chanted his name while everyone else was just screamra Saintilus. ng, as the Dance Team had the court all to themselves for their dance be heard roaring from both sides. The squad started their number with op to an EDM mashup of another hip hop track. Formations were cony seemed to get louder and louder. By the moment the fan- favorite tune the song, as the students sat recording on their iPhones and enjoying

anticat to present the winners of the “Most School Spirit” award. His vis, won the award and, alongside fellow senior Anthony Madera for

hey rolled into the gym, and pumped up the crowd with their loudness 0 dismissal bell rang, students left more “pepped” out than when they an all-time high!

Marching Band opening this peprally with excitement Photo by: Justin Dourvetakis

Vincent Davis recieveving a standing ovation while walking the catwalking during the fashion show Photo by: Justin Dourvetakis


2016-2017 Senior Homecoming C Samantha Villegas and Matthew Menocal

T his year there are plenty of couples that can potentially be homecoming king and queen. One pair is Samantha Villegas and Matthew Menocal- these two have been together for 4 years now and are still continuing their romance in a healthy relationship. “Overtime, we

started understanding each other on a deeper level and grew closer as a couple,” said senior Samantha Villegas. Sure they have had their problems, as any other normal couple does, but since they are mature for their age they found a solution, and have been great ever since. “We would be honored to win homecoming king and queen because we would truly appreciate the title that we would hold for our class and our year,” said Samantha. Samantha and Matthew have a fantastic relationship, in which Samantha commented, “When we’re with each other, we don’t have to pretend to be anyone else other then ourselves. Matthew acts like himself, this makes him unique. That’s what makes Matthew so special to me, he doesn’t have to act like someone else, I am with him for him being the same person I talked to in freshman year.” While Samantha has said some good things about Matthew, Matthew also has qualities to praise about his girlfriend as well. “She never fails to surprise me with gifts, or hide tiny notes in my car door, she brought out a side of me that I never knew I had myself,” said senior Matthew Menocal. “What makes Samantha so special is that she has developed me into someone that I am proud to be. I doubt she even knows how much she has changed me, and I can only hope that I have done the same to her,” said Matthew admiringly. The pair’s relationship is strong and will continue to grow at this pace; they both have a special place in each other’s minds and hearts. Matthew and Samantha don’t need to win homecoming king and queen to prove the strength of their relationship to themselves and their classmates, but they did however admit that it would be a plus. “I feel we should be crowned king and queen because we have a humble appearance. As a result we would not let the achievement impact the way we treat people,” said Matthew on why the couple should win homecoming king and queen. Homecoming is on the 22nd of October, and Matthew and Samantha are one of the three choices on the selection for homecoming king and queen. To vote for homecoming king and queen ask your teacher if they set up a Juno assignment on Jupiter grades. All of the choices for homecoming king and queen are all great front runners, and on Saturday, October 22nd there will be a selection.

Lauryn Lawrence and Matthew Wallace L

auryn Lawrence and Matthew Wallace are not your typical homecoming couple and t together as friends was Lauryn’s idea. It all started when she decided to run because of how and leave a mark on PPCHS.” Lauryn said, “I’ve actually never ran before, so this would would actually be very excited. It would be an honor in a way that out of all the other option cheerleading team also made this nomination even more special for Lauryn because she wil Matthew have been participating in all the homecoming activities during lunch so people c King and Queen. Her running mate Matthew Wallace is also ready to take on Homecoming Court. He state and simply “leave a print on his senior year.” He added, “It would mean the world to me if first and last year running, and he is beaming with excitement for all homecoming festivit football team, I’m going to leave all I got on the field. I know homecoming will be great and to exhibit extreme pride for his school saying, “I love PPCHS and what it has done to me.” peers, especially the Class of 2017. If they win, he and Lauryn will definitely be a powerful a name for themselves at PPCHS. Photo by: Samuel Eliacin

Caroline Abramovici and Nyckolaus Esquive L

ast year two juniors were very joyous on the week of Spirit week following up to Homecoming. Caroline Abramovici and Nyckolaus Esquivel rightfully call October 23rd “their day” or the day in when they started dating. They will soon celebrate their one year anniversary as a couple the day after this year’s homecoming, and may celebrate their victory at winning Homecoming King and Queen. “He was the one who wanted us to be nominated. I didn’t really mind. But I went with it since it made him happy,” said Caroline, now a senior at PPCHS. Abramovici showed true and genuine happiness when talking about Nyckolaus as a person and how they were as a couple. They attended Homecoming last year in when she helped plan the event with SGA. She mentioned how it was a surreal experience in when she got to see the work she helped create come to life with other student’s participation. Abramovici has been a part of SGA for three years now, loving the life experience and atmosphere it comes with. Nyckolaus, who is also a senior in PPCHS, is tuned into the uniqueness of what this year’s homecoming means not only to how Caroline and him as a couple but, what it means to him personally. With his father being Homecoming King during his time in high school, Nyckolaus felt it his duty as a son to pass on the tradition of becoming King, thus the interest in running for Homecoming court. When it comes to Caroline, there is no else one he would rather run with. “She basically asked me out after going on a few dates. She was the one who gave me that little push to admit that we were in fact a couple,” said Esquivel. This year, Homecoming is both Nyckolaus and Caroline’s last homecoming at PPCHS as they continue to prepare to say their final goodbyes to Charter. Soon to be tossing up their graduation caps in the air on May 25th, it may also be their last chance to dance at an event like this as Nyckolaus is planning to continue his education nearby home while Caroline plans to head out to college somewhere farther. Both plan to continue to be together after senior year and hope to win Homecoming court.



They’ve Got Spirit, Yes They Do! Alexa Infante


Photo by: Samuel Eliacin

that’s because they’re not a couple! Running w “she wanted to get more involved in school be my first and last year running. If I won I ns they chose me.” Being a part of our varsity ll be super involved on Friday night. She and can see why they deserve to be Homecoming

ed that he ran because he wanted to have fun f I won, so hopefully I win.” This is also his ties. Wallace said, “Being a part of charter’s d filled with a lot of energy.” Wallace seemed He is a well-known student and loved by his pairing. The pals truly hope to win and make


Photo by: Samuel Eliacin

Student Life Editor

raditions like Spirit Week, Homecoming, and Pep Rally are heavily honored and enjoyed here at PPCHS. This year, Pep Rally embraced its old ways with the exception of one new trick- crowning the most spirited students of the week. This year students Tony Madera and Vincent Davis stole the spotlight. These two seniors exemplified how proud they were to be Jaguars through their extreme participation throughout Spirit Week. SGA came up with this idea in an effort to keep the excitement bubbling through Pep Rally. Once Friday arrived, Spirit Week was essentially over and Pep Rally was the only thing SGA was focused on. “As head of the Spirit Week committee this year, I really wanted to incorporate something from the whole week in Pep Rally. Thus the idea of crowning the most school spirited student was born. The original plan was to pick the most enthusiastic students during A and B lunch on Friday and therefore have two winners to crown at Pep Rally. We ran into a couple of problems with this because all of SGA would be in the gym setting up all day. The idea was then modified to observe the student body throughout the week and pick two students who showed the most effort, creativity, and participation in both their outfits and during the lunch activities,” said SGA member Lindsey Adams. The goal was to announce these students towards the end of Pep Rally because coincidentally, their spirit shined through, as the winners were both a part of the action. The wonderful MCs, Nadira Danticat and Mincheska Filipe, called Vincent Davis and Anthony Madera, the two picked, down to the center of the gym and SGA member, Emilio Montanez, crowned them both. The novelty of the award was fresh to both the winners and the audience. “The whole process went better than we had ever hoped and we will definitely be making this a tradition to continue on in future years,” Adams said. “Be myself. Be extravagant. Be Vincent.” That is how School Spirit recipient, Vincent Davis said it was possible to pull off such an accomplishment. Vincent’s outfits may have seemed flawless, but the process was more complicated than one may think. This process required extensive planning and hard work has which clearly paid off. “To me this award proves that expressing your individuality is worth more than confining to the expectations of the populace,” he said. Vincent described himself as antisocial as a freshman. He explained that by winning most spirited as a senior, he has achieved a legendary accomplishment that would only be possible at Pines Charter. “I was motivated because I wanted people to know that it was okay to be different because our differences is what m a k e s us unique. I was also motivated because I wanted to be remembered as that one guy who had the courage to be different,” he said. His costumes included multiple suits such as yellow for the sun, and a money suit to represent a successful future he hopes to have. When they a n Seniors Vincent Davis and Tony Madera are nounced the a w a r d crowned with honor as the accepted the title of PPCHS’ ly, he was during pep ralfirst “Most School Spirited Duo.” beaming with pride. Photo By: Samuel Eliacin “Having the entire gym scream your name is a wonderful feeling. I'm glad I felt it. During pep rally, when I was asked if I had any words to say about getting the award, I said, "I am Vincent. I am amazing." This legendary statement did not fade as pep rally came to a close, but continued with a strong presence on social media and at the Homecoming game that night. Multiple students formulated humorous tweets to honor Vincent and the fame that came with his title as Most Spirited. Tony Madera also made waves as he basked in the glory of this prestigious title as well. “Being awarded most school spirit means that my peers saw me as almost like a representative face of Charter,” he said. “I just dressed up like I normally do on the weekends, ya know pink juicy couture jumpsuits and penguin costumes, nothing too flashy.” As well as shock, Tony felt just as much excitement about the award. “To me I feel like the award is a compliment for my daily “extraness”. I don't really care what people think so I go all out and it seems the majority like this which is nice.” As a way to end his senior year with a bang, he embraced every day of Spirit Week and showcased his individuality. “Even though bullying and teasing isn't as prevalent at our school, teenagers can be rude and judgmental. Sometimes I just hope I set an example for the underclassmen to have fun and to not care what people think or have to say because having fun is all that matters, Madera said. He encourages students who love to dress up as much as he does, to stand out and do something fun and memorable. It did not take much motivation for him to capture the school’s attention, just the desire to be different and generous amount of self-confidence. Vincent and Tony successfully left their mark on Spirit Week, Pep Rally, and their senior year. As their actions continue to reflect their extreme school spirit, PPCHS will continue to be a fun place. With such a solid first example, it will be hard for future winners to compete with this year’s talent, but creativity of the Jaguars will always live on.



Behind the Scenes of

Cristine A

Sports Ed


he preparation for this 2016 Homecoming dance began way before 7:00 pm on October 22nd. As a matter of fact, it began the 2nd week of this school year, when everyone was jus hours of running around and decision-making filled the 4th hour class every day until the dance finally arrived. The Head of the HOCO committee, Gabriela Torres (‘18), said “Homeco school spirit.” Since this year’s Homecoming was held in the school cafeteria for the first time, SGA had to go to incredible extents to transform the area. And they did just so.

October 2 7:30 AM: All SGA members and volunteers arrived to the school cafeteria to begin transforming a bare lunch room into a Homecoming dance room.

8:00 AM: By now, everyone assisting broke up into their committees and knew their roles. Tasks such as covering the tables and chairs, topping the white cafeteria walls, and merging all decorations came into place.


9:00 AM: The madness really got going around this time and everyone was doing their work after being rewarded with a Dunkin Donuts breakfast. The tables and chairs were being arranged and covered with black and white cloth, the draping and curtain delivery truck were on the way, the walls were being covered with black paper and cotton webs, and the decorations were moving in.

10:00 AM: Ladders filled the room as the draping and curtain truck was being unloaded. Parent volunteers and students reached new heights, literally, as they raised the draping polls near the ceiling to cover the walls.

11:30 AM: It’s been about 4 hours since these 60+ hard workers had arrived. Things appeared to be going perfectly and it was a non-stop effort from the contributors. Around this time, the table decorations, which were vases with lit-up trees and rose petals, began to be put in place.

f Homecoming 2016




ust getting situated into their classes. The PPCHS Student Government Association (SGA) had begun planning this dance and every bit of the event for quite some time now. Many coming was a complete success and although we faced a lot of obstacles, we excelled through it all. The planning process was a bit stressful, but also rewarding because it created

22, 2016: 2:30 PM: The helpers were given pizza to refuel their energy for the last hour. All that was left in the process was to cue the fog machine, dim the lights, and spark up the night.

12:45 PM: The 3/4 mark is reached and all that's left is various finishing touches. Due to the theme being “Enchanted Hollows,” SGA members crafted cardboard trees and paper roses to fill the room with a “foresty” look.

3:00 PM: Everything was put into place and ready to flow. The entry of the cafeteria was accompanied by a lit up archway with trees on the side and a fog machine. SGA members and volunteers exhaled in relief. The cleanup process was completed and at 7 PM, the dance, as well as the students, would be well on its way.

1:00 PM: Both photo booths rolled into the transfigured room as an entertainment spot for this event. The spotlights were put up into their designated spots for the dance floor cafeteria wall, projecting tree shadows.



An Enchanted Night in

Nadira Danticat & Ainsley McCormick Managing Editor - Content & Community Outreach


s each student arrived to this year’s homecoming, “The Enchanted Hollows”, on the night of October 22nd, they were immediately fascinated and enraptured by the atmosphere of spooky smoke, sticky spider webs, and a stunning school cafeteria transformation. Upon entering the amazingly transformed cafeteria, smoke filled the breezeway and invited students inside to enjoy the music, food, and photo booths, hinting at the amazing dance that was to be found inside. Each student dressed to impress in their most ravishing attire. Some teachers and administrators even came to enjoy the night of fun. This was the first year homecoming was held at the school, and SGA put in hours of work preparing and decorating the room. “We [SGA] have all been really stressed for the past week leading up to the dance, but it paid off because everything went smoothly,” explained junior and SGA Treasurer Joey Tinghitella. As each student entered, they walked through an arch of beautifully lit tree branches to resemble the theme of the dance, along with smoke that mesmerized everyone who walked through the door. The room was decorated to match the theme, “The Enchanted Hollows.” The walls alternated between layers of eerie cobwebs and shimmery silver foil decorations, and each table featured a beautiful centerpiece with tree branches and fairy lights. Students walked straight onto to the dance floor, where the DJ was already spinning tunes that lasted the whole night. Songs like “Vivir Mi Vida”, “Cupid Shuffle”, and “El Taxi” encouraged students to dance to their heart’s content throughout the whole night. “I loved all the Spanish music that was played, and I danced all night with my friends. I didn’t sit down the whole night,” recalled sophomore Sophia Francisco. In between dancing and singing, students had the opportunity to get their photos taken in two different photo booths. One was traditional and had the typical three picture strip, but the second one was different, with a video directing students in certain poses and including 8 pictures! Comical props such as cat ears, ginormous neon green sunglasses, and bedazzled plastic party hats were available for the students to wear to show off their silly side for the photos. Sophomore Amanda Gore said, “The photo booth was hilarious because I wasn’t prepared for any of the pictures and it took a ton of them. But it was really cool how there were two different options for the photo booth.” Groups lined up to get their pictures taken together in the main photo booth, and pairs waited patiently to use the other, each wanting the take home the printouts as a remembrance of an unforgettable night. Mouthwatering food was served by the PTA members throughout the night to keep everyone’s energy going. Chartwells Catering served macaroni and cheese, chicken pesto pasta, and salad. Main courses were followed by delicious desserts such as squares of red velvet cake and chocolate chip cookies. The food was a buffet style, meaning attendees could eat as much as they pleased. Little cups of soda and water were available throughout the night in case anyone became thirsty from all the dancing. “The food was actually so good, which is something I was not expecting at all,” said senior Chinedu Ezenwa. Students were welcome to eat throughout the night if they weren’t already busting out some moves on the dance floor. In the middle of the night, the DJ stopped the music and SGA President Diego Burga took the stage. The crowd hushed as Diego announced that he was about to reveal the 2016 Homecoming King and Queen. The nominees were Matthew Wallace and Lauryn Lawrence, Matthew Menocal and Samantha Villegas, and Caroline Abramovici and Nycko Esquivel, and they all had a throng of students supporting them. The anticipation was cut once Diego announced that the King and Queen were Matthew Menocal and Samantha Villegas. Every student was cheering as they circled around the elated couple as they danced to “Promise” by Romeo Santos ft Usher. “When I found out that we won, I was so happy. Since it’s our oneyear anniversary, this could not have been a better gift,” said senior and Homecoming Queen Samantha Villegas. Following that romantic moment, the homecoming attendees continued to enjoy the dance for another hour until the evening came to a close. Students rushed to get their last cake pops, cram into photo booths with their loved ones, and dance their hearts away to the DJ’s choices. However, and unfortunately, the night came to an end. The dance finished off strong with “Glad You Came” by The Wanted, a song that could not have better described how everyone felt that night. The dedicated students of SGA stayed after the dance to take down all the decorations that came straight from a fairy tale until the room was once again the Pines Charter cafe, ending the night and the enchanted chapter of our lives. For some this was their first homecoming, and for many it was their last, but despite the varying circumstances, there is one thing that all Jaguars can agree on: October 22nd was a night to remember, one that we will never forget.


Senior couple Javon Eaton and Alyson Davis beamed with smiles as they enjoyed their last homecoming. Photo by: Samuel Eliacin

Photo by: Samuel Eliacin

Towards the end of the night, SGA President Diego Burga had the honor of announcing the winners for 2016-2017 Homecoming King and Queen. Photo by: Samuel Eliacin

Photo by: Samuel Eliacin


the Enchanted Hollows

Photo by: Samuel Eliacin

Charter alumnus Noah Rodriguez and Senior Analeza Newman are all smiles throughout the night. Photo by: Samuel Eliacin

Principal Bayer poses for a picture with his boys, Seth Lawrence and Albert Lougedo. Photo by: Samuel Eliacin

Photo by: Samuel Eliacin King and Queen Matthew Menocal and Samantha Villegas, gleamed with excitment as they both knew, this would be one night they would never forget. Photo by: Samuel Eliacin

Photo by: Samuel Eliacin

Photo by: Samuel Eliacin

Photo by: Samuel Eliacin


Senior Shine Light

Mason Feldman &

Staff W


Photo By: Samule Eliacin

Photo By: Justin Dourvetakis

n October 21st the Pembroke Pines Charter Jaguars hosted their annual Homecom started the Student Government Association did an outstanding job of preparing, decorating The night started off by having a pre-game ceremony for the senior athletes which involv the parents and their child came together on the field for the last time in their home sporting athlete. After the pre-game ceremony, the players went from being emotional to getting into game pile into the stands quickly. Not only was it touching for the players, but also for the senior the seniors wore their senior jersey to represent the Class of 2017 and all students wore bla Senior Sydney Balester had nothing but praise for the players, students, and audience. “All eryone involved with Pembroke Pines Charter were a lot more encouraging to the team, and This past week, students at Pines Charter had the choice of who they should vote for in Hom At the end of the second quarter, halftime was upon the student body, which meant it was t Each candidate was extremely well dressed as they walked on and off the field together. Bef for both the home and away crowds to learn more about candidates. Freshman winners were junior winners were Guy Boston and Alexa Infante. The senior winners were announced th Samantha Villegas and Matthew Menocal. After the ceremony had concluded, the PPCHS band, led by Mr. Daugherty and the drum team. The seniors that were in band were wearing a crown to represent their seniority com of congratulations as everyone knows how difficult it is to play an instrument and to perfor During the second half of the football game, the defense for the Jags stepped up as senio and, unfortunately, last score of the game. Wilson said, “The touchdown that I scored made m my career in football from when I was six years old all the way to this moment in time. Tha me.” Wilson wasn’t the only one with a strong night for the Jags as fellow senior Jermaine R go off in my last game in a Jags home jersey and prove why I became a football player. Ho The team has one more game left on the road and looks to finish up the season strong. For al Pines Charter Newspaper Staff would like to say “thank you” for all of the support you hav

Lord and Lady : Ava Johnson and Kent Phipps with Lord and Lady. Photo by: Justin Dourvetakis

Photo By: Samule Eliacin


Photo By: Samule Eliacin

Photo By: Samule Eliacin

t on the ‘Black Out’

& Christopher Nappi


ming Game and Senior Night against Westminster Academy High School. Before the game g and coordinating the events that would happen on and off the field. ved the majorettes, cheerleaders, and varsity football play. It was an emotional scene when g event. Pictures were taken and lots of hugs were given as Mr. Curry announced each senior

e mode as they got ready to face their tough opponent. Shortly after kickoff, fans started to students as it was their last time seeing their football team play a home game. A majority of ack, due to the game being a black out. the players last night tried their hardest and you could definitely tell they gave it their all. Evit was nice seeing the parents there as well cheering and supporting their kids,” said Balester. mecoming Court. Students voted in their social studies class from Tuesday through Thursday. time to reveal the Homecoming winners from the freshman, sophomore, and junior classes. fore they announced the winners, Mr. Curry announced a couple things about each candidate e Ava Johnson and Kent Phipps, sophomore winners were Chad Epps and Zaira Nunez, and he night of the Homecoming Dance and the winners ended up being popular Charter couple:

Football Player:Yamear Ranele looking exaspertated after playing a tough game Photo by: Justin Dourvetakis

Photo By: Justin Dourvetakis

m majors, had performed two songs that were very inspirational for the fans and the football mpared to the other band members. At the end of the songs, the fans gave a standing ovation rm in front of a large crowd. or linebacker Connor Wilson forced a turnover and scored a touchdown. This was their first me very emotional while I was celebrating with my fellow teammates. It reminded me about at touchdown was very special for my parents because they’ve been there since day one for Ralston stepped up as well. Ralston led the team in rushing yards and said, “I just wanted to opefully I just leave a legacy for future Jaguar running backs.” ll of the fans that supported and followed the Pines Charter varsity team, we as the Pembroke ve given throughout the season.

Prince and Princess: Alexa Infante and Guy Boston win, this being Guy’s third win. Photo By:Justin Dourvetakis

Homecoming Duke and Duchess: Chad Epps and Zaira Nunez are excited to win Duke and Duchess. Photo By:Justin Dourvetakis

Cheerleader:As the the cheerleaders get ready for thier preformance the anticipation grows in the crowd. Photo By: Justin Dourvetakis

Football Players:Our Jags set up for a play. Photo by: Justin Dourvetakis




2016-2017 Cheerleading Captains

Abigail Lasnetski

bigail Lasnetski is a PPCHS cheerleader whose high flying routines have left Charter mesmerized year after year. Abigail has been cheerleading since the age of 5 and has been on our school’s cheerleading team for the last three years. Abigail said that cheerleading has really impacted her life in many great ways such as learning how to make new friends, exercising discipline and gaining insight on the essentials of team building skills. She also stated that cheerleading has helped her to realize that everyone needs someone and that we need to rely more on my friends. Cheerleading is a team effort, requiring the input of each person on the team. Abigail is also a member in National Honor Society and Key Club board member to further sharpen her leadership skills. When she’s not at school cheerleading, Abigail is coaching other cheer leading team in her community. Even though she had some injuries due to cheerleading routines and exercises which has never stopped her from doing what she loves so much. She also said “for the past four years of her high school career she has become more mature and more independent. I have also learned how to become a better leader as a president, captain, and a coach.” Like other seniors, Abigail Lasnetki has been getting ready for the next step in her education and has been applying to various colleges of her interest. With her positive attitude and a great spirit, Abigail cherishes cheerleading with some of her best friends, and has somehow managed to balance her school work, extracurricular activities, and just being a regular teen. Congrats Abigail!

Photo By: Samuel Eliacin

Analeza Newman A

Photo By: Samuel Eliacin

s senior year flies by, the class of 2017 eagerly anticipates the countless new adventures and experiences they will shortly embark on. Although members of the graduating class look forward to starting the next chapter of their lives, they must also embrace the present. For senior Analeza Newman, this means making her last year as cheer captain and flyer for the Jags a memorable one. Analeza’s interest in cheerleading can be credited to her eight years in gymnastics. As cheerleading and gymnastics share various commonalities, she found the transition into cheering a smooth tumble. Newman began cheering in middle school and continued through high school, realizing it not only provided a great opportunity to get involved with school activities but also allowed her to do something she loves. Of course, Analeza’s favorite events are those that the cheerleaders are involved in. The team spends the entire season perfecting their routine, including 10 hour gym sessions on the weekends and practicing at least twice a week after school. “Although the two minute and twenty second routine seems to pass in the blink of an eye, it requires hard work and dedication,” she said. Analeza encourages anyone interested in joining the team to, “practice, practice, practice and never hold back!” All things considered, the apex of cheerleading for Newman is the unbreakable bonds that are created. “My favorite thing about cheerleading is the relationships I get to build with 30+ girls. Without this team, we probably wouldn't have known each other and it’s honestly amazing how many friendships I've gained from just being on the team,” she gushed. This football season is special to all, but Analeza holds this final one particularly close. She doesn’t plan on continuing the sport after high school, but will forever cherish and hold dear the memories, lessons, and friendships that have been created.

Michayla Konen Y

ou’ve probably seen her doing cartwheels or seen her doing dance moves around campus. Maybe you’ve even seen this 5’2 athlete flying high in the air at pep rally. This all-star cheerleader, known as Michayla Konen, is the co-captain of the cheerleading squad. She has been involved in cheerleading since she was 6 years old and started to do gymnastics at the age of 10, but soon found her way back into cheerleading in 7th grade. As a senior captain, Konen tries to keep a positive environment and make sure that everyone stays on task so that everyone is ready for all events. As it is her last year here at PPCHS, Konen thinks back to her favorite moment when she was a freshman and her teammates taught her how to execute a toe touch basket. “It gave me such an understanding for what a team is and how important it is for us to work together,” said senior co-captain Michayla Konen. Konen has used this moment and her 4 years of experience on the team to help lead her team to perform the best they could at pep rally and football games. Michayla and her team have practiced every day from 2:30-4:30. “I am super excited for pep rally. The team and I have practiced every day for these past few weeks. I hope that everyone enjoys our performance and the rally,” said senior co-captain Michayla Konen. Konen hopes to attend University of Florida after she graduates high school. Konen wants to major in medicine and work as a nurse. She would also like to be a teacher like her mom. She says that she would enjoy cheering in college as well. Wherever Konen may go, she will be sure to soar high into her dreams.


Photo By: Samuel Eliacin


2016-2017 Boy’s Football Connor Wilson

onnor Wilson is a running back and safety for our PPCHS varsity football team. Wilson started to play football at the age of 5 and was influenced by his older brother to take the game seriously. “Seeing my older brother play football and be good made me want to play and even perform better then him as I got older,” Wilson said. He has taken his talents into the Friday night lights here at PPCHS. Whether he’s in front of the home or away crowd, Wilson plays with pure intensity every single game. This is Connor’s 3rd year on the varsity team and he can easily say that football has changed a lot over the years for him. Wilson embraces each moment by taking every hour, every minute, and every second to heart as the season is coming to an end. As of now, he is not only a huge fan of the NFL, but also pictures himself slipping on an NFL uniform that reads “Wilson” on the back. Considering its Connor’s last season playing football at Charter, he will truly miss all of his closest friends on the team. “I’ll miss suiting up with my teammates in the locker room and running out onto the field as the crowd cheers us on. Although we might not have been the most talented team, we’ve always been the closest team. We’re brothers for life” he states. As Connor takes his last steps on the turf, he will remember all of his greatest memories and accomplishment’s he’s made over the last 4 years at PPCHS.


Photo By: Julian Barcelo

Javon Eaton

As a three year varsity starter and a team captain on the field, senior Javon Eaton has been making the most out of his football days. Before Eaton could speak, he’s been sitting right beside his father

Photo By: Julian Barcelo

William Manuel

watching NFL football every Sunday and watching his favorite players: Dalvin Cook (FSU) and Levon Bell (Steelers). At the age of 10, he decided to play for a local team called WPPO Optimist. From then, the main positions he was born to play were running back and linebacker. Having the guts to bang pads out there and try to score for his team has pushed him to become a better player. Going into 9th grade, Javon automatically soared up to the varsity level, leaving junior varsity possibilities in the dust. “I absolutely enjoy football. Being under the bright lights with my friends and family cheering me on is a feeling like no other. My favorite part of the game is making big plays while everyone cheers” Eaton said. As a senior captain, this superstar is faced with being a leader on and off the turf, “my underclassman teammate’s look up to me as a role model. It’s a great feeling to know that I’m setting an example for those to follow in my footsteps” he comments. Looking ahead and past the high school football days, Javon plans on continuing his career in college. So far, he has received interests from top schools such as FGCU, Wagner College, Navy, Iowa University, Arizona State, Lafayette College, and FIU. As of this season, Eaton has impressed many with about 200+ rushing yards, 2 sacks, and 10 solo tackles. “Football has taught me a lot of life lessons. It taught me to be a hard worker and to keep going despite the obstacles. Along with this, I’ve learned to always be on time and put 100% into everything,” Eaton adds. Javon Eaton. Remember the name Jags, there’s no doubt you’ll be hearing it again.

S ophomore William Manuel is the starting quarterback for our very own PPCHS football team. He came onto the team last year as a freshman, and started with the 2015-2016 jaguar

squad. William’s football career started long before he came to the charter system, though. He began playing football in 3rd grade, when the coach of the basketball team he was playing for offered a spot on the football team. Since then, he has grown into his role as a quarterback on the field, and leader off of the field. “On the field, I’m the one that controls the entire offense. I make the decisions and run the offense. Both on and off the field, I’m the leader and I make sure that people aren’t messing around and everyone stays focused,” commented Will. Despite playing in the state championship with his football team 3 years ago, he stopped playing football outside of school to put Charter education and football first. From last season to this season, Will has made many friends with the team he orchestrates on the field. “We all work hard during the weeks and on Friday nights” spoke Will. The sweat and sore muscles unite the team together under Will, as the PPCHS maroon and black has brought the school together for Friday night football. As the fall season progresses, William fights with his jaguars every night and makes more experiences with his teammates. “Being a member of the PPCHS football team is a great experience,” he stated. With two years under his belt, the sophomore quarterback shows no sign of slowing down of the rest of his high school football career.

Photo By: Julian Barcelo

Jermaine Ralston J

Photo By: Julian Barcelo

ermaine Ralston is a senior wide receiver on the Pembroke Pines Charter High School Varsity football team. He has proven, time and time again, his true self-worth to the Jaguar football team throughout the 2016 season. Ralston has accomplished a lot over his 4 year football run and has scored multiple touchdowns, including the amazing 97 yard touchdown at the school’s home opener. This athlete started playing the game he loves at the age of 5. It all began in his backyard with neighborhood friends. “I was immediately hooked with the sport and ended up falling in love with it” he said. Ralston opened up and gave a first-hand insight on how his high school career is going and his plans for the future. Ralston said, “My high school career is going in the right direction, and my hopes and dreams for the future is to become a professional football player in the NFL.” Jermain has been inspired through his lifetime by the New Orleans Saints’ running back, Reggie Bush. He likes Bush’s style of play and how he weaves through the defense and out on the turf, he strives to play the same. Ralston has never given up in any game and has gone by the words, “I play a complicated position in an intensely team-oriented game.” Jermain is nothing short of an amazing team player and hopes the Jags continued to play their hearts out in every game during his final year of high school.


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