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ROARING GAP CLUB 336-363-2211 336-363-2758fax INTERNSHIP JOB DESCRIPTION Roaring Gap Club believes that as an intern you should experience the Private Club Industry from every possible aspect. Working with and observing the following Departments should give an intern a better understanding as to how Roaring Gap runs as a team united in one goal. That goal is to serve our members with enthusiasm and excellence. ADMINISTRATION/FRONT OFFICE • Learn phone system: retrieve phone messages, transfer calls, book dinner reservations and massage appointments, set up RSVP lines • Be familiar with Local Points of Interest and be able to give members/guest directions to these places: Vineyards, Mangum Pottery, Stone Mountain Park, Blue Ridge Parkway, Restaurants, etc. • Maintain correct balances in petty cash and operating funds • Tour Club Property and learn location of all Club Buildings and Facilities: Fire House, Golf Shop, Golf Maintenance, Day Camp, Stables, Lake Louis, Church, Parsonage, Studios, Paddle Tennis Court, Doll’s House, Employee Lodge, Fitness Center/Swimming Pool, Tennis Pro Shop, etc. • Assist with the development of Club newsletters and publications • Receives deliveries from Fed Ex, UPS and other delivery services • Sort and distribute incoming mail • Collect and post outgoing mail (including overnight mail deliveries) • Maintain supply of club information for members: local movie listings, membership directories, day camp schedules, etc. • Perform general office work such as word processing, filing and operating copy and fax machine • Keep all pertinent Documents and Forms copied and sorted: employee applications, maintenance request forms, incident reports, etc. • Learn the sign-out procedure for keys: Club Buildings, Club Vehicles, Member's Homes • Learn the sign-out procedure for skeet and croquet equipment • Watch video pertaining to Roaring Gap History • Read all information available regarding policies and procedures of Roaring Gap Club

BANQUET/CATERING DEPARTMENT • Assures proper inventory of all banquet service equipment and supplies to meet required needs • Assist in planning and implementing procedures for special club events and banquet functions • Attends weekly Food and Beverage Meetings to review policies and procedures, future business and to continually develop quality and image of banquet and catering functions • Assist Catering Manager in helping members/guest arrange banquets, luncheons, meetings, weddings, dances and other social events • Assist Catering Manager in helping members/guest with parking, entertainment, decorations, audio-visual, floral and any other requirements integral to events being planned • Assist Catering Manager in providing estimates prior to all member/guest functions • Assist in the making of flyers to advertise and increase attendance of club functions • Holds pre-function meeting with servers to ensure smooth, efficient service • Regularly inspects all front-and back-of -the -house service areas and equipment to assure that sanitation, safety, energy management, preventive maintenance and other standards for the department are met • Assumes closing manager or manager on duty responsibilities when assigned • Makes recommendations for the replacement and upgrading of banquet service equipment • Assist Catering Manager in billing of all Banquet/Catering Functions • Critiques functions to determine future needs and to implement necessary changes for increased quality • Performs other tasks as requested by the Food & Beverage Manager TENNIS • Assist with special tennis events: member guest, club championships, round robins, etc. • Helps keep tennis facility clean and in proper order • Takes towels to and from laundry area • Assist members and guest with tennis shop purchases • Completes other appropriate tasks assigned by the tennis professional

INN MAINTENANCE • • • • • • • •

Tour Maintenance Department and familiarize self with layout of area Assist with preparation of special functions, parties, tournaments, etc. Assist in the inventory and ordering of maintenance supplies: light bulbs, filters, lamp fuel, gas tanks, etc. Observe interactions with outside contractors Accompany head of maintenance on daily inspection of club property and facilities Review files on club equipment, work orders and warranties Assist in the delivery of cribs and roll-a-way beds as needed Performs other task as requested by Head of Maintenance

GOLF MAINTENANCE • Operates powered equipment in mowing golf course putting greens, aprons, and tees • Waters and fertilizes putting greens, tees, fairways and roughs • Grades and prepares a soil plant bed, lays sod, plants vegetative material, and seeds putting greens, tees, fairways, and roughs • Changes cups and tee markers • Maintains ball washers and water hazards • Assist in spraying chemicals on greens and tees • Rakes and maintains bunkers • Performs other task as requested by Golf Superintendent

DAY CAMP • Assist in the pickup and return of Children to and from day camp • Assist in supervision of children during off-property excursions with Adventure Camp • Audit meetings with head of day camp, general manager and the day camp committee • Assist in the weekly schedule of day camp activities • Observe daily activities and assist with the entertainment and education of children • Performs other tasks as requested by Head of Day Camp

GOLF SHOP • Tour Golf Shop and learn layout of Building • Familiarizes self with appropriate dress, rules of play, etiquette, and guest policies and fee structure • Assist in the daily sales of merchandise • Assist in the billing of cart and green fees • Assist in the planning and follow-thru of golf events: Alleghany Tournament, Member Guest Tournament, Twilight Golf, etc. • Brings carts from cart shelter to cart staging area outside golf shop • Loads bags from bag storage room onto carts • Removes bags from carts and returns bags to assigned rack in bag storage room • Returns carts to cart shelter; removes towels, pencils, score cards, tees, drink cans, etc., from carts and saves reusable items; checks carts for abuse; washes cart; parks cart in shelter and connects charger cable • Advises pro shop of lost and found clubs • Maintains cleanliness of and order in bag storage room • Performs other appropriate task as assigned by golf professional FOOD & BEVERAGE-BACK OF HOUSE • Tour kitchen areas and learn layout and proper storage of all items: china, glassware, silverware, cleaning supplies, food products, etc. • Assist Executive Chef with daily, weekly and monthly inventory and ordering of supplies • Assist in prep work of daily menu items • Expedite food orders during peak service hours • Assist in the checking in of deliveries and proper storage of items • Assist in the set up and presentation of Buffets • Learn importance of Food Safety and proper cleaning of all kitchen surfaces and equipment • Performs other tasks as requested by Executive Chef LIFEGUARD • Read and familiarize self with all rules and regulations regarding the Lake and Swimming Pool Areas • Assist in the maintenance and storage of all Canoes, Kayaks, Life Jackets, etc. • Assist in the purchase of pool chemicals

• Assist in maintaining proper chemical balance in pool • Assist in pool opening and closing at the beginning and end of season • Assist Head Lifeguard in the inventory and ordering of supplies: life jackets, paddles, first aid kits, etc. BAR • Review and familiarize self with list of all wine, beer and liquor available to members/guest • Assist with development of yearly wine list • Assist with monthly inventory of all beer, wine, liquor and bar supplies • Maintains an adequate supply of liquors, wines, beer and other beverages through use of an effective inventory management system • Maintains cleanliness and sanitation of bar area, glassware and equipment through regular inspections • Assures that all laws applicable to beverage operations are consistently followed • Works with dining room manager, banquet manager and others to ensure efficient beverage service in all of the club's outlets and for special functions • May serve as bartender, if needed • Assures that the club's policies and procedures for selling alcoholic beverages are consistently followed in all beverage outlets and at all club functions • Completes other appropriate work assignments as requested by the Food & Beverage Manager HOUSEKEEPING • Tour Laundry Room and familiarize self with layout of department • Assist in the daily cleaning of club facilities: Golf Shop, Greystone Inn, Lake Area, Studios, Fitness Center, etc. • Assist in laundry room: proper washing, drying and folding of tablecloths, napkins, bed linens and towels • Assist in the inventory and ordering of needed supplies: laundry soap, cleaning supplies, studio amenities, etc. • Assist in the cleaning and set up of Trunk Room • Performs other tasks as requested by Head of Housekeeping

FOOD & BEVERAGE-FRONT OF HOUSE • Maintains appearance, upkeep and cleanliness of all food and beverage equipment and facilities • Assist in the hiring, training and on-going supervision, including scheduling of servers • Schedules personnel and plans dining room setup based upon anticipated guest counts and/or reservations • Takes reservations, checks table reservations schedules and maintains reservations log • Greets and seats members and guest • Supervises dining room staff • • to help assure proper service; pours coffee and takes orders when necessary • Inspects dining room employees to ensure that they are in proper and clean uniforms at all times • Receives and resolves complaints concerning food, beverage and service • Serves as liaison between the dining room and kitchen staff • Assures that all side-work is accomplished and that all cleaning of equipment and storage areas is completed according to schedule • Directs pre-meal meetings with dining room personnel; relays information and policy changes and briefs personnel • Assures the correct appearance, cleanliness and safety of dining room areas, equipment and fixtures; checks the maintenance of all equipment in the dining room and reports deficiencies and maintenance concerns • Makes suggestions about improvements in dining room service procedures and layout • Maintains an inventory of dining room items including silverware, coffee pots, water pitchers, salt and pepper holders, sugar bowls and linen and ensures that they properly stored and accounted for • Reports all member and guest complaints to the Food & Beverage Manager and assist in resolving complaints • Submits ideals for future goals, operational improvements and personnel management to Food & Beverage Manager • Performs other appropriate assignments and projects as required by the Food & Beverage Manager

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Roaring Gap Club believes that as an intern you should experience the Private Club Industry from every possible aspect. Working with and obs...

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