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The Overseas Services Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd

The Company The Overseas Services Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd Your Complacency Is Our Prime Concern The Overseas Services Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd. (TOS), is a com-

for convenience of easy transactions.

pany instituted to serve those Sri Lankan expatriates abroad and foreign expatriates in Sri Lanka in meeting their require-

The main objective of founding TOS is to deliver the best

ments needed from Sri Lanka under one roof. The Company

service of high quality for the admiration of its clients. TOS

renders its service to all citizens residing in Sri Lanka too.

offers stability, consultancy and quality products and is reputably recognized for going an extra mile for the maxi-

The qualified staff of the TOS au fait with knowledge of all

mum benefit of the client with its excellent competence.

relevant rules and regulations is a competent team dedicated with collective effort in meeting the demands of the clients upon due recognition of their necessity. They not only maintain a robust mutual relationship with both private and government sectors on expeditious coordination of functions and duties but also make a tremendous contribution of hospitality in building a cordial friendship with clients in an attempt to render the best service to their entire satisfaction. TOS is a subsidiary firm affiliated to a well established leading Group of Companies namely Sri Toys International with a high reputation of experience in export trade for the last 20 years. The founder of the Group Mr. Jayakody Muhandiram, a reputed businessman in Sri Lanka, is the Chairman of the Group and TOS as well. He is unreservedly supported by his partner Mr.Ferdinand Swart. Today, the Group is equipped with a professional staff and nearly 250 skilled workers employed in addition to the strength of sophisticated network advanced on distribution of its products to a proximate number of 40 countries. Company runs branch offices in major markets and represented by highly reputable agents

The Overseas Services Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd | The Company

Our Vision To be the leading provider of noblest service to mankind.

Our Mission To deliver a qualified service as the leading organization in resolving the demands to the entire satisfaction of the client.

What we offer

Do you neglect your domestic responsibilities with prevalent busy lifestyle? Not to Worry, You are guaranteed with excellent service Our dynamic team of experienced professionals, advanced with our extensive network of service providers, offers quick service at a reasonable competitive rate.

• Paying electricity, water and assessment tax bills (utility bills) on your behalf

• Property Care / Property Management • Buying and Selling of properties / Real Estate

• Organizing of Trade Fairs / Exhibitions • Organizing Cultural and Special Occasional Events

Investments in Sri Lanka

• Imports / Exports • Providing services to exporters and inporters

• Holiday Reservations • Transport arrangements • Management of small scale hotels and holiday bungalows

• Helping to Start up New Ventures and We will be pleased to talk about your needs and prepare a proposal for your particular project.

Excellent Services Offered for all Sri Lankans and Foreigners who stay in Sri Lanka 1. Settlement of utility bills i.e. on call service (Initially this service is to be restricted to Colombo area)

2. Airport transport 3. Hotel bookings 4. Arrange tours, sightseeing 5. Fixing business appointments and arrang-

The Overseas Services Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd | What we offer

ing business meetings

6. Event management i.e. weddings, parties, get-togethers or any business event

7. Property management and property care

Opportunities for New Ventures and Investments TOS is now well established with its objective of assisting foreign investors with partners in Sri Lanka by the strong relationship globally built by our mother company during the last few decades. An abundance of opportunities for business investment is freely available now blessed with the massive development under an environment conducive to profitable trade. TOS will select the best business entrepreneur for your business venture while all requisite documentation, facilities and other needs will be efficiently met on partnering business with Sri Lanka.

The Overseas Services Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd | Opportunities for New Ventures and Investments

Imports and Exports Related Services We take your goods and services to globe TOS wishes to be a partner with you to export your products and services. If you have potential products TOS will share its hands to take your product across the world. TOS will assist you :

• To carry out Market Research • Advisory service for product development • Advisory service for the documentation and regulatory requirements.

• Take products to international Trade Fairs • Organize Buyer – Seller meetings • Promote your products through various Promotional tools/ advertising etc.

• Preparation of promotional materials –Brochures/CD etc • Identify the locations for opening Trade Centre • Provide service to exports your products- documentation/ shipping/ insurance etc.

Popularizing your products and services in Sri Lanka You may need to export kind of products or services from your country of residence to Sri Lanka. TOS, the company established for this purpose, is prepared to help you in indentifying the best suitable business partner for you and arrange expeditious service while popularizing your products and services in Sri Lanka.

• • • •

Create awareness on the regulatory requirements for imports Find a suitable partner for your business in Sri Lanka Promotes your products through various media Find office space and other service required in Sri Lanka

The Overseas Services Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd | Imports and Exports Related Services

Family member care taker services The company holds full responsibility in the performance of an excellent service to make you comfortable while your thoughts are involved with back home. This will be a stimulating drive for you to devote your mind freely to the official work.

Quit worrying TOS is dedicated on your behalf to render the optimum best service in meeting your needs to your entire satisfaction.

1. We will appear on your behalf to perform the duties and responsibilities owed by you to your parents and relatives.

2. Give your loved ones a surprise by delivering gifts or souvenirs via TOS

3. Health care 4. Arrange transports, pickups 5. Organize family events e.g. birthday parties, weddings, get-togethers, picnics

6. Settlement of Utility Bills(If you stay in Sri Lanka, we can visit to your residence or office to collect money to settle the bills) E.g. Water bills, Electricity bills and Assessment tax bills

The Overseas Services Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd | Family Members Care Taker Services

Organizing Cultural and Special Occasional Events

Do you wish to display Sri Lanka’s pride across the world? TOS will raise the awareness of the International community over the highly valued cultural heritage of Sri Lanka, Pearl of the Indian Ocean, in organizing cultural events across the seven seas of the world. It is a fine opportunity of cardinal importance to display our rich culture to the residents of a foreign country.

• Conduct shows featuring national sports, up country, low country & sabaragamu dancing traditions & other cultural items.

• Conduct events showcasing Sri Lankan folk music • Stage festivals of Sri Lankan Drama. • Maintain data bank of artists (male & female) aforesaid and we can prepare the necessary agendas for you to conduct shows/ festivals to your interest.

• TOS offers you the unique Sri Lankan cultural dancing members with maintain our heritage.

The Overseas Services Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd | Organizing Cultural and Special Occasional Events

Holiday in Sri Lanka We are BIG enough to handle any type of tour anywhere in Sri Lanka, and SMALL enough to give personal attention to each of our client’s individual wants and needs. We also operate through many Travel Agents and Tour Operators in Sri Lanka and overseas. Owing to the availability of many tourists’ attractions in this peaceful & tranquil Sri Lanka we know you do not hesitate to spend your holiday in this beautiful island. We, TOS are the only one organization that can provide you the real originate of Sri Lankan beauty; Untouched and Much Greener environment. With the international growth of tourism, the concept of ecotourism has become increasingly important. It helps to preserve the lands of Sri Lanka. So we offer wildlife, nature and adventure tours all around Sri Lanka. Moreover assist to find accommodation of client’s choice and budget from five star to city hotels and Lodges. Our team of dedicated travel experts is at hand to advise or guide you in all your travel plans. TOS runs its own guest houses in Kandy and other major cities of the island with maximum facilities made available for a pleasant and enjoyable stay in the country.

Ticketing Arrangements TOS can provide you the Air Line ticketing services, Tour Operator Services and Packages that will suit your customized requirements.

The Overseas Services Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd | Holiday in Sri Lanka

Property Management /Property Care/ Real Estate Real Estate We are not just another real estate agency! We act as a consultant for buyers looking to purchase property in Sri Lanka. Like no other real estate agency in Sri Lanka, TOS covers all aspect of the property market and has huge local agents network. These trusted associate agents in turn, source specific properties of interest. We work with reputed local lawyers to ensure due diligence is undertaken on every purchase and you, get exactly what you have paid for. By working with many local agents we can present clients the widest selection of property available on the island.

Property Care and Property Management Our intention is to serving the needs of both residents and property owners by providing professional management services by meeting the needs of owners and residents successfully. This success is based on experience, dedication and focus by all of our staff without ever compromising quality customer service. Under property care services all the little details will be taken into our consideration. We will send you periodic inspection reports of your rented or leased property, rent collection, paying utility bills, monitoring your existing staff or recruit new staff, look after your home when it is vacant ensuring that your home maintenance and repair needs are completed. We have good and reliable resources for most any kind of request, ie. plumbers, electricians, handymen, pool and landscape contractors. In property management we can undertake managing your estates, constructions, renovations, maintenance, preparing valuation reports and many more.

The Overseas Services Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd | Property Management /Property Care/ Real Estate

“It is so easy to contact us at your convenience from any part of the globe. We are committed to extend an outstanding service at your request.�

The Overseas Services Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd. No. 12, Arunachalam Avenue, Horton Place, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka Contact Shashi Jayasuriya

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