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“ Château Montagne Newsletter ” Issue 03|September-October 2010

 Colours of autumn  Wedding tips for romantics  Château Prizes  Full Wedding Package  and much more...


1 Issue 03|September-October 2010

 Wedding of the month

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The Colours of Autumn

No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace As I have seen in one autumnal face. ~John Donne Autumn...autumn is here again. Autumn is my favourite time of the year. A cool breeze now and then teases us with the thought of the pending winter ahead of us. Autumn is indeed a tease; cool and almost cold in the mornings and then warm and sunny in the afternoons. The soft colours and sounds of autumn bring so much warmth to my heart. The browning leaves are a blend of orange and yellow; they have only just begun to fall. The birds are still happily chirping in the air. And the rest of us...well we’re also happily chirping away, because winter isn’t here yet and after a long hot and sticky summer, we welcome the cool air.


2 Issue 03|October 2010

I don’t just love autumn for the beautiful colours and sounds. And if you are a hopeless romantic at heart, you’ll guess why autumn is so dear to me. Two years ago, I married a wonderful man in the season of autumn. We chose autumn because it was my favourite season. Albert Camus, a French Algerian philosopher, once said that autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower. And as each leaf drops, paving the way for new experiences and fresh ideologies, new beginnings are given the freedom to flourish. In Lebanon and perhaps in most countries around the world, autumn does indeed signify new beginnings. Our children first begin their education outside the home, children returning to school are given yet another opportunity to succeed and university scholars are challenged yet again. Needless to say, newlyweds finish the honeymoon season and embark on their lives together as a family. Autumn is indeed a time for new beginnings. If like me, you decide to marry in autumn, then my word of advice to you is: an outdoor wedding in autumn is only bearable in a wedding dress if you are in a country like Lebanon, where the

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temperature does not go below 15 even in Aindarah. Also, if you are planning for a summer wedding, this is the perfect season to commence your bookings for next summer as ‘summer is indeed the peak season for weddings’ & couples are always advised to book early to guarantee their preferred wedding dates. It is also the perfect season to tour Château Montagne’s venue before it gets too cold. My other word of advice for you is to pick a honeymoon destination that is either in the southern hemisphere (which will be spring at this time of the year) or go for a proper autumn season in Europe or North America. Whatever you choose, may your lives together be filled with the colours of autumn. This month, Château Montagne’s Marketing Manager, Tania Atallah has researched some great wedding tips just for you. As you know, Tania has been covering the Honeymoon section of the newsletter, and continues to do so. I invite you to read these sections of the newsletter and hope that they will prove to be both entertaining and informative. We can see it in the changes in colours, the dropping of leaves towards the end of the season, the migration of birds. Autumn prepares us all for a new beginning.

Château Montagne …Star Proposal of the Month! Did your beau give you the most romantic proposal ever? Or do you know someone who gave a heart warming proposal? Or are you the one who wears your heart on your sleeve and proposed in the most romantic of ways? Share your story with! Château Montagne is looking for that special proposal!

Susie Atallah Bidart Editor in Chief||

Château Montagne FAQs Château Montagne continually receives queries from prospective clients regarding our Château & the services we offer. This section is dedicated to answering your frequently asked questions.

Château Montagne Offer! $10.00/Person (valid for bookings made before December ’10) RSVP on (+961)(0)3102991 or

What is Château Montagne?

Château Montagne is a hill-top castle venue. Château Montagne can be rented for all kinds of events such as weddings, engagements, anniversaries, birthday parties, private dinner parties, university/school proms, university dinner functions, embassy galas events, fashion shows, conferences, group tour luncheons, concerts... Basically, we rent the venue for all kinds of events; you name it, we’ve got it! Describe Château Montagne; what makes it so special? Château Montagne is one of the rare castle venues used for events. If you want a truly romantic and magical setting- a far cry from industrial weddingsopt for romance and magic in a castle! Imagine yourself dancing the night away spending the most memorable, glorious day in the most beautiful castle imagined. Set on 10 acres of land, spread out into several beautiful unique gardens, the landscape comprises more than 1000 cedar and pine trees, as well as carpets of flowers in all colours. What services does the Château offer to its clients? details such as event planning, catering, or any other services are chosen by you. Promotional offer available for bookings made before October 2010: $10/Person (including rental of venue + valet parking + salon for bride and groom). Package 2: Rental of venue + catering. This package can be requested as of 2011, when Château Montagne will have an on-site restaurant! Package 3: Complete wedding package from A-Z Rent Château Montagne as your venue and we will recommend you to service providers that we’ve tried and tested.


3 Issue 03|October 2010

 Package 1: Rental of venue only. All other

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How much will my wedding cost? This is a difficult question asked by all couples on a budget. As we are not wedding planners, we cannot give you a full wedding quote. In our experience, we can tell you that the costs of weddings in Lebanon range from $20,000 to $1m. Menus range from $20/person up to $100/person; guest lists range from as few as 100 to as many as 1000, decorations range from simple to elaborate. As each couple has different tastes and desires, we recommend event planners to help you plan out the wedding of your dreams and keep you informed about cost expectations. Am I restricted to working with specific service providers? No, Château Montagne imposes zero restrictions. Our main concern is that our clients are happy! I live abroad. Can Château Montagne help me plan my wedding? Yes, of course! We live in a day of great technologies; we can assist you with all details via email. If we are unable to have our weddings in the Château because the date we requested has been booked; can we simply take pictures in the château? Yes, of course. May couples have their photo shoots in Château Montagne. How do I secure the date of my wedding at Château Montagne? Booking your wedding date or any other event with the Château simply requires a 25% deposit. This will secure your date.||

Where is Château Montagne?

Season for Events

Château Montagne is nestled within the protective arms of the mountains of Aindarah that soar 1300 metres high up into the skies. Part of the Aley district, 40 minutes east of Beirut, Château Montagne is situated in the cozy countryside village of Aindarah.

Château Montagne accepts bookings to the summer season noting that events are scheduled from Mid-May until Mid-October. This is the perfect season for ‘outdoor events’ as we do not cater for indoor events.

Aindarah, translated into English as “Spring of the House”, situated between two districts- Aley and the Chouf. As the doorway to the Chouf, Aindarah has an exclusive location. Location: Aindarah, Mount Lebanon; 2 min from Sawfar 5 min from Hammana 10 min from Barouk 5 min from Bhamdoun 10 min from Alley 35 min from Beirut

 Directions from Beirut: Take the Hazmieh motorway leading to Aley, Bhamdoun & then Sawfar. After Sawfar, turn right into Aindarah.

 Directions from Jnoub/Khaldeh motorway: Take the Khaldeh motorway towards Kfarhim, Deir el Kamar, Barouk, Nabaa el Safa, Aindarah.

 Directions from Metn: Via Bhamdoun, Sawfar, Aindarah.

 Directions from Bchamoun: Drive towards Aley, Bhamdoun, Sawfar, Aindarah.

4 Issue 03|October 2010

el Baida and head towards Sawfar, turning left at Mdeirej, before reaching Sawfar. The road will lead you to Aindarah. NOTE: Easily accessed from all areas; simply give us a call (00-961-3-102991) for directions & to schedule a meeting.


Château Montagne advises couple to book early as summer is a peak season. We are already making bookings for next season. To secure one’s date, a couple will simply have to pay a 25% deposit on the ‘rental of venue’. Promotions: Rent our venue for only $10/person if booking is done before the end of December, 2010. Promotional Package ($10/person) includes:

  Directions from Bekaa/Zahleh: Drive via Dahr

+ 9613102991

Booking & Promotions in Château Montagne

 Rental of castle venue  Valet parking  Salon for bride & groom (to be utilised during event) An example of a booking done: Lara & Hani booked Château Montagne for Aug 13, 2011 for 200 guests. Total Château charges= $2000 (200 x 10) Booking charges (25%) = $500 NB: As can be seen from above, booking charges are kept to a minimal.||

Star Engaged Couple of the month! Rolyn Salameh George Khairallah

Château: Tell us about your wedding theme? Rolyn: We chose wine, grapes and vineyards as the theme for our wedding and we decided to have a pure Lebanese wedding, so the colours will be red & green. Château: What about your ‘grand entrance’ to the wedding? What did you have in mind? Rolyn: I am thinking about something related to wine-making but we will discuss this later on with the Zaffe.

Château: Tell us how you met your fiancé & when you got engaged. Rolyn: My fiancé Georges is an Optician/Optometrist and has an optical shop. Last summer, my mom took me to his shop to buy prescription sunglasses because she, my sister and my brother in law were already his customers. Each time we met at his shop, we clicked.

Chteau: Château Montagne can simply rent you the venue alone (& permit you to get any service providers of your choice) or assist you with a whole package prepared by one of the wedding planners which we work with. Which option would you prefer? Rolyn: The first one.

After knowing I worked and lived in Qatar, he looked me up on Facebook. We were able to nurture our friendship, even from a distance. We also used other internet tools to keep in touch, such as MSN messenger and Skype and we finally decided to give it a try and become more than just friends. We got engaged seven months later on Saturday May 22, 2010. Château: Did you set a wedding date?


5 Issue 03|October 2010

Rolyn: Our wedding will be on Saturday August 20, 2011 and we’re inviting almost 300 people to share in our happiness. Château: Give us a sneak preview of your wedding plans. Venue: Château Montagne Dress: Gaby Saliba’s style Hair: Wissam Korbane Make-up: Ghassan Saab Wedding planner: still looking for the perfect one! Catering: still tasting different menus! Light&Sound: Nicholas Kerbage or Ghassan Ziadeh Photography/video: Pierre Sawaya Zaffe: Zaffet el Wazir or Zaffet el Oumara Flowers: Terra Flora or Vertica First dance song: Maybe a song by Wael Kfoury.

+ 9613102991

Château: In general, what did you think about Château Montagne? Rolyn: I fell in love with it when I saw it on Facebook long before I saw it in real life. I thought it was cosy, different, traditionally Lebanese and elegant which is perfectly suitable for our wedding theme.

To make a booking, simple call +9613102991 or email||


6 Issue 03|October 2010

A Former Bride’s Advice by Lina Tannous

First things first: define your budget. You cannot make your plans become a reality if you do not have a budget. Then, decide what you would like for your wedding day. Once you have the budget and the needs, then you can begin prioritizing. Pick a dress that feels like "you", and colors that you want, think about your overall wedding, or your music, go with what you love and what you feel comfortable doing. Don’t do what others want you to do. For example, pick a location that you want in the mountains or next to the beach even if the people think it is far. If you cannot do it alone because you need advice or more time, then hire a wedding planner. If you want to plan each and every single detail, then do it yourself and give your wedding a personal touch. Do your research and don’t hesitate to ask your married friends for help. I ditched my wedding planner and planned the wedding with my fiancé. I enjoyed searching for the right church, the perfect restaurant, the lighting that suited us, the photographer who made us feel comfortable and the florist who listened to what we wanted…and doing all the wedding plans by ourselves was the best way we could have ever planned our wedding. Remember it’s YOUR day, do what YOU want! Stay calm and cool because as your wedding date approaches, it is easy to get angry, mad and sometimes you will have misunderstandings with your fiancé especially when making trivial decisions such as who sits where and what flowers to put on the tables! This all happens because you are very stressed and afraid that your wedding will not live up to your dreams if you get the something as silly as the seating arrangement wrong. The solution? COMPROMISE! You begin to compromise as a couple, when you

+ 9613102991

begin planning your wedding. This gets you warmed up for the rest of your lives! Also, don't let anything steal your joy on your wedding day. If it pours rain, remember that a) rain on a wedding day is a good luck b) thunderclouds look amazing in pictures. In my wedding, none of this happened but something did happen! We had an electrical outage for over half an hour. I remember my husband got upset. But I remember even more how our families and friends turned an almost disaster into one of the most touching moments in our evening. Candles were lit and placed on tables and joyous singing took over the DJ’s sounds and dancing caught on. When the power came back, we continued dancing and dancing till after midnight. But that wasn’t the only almost disaster. Our wedding cake was not the one we ordered but only my husband and I notice that and we laughed it off. Knew that and so we laughed it off. Suddenly the colours of the napkins and the fabric on the chairs were not so significant in such a joyous time in our lives. Enjoy your day, make sure you kiss a lot, every wedding kiss is wonderful, smell your flowers, drink your wine and taste your food! We had delicious food and we never got to eat any of it! Talk to the people you love and laugh a lot. Enjoy your day because it goes by way too fast! Don’t forget to make yourself happy & not only the people around. On your wedding tell yourselves “this is our day, the one day we have to be completely selfish, to be lost in each other and those we invite are there to witness the occasion, not to judge it.” Last but not least, don't let the romance die! Keep learning new ways to give each other pleasure & don't stop adoring each other, no matter how many imperfections you may discover along the way & with that, I leave you wish you the best in your wedding & marriage.||

Wedding of the month! Congratulations to

Lina Khatib  Tarek Shmeit

Château TIP: Light & Sound is very important when planning an event, the quality & quantity offered will make or break your party. For instance, this couple did great in choosing good ‘light & sound’. As can be seen from the photos, it truly makes a difference! So, couples choose well when planning. Wedding dress: Rasash Hair & Make-up: Talal Tabbara Wedding planner: Ralph Nasser Catering: Salah Jawhary Light & Sound: Ralph Nasser Zaffe: Zaffet Libnan Flowers: Mazen Invitees: 240 First dance song: Still The One – Shania Twain Château: Congratulations to the ‘love birds’! It was an honour to host your wedding! Tell us about it.

Château: Your wedding has become the gossip of the elite ton, what do you think made it special? Lina: I think the lighting made it special. It brought out the colour purple in our wedding theme. The invited guests made our day even more special.


7 Issue 03|October 2010

Lina: The location of the venue and the ambiance are major aspects in creating a magical atmosphere plus its our big day so normally this swept me off my feet. Actually it was more than I ever dreamed, I was extremely happy and time flew so fast!

+ 9613102991||

Château: How did you make your ‘grand entrance’ to the Château during your wedding? Lina: I first appeared on the balcony to greet our guests. Château: Tell us about the caterer and food Lina: Our buffet included a selection of salads, and mainly a variety of Lebanese dishes. Château: Any disappointments? Lina: Our photographer. Château: Did Château Montagne serve you well? Lina: I was very pleased with your services and I already recommended you to many couples who held their weddings at your venue this summer.


8 Issue 03|October 2010

PPllaann aa R Room maannttiicc W Weeddddiinngg iinn CChhââtteeaauu M Moonnttaaggnnee & & aappppeeaarr aass oouurr SSttaarr W Weeddddiinngg CCoouuppllee CCoonnttaacctt uuss!!

+ 9613102991||

Great Wedding Tips for Romantics

how many of you had the same dream? & how many of you can actually make this fairytale dream a reality?

Our Marketing Manager, Tania Atallah, has offered to contribute a piece on Great Wedding Tips. Readers, I warn you, Tania is a hopeless romantic who enjoys nothing more than a love story with a happy ending. She herself has a beautiful love story and this is why she is so great and passionate about her work at Château Montagne. Enjoy reading!

In the land of wedding craze, it is indeed every girl’s dream to have the ‘perfect wedding’; a wedding that will be special but more importantly remembered for all time & deemed the ‘wedding of the decade’ by the elite ton.


9 Issue 03|October 2010

In this day & age, it seems somewhat unbelievable to learn that most weddings are planned by the couple’s families instead of the couples themselves; with families interfering from left & right, it is only a miracle that keeps the couple sane. With pressures from all sides, couples have been obliged to live in a society of wedding madness where one has to not only make a beautiful wedding, but make a better & more glorious wedding that all the previous weddings’ in the summer; to stand out & be the gossip of the ton, one needs to always take their wedding to the ultimate next level! For these couples that want to stand out, we offer them the following advice… Couples be wary of any pressure or interferences from others, remember that it is your wedding day; a day that should be about YOU- the couple! Remember that this day only happens once in a lifetime so your ultimate goal is to make yourselves happy & if your family members respect your opinions & offer you their support instead of their criticism, you will love them even more- so be bold & let them know your mind & if they love you, they will support you whole-heartedly! For all romantics that do want to stand out, Château Montagne gives you the perfect opportunity! Instead of the boring common hotels, we offer you the chance of a lifetime; a chance to have your wedding is a magical enchanting hilltop castle! I remember how as a young girl; I always dreamt of marrying my knight in a romantic castle; + 9613102991

Now, with Château Montagne, this dream can become a reality for all!!! Quite simply...Imagine yourself dancing the night away spending the most memorable, glorious day in the most beautiful castle imagined. Set on 10 Acres of gorgeous gardens- the landscape comprises more than 1000 cedar and pine trees, not to mention the other intricacies of the exquisite gardens.

On a hilltop of a mountainous terrain, the mansion has a panoramic view too breathtaking to describe. Its aura and breezes simply cools any tempered soul as it is located in Aindara- the gateway to the Chouf mountains. Able to seat over 2000 guests and just 30 minutes away from Beirut, the location is both ideal and gorgeous. Château Montage invites all to experience one of the world’s extraordinary view destinations; ‘an||

elegant castle in the Jabal’, a place where excitement reigns, services rules and dreams are turned into reality’; a place that lingers in the hearts & souls… CHÂTEAU SERVICES & TERMS: Rental of venue for all events. Simply rent our venue (for an amazing price of $10/person). Booking only requires a 25% deposit.

logistics. For instance, flowers, light & sound- this all needs to be planned around the venue! Also, one needs to book the venue to secure the date! Catering is also of great importance as many caterers are booked solid for the summer; thus book your menus early. Once you have the above booked, all other details such as flowers, light & sound, zaffe, photography, fireworks, etc will fall into place... Simply plan one step at a time so that you remain calm & really enjoy your wedding plans as one should!  THE PERFECT WEDDING IN CHÂTEAU MONTAGNE

SOME TIPS FOR PLANNING YOUR WEDDING! Many couples come to me asking for advice with planning; they seem to go haywire over every little detail when planning- this is my general advice…. Keeping in mind that some couples opt for wedding planners & others prefer to plan on their own, whatever your decision, planning according to the below tips will keep you organized, calm & allow you to enjoy the planning phase.


10 Issue 03|October 2010

Thus, when planning, couples need to decide on (according to priority): 1. The wedding date 2. Number of guests 3. Venue, church (if applicable) 4. Catering 5. All other wedding services Picking a date early is vital with places scarce during the peak summer season. In addition, it is essential towards organization of your wedding as well as your number of guests as this will be the main 2 questions asked by all wedding vendors; your date & number of guests. The venue is of prime importance because all other details will be coordinated according to the venue decided. Wedding service providers will always inquire about this detail so that they can organize

+ 9613102991

Since Château Montagne will be rented by you for the night or day, you have the flexibility of hiring your own planner or planning the wedding yourself, it is really up to you to tailor your wedding as you like. We have couples that plan simple elegant weddings (for $15,000) & we also have couples that want an extravagant wedding (paying up to $1 million), it is really up to you on how you choose & budget for your wedding! Opting for our venue will already make your wedding special & unique, but if you want something truly amazing, here are some ideas below: Wedding theme: Choose a great wedding theme! In a beautiful castle, one can opt for a 19th century wedding! Remember the movie “First Knight”? Imagine something like that for your wedding; how romantic is that! Wedding Planner: Choose a fab wedding planner that will assist you by transforming your dream into a reality or simply organize every detail on your own. Light & Sound package with stage: Light & sound will truly transform every wedding- the more the lights, the more magical the venue! We have over 1000 cedar & pine trees- imagine if lights were placed under all of these trees! Better yet, check out our photos on our website and Facebook group. Flowers/candles/ souvenirs: Instead of simply opting for 1 flower arrangement on||

11 Issue 03|October 2010 Page

each table, get many flowers to be decorated all over the château with candles & souvenirs that will give a great ambiance and complement the already colorful gardens of Château Montagne! Zaffe: Ask for a unique zaffe instead of the regular Lebanese zaffe, keeping in mind that you could get many styles (Hawaian, tango, salsa, etc) and that you have the space for dramatic zaffét in Château Montagne Other entertainment: Keep your guests dancingget a band that performs in many languages or get a great celebrity to perform or simply get a DJ & hire a violinist or pianist to bring elegance to your wedding! First dance: In addition to your regular dance, try to plan a unique act with your cherie- something that will make your guests crack up with laughterwhat about performing to a Grease song? You have a right to get romantically cheesy on your wedding night! Grand entrance: Make a grand entrance in the château! There are really so many ideas! The bride can come out waving to her guests from the castle balcony with fireworks blazing and be called on by her Romeo from beneath the balcony. The couple can come in a horse carriage, in a parachute, or even come in an entrance of swords lit up like in the movie ‘First Knight’!!! Come & visit our venue to get some great ideas… Fireworks: Our venue is really the perfect outdoor spot for fireworks- surrounded by mountains; fireworks have the perfect echo and visual backdrop. Catering: choose a great caterer & a great menu that will keep guests gossiping about how delicious the food was! Red carpet: Get a red carpet to make a grand Hollywood entrance for your guests. Wall Carpet with photo of couple: Some couples tailor a hanging carpet or tapestry with a photo of themselves & hang it on the Château- very elegant and medieval!

+ 9613102991

Projectors: Make a lovely animated video introducing your fiancé & yourself before you make your entrance. They can also be utilized to help guests to follow your every movement in the wedding! Photography: Make sure you get a great photographer to capture your special moments both in the day & in the night as the château is beautiful in both settings - photographs that will last a lifetime! IN CONCLUSION, REMEMBER TO DANCE ALL NIGHT LONG & TO ENJOY EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF THIS SPECIAL DAY!!! TO BOOK YOUR WEDDING IN CHÂTEAU MONTAGNE, PLEASE CONTACT US AT 00-961-3-102991 OR EMAIL

Star Proposal of the Month! Rita Malian contacted us to express her gratitude for the romantic marriage proposal her fiancé Vicken Seferian cooked up for her. We thought it was too nice not to publish. It made us all sigh with happiness!"My fiancé is the most romantic guy ever! We met while taking a masters’ course last spring & we fell in love in no time. One hectic day, I set in his car relieved that we were done with our exams for that semester & he asked me to put his wallet in the front locker. So I opened the locker & to my surprise I found two tickets for my favorite artist’s dinner concert on Valentine’s Day. I was thrilled. On the long-awaited day, I came home from work to get ready for the special night. I opened the door of my bedroom to find my bed & the surroundings all decorated with red rose petals with cute short messages on each one of them. Scented candles were lit everywhere. A big Valentine-themed red||

pillow on my bed & a gift bag were also part of the surprise. I thought this romantic gesture was very sweet of him & it made me fall in love with him more & more. Thinking that that was the last surprise for the day, I went to the concert with my handsome fiancé. We were having the best time when he suddenly popped the question and told me that it didn’t take him long to realize that I would be the mother of his children. How could I say no to such a proposal? We were both very happy & excited as we danced all night to the romantic songs that we used to sing to each other even before we met.

 Looking for Honeymoon Ideas? Look no more! Château Montagne will give you a honeymoon destination in every monthly issue of the newsletter!

This month’s honeymoon destination was selected by Tania Atallah who interviewed Nora Chehab & Firas ElHusseini for this piece. LeTahaa Resort, Vanilla Island (Taha’a Island) Tahiti

Now, we are looking forward to dancing our first dance in the romantic ambiance at Château Montagne."

TToo aallll aam maatteeuurr aanndd pprrooffeessssiioonnaall aarrttiissttss.. CCoonnttrriibbuuttee yyoouurr ppaaiinnttiinnggss ooff CChhââtteeaauu M Moonnttaaggnnee CCoonnttaacctt uuss!!


12 Issue 03|October 2010

Surprise your loved one by sending in a romantic letter for publishing at our newsletter. E-mail us at Châ

+ 9613102991

This resort is located 10 minutes away from the famous Bora Bora Island, basically 230 kilometers west of Tahiti in the French Polynesia of the South Pacific Ocean. The resort is absolutely gorgeous and was made for romancing couples… Consisting of beach villas & over water bungalows, the resort has numerous water activities that will keep you begging for more… Known by many as the vanilla island, it takes its name from the gorgeous vanilla scent present on every isle of the resort as 70% of Polynesia’s vanilla production comes from this island. To give our readers live reviews of the island, we take you to Nora Chehab & Firas ElHusseini who renewed their vows in Aug 2008. For Nora this was a dream come true! After only getting married in Beirut during the summer of 2008, her husband surprised her with a fabulous honeymoon package, which included the renewal of their vows. Knowing that Nora has always loved a beach wedding, he set out to schedule this special occasion to take place on their 7th month anniversary of their first date (August 4th, 2008).||

13 Issue 03|October 2010 Page

Arriving on the island, they were sun-bathing when Firas tells Nora that he would like to return to their beach villa…she protests saying she is enjoying the sun but he insists by telling her that he has booked for her private lessons in Polynesian dance and at that she replies…what? No, I don’t dance, but he insists and she is swept forward. Upon arriving at their room, they receive a knock on the door upon which, some women drag Nora to a separate room to dress her up in a beautiful white dress while they comb her hair. It is only then that she begins to comprehend the surprise planned. With excitement in her green eyes, she is taken to meet Firas where they continue on their romantic journey ahead. Enthusiasm in the air and tremors in her heart, they were taken to a motto (a small island right within the Vanilla island) to renew their vows. She says: “I was happy, excited, it is such a different feeling, that someone has made me live a dream in the most beautiful natural setting ever. And on our ride, people from above were looking and saying hello. It was just great! With excitement in her voice, she recounts her story: “And at last, we arrived to the motto, where all the people in the pictures were waiting for us...and this woman who renewed our vows n Polynesian with a translator present...These were the official reunion rituals according to their traditions, me the Vahina (woman) and he the Tane (the man)...they made us drink this special juice, and united us with this special green tree cored as a sign of an eternal reunion…they covered us with the red and white pareillot as a sign for love and peace...we had exotic fruits...then they taught us how to dance a la Polynesians. It was really fun, I was speechless and my eyes were shining… Afterwards, they took us back to the room on this small boat or canon, and the room was amazingly decorated by red flowers all over. Not only this, the dinner was privately served on our deck with drinks…

+ 9613102991

The trip means everything to me, I mean our honeymoon. And the destinations were great, and this island is still virgin like, pure, untouched by mankind, it is almost paradise with all this green settings, blue sky and unique water colors (blue, turquoise) and the coconuts trees all over. “Heaven on earth”! We both fell in love with this French Polynesia, it is just a different world from anywhere else, and the wedding will be always imprinted in our hearts always... And will always remain a very special memory in our life that we can later tell to our children

After more than two years from this joyous occasion, the couple have a beautiful baby girl! Congratulations to the happy couple! May your lives always be shadowed with rainbows! It would be fabulous if all men learn a thing or two from Firas who has certainly raised the pedestal in most romantic surprises yet! For bookings & further information on the resort, kindly log on to their website:

Contact us to tell us about your honeymoon!

Château Montagne Photo Shoot Offer! $200.00 for 1 Photo Shooting Session RSVP on (+961)(0)3102991 or

D Diidd yyoouurr m maann oorr w woom maann pprrooppoossee?? SShhaarree tthhee ssttoorryy w wiitthh oouurr rreeaaddeerrss!! CCoonnttaacctt uuss!!||

   Light and Sound Package Mini Package: DJ + sound system Lights consisting of a triangular-base U shaped Bridge of Moving Heads, Wash+sophisticated LED system+Smoke Machine+Confetti Machine Transportation+installation+logistics ’’  1250 USD Additional Plexi stage= 500USD & 8 volcanoes= 200USD

CHÂTEAU MONTAGNE TOMBOLA With every newsletter issue, Château Montagne will be giving away 3 PRIZES TO THE WINNING COUPLES!


Mega Sound & Light Package: DJ + sound system Lights consisting of a Truss Square Bridge of Moving Heads & sophisticated LED systems+ surround lights Plexi Dance floor+Dry Ice+Smoke machine+Confetti Machine+Bubble Machine Transportation+installation+logistice

’’  2500 USD Additional 8 volcanoes= 200USD

Special promotion: Book with Château Montagne Venue & gain this special promotion. Contact: Shadi Rayess|Celebrations Network

CHÂTEAU FOR $9/PERSON) To win this issue’s prize, simply answer the below questions & enter our raffle draw.

1. Where is Château Montagne located? 2. Is Château Montagne a “Castle venue or a hotel venue”? 3. Does Château Montagne hold outdoor or indoor events? E-mail your answers & contact information to:

Terms for Collection of Prize: If you win the above prize, you have to book before the end of November, 2010 to be eligible for prize (booking only requires a 25% deposit).| or contact Château Montagne. To qualify for this promotion, mention that you saw the package in Château's newsletter. 

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14 Issue 03|October 2010

for event Planning|+9613850419|

+ 9613102991||

FULL WEDDING PACKAGE FOR 200 GUESTS This wedding package is provided by one of the wedding planner’s which Chateau Montagne collaborates with. Chateau Montagne Venue Lebanese seated menu, Open regular bar, 7 layers of wedding cake & two nights in a five stars hotel Flower decoration (Center pieces, main table, entrance, cake, bouquet etc….) Tables set up (Special organza table covers, sous plates, napkin rings, Napoleon Chairs)

Free from WEDDING PLANNER Planning for your big day (Scheduling & Timing) Controlling for your big day Facial treatment for the bride (5 sessions one month before the wedding) Two tickets for Cyprus One page for your wedding in 2 magazines

Special promotion: Book with Château Montagne Venue & gain this special Wedding promotion. Contact: Samar Mzahem, ‘Marry with Me’ Wedding & Event organizers at 00-961-71-452434/

Light decoration (Full lighting square bridge, moving heads, pars or led for the main entrance, trees & walls Plexi dance floor, 2 big screens)

or contact Château Montagne at

Sound system & Dj,

00-961-3-102991 or email:


Photographers & Camera men (2 photograhers, 2 videographers, loumah, study cam, 400 photo 16x21cm)

To qualify for this promotion, mention that you


saw the package in Château's newsletter. 

Video clip for the bride & Groom Zaffeh 10 persons with equipments at day and 10 persons with equipments at night Hostesses, Bride assistant

2 x Wedding Cars Bride's Dress (it is optional, budget 2500$) Makeup & Hairdressing (it is optional) First dance steps (slow dance, Valse, tango.......) TOTAL = ONLY AT 30000$ (THIRTY THOUSAND US DOLLARS ONLY)


15 Issue 03|October 2010

Wedding Cards,

+ 9613102991

Thank you for reading our newsletter.

Please send all contributions to||

Chateau Montagne Newsletter- Issue 3 (Sept/Oct 2010)  

Bridal newsletter in Lebanon

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