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Spec Sheet Single Component Clear Dry Erase Paint











Kit Details: Small Kit Medium Kit Large Kit 50 sq’ 100 sq’ 200 sq’ roller frame roller frame roller frame roller cover 2 roller covers 2 roller covers installation instructions installation instructions installation instructions wet paint sign wet paint sign wet paint sign tray paint can opener paint can opener paint can opener Installation Instructions Summary Step 1 Prime wall with water based stain killing paint primer Step 2 Paint wall with interior FLAT paint ensuring a smooth and even finish Step 3 Lightly sand (150 grit) and dust surface to ensure it is as smooth as possible Step 4 Install writeup1 using provided roller cover only (do not mix, shake or stir) applying 3 wet mils and working the product as necessary for a smooth even installation Step 5 Allow to cure for 3 days prior to writing on surface with approved dry erase markers Technical Test Results: TEST ASTM METHOD RESULT __________________________________________________________________ VOC D3960 47.4 g / l Density D1475 9.44 Lbs / Gal Sag Resistance D4400 < 3 mils Crack Resistance/ D522 > 32% Gloss 60 degree D523 85 – 90 @ 3 mil coating QUV/500 hours, D4587 Visual Gloss Change – Minimal UVA 340 Visual Color Change – NONE Other Detrimental Film Effects – NONE DE = 1.40 Flammability E84 Flame Spread: 5 Smoke Developed: 0 Flashpoint D92 > 200 F Scrub Resistance D2486 > 15,000 cycles Washability D3450 98.8 %

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