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INSTALLATION of writeup1 DO NOT STIR, MIX or SHAKE product!! Surface Preparation: Installation must be done in a properly acclimatized interior free of dust and debris Step 1: Prepare wall to a smooth clean finish. Using 1/4” lint free roller prime surface with water-based stain killing primer such as

Zinsser 1-2-3, Kilz Clean Start or equivalent (keep in mind wall surface will be used as a writing surface and needs to be smooth)

Step 2: Allow Step 1 to dry per manufacturers recommended instructions.. Step 3: Using a smooth foam roller (or spray), coat wall with Premium FLAT Interior paint, ensuring you avoid any holes, skips, or holidays.

The final coat is a clear finish and will highlight any imperfections created in this step. (Paint brand options include Sherwin Williams

Harmony Interior Acrylic Latex – Flat *Zero VOC and Benjamin Moore Aura Interior – Matte, or Benjamin Moore Natura Interior

Waterborne Paint – Flat * Zero VOC. Alternative brand options are available upon request.)

Step 4: Allow at least 24 hours for step 3 to dry. Step 5: Lightly sand entire surface using 150 – 200 grit sandpaper and dust with clean dry cloth.

writeup1 Application: DO NOT STIR, MIX or SHAKE product!! Only apply with provided Foam roller Step 1: Pour contents into painters’ tray with fresh clean liner. Step 2: Prime roller cover by rolling in product multiple times to allow the roller to absorb material. Note: Alternative roller covers will leave

residue or bubbles in the finished coat, voiding the warranty.

Step 3: Spread the product evenly across the surface being coated (3 wet mils). It is important to make multiple passes to insure uniform

coverage and even distribution with no heavy spots, holes, skips, holidays or uneven texture left on the surface. Inspect carefully

from all angles to be sure the entire surface is well coated. writeup1 dries to touch in 12 hours. Note: You have up to 30 minutes

after application to work with product on the wall if necessary (it is unnecessary to add additional product to the roller for this step).

Step 4: Allow 3 days for product to cure prior to use as a writing surface

Clean up and Disposal: Step 1: Do not reseal partially used can. Let unused coating harden in open container and dispose of in accordance with existing federal,

state, and local environmental control laws.

Step 2: Discard all roller covers and tray liners. Do not pour unused coating down the sink or drain. Clean roller frames with standard paint thinner. Questions? Please call us at 1-800-221-1540 to speak with customer service or 1-800-797-4949 option 1, x7749 to speak with our installation hotline. a steelcase company

800 221 1540


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