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STOP AND READ BEFORE PROCEEDING! If at any time during the installation a product or installation issue should be discovered –STOP! Contact your distributor or dealer before proceeding. Should a quality issue or question arise, please call our installation HOTLINE at 1-800-797-4949, Ext. 8349 between the hours of 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM EST.

MOLD AND MILDEW ALERT! Before installing any surface product, the building must be checked for any moisture problems that could have an effect on mold and mildew growth after installation. Do not install any surface material if the walls appear to have any moisture damage or if the building appears to have moisture infiltration problems. If you are uncertain if moisture problems are present, contact your architect, mechanical contractor, or general contractor for the standard of care and best application or finish for that area and that design of a building.

KIT INCLUDES: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Part and Part components ¼" shed-resistant roller for use with writeUp h2o Stir Stick Installation Instructions Wet Paint sign

BEFORE INSTALLING: • Inspect all packaging. Immediately make a claim with the carrier if the packages appear damaged. • Check that your order has been shipped correctly and intact. • Please ensure product is stored in a controlled environment where the temperature remains between 55 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. SURFACE PREPARATION AND INSTALLATION: • For best results, actual space lighting should be in place at the time of wall preparation and installation. • Acceptable installation surfaces must be clean and dry, free from oil and grease, and structurally intact. • All surface chalk and dust should be removed and moisture content of surface must be below 5%. • Any mildew must be removed from the walls and surfaces treated to inhibit further mildew growth. In humid and mold- and mildew- prone areas we suggest the use of Zinsser Plus Mildew Proof Commercial Primers which offer protection against the growth of mildew. More extensive moisture problems may require additional steps before installation. • Do not install unless temperature is above 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and maintain a relative humidity of 55%. • Prior to priming and skim coating, seal damaged drywall facing paper. • Note: crayon, pens, markers, ink, heavy pencil marks, screws and nail heads, and stains need to be sealed with a stain-killer prior to priming. • Prepare surface to a smooth finish • For all wall surfaces, the surface should be prepared with an appropriate water-based, universal paint primer and premium interior satin enamel paint. Apply evenly with a ¼” shed-resistant roller cover before application of writeUp h2o. • Allow primer to set per full cure instructions noted by manufacturer instructions. • Using a standard water-based satin enamel product, paint the wall with desired color using a ¼” shed-resistant roller (not included in kit). Follow instructions by paint manufacturer to ensure even coverage while avoiding skips, holidays and holes. Allow to cure for 24 hours. • The smoother the surface is, then the smoother the dry erase coating and the final writing surface will be.


(continued) MIXING: • DO NOT SHAKE as air bubbles may become trapped in the coating. • Pour into the container, continually stirring the mixture. Please note container has not been filled all the way to allow ample room for stirring. Be sure you have the entire contents of the container emptied into the container for best results. • It is important to thoroughly mix and by stirring the mixture for at least 5 minutes, ensuring that any product on the side of the mixing container is regularly scraped and mixed back into the total mixture, producing a smooth and even mixture. • If container is not mixed into container writeUp h2o will not perform. • Once mixing is complete writeUp h2o will appear white, but will dry to a clear coat. • writeUp h2o has a 3-hour pot life, which allows sufficient time to apply to the properly prepared surface. APPLICATION: • Pour the well-mixed product into a plastic tray liner, taking time to empty the entire contents. • Apply with ¼" shed-resistant roller ONLY (included in kit). • Cut in all edges at least 2" prior to rolling. To avoid roller marks: work in 2-3 ft. sections, cut in only as far as you can roll before the cut-in dries, continually inspecting at all angles for holes, holidays, and roller marks within the 2-3ft. section. • After saturating ¼" roller cover, remove excess product. • To ensure total coverage, work in 1 to 1 ½" roller widths using “V” paint method when applying writeUp h2o. After rolling and spreading the area, re-load roller and start the next section by overlapping the roller approximately 1” into the existing wet edge. Working in approximately 2-3 ft. sections at a time, make sure to blend product evenly. • Once you have returned to the starting edge, lay off an entire width in one direction. • Repeat process for next 2-3 ft. section, starting wet into wet and maintaining roller direction floor-to-ceiling not side-to- side. • If you overwork the paint, you can pull writeUp h2o off the wall, compromising its performance. • Apply 2-4 wet mils to achieve 1-2 mils dry film thickness. • Keep in mind that this will be used as a writing surface and a smooth surface must be achieved. • Dries to touch in about 5 hours and dries through in 10 hours. • Initial cure is 7 days; full cure is 30 days. • writeUp h2o surface cannot be written on until initial 7-day cure time is complete or surface damages will occur. • Unused product must be disposed and cannot be stored. • Expo® Dry Erase markers are the preferred markers for use until full cure is complete. CLEAN UP: • Clean up using soap and water while writeUp h2o is in an uncured state. • For best results clean all equipment as soon as the application is complete. • Once the material is cured, solvents must be used to remove writeUp h2o. • Any remaining product should be allowed to harden. Once in a solid form, product can be disposed of in trash. WARNING: • USE ONLY WITH ADEQUATE VENTILATION • WASH THOROUGHLY AFTER HANDLING • THIS IS A WATER-BASED PRODUCT THAT IS SUBJECT TO FREEZING IF LEFT IN A NON-CLIMATIZED ENVIRONMENT • MSDS SHEET AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST *Please note these instructions are based on painting an 8-ft. wall. If painting smaller areas, use these instructions as a guideline.

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