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Recycling Program for Designtex Olefin products

The products below can be returned to the manufacturer for recycling. However, a fabric sample must be sent in advance, along with a copy of the form on the following page.

Designtex Products that qualify for reclamation: Aphelion 2831 Galaxy 2830 Luminant 2829 Moonbeam 2828 Radiate 2832 Solar 2835 Solstice 2836 Sunbeam 2834

Bella-Dura™ Recycling Program Bella-Dura™ is fully recyclable at the completion of its useful life. All Bella-Dura fabrics and yarns are simply sent back to the yarn manufacturer and inserted into a recycle stream where they are safely and easily recycled. The fabrics and yarns are converted into inert black plastic resin pellets that can be used in a myriad of products and industries. These pellets offset the need for virgin plastic pellets, are usually more cost-effective than virgin products and don’t compromise the performance of the items produced. In order for fabric or cushion casings to be considered for reclamation under the Bella-Dura™ recycling program, the following information must be provided:

Customer Name: ___________________________________________ Date: __________________ Address: _________________________________________________ Phone: __________________________________________________ Email: ___________________________________________________ Purchase made through: Designtex Date of purchase: _____________ Material to be recycled: Fabric Only _______ Seat Casings _______ Please note application _________________________ (residential use or contract upholstery use, etc.) Easy to follow instructions: 1) A small sample/swatch must be submitted to Bella-Dura™ for analysis and validation that the product(s) is suitable for recycling. Samples should be sent to: Bella-Dura™ Recycling c/o Wearbest Sil-Tex Mills Ltd 325 Midland Avenue Garfield, NJ 07026 Attention: Jim O’Brien Note: this completed form must accompany the samples and shipments. 2) Once samples are approved, Bella-Dura™ will notify you via e-mail. You can then arrange to ship all approved items back to our recycling center at the address listed above, at your expense. 3) Please indicate the quantity of materials that are being sent back for recycling. Quantity: __________ (ie: 3 Yds of fabric or 3 seat cushion casings, etc). 4) All quantities must be packaged appropriately in either one of the following two ways: a. Wrapped roll goods b. Corrugated boxes

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