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Mubina’s Journey of Hope Mubina, 24, lives with her parents and seven siblings. Several years ago, militants captured Mubina’s father. They tortured him for weeks, and when they finally set him free, they ransacked and burned his family’s home. Everything the family owned was destroyed. Mubina and her mother wove rugs to generate income, but before they found Arzu, their work was not enough to help them recover. “Our life, day by day was getting worse,” Mubina says. “The rug money was never enough for us, since there are many members in our family.” Now, Mubina and her mother weave in Arzu’s program, and they say their situation improves daily. With the bonus money Arzu provides, Mubina’s family can buy necessities and replace the items that the Taliban ruined. Arzu also enrolled Mubina’s younger siblings in school and provides literacy courses for Mubina and her mother. “I have learned reading and writing, and my brothers and sisters are feeling very happy,” Mubina says. Mubina’s mother, Alia, expresses deep gratitude. “I have never seen this kind of help in my whole life, no one and no other organization helps like this. I am so happy.”

An Arzu rug is an investment in hope.