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Wall Defense Installation Instructions

STOP AND READ BEFORE PROCEEDING If at any time during the installation a product or installation issue should be discovered –STOP! Contact your distributor or dealer before proceeding. Should a quality issue or question arise, please call our installation HOTLINE at 1.800.797.4949, Option 1, Ext. 8349 between the hours of 9:00 a.m to 4:30 p.m EST.

Mold and Mildew Alert! Before installing any surface product, the building must be checked for any moisture problems that could have an effect on mold and mildew growth after installation. Do not install any surface material if the walls appear to have any moisture damage or if the building appears to have moisture infiltration problems. If you are uncertain if moisture problems are present, contact your architect, mechanical contractor, or general contractor for the standard of care and best application or finish for that area and that design of a building. Designtex will not take responsibility for any quality issues if moisture problems are not addressed before installation.

Before Installing: • Inspect all packaging. Immediately make a claim with the carrier if the packages appear damaged. • Check to see that you have received what was ordered and that the appropriate color was received. o o • Please ensure product is stored in a controlled environment where the temperature remains between 50 and 80 Fahrenheit

Wall Defense Surface Preparation and Installation • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

For best results, finished lighting should be in place at the time of wall preparation and installation Acceptable installation surfaces must be clean, smooth, dry and structurally intact. All surface chalk and dust should be removed Do not install if relative humidity is greater than 80% Any mildew must be removed from the walls and surfaces treated to inhibit further mildew growth. In humid, mold, and mildew prone areas we suggest the use of Zinsser Plus Mildew Proof Commercial Primers that offers protection against the growth of mildew. More extensive moisture problems may require additional steps before installation. o o Do not install unless temperature has been kept between 65 and 85 Fahrenheit for prior 48 hours and is maintained through installation. Prior to priming and skim coating, seal damaged drywall facing paper. Note: Crayon, pen markers, ink, screw and nail heads, and heavy pencil marks, and stains need to be sealed with a stain-killer prior to priming. For all wall surfaces, a universal water-based wallcovering primer must be applied to the surface evenly and allowed to cure per the manufacturers recommended instructions We recommend the use of XT2000+ Adhesive from Formulated Solutions other products such as 3M Fast Bond ™ #30 NF Contact Adhesive are acceptable when manufacturers recommended instructions are followed. Designtex Wall Defense comes standard with a slip sheet. This is not necessary with all adhesives and should be removed at some point during all installations. Edge to edge (butt) seams are recommended. Each piece should be cut to size prior to installation using a straight edge, level and high-end single edge blade. A fresh blade must be used on each cut. Lay out product along the base of substrate and reinspect for any damage prior to adhering to the wall. If any issues arise please contact your Designtex representative or the installation hotline immediately. Apply, per the manufacturers directions, the adhesive to the wall. For added tack you can apply a thin layer with a roller to the back of the Wall Defense Place Wall Defense in place on wall and using a weighted roller working from the middle of the drop out press the product into place. Removed all excess adhesive with dry clean towel and wipe area with clean sponge and fresh clean warm water. Ensure you are not spreading the adhesive around when removing excess.

QUESTIONS? • Call our installation HOTLINE at 1.800.797.4949, Option 1, Ext. 8349 between the hours of 9:00 a.m to 4:30 p.m EST.