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Aughul Niaz’s Journey of Hope Aughal Niaz, 36, lives in Andkhoi with her husband and extended family. Tragically, Aughal Niaz and her relatives have endured destitute poverty for years. “Taliban took everything that we had including our wheat,” Aughal Niaz says. “They took our land by force that we used for agriculture.” Worse, Taliban fighters killed Aughal Niaz’s uncle and beat her father when he tried to protect the family’s land. “During the Taliban’s time there was much cruelty that we faced.” Aughal Niaz and her family turned to rug weaving for income, but no matter how hard they worked, they rarely earned enough money to buy adequate food and clothing. Joining Arzu’s program in 2004, Aughal Niaz now earns steady income and can always buy necessities for her family. Aughal Niaz appreciates Arzu’s dedication to health care. “They take women to clinic and also they do vaccine of children. Before no one used to pay attention,” she says. Additionally, Aughal Niaz is excited to have graduated from Arzu’s literacy courses. “From the day that we entered to Arzu, we are very happy that we learned writing and reading. We are very happy of Arzu’s help and hope it continues.”

An Arzu rug is an investment in hope.

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