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Artwork Resources Artwork for your Surface Imaging project can evolve from at least three sources: Print-Ready Files Submitted to Designtex: In this scenario, a completed design is submitted to Designtex. Files are properly built to scale and include all placed images and other image elements. Colors are specified and all design elements have been finalized. Designtex will take your files and begin the proofing process and either make minor adjustments as requested or ask that revised files be submitted. Please refer to the file submissions guidelines available on our website if you will be providing print-ready files. Concept Submitted to Designtex: Designtex can work with your ideas and concepts to develop customized artwork to suit your design. We will utilize our in-house design staff to develop custom repeats, murals, and photo murals. In this case, design fees and image purchase fees will be added to your quote when the design scope is finalized. Artwork Purchased from Stock Image Sites: For many of our customers seeking artwork for their digital wallcovering, we recommend sourcing files from a variety of stock image websites. When purchasing artwork from stock image sites, be sure to read and understand any licensing agreements for rights-managed artwork. Always purchase the highest resolution files available. Note that depending on the enlargement factor, some images may appear grainy or pixelated. For a nominal fee, Designtex can manage the purchase of these files for you. Contact your Designtex Sales representative or Surface Imaging Coordinator with questions. Here are several image sites we highly recommend: Corbis Images, Premium collection of both royalty-free and rights-managed photographs and illustrations. Getty Images, Premium collection of both royalty-free and rights-managed photographs and illustrations. iStockPhoto, Low cost royalty-free and rights-managed photography and illustrations. Veer, Another large collection of royalty-free and rights-managed photography, illustrations and typefaces.


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