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Aia Aughul’s Journey of Hope Aia Aughul, 53, knows well how poverty can devastate a family. Four years ago, her husband developed a severe heart condition, and he died because he could not afford medical treatment. Now, Aia Aughul alone shoulders the responsibility of supporting her four children and daughter-inlaw. Before Arzu, Aia Aughul and her family often fell ill in the winter because they could not afford heat or warm blankets and were sometimes forced to survive on bread alone. Now that Aia Aughul weaves in Arzu’s program, she and her children are healthier and more secure. “Receiving the bonus money is a great help for my family,” she says. “I can now buy all that is needed for the household.” She is also grateful that Arzu has enrolled her school-age children in classes. “They are learning day by day. I am so delighted that Arzu is helping the poor people in this way.”

An Arzu rug is an investment in hope.