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The AdvenTure of CAllidus



The AdvenTure of CAllidus

By: Chase Osburn 1/22/14


dediCATion: To Kathryn Seltzer for being SUCH an amazing teacher.


TAble of ConTenTs


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Chapter 1: Two Poor Boys One Rich Dream


Chapter 2: The Dark Forest

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Chapter 3: A Prosperous Pauper


About the Author


Chapter 1: Two Poor Boys One Rich Dream 5

Pauper is a small town located on the outskirts of the mighty kingdom, Chiron. This enormous kingdom had the most talented artisans living in it so they could provide all the vendors with excellent craftsmanship items to sell on Trading Day. Trading Day is on every Sunday and everyone from the kingdom and neighboring towns come to sell or buy whatever they need. Pauper, however, didn’t have anything to contribute to the Trading Day because they could barely make enough resources for their immediate family let alone sell anything extra for additional cash or goods. A young handsome man in his early 20’s named Callidus lived in Pauper with his uncle named Duco. Callidus was abandoned by his parents when he was a baby because they were so poor that they couldn’t afford to take care of a child. His uncle Duco took him in as if he were his own and raised him. Callidus had wavy brown hair with an impeccable smile that made it almost irresistible to look at. His best friend, Fidelis, grew up down the street from Callidus. They were inseparable and did anything and everything together. Fidelis was very skinny due to his family never having enough food to go around the table. He had very pale skin with light blonde hair with piercing blue eyes. One day they were talking about how sick and tired they were about going days without any food. Fidelis had the worst house on the block. It was a small shack at the end of the street. His floor and walls were made out of dirt and his ceiling was made of scrap metal that was found in other people’s garbage outside of the kingdom. There were holes in his ceiling so buckets were sporadically laid out across the floor to catch water droplets when it rained. When Callidus would walk 6

into his house an overwhelming aroma of mildew mixed with wet dog suffocated him. He couldn’t stand being in there for very long. Fidelis never complained though. He was a very grateful and hesitant man. He thought over every decision he made three or four times just to make sure he makes the right decision. Callidus, on the other hand, would make impulsive decisions without considering any of the consequences. These two boys together made for a perfect check and balance duo. Callidus and Fidelis were sitting on top of the town wall looking over at the majestic kingdom, Chiron, in the distance. They were fantasizing what their lives would be like if they grew up inside this enormous fortress. Callidus then came up with a brilliant idea. He remembered Duco telling him the same bed time story night after night when he was a young boy. It was the tale of the Pool of Dreams. Legend has it that hidden within the Dark Forest is this amazing waterfall and at the bottom there was a crystal clear pool that would grant any wish someone desired. Callidus jumped off the wall and looked over at Fidelis and said “Come on we have to go see for ourselves if this pool actually exists! This pool could be the key to all of our happiness. It could end all the foodless nights and we would be able to afford an actual house, not some makeshift cardboard box.” Callidus started walking away and talking to himself about his game plan on how to find the Pool of Dreams. Fidelis then joined him and suggested that their life wasn’t so bad after all; they don’t need a huge fortune to make themselves happy. But Callidus saw through his façade right away. Callidus knew that Fidelis was deathly afraid of the Dark Forest. His parents forbade him from ever entering the Dark Forest because it was filled with monstrous trolls and face-eating spiders. Callidus comforted Fidelis and said 7

that he’d protect him and that there was nothing to be afraid of. After back and forth bickering, Fidelis finally agreed to join him on this adventure. They started packing all of the essentials that they would need for this treacherous journey: food, water, swords, and shields. They said their farewells to their families and started heading east towards the Dark Forest.

Chapter 2: The Dark Forest 8

Once they stepped over the forest border, a chilly breeze suddenly swept over them. Unidentifiable bird calls and noises were whispering through the trees and a heavy fog started to roll in. As they started to cautiously walk deeper into the forest they could barely see each other, let alone their own hand in front of their face. Fidelis started to really worry and grabbed ahold of Callidus’s shirt just to make sure they wouldn’t get separated. As they walked for what seemed like miles on end, they finally decided to make camp before it got too dark. They put their heavy bags on the ground and started taking out all of their supplies. Fidelis volunteered to make shelter while Callidus looked for some wood to build a fire. While Callidus was searching for wood, he saw a small petite silhouette in the distance. Thinking it was another person in search for the Pool of Dreams, he ran over there. To his surprise, an elderly woman was standing there waiting for him to approach her. As he grew nearer, she confronted Callidus about his attempt to seek out fortune through the Pool of Dreams. She began to tell him that she lives in the Dark Forest and she has seen countless men try and find this Pool of Dreams, but all of them ended up miserable and unsatisfied for the rest of their lives. She gave him a piece of advice, magic always comes with a price. She leaned over and grabbed Callidus’s hand to read his future. Callidus gasped because he always thought a Fate was just a myth. She then began to tell him that he and Fidelis were going to find the Pool of Dreams. However, when they arrive there and make their wish for endless amounts of money, the Pool of Dreams won’t grant it. Callidus looked at her puzzled and asked her why the pool wouldn’t give them what they wanted. She said that the person who asks the wish has to sacrifice something that they love very close to their heart. Callidus’s heart stopped as he began to realize


what he had to do. He had to kill Fidelis. The Fate had disappeared and Callidus was then left alone surrounded by nothing but fog. He started heading back towards the camp ground while picking up pieces of wood. When he returned, Fidelis was already asleep and Callidus soon crashed afterwards. The next morning, Callidus and Fidelis continued their search for the Pool of Dreams. After about an hour or two of walking, they finally stood in front of the magnificent waterfall that trickled down into the crystal clear water below. Callidus and Fidelis stood in front of this mesmerizing pool hypnotized by its beauty. Callidus then walked to the edge of the pool, got down on both knees, closed his eyes, and began to wish for endless amounts of wealth. They waited several minutes but nothing ever happened. A disappointing expression spread across Fidelis’s face. He travelled all this way for nothing. As he began to pack up all of their surprise, Callidus knew what he had to do. He began to draw his sword and while Fidelis had his back turned Callidus raised his sword above his head. He then took a deep breath, swung his weapon but missed. He would never be able to live with himself if he sacrificed his own friend for something like money. He grew up poor and he figured he could die poor. No amount of money could replace his beloved friend. Callidus holstered his sword and gave Fidelis an enormous hug. He couldn’t be happier of the lesson that this pool had taught him. As they headed back towards Pauper, the same Fate reappeared in front of them. She presented them with a grand chariot that was made out of pure gold. Inside it was piles of gold and silver coins, metals and trophies, crowns, and every diamond jewelry. Fidelis and Callidus were star struck when they saw this amount of money in front of them. The seer then began to tell Callidus that he passed her test. She was in fact the 10

guardian of the Pool of Dreams and made sure that the wishes that the pool could grant were for people that had the purest heart. Callidus displayed that he had a good heart when he decided that he would rather stay poor forever and live with his best friend then have a life full of wealth and women without his best buddy by his side. Therefore, the seer presented all of this treasure to Fidelis and Callidus.

Chapter 3: A Prosperous Pauper


As they rolled into Pauper, mouths of all the citizens dropped. They couldn’t believe that their childish quest became a reality. Once they got in the middle of the town, Fidelis jumped down and started handing out brand new farming supplies to all the farmers in the town. Then Callidus began to show them all the cattle that they went and bought in the kingdom. Going around the town one by one, they both started handing people the necessary tools that they needed to make their lives amazing. Callidus announced to all the citizens that he was going to share his newly gained wealth. It would be a crime for him to keep all of this treasure for himself. His vision is to turn Pauper around. He wants to be the town that contributes the most on Trading Day. He doesn’t want to see a single person in this town have to go hungry or find a place to sleep in a small alleyway. He wants not only his and his family’s lives to get better, but every single person lives in Pauper to be better. The people of Pauper were so happy and so thankful for Callidus and Fidelis that they named them the Two Legends of Pauper. In order to become a legend you have to always put others before yourself.

AbouT The AuThor 12

The Adventure of Callidus was written by a senior that is a student at Everett High. She takes all of her classes at Everett Community College through Running Start. She’s going to graduate with her Associates in Arts and Sciences and then transfer to Washington State University to go into their veterinarian program. In Chase’s spare time she loves to play with her three dogs and play a pickup game of volleyball on the weekends.


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