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Now is the perfect time to ask:

what if school could be different?

L ow e r S c h o o l


Pre-K through Grade 5

C h a s e C o l l e g i at e s c h o o l

a different kind of


When you look into the face of a three- or four-year-old child, what do you see? Unquenchable curiosity. Simple motivations and unguarded emotions. An openness to the world’s impressions that is, cognitively speaking, in its prime. You see boundless potential. And during this critical phase of your child’s development, it’s important that the school you choose shares that same expansive view. Our teachers believe in individualized, personally meaningful learning for each student. They provide content that blends rigor with innovation – and clearly connects to the greater world. At Chase Collegiate, we’ve created an environment where the promise of every child is fully explored. And the strongest commitments – between parents and children, between teachers and students, even between generations – are fulfilled for every single child.

Pre-K Programs

“My daughter loves coming to school.” For three- and four-year-olds, Chase Collegiate offers a different kind of program that is academic in nature – and playful at heart. We believe children are curious, capable, and ready to learn at a very early age, and our curriculum fosters intellectual, socialemotional, artistic, and physical development. This approach includes:

• Language Arts, Math and Science • Public speaking • Library, Art, Spanish, Movement and Music, and Physical Education • Field trips

Independence is evident in our daily routine as students become engaged learners, master self-help skills, take care of the classroom, and make good choices. To inquire about Pre-Kindergarten programs, contact

A different kind of environment Small classes

Each Chase Collegiate student learns to form deep, trusting relationships with both their teachers and their peers – enhanced by small class sizes and respectful interaction. Project-based learning

Our students benefit from engaging, cross-discipline projects that combine science experiments with historical contexts, mathematics with dramatic performances, and gardening with poetry. Your child comes to realize that learning isn’t an isolated activity, but can – and should – take place in any situation – at any time. This practice creates passionate lifelong scholars with valuable in-demand skills. The Responsive Classroom™

This research-based approach to elementary education focuses on social skill development, helping your child

grow into an “active” student, and a conscientious classmate and citizen. The Responsive Classroom model builds a foundation in social skills: cooperation, assertion, responsibility, empathy, and self-control. This “wholechild” approach addresses the powerful interrelationship between strong social skills and academic achievement – preparing Chase Collegiate graduates for success in the real world.

Campus surroundings/ family atmosphere

First-time visitors are routinely amazed at what they discover beyond the gateway into our campus. Nestled within a beautifully natural environment, your child will travel with friends between classrooms, to the library, the pond, athletic fields, or into the dining room – where meals are served “family-style,” with classmates and faculty at each table.

“What my husband and I didn’t expect was how much we would discover. Every day, we are learning things about our son that we never expected. He loves public speaking... he loves to act on stage. We were able to discover these things because he has opportunities here at Chase Collegiate that he may not have had elsewhere.” - Parent

“As teachers, truly knowing our students and their families – individually, culturally and developmentally – is as important as knowing academic content. Working with families as partners is essential to a child’s education.” - Fourth Grade Teacher

C h a s e C o l l e g i at e s c h o o l

A different kind of interaction In an atmosphere where school is exciting, each day integrates dynamic learning with activities, interactions, and challenges that help students to see past the obvious and, instead, to think more deeply and critically. Surrounded by encouraging peers, engaged administrators and dynamic, caring teachers, students gain confidence with each new responsibility. Chase Collegiate teachers collaborate to create a relevant and well-balanced curriculum that enriches each child’s intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development. Our teachers believe in individualized, personally meaningful learning for each student. They provide content that blends rigor with innovation –

and clearly connects to the greater world. What’s more, our teachers take great pride in staying current in educational best practices, recognizing that in a world of inconceivably rapid change, they too must remain lifelong learners. Each grade’s curriculum centers on a core theme as an organizing structure for pursuits in history, literature, geography, and writing. Themes are a way of integrating cross-discipline subject matter so that even young students can become engaged scholars and researchers. This approach to learning often incorporates other academic activities – art, music, science, dramatics, math, and athletics – throughout each year.

OUR Mission We educate tomorrow’s leaders and inspire in each student a lifelong passion for learning, personal achievement, and contribution to the community.

Confidence: The knowledge and experience to believe in yourself Confidence Is Nurtured. Chase Collegiate School

C h a s e C o l l e g i at e s c h o o l

a different kind of


Chase Collegiate students emerge from their lower school experience prepared to thrive in the world. They are truly multidimensional: academically well-rounded, secure in their communications skills, and comfortable among all kinds of people. Our core curriculum – Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language, Art, Music, and Physical Education – advances with each grade. Teachers also engage your child in on-campus, multi-sensory learning activities, using a hands-on approach that fosters critical thinking and collaboration.

For 150 years, personal relationships have characterized our School. Students understand that they really matter to their teachers – and their classmates. This is one of the hallmarks of a Chase Collegiate education and one reason why our students strive for excellence, both in school and in life.

Courage: The power to take risks and persevere Courage Is Learned. Chase Collegiate School

A different kind of Expectation • Success for your child – in college, and then out in the world – now depends heavily on finely tuned communications competencies. Our literacy program builds strong reading, writing, and speaking skills, using guided reading, reading aloud, and shared and independent reading techniques. Lower School students are given daily writing assignments, from missives to more creative pieces as they mature. • To exercise influence in our increasingly complex modern society, higher mathematical skills are essential. Chase Collegiate ensures that each of our Lower School students master basic skills so that a foundation for future work is firmly established. Our math program focuses on both the process and the product of mathematical thinking and explores concepts from a multi-sensory approach – numerical, geometrical, and analytical. As the years progress, higher-order thinking skills of analyzing and synthesizing are emphasized. Math vocabulary is taught in context and children learn to listen, to discuss and write in the language of mathematics. • The vanguard of progress has always been led by scientists and the 21st century is already off to an amazing start. Discoveries in physics, medicine, genetics, robotics and technology are making daily headlines. Our science program emphasizes the kind of projectbased learning that fuels contemporary scientific advancement and characterizes today’s best research. Lower School classes use the well-equipped science lab, our 47-acre campus, the pond and oncampus gardens as dynamic laboratories for discovery. Your child will develop knowledge and understanding of earth, physical, life and environmental sciences.

• The most influential people in government, academia, and law often start life with a deep love of history and the social sciences. Our social studies program develops global awareness and cultivates students’ sense of civic responsibility. Your child will learn to think globally as he or she explores Waterbury and your home town, then Connecticut, the United States, and the world. Technology is a powerful ally in this exploration, helping to bring social studies lessons to life. Our students become very adept at using technology in their discovery of the people and cultures around them – a vital lifelong skill. • The world is “shrinking” rapidly as the Internet and global trade bring all of us closer together. Knowledge of another language has always been a hallmark of an educated individual, but today that skill seems more vital than ever to remain relevant and valuable in the world atlarge. In our foreign language program (Pre-K - Grade 5) all students become familiar with the sounds and vocabulary of Spanish through games, songs, role-playing, stories, and the visual arts. Skills are reinforced school-wide as we practice this common second language in our community, and before the end of third grade students can read, speak and write full Spanish sentences. • Regardless of age, public speaking is often a daunting task. At Chase Collegiate, we work hard to ensure that all of our students overcome that obstacle. Students learn to tap into the power of their voices at an early age and grow in confidence as leaders and orators year after year. Our signature public speaking program is integrated into the curriculum. It begins with regular classroom sharing in Pre-K years, and culminates in the “Capstone” speeches given in Grade 5. Encouraged by their peers and teachers, students find Chase Collegiate’s signature Public Speaking Program to be one of the most empowering programs they experience during their years.

C h a s e C o l l e g i a t e Sc h o o l

a different kind of

expression Beyond academics, our students also benefit from passionate teachers who help discover and drive your child’s natural creative abilities. Each day your child will have the opportunity to be joyfully expressive in a variety of ways. From formal instruction in art and music, to daily creative assignments across the curriculum, the creative arts are an integral component of the learning environment.

A different kind of expression • Our visual arts programs benefit from the three art studios on campus. Your child will explore in these studios and learn from artists who teach and share their interests in a variety of media. Original thought is celebrated, as students learn visual discrimination and perception skills, enabling them to judge and appreciate their own work, the work of their classmates and that of recognized artists.

“To see my daughter go from a hesitant ‘wallflower’ to a kid who now participates in music performances

• The performing arts tradition runs deep at Chase Collegiate. Gradelevel plays – performed once for parents and once for fellow students – allow your child to improve public speaking skills, gain leadership responsibilities, learn to work compassionately as part of a team, strengthen music abilities, and develop a sense of shared purpose and accomplishment.

and after-school sports was amazing.” - Parent

• Beginning in Kindergarten, each grade studies music twice a week. A variety of instruments and genres are introduced as part of a music appreciation program in which students study various composers. Chase Collegiate uses the Music Ace Theory program in the computer lab to teach note values and rhythm reading. Your child may also take private music lessons on-campus, for an additional fee, in either, in piano, guitar, percussion, wind, voice or stringed instruments. • Our physical education classes improve the cognitive, motor, affective, and physical development of your child. Concepts of body awareness, space awareness, effort and sportsmanship are developed, as students build competence and confidence in their ability to perform a variety of motor skills (locomotive, non-locomotive and manipulative). Physical education is fun, invigorating and cooperative as students work together in a supportive environment. For older Lower School students, organized team sports are offered after school starting in Grade 3.

C h a s e C o l l e g i a t e Sc h o o l

A different kind of future

“The challenge is to prepare the children of

The world is changing. And the kind of people who will thrive among tomorrow’s challenges are those who can easily relate to others, regardless of their background or abilities. The beliefs at Chase Collegiate ensure that your child is well-prepared to assume whatever role in life he or she chooses. We don’t promote rote memorization or simply “teach to the test,” as many other

schools do. Instead, we develop confident, self-directed students who learn to negotiate and solve problems dynamically. Students come away from the Chase Collegiate experience as lifelong learners – imbued with the skills and values that will distinguish them throughout their lives. Chase Collegiate’s approach to education is forward-looking and relevant to both our students’ education and development.

today for a world that has yet to be created, for jobs yet to be invented, and for technologies yet undreamed.” – Indus Training and Research Institute

C h a s e C o l l e g i a t e Sc h o o l

a different kind of

campus visit The best way to truly appreciate the Chase Collegiate difference is to come see it in action during a typical school day. During your visit... You’ll observe how Lower School students interact with older students on campus and how both Upper and Middle School students serve as positive role models and take an active interest in the lives of the younger children. You’ll hear about how our “local and global” approach to community service encourages relationships with people and schools close to home – and as far away as our work with orphans in Zambia.

Compassion: The appreciation of differences, both your own and others’ Compassion Is Understanding. Chase Collegiate School

You’ll see how our commitment to the latest technology transforms the old-fashioned “blackboard” into a wall-sized interactive screen that opens up engaging sights and sounds to highlight key discussions and lessons. You’ll view impressive student artwork decorating our corridors and public areas, watch a team playing on one of our fields or in our gym, share a delicious meal with us in the dining room or stroll the perimeter of the pond as you visit a classroom or peek-in at a performance. You’ll meet our students, talk to our teachers, and once you do, we know you’ll be ready to make a decision that will make a profound difference in your child’s future.

Chases’s sister school and teacher in Zambia, Africa.

Come experience the


There are several ways to learn more about Chase Collegiate School:

Open Houses

Personal Visits

Scheduled periodically throughout the year, you’ll meet with current teachers, administrators, students and families. We will provide an overview of our academic, arts and athletics program, as well as take you on a tour of our beautiful campus.

You may also be interested in setting up a parent tour or a parent-child visit to our campus so that you can have any questions answered and see for yourself exactly how different a school environment can be.

For an updated schedule of Open House dates, please see our website:

To schedule a visit or speak with our Admissions staff, please call 203.236.9560 or email us at

565 Chase Parkway Waterbury, CT 06708 | | 203.236.9560 Chase Collegiate Lower School | Pre-K through Grade 5

Lower School Preview  

Parents: Now is the perfect time to ask: What if School could be different? Chase Collegiate School - Pre-K through Grade 5

Lower School Preview  

Parents: Now is the perfect time to ask: What if School could be different? Chase Collegiate School - Pre-K through Grade 5