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Epic Charaters

We’re creating a world where we have to have this painted, bright, cartoony, puffy marshmallow look side-byside with this gray, blasted, dark, twisted, pointy, inert look.

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project – this is my 20th game — and every one of them, at one point you just start living in the game. You’re there at the office, 10 to 15 hours a day, six to seven days a week, and you’re so immersed in it that I know I'm getting to the end of the project when im dreaming in the perspective of the game. In first person games it's okay, and even when in third person you can live with it, but when I was doing Ultima games and I was looking at the world as this sort of 64 pixel-tall guy and that was my dream world that was just freaky. I would really like to do a Duck Tales game. I love the Duck Tales TV show, but even more people who love them need to go back and rediscover Carl Barks, who is the greatest comic book writer and artist of all time, ever, anywhere in the world. Carl Barks is number one and about half of the Duck Tales stories were based on Carl Barks' comic books. I want to do a Duck Tales game real bad. I don’t know if Disney will let me do it. And

Character artists on Epic Mickey begin with numerous exploratory sketches that establish the overall style for a character. After sketches, the team creates colored character images and passes them off to be rendered in 3D.

Pixel play file print  
Pixel play file print