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and he's amazing. And Devon's very bombastic, huge moves, very manly and we're like: "'Poison!' That's the guy that's doing 'Poison.'"

Crooker: Sometimes you just know Movin'" versus Frenchy Hernandez who has to do an M.I.A. song that just needs something more booty shakin', or hips, or that kind of thing. How would you freshin' up, say, an Abba song to make it work for the game? The music may be over 30 years old, but the choreography isn't going to be a 30-year-old routine, is it? Crooker: Well, one of the things for me was to make sure that we didn't the Disco song" and have it be really

you think it should go to, but you're

sorta "gender neutral"? This has been


also thinking one of other choreog-

a huge topic.

I wanted to make sure that, while the

raphers could come up with a great,

I want guys to play this game. I don't

songs may come with inherent flavors,

albeit completely different routine? Is

want this to be a game just for girls,

the choreograhy actuallly always

it routine for the same song?

and that means that there are a lot of

comes off as fresh, like you would see

Crooker: Yeah, the genderizing

guys who are uncomfortable about

if you asked a choreographer to come

-- we've thrown out so many words,

shaking their hips, or popping their

up with new choreography. Like, if you

like, "it's a feminine move," and we're

chest, or doing things like that --

put "Funky Town" on MTV today, that's

like, "Wow, that's a horrible concept."

things they don't feel comfortable do-

the style of choreography you would

And then we're like, "it's a sexualized

ing. And so, figuring out how to make

see in it. Have you had a situation

move," and that feels weird, too. I've

most of the game feel "good" to both

where you have, say, this Lady Gaga

gone back to: Does it feel feminine, or

sexes has been super important. So,

song and give it to the choreographer

does it feel masculine, or does it feel

that came up and we were like: "We'll

have the token disco song. So, if you sure that when adding dance moves

tremely unique people and they are

use "Funky Town" as a good exam-

to songs that really don't have rou-

very different from each other. We

ple, which could be the token disco

tines associated with them that there's

have three other choreographers who

song, you do see some disco moves

variety? One choreographer is going

do not work in the office, and we just

in there. You see this move [Crooker

to do it this way and another is going

give them songs when we find that

points his finger to the sky and to the

to do it that way -- how do you chose

one is a good fit. So, we kinda just like

ground Saturday Night Fever-style]


huddle and go, "We have these songs,

but you also see it mixed in with other,

who do we think they should go to?"

fresher, more contemporary moves.

Takamoto: We have our two in- It just naturally falls out. Like, we have

And, for me, that was actually really

house choreographers and they're

one of our choreographers for "Poi-

important -- because I didn't want it to

both very versatile, they're also ex-

son," his name is Devon Woolridge

be like "this is the Reggae song, this is




moves in the game?


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