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Growing organic vegetables from seed is a great way to combine healthy diet and healthy exercise. Most people want to start small, but maybe you already did that. Maybe you loved your small organic garden so much you decided to expand it into a small farm. Perhaps you and your friends have set aside land for a community garden, and need bulk organic vegetable seed to share. Maybe you've decided to begin marketing bulk organic vegetable seeds. You have several potential sources for bulk organic vegetable seeds. We cannot recommend any one specific source, and offer the information below only to help you in your search. Local Nursery or Garden Store Nurseries near your home may sell bulk organic vegetable seed. Check your local phone directory, and call a few. If they themselves do not carry bulk organic vegetable seed, they may be able to tell you who does. Garden stores in your area are another potential source of bulk organic vegetable seed. Home centers that sell supplies for home repairs often have a section for gardening. Large, discount box stores usually have garden centers, too. If you live in a rural area, you may find bulk organic vegetable seed at a farm supply store. Again, ask for referrals if the store does not have what you need. Seed Catalogs You may be able to order bulk organic vegetable seed from seed catalogs, and have it delivered to your address. Companies such as Burpee Seed Company have many kinds of organic vegetable seed in their catalog, and will no doubt be able to fill your order for bulk organic vegetable seed. Online Seed Companies The Internet, a potential source for so many things, has several seed companies that offer bulk organic vegetable seed. While we make no recommendation 1. Seeds of Change is a well known supplier of quality bulk organic vegetable seed. Many who do organic farming, or have large organic gardens, rely on this seed company. 2. Snow Seed Organics in California is another company you may want to check for bulk organic vegetable seed. The website says this company is the first fully certified organic seed dealer west of the U.S. Rockies.

3. Johnny's Seed Company has been selling bulk organic vegetable seed and organic farming aids since 1973. This company also is a certified organic handler and processor, able to meet the new USDA organic requirements for the organic seeds they sell. Those are only examples. There are many companies online from whom you can order bulk organic vegetable seed, and have it delivered - often free of charge - but study each site carefully, and look for recommendations in online forums. CAUTION: Before you purchase any bulk organic vegetable seed, you should be sure it is certified organic. You will want to ask about the supplier's documentation, including organic certification. This will differ from country to country. In the U.S., ask for: the grower's certification number; issue date of certification; date when the annual inspection was completed; name of the inspecting company; and name of the certification director. Some companies, such as Seeds of Change post their Organic Certification online. Before you purchase bulk organic vegetable seed, be sure the grower can warrant the absence of transgenic germplasm. That is, have they proven to the certification director that they have not genetically modified the seed?

©2007, Anna Hart. Anna Hart invites you to read more of her articles about organic gardening at Anna is posting new articles every week on that site, each one dealing with some facet of organic gardening. If you want information for yourself or someone else on how to grow an organic vegetable garden, you will want to read Anna’s article on the subject.

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==== ==== For Great Inside Tips On The Benifits Of Growing Health Food For Yoiur Family Check This Out ==== ====

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