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Starting your own organic vegetable garden is not that hard and the benefits are numerous. First of all, when you purchase products from the grocery store you do not know what kind of chemicals and pesticides were used on it. Many of the vegetables grown use DDT and other chemicals that are carcinogens. Help keep you and your family healthy by planting your own organic vegetable garden. To get started you want to make sure you choose an area to plant your organic garden that was not previously used as a non-organic garden. If you do use the same area that has been used along with chemicals, than you will want to work the chemicals out of the soil. You need to make your own compost pile to get started with an organic vegetable garden. Once you get into the routine of making a compost pile you will be happy to that you are recycling egg shells, throwing out fish, coffee grounds, the parts of fruits and vegetables you normally would throw away and more. Creating a compost is much more of an earth friendly way to garden as you are not putting chemicals in the ground nor are you wasting more garbage bags throwing all of the items away. Once the compost is finished, you want to spread it onto the garden area you will be using. Spread the compost about two to three inches thick on top of the entire area of the organic vegetable garden you are creating. Meanwhile, you should have started indoor seeds to plant when the time is right. When planting indoor seeds you have a better chance of your plants surviving as they are heartier when put into the ground. Do not over water your seeds. Keep seeds in a well lit area. Follow the instructions given. Replant the seeds when they start to get two full leaves on them into another container. Once you do plant the seeds into the garden, you can save time and money by planting corn in your organic vegetable garden. You can use the corn stalks to let your beans climb on. This will save you the time and money of buying a stick or type of trellis for the beans to crawl up. Enjoy all of the fresh carrots, crisp beans, crunchy corn, mouthwatering tomatoes, etc., from your organic vegetable garden. You will soon realize that the organic vegetables do taste better than non-organic vegetables. You will be happy knowing that you are not only feeding yourself and your family better but you are preserving the land, helping animals and helping to keep the earth green.

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==== ==== For Great Inside Tips On The Benifits Of Growing Health Food For Yoiur Family Check This Out ==== ====

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